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Micro Girls


Micro Crunch

Here goes. My first story.

St. Mary's all girl Catholic school was not unlike most schools. Every day

the school bell rang, classes began, and eyes were blackened.For although girls

are generally less prone to violence, there are the occasional bullies. More

common though, is the verbal abuse inflicted upon those who deem themselves more

popular, more attractive, more superior. This creates a situation where the

tormented look for ways to fight back...


Was the sound made as Nicole Schmidt threw the volleyball hitting Jennifer

Flynn, knocking the glasses from off her freckled face. Jennifer collapsed to

the gym floor and brushed her long brown hair from her face as she searched the

floor for her glasses.Sarah Keppel, a close friend of Jen's, spotted the lost

spectacles and returned them to Jennifer after helping the sobbing girl to her

feet. Nicole laughed under her breath, trying not to let the coach believe this

was anything more than an accident. The rest of the class knew better.

Not much later the whistle blew, and the class headed to the locker room to

change into their school uniforms.Shannon O'Neil, the school bully, quietly

changed in the corner. She was overweight, but no one picked on her for it. They

knew better. Shannon was a hefty 6ft tall and at 200 pounds, this made her the

biggest girl in this all girl school. Only Katie the gym coach came close to

matching her in size. The popular girls, always seeking to run someone down, had

to find another target.

This they found in Bella Sanchez, a raven haired mexican girl. Bella made an

easy victim because she spoke English quite poorly, and was unable to

effectively counter the many insults directed at her. It was no different on

this day, when Bella's skidmarked panties lay on the floor for all to see.

Rachel Duvall, a tall and popular blonde was the first to notice.

“Ewww, someone needs to change Bella's diaper” Rachel said, in disgust.

“Fucking wipe your ass next time, bitch!” Melissa replied.

An embarassed Bella quickly changed, and left the locker room. For the rest

of the day she would be humiliated by rude comments. She wanted more than

anything else to humiliate them as they have done to her. Especially Rachel


It was now lunchtime, and the students sat next to their friends. In the

cafeteria sat many tables. At one table sat the popular girls: Jamie, Melissa,

Julie, Nicole, and leading the pack, Rachel. At another table sat the girls at

the bottom of the social hierarchy: Bella, Sarah, Amanda, Jennifer, and alone at

the other end of the table, Shannon. At this table a conversation was underway

about the abuse suffered on this day, and all were in agreement that they would

very much like revenge. Jen whispered about how she found a spellbook in the

attic of her new home, and remembered something about a recipe for a shrinking

potion. This would be perfect, they all agreed, and Jen said she would bring a

potion to school tommorrow to use on their enemies. Shannon continued eating her

lunch, pretending that she heard nothing.

Early the next day, before classes began, Jennifer approached her enemies

clutching a atomizer containing a strong smelling green liquid.

“Hey bitch” said Nicole clenching her teeth together.

“Hi” Jennifer replied as she sprayed the group.

“Oh, you're gonna get it now bitch!” exclaimed Nicole, as they advanced

towards her.

Jennifer began to worry that the potion wouldn't work, and began to back

away. They began to get closer, and Jennifer turned to run, but then she heard

several high pitched screams. She turned to look, but they were no where in

sight. Then she looked down. Her lips formed a cruel smile as she saw them, no

more than 2 inches tall wearing tiny doll sized school uniforms.

“Now who's going to get it?” laughed Jen as she towered over them.

She walked towards them, her black school shoes thuded heavily on the ground

as she approached. Some of the girls turned and ran, a few unlucky ones however

trembled in fear and their shaky knees gave out, and they collapsed to the

ground. Jennifer got down on all fours, scooped them up and shoved them into her

skirt pocket. Pushing her glasses back up her freckled nose, she proceeded to

crawl after the others.Though the girls ran as fast as their tiny legs could

carry them, they had difficulty over the uneven terrain, and tripped over the

collossal (to them) grass. Jennifer soon had all of them, except Julie; a member

of the school track team, and excellent sprinter. However, she too eventually

found herself crammed into one of Jen's pockets.

Jennifer couldn't believe what she had just done. Her heart raced and she

felt very excited about what she would do next. She wondered if it was only a

dream, but she felt convinced it was real as she felt the girls squirming and

struggling to escape the warm confines of her shirt and skirt pockets.

Jen hurried as fast as her feet could carry her to the street corner where

the other girls were waiting, and hoping that she would return with her prey.

One of the girls (Melissa) was in the process of lifting herself out of Jen's

pocket. Jennifer noticed this, and a quick fliock to the head brought Melissa

down the bottom of Jen's skirt pocket, where she sobbed and held her hand

against the pain inflicted upon her.

“So did your potion work?” asked Sarah

“Judge for yourself” said Jennifer through her beaming smile, as she pulled a

bruised and battered Melissa from her pocket.

“This is so fucking cool! I can't wait to have my revenge.” Sarah replied,

smiling down on the miniscule Melissa sitting in Jen's palm.

“So how are we going to divide them up between us?” Asked the usually quiet

Amanda Darrell

It was finally agreed that each girl would get one victim to take home and do

with as she pleased. Jennifer however got to pick two victim's, because it was

her shrinking potion. Jennifer took Nicole, the girl who hit her in the face

with a vollyball, as well as Jaime, a girl that used to be her friend, but

betrayed her a few years back. A lucky Bella got to take home Rachel, the most

beautiful and sought after girl of the school. She had some nasty plans in store

for her, for which she borrowed Jen's shrinking potion. Sarah took Melissa

(although she was not pleased she was already damaged), because Sarah's

boyfriend had slept with her behind Sarah's back. And finally, Amanda took home

Julie whom she was pissed at for taking her place on the track team.

Amanda wasted no time in getting into her room, locking the door, and

stripping to her panties and bra. Amanda was not a terribly ugly girl, just a

bit overweight. Her lusts involved food, and sex. Lots of sex. With anyone, or

anything. She was going to satisfy both lusts on her rival, Julie, which she

held firmly in her meaty hand. She opened her hand to examine her prey.

Julie was a tall girl with an athletic build. She was the exact opposite of

Amanda. No wonder she took Amanda's place on the team. Amanda examined the girl

trembling in the palm of her hand. Her long brown hair was matted and moist from

the sweat of her hand. That pretty hair was about to get even more matted and

moist. Amanda laughed at the thought.

Julie was wearing her standard issue school uniform, which wouldn't do at

all. Grabbing a pair of scissors from the desk, Amanda carefully cut the skirt

from Julie's body. It fluttered slowly to the ground, as would a leaf carried by

a gentle breeze. Raising the tiny girl to her face, she sniffed the girl's bare

crotch and found herself getting moist with anticipation.She slowly opened her

thick moist lips and gently licked at Julie's crotch. The tiny girl shuddered

and convulsed at the touch of the lesbian tongue. Amanda wanted to lick her

breasts, so she snipped off her shirt. Unfortunately in doing so she accidently

snipped off one of the poor girl's nipples.

Julie screamed in pain as her chest bled. Amanda licked the salty blood, and

suckled at the wounded teat which brought yet more pain. Having finally drank as

much blood as the wound would yield, she readied herself for fulfilling her next

desire. Peeling away her hot sticky panties, she let them slide down her thick

thighs and land softly to the floor. The smell of her sex permeated the air, and

tiny Julie turned her face in revulsion.

“What's the matter, you don't like the smell of a woman?” laughed Amanda as

she waved the scent of her vagina at Julie, who coughed in disgust.

Unfortunately, Julie was about to become even more familiar with Amanda's

scent, as Amanda caressed the tiny girl across her cheek, down her chest,

swirling her slowly around her aroused nipples, down her tummy, and to the

entrance of her hot love hole. Julie sobbed softly and offered no resistance, as

she acknowledged resistance is futile, as the thick fingers rubbed her across

the giant clit and began to slowly insert her into the moist folds. Amanda began

to work the tiny girl into the folds of her labia and began to slide her in and

out. Finally, Amanda could take no more and shoved the little thing deep inside

her and began to masturbate.

A few minutes later, Amanda had orgasmed and sat dripping with sweat. She

carefully extracted the tiny girl from deep within her vagina and examined her.

Julie was positively a mess at this point. Her long hair drenched in vaginal

juices, and her lungs were aching for air after nearly asphyxiating in those hot

confines. She breathed heavily and laboriously.Amanda poked her with her finger,

and Julie kicked out with her long athletic feminine legs. Amanda got a twisted

idea in her head.

“Mmmmm frog legs covered in my favorite special sauce” she said, grinning

maniacally. A worried expression appeared on the tiny girl's face.

Amanda raised the tiny girl to her lips and inserted one of her gracefully

long legs into her mouth. She carefully licked the special “sauce” from the leg

with her tongue. “MMMing” through her closed mouth, Amanda bit down hard on the

girl's leg, severing it at the hip. Julie screamed out in agony as Amanda was

treated to a warm gush of salty blood in her mouth. She crunched down on the leg

as if it were a sardine. She proceeded to do the same to the other leg and both

arms. Julie was now an unconcious stump gushing blood, and quicky turning grey.

Amanda shrugged and tossed the stump in her mouth and swallowing it whole. The

next day Julie, a graceful athlete with proud parents, would become one with

Amanda's gigantic turd.

Jennifer Flynn sat on her mom's comfy couch and pondered what to do with the

two girls squirming in her pockets. She knew one thing, and that was her feet

ached from the long walk home from school. Unfastening the buckles of her shoes,

she slid them off her nyloned feet. She raised the shoes to her nose and sniffed

them. The strong musky frangrance forced her nose to wrinkle. Reaching into her

pockets she carefully fished out the tiny girls and placed them inside her

shoes. The girls screamed in protest.

Jen quickly ran to her room and searched her laundry hamper for two of her

dirty sweaty socks that she wore during her hiking trip a few days ago.She

smiled as she remembered that hot day wearing her heavy leather boots and how

much her feet sweated. She rushed back with the socks, just as the two girls

were attempting to climb out of the school shoes.Seeing Jen rush at them made

them scream. Laughing, Jen crammed her musky cotton socks into the shoes,

blocking the tiny girls' fresh air, light, and more importantly, their means of


Jen sat down on the couch, put her nylon clad feet on the coffee table, and

picked up a book and started reading. Meanwhile inside her shoes, the two girls

struggled to breath in this hot humid environment. What little air there was to

breathe was contaminated with the smell of Jen's fermented foot sweat. Nicole

struggled to push the stinky sock out, but this effort proved to be in vain as

the sock weighed much more than her tiny body could list. Resigned now to suffer

in this hell, both girls stopped struggling and laid down. The rich aroma of

Jen's feet lullying them to sleep. Hours passed.

Finally Jen's mother came home and walked in the room. Jen was still reading.

“What did I tell you about about putting your feet on the table, and why are

your shoes sitting there? Lord only knows what sort of filth may be in them.”

Jen's mother told her.

“Sorry mom, it won't happen again” Jen said, taking the shoes to her room.

“Come help me make dinner” her mother said.

Jennifer took the socks out of the shoes, and dumped the human contents onto

her desk. The tiny girls stirred from their slumber to a giant smiling face

beaming down upon them. Jen had to help her mother cook dinner, but didn't to

take them out of her sight so she took an eye dropper and placed a drop of the

shrinking potion on both the tiny girls, further reducting them to a fraction of

an inch. A perfect size to be stuck between her sweaty toes, she thought.

She peeled off her nylons and wriggled her toes, enjoying the cool air

against her warm moist skin.The twogirls on the desk had some idea of what was

in store for them and started sobbing. Jennifer grabbed the blonde haired Nicole

and carefully inserted her underneath her toes. She was about to do the same to

Jaime, but then a cruel thought appeared in her head, and she placed the tiny

girl in her shirt pocket for later. At first Jen thought of putting on a clean

pair of socks, but when she remembered the tiny girl trapped under her toes, the

girl that tormented and bullied her in school, she decided to put back on her

sweaty nylons. The fabric of the nylon adhered to her sweaty toes, sealing her

prey in this musky prison.

Years spent practicing Irish step dance had taught Jennifer how to be light

on her toes. So she had no worries about crushing the tiny girl wedged between

her toes. She enjoyed the immense feeling of power she had over her victim as

she helped her mom prepare dinner.Now was the time to put her sick idea into

action. Reaching into her pocket, she carefully fished out a trembling Jamie and

dropped the tiny girl in the post of warm mashed potatoes.

Jamie's stomach nearly leapt out of her throat as she fell down, landing in

the pillowy white warmth of the potatoes. She struggled to lifther self up, but

found it impossible to stand on the mushy substance. Finally managing a crawl

she slowly made her way to the side of the pot in a vain effort to escape.

Smiling, Jennifer grabbed a spoon and chased her around the pot, in a game of

cat and mouse. Lifting a copious amount of mashed potatoes onto the spoon, Jen

plopped it down onto the tiny girl, burying her underneath. Jamie struggled to

work her way back to the surface, but Jennifer's spoon was already at work

stirring the poor girl deeper. Jamie panicked as her lugs and mouth filled with

the creamy substance. With no source of air, the hapless girl soon lost

conciousness and eventually died.

Jen set the pot on the table, as her mother and father sat down to eat. She

wondered which of them would eat the body of the tiny girl. Jen's father,

spooned up a generous portion of the mashed potatoes and began eating. Jen

waiting in anticipation, and watched her father's face for a quick change of

expression. She got it when he crunched down on something unusual.Not wanting to

upset his daughter's cooking, he smiled and swallowed.

“Jen, I think you missed a potato skin” He said, resuming his dinner.

Jennifer just laughed silently through her teeth.

"Alright, I'll see you in a few minutes" Sarah said to her boyfriend Jeff on

the phone before hanging up.

Sarah Keppel had been with her boyfriend Jeff for many years. Things had been

great until Melissa came along and seduced Jeff into a night of passionate sex.

Sarah forgave Jeff, in time, but continued to hate that bitch Melissa intensely.

Sarah felt great, as she was about to have her vengeance. Opening up her fist,

she dropped the tiny Melissa on the foot of her bed and began removed her school

shoes and sweaty socks.

"You have work to do, bitch" Melissa said as she sat down on the bed, her

feet only a few inches from the tiny girl.

Grabbing a bottle of nail polish, Melissa handed the brush to the small girl

who nearly fell over from the weight. Sarah pointed to her toes and wriggled

them in front of the little girl. Melissa knew what she was meant to do, and

although this was a humiliating chore, it wasn't exactly torture, so she would

tolerate it... for the time being. Things could be alot worse, she thought.

Sarah meanwhile turned on her cd player andstarted flipping through one of her

magazines. She thought of how humiliated the little girl must be, and smiled. It

took two hands, and nearly all of her strength, for Melissa to wield the giant

nail polish brush. She set to work painting the large toenails, and trying not

to pass out from the overpowering fumes.

"Is that the best you can do, you pathetic little bitch? I guess I will have

to do it myself, but you aren't going to get off so easily" Said Sarah, who

peered over her magazine to inspect the girl's work.

Melissa fell on her knees and began sobbing just as the giant hand reached

down and grabbed her. Sarah carefully worked the tiny girl underneath her toes

and began to paint her toes. The imprisoned girl could look between the toes and

watch as the giant brush did it's work. Her tears became mingled with foot

sweat, which stung her eyes. She noticed wads of lint and dirt embedded between

the toes, and she knew exactly what it was like to be a piece of toe jam.

It didn't take long for the giant girl to finish painting her toes, and she

blew on them to help them dry. Melissa, of course, felt this, and felt sick by

the mingled smell of nailpolish and foot sweat. She hoped beyond hope that she

would pass out, or even die, and suffer no more.Then the door bell rang. Sarah

jumped up and walked to the door, with her prisoner in toe. She opened the door

and invited Jeff to her room.

"Alright, what was it you wanted to show me that was so important?" Jeff

said, taking off his coat.

"You remember that Melissa girl?" Sarah replied.

"That was months ago! I thought you had forgiven me?" Said Jeff.

"I have, and in fact I would like to give you a special treat" Sarah replied,

reaching down between her toes.

She opened her hand and Jeff looked down in amazement as his jaw dropped.

"This can't be real! She is so fucking tiny... and, how did...?" He said, as

he began to poke and prod the tiny girl.

"Nevermind about that. She is now ours to do with as we please." She said,

putting the tiny girl in his hand.

Jeff started trembling. He just couldn't believe this was happening. Sarah

began to undress before him and instructed him to do the same. Reluctantly, he


"Don't be such a baby. She can't hurt you." Said Sarah.

Jeff stammered.

"Men." Said Sarah, rolling her eyes.

"Well, I can see this will take the work of a woman. Two, in fact". Sarah

said, taking the tiny girl from her boyfriend's hand.

She set Melissa down on the chair and ordered her to undress. The small girl

fell to her knees shaking, and began to remove her skirt, her panties, and the

rest of her clothes. Sarah then got down on her knees in front of the chair, and

began to lower her face towards the small girl.

"Now, let's have some fun." Sarah whispered to the tiny girl.

Jeff felt his penis begin to swell at the sight of his girlfriend dominating

the tiny girl. Sarah licked her lips seductively as both her boyfriend and her

enemy watched. Then she lowered her tongue to Melissa and began to lick her

slowly. She rolled her tongue over the little girl's breasts and then down her

body. Melissa shuddered as the warm moistness covered her naked body. Even

though she tried to fight it, she felt a strong arousal from the touch of the

giant tongue. Her arousal quickly changed to orgasm as Sarah's tongue began to

work in between the tiny girl's legs.

"Now it's my turn." Sarah said with an evil smile.

Melissa tried to run, but there was nowhere to run to. The hand of her most

hated enemy captured her with ease. Jeff Began to masturbate as he watched Sarah

run the tiny girl's body across her own. Melissa shuddered every time her body

touched the swollen nipples of the giant (even by normal standards) breasts. It

was a most humiliating experience for Melissa, but unfortunately one which was

about to get much worse because Sarah began to work the hand that held her

captive down between her legs. Sarah moaned softly as her enemy came in contact

with her moist labia folds. Melissa screamed and tried to fight the monsterous

genitals that were trying to swallow her alive.

"Now you see her, now you don't." Sarah winked, as she shoved her captive

deep inside.

Melissa clawed and pounded with all her might against the pink walls that

closed around her. Sarah shuddered as she felt her enemy struggle within the

confines of her vagina. She closed her eyes and began to finger her clit and it

wasn't long before she orgasmed. Melissa screamed as the walls of her world

closed in about her.

"Vengeance is sweet." Sarah said, smiling.

Basking in the aftermath of her orgasm, Sarah found it difficult to bring

herself to remove her captive imprisoned deep inside her genitals. Carefully, so

as not to damage her victim, she reached inside herself and extracted the tiny

Melissa, who was glazed with her vaginal nectar. The tiny girl shivered and

sobbed softly to herself as she sat in the hand of her captor. Sarah paid her no

heed, and directed her attention toward her boyfriend, who had long shot his

load on the carpeted floor.

"Damn it Jeff, you could have done it in the wastebasket!" She exclaimed.

"Sorry..." Jeff replied.

"No matter, we have our own little cumslut who loves to eat your cum. Isn't

that right, Missy?" Sarah said to the girl in her hand. Melissa merely continued


Sarah set the girl upon the floor and ordered her to eat her boyfriend's cum.

However, just as soon as her feet touched the floor Melissa made a mad dash to

get underneath the bed. She thought that if she could get far enough out of

reach she just might be able to hide long enough until she figured out a way to

escape.... Unfortunately, her tiny feet were too slow and the rugged terrain of

the carpet caused her to trip. It was just enough time for Sarah's giant foot to

stomp down in front of her. Melissa, both humiliated and defeated, understood

the meaning and crawled back towards the cum.

"Hey, wait a minute. I've got an idea. Watch her while I go get something."

She told Jeff, before leaving the room.

She returned soon after carrying a video camera and a tripod. She set up the

camera and directed it toward Melissa, then sat down on the bed beside her


"I wish I had thought of this earlier. I can't wait to see how our friends

react when they see the things we are going to put her through." Sarah laughed.

Melissa meanwhile was on all fours looking in disgust at the many gallons

(from her perspective) of cum that lay before her. Knowing that if she didn't do

what she was told she would be punished, she lowered her head to the cum and

began to lick it up, shuddering at the taste.

"Eat it faster! Swallow it!" Sarah commanded.

Melissa stuck her face into the warm white goo and began to gorge, as if she

were in a pie eating contest, all the while sobbing quietly to herself, and

wishing she had never slept with the boyfriend of Sarah Keppel. The minutes

seemed like hours as she continued to stuff her face, until she was so full she

couldn't eat any more.

"If I eat anymore I will puke!" she cried.

To the ears of Sarah and Jeff, Melissa's words sounded like the squeaking of

a mouse, but her meaning was understood. It was, after all, unrealistic to

expect the tiny girl to eat more than was physically possible. Jeff, meanwhile,

had become erect at the sight of the tiny girl gobbling up his cum and this gave

Sarah another idea.

Getting on her knees, she grabbed the girl and set her tiny body astride the

massive penis of her boyfriend. She then began to kiss and lick the swollen

organ. Melissa began to back away whenever the giant tongue darted towards her.

Sarah began to moan as she watched the tiny girl fight to stay away from her

probing mouth. It wasn't long before Melissa had backed up to the base of Jeff's

penis, and there was no where else to run to. Sarah's lips finally wrapped

around the tiny girl.

Melissa screamed and began to struggle against the soft lips which held her

gently but firmly. Sarah's tongue gently began to touch and caress the screaming

girl. Melissa punched and kicked at the tongue, but it was no use. It rolled

over her and brought her into the mouth of her enemy.

Sarah closed her mouth for a moment to savor the feeling of having her enemy

struggling inside her mouth, she began to salivate and thought of swallowing her

whole, but resisted the urge. Melissa meanwhile became hysterical as the massive

pink lips closed and she thought for sure she would be swallowed. A pool of

saliva had built up underneath her and her fear now turned to drowning.

Sarah felt her enemy's terror inside her, and slowly opened her mouth.

Melissa's eyes beheld the sight of a massive penis that came closer and closer

towards her. Sarah wrapped her lips around Jeff's massive cock and began to

bring it deeper and deeper into her mouth. She gave a muffled laugh as she felt

the tiny girl struggle to keep away from the male sex organ.

Melissa felt her body being tossed and pummeled as she was caught in the

middle of a blowjob between two giants. Sarah felt her lover approaching orgasm

and used her tongue to maneuver the tiny girl into position. Melissa felt

something like a blast from a fire hydrant hit her head on. She soon realized

that the massive penis had let loose a missle of hot cum which knocked her back

on her ass. The sticky substance covered her body and she struggled to remove it

from her face.

Soon the giant mouth opened, and Sarah spat her victim into the palm of her

hand. What her eyes seen now hardly resembled anything human. The tiny girl was

encased in a blob of thick cum, and resembled some type of swamp creature. Sarah

grabbed a tissue and wiped the cum off the little girl.

"Well, did we have fun?" She laughed.

Well, should I continue?


Giantess Stories: Micro Girls

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