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Written by m0ds

([email protected])



Please note, this is not an attempt at a

proper micro story. I was just playing with an idea and turned it into a full

story. Hope you like it, even if it does seem a bit rushed. Thanks to fosling

for some ideas. m0ds.



Milly sat on her bed and fumbled around

her bedside draw looking for her magnifying glass. It was a warm summers night

and she'd just been out for a walk in the woods. She found it, and looked at her

finger. She could see the tiny splinter that had invaded her finger clearly. She

put the magnifying glass on her bedside table and picked up the tweezers. She

started to fumble around at the splinter, and soon managed to get it out of her

finger. She flicked the tweezers and the speck of wood disappeared from them.

She sighed with the relief, the pain subsiding quickly. She put the tweezers on

the bedside table and stood up, and admired herself in the mirror. She was a

fairly attractive girl with mousy blonde hair, slim and about five foot seven.

She took off her top and her bra, pushed down her denim shorts and looked at her

body. Smiling, she climbed into bed naked.


The next morning, Milly awoke to find

her covers half way down her body. It was warm in her room as the sun shone in

through a crack in the curtains. She looked briefly at her breasts, and then

turned her head to look at the clock on the bedside table. Her head quickly

moved back to look at her left breast. She squinted a little in the sun light,

but she could quite clearly see a small black dot top of her nipple, no bigger

than a full stop. She sighed. “That bloody splinter” she moaned, “That's where

you went.” She reached over carefully for her magnifying glass and lowered it

toward her nipple, to take a closer look. She gasped. It wasn't a splinter. She

couldn't believe what it was, if it was what she thought it was. She could only

just make it out, but it looked to her like a tiny person, standing on her

nipple. After a few moments of staring, she giggled, and it made her breasts

wobble a little. She saw through the magnifying glass the tiny little dot fall

off the edge of her gigantic nipple and onto her aerola. “What the hell is a

person the size of a microbe doing on my nipple?” she said quietly. She took the

magnifying glass away, and looked at the small dot as it started to walk across

her aerola, and down the huge slope of her breast toward her neck. She smiled as

she watched, it took the dot at least ten seconds to walk from her nipple to the

edge of her small aerola.


“Where you going now, dot?” she asked,

but of course hearing no reply. She moved her hands either side of her breasts

and pushed them both in slightly. The small movement made the tiny person tumble

down the rest of the slope. Milly was struggling to see the dot, as it got

closer to her chin. She sat up a little, and giggled as she saw it tumble gently

down between her breasts. She pushed the covers further down her body and blew

on the microbe, and watched it blow down her body further. She pulled the

magnifying glass toward it again and looked, she could see the tiny person

standing up, waving its arms in the air. “You do realise how small you are,

don't you?” she said to it quietly. “And you do realise how big I am to you? Of

course you do” she smiled. “What were you doing on my nipple?” she asked again,

more to herself than to the tiny person.


Mike yelled at the top of his lungs. “I

don't know! I don't know! Help me!” he waved his arms about, looking up at the

huge magnifying glass that was inspecting him. He started running up the

gigantic body again. The magnifying glass zoomed away, and the whole floor shook

violently as the giantess moved. He could see in the distance metallic poles

coming toward him. He screamed as they leered over him, and froze in fear. The

two huge poles, each one twenty foot wide to him. The started to move closer and

closer to him, until both touched his body. Mike closed his eyes, knowing it

would be over soon. But it wasn't. The ground fell away from his feet, as he was

lifted up into the air. His face hurt as the wind rushed against it at great

speed. Everything was a blur.


Using the tweezers, Milly dropped the

tiny dot onto her small right nipple. Mike got up as he watched the tweezers fly

away at great speed. He looked around again to find himself on a huge, soft pink

surface like before. He waved his arms about again at the giantess, but all he

could see was her smiling face in the distance. He walked fifty foot over to the

edge of her nipple, and looked down. Yet again, a scarily high drop to her

aerola. He turned round and saw the metal polls coming toward him again. He

yelled and pleaded for her to stop, but of course, she couldn't hear him.


Milly picked the tiny dot up again, and

moved the tweezers over her face. She held the magnifying glass with her other

hand and looked closely at it. “Wow, it's man!” she squealed with delight. She

was tempted to eat him, but couldn't bring herself to doing it. She lowered the

tweezers down toward her pussy, and lingered over her pubic hair. In a brief

instant, she adjusted the way she was holding the tweezers, but lost a little

grip, and swore as she watched the tiny dot fall down into her pubic hairs.

“Shit”. She sat up and looked down and fiddled around, but couldn't see

anything. “Fuck. I lost him.”


Mike hit a pubic hair with a bump, then

fell a bit further and hit another, and another, and another, then thump. He was

at the bottom of the jungle. He looked up, the hairs, as thick as his body,

stretched all over the place and into the sky. He looked around, there was roots

all the way around him. Hairs lay across the ground. It was like one dense

jungle to him, and he didn't know which way to walk. Mike put his hands against

one of the giant blonde trees, and tried to pull himself up it, but the surface

was un-climbable. Mike could not find any decent foot or hand holes to help pull

himself up. He sighed, not knowing what to do. His thoughts were violently

interrupted as the ground shook, and his world tipped over. The jungle

stretching into the sky suddenly became his unstable ground, the flesh of the Descripción de una persona en inglés: ejemplo con variantes

girl he'd been standing on becoming the sky. Mike yelled out not knowing what

was going on, as a great wind rushed against him. He clung onto one of the giant

hairs as best he could. His world rolled again, now there was nothing beneath

him. Mike nearly lost his grip as the wind rushed against him, and every few

seconds a huge vibration smashed about the hair he was holding on to.


Milly walked into the bathroom and

looked in a cupboard. She found what she was looking for and headed back to her

bedroom, and sat on her bed. She looked down at her crotch and brushed her

blonde pubic hairs with her fingers. “Well, this is the best way to find you.”

She sighed.


Mike smacked against the fleshy floor.

He groaned in pain from losing his grip and falling twenty or so feet. Every

part of his body ached, but he managed to pull himself up. He heard a distant

rumbling, almost like a deep scraping sound. He turned and looked. Nothing. He

turned again and looked nothing. He looked up and watched something huge cover

the area in darkness. Mike squinted and looked back down as the rumbling grew

louder. He could hear a slashing sound moving toward him, and through the deep

jungle of pubic hair – he could see a huge shining metal surface moving through

it, toward him. The slashing sound got louder, and screaming – Mike began to run

in the opposite direction. It was a matter of seconds before the giant metal

object was almost on Mike, he threw himself to the ground as it glided over him,

missing him by several inches. He turned over and rolled out of the way as a

huge blonde hair smacked down next to him, nearly trapping him. Mike stood up

and looked up. He rubbed his eyes as his neck bent back further as he followed

the gigantic body of the huge girl. Her face seemed more distant than the top of

the tallest skyscraper. He watched as the huge cutting implement flew off into

the distant, only realising it was a razor as it got smaller in the distance.

Mike started to run.


Milly looked down at her shaven crotch,

and could finally see the small dot running between the short stumps of her

blonde pubic hairs. She giggled. “There you are, silly little dot.” She smiled.

Mike stopped running and looked up, to see the giantess licking her finger,

before it sailed down toward him. He moved backwards and tripped over a stump as

he watched the tip of her salivary index finger grow bigger and bigger as it got

closer and closer. Milly lifted her finger and looked at the tip, the tiny man

now stuck to the end of it in her saliva. Holding it up to her eyes as close as

she could, she could just about make out the tiny dot waving its arms about.

“Mmmmm, I could eat you right now.” She grinned. “But you wouldn't make much of

a meal.” Mike was drenched from head to toe in the warm, sticky saliva, the huge

mouth of the giantess in front of him breathing hot air over him, and her

booming voice breaking his ears with every word. He struggled to get free but

was stuck tight. “Don't struggle, little guy” Milly teased, “you wouldn't want

to fall.” She said, pointing her finger down toward the ground. Mike's belly

moved as the g-force struck him as she turned her finger, he was now looking at

what seemed to be at least a half mile drop. He froze in fright.


Still naked, Milly walked over to her

desk and tapped her finger gently until the tiny dot stuck to the end of it fell

off and onto one of her schoolbooks. She teased him by grabbing a pen and

drawing a circle round him, then lifting her book up a little. Mike lost his

footing as the ground beneath him became a slope, and he started to slide down

it. It levelled out and Mike lay on his back, looking up at the huge looming

figure above him. Milly slammed her fist on the table beside her schoolbook and

watched the little thing bounce up in the air and land on the book again. She



Mike was more than aware that he was

trapped. He knew that a hundred metres to him would be half an inch to her, so

what would the point in trying to run be? He looked around for some kind of

escape route, the giantess was dormant, she appeared to just be staring at him.

Taking an interest in his size, his movements and more than likely trying to

figure out his next move. He shouted up at her, but she just remained looking at

him smiling, he obviously could still not be heard. He heard a loud rattle and

the floor rumbled a little, before seeing the giantess hold up some kind of

canister. He recognised it as perfume spray, and covered his eyes in fright as

she pointed it toward him. Nothing happened, and he looked out from his hands

slowly, the giantess was now pointing it upwards. There was a loud, low whoosh

as a jet spray of perfume filled the air. Mike looked up watching it, as it

started to fall down toward him. The droplets were tiny, just like normal rain

to Mike, but as they started to hit him they were hot, almost acidic, burning

his skin a little each time. He yelled in pain, as the air felt thicker and he

breathed in the strong droplets, burning his chest too. He tried to run but the

droplets were falling all around him, so he dropped to the floor and curled up

into a ball to try and avoid anymore. His clothes, still wet from the giantesses

saliva, managed to keep the acidic droplets of perfume out.


“Aww, didn't you like that?” Milly

asked. “It's nice stuff. It makes me smell beautiful.” She grinned. “Even though

you're well aware that I already am, aren't you.” She said, stroking the top of

her left breast a little as she spoke softly to the tiny microbe on her

schoolbook. Mike stood up, as the ground was now burning his skin. The perfume

rain had stopped but his flesh still hurt a little, tingling. He looked up at

Milly who had turned round. He tried to run but his skin hurt and his feet

ached. He fell to the ground and looked up, as he watched her sexy, naked ass

looming in the sky above him, the giantess about to sit down on the desk, to end



There was a rattle.


Milly opened her eyes, and rubbed them

gently. She had awoken. Standing up, she walked over to the glass in front of

her and looked out. She looked out at the face peering in on her.


“I'll get my revenge on you some day

Mike, you bastard.” She yelled. Mike smiled and put the small glass jar on the

shelf and walked downstairs to make his breakfast, as the tiny young lady

pounded her fists on the sides of her transparent prison.




Giantess Stories: Microbe




Giantess Stories: Microbe

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Giantess Stories: Microbe


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