Giantess Stories: MIFFED by Scott Grildrig   Obligatory authorial threat to the age

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by Scott Grildrig Obligatory authorial threat to the age-challenged...

DANGER! Will Robinson. DANGER! Will Robinson what? Well, in this case, if he's a

minor, or someone clinging to the trappings of minor-hood then he'll (or she'll)

introduce this file to Mr. Delete command. While this isn't the nastiest thing

I've ever devised (nor the best written), it does contain the kind of violence

normally reserved for the uncut versions of King Kong. BTW: there's no sex,

unless you view enticing descriptions of the more wobbly female bits to be sex,

in which case you should get out of the cloister more often...

Obligatory kudos to the illustrator...

This story was inspired by the drawings of CATSCANS, specifically, two files

named 'rampage' or 'catcomi', and one that sometimes goes by the name of

'cat_04' or 'babezilla' (the on all-fours version). I know that at least one of

the GTS webpages carries two of the three (albeit, one of them is a badly

mangled 'nudized' variant). Believe me, after reading the story, if you find

them, you'll know it...

Vicki was in a foul mood.

In the ordinary course of things, this would have been bad enough, since she was

a passionately expressive young woman. Her friends had long experiance with her

tirades, so most gifts she recieved shared the threat and unbreakability of your

average marshmellow. Not to imply that she just threw things, she also kicked,

spilt and hammered at her possessions. It was a checkmark against her

personality, but she was an especially lovely, vivacious, passionately

expressive young woman. And, besides, some of her friends questioned the

absolute blindness of her rages. They pointed out that she literally punctuated

her diatribes with tossables: plates and knick-knacks providing the pauses,

utensils for the full stops, and the odd piece of furniture serving in the stead

of exclaimations.

In the ordinary course of life, Vicki was hazardous. However, today was

something other than ordinary. And the very thing that elevated her to the level

of 'staggeringly dangerous' was the very thing that she was miffed about. Yet,

her wrath might not have been such a terrifying thing, might not have had such

dreadful consequences, had the object of her anger not chosen such a appallingly

bad hiding place...

* * *

Ron's heart beat loud enough to wake the dead.

"Hey, Vicki, try on the suit," he panted. "Hey, Vicki, let's take some pictures.

Hey, Vicki, let's oil you up." Ron glanced at the empty bottle: 'Granny's

something-something' read the torn label. How the hell was he to know it was

some weird potion. "A warning: 'do not administer topically', would have been

nice." he growled, hurling the bottle aside.

The ground lurched beneath him, and he stepped back into the scant protection of

the nearest doorway. Blaring horns and screaming people trumpeted the arrival of

his ex-girlfriend. Dear god, she was still growing. Ron's eyes went up and up

and up and up. The bikini looked good on her, though.

* * *

The whole bottle, the little turd had used the whole bottle. She hadn't realized

Ron was oiling her up with her special potion, till she saw the empty bottle.

The flare of anger she had experianced was intense. Her body seemed to catch

fire, and the world dwindled around her. And the hell of it was that he angrier

she became, the more she grew; and the more she destroyed the things around her,

the more enraged she became.

She emerged from the ruins of her home to see Ron speeding south in her car. Of

course, she chased after him, and at her new height of seventy feet she nearly

nabbed him. His escape from her clutching fingers was maddening, and she grew

another twenty feet on the spot. Still, there wasn't far for him to go, not as

long as he was going down this road. Vicki quickened her pace, making the earth

tremble with her every step.

There was a traffic jam on the verges of the city, and Ron had abandoned the car

in a ditch on the side of the road. Vicki squatted down, swept aside a score of

vehicles with her hand, and lifted her car in her fingers. Ron was gone. Vicki

gained another fifteen feet of height.

Her demeener was remarkably calm as she gently set her car back upon the road

and stood, looking hautily down upon the miniature cars spread out before her.

Whether it was her natural impulsiveness, or an effect of the potion was

impossible to say. But Vicki acted with chilling disdain for the tiny things

strewn around her.

"I'll say this once," she announced to the world. "If anybody so much as looks

at my car, I'll deal with them. Like this." And she trod upon upon two miniscule

cars, crunching them and their helpless occupants like beetles, as she entered

into the city.

She was in toyland.

Only the tallest buildings reached to her shoulders, most scarely rose to the

level of her knees. It was like walking through a garden labyrinth, with hedges

of glass and steel, and she clutched at the buildings as she passed, sending

debris raining down onto the streets far below. Not that anyone noticed the

added peril, as they were already too busy dodging the careless motions of her

colossal feet. Cars and people alike vanished with grim finality beneath her

high-heeled shoes, leaving nothing behind but shapeless blobs at the bottom of

footprints sunk deep in the tarmac.

The world was so small, that it took her a moment to adjust to it.

Which was lucky for Ron.

* * *

Vicki's thong bikini was bright purple, with slashing red stripes. Silver rings

bound the material at her hips and cleavage. Ron didn't waste any thought over

why her suit had grown to accomodate Vicki's gigantic size. Indeed, rather than

focusing on her wobbling breasts, Ron's attention was solidly on her purple,

high-heeled shoes.

His darkest nightmares had never been like this. Vicki was oblivous to the

mayhem taking place at her feet. Each footfall was a miniature earthquake.

Storefront windows wavered and shook, and some shattered from the stress. Packed

cars wobbled, those nearest to her visibly jumped. People staggered and fought

for balance on the shifting ground. But it got worse. Automobiles careemed out

of control, trying to escape and avoid the giantess at the same time. People

fled away from her, their combined voices rising and falling in a panicky


But it was all in vain.

With one mighty step she accounted for hundreds of strides taken by the

insignificant crowds beneath her. Ron watched in horror as a man tripped and

fell in the middle of the street. Another man ran back to the unfortunate,

grabbed his arm and started dragging him away. A black shadow fell across them,

and they both looked up. Ron, who saw it a moment before they did, and

half-stepped from his hiding place, just as the two men disappeared under

Vicki's right shoe with a sickening crunch. Ron felt the ground jump and

stumbled back against the wall behind him. Vicki's shoe settled down as her foot

received her weight. Something loathsome squirted out from the ball of her foot.

The road surged like soft clay, but fractured like ice as her colossal

high-heeled shoe sank deep into the ground.

On a terrified impulse, Ron darted out from his hiding place. Vicki loomed far

overhead, like some cheesecake skyscraper run amuck. He dashed across the

street, hoping to elude her down by circling around behind her.

Whether by instinct or blind luck, Vicki chose to turn at that very

intersection. Ron spun and fell back as his gargantuan ex-girlfriend bore down

upon him. Her right foot landed right before him, her very toes so tall that he

couldn't see over them. The ground rumbled with the impact, and Ron staggered,

fighting for his balance. Vicki's foot shifted slightly as she took her next

step. Her left foot landed even closer to Ron, shaking the world with an audible

boom! A tense silence followed, punctuated by fading screams and the sound of

leather creaking from Vicki's massive shoes. Ron looked up, disoriented by

Vicki's unimaginable height, her body strangely foreshortened by the unusual

perspective. Against his better judgement he suddenly yearned to have her locate

him. After all, this was his girlfriend, lofty as any skyscraper. She was

unbearably sexy in her scant bikini, and about as deadly as a hurricane.

A brief glimpse of her beautiful face convinced him that now was not the time to

seek reconciliation. She was obviously still angry about the whole cockup with

the potion. Ron glanced around nervously, noting that on her scale just about

everything in sight constituted a breakable. The city was in for a bad day, and

he too, if she found him.

She leaned forward and looked down.

A scream welled up in his throat as her eyes fell upon him. He stood paralyzed,

like a deer in headlights. But then, mercifully, her eyes moved on.

It occured to him, that because of his comparative smallness, she had failed to

spot him. Any illusions of safety soon evaporated, though, as Vicki took her

next step. Her right foot soared skyward, trailing debris from the crater she

had made. Ron screamed as it passed above him. Impossible that anything so

mind-bogglingly huge should move so fast.

In fact, Ron had been luckier than he knew.

* * *

Vicki suspected that Ron was somewhere nearby, but upon spotting the

twenty-story tall Stadler Building she had a nasty idea. Ron's offices were

located in the Stadler. His studio was in the country, but he kept all of his

records here, along with his archives. She doubted that he was foolish enough to

take refuge there, not that it mattered, she'd find him, sooner or later.

* * *

One of Ron's associates, Jason, had been watching Vicki, almost since she

arrived in the city. His corner office afforded him a perfect view of the

proceedings, and was undoubtably safer than being on the streets.

That feeling of security quickly evaporated when the colossal woman turned her

attention on the Stadler building. The floor trembled as she moved forward. All

he could was watch in helpless awe and profound terror as the enraged giantess

raised a massive fist.

At some internal prompting he twitched the curtains shut...

* * *

"Kiss the business goodbye, Ron," she snarled. Balling up her hands, and taking

two steps forward she threw a terrific punch. Her entire body went into it, her

eyes clenched shut and her hair tossed wildly, and her left fist passed through

the corner of the building like a bomb. The southeastern fifteenth, sixteenth

and seventeeth floors vanished in an expanding cloud of debris. The noise was

incredible. Glass, stone and metal scattered for hundreds of yards in all


The structure groaned, but remained standing. A high wind whistled through the

ragged gap where Ron's offices had been. Vicki blew smugly on her knuckles, and

turned her attention to the street below.

* * *

Ron was also blowing on his knuckles.

He had just bitten them.

* * *

From her vast height one tiny person looked much like any other, however she

could discern color, and a flash of white and blue caught her attention. Cocking

her head to one side she stooped down just low enough to snatch her running

prize betwixt thumb and forefinger. Standing up, she brought her hand before her

smoldering gaze, and stared hard at the miniature man struggling in her pinch.

Wrong guy.

That really made mad.

"How dare you pretend to be Ron," she growled at her luckless captive. "He's

probably gotten away because of you." Visions of the tortures she lusted to

inflict on Ron's slipped away. Vicki opened her fingers. The tiny men fell

squalling into the open palm of her might hand. It wasn't open for long, though.

Vicki ground her teeth, trying to figure out how to hunt down her tiny ex-lover.

Her long, shapely fingers closed into a fist almost of their own volition, and

she felt, rather than heard the hideous crunch, as the tiny men broke and pulped

within her uncaring grasp. Looking at her hand, Vicki had an idea, and a cruel

grin lit up her gorgeous face. Without a second glance she tossed aside the

smashed body of her puny victim, she turned around and went looking for more.

* * *

Ron spun and ran, screaming in terror.

He had a chance, so long as Vicki punched buildings, or randomly grabbed at

those around her. But her new tactic was something else entirely.

* * *

Vicki felt freer than she could remember.

The shock of her new size had focused her attention on revenge, and distracted

her from the possible pleasures of being a giantess. She had always been a wild,

passionate girl. The chance to express her rage in such a colossal, untamed

fashion was unbelievably exciting. She didn't count the cost, she didn't mull

over the ramifications, she was impulsive and uninhibited. Deep inside, she knew

these weren't insects, these were helpless, terrified little people. But their

helplessness was a goad to her rage, and their terror was fuel for her lust.

She stepped on the tiny people.

This was different from before. Those others had been accidents. Now she was

deliberately targeting people with her crushing feet. At first she intended to

just trod upon anyone who wearing a T-shirt and jeans. But the pleasure of the

tiny helpless bodies popping under her soles demanded justification, and she

decided that Ron might be clever enough to put on a coat, or change clothes.

Her steps were slow, leisurely, designed not for travel, but to trample

miniature people. She did make a concerted effort to only target tiny men,

though, if the occasional woman was squashed, that was just too fucking bad.

Along the way she glanced into the buildings around her, just in case Ron had

managed to get off the street. One building offered a slight diversion.

Squatting down slightly brought her eye to eye with two men standing on a long

balcony. One of them recoiled and darted inside, but the other did something

unexpected. He leaned out over the edge and cheered loudly.

Vicki raised an eyebrow, and moved closer, daunting him with her enormous eyes.

"You like me stepping on people?" she asked. The tiny man nodded wildly and

shouted something that she couldn't make out. His enthusiasm amused her, and she

laughed. "Well then, how about a better view?" And she reaching out she grabbed

him and lifted him off the balcony. Ignoring his panicky struggles, she bent

down and dropped him, unharmed, on the road. "Stay put," she warned him, and in

two giant steps caught up to the fleeing mob, splitting it in half, sending many

back the way they had come. She waited a moment, then took two steps back. Her

right foot landed upon two running men, and only a scant distance from her tiny

fan. She winked at him and ground her foot over the tiny mess, before drawing

her shoe back, trailing a long smear in its wake.

The tiny man seemed stunned, then cheered. Vicki grinned, and taking but a

single step managed to cut off several more little men. Being as careful as

possible, she kicked at them. Five landed near to her one man audience, three

were still moving, trying to crawl away as she loomed over them. Vicki down

smiled at her miniature fan, and toyed with her three puny victims, poking at

them with her toe or slamming her colossal foot right next to their

insignificant little bodies. In this way she was able to herd them together.

Then, perching her right foot upon its heel, she slowly lowered her sole upon

them. Her miniscule fan laid right down on the road, so he could better watch as

her gigantic shoe covered the three little men.

It was hard, but Vicki held back at the fist hint of resistence. She could hear

faint screams, which could only be the men beneath her, as the crowd had made

good its chance to escape. Looking down, Vicki caught the eye of her little

playmate, and reaching out with her right hand, she made a thumbs up gesture.

Her little fan didn't move a muscle, and she slowly turned her thumb down. With

obvious excitement, the tiny man indicated his assent, and Vicki grinned widely

in reply.

Hands on her hips, Vicki tried as slowly as possible to lower her foot. She felt

the resistence slowly growing, but whether it was one or all of the tiny men,

she couldn't tell until she saw a tiny arm and head emerge from the right side

of her foot. Her tiny crushfreak moved close enough to touch the doomed man.

Vicki paused for a moment, then finished the job, bringing down first the right,

then the left side of her shoe. She felt something burst beneath the right side

of her foot, then something hard cracked and broke under the ball of her foot.

She half felt the viscious ooze of the first two men surge to the right. The

tiny arm of the third man twitched and flailed, and a bright redness erupted

from his head at the same moment Vicki felt him crunch. An instant later, a

thick mud oozed out the side of her shoe. Vicki laughed and leaned onto her

foot, and the road buckled and sank beneath her weight.

It was time to resume her search, but there was one last thing to do first.

Vicki, twisted her ankle, lifting the left side of her shoe out of the crater it

had made. Looking down at her little fan, she grinned widely. "Go, take a look,"

she urged him.

He moved forward, looked up at the ghastly stains on the bottom of Vicki's foot,

then down into the enshadowed crater. Vicki waited for the best moment, then

stamped her left foot, hard. The ground bounced beneath the tiny man, and he was

disoriented as Vicki's right foot shifted, rising a little. His arms windmilled,

and he tumbled into the deep footprint. Vicki laughed cruelly, and slowly

lowered her shoe back into the depression. She waited for a long while, letting

her little fan's terror and anticipation build, before she made him pop! under

her foot, like a fat beetle.

She immediately forgot about him. It was time to hunt Ron again, and that meant

finding more people.

* * *

Ron ran away. Which was a good thing, at least for him.

He clambered into a bus stuffed with people. Then clung tightly to the overhead

bar as it lurched into motion.

"She's a maniac," said a burly man to his right.

"She definately has something against this Ron fellow," commmented another,

unseen voice.

"Must be a real asshole," said a red-headed woman.

"Hey! I resemble that remark," blurted Ron.

Which was a bad thing.

* * *

Fun though it was to stomp tiny people, Vicki wanted to find Ron. She had a

number of really nasty giantess-type things that she wanted to try out on him,

before she mashed him flat.

But, given her lofty perspective on things, she needed to get a lot closer to

the fleeing mobs to locate her ex-lover. First, she had to find the mob, which

was easy enough, since her playful aside had been far too brief to let them

escape. Indeed, there seemed to be more of them, and all nicely bunched up too.

Vicki accessed the situation, and striding down a sidestreet, she selected one

of the larger buildings, and shoved it over, toppling it into the main

thoroughfare chosen by the mob. The massive building crashed and broke with a

hideous crash of thunder, and a thick pall of dust billowed into the sky. The

mob stopped, stunned at the casual blockage of its route of escape. The tiny

people surged and churned, and began to move back the other way.

Just then, Vicki stepped out from behind a skyscraper, her arms akimbo, her legs

spread, taunting the tiny people with the only way of escape. The wind blew her

blonde hair around her shoulders.

She looked very pleased with herself.

"This is going to hurt you more than me," Vicki announced to the crowd, and she

got down on all fours. There was nowhere to go, and countless people disappeared

beneath the giant girl's legs, belly and breasts. She ignored the weakening

twitching of those beneath her not outright crushed by her massive body. Instead

she focused on a new game.

A real nasty sport.

One by one, Vicki crushed the tiny people with her fingers. Again, she let the

women escape, so long as they didn't interfere with her. But the men were a

different matter. She casually brushed her gigantic hand over the miniature men,

stunning them. Then, one by one, she popped then under her fingers, gleefully

squashing them. And when those within reach were dealt with, Vicki crawled

forward, pursing her lips, and looking especially naughty as her magnificantly

huge body slid over scores of tiny men. Those unfortunates pinned, but not

crushed, beneath the generous bikini clad swellings of her breast were easily

taken care of. Vicki just raised her hands, and the added weight, flattened her

breasts even more, which was enough to also flatten her puny victims.

But even this game soon lost its appeal. And Vicki vented her frustration by

pounding the tiny mob with her closed fist. Screaming people, men and women,

audibly splated! as she alternately squashed them beneath her fist and her open

hand. Bright gore spashed and rayed outward from each new victim. Vicki's anger

and frustration at not findind Ron grew and expanded and swelled until she

didn't think she could stand it any more.

But that rage didn't go to waste.

* * *

Ron screamed and struggled, to no avail.

Some people got their hands on megaphones, and sat on top of the bus, yelling at

the top of their lungs as they approached the giantess.

Then she grew...big. Really big. Really, really big.

There was a hurried conference, and the leaders decided to go ahead with their

plan. The people with the megaphones found ways to shout even louder, and yet

you could still hear Ron above them all.

* * *

Vicki didn't complain about her new size, she used it.

The terrified mob fit nicely under the palm of her hand. She pressed down, until

she felt the ground break. Then she continued her rampage.

At her new size, she overtopped the city itself.

She was big enough to crush an entire building with one foot. It was more fun

being on all fours, though. And Vicki walked on hands and knees, devoting more

time to crushing entire skyscrapers, and trusting that the puny insects would be

dealt with along the way.

She actually forgot about Ron, she was having so much fun. Laying her hand upon

a building, she closed her fingers around it, and squeezed. Her fingers sank

deep into it with gratifying ease. Vicki laughed, and did it again. The thought

of the helpless little people trapped within was too delicious for words.

Vicki found other ways to demolish buildings. She head bumped into a few with

her her shoulders. Others fell under her knees, or were gleefully bumped by her

bare hips. But the most fun was with her imcomperable tits. She was a female

wrecking ball (make that two wrecking balls). Her bikini clad breasts jiggled

and wobbled more than enough to do the trick, and she playfully tit-boxed one

building after another. Her rage, though, was turning into something perhaps

even more deadly. Vicki's nipples clearly protruded through her top, and the

tiny people didn't need the dark stain on her thong briefs to explain the sweet,

musky scent of her arousal, filling the city.

Vicki was feeling horny.

* * *

Ron wasn't more terrified than his captors, he was just louder.

The bus seemed impossibly small next to the rampant goddess screwing the city.

Still, the tiny mob was determined to do its best. They dragged Ron out of the

illusionary safety of the bus, and five people walked ahead of him, screaming

into their megaphones.

Vicki was enjoying her play, and didn't notice them at first, and when she did,

it was as much because she shifted in their direction, as anything else. She

crossed her right arm before her, and two of the shouters were rudely splattered

by her middle fingernail. The slight tickle distracted her from her pleasure,

and she peered closer at the tiny people.

A grin of pure delight made her face shine.

"Give him to me," she commanded, and wetting her index finger with her tongue,

she laid it down next to the miniature delegation. They were quick to obey, and

Ron was pressed up against her impossibly huge fingertip, where he stuck nicely.

His howls ascended with him, as Vicki lifted him to her face.

* * *

Vicki felt deliciously wicked.

She crushed buildings with total abandon, until her path led her to the city

river. A nearby bridge tickled her fancy, but had more highrises to play with.

Her left hand settled on one, and she squeezed hard, so that it virtually

exploded within her fingers. The motion brought her right breast down upon

another building, and Vicki pursed her lips and pressed down, splitting it in

half, luxeriating in its roughness against her aroused nipple.

That was when the shouting caught her attention.

She shifted her right arm, carelessly laying it across a small building. She'd

intended to smear the tiny people with her fingers, but the tiny building got

caught, and hung for a timeless moment from her erect nipple, before crashing to

the crowed street. The sensation distracted her just enough that her hand fell

short, and two of the tiny people were squished by her fingernail.

But then a glimpse of blue and white caught Vicki's eye.

She leaned forward, and grinned with excitement. She hardly had to command the

tiny people to do her bidding, they were so eager to gain her favor. Lifting her

hand, she stared at Ron, stuck to her fingertip.

"There you are, loverboy," she cooed. "Did you miss me?"

Ron screamed, and nearly came unstuck. Vicki, tapped her finger upon her left

palm, dislodging her boyfriend, who was lost upon her open hand, which was big

enough to comfortably hold a skyscraper.

Still watching her prize, Vicki rose up, for the the first time stood above the

miniature city at her full height.

By her right leg was a building, that in the morning would have towered over

her, that two hours ago she could look over, but which now hardly reached to her


"A girl could get used to this," she purred. "Not that your going to get off,"

she told Ron. "I'm still furious with you," she snarled. "In fact, I think I'm

going to eat you." And she laughed at his obvious terror. "I'm just undecided on

one thing," and she lifted her hand up close to her mouth. "I can't decide which

pair of lips to use," and she giggled evilly. "In the meantime, you and me are

going to go into the country to play. Not that I'm leaving for good," she

announced to the city. "We have unfinished busines, after I'm done with my

snack." And lashing out with her right foot, she kicked the nearby skyscraper,

laughing at the devistation.

"I'll be back," she promised, and left the city with a defient swing of her



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