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Mighty Mike(The LT Addition)





           I was going to Yale. I couldn't believe I made

it on full scholarship for academics but I made it and it was a lot of work. I

was studying six nights a week and I wasn't having a whole lot of fun. The only

excitement I saw was walking by the girls floors of my coed dorm.

           Anyway, this is where my story starts. I was

walking back from class like I had many other days. As I opened the door to my

building I checked my mail. There was some weird bracelet sitting in there. My

dad was an archeologist so I was use to seeing weird things like this. There was

a note attached with it but I didn't grab that. I put the bracelet on my wrist

and started heading upstairs. I made up a few flights of stairs when I felt

dizzy and hurt all over. I walked into the hallway and fell over.

           I awoke a bit later and found everything a whole

lot bigger. I looked down the long hallway and it appeared to be miles. I stood

up and stared at the massive doors. They were incredible in size. I begin to run

down the hallway looking for an open door so I could get help. As I ran I

wondered how big I actually was. My legs were starting to burn and as I had ran

already 3 miles at my new scale. I finally saw an open door. I ran in not even

caring whose room it was.


“HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME” I said nearly in tears and in a

very distraught tone. As I ran into the room I tripped over sketchers which were

strewn about the room. I fell flat on my face as I heard a loud thud explode

onto the carpeted floor. I looked up shocked to see a monolithic angel. She had

dark brown hair cascading down her shoulders with steel grey eyes that scanned

across the room. She had a trim girlie girl style figure that told me she didn't

work out a lot but still stayed thin via good metabolism.


“Whose there? Hello? Did someone call for help?”


           The thuds were strong and forceful in there

impact. I could feel the floor shake beneath her weight as she ran, her entire

frame passed over me with effortless ease and not a bit of attention. She ran

into the hall looking in both directions and then walking back into the room

muttering something under her breath. She shut her door with a slam and started

walking abck.


“Hey down here!! HELP” I screamed at the top of my lungs

cause my voice to crack slightly. Her eyes looked down at her floor finally

hitting me. She stood there looking at standing tall. I surmised she couldn't

have been any tall then 5'3” 110lbs. As I looked at her I was in a state of

complete awe, her jaw was dangling open as she looked down at me.

           The giantess knelt down before me with her dark

brown locks of hair spilling down towards me like ropes, I could smell her

perfume shroud over me and tickle my nose causing me to cough and sneeze.


“Holy shit you are real” That was all it took before her

hand blanketed over me, I felt her fingers curl under me, her finger tips

pressed me into the palm of her hand as she stood back up. I looked around from

her grip with her hand encompassing me entire body with just my head sticking

out from the top of her fisted hands and my legs dangling out below. I was soon

looking this giantess face to face. Everything on her face looked spread out. I

could see everything so clearly, her crystal clear complexion without a zit or

pimple in sight. I could see how she used a bit too much make up and her steel

grey eyes now focused intently on me touching prodding my entire being. Her

sweat mint breath rolled over me as she slightly exhaled.


“You are real aren't you? I mean you have to be, you are

the most amazing creature I have ever seen.” Her voice rang in my ears like I

was sitting in the same room as church bell. Her voice was all I could hear as

it rang painfully through me.


“Please help me, I don't know what happened but I shrunk

after putting this bracelet on and…” It was at that moment we both watched the

bracelet sink into my skin, becoming apart of me.


“Whoa, wicked cool trick” I was speechless as she swept

about her room finally settling on her bed. As she sat down the springs squeaked

and settled a bit causing my ears to bleed a bit from the horrible shrill.


“Just get me help, call the hospital”


“Oh, a doctor or nurse alright” The giant girls shrugs

setting me down her lap nonchalantly and then grabbing her cell phone.


“Hey Sarah, Yeah its me Alexis, Come over here quick. Yeah

I got the coolest little thing. Yeah bring your text book with you. Yeah I found

a little man!! I can't believe it. NO, I am not drunk. Get over her bitch and

don't tell anyone your coming.”


“Hey! I said not to tell anyone and call the hospital not

your friend” I shout in an angry tone as Alexis sets the phone down.


“Yeah, well what are you going to do about huh?” shouts

Alexis poking me in the stomach. Each poke sends me stumbling backwards to the

point where I finally fall backwards onto her bed.


“You can't do this get me help! I don't want to spend my

day like this I have to tests to study for” I scream while I see Alexis lick her

lips and stares down at me smirking. Her smirk turns into a giggle as she sees

me struggling to get up on your bed.


“My own six inch tall man, school has been very good to

Alexis.” It was then her door swung open and I saw three girls walk in.


“what the hell is all this?” I shout while Alexis pins me

down on her bed using her foot. I try to squirm out from under toes but its no

use, her foot easily pins me down. Her toes are done up in a French pedicure and

have a strawberry smell emitting from them.


“Where is he? We all want to want to see him”


“I told you not to tell anyone!”


“Well how was I suppose to keep something like this a

secret. Lets see this little man”


           Alexis easily clenches my with her toes, it

feels like they are giving me a hug as my back is ran along her bed and I am

flipped out towards the trio of girls like I am hackey sack.  The lead girl

grabs me out from the air and looks down at me. She has short blonde hair, blue

eyes, she is athletically sculpted. As she breathes down on me I can smell onion

on her breath.


“Shit real is he, I mean he is real,  I can't believe you

found him Alexis, how? Where?” quizzically asks Sarah.


“He was on my floor begging for help so I grabbed him.”


“Hey not so tight” I yell but she either doesn't hear me or

doesn't care and I have a feeling it is more the second one then the first. The

girls all clamber around Alexis's bed and Sarah sets me back down on the bed so

they can all gawk at me like I am the new spring fashions at the mall.


            They all stood there looking at me but it was

Sarah who made the first move she jumped onto the bed and stuck her tongue out

towards me. She pushed me down with her tongue and then slid her tongue into my

pants and then she lifted her tongue. I found myself leaving the safety of the

bed and I began pounding kicking at her tongue but this only caused her draw her

tongue into her mouth. She began sucking on me like I was a lollipop. I

continued to now beat on her lips but Sarah kept sucking me in and out in and

out like I was dildo she was shoving into her. The friction of her lips and

tongue around my dick caused me to cum and again and again. She looked over at

her Korean friend who hadn't said a word yet. She was dainty and small like

Alexis but to me she was huge and a queen. Sarah tilted her head and so did the

Korean girl in the opposite direction. The Korean girl opened her mouth wide

open and my head was stuck into her mouth. Her Korean tongue swept around my

head. I could feel there lips sucking and pulling at me. It was a literal tug of

war between the two as they kissed both fighting for dominance over me. My dick

hurt from having came so many times and my nipples burned form arousal.


           A victor was finally declared and my leges were

kicking wildly in the air as my head was till entrenched in a mouth which told

me the Korean girl had won. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide

open she worked her tongue all over for minutes upon minutes and finally she

spat me up into the air. I saw myself shoot up above all of there heads and then

began to fall, she spun around and the hood of her hooded sweatshirt whirled up

and grabbed me like it was a baseball glove, her black strands of hair spilled

all over in the hood and I was forced to look out at everyone through her black

strands of hair as they chit chatted a bit about there days. A good ten minutes

had gone by when I saw a hand appear over me. I was engulfed in a fleshy fist

and plucked out from the hood.


“Hey I liked him back there”


“Well then get your own” shouts Alexis


            As she looks down at me clenched in her fist,

her grip gets tighter by the moment I can help but feel more and more helpless

as the seconds tick by and I am held tightly in her hands.


“Hey girls lets go the diary queen”


“Alright, lets go, we can just leave him here. He is too

small to get away”


           They all nod and head out of the room. Three of

them go in one directions and the other goes a different waving goodbye and than

the door slams shut. I wait a few moments before leaping off the bed and running

towards the door. I know I don't want to spend the rest of my life as Alexis's

pet. As I reach the door I realize I have no way out. I claw at the door like a

caged rat I pound and beat my fists against door praying to that someone will

let me out but as the door swings open I am pounded into the wall.


“Hey little man, little man? Where oh shit! I killed him oh

my god oh my god”


           The last thing I remembered was a giant door

slamming me against the wall, I tried to open my eyes but they were swollen shut

and my body ached I could only feel someone gently caressing me and stroking me.

In the background I could hear some classical music playing. An hour or two went

by and I felt her stand while reassuring me that everything was going to be okay

in a tone of voice that one would tell a fallen child that everything would be

fine.  I felt something soft wrap around my body and I was gently set down. I

drifted off to sleep soon after that.

           I awoke two days later seeing myself wrapped up

in a white knit scarf. I looked around seeing a small cage surrounding me. I

leapt up ran to the nearest wall. I tried to budge the walls but it was no use.

I was trapped like a rat. I shook the bars but it was no use. It was then the

door swung open and I saw the Korean girl walk into the room.


“Awww, your awake little fellow, you seem to be all healed.

All the girls thought you were dead I knew different. I am glad your awake cause

we have a big day tomorrow”


           I was confused and puzzled by everything, she

was talking so fast and since her voice was loud it was hard to follow. The top

of the cage swung open and she dropped in some bread and changed the water that

looked like it was out of gerbels cage, it was plastic bottle with a plastic

tube jutting out from the bottle so I just had to suck and water would come out.

This time I noticed that when she closed the door to the cage she put a pad lock

on it.

           The rest of day she didn't pay me one bit of

attention. I just watched her come and leave her room. She left for classes and

work without saying a word to me. It was dark when came back. The Korean girl

merely smiled at me and went to bed without even bothering to change out of her

work uniform.

           Morning came all to early. I felt the cage shake

and rattle from side to side.  The Korean girl was holding onto a handle that

was built into the top of the cage. As she walked the cage would hit her leg and

I would be jarred around. I could only look up at her. She had on a short tan

skirt and a red sweater, with her hair pulled back. She walked towards a Honda

civic and the cage containing me in it on the passenger's seat.

           The drive was uneventful and then the car

stopped and a curtain was placed over the cage. As she walked now I couldn't see

anything. I could hear voices and people scurrying about and then I was set down

on something and I could hear the Korean girls voice but it was distant.

           I was shrouded in darkness and all the noises

slowly faded out and I drifted back off to sleep. I found myself needing more

and more sleep. Even the simplest of things seemed a lot more stressful. My

muscles in just this short time had become accustomed to being a cage and not

needed to work as much so it was easier to sleep, however I awoke to rapping at

my cage and the curtain was pulled off and I saw television camera's swing over

towards me and a studio audience's eyes befall on me. I turned around seeing a

giant Caroline Rhea looking down at me completely dumbfounded and in shock. I

then spun around looking at the camera's focused solely on me. I shook the bars

to the cage and screamed for help which made everyone laugh like I was

performing some kind of trick for him.


“yeah he likes his cage, I don't think he even knows

anything else anymore. I found him and take care of him.”


She told the story of how she found me near dead and nursed

me back to health of course leaving out how it happened that I was injured and

how I was toyed with. I could hardly cry as the show ended and everyone went

about there business like I was nothing but some kind of unique animal. The

audience crowded around my cage with two security guards standing on either side

of the table making sure no one swiped me. They stared and teased and poked me

through the cage. They slowly filed out and I saw the Korean girl walk towards

me holding wad of cash. She smiled down at me and put the curtain back over my

cage. I cried the whole way home wondering if this is what my life would be.

           As Ming got home that night she set the cage

down on her desk not even bothering to pull the drape off of the cage. She

grabbed her books and ran off to class knowing she couldn't be late. Before she

shut the door she turned towards the cage.


“You better rest up we have plenty more shows to do. You

are going to make me a rich woman”


The door slammed shut and with a click of dead bolt my fate

was sealed.

Giantess Stories: Mighty Mike

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