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Military Giantesses

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Day One, Monday 0600 Hours - Mystery

Monica Geller is combing her hair dark black hair. She pulls her hair back

tightly and puts a leather scrunchy in her hair and then walks over to the

mirror. “You're one sexy Latin Monica Geller. That General Antilles  will be

all over you.” A smile creeps across her face as she then grabs her hat and is

just about to leave, as there is a knock at the door. She opens up the door and

sees Military Police standing there.

“Lt. Geller, Sgt. Peter Gavel has gone missing. He was last seen when he arrived

last night. We checked his apartment thoroughly. There is no sign of struggle;

all his things are still there even his BMW in the garage.”

Monica shakes her head in disbelief. Then her weight shifts to her right foot.

As she commonly does when she is under pressure. “Well SGT. Gavel has served the

military for 10 years. I don't think he went AWOL. And you checked everywhere

huh. Well can we pull some up from a neighboring base? At least until we can

find out what's going on?

“We tried but there's no one available. We are so short handed right now with

the tension in in the Middle East and then with people taking leave because it

being summer doesn't help either. We could call someone up and make him or her

report back early?”

Monica leaves her apartment and motions him to follow her out to her jeep

outside. “Well keep that plan on stand by. I will see if General Antilles will

take to training Sgt. Gavels group till we can either find gavel or till I think

Birmingham comes off of his leave next week he can take over at that time. I'm

sure I can get General Antilles to help out.”

“Yes Mam” as he salutes Lt. Geller and she climbs into her Jeep. Then he turns

around walks back to towards the office complex.

Meanwhile General Antilles is driving his jeep into the MAW Military Training

Facility. Privates stream by both sides of his jeep being lead to various

bunkers by their drill sergeants. General Antilles steps into his office and

sits at his desk. He strokes his chin as he looks out the window and sips his

morning Iced Mocha. Through his window he can see Lt. Monica Geller walking up

to his door. The door knocks then swings open.

General Antilles, We have a slight problem. Sergeant Peter Gavel. Hasn't arrived

and his company is awaiting to start there training. I tried calling someone up

but we just don't have enough people to do it. I was hoping you would maybe

graciously take the command of these privates and get them trained in.

General Antilles spins his chair around. “Well Lt. What do you think I should

do? I know allot of people think that I was promoted because of my name and

family. The fact I am a General at age 20 at a time of peace doesn't help too

much either. If I did this it would show people that I am willing to prove

myself. Don't you think so? “

“It sounds like a plan sir. They are over in quadrant A-17. Thank you for your

help. I knew we could count on you.”

“Wait a minute; Wait A minute, quadrant A-17 is the woman's district. I am

training women? How am I supposed to train a group of women who are probably the

same age as me? This just isn't right. You tricked me Monica, How could you!

Were friends?

Monica laughs followed by a smile, and plays with her hair. “That's what friends

are for sir.”

“Your are Dismissed Lieutenant Geller.” General Antilles then followed suit and

left his office to see these how green these women really are.Day One, Monday 0937 hours - The Recruits

The eight girls had just finished up making their bunks preparing for

inspection. They didn't really have too much to do since they just arrived

yesterday. The door to their cabin swings open. General Antilles steps in. The

girls whisper amongst themselves not really paying attention to the unfamiliar

man, but still knowing enough to fall into line and stand straight.

General Antilles walks down the line of the girls and faces them with a look of

absolute power on his face. “Silence all of you. I am General Antilles. You will

address me as such. There will be no stupid questions asked. Any dumb question

asked results in 55 push ups done to the army specifications. I don't know and

don't care how you did them in high school and or college. Men, Women they do

them the same way, same amount. I do not want to hear your whining, bickering,

moaning, groaning, back talk, whispering, and most of all there will be no noise

from anyone when I am talking or you will do squats until I feel its is time for

you to stop. Now is that clear woman!

All eight women yell out “Yes Sir”

General Antilles paces back and forth in front of these women enjoying this

power he has over them. “I think I know whom you all are by your files accept

for you, and you, and you. Step forwards now and tell me your name and age.

“Yes sir” the three shout and a Latino girl on the end takes a step forward. Her

brown eyes lock right onto the general immediately. She moves her long dark

black hair over her shoulder and with a slight tremble in her voice shouts “I am

Kristen-Anthony Scott, Age 20” She then takes a step back as the girl beside her

who has a striking resemblance to the actress Larisa Oleynik steps confidently

forward and without any fear, and in a firm tone shouts “I am Mallory Gillis,

Age 17” She then takes a step back.

General Antilles who is making notes on how they respond and confident they are.

He looks up when Mallory Gillis said Age 17. “Age 17, are you not a little young

to be here? Shouldn't you be in high school? What is a young girl like you doing


Mallory takes a step forward and in the same confident, and halfway cocky tone

as before utters “I graduated from Melbourne High School early. I am here

because the army will pay for college if I spend a few years here. And I am not

a young girl I am a woman. Sir” She then takes a step back.

General Antilles raises his right eyebrow a tad as she Mallory responds. He

makes a few notes on her spark and confidence. “Who ever is next start, lets get

this over with. I will not change the length of your training just because you

waste time doing this.”

The Black girl takes a step forward. She has a little more of athletic tone to

her body. “ I am Natalie Parker age 19. Sir” She then with the other three girls

falls back into line with the rest of the group.

General Antilles heads toward the door and whips it open. He looks back at the

group of girls. “We are going to go on a little jog. I will be in back setting

the pace. You must stay ahead of me at all times. If anyone of you for any

length of time no matter how short or long it is. The entire group will run 2

additional miles for every 5 seconds that person is behind me. Now move all of


General Antilles starts off running at near top speed. All the girls are

struggling to stay ahead but not wanting too have to force the group to run any

additional miles. Natalie looks back at the general who shows no sign of slowing

up. She looks over at Mallory and gives her a pleading look as Mallory returns

her the same look. While General Antilles is enjoying every minute of it. I am

going to run these girls into shape. The next 2 months will be the worst in

their life. I am going to work them to the bone. Boy are they going to hate me.

HAhaha sucks to be there scrawny, weak asses.Day One Monday 1000 hours -Prelude

The general yells for them to stop up ahead at the obstacle course. The girls

have sweat sliding down there face. A couple of the girls are scratching at

themselves as the salty sweat covers them. The girls form a line and stand at

attention even though the sweat dripping down over there bodies is quite


General Antilles walks infront of the girls and faces them. He notes how each

girl sort of fidgets in her own way. How Kristen-Anthony kind sways side to side

and plays with the dirt and how mallory plays with her hair. Twisting it arond

her finger as tight as possible, then letting it unwind to only wind back up

again. General Antilles starts to explain the obstacle course to the girls but

he is not listening to a word he is saying. General Antilles's mind starts to

day dream.Day One, Monday 1004 hours - The Day Dream

General Antilles enters the womens bunk. Why is this door open? Those Stupid

women, they act like children leaving everything open. But lucky for me

something else I get to yell at them about. I love making small people feel my

wraith and they will get my worst. “Ladies fall in, Its time you learn some

procedures around here! Do you not hear me, I said fall in NOW!!!” Just as

General Antilles is really starting to get ticked off by this blatant act of

disrespect. A small tremor rolls across the floor. Dust from the old wooden

floor shoot up everywhere halfway blinding the general. He goes down to one knee

and coughs repeatedly. The once small tremor is now becoming stronger and

stronger. The dust is now blinding the general. He tries to get up but is

flipped end over end back down and struggles back onto his feet. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!” The

tremendous tremor stops as abruptly as it started. Water is coming out of his

eyes to try to clear all the dust out. His vision slowly starts to return. As he

pulls himself up off the floor a hard black wall is now directly infront of him.

General Antilles looks up and notices a large rope tied together and two huge

loops on either side of this wall shooting outward. He takes a few steps back as

this wall starts to rise up into the air. A long shadow now encases him. All he

can see is the black, black ceiling that was his wall. The once wall now ceiling

starts to descend rapidly. General Antilles notices some writing on the ceiling.

It reads Military Issue size 8. “ NO, NO, It cant be, NOOOOOO”Day one Monday, 1006 hours - The obstacle course

General Antilles snaps his mind back into reality. Inside he is jarred and

shaken but outside he shows no signs of it. General Antilles now points towards

the obstacle course. You can see a gigantic wall that goes up about 20 feet into

the air with two ropes going down both sides of it. Infront of the wall theres

barbed wire just off the ground enough for a person to crawl under. “As you can

see ladies there is not much too this obstacle course since its your first day.

But before you start you will each do 150 push ups and then go under the barbed

wire and climb to the top of that wall and down the other side. I want you to

begin now. All the women leap into action. They start push ups. You can hear the

general yelling up down up down up down.

Natilie parkers arms start to quiver and shake. Her breathing gets more erratic.

The veins in her arms are now clearly visible. The sweat is dripping off her body to

the sand below. The sand looks like wet and damp. Her hair keeps falling into her eyes. Spots start

to cross over her vision. Natilie blinks a few

times trying to get the spots out of her vision then she falls face down in the


General Antilles rushes over to natilie parker. He turns her over on her back.

As Mallory and and Kristen Anthony rush over. General Antilles cocks his head up

and and his eyebrows get a angry look to them. “Did I tell you that you could

stop? No I didnt, That means you keep doing your training. You stop when you are

told to stop. This isnt gym class little girls. Now I expect 300 push ups from

you and you can start over at one. In the future you should do what yout told.

Now is that clear?

Kristen and Mallory look at each other. They have a surprised and startled look.

Neither of them can find the words speak as the general continues to bark at

them. Mallorys eyes start get a little watery.

General Antilles now points at Kristen and reclaims her spot and starts doing

her push ups. “Now Private Gillis this isnt the cry babies army. This is the

united states military. We arent here to watch you cry. Maybe you should pack

your damn bags and go home soldier. I am tired of crying baby @$$.

Mallory wipes the tears from her eyes. “No sir i am here to be the best woman in

the military.” She sniffles a little then goes to her place and starts her push

ups.Day One Monday 1000 - Lt. Monica Geller

Monica Geller happily strides into her office. She is humming a little unknown

tune as she sits at her desk. Monica starts doing some reports. she swivels her

chair, left and right you can clearly hear the annoying squeak with each swivel.

As Monica types you hear a clack, clack, clack of someone wearing high heels

getting closer and louder. Monica cocks her head upward and sees Nina hovering

over her. Nina stands at about 6'3”. Her long sweeping blonde hair falls over

her shoulders. Her shoulders seperates her hair. Part of her hair is down to

about her breasts and the half going to the back is just above the middle of her

back. Her blue eyes are more ocean blue. When you look into her eyes you swear

you can see the waves crashing up against the shore. Her, soft, slippery smooth

skin looks perfect in every aspect. Monica acknowledges her good friend. “Hey

Nina whats up?”

Nina smiles coyly(shy) “You know why im here. How'd it go with your lover boy.

Dont you play all dumb either, You know im talking about General Antilles. You

sooo dig him, I know it, he knows it, everyone on this base knows it. So let it

all out. Come on, come on now girl lets hear it.”

Monica smiles innocently. Her pony tail shakes back and forth slightly as she

turns her head back on her work. “Theres nothing to tell really. I think its all

in your head. There is nothing going on between me and General Antilles. We are

just good friends. And have a working relationship. Is that so hard to believe?”

Nina punches her playfully. “Yeah right Im not buying that for a moment. Your so

into him its not funny.”

“I think its time someone gets back to work dont you?” Monica laughs playfully.

As Nina walks back to her desk.Day one Monday 2300 hours - Girl Talk

General Antilles leans over Natilie Parkers bed. “I expect you ready tomorrow. I

dont want a repeat of today or you are O-U-T-!” General Antilles leaves the


Kristen Scott and Mallory Gillis sit next to Natilie. Mallory covers natilie up.

“I cant believe him. Mr. Im so high and mighty had such a lack of concern. You could

have been dying and all he did was yell at you, and yell at us for having a

heart. He makes me so mad. Mallory then gets up and stomps over to her bed.

Kristen now stands up too. “For whatever its worth ya'll. Someday General

Antilles will get whats coming to him. I just hope im there to see it. The three

girls along with everyone else in the bunker turn out the lights and go to bed.Day Two 0700 hours

The girls filed out of there bunker as General Antilles approached. General

Antilles makes a line straight towards Natilie. He gets directly up in her face.

His nose is almost touching hers. He looks into her eyes. He has a cocky glare

as natilie has a fearful look. Without a word being said the general signals for

the morning run to begin. Everyone leaps into action knowing better then to

complain.Day two 0730 Hours

The girls are now breathing heavily as they stream in a single file line. Sweat

drips off the girls body like water from a faucet. Mallory who is leading the

line points out some weird looking and smelling water. She yells back to

everyone to avoid it the girls remain in line but stream around the puddle.

General Antilles who is heading up the back starts to ever so slightly increase

his speed. He laughs as he watches the girls go around a stupid puddle. He

carelessely runs right through it. “Hey pick up the pace up there. We have a

schedule to maintain. I dont want to be out here all day is that clear?

The girls roll there eyes and yell back “yes sir” as they make there turn

towards workout facilities. As they step into the building a blast of cold air

hits the group. They sigh as they spread out and go to various machines.

Natilie walks over to a excercise bike and starts to pedal away. Her black hair

sways back and forth almost as if it swaying to a rthymical tune. She turns her

head just enough to see general antilles walking by looking at her tight black

ass. Natilie softly sighs and mutters “boys will be boys”

Kristen Anthony heaves some 20lb weights onto the bar. She pants and rests

momentarily then lays down on the bench. Her hair sweeps over her face. She

puckers up and tries to blow her hair out of her face. While at the same time

she lifts the bar up off its supports. Kristen sees the general walk by. She

notes how he stares down at her as she walks by. She notices how he looks like

he is a million feet away from this vantage point. Kristen barely hears the

general whisper she looks like monica.

Mallory strides over to start doing crunches. She starts to get into a good

rthym of up and down movements. She notices for the first time teh general looks

hot and sweaty. She has never seen him hot and sweaty. Even thouhg she has grown

to despise General Antilles she gives him a concerned look.

General Antilles walks into the mens bathroom. He walks over to the mirror and

places both hands on the edge of the sink. His knees start quiver from side to

side almost as if he is a toddler just learning to walk for the first time. More

beads of sweat come across the generals face as he puts more effort into

standing. His stomach starts to feel as if its burning then heaves. “I, I

thought I was by the sink. I could have swore i was standing by the sink. Its

now a few steps way.” General Antilles goes down to both his knees, while both

hands are now firmly planted on the ground. He tries to stop heaving but just

cant. The general finally gives in and falls over on his side.

Mallory without even stopping her crunches turns her head and yells over to

kristen “Wheres General Antilles? He has been gone for awhile now?”

Kristen yells back “I saw him go the bathroom. Hes probably just hiding so he

doesnt have to work out. If hes not around he doesnt feel guilty about not

working out is my guess.

Meanwhile the General Antilles pulls himself off the industry standard tiles. He

looks around and notices the sink towering over him. The bathroom stalls now

look as if they are miles and miles away. “Oh great what a fine time for a day

dream. I need to stop this really its getting to be a problem. I may as well

make the best of it.” General Antilles starts to make his way towards the door.

The once short walk now seems to stretch on forever and ever. Each crevice in

the tile is a small gourge that now isnt so easy to just step over. After a long

boring walk the general arrives just a few feet till he is free. The stench

seems ten times worse then it had just not so long ago. The unflushed toilets,

the grimy look all magnified. he takes one deep breath and squeezes under the

door. The small width of the door is now a long tunnel hard journey but the

light at the end of tunnel is getting closer and closer soon it is all around

him as he stands up. The floor starts to rumble violently. The general is

struggling to stay up on his feet then everything stops. He pulls himself up

onto his feet. As he turns around he sees two pairs of legs extending far, far

into the sky. The general starts to take a few steps back. He cant quite make

out what is being said but all he can do is cover his ears so his ear drums dont

shatter into a million pieces. “This, this dream its so real.” The general gets

up and starts to run towards this immoveable object. A long black rope is just

touching the ground. The rope extends from a large black mass. The general climbs

onto the rope and holds on for dear life as this moutainous black object starts

to move. The general stares up and starts to notice a mix of sweat and leather.

The general closes his eyes tightly and just hangs on to the black rope for dear

life. Knowing well his life depends on it. As each step the rope and the general

are knocked against the black mass. “Its going to be a long day”

Giantess Stories: Military Giantesses

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