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Mind over Matter

As Chef once said in an episode of South Park, "There's a time and a place for

everything. And it's called college." My rooommates and I took this advice to

heart. When I first chose to follow this philosophy, I thought the only thing

that would suffer would be my studies.

A little background- My name is Jake, and I was a physics major at Northwestern

University. My sophomore year, I moved into a house off campus with some friends

I met from the dorm. There were six of us all together, myself, Rob, Chuck,

Brad, Ann, and, last but not least, Chrissy. With four guys and two girls living

together in a house, you might think our parents would be upset about the coed

living situation. However, they were quite unconcnerned. Much to the dismay of

myself and all my fellow male housemates, our parents were right not to be

concerned. Both Ann and Chrissy were quite attractive, but, it seemed, they were

also quite uninterested in any of use, beyond the "really good friend" level.

But that's not to say we were complete angels, either. Much to the contrary, in

fact. As most of our friends either had small apartments or were still in the

dorms, we seemed to have been secretly elected to be the party house of our

group of chums. And we took that role up with a great zeal. Nearly every weekend

we had a party that lasted from Friday night until Sunday night, and they were

quite killer. Unfortunately, they were also quite expensive. We had all become

dependants of modern chemistry, and alcohol, pot, shrroms, coke, LSD, hell, on

weekends when cash was short, even kerosene, flowed freely.

It was one of those weekends when we were low on cash that it all started. It

was about 2:30am Saturday, and we had already run dry. The last drops of beer

were out of the keg by midnight, and the floor in front of our liquor cabinet

was littered with busted bottle of Bacardi and Everclear, the only remindrs of

our once proud liquor collection. By 1:30 all that was left in the bong was a

pitiful little resin ball, and at 2, there wasn't so much as a Camel Light left

among us.

So, at 2:30, we were vegging out in the living room, watching the Star Wars

Trilogy and trying to figure out if there was anything else to drink or smoke in

the house. Thats when Chrissy got up and left for the bathroom. She was in there

a good ten minutes, and when she came out, she had a huge grin on her face. I

seemed to have been the only one to even notice her absence, as everyone else

was glued to the tv. I, however, had kept my eye on her the whole night. The

fact is, I spent most of my time with my eyes on her. I didn't know what it was

about her. She wasn't all that spectacular. Long, dark, curly hair, and average

chest, and she was only five feet tall. She did have killer legs, but it was a

very rare occasion when you would see those, as most of the time, like tonight,

she wore jeans. I figured it was probably just the fact that I always get horny

when I'm high, and since whenever I was in the house, I was high, but, whatever

the reason, she always drove me crazy. I got up from the La-Z-Boy (not an easy

task with the chemicals floating around between my neurons), and walked over to


"Looks like you found something. Want to share?" I asked.

"Sorry, but it's all gone," she giggled, and tossed me a medicine bottle, but as

she tossed it, she almost fell over. She put her hand on her forehead and said

"Oh damn. I think I need some fresh air." Then she walked out the back door into

the cool April night.

I picked up the bottle and looked at it. It was a regular prescription bottle,

brown plastic with a label from the school hospital's pharmacy, with the name of

some doctor that looked Russian and a name of the the medicine that made no

sense to me. (I'm a physics major, remember).

I sat there staring at the bottle for about fifteen minutes, not looking at it,

but looking through it, finally feeling the shrooms take hold. I had tripped to

Star Wars more times than I could count, so I ignored the rest of the room, and

tried to become one with the bottle. When I looked up, the room was empty. My

forehead tingling, it felt like a pond that someone had just thrown a pebble

into. My arm floated up by its own accord and brushed at it, and a post-it note

fell down. I picked it up, and stared while I waited for the letters on it to

finally come into focus. After much squinting, I finally figured out what it

said - "Jake. Dave came. He's got blow. Basement."

I dropped the bottle and started getting up from the kitchen floor where I had

been sitting crosslegged. My bones cracked and my knees felt like they were

rusted as I started towards the stairway to the basement. As I was walking,

however, Chrissy stumbled through the door. She fell flat on her face just

inside the doorway. I tried to help her up, but it was a struggle. She felt

heavier than I she looked like she should. I got her onto the La-Z-Boy, and as I

looked at her, I thought something looked... Different.

Shortly afterwards, she got to her feet again. I stared. She looked taller. Her

clothes seemed to be hugging her pretty tightly. I dind't think she was weraing

a crop top at the beginning of the night, but now her I could see her navel. And

as I looked down, I saw that her ankles and the bottoms of her calves were

vsible, as if her pants had ridden up, or maybe even gotten shorter. I got up to

give her a hand, And as I stood next to her, I noticed that I was looking hr in

the eyes. But that couldn't be possible. After all, I'm 6'1", and she was just

5' tall.

"Damn, I think I overdid it. I think I'm gonna hit the sack," she said.

"Chrissy, I must be tripping something wicked, cause I'd swear you look as if

you've grown about a foot taller," I said.

"Really?" she asked. The expression on her face was hard to explain, half

surprise, half a partially hidden smile. she walked out of the room and went to

her bedroom.

As I stood there, trying to figure out what could have caused such a strange

trip, I heard laughing coming up from the basement, And Rob screaming in a high

voice, trying his damndest to impersonate Beavis. I thought about going down for

some coke, but decided that, like Chrissy, I had probably had more than enough

for the evening, and headed back to my room.

As I lay in my bed, staring at the ceiling and waiting to pass out, I heard

crashing coming from Chrissys room. Concerned, I went over and opened the door.

My mouth dropped as I saw what had to be the most amazing hallucination I had

every seen.

Part 2

It was easy to see what was causing the crashing in Chrissy's room.

"What the hell!" I said. Chrissy turned her head to look at me. She was at me

with one eye, however. The other half of her face was hidden behind her knee.

She was curled up into the foetal position. Normally, a short girl like Chrissy

would hardly take up any space when she's standing, and clsoe to none at all

when she was curled up like that. However, this was not a normal circumstance,

because Chrissy was taking up the whole room. Her bare foot was pressed against

the dress at one side, her shoulder and head bumping the ceiling, her elbow

pressing against the opposite wall. Splinters on the floor were all that were

left of the bed and chair that were the only other pieces of furniture in the

room, and the dresser that her foot was pressing against was about to go the

same way.

I just stood there, wondering if she noticed the enormous hard-on I had, and

wonering if I should even care. This was something I had fantasized about for

months. I had alway had fetish for giant women, and whenever I saw Chrissy,

especially in shorts showing off those amazing legs, that fantasy went into

overdrive. To amplify that matter, I had even convinced myself that Chrissy

shared my fetish. I could have been deluding myself, but whenever the Coors

commercial with the giants playing in the Rockies she always had to comment on

how much she liked the commercial, and whenever we went to rent videos, she

always spent a little extra time at the shelf in the sci-fi area that had Attack

of the 50 foot Woman and Village of the Giants on it. I had always wondered if I

should approach her about the subject, and, if so, how.

Well, none of that mattered now, because there she was, in all of her at least

thirty feet of glory. I had no idea what to do, so I just sut the door and went

to my room, where I immediately passed out.

I woke up Saturday at about three the following afternoon in a puddle of my own

vomit. "What a fucking party." I mumbled through lips that were dry and stuck

together. As I walked to the kitchen, tripping over bottles and bodies that were

still passed out, a few fuzzy memories of the previous night snuck their way

into my head. I made a pot of coffee, figuring my roommates should be waking up

any time soon, and they would have hangovers at least as bad as mine. I went for

some aspirin but before I mad it to the bathroom I remembered that we had taken

it all the preious night. That was when I remembered Chrissy's medicine bottle,

which quickly led to what I saw in her room. "Holy shit." I said, my throst

cracking as I finally found my voice. I dropped the mug onto the kitchen floor,

where the coffee mingled with spilled beer and the mug shattered,although even

the shards of ceramic didn't look out of place with all the litter on the floor

from the night before.

Just then, Chrissy walked into the room. Looking normal sized, wearing boxers

and a T-shirt. I stared at her, and she must have noticed, because she started

to blush. Then I relaized that when I saw her the other night, or at least

thought I saw her, she had completely outgrown her clothes, and was completely

naked. At that thought, I could feel my cheeks get a little hot, too. She went

to the fridge and got out some eggs. Even though we weren't looking at each

other, I still felt awkward, so I went to the lving room. As I walked past her

room, I peeked inside her door. Whatever really happene the last night, it must

have been rough, because all the furniture was trashed, and there were several

holes in the plaster of the wall. I could feel my cheeks start to glow again,

and continued into the living room and turned on the tv to try and break the

silence. I had just settled odwn in the chair to watch the Frugal Gourmet on PBS

when I remembered that I never did get my cup of coffee. I went back into the

kitchen, wondering what would happen if Chrissy was still there. Sure enough,

she was. So were Chuc and Ann, so I figured I was in safe territory. I grabbed a

new mug of coffee.

"Damn, woman! Somebody's hungry!" Ann said. I looked over to the tabl and saw

Chrissy sitting there, surrounded by food. She had a plate covered in a mound of

scrambled eggs, a mxiing bowl filled with Cheerios, at least a dozen slices of

taost, and an empty saucepan that had a little goo aroun the edge that could

only have been cooked outmeal. I watched as Chrissy devoured the eggs. in what

seemed to be a matter of seconds, the plate was clean. she had just started to

movw on to the toast when Brad walked in, a case of Leinenkugels under one arm

and two boxes of donuts under the other.

"Breakfast of champions!" he announced, then went on to explain "cover fo last

night wasn't bad. Enough to get house beers for the rest of the weekend, at

least, and maybe a couple lids, too. And Dave said last night that he could hook

us up-"

He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence, however, as Chrissy tackled him,

ripping a box of donuts from his arm. I looked back at the table, but there was

no trace of the feast she had been munching on a minute before.

"Somebody's got the munchies this morning," Ann joked. "Were you holding out on

us last night?"

Chuck walked over to Chrissy and patted her shoulder. A wave of extreme hatred

ran through me as he leaned next to her and said "Where's a cute little girl

like you put it all?"

Chrissy answered, "Well, I gotta keep fed. I'm a growing girl, after all."

I grabbed a beer out of the case Brad had carried in and took my coffee back

into the living room. Whatever happened last night, there was definately

something strange about Chrissy, and it was making me hornier than Larry Flint

at a mud wrestling championship.

I had sat through the Frugal Gourmet when Rob walked into the lving room from

the kitchen. From the look and smell of him, I guessed that he had just woken

up. He was carrying the remains of the case of Leinies that Brad had brought and

tossed me one.

"Thanks." I said, secretly glad that I wouldn't have to go back into the kitchen

to get another beer and see Chrissy again.

"No problem," he said, opening his own beer and taking a swig. "Man, you seen

Chrissy? she's eating up a storm. I swear, she must have emptiied half the damn


"So what if she's a little hungry?" I snapped back.

"Sorry, man. We gotta get our hands on some more pot so you can chill," he said.

We watched the New Yankee Workshop and This Old House. We were out of beer and I

was about to get up to go to the kitchen for another coffee when Chrissy walked


"Jake, we have to talk," she said, and went out the front door. I followed her

outside. She looked around, and when she was sure no one else was around, she

beckoned me closer. I walked up nect to her and she whispered in mye ear. I

didn't notice what she was saying at first, as I was too distracted by the fact

that I didn't have to lean down to hear her whispering.

Part 3

Chrissy noticed that I wasn't paying attention to what she was saying and

slapped me right in the face.

"Sorry," I said. "I must have been a little distracted."

"It's understandable," she replied. "Now pay attention. This is important. I

need to know what happened last night."

I told her about what had happened at the party the previous night, although I

ended my recount where she went back to her room. I felt unsure of whether or

not I should tell her whatI thought I saw in her bedroom later on.

"That's all?" Chrissy asked. "I.. I know this may sound crazy, but, well, I

thought that. I thought that you were in my room later on... And... I.. damn, it

must have been one hell of a party, because I thought that I was growing. I

could swear I remember you walking in on me, and I was, like thirty feet tall or

something. It was one hell of a hallucination, that's for fucking sure."

After she told me that she thought it happened too, I felt less awkward about

telling her that part of the story, so I told her what I saw.

"You don't suppose it was real, do you?" she asked.

"Well, I just don't see how it's possible. That much mass has to come from

somewhere, and besides, you're not a giant now, are you?" was all that I could

say, although, deep down in my heart, I was hoping I was wrong.

"I guess you'r right. Weird that we'd have the same hallucination, though. Have

you ever had that happen to you before?"

"No, but I've heard of mass hallucinations before." I replied. "Mayeb we had

been talking about something that made us both have the same trip." I started to

wonder if I had told her about my fetish the other night. I couldn't remember

doing any such thing, but then again, I killed a lot of brain cells that night.

I had even started to convince myself that even her current height was nothing

but a hallucination from the chemicals still invading my body.

"Yeah... But.. I'm not exactly normal right now. Don't tell me you didn't

notice. When I woke up this morning, none of my clothes seemed to fit properly.

And It feels like I've grown even more since then." She said. Her face betrayed

no expressions. I had always thought that of all the people in the house, we

were closer to each other than anyone else. I prided myself on having what I

thought of as a a deep understanding of Chrissy. But at this point, not even a

hint of her thoughts was being conveyed through those beautiful green eyes of


"I thought it was just aother halucination. But yeah, you do look like you're

about six feet tall.. What the hell happened?"

"I'm not sure," Chrissy responded. "But I need your help. I haven't got anything

to wear, and I'm going to need to go get some new clothes. I feel kind of weird

asking you this, but I was wondering if I could borrow som clothes. I think

we're about the same size now."

I led her back to my room, and let her have the run of my closet. She pulled on

a pair of jeans over her boxers. They were a little loose at the waist so she

borrowed a belt. "Maybe I'll grow into them." she joked. I looked down and saw

that while they may be too big at the waist, thy were none to long, in fact a

good six inches of her ankle was showing. Then she took of her tee shirt and

went rummaging in my closet again.

My jaw dropped at what I saw. As I said befor, I had always been fantasizing

about Chrissy growing into giantess, and I had even taken the obsession to the

point of doing math about it. (I'm a physics major, remember. I know it's sad,

but math occupies a good portion of my mind all the time). Living together,

sharing a washing machine, you find out stuff about people. I, for instance,

found out that Chrissy had a 32B chest. Not that impressive, I know. But I had

often wondered, what if she were six feet tall, and in perfect proportion. Ad an

extra 1/5th onto her bust measurement, and you come up with a 38 inch chest, and

that's exactly what she ad. She was still trying to keep up some modesty by

wearing one of her old bras, but it was no where near sufficient to contain her

present girth. It was pulled so tight it was digging into her back, and looked

to be on the point of rupture. Her massive mammaries were bulging out of the

cups, beautiful pale pink orbs rising up and seeming to defy gravity. I tried

not to stare, but it was impossible. Luckily, her back was to me as she went

through my clothes, so she couldn't see the look on my fac or th bulge in my

pants. After a short while, she found a tee shirt that fit her a little better

than the one she had just discarded and a flannel. She took some time putting

them on, giving me a chance to try and fill my head with thoughts of baseball

instead of of her newly enhanced body. She turned around.

"How do I look?" she asked.

"Incredible" was all I could get out.

"Thanks," once again, the reply was accompanied by that strange expression on

her face. "Do you think you could give me a ride downtown to do some shopping?"

"Sure." I said. As we walked out ot my car (Only myself and Brad had cars at the

house ,so we always ended up giving everyone else rides. Normally, I would get a

little pissed at having to drive everyone around, but this time I considered it

the greatest priviledge I could possibly receive.), she stopped outside the


"Hang on a sec. I need to get something." she said, and she went into the

bathroom, shutting the door behind her. I could hear the squeaking of the rusty

medicine cabinet door opening and closing. She came out and we went to my car.

We drove to downtwon Evanston and I took her to the mall. We spent an hour and a

half going from store to store. She had to buy mostly men's clothing, although

there was a trip to Victoria's Secret. I waited outside, thinking that maybe she

wouldn't approve of me following her around as she bought her new lingerie. More

than once, I told her that I thought the clothing she was buying looked to big.

"Who knows if I'm done growing yet?" she would always reply. Our final stop was

at Eddy Bauer's, and she walked out of the fitting room wearing a new set of

clothes. Men's khakis that were dragging on the floor, a pair of loafers that

looked as if she would walk out of them, and a new flannel that she had to roll

the sleeves up on to let her hands show. She tossed me my clothes, paid for her

new outift, and we left the mall. One thing about her new outift. With

everything so baggy, she didn't look nearly as tall as she had before. I thought

I had figured out why she had bought most of her clothes a few sizes too large

now. Maybe our roommates wouldn't notice the change she had undergone. But that

was doubtful, and they certainly would notice her attitude, which also seemed to

be changing. We went back to the car. As I turned the igntion, I said "So back

to the house?"

"First I need to get a refill on my prescription. Be a dear and drive me to the

university hosptial." I shivered with fear and excitement as I remembered the

pill bottle she had emptied last night shortly before her growth spurt.

Part 4

We arrived at the hospital. I went over to her door and opened it for her, a

chivalrous gesture I found myself surprised to be performing. But she had waited

until I opened the door to get out. I watched as she got out, slowly. First one

leg dropped to the ground, then the other. Of course pants will ride up when

your sitting down, but the cuffs seemed a little higher on her legs than they

had before. As she stood up, I could swear that she was even taller than before.

She walked past me and, sure enough, my eyes were at about nose level, and the

tee shirt she was wearing under the flannel definately seemed to be hugging her

chest a little bit. We walked into the pharmacy entrance at the hospital, me

following a littl behind her, admiring her amazing body and wondering how much

taller she was going to get. Six inches? A foot? It shouldn't seem possible, but

I found myself beleiving it nonetheless. However, if my mind had ever ventured

into the real realm of the size she would attain, and I'm not certain it didn't,

I would have dismissed it as utterly preposterous.

Once we were inside, she walked up to the desk and pulled out a medicine bottle,

and set it on the desk. I could hear pills rattling in it as she set it down,

and realized that whatever she took last night, she had been lying when she said

she was all out.

"I need a refill" she told the pharmacist at the counter. The pharmacist took

the bottle and started typing on her computer.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but you're not due for another refill for two months. Have

you been taking one pill a day?"

"Well, it didn't seem to be working, so I upped the dosage," Chrissy purred.

"Ma'am, it says here you are taking this as part of a study by the University.

I'm afraid if you don't follow the dosage instructions properly, you'll

invalidate the study." the pharmacist snapped.

This did not make Chrissy happy. She grabbed the bottl off the counter. "Look,

lasy, I already know this shit works. The study is done, so givwe me the fucking

pills!" she shouted at the woman behind the counter. The small group of people

who were waiting for their own prescriptions to be filled looked up from their

three year old copies of Newsweek the waiting room had provided. The shouting

had gotten their attention, but what Chrissy did next kept their eyes glued to

her. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a hip flask. As she opened the

cork, the smell of Jim Beam wafted towards my nose. Then she opened the medicine

bottle, threw her head back, and poured it's entire contents into her mouth,

followed by a hefty swig of whiskey to wash it down. I had often heard that you

shouldn't take alcohol along with any other medication becuase it might enhance

the side effects. Hell, that was something that I usually counted on to get me

through Sundays. But i had never seen it act that fast.

A moan escaped from Chrissy as the pills slid down into her belly. Within

seconds, I became aware of the fact that she was growing. her head started to

inch up higher and higher. Her brand new jeans had ridden so high up that her

luscious calves were showing beneath the hems, and as I looked further down, the

loafers that had previously seemd to be far too big for her were forming red

lines on her sockless feet where the leather was starting to bite into her

flesh. Her untucked flannel rose higher on her back, and before long I could see

the smooth pink flesh of her back between her shirt and her trousers. a sound

like a hand being rubbed over stretched wet rubber caught my ear, and I looked

down to see that here trousers had stopped riding up, the cuff being caught on

the bulge of her calf and unable to go any higher. The denim over her calf was

starting to become shiny, and soon burst open, exposing all of her glorius lower

leg. Another ripping sound made me look up to see that the sleeves had been torn

off her shirt at the shoulders.

I was shocked, and there was only one thing I could say. "Damn, Chrissy. You

keep this up, you ain't gonna be wearing a stitch!"

She turned around to face me, but as she did, her head butted against the

ceiling. A small shower of plaster cam down as she finished turning her head

towards me. The sight was amazing. Her new pants had been reduced to tight

cutoff shorts, and the flannel was a ragged vest hanging off her shoulders. The

white tee shirt she wore was stretched skin tight across her torso, the bottom

of it ragged and just barely below her massive (hell, *everything* on her was

massive now) breasts. She smiled at me and turned back towards the pharamacist,

shoving a bare arm across the counter and picking the woman up by the neck of

her shirt. At first I thought she had stopped growing, as her clothes seemed to

have stopped tearing. Another shower of plaster from the ceiling proved me

wrong, however. It seemed her clothing had started growing along with her now.

"Give... me.. the fucking PILLS!!!!" Chrissy shouted at the pharmacist.

"I can't." she choke out.

"FINE! I'll get the myself." and with that, Chrissy dropped the pharmacist.

kneeling now, she crawled across the floor to the double doors beside the

counter that led to the mixing room. I watched her go through the doors, her

body so wide it pressed against the wall on either side of the door, cracking

the drywall and widening the opening. My eyes, as well as those of everyone else

in the room, were fixed to her retreating backside, her incredibly gorgeous ass

in those incredibly tight shorts, those amazing legs that, as you may have

noticed, I can't stop talking about, and her feet which had long since reduced

her loafers to something that looked like it had been a dogs favorite toy for a

half dozen years.

I couldn't see what happened in that room, being too afraid that I might be

trapped in their by her repidly expanding body to follow. But I herad a lot of

screams and shouting, signifying that the room was not unoccupied. The screaming

stopped, and at first I feared the worst, wondering if Chrissy really could have

killed the people in there. But then out came two men in lab coats, running to

beat the devil. Without hesitation they ran straight from the doors they had

just exited out the door of the pharmacy and into the parking lot. Up until now,

all of my companions in the waiting room had been shocked to the point of

immobility, but at this point the spell was broken, and they, too, all fled out

the door in terror. As I stood alone in the room, wondering if I shoudl follow

their lead or stay behind to see if Chrissy needed help, I heard her voice from

the mixing room.

"Jake. I think I' mgonna need a hand here." she said.

Meekly, I crept through the door and into the room. Shelves and racks were

twisted and bent into shapes that looked more like they bleonged int the

univrsity's art museum than in the hospital. Borken glass littered the floor,

mingling with pills of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and puddles of fluid that

reeked of ether. I thought I might have been getting a contact buzz from all the

chemicals, because as I looked further in the room, I saw Chrissy, her clothes

still ragged, but her body back down to a more managable size. She was next to a

cardboard box filled with egg shaped white pills that looked liek the ones she

had taken just two minutes earlier. I walked closer and realized my eyes weren't

decieving me, Chrissy had once again returned to a height which seemed

physically possible for a human being to achieve. She stood up and carried the

box over to me, and I noticed that, no, she still hadn't shrunk quite down to

her original height, being now about 6'3" She handed me the box, which was about

the size of a shoebox, and walked over to where she had been and grabbed


"Come on, let's get home." she said.

Part 5

We drove back to the house in silence, my eyes constantly flicking between the

road and Chrissy. She simply stared out the window, distracted. When we pulled

into the house, she got out of the car wordlessly and began walking towards the

house, a box of the pills she stole under each arm. She still hadn't changed out

of the clothes she had been wearing at the hospital, and I wondered what my

roommates would say when they saw her.

Before she got to the front door, I decided it was time to find out exactly what

was going on. I ran up to her and placed my arm on her shoulder.

"Hang on a-" I started, but before I could finish my sentencve she whirled

around and shoved me roughly to the ground.

"Don't EVER fucking touch me again, asshole." Chrissy said.

"What the hell is wrong with you?," I asked. I was rubbing the back of my head

where it had struck the ground. "Are you going to tell me what the hell happened

back there?"

The anger drifted out of her face like a fog burning off in the morning sun.

"Sorry Jake. But you can understand, I've ben through a lot. I just don't feel

like talking."

"Well, sorry," I said, standing." But I've been through a hell of a lot today,

too, and most of it was your fault. I think you owe me an explanation."

Once again her visage was stained with anger. "I don't owe anybody a damn thing.

God I need a drink."

"Sounds like you need a couple J's. I can see why you might be pissed, but you

got to just chill until we can figure out how to get you back to normal." OZARK TRAIL Hardbait Lure Kit Review!

"You think I want to be back to normal?" Chrissy snapped. "Look at me! I'm

fucking huge! And I can tell from looking at you that you think that this new

size looks good on me, too. But look at what happened at last night, and at the

hospital. You know damn well they weren't just ahllucinations. I was a god damn

giant! Those people were scared as hell and running for their lives. I could

have done anything I wanted. Do you know how it felt when I went though that

door? The walls were crumbling around me! It was like they were made of fucking

paper! I could have torn the damn hospital down from the inside out if I'd kept

growing! Do you know what it's like to have that kind of strength, that kind of

fucking power? Hell no. And you sure as fuck don't know how it feels to have all

that power for just a few seconds and then be forced to put up with this?" she

gestured down her body with her hands, then threw the door of the house open and

stomped inside.

"Oh my God," I muttered to myself. "She doesn't want to be back to normal. she

wants to be bigger." I looked up at the sky, imagining myself staring up at her

humungous body towering over me. The sky had taken on a deep purple-green hue,

the tone that procedes eveing thunderstorms. I went inside.

Chrissy was nowhere to be seen. Having nothing better to do, I walked into the

kitchen. Rob, Chuck, Brad and Ann were all sitting around the hooka at the table

taking hits.

"You want to join the circle?" Rob asked.

"Why the hell not," I said as I went to the fridge nd grabbed a beer. "We gotta

get some more fucking bourbon. There gonna be another party tonight? " I asked

as I sat down at an open place at the table.

"No. Our guy's out of town till tomorrow afternoon. But I got a check from the

folks in the mail today. They said to go out and have a good time, so I think

that's exactly what we'll do Tomorrow." Chuck answered.

"Great," I said. "That'll give us a chance to scrape the puke off the walls from

last night."

We all took a hit, then, Brad, choking on the smoke as he exhaled said, "Damn.

Got the munchies already." He got up fro mthe table and walked over to the

fridge. "It's almost fucking empty!" He said. "Chrissy sure hit it hard this

morning." He walked back to the table with a bowl of Jello.

"Any Everclear in that?" asked Rob.

"Only one way to find out." said Brad. He took a spoonful and tasted it. "Nope,

it's dry."

"Damn." said Rob. We sat there for a while, eating Jello and taking hits. after

we went through two more bowls in the bong, we set it aside and started playing


His face hidden behind his cards, Rob asked me. "Jake, man, you've been down

ever since you and Chrissy got back. You two have a fight?"

"Something like that," I said. "Have you guys seen her?"

"You've been here as long as we have, pothead." Ann chuckled. "I think she's

been in her room all night."

So they hadn't seen her yet, I thought. I wondered wha they're reaction would be

when they finally did. Sure enough, I didn't have to wait long to finds out. A

few hands later, the sound of rattling in the fridge and Chrissy's shout of

"Damn, isn't there any fucking food in this house?" made us all look up.

We all stared as she went over to the cupboard and started pullin gout cans of

Campbells soup. She still hadn't changed out of the clothes that were decimated

during her growth spurt earlier that day, and she sure as hell hadn't shrunk any

more, either.

Brad, Rob, Chuck and myself all sat there wordlessly oggling her incredible

form. Ann, being a heterosexual female and thus not being crippled by the same

effect that Chrissy's appearance was having on the males of the house, was the

first to speak.

"Damn woman. You weren't kidding when you said you were a growing girl this


Chrissy had taken a can opener to the soup and was swallowing it straight out of

the can. After she emptied the can of Creamy Chicken and Rice, she looked over

at us, with a wicked smile on her face. "I guess milk really does a body good."

Chuck said "I must be tripping, because you loo fucking huge!" I followed his

gaze towards her chest. I hadn't really paid much attention to specific parts of

her body, but I suddenyl discovered that it appeared her growth had not been

perfectly proportional, as her massive jugs were definately both fuller and more

protruding than was the norm for her previous body.

Dan ascooped up another ten or so unopened cans of soup in her long arms and

carried them over to the table, setting them down in front of her as she took

the last empty chair.

Rob, being a premed student, was the first to notice the ridiulousness of the

situation. "This can't be happening. You can't fucking grow a foot and a half in

one day!. Besides, it is physically impossible for almost all 21 year old women

to experience another growth spurt. The bones have already fused and further

growth is just impossible."

Chrissy said, "Yeah, that's what the doctors told me, too. Shows what they


"Chrissy," I croaked. "What were those pills?"

Part 6

Chrissy laughed. "Why, those pills were the greatest thing that ever happened to

me, that's what."

"That's not what I meant, and you know it," I said.

Sighing like a teacher with a student who just can't quite grasp the concept of

long division, she said. "You know money's been a bit tight for me. I saw an ad

in the paper for a medical study that was offereing to pay volunteers, so I

signed up. They were looking for girls under five and a half feet tall between

the ages of 18 and 25 to test a new pill that was supposed to encourage post-

pubescent growth. I never was exactly thrilled about my height, so I signed up.

As Rob just said, the doctor explained to me that it was probably impossible to

grow after my bones had fused, but he thought this new medication would trigger

the bones to start growing again. Looks like he was right."

"So you mean this is happening to everyone in the study?" asked Chuck.

"Don't know. I have no idea how many people were in the study. But I can

guarantee this. Those other girls won't be growing any more. Jake and I stole

the rest of the pills."

At that point, everyon looked at me. I felt as if I had to say something, but

the only thing I could think of was, "It's just fucking impossible."

Chrissy shrugged and opened another can of soup and chugged it down. Impossible

or not, with each can of soup she swallowed we could see her body getting larger

and larger. Not nearly as rapid as it had at the hospital, but you could

definately notice her head slowly creeping upward, her chest jutting outward

until her breasts were pressed against the edge of the table, the soft flesh of

them slightly bowing inward as the table edge tried to halt their movement

outward from her body.

"I got to get to bed." Chrissy said and rose from the table. She had to be 6'9"

as she stood to her full height and headed towards her room. I looked at my

watch through bloodshot eyes, and was amazed at what I saw.

"Damn. It's almost 1. Think I'm gonna hit the sack."

A murmur of consent went through the rest of my roommates, and we all headed to

our beds. At first I thought sleep would be impossible, but I was stoned and I

nodded off withing minutes of hittin gmy mattress.

Sunday morning passed without incident, probably because Chrissy never left her

room. At about 7 that night, Dave showed up with our purchases, and by 9 the

house was once again packed with people who had every chemical known to man

coursing through their brains. No one had mentioned that events of the previous

night, and I had once again convinced myself that the rest of the weekend was

just one long wicked trip. Then, at 10, Chrissy made her grand appearance.

She walked into the living room, and every male eye spun towards her. To my

relief, she hadn't grown any since I last saw her, and she had changed into some

new clothes that, while they were in no way baggy, at least fit her well enough

to disguise the true extent of her height. But there was still no possible way

to think she was thew dainty little five foot girl she had been just 48 hours


As she walked, her jeans hugged tightly to her knees, calves, and thighs every

time her legs bent, and her enormous chest bounced up and down in her tee shirt

in a way they never had before. I found myself looking to see if I could spot

her nipples through the tightly stretched cotton, but discovered that she was in

fact still wearing a bra, it was just the shear size of her breasts that allowed

them to jiggle as if unbound.

The attention of all the men in the room did not escape Chrissy's notice and she

circulated through the room, thriving on the slack jawed stares she was

receiving from every male around her. After several minutes, she chose someone I

had never seen before, and, pulling him behind her by clutching onto his shirt,

she took him to her room.

Jealousy got the better of me, and I found myself leaving the party and standing

in the hallway in front of her room. The sweet scent of burning cannabis drifted

from under the door, and soon I heard a man's voice screaming, followed shortly

by the screams of Chrissy, which sounded, as best as I could tell, like she was

in the throes of orgasm. Dejected, I was about to leave when the door opened and

the guy she had brought in came running out. He bumped into me and knocked me

over. The only words he was able to utter were "What the FUCK?!" as he got to

his feet and ran out the house. I peered through the room, by now thinking I

would be used to what I would see, but, once again, I saw speechless. Chrissy

was still wearing her clothes, or at least what was left of them after her

growth spurt had rendered them into rags. I had a little joy in knowing that

they had not actually done it, but that soon evaporated as I did some quick

mental calculations and realized she was nearly seven and a half feet tall, and

still growing. She was eating a candy bar that looked ridiculously small in her

enormous hands as she turned to me and said, "I could get used to this." I

slammed the door and went back into the living room. Chrissy came out after me,

ducking as her head, which was now eight feet above the floor, brushed against

the ceiling. I did my best to keep my dignity and did not run, and Chrissy

seemed to be in no hurry either. As I reached the living room, I wondered what

she would do if she cauvght me, but, in a few short strides, she was at the

couch and seated, looking around her nonchalantly.

The stares she recieved this time were not just those of horny men, but the red

eyed stares of people who's bodies had just been infiltrated by a mind-altering

substance. I looked at the coffee table and saw a clear glass jar half filled

with clear liquid and an eye dropper. One by one, people shrugged and turned

away from her, dismissing what they saw as an artifcat of their trips.

The springs creaked and groaned as Chrissy tried to lay on the couch, but her

body was far to long to fit it comfortably, so she retired to the floor instead

and sprawled on the ground. Her beautiful green eyes slowly shut, and a

contented smile came ot her lips as she drifted off to slumberland. She stayed

there the rest of the evening, and, at 2, when people started to drift out of

the house to try and get some sleep before their morning classes Monday, no one

payed her any attention. After the house was empty, Ann, Rob, Chuck, Brad and I

gathered around her sleeping form.

"Jesus. What are we going to do about her?" Rob said, kicking Chrissy in the


"I'd advise against that," I said.

"This can't be real," Ann said, shrugging. Once again, we all went back to our

rooms to sleep, trying to pretend that there wasn't an eight foot amazon laying

on the floor in our living room.

Monday morning, I skipped class. Chrissy was up and about, and it looked like

she was going to stay at eight feet for quite a while. I went into the bathroom

to get ready to leave.

After I was out of the bedroom, I headed for the door. Chrissy Stood, hunched

over, between me and it.

"Where doyou think you're going?" she asked.

"Just because you can't go out in public doesn't mean I have to stay here," I


"You'll do what I tell you to do." Chrissy said, and she stomped her left foot

on the floor.

"Then tel me to leave, because I'm going to anyways. You may be huge, and you

may be a hell of a lot stronger than I am, but you ain't the boss of me," I


"Fine. Go have fun with your little friends. But bring me back some beer."

After Chrissy moved out of the way of the door, I walked out. I got in my car

and drove to campus. But instead of heading to class, I walkd to a pay phone.

Pulling the medicine bottle out of my pocket thatI had taken from the medicine

cabinet, I picked up the phone.

"Hello. Campus operator? Can you put me through to the office of Dr. Karinsky?"

I said into the mouthpiece.

Part 7

I rapped my fingers on the phone impatiently as I waited to be transferred to

Dr. Karinsky's office. The phone finally started to ring on the other end, and

after two rings I was rewarded with a thickly accented voice.

"Good day. This is Dr. Karinsky. Of what service may I be of to you?" the voice

on the other end said.

"Hello Dr. I have a question about your research project."

"I have fear that I can not details of that give out," the doctor replied.

"Listen, doctor. There's something seriously wrong with one of your patients."

"I said before, such matters I cannot discuss with you."

"Fuck you, Doc!" I shouted. "I don't think you realize the implications of your

little project."

"Young man," said the doctor, "Vulgarity is not needed. If you are a student of

mine, I peomise you I will find out who you are, and you wil not pass. Phone

calls which are joking are not happily thought of by the University."

"This is no fucking joke! Something has gone wrong with one of your pateints!"

"And whom would this be?"

"Her name is Chrissy Nelson." I had difficulty staying calm.

There was a pause as I heard him typing on a keyboard in his office.

"The problem would be described how?" asked the doctor.

"I'll tell you how! She's a fucking giant! She's eight goddamn feet tall!" I

shouted into the reciever.

"Young man, you are not by any chance on any medication yourself are you which

makes you have hallucinations as a side effect perhaps?" The doctor asked


"Listen. I may have tripped a few times this weekend, but I know what I saw.

She's a goddamn giant!"

"This is not possible, i will assure you. Such things cannot physically happen.

Perhaps you should wiat until you are sober to call me. I have no time for such

trivial discussions."

"I know it's fucking impossible, but it happened! What the hell did you do to

her?" I was screaming and drawing a crowd now, but the voice on the other end

remained calm.

"It is not allowed for me to be gving you information on pateints, but if it

will calm you I feel I must. Your Chrissy friend is under no effects from my

medication. She is in fact part of the control group on a placebo. Any side

effects at all she feels wil be purely psychosomatic, so please do not bother me

with complaints about her condition again."

I dropped the receiver and walked numbly back to my car. Could this be true? A

sugar pill did this to one of my best friends? Somehow, it almost seemed to make

more sense. A medicine couldn't possibly have this effect on a human body, but

the mind? Who knows what power the mind has. And Chrissy did definately seem to

want to be taller. Did the belief that she was ona pill that would make her

taller really have the power to do this to her? And what would happen when she

found out that she wasn't even on the growth pill? It started to make more sense

to me. If she might have grown to such enormous heights at first after taking

the pills, and then even her subconcious relaized such growth was impossible, so

she shurnk back down to heights which, while she still should have been

physically unable to attain, were nonetheless ralistic enough for her mind to

find them possible and allow her to stay there. It even explained why her

clothes started to grow along with the rest of her body at the pharmacy when I

pointed out she was about to become naked, as her subconcous brought out her

modesty and started making the clothes expand with her. But what would happen if

her delusion that the pills was causing her growth was shattered?

My mind suddenly was occupied by the image of her deflating back to her normal

size like a balloon as I told her the news. The past weekend, I had lived out a

fantasy I had never thought possible, but I made up my mind to go home

immediately and tell her.

As I drove to the house, another image filled my mind. I imagined that I would

pull up in the driveway, only to see the roof slowly crack and split, Chrissy's

head and shoulders slowly rising into the sky as she grew ever upward. It must

have been some dark part of my mind trying to fight off the actions I had chosen

to take, because the thought of an enormous Chrissy slowly emrging from our

house, growing until it was completely crushed beneath her inflating form made

me so horny that I lost the urgency I had previuosly felt to put a stop to

Chrissy's condition, even hoping that the sight that would great me when I

pulled into the driveway would match the one my imagination had created.

After I arrived, I waited in my car for a few minutes, watching the roof to see

if my newest fantsay would find its way into reality. After ten minutes, I left

my car, somewhat depressed. The reasonable part of my mind was screaming at me,

but my libido had completely taken control, and there was no way I was going to

tell Chrissy what I heard from her physician.

As I walked into the living room, Chrissy was nowhere to be seen. Ann, Rob,

Chuck and Brad were all seated neatly in a row on the couch, quietly watching

tv. At first I thought they were stoned, but then Chuck turned to greet me.

"Glad to see she let someone out of the house." he said.

"You mean you guys have been here all day?" I asked.

"Chrissy didn't want anyone to find out her little secret," Ann said. "She said

it was a new rule of the house that noone could leave, and she made it perfactly

clear that she was willing to enforce the rule."

"Yep," added Rob, "You don't argue with Chrissy, not now."

"How big is she?" I asked. "Where is she?"

"God. how big? I don't know. She's in the bathroom now, trying to take a shower.

No idea how she'd ever fit in there, though." Brad said. The sound of water I

had just noticed suddenly stopped.

"I'd sit down if I were you," said Ann. "And don't say a word. Chrissy's not

been in a good mood."

The couch being full, I sat down in the La-Z-Boy. I heard the bathroom door

open, and Chrissy walked into the room. I was somewhat releived to see she

hadn't grown any more since I had left. Water glistened on her massive form. and

dripped out of the dark brown curls of her hair that nag limply down her

shoulderblades. She hadn't dressed, but was instead wrapped in several white

towels Brad had stolen from the hotel during his spring break trip to Cancun. It

took a total of four towels to keep her halfway decent. Two towels were over her

bosum, a knot tied between the two resting right in her cleavage, and they were

tied again in the back. The other two towels were wrapped around her waist. All

in all, it had to be the sexiest bikini I had ever seen, although I'm certain

the woman wearing it had a lot to do with that. She walked slowly through the

room, obviously putting on a show for the men in front of her, and it did the

trick perfectly. I focused on a single water drop and followed as it emerged

from under her makeshift miniskirt and traveled slowly down her perfect thigh,

puasing as it came into contact with another drop on her knee and then sped down

her gorgeously curved calf, slid down her andkle and off the heel of her bare

foot into the carpet.

"Glad to see you'r back, Jake," she cooed. She walked teasingly back to her

room, giving me a great view of her incredible back, and once again those

amazing calves.

"This house is starting to feel a little cramped. I want to go out on the town

tonight. Will you drive me?" she asked.

I nodded, my eyes trying to stay focused on her body as the rest of my head

bobbed up and down. Inside, a little voice was screaming at me to tell her, but

I had no resolve left.

The mock sweetness in her voice disappeared as she glared back into the room as

she left and said, "Don't anybody go anywhere. It would make me very angry."

Part 8

We all sat in silence, watching tv and waiting for Chrissy to return. Over three

hours passed as we waited for her to return from her room. When she finally did

walk balk into the room, she was once again fully clothed, or as close as you

could get. She had on another pair of khakis, although even the largest size she

had bought was a poor fit, clinging tightly to her legs and stopping halfway

down her calves like a pair of capri pants. Another white tee shirt adorned her

incredible chest, although it was pulled tight and left her abdomen bare. She

was also once again wearing another flannel, although this time the sleeves

stopped a couple inches below her elbows and the botTom of the shirt itself was

an inch above the waist of her trousers. On her feet were sandals, although I

couldn't figure out where she had found any that would fit.

"You ready, Jake?" she asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be," I said.

I'm certain Chrissy could hear the fear in my voice. From the look on her face

you'd think she could actually taste it, and she found it delicous, savouring it

like the richest chocalte cake in the world. She winked at me and said, "I think

tonight's gonna be fun."

We walked out to my car. Chrissy layed on the grass next to my car while I tried

to adjust the passenger seat to go as far back as possible. When I was done, she

squeezed through the door and tried to sit down, but still had her knees held up

in front of her face. She let out a half growl, half grmble, and got out of the

car. As she stood up beside it, the roof of my Volvo was just about even with

her crotch. She leaned down and, with a grunt, grabbed a hold of the seat. Metal

squeaked and groaned as she started to tug. High pitched twangs signified the

heads of the bolts that had been holding the chair in place snapping off, and

suddenly she was standing again, and the front seat was sitting on the lawn. She

crawled back in and sat herself in th backseat, looking much more comfortable

with the added leg room, although she still had to bend over because her head

was hitting the roof.

I got in the drivers side and buckled myself in. As I started the car, I looked

over to her. "Where to?" I asked.

"Let's try Stub's," she said. "They usually have a decent DJ, and the dance

floor has a nice high ceiling."

"Well, most bars have high ceilings here," I said. "Why not the Lounge? They've

got Guinness on tap, and the roof will be plenty high enough for you to stand


"I don't care what I drink. I want to dance." Chrissy said. Then, that same evil

smile that had een occupying her face so often these past few days reappeared

and she said, "Plus, they have an poen balcony to the second floor."

I tried to turn my response into a joke, but the laugh I let out betrayed my

nervousness. "You think you're gonna grow so big you need a three story high


I looked back into the back seat. Her pants were so tight that even the pockets

were pulled so tightly that you could see the outlines of what was in them. And

I could clearly make out the outline of what appeared to be two medicine bottles

like the ones that had started this mess. My sTomach fell as she smiled and

said, "You never know. It's happened before."

When we arrived in downtown Evanston, I drove around looking for a parking place

as close as possible to the bar. For some reason, I had foolishly decided to try

and have as short a walk as possible to limit how much Chrissy was seen out on

the street. Foolish, of course, because even if she wasn't seen outside, there

was no way noone would notice an eight foot tall amazon in a crowded bar.

The walk was short, and, being a Monday night, the streets near the bar were

relatively empty, so we managed to get to Stub's without incident. Music and

smoke drifted out of the door into the cool air, and I walked through, followed

by Chrissy.

As my eyes adjusted to the smoky darkness of the bar, I turned to look in back

of me. Chrissy was bent over to get through the door, and her shoulders bumped

the side. I stared once again at the beautiful giantess and started to fantasize

about her starting grow while she was stuck in the doorway, until it started to

crack and bend around her until a voice brought me back to reality.

"Hey, buddy," the bouncer said. "I need to see some ID."

I fumbled for my wallet and gradually produced the requested drivers license. I

offered it to him and noticed that his stool was set off to the side of the

entrance, allowing him to see only people after they had entered but not thse

who were coming through the door. So he hadn't seen Chrissy yet, I thought. I

wondered what would happen when he asked for her ID and the licence listed her

height as 5'0".

"FIve bucks cover," he said as he handed my ID back to me. I replaced it in my

wallet and pulled out five singles. Chrissy had still not come through, but I

heard someone on the street screaming. I tried to make conversation.

"Good band tonight?" I asked.

"We ain't never had live music, asshole," the bouncer said. "Now move along,

there's more thirsty people behind you."

I walked all the way into the bar and turned to see what his reaction to Chrissy

would be. After she was finally inside, she stood to her full eight foot height.

The bouncer looked up from his cashbox, but found he was staring right into a

gorgeous abdomen. I watched as his head tilted upward in slow motion, his eyes

following Chrissy's massive torso up, pausing on her breasts, then going up

again. When he was finally looking her in the face, he had difficulty talking.

"ID, please, ma'am," he struggled to say.

Chrissy scowled. "Do you really need to see my ID?" once again, the smile. "I'm

a big girl, you know."

The bouncer was taken aback. "Yes, y-y-you c-certainly are," he stuttered.

"I trust there's no cover," Chrissy said.

"Not for you," the boucner replied. Chrissy walked away, but the bouncer's head

continued to stare up into the space where her face had been. Chrissy walked

over to me.

"Let's dance," she said in a tone that was more of an order than a request.

I drained the mug I had bought and set it on the bar counter. "Gotta drain the

main vein first," I said.

"Don't stand me up. I don't like being stood up," Chrissy said.

"I'll meet you on the dance floor," I said.

I watched as Chrissy turned and walked into the next room where the dance floor

was. I could hear a multitude of laughter and voices coming from the other room.

No matter how dead the street was, a lot of people were going to be noticing

Chrissy in here. Jealousy started to creep up on me again at the thought of her

in that room with all those strangers staring at her, but i really did have to

piss. I went to the mens room to do my business. As I was drying my hands, I

said to myself "Don't want to keep Chrissy waiting." I was walking out the door

of the mens room when two guys who were obviously inebriated to the point of

physical impairment stumbled in laughing.

"Dude," one of the slapped me on the shoulder, "You gotta check out the chick on

the dance floor. It's fucking crazy!."

His friend added "I ain't never seen a chick so big!", holding his hands cupped

upward in front of his chest to indicate exactly what it was that he found so


I left without saying a word as they began throwing up on the floor, wondering

what Chrissy was doing now.

Part 9

As I walked into the room with the dance floor, I was temporarily blinded. After

the dim lights of the bar area, the bright flashes and colored lights of the

dance floor made me momentarily thinking I was having a flashback.

As my eyes adjusted to the brightness, I looked around for Chrissy. It wasn't

hard. She was literally head and shoulders above the crowd that had gathered

around her.

As I walked towards her, I went past a booth where a couple of girls were

sitting talking. I caught a little of their conversation.

"Look at the little slut! I tell you, if Steve and Jason don't get back here

soon, I say we leave their sorry asses."

"She ain't exactly what I'd call a little slut," the other girl said. "You know

Jason's got an eye for girls, and especially tall girls. It's your own damn

fault for bringing him to the bar. He's gonna cheat, I tell you."

"Just as long as it ain't with that, that monster over there. I mean, she's

gotta have implants!"

"Implants may give you a chest, but honey, they don't make you tall like that."

I walked past them and into the throng that had gathered around Chrissy. There

had to be four dozen men surrounding her, drawn like moths to a flame. I edged

closer and closer to her until I finally reached the center of the circle of


It reeked of smoke and Polo as I was shoved side to side by the swaying people,

all trying to do their own dance and catch the eye of the amazon, and none havig

room to do so. I noticed that, despite the fact that all these men obviously

wanted to be much closer to Chrissy, they maintained a five foot distance

between themselves and her gyrating body. Slowly, I crossed the invisible

boundary until I was standing in the center of the ci

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