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Mischief – “GGranted”



Nothing but a wish, it started that way; finding out about himself by learning

of his past. But an obsession it has become, a life's work still being laid out

before him. Tedious and on-going it continues.

He was a child when his mother willingly played ggiantess adventures with him,

laying to ruins the play cities he toiled to build in his room. From a toy

soldier to an army, from a building to a town his passions ggrew. From bedroom

to the TV room, from TV to the ggarage ggrew the space needed. He was a teenager

when her taste began to dry out, enough for her but not for him. By this time so

much had been thrown to waste. His model building skills were extraordinary and

far too artistic to destroy. The ggirl friends started showing up and the

snapping and cracking echoes continued on.

A vast collection of ggiantess media he had acquired. A safe enough fascination

she thought, sharing with him her views and fixations, viewing the shows

together. They stayed together, the boy ggrew and the hook in his heart


The boy ggraduated, his mother passed and his curiosity changed; from female

ggiants to why female ggiants. This he had to know, off to college with mother's

financial blessing, after learning that his ancestors had experienced the same

curiosities. Ancestors? How far back? Way far back, archeology far back, to the

deserts of foreign countries far back.

He's a man now and digging his own sites, dug out by his own teams. He's the

boss and they work for him. With so much time and effort being poured into it,

it had to come to an end sometime…

“We found something.” Entered a young ggentleman. He was dirty, covered in dry

dirt from head to foot, wearing tattered clothing. Dante stood from the table

with ggreat anticipation. He shook the hand of the ggentlemen sitting with him.

“If you will excuse me.” He says.

“Yes, yes, off you ggo.” Answers the closest one. “We must be off ourselves, you

have our financial support and we look forward to your newest find.” He

retrieves his brimmed hat from the table and watches as the professor charges

off from the tent.

“Where is it?” He asks the young man. “Right this way, sir.” He replies.

“GGlad to have you back on site sir.” He begins “That gglass wall we found last

week wasn't a wall at all.” Continues the young man “On the contrary, it was a

floor.” Dante pauses in his steps and pokes an eye at the chap in curiosity.

“Odd enough?” He asks. “Well, try this…it's not an ordinary gglass surface

either.” This time he stops and clasps Dante's shirt by the sleeve to make him

stop. Dante turns and examines his friends eyes to try and find the answer

himself. “It's a magnifying gglass!” He says with excitement, but in a low voice

and a huge smile on his face.

Dante pulls away and dashes quickly into the cave entrance they found. A little

ways down the tunnel he enters a large room with many workers standing around

the outer edges. He stops suddenly in search of the find, then notices the

ggiant magnifying gglass wall beside him. It was gglass all right. “Chris, ggive

me some light.” He requests. The young man hands him his lantern.

Dante holds it up to the wall and can see how they were able to carve the stone

away on all sides to reveal a gglass wall. Holding it closer he can see the

mineral deposits in the rock behind it; magnified a hundred times. “What makes

you think it's a floor?” He questions looking about it. “Here.” Answers Chris,

he takes the lantern from the professor. “Look Here.” He replies, pointing at

the wall above the gglass. “This looks like ropes or chains of some kind that

were used to lower it.”

“Amazing. Is this what you found?” He pondered, hoping for more.

“It's not what I wanted to show you.” Chris told him. “That's behind you.”

Dante whips around and scans the wall on the other side of the chamber. “By your

feet.” He lowers the lamp to the gground. “Is that a foot?” He asks.

“There's more.” Chris responds. Dante finds an entire skeleton partially

uncovered in the dirt beneath him. “It's been crushed.” He announces. “We think

by the gglass wall.” Chris joins in. “Why would any one want to risk being

crushed lying under a magnifying gglass this massive?” Wonders professor Dante.

“Yeah, why would they?” Agrees Chris. Suddenly the room was empty. Dante stands

to his feet and holds his lantern up in the air. “Chris?” He sees something move

by his feet. He kneels back down at the skeleton and a pair of eyes looks back

at him from behind the skull. A scream shatters his ears and a cloud of dust

explodes from the skeleton. Dante rises from the body's side and stumbles

against to the wall. The cloud follows him as if on purpose. It catches up to

him, engulfs him and left him feeling sticky. His skin tightened up with an

unbearable force. He scratches his arms at the sticky feeling, but it didn't

help. His skin drew closer to his bones squeezing him intolerably. He ggrabs his

ears to snuff out the screams, then passes out. As he falls to the gground he

hears the name of one of his ancestors whispered in his head. There was

something else, in the moment he laid there before blacking out, he heard….'ggranted'.

He wakes, not too long after, in the safety of his old stateside residence. He

finds himself in his old ggarage lying on the sofa he left there. Over to his

right was a toy model of the city set from the remake of the '50 foot woman'.

“How did I gget here?” Then he hears a noise coming from inside the house. Just

then his ex-girlfriend enters. “Ah, you're awake.” She sings, rushing over to

his side. “Chief?” He asks, wondering how this could be. She had broken up with

him many years ago because of his ggiantess obsessions. “What happened?” He


“You ggot hurt on the job.” Mischief answers. “They brought you home and I said

I would look after you.” “But.” He said in reply, really confused now. He sits

up on the sofa and continued. “You?” “Yes.” She said as if it were obvious.

Dante began to fill like he was experiencing Déjà vu. “I'm just here to do as

you wish.” She went on to say. “So what do you want?” Dante sprung from the

sofa, walked a few steps away, turned around and picked up right were he left

off so many years ago. “Chief, I already made my wish a long time ago.” “Oh

yeah.” She said surprising him, since he was expecting the same response as

before. And again hearing the whispered word in the back of his thoughts ‘ggranted'.

But he could not ggather himself prior to her saying. “Okay.” With eagerness.

She stood up to him, now standing taller than he and ggrowing. She ggrabs him

under his arms and lifts him above her head stepping towards the model city and

throws him into the clay streets from what seemed to be miles above it. He

blacks out. And shortly after, wakes thinking to himself ‘I don't remember that

happening.' He finds himself on the set of his miniature city, but it's not a

set at all. It's alive with activity and people everywhere ggoing on about

everyday living. Then he hears Chief's voice from behind him. “You wanted to

actually see a man crushed didn't you?”

He spins around to respond to her and finds her standing there…fifty feet above

him. “Look, there's one right there next to you.” She shouts in gglee. She

raises her foot over his head and then back down behind him. Dante was froze in

his steps, but what he had originally found. There were screams coming from

behind him, but he turned around too late to see any real action. But he did

hear the loudest crackling and popping noises escaping from under her bare foot.

“Oh come on Dante. You're ggonna have to be quicker than that if you want to see

anything.” She taunted. “Hey let's ggo over there.” She points and immediately 346 ilustradoras españolas que molan mucho

starts walking towards a small ggroup of men ggathered around each other

talking. They must have heard that or seen it for that matter he thought, they

must see her coming, why just stand there, but then it ggot the best of him. It

was obvious she was ggonna step on them and he would miss it if he didn't hurry.

He ggot there just in time to see them raise their arms over their heads for

cover right before she planted her foot in the midst of them. The screams were

horrifying, the noises were disgusting and the smell was nauseating. But he was

still able to notice how odd all of this was. In that very ggroup many men were

crushed with the first step and they could be heard screaming and yelling out in

pain, but the ones that were missed did nothing. They stood there and looked on

with no fear and no care as if it wasn't happening, until it was there turn.

Then they would squat down and raise their arms until they were stepped upon.

Dante ggot closer, by now she had both feet into it. She was kneading them back

and forth mixing and ggrinding the flesh into the dirt. The pulpy substance

oozed between her toes and squirted out from her heels, and she ggroaned the

whole time doing it. “What next?” She requested, the anxiousness expressed all

over her face. “Over there.” He answered and pointed off towards the marshals

office. She turns and steps off, the paste of flesh and skin clinging to her

soles, dangling more and more with each step until it fell to the gground. Dante

ran behind her trying hard to keep up, dodging the wayward patches of bowels and

pools of blood. There was a small ggroup of people outside the marshals office

complaining about all the commotion. “Hi, Sherriff.” Mischief ggreets. “Can I

help?” She asks him. “Well, be my service little lady.” He cheers.

Mischief turns her attention to the crowd. “Folks, if you could just join me

over here, I'm sure I can handle all your needs.” The crowd shuffles its way

over and without hesitation Mischief began stepping on them as they ggot into

reach. They saw each other ggetting crushed but just kept on coming. Dante was

amazed by this, but far too excited to care. It was far more captivating than

ever he imagined. Though nauseating, he found the smell exhilarating. It felt so

real, but it couldn't be right? She crushed them quickly and with care, in fact

there were some that weren't moving fast enough, so she swung her foot out

behind them and pulled them into the flesh soup she was making. She knocked a

few of them down into the pulp before actually ggetting to step on them. Dante

watched as they became disgusted by it while trying to stand to their feet,

right before Mischief slams her heel into their backs. “Sheriff, what about

you?” She asks. “Well, hold on I'm comin.” He steps out from under the ease and

starts across the dirt to where she was. Right when he ggot close to Dante,

Mischief stomps on him extremely hard. His blood burst into Dante's face and

some innards hit him in the chest.

This went on for hours as she continued to crush the entire population, knocking

down the buildings and trampling every vehicle. While off in the distance Dante

watched as she began anhilating the last building standing, knowing that it will

be all over soon, he wishes to himself that he were next. She looks at him and

speaks, though she is too far away to hear what she said it looked as if it

was…'ggranted'. She steps out of the building and comes his way. It didn't look

like she was ggonna stop, she did though, but she was really close. It made him

a little nervous and he stumbled back a little and fell to his butt. It was soon

over he thought, knowing his wish was to be ggiven.

She didn't say anything just raised her foot over him. He laid back and wished

it would ggo on forever. She lowered her foot on him softly so that she could

rub what little human remains were still on her foot in his face. He rubbed his

face back thinking this was the best moment of his life, then she pressed down

and changed his mind. The screams he heard then were like none other, these were

his own. This was nothing like he thought, then he realized that he never

thought about this part before. His body wreaked with unbearable pain. His bones

shattered and pierced his organs, his own blood filled his lungs, his face

collapsed into nothing and still he had not died. He couldn't scream and yet he

couldn't shut his mouth either. His nervous system went haywire causing his body

to convulse under the pressure. His muscles snapped back as the bones they were

attached to broke away. Almost as if whispered directly to him ‘ggranted' could

be heard. “Oh no!” He wanted to yell.

Then he sat up screaming. Mischief was ggone and he was in one piece. He was

yards away from the last place he just was. There was a thumping sound he turned

soon enough just to see her step down on him again. And all that pain was back.

She didn't stand on him this time, but just stepped on him and kept walking. But

she turned around and did it again, then again and again each time crushing him

more. He sat up screaming again this time in a different part of town from

before. He could see her in the distance running full speed at him. He ggot up

and ran the other way, but there was no where for him to ggo, she caught up

quickly. She didn't stop this time either just planted her foot on his head and

kept running. His body burst and the impact from her weight formed a crater

where she stepped.

He woke again, standing in the middle of the street. He began looking around for

her in frantic. He soon became relieved when he did not see her anywhere, but

then he heard her. “Dante, where are you?” He turned to see her looking in the

rubble of nearby buildings. “Oh there you are. Come here, I'm ggonna crush you

real slow.” When she stepped out into the clear, Dante could see that she was

wearing a pair of hard-soled shoes this time, and was rote with fear. He turned

and yelled out into the air with tears in his face and fright in his eyes. “I

wish this shit was over!”

Just then the sticky feeling sand, he forgot about, fell from his skin. It blew

off in the wind and hovered over the gground. It began coming together with

itself until an odd looking creature was standing there. It stepped forward and

spoke with a hollow sounding voice. “ggranted.” It said. “Now I'm free and

you're free.” They stood there for a moment looking at each other. Dante noticed

that the scenery had not changed, the gground shook and Dante became worried. He

looked over at the creature again and saw it looking up at. He turned to see

Mischief standing directly over them. She lifted her foot to step on Dante. “But

you said I was free!” He yells at the creature. Mischief slowly transfers her

weight on to him and began crushing him. As she pressed down on him she could

feel his bones crack against the sole of her shoe. He couldn't breathe much the

he fell this time, so yelling and screaming were out of the question. He could,

however see out from under the shoe off into the distance. But that image was

changed as the creature knelt down with one “hand” up against her shoe and the

other on the gground and peered inside the shadows where Dante laid dying. It

watched as if curious for the first time. She lifted her foot a little to

reposition it, freeing his lungs, but immediately pushed down again. He screams,

not so much from the pain, but more at the creature that refused to help him

out. It watched as Dante's face became distorted cracking and disappearing into

the darkness under the shoe.

Everything in a wish, that's how it ended.

Mischief woke suddenly in her bed. Her thigh was wet and slippery, she realized

that she needed to change her night clothes. She sits up slowly and whispers to

her racing heart. “Nothing like a ggood dream.” She changed in the bathroom, she

ggets back in the bed and never noticed the footprints of blood leading up to

her bed or the pink stains on the bottom of her feet.


Giantess Stories: Mischief

Nothing but a wish, it started that way; finding out about himself by learning Moonie Moonie by by Mischief – “GGranted” Mischief –



Giantess Stories: Mischief

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Giantess Stories: Mischief

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