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Missing Dad

Time: 7:45am

Date: 6/10/00

Place: A small town outside of Chicago.

Ann: Tom, Tom......HURRY UP we are going to miss our flight.

Tom: I am going as fast as I can!!!!!

Where are my damm socks! She is always placing my stuff in the wrong places.

Ashly: Dad did you see my walkman?

Tom: WALKMAN, I can't even find my socks!

I can see it now, our whole vacation was going to be ruined over a pair of

missing socks.

Ann: Honey were you looking for these? ( Holding socks)

Tom: Where were......they?

Ann: In the dryer downstairs!

Now that I had my socks I could start getting the car warm up and out of the

garage. I began packing the car up while my family was still inside getting


After about 15minutes I had the hold car all loaded up ready to go. I got into

the car and placed the plane's tickets on my wife lap. I could hear my daughters

fighting over a Backstreest Boy tape behind me as I pulled out of the driveway.

Looking down at the time I noticed it was 8:30am

, our plane was leaving at 9:30am.

Thank god traffic was light.

Tom : Ann where's the exit for the airport again?

Ann: Coming up in a few seconds.

Tom: Thanks.

I got off at the exit and headed for the parking lot. We all got out and grab

the suitcases from the trunk. We proceed towards the airport. Once inside I was

glad to see that there were no delays on the screens. I could see a lady letting

people onto the plane that we would be taking. I grab my wife hand and told our

two daughters to follow us inside. Once on we began searching for our seat.

After about a minute or two of looking we spotted our seats in the rear of the

plane. I decided to give my wife the window seat in exchange I had the aisle

seat. Our two daughters sat behind us.

Soon we were flying , I notice a small bug crawling across the aisle in front of

me. Just then I saw a tall blond stewardess walking towards me. She had a pair

of black leather flats on. That poor bug wasn't going to make it. Her shoes were

moving too fast for the bug to get out of the way. CRUSH........Her one shoe

came down . ..leaving nothing on the ground. The bug must be stuck onto the

bottom of her shoe. Yuck

Stewardess: Can I get you something to drink?

Tom: Water please.

Ann: Water also please.

Soon I started to drift off to sleep. I started to think of that poor bug, so

small being crush under that woman shoe without her knowing. SUDDENLY I found

myself back in the airport. Everything seem normal, but then a bright light

surround me. I began shrinking. I started running and notice something coming

from behind me. I look over my shoulder and saw the same stewardess blond. Her

huge monstrous black flats were coming towards me. I tried to scream but my

voice didn't work. Next my feet stop running and I just stood motionless as her

one shoe came down on me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ann: Honey are you are right?

Tom: Just fine, having a bad dream.

Ann: Anyway we will be landing soon.

I can't wait soon me and my family will be in the BIG APPLE,


Time: 3:30pm

Date: 6/10/00

Place:JFK airport (New York)

We got off the plane. JFK airport was like a zoo. People everywhere, coming &

going. All I wanted was to get out of here so we could unpack in our hotel. We

finally flag down a taxi and began our journey to our hotel.

Tom: Hey girls what do you think of New York City?

Ashley: Very cool.

Jen: All I want to do is shop & shop.

Tom: Now listen we will do that but also spent some time together on enjoying

other sites which don't included shopping.

I could see the taxi pulling up to our hotel. A bellboy came over to get our

bags from the taxi. I told my wife and two daughters to wait in the lobby while

I help the bellboy bring our bags inside.

I noticed another bag in the taxi that the bellboy miss. I grab it and walk into

a older lady knocking her onto the ground. She was a older lady in her late

fifties or so. She look more like some kind of gypsy. She got back up, I could

see some blood dripping from her arm.

Tom: Are you alright?

Old Lady : Fine............the question is are you?

Tom: Huh......I okay!

The lady grab my hand and pull it away. I observed some blood on my hand. I

could hear the old lady mutter something under her voice.

Old Lady : May your fears in your dream come true when the moon is full .

I was about to ask the lady what she meant but I felt a tugging on my shirt.

Jen: Dad lets go we want to get some food.

Tom: Okay honey, one second I want to ask this lady a question.

Jen: What lady?

She was gone..........boy that was weird.

Standing on the elevator waiting to get off for our floor I look down at my hand

and notice some blood from that lady. I tried to wipe it off but it didn't

budge. DINK..DINK... The elevator stop on the 30th floor. My family got off and

we headed to our room.

Ann: Honey you kind look drowsy tell you what , why don't you lay down and we

will order food to our room.

Tom: Sounds good.

The first thing I did when we got in the room was hit the pillow. I could feel

my eyes getting heavier & heavier until everything went BLACK.

Ashley: Dad......Dad wake up ....Please get up, it's such a pretty day today.

Tom: Uh.....mmm...Ah....Say what... What time is it?

Ann: Honey you were so out of it we decide to let you sleep the whole night.


Eight in the morning.

I jump out of bed with a killer headache. I grab for the newspaper to see what

the weather would be for today. As I look down onto the newspaper something

began to make me shake as I notice under today weather was the different

quarters of the moon. It was showing a full moon for tonight. Thinking about the

whole lady incident was a joke I look down at my hand and saw the red blot of

blood still there.............My God could she really have put a curse on



Missing Dad

Part 2

Time: 9:00am

I started to get really for the fun pack day that lay ahead for us. I sat on the

sofa while my wife and two daughters got ready. I kept thinking what was going

to happen to me.

Jen: Hey Dad is this outfit alright to wear in the city.

My younger daughter was only thirteen and was wearing a belly shirt with the

wide baggy pants. On top of that she was wearing too much make-up that she got

of her older sister.

Tom: Well I let you go this time since we are on vacation.

Jenn: Dad, check out these cool black chunky shoes Mom got me a couple weeks

ago. Not only that they have the neatest grooves on the bottom of the them.

A few minutes later I saw my older daughter Ashley coming out. She was wearing

this skin tight cotton shirt with a mid-high skirt, and the biggest pair of

black mary-jane shoes I ever seen for a girl who only wears a size 6 ½ .

Tom: Honey alittle dress up aren't we?

Just then my beautiful wife came out wearing this cute top and a pair of jeans.

Tom: Honey I think you should of wore your sneakers.

Ann: I be alright I want to break these new pair of sling back mules in.

Finally we were all together and ready to head of into the city. First stop

breakfast. We found this cool little restaurant around block from us. Eating

breakfast I kept thinking of the full moon tonight and that old strange lady. As

my wife and daughters were talking among themselves I notice my wedding band

very loose on my finger. Strange since it was always tight and hard to get off.

We decided to head to Central Park first then The Met. After that we would hit

the stores on Fifth ave.

Time:2:45 pm

The seem like it was flying by. The could not wait as we grab a taxi and headed

for fifth street. As we sat in the car I could feel my stomach pinching inside

and started to sweat. I try to hide my pain not to upset the girls fun.

The taxi drop us off right in front of the Warner Brothers Store. I got out

first to help everyone else .

Tom: Let's go Jen you're the last one out.

As I help Jen out I felt another strong pinch in my stomach, this time it was

more painful.

Tom: Ahhhhhhh, honey I think I am going to head back to the room I not feeling

too well. I am going to take the cab back. I want you to keep shopping and take

them out to dinner still. Don't let this upset everyone fun.

Ann: Honey are you sure?

Tom: YES!!!!

Ashley: Please get better. I will save you a piece of my meal for you.

Jen: Me too.

I jump in and watch my family vanish in the sea of people walking back & forth.

The taxi was about three blocks away stop at a red light, when suddenly I had

the urge to pee my brains out.

Tom: Hey...Hey.. Buddy I have to get out ...gotta go ...BATHROOM!!

I threw him a ten dollar bill , told him to keep the change. I made a mad dash

into this coffee shop along the sidewalk. I walk towards the back of the café

and saw a restroom sign.

I knock a couple times to see if anyone was in. No answer.

I must of piss myself silly . A good 15 minutes it felt like. I began to clean

my hands when ABRUPTLY I felt the whole room spinning around & around.. My skin

started to feel like puddy. I couldn't catch my breath. Was I having a heart

attack. Everything started to get darker & darker in the room. I look down at my

hand one more time and saw it glowing red. Ahhhhhhhh the curse it was coming


I started to rub my eyes everything seem aliitle out of focus. I notice myself

lying on the wet floor. I got up and look around and came to realize something

was not right. I started to walk on the floor and it didn't feel right. Plus the

whole room was dark. I must of knock the light out in my panic attack. I could

see a small streak of light coming in front of me. I proceed towards it to find

out where I was. Walking towards it I came to think I died and this was hell.

Tom: Hello anyone out there????

No answer but I could hear some loud noises closing in on me. What the hell was

going on. BOOM....BOOM...BOOM.... I could hear some heavy pounding on the ground

and it was coming towards me. CLICK ..........I could feel a massive explosion

of air hit me in the face ......ALL MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.................

(TO BE CONTINUE) Hope you are enjoying...... things start getting more

interesting as Tom comes to realize what is happening to him.

Missing Dad

Part - 3

My god my worse fears have come true, I always had a fear of bugs, now I was the

size of one. I had to be a inch maybe smaller. Well no time to think right now

because one of the worker from the coffee shop was coming into the bathroom. I

made a dash from being crush under his shoe as he walk in. I ran as fast as I

could but realize that a couple of feet to me before was now miles. I slowly

made my way into the hallway which lead to the front of the shop.

I heard a another door opening up towards the left of me. I could see a very

tall blond pushing a stroller with a younger boy. The blond was very cute. She

had short hair and looked about 32 or 33. She was walking the same path I was. I

decided to try and hitch a ride out of this coffee shop. The closer the stroller

got I began looking for anything that I could grab onto.

Then I noticed a thread hanging from a duffle bag in the back of the stroller.

The enormous stroller past over my head. It had to be a mile in width. Beyond

the thread I was about to grab, I could see the lady's gigantic shoes crashing

to the ground. Each shoe was the size of a cruise ship. She was wearing these

black leather boots with the zipper on the side. I was beginning to tense up

thinking if I miss the thread I would be crush to death.

On the count of Five I would leap for the thread. 5,4,3,2,1.......Got it.

I started to swing back & forth making my way up towards the duffle bag. I soon

came upon the bottom part of the stroller, looking down I could see the lady's

shoes crushing everything in it's path. Mostly cookie crumbs & pieces of trash.

I could feel the stroller picking up speed and pasting by many people in the

coffee shop. Suddenly everything stop abruptly . I could hear voices talking

above me.

First Voice: Mom could me and Molly meet you at the Warner Brothers .

Second Voice: Yes you can. I will meet the two of you on the first floor by the

front in 30 minutes. Also please take your duffle bag with you.

First Voice: No problem.......

Just then I realize that my hand was wrap around the thread a dozen times,

making sure that I didn't fall off. This was the same thread connected to the

duffle bag. I was about halfway in undoing the thread when I felt a hard jerking

motion causing my hold body to snap apart.


Everything was a blur for a minute until I notice I was swinging back & forth

from the bag outside in the city. From the look of things I was dangling from

the bag which was on the young girl's back.

Then I came to think that this trip might be in my favor after all. When I last

left my family they were heading into the Warner Brothers store. I look down at

my watch. That was only a hour ago. Please be there.

I could see all kinds of people walking around me. Everyone was enormous. I was

no match to anyone. I could be squash in seconds. I could see this black dude

who kinda look like Puff Daddy from MTV. Walking up behind me. Before I knew it

he tried to grab the bag I was dangling from. The girl put up a struggle . The

bag was getting thrash all around. Before I knew it the thread snap as I when

hurling threw the air.............Where the hell was I going to



What will Tom land into next? Will he make it to the Warner Bothers Store? What

about the old lady and how will she how a effect on Tom and his future. Stay

tune as Tom trip to New York City is turning out as more of a nightmare than a


Missing Dad

Part - 4

Everything was spinning so fast ...........THUMP. I looked around to see where I

landed at. I seem to be under a large piece of paper. I noticed the paper was a

newspaper. I also saw a giant crush Pepsi can lying on a rip paper cup. By the

look of things I must of landed in a trash can. I careful tried to walk around

hoping I didn't fall deeper within the trash. Also my legs were killing me from

the landed.

If I ever get out of this mess I am gotta kill that old lady who did this to me.

Just then I felt a tremendous rumble throughout the trash. I could hear some

people above me talking. It was hard to hear since the trash muffled out the

language. Just then a vast amount of light broke through the top of the trash.

There was tons of trash coming down on me . All I saw was this piece of pretzel

come down on top of me. I have to get out of here soon before I get pulverize by

a cup cake.

I made a leap towards the plastic lining and began ripping it open. The plastic

was so tough. After a few minutes I was able to see break out. My God I was so

close. Right in front was the Warner Brothers Store. I had to be fifty feet from

the ground. I began my descent towards the pavement. I careful grab different

parts of the metal can hoping not to slip.

Finally ground level. My next problem was getting inside safety and not being

crush to death by the gigantic people walking back & forth in front of me. I

noticed this crack in the sidewalk which lead across the sidewalk. I decided to

crawl and wiggle myself along it. After a few minutes I realize this was a smart

move. Suddenly I heard this loud noise above me. There was this young girl

walking a dog . I could see the dog's huge nose sniffing in the crack I was

laying in. I pick up my pace hoping not to be suck up into the dog's nose. I

proceed towards the end of the crack and made my way out. I could see the young

girl pulling at the dog collar as she took him away from me.

Turning around I found myself in a small smoking area outside the store. There

were butts everywhere. I hated the smell of that very

moment there were two young ladies coming towards me. One was a blond with long

hair. She had this long skirt on wearing this white buckle shoes. The other

woman had brown hair and was smaller than the other girl. She was wearing these

tight jeans and those chunky kind of sneakers. I could see the two of them

lighting up. I decided to run past them and head into the store.

I got to front entrance and crawl under the door to get in. Not only five

seconds in the store I saw this huge sole come crashing down me. I could feel

every bone in by body go numb. All I hear was the door opening up and I could

hear people outside again. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............I was so close close. The person began walking on the hard cold pavement. I was starting

to get very motion-sickness. I was so far stuck inside the sole of the shoe that

the contact of the ground would not crush me. Who shoe was I stuck under?

Time went by and the walking stop. I could feel the person sitting down and

crossing their legs. Suddenly the shoe started to dangling back & forth until I

felt a downward motion like the shoe hitting the ground. Ahhhhhhh..........I

black out for a few seconds. I rub my eyes to see where I landed at. I was lying

on the ground . To my surprise I was no longer trap but confuse where I was.

Then I totally freeze not believing where I was and who shoe I was stuck

under............The shoe was my younger daughter Jenn's mary-janes. Jenn was

with her mother and Ashley at the Hard Rock Café restaurant. Do I have luck are

what. The question was could I get their attention. I look up and could only see

the legs because the table was blocking the rest of my view. They were so huge.

To them I just a speck of dirt in this café. Time to think of a plan.....

(To Be Continued)

What's Tom going to do? He finally found his family but he is so small they

might just step on his thinking he is a bug.

Missing Dad

Part - 5

Before I continued with my story I want to say thanks for the comments and hope

you enjoy the rest of the story as it unfolds.


No good I was to damm small. I race over to the other end of the booth were my

wife was playing with her shoes. Maybe if I threw something at her shoe it would

make her look down. I pace back & forth hoping to find anything. Pow.......there

it was , a small piece of a french fry. I rip a small chuck from it and walk as

close to her shoe as possible. My wife always had a size 8 but now they look

like a size 100. I was about 15 feet away from her. Suddenly she began pushing

her shoes around sliding them all around. For some reason It kinda turn me on. I

had a strange urge to touch the shinny leather along her shoe. I was about 5

feet away and reaching my hand out to touch, when I start her shoe swing around

and the heel of the shoe smash into me. Every bone in my body went limp. I felt

a sharp pain go down my back. I could see blood coming down along the side of my

face. I lie on the ground totally unable to move. I was still alive because I

could hear my heart beating.

Somehow I slowly crawl to the center underneath the table. I try to think of

ways of getting up on to the table. I notice small notches on the middle leg of

the table going upward. I force myself up and felt lots of pain. I proceed up

the leg until I finally make it to the top. Everything was so weird up here. I

could see my wife and two daughters from up here. I started to scream all over

again but it did no good.

Maybe the noise in here was too loud. I decided to hitch a ride back to our room

where it was less noisy. I headed over to Ashly side and saw her little pocket

open alittle. I walk in and lay down near some breath mints. I decide to take a

small nap until they got back to the hotel.

I woke up to loud yelling. I climb up towards the opening of the bag and my

mouth drop to the ground. They were still shopping. It was almost 8pm. By the

look of things they seem to be in some clothing store for women & girls. I could

smell this very strong

odor of bubblegum perfume all around me. I could feel the pocketbook being place

onto the ground while she look at some outfit. I decide to poke my head out

alittle more but as I did so my footing gave way. I slip from the bag onto the

hard wood floor. I try to ran back to the bag but Ashly pick it up and started

to walk away.

Tom: NOOOOOOOOO......Come back.....please!!!!!!!!

BOOM...BOOOM..BOOM..........the floor was shaking all around me. There were

giant shoes coming in all directions. I ran as fast as I could. I came to this

huge pile of keychains lying on the floor. I decide to take a closer peek to see

what they look like. After ripping through the plastic bag I came across one of

the keychain to see that they look like stuff little dolls. Oh my God they look

so real looking. Just then I felt a upward motion as the bag began rising into

the air.

I notice a enormous hand descending down over me. I try to get out of the

way but I was pin between the keychains. It look like a young girl hands as it

grab my body. I had a hard time breathing because her fingers was so tight on


Store Clerk: Hey Lisa, where do you want these cool looking keycahins at?

Manger: You can put there by the cash register.

Store Clerk: Okay.

Just then I saw this very young girl who only look about seventeen taking me and

the rest of the keychains over to the counter.

Store Clerk: Hey this keychain is missing a ring in it's back.

Oh noooooooooooo.........I close my eyes hoping not to move . She started to

push the metal ring into my back tearing my shirt and causing so much pain. The

ring somehow caught onto my shirt making the store clerk think that it attach to

me. The girl placed me onto this hook next to the register by the large key ring

which was now attached to me. I was so helpless. I was hanging there just

dangling as young girls came by and poke and touch me not knowing I was real.

(To Be Continued)

Missing Dad

Part - 6

I was dangling trying to get free. No good. A huge shadow casted all around me.

I look up and saw this short dark hair girl reaching for me. Before I knew it I

was pluck from the stand. She had a very strong grip on me. I could feel my

bones breaking and starting to gasp for air. I could see her paying for the

keychain then I saw myself going towards her jeans. She was attaching me onto

the belt loop of her pants.

Once again I dangle. I look down and could see her long pant legs which stretch

for miles atop of these monstrous sneakers. Suddenly the girl began walking, I

could see the exit coming up. I also saw my wife standing by the door looking at

some shirt in the window.


No good. I past right by her. Once outside I notice it was dark . It must of be

9 pm or later. Sooner or later my wife and kids will know I am missing and

contact the police. My body was getting pretty bang up from the girl walking. I

could see a huge crowd of people up ahead surrounding something, but what.

Whatever it was I am going to find out by the direction the girl was going.

I saw huge figures standing in front of me. Very hard to see. Then I notice a

break in the crowd. ALL MY GOD...............................

It was her......the old lady.........she was at a table with a crystal ball

reading people fortunes.

Old lady: Excuse me miss, could you walk over here.

Young girl: Who me?

Old Lady: Yes you, I would like to make a offer for that keychain of yours.

Young Girl: What's in it for me?

Old Lady: I will tell you what lies in the near future for you.

Just then I could feel the girl's hand swoop down and yank me off her belt hoop.


I could see the old lady looking right at me. What the hell was she going to do

with me. The girl drop me onto the table. I lay there trying to get free from

the loop stuck to my shirt, but it was so heavy.

The next this I saw was the old lady's hand pick me up and place me into a small

leather pouch. I landed into some kind of sand within it. I was getting very

sleeping .......trying to stay awake............what's happening to


(To Be Continued)

What was happing to Tom? Where will he be when he wakes up? Does the Old lady

have some kind of plan up her sleeve?

Missing Dad

Part - 7

Before I start chapter 7 of my story I would like to say thanks for the positive

feedback from the readers. Now on with the story..............

I was being toss all around inside the pouch. Just then a bright flash of light

came down on me. I could see the pouch opening up. A huge hand swoop me up and

place me down on a very shinny table. OH MY GOD...........IT WAS THE OLD LADY


By the look of things she had taken me to some kind of room. It looked like a

old book store.

Old Lady: Well, now it looks like I have the last laugh on you.

Tom: You better get me back to my normal size or else!!!!!!!(Tom Shouting)

Old Lady: Oh else what, you are only a inch tall. *putting her face her HUGE

BILBOARD SIZED FACE compared next to my tiny 1' body* LITTLE MAN!!! *my heart

race with fear, I look away praying not to be squished like a bug..* *she then

began laughing...* 'You could hardly hurt a fly.'

I notice a book to the left of me full of spells, maybe one of them could get me

back to normal. I decide to sit down and wait until the lady left the room.

After a few minutes the lady proceed to the front of her book store to help a

person out. I ran over to the book to see if it could help me. The book was

already open up, all

I had to do was climb up the side of it. I proceed up the spine and walk down

the middle of the book. I began searching everywhere for spells to help me.

Finally I came to something that might work.

It was very hard to read since I was so much smaller than the words. I try to

make out this one spell, it read: Size & morph changing.................the rest

was a blur. What the hell I began reading some words out loud. I could hear the

old lady coming back. I kept repeating the words. Suddenly something was

happing..... I was morphing into something. I hope it would be my normal height

again. Then it happen.............

I start to grow one then two, three, four legs. I could feel things growing from

my back. My eyes began to widen and my mouth was turning into a long cylinder

tube. I started to rise of the table a little bit.

Just then I look up at the old lady, she was laughing at me......but why.

Old lady: You are such a fool. Never read my spells.

Tom: Why?????????(Tom thinking to himself)

Old lady: You idiot, you are a fly. A feaking fly. HA HA HA HA.......

I was in shock .....I didn't believe what she say. Before I knew it I was flying

around the room. Up ...down ....zipping and zagging all around. I could see a

very big square object coming at me. It was the lady trying to kill me with a

fly swatter. Noooooooooooooo.

I made myself fly away from the lady hoping not to be squish. I made it out of

the store in a matter of seconds.

I had to think of a plan. If I remember where the store was I could fly to my

family, some how tell them what happen . Bring me back to read the right spell

and everything would be danny. I started my journey back to the


(To Be Continued)

Missing Dad

Part - 8

I started my long trip as a fly back to my hotel. This was going to be easy.

Just fly in land on my wife nose and explain what happen to me. Hoping she does

not swat at me first.

By the look of my location I was about three blocks away and closing in. I could

get use to this flying thing. This flying gets a person famished. I notice a

lady eating some peanuts on a nearby bench.

I swoop down underneath the bench waiting for a peanut to fall. BOOOM.....a

peanut finally hit the ground. I flew over to fill my little stomach up. After

eating a few bites I started to feel a little dizzy and black out.

I woke up a little bit later. I noticed I had hands & feet again. OH MY GOD

.....I was back to normal again. No this is not right. As I got up I was sitting

inside a half of a peanut shell. The only this that change was my shape not my

height. I climb out of the shell and began walking. I could see the hotel across

the street. I had to make a decision , wait for the size spell to wear off since

the morph wore off a few minutes ago, or cross the street to be with my family.

Finally I decided, cross the street. What was the easy way across without being

stepped on. I saw this short blond hair lady in her mid twenties waiting to

cross the street. She had a pair of sneakers on . One of the laces dangle to the

ground. I rushed over to the lace and held on.

Her sneaker began moving, the force of her sneaker moving felt like a hurricane.

I was going to loose my grip at any second. Please just get across the street.

Finally the young lady came to a halt. I got off her lace and proceeded towards

the hotel. I look down at my watch. It was about 6:30 am in the morning. My

family was probably worry to death about me. I hitch a ride onto a suitcase that

a bellboy was carrying into lobby. I could see few people walking around since

it was very earlier. The bellboy was heading towards the elevators. All he had

to do now was hit the seventh floor.

Once in I saw two other people standing behind the bellboy. It look like a guy

and girl. Teenagers I think by the way they were dress. I tried to get a better

look , that's when I slip from the suitcase and landed in front of the couple.

They were gigantic in size. I back up hoping they would not step on me. Suddenly

the door to the elevator open up and the couple began walking out. I was right

in their path. Before I knew it the girl's shoe hit me . I went flying a million

miles into the air. I landed on the hard carpet somewhere in the hallway. What

floor was I on? I heard a loud rumbling nosie coming from around the corner. A

lady with long black hair wearing a maid outfit was coming towards me. If I got

near her cart maybe she would have something on the floor I was on. The closer I

got to her the bigger she got. The lady was wearing these huge pair of leather

black flats. I could see her feet going in & out of her shoe. This was turning

me on for some weird reason. I had to pay attention to what I was doing. I could

see her log book hanging from the side of the cart. Maybe there would be

information there telling me something. I proceed up towards the book. I finally

reach it, finding out that the floor I was on was the seventh and my room was

right in front of me. YES....... I was going to see my family again.

( To Be Continued)

Missing Dad

Part - 9

I ran as fast as I could to the front door. I had a easy time getting

underneath. I proceed into the room very slowly hoping not to get step on. By

the look of things everyone seem to be asleep. Did they forget about me, maybe

they pack up and left town without me. I proceed to walk across the carpet

towards the kitchen. I could hear a soft rumbling nosie getting louder and

louder coming from behind. I turn around and saw my daughter walking in my path.

Tom: Honey down here!!!!!!!

Tom: DOWN HERE!!!!!!!

No good. I will have to think of something better than screaming. Her bare foot

came crashing down right in front of me. I decided to stay low under a chair in

the living room until everyone came out.

A hour past and I could see my wife very upset pacing back & forth on the phone.

My two daughters seem very sad. My God I had to do something, they think I am

missing maybe even dead on the street somewhere. I ran over to Ashley who was

sitting indian style on the floor. I was about ten away from her. She was

wearing a baggy pair of jeans & tee-shirt. She also had on a pair of those

mary-jane shoes my wife bought her last week. I remember the strange looking

tread on the bottom of them. They were very deep tread. If I could climb up it

to the top of her shoe and proceed up her pant leg. I maybe could get her


I started the long climb up the bottom of the tread. It's amazing what kind of

things get stuck on the bottom of your shoe. I just had to make sure it wasn't

me. I finally made it to the top and could see the distance from her shoe to her

ear was still miles away. I noticed Ashley getting up off the floor. This was

not good. I slippy surface of her shoe didn't help either. I was thrown into her

toe cleavage . I was wedge between her toes. I could feel tons of pressure push

down on her shoe with every step. I was grasping for air. Just then I saw a huge

hand coming towards me. I could see two giant fingers reaching out at me. My

hold body was lifted up into the air.

Ashley: What the hell is this ......Looks like a piece of lint.


I could see myself getting closer to my daughter face as she inspects me.

I started to wave my hands back & forth.....Trying to draw attention to my tiny

little body.

Ashley: Wait a minute .....this is not a piece of dirt. This looks like my dad.

( dangling her tiny wiggling father within inches from her eyes)

Tom: HONEY IT'S ME....ME.....I think she sees me.

Ashley: Hi dad your alive....I can't hear you .....Wait a minute let me take you



I was so happy I finally made contact with my family......Everything was going

to be okay. I saw my wife in the distance, she was looking out the window.

Ashley: Mom.....look who's here.

Mother: Who?????

Ashley: Down here on my hand....Dad!!!!!

Mother: Oh My God!!!!!

She was so enormous how was I going to have a normal life like this. I just sat

there in the palm of my daughters hand as my family crowded around and look down

on me.

( To Be Continued)

Missing Dad

Part - 10

I explain the whole story to my wife Ann, screaming as loud as I could into her

ear. She then told my two daughters the situation . I just stood motionless as

my giant wife and teenage daughters look down at me like a little toy.

Ann: Tom I think the best thing for you is to get some rest.

Great idea, I grab a napkin next to me and curled up.

Ann: Jenn please keep a eye on your father while me and Ashley go downstairs to

Make plans to check out of the hotel and get a flight home.

Jenn: No problem ...mother!!!

I woke up with the napkin pull over my head. I was craving food big time. I have

to find something to eat but where. I look all around the table I was on but

nothing. Just then I saw Jenn walking by, she was heading outside onto the


Tom: JENN......I NEED FOOD!!!!!

She was too far away from me. I had to find a way down onto the floor. I saw the

telephone cord to the right of me. I proceed toward it and made my way down onto

the floor. I began running to the balcony where Jenn was. Unexpectedly the floor

began to tremble as I saw my daughter walking back into the room . I look up and

saw this huge shadow surrounding me.

It was her maryjane shoe coming right down on me. The gigantic rubber sole was

crushing every bone in my body. I could feel my body ready to burst at any

minute. I wasn't dead yet, somehow I was wedge deep within the sole grooves

underneath my daughter's maryjane shoes.

Ann: Jenn we are back......Jenn ??

Jenn: Mom I am sorry so sorry!!!!!

Ann: What's the matter?

Jenn: I left the room for five minutes to get some air on the balcony. When I

came back Dad was gone.

Ann: Relax honey.....don't worry we will find Dad. Okay everyone take a room

And start looking.

I had to get loose but I was wedge so tight. I could feel the motion of my

daughter shoe going up and down like she was trying to look for something or

maybe someone. Oh please ......please find me. Jenn I am under your shoe.

Minutes soon became hours. I was still stuck. The motion of the shoe stop.

Everything was black in front of me. I knew things didn't look good.

Suddenly I could feel Jenn ripping her shoes of f and tossing them to the side

of her bed. She was crying so loud that my ears were ringing in pain. I had to

get free . I try pushing myself out. I slowly made myself a little loose but not


The sun's rays hit me in the face since the shoe I was underneath was lying on

it's side. I must of fell asleep from all the turmoil last night. The pov I had

was my family packing their bags. Were they hading home? Did they give up? No

don't give up look under Jenn Shoes. I saw my daughter reaching out for her pair

of shoes. I was toss about as she crush her foot into her maryjane. I could feel

her enormous foot above me trying to find the right spot inside the shoe. Then

she stood up slamming me to the ground. Lucky I was wedge so far into the sole's

groove that the ground didn't touch my face.

I could feel the motion of her walking . I knew they were leaving by the

different color carpet I saw change under me. I was going down into a elevator.

Next the lobby , and finally onto the pavement. I could hear a man yelling for a

Taxi. A few minutes went by, I could feel my daughter getting into something.

Then I hear my wife saying something...........

Ann: Take us to JFK Airport......

JFK airport.......they were heading home.......Nooooooooo. I had to stay here in

New York and find that old lady. Don't

leave New York.

How were they going to hear a little speck like me. To them I was missing

......missing for ever. I had to escape this prison of being tiny. How


(To Be Continued)

Missing Dad

Part - 11

I had to find a way to get loose from the bottom of this shoe. I knew ever

minute counted. Suddenly the taxi stopped and I could feel my daughter getting

out. She proceed to walk on some kind of rug leading into the airport terminal.

Just then........her shoe trip on a small gap in the rug making me push out of

her sole . It happen so fast I didn't known what happen. The next thing I notice

was this huge face looking down at me. I was so small I couldn't tell who it


Lady: Honey, how many times have I told you to keep your keychain snap onto your


Little girl: Thanks mom.

All my god, to them I was some kind of toy. I could not breath as the girl's

mother held me . I saw another person getting her belongings off the floor. It

was Jenn my daughter. She must of trip on the rug making me come loose from her


Tom: Jenn.....Jenn...Jenn .....over here .

My voice was so small she could not here me. I watch in horror as she walk away

with my wife Ann and Ashley. Just then I saw another hand coming down at me. It

was the little girl.

Little girl: Hello there. Now where should I place my little friend at.

Tom: me .....You have to take me inside to my family.


Tom: You can hear me?

GIRL: Yes. What else can you say.

Tom: I am not a toy. I am real.

Just then I saw the mother walk over. I tried to get her attention too.

MOTHER: Honey are you ready to get something to eat?

GIRL: Mom this toy talks .

I saw the mother hand grab me as she turn me around and stuck me to the back of

the little girl's backpack. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......I could feel this huge metal

ring digging into my back spline. My god what did this lady do to me. I could

feel my blood dripping down my back . I knew things were not good. My body

started to get cold inside.

Mother: Does a hotdog and a soda sound good here.

Girl: Cool!!!!!!

My eyelids were becoming heavy as the pain was rushing throughout my body. I

could see some figure standing in front of me . No couldn't be......

the old lady.

She just look at me as I slowly dangle in pain


OLD LADY: piss me off!!!!

Just then everything went black............

MOTHER: Honey I think I broke your keychain went I put it on, there some kind

Of red dye leaking from it. I buy you another one.

(Mother grabs Tom throws him into the trash can.)

Old lady picks Tom lifeless body from trash and puts him into her bag, walking

away laughing..............................


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