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Part One by Slipstream“At last Friday 17:00hrs and I'm finished for the

weekend.” Thought Rich as he drove home from another hard day at the office.

He always looked forward to the weekends when he got to spend some quality time

with his beautiful wife Emma. They'd been married for 8 years and although both

in there early thirties they hadn't ruled out the possibility of having

children, in fact they'd been trying for a while now. Although Emma hadn't yet

conceived they both enjoyed trying.

Richard pulled up his short drive and parked his car in his usual spot next to

Emma's sporty little number.

“Hi honey I'm home.” Rich called as he entered the house.

“Hi babe.” Came a reply.

Rich got changed into something more comfortable and then both he and Emma sat

down to evening dinner. While they ate they chatted about the days they'd both


They had a comfortable life in truth they had the sort of lifestyle many would

be envious of. Rich made a good wage and was well thought of at the company he

worked for…as for Emma well she was an accountant and worked from home bringing

in 3 times what Rich made.

“Nearly forgot Sandy's coming over in the morning so that I can look over her

accounts and she's going to bring Amber with her as I said she could use the

pool.” Said Emma.

“Oh no, I thought we'd have the weekend to ourselves.” Moaned Rich.

“It's only for the morning…besides you know she's a dear friend as well as one

of my highest paying customers.”

“Yea I know but…”

“Well have all afternoon and Sunday with just the two of us.”

“Well we're alone now aren't we?”

Before Emma could reply Rich was upon her and the two of them began kissing

passionately, pushing aside the dirty plates from the table Rich laid Emma

across it and began making love to her.

Rich didn't mind Sandy coming over in the morning; he'd always gotten along

really well with her. She was tall and really pretty, fact is she always teased

Rich, as she stood over 2 inches taller than his modest 5' 8”. Also he loved her

feet, she had the most amazing feet…perfect in every way. Being a footman this

was great for Rich and he'd take an innocent glance any time he could. But the

thing was her daughter…17 years old and absolutely stunning. Like Sandy she was

tall with all the bumps in the right place's, in fact she was a further 2 inches

taller than her mum, and when she wore 3” heels she was over 7 inches taller

than Rich.

Problem was Rich liked her sexy feet also and on one occasion even found himself

dreaming of licking and caressing them. This sickened him as he loved his wife

very much and would do nothing to hurt her especially with her best friends


Saturday morning arrived and there was a knock at the door.

“Ok hon. got it.” Called Rich.

Rich opened the front door to let Sandy and Amber in.

“Morning short stuff.” Sandy said as she walked in.

“Yea morning to you too.”

Amber walked past and smiled as she did so.

Rich couldn't help himself and quickly glanced at there feet.

“Lost something have we?” Amber said as she'd caught Rich red handed.

Quickly he looked up and feeling all embarrassed he shook his head and stuttered

a reply.

“Wwwhhat errr, no…erm excuse me.”

Rich took himself into his study and closed the door behind him…boy did he feel


The next couple of hours just flew by as he surfed the net looking at his usual

site's GTS Magic, Asuka's Story site…the list goes on.

About 11am Emma entered the room.

“Hi Hon, all finished?” Enquired Rich as he quickly changed pages on the PC.

“Sorry not quite, could you do me a favour please.”

“Sure anything, just name it.”

“Well, could you make us some coffee as I really want to get done just as soon

as I can.”

“Of course. Just give me a minute.”

“You're a dear.” Said Emma as she leaned over and kissed him on the forehead.

Rich switched off the PC and made his way to the kitchen. He put the kettle on

and set out four mugs.

Amber entered the kitchen.

“Hi, Rich are you making me a coffee too.”

“O' hi, yea…one sugar isn't it.”

“No, it's ok…could I have a cold drink.”

“Sure help yourself there in the fridge.”

Amber got herself a cold can from the fridge and then went over to Rich.

“Where have you been all morning?”

“O' just surfing the web.”

“Seems a shame to miss out on such a lovely day…why don't you come and relax by

the pool with me…I could always do with someone to do my back.”

Rich was getting flustered, was this girl actually flirting with him?

“What err no…anyway why aren't you bathing round you're pool?”

“We've got the maintenance people working on it today, you know giving it a good

clean and testing the water.”

“O yea, come to think of it I remember Emma mentioning something about it.”

“Rich can I ask you something.”

“Sure off course you can.”

“Do you find me attractive?”

Rich felt his knees go weak.

“What erm, what kind of question is that?”

“Well its just that I often see you steel a gaze at me and of course my feet.”

Rich almost wet himself…he just wanted the ground to open up and swallow him

alive…he was feeling a hell of a lot smaller than his 5' 8” frame.

“No…what me! No way you must be imagining thing's.”

“What you don't find me attractive?” Amber said as she backed Rich into a


“GULP, yes you are very attractive.” Rich said in an unnatural high-pitched


Amber leaned in closer, almost to the point where her tits touched Rich's face.

“Err, excuse me Amber please…I need to get these coffee's to…”

“Shusssssh little man that can wait.”

That was enough, Rich had let this go to far already, he reached up and grabbed

her arms with his hands and firmly pushed her around and into the corner he's

just been occupying.

“That's it Rich I like it rough.”

While holding her tightly in his grip he said.

“Now listen here young lady…”

“Please no, please just let me go…I promise I won't tell…please.”

“What…what are you on about?”


Rich span around to see Sandy standing in the doorway looking angry.

“O Sandy, it's not how it look's…@!#$ please you have to believe me…Amber tell

your mother.”

Amber just ran over to her mother sobbing.

“Go and get you're things honey we're leaving.”

“Please Sandy she came on to me…I, I was just putting her straight.”

“Yes Rich it certainly looked that way…you creep.”

Sandy turned and left without saying another word.

Rich ran after her but she was having none of it and left the house for the

short walk across the lawn to her house next door.

“Rich, why's Sandy gone…what did you say?”

“Nothing she just…I don't know.”

2 weeks later

Rich left the office as usual on a Friday night looking forward to the weekend.

He'd managed to clear the misunderstanding up with Sandy without Emma ever

knowing and once again thing's were back to normal.

He climbed into his car and tried to start the engine, funny it wouldn't start

it's only just been serviced? Again and again he tried but still it refused to

kick into life.

“O' f*#k I'll worry about it tomorrow.”

Getting out his mobile phone he called the local cab company and waited out the

front of his building. Soon the cab arrived and Rich was on his way home.

“Thanks and keep the change.” Rich said as he exited the cab.

As he entered the house he called out as normal.

“Hi Honey, I'm home.”

But there was no reply.

“Strange.” He thought to himself.

“Hello…anyone home.” But as he walked into the kitchen he noticed a note on the


Sorry I'm not home Rich, but it was the only appointment I could get at the

hairdresser's. Dinners in the oven and should be ready for about six by which

time I should be home.

Love you


Rich put the note down and made his way upstairs to get changed as he normally

did. But as he reached the bottom of the stairs he suddenly had the feeling that

someone was watching him. Quickly he spun around on his toes just as a warm

light blinded him. He could feel his strength ebbing away and he was finding it

hard to stand. With all his might he tried to cry out but nothing would escape

his lips…he dropped to his knees as the pain intensified tenfold before

eventually passing out.

I awoke feeling like I'd never felt before, my head was thumping greater than it

ever had after a night on the Stella's (Strong UK Beer). I opened my eyes and

tried to focus but there were having none of it, so I closed them again hoping

they'd get better. Then I tried to reach up to my face with my hands but found

that my arms were held fast…in fact my whole body was held fast, I couldn't move

a bloody muscle. I began to panic and scream aloud for someone to help me. Again

I tried to open my eyes but still it was too painful.

Suddenly the earth moved as I felt myself shift about.

“Good you're awake, now I can get started.”

What the hell, was that the voice of god…so loud and powerful it almost burst my

eardrums. I didn't have time to think as I felt the world around me rush by

until it came to a sudden jaw jarring halt. What the hell is going on I could

have been killed, how far had I fallen and what was I riding in? Again I opened

my eyes but the pain was too much and I quickly shut them again.

I could hear a rubbing sound getting closer until I felt something rough graze

over my face. I screamed with fear still not knowing where I was. Then I could

scream no more as something huge smashed down into my face completely moulding

to my every feature putting pressure upon my head to the point where I thought

my head would explode.

Then it eased and I gulped in huge lung falls of air until once again I felt

this unimaginable force press into my face.

I hadn't even noticed the loud clanking noise or the rhythmic movement before

each and every boom; I was just too busy fighting for every breath.

I don't know how long I've been hear now but I do know I'm close to giving up,

just to fight for a breath is increasingly difficult and sometimes when the

booming and clanking stops I have to wait even longer between breaths.

I think I heard the crank of a starter motor far off in the distance. All has

been still now for a good couple of minutes and I'm able to breath quite nicely.

I know something is hovering above my face as I can still fell it press into me

lightly every now and then, but nothing like it was before.

Yes I'm positive I can hear a car engine and I'm sure I can make out female

voices. “Help anyone, help me”. I cry out in fain as no one hears me. I only

wish I knew where I was, Emma will be so worried. I wonder where that bright 40 peinados llamativos para hombres con cabello grueso

warm light came from…could it be aliens? What would they want from me?

It's ever so hot in here, I'm actually having to drink my own sweat otherwise

I'm sure they'd be enough to drown me…I wouldn't have thought it possible to

sweat that much, but I'm living proof. Another thing I've been finding rather

strange is the smell…I mean I hadn't really noticed it until I was finding it

easier to breathe. But there is a putrid smell in here and it's getting worse,

I'm finding that with each breath I take the smell is burning the back of my

throat more and more.

Argh @!#$ here we go again. My face is pressed flat and my head feels like it

about to explode and the rush of hot clammy water that now seems to surround me

is almost unbearable.

I don't know how long I've been here but it must be getting on for a good few

hour's, I keep on screaming out for help when I can but it hasn't done any good.

My face is so numb now that I don't even feel my nose flatten as the press

pulverises my face. I've called it the press as I don't know what else to call

it. Another thing, I am sure I can hear female voices; it seems to be coming

from above me…high, high above me. If only I knew where I was!

Suddenly I could feel cool air wash over my battered face as my eyes could sense

hazy light entering my prison.

“Good I'm glad you're still with us…sleep well as you have a big day ahead of

you tomorrow!”

Like earlier in the day my eardrums were assaulted by a loud voice piecing

through my skull, still blinking and unable to focus I shifted my head as much

as I could and yelled out for help…I got no response!

I was managing to open me eyes a little but it was still painful, I could hear

some loud banging about and the place in which I found myself trapped kept

rocking about as though in an earthquake.

I continued to scream out in the hope that someone might hear me…but it wasn't

to be. I noticed that what light there was suddenly disappeared. I was actually

able to open my eyes now but all I could see was darkness, I began to sob and

still couldn't figure out what the hell had happened to me.

I kept on playing the events of the day through my mind and although I was sure

the loud powerful voice had spoke to me I still wasn't aware of who it was…or

for that matter what it was!

I cried myself to sleep still not able to move or to see anything.

Morning came and I wirily opened my eyes, I kept blinking at the dull light in

the hope that I could find something to focus upon. I found that I was looking

straight up at an arched ceiling that looked like it could do with a coat of

fresh paint, it was stained and looked like the paint was peeling in various

places. I rolled my eyes from side to side and moved my head the same way as

much as possible; I was just able to see where the walls joined with the floor.

I found I was very close to one of the walls, and could see that the ceiling

directly above my head was lower and that it was rougher.

I'd been so intent on looking around my surrounding's that I totally forgot

about the putrid smell that surrounded my face, it was like old sweaty leather.

I managed to tilt my head slightly and could see that the floor rose up higher

past where my legs should be, in fact it rose up quite high, and the ceiling got

a lot higher until it ended about 6 ft past me. I could just make out that the

light was coming in from there and once the day light got brighter I'd be able

to see a lot more.

I fidgeted about in the hope of freeing my arms and legs but they were going


I was beginning to think this was a bad nightmare at the light got brighter…If I

hadn't have known any better I would have sworn that there was a huge door

hundreds of metres away, I could make out the door handle and it looked like

there was a…no it couldn't be! Could it…It looks like a dressing gown!

My eyes weren't playing tricks on me…it was defiantly a door, but how could it

be so darned big? “Help” I screamed out from my dry burning lungs, surly if

there's a door there has to be someone here…wait there's that distant thunder

again…gees its getting louder and louder, Christ this whole place is shaking.

The, the door handle's moving.

You have got to be joking…no way I must be dreaming, it's…it's Amber, she's just

stuck her head round the door…but…b, b, but she looks enormous. This can't be

happening I'm dreaming.

“Mum…come on time to get up, I'll put the coffee on.”

Argh! There goes my head again, gee's that hurts my ears.

I hear a grunt from above as Amber closes the door and thunders down the hall.

@!#$ I scream as load as I can as I watch an enormous foot descend to the floor

just past this room I'm currently in…room @!#$ no it can't be. But before I can

answer myself my fears are confirmed as I watch this giant foot turn and begin

to enter this room. The room was in fact a shoe and from the sound of it

belonged to Sandy!

As her toe's got nearer the light began to fade until the meat of the underside

of her big toe settled nicely upon my face. By now I was screaming deliriously,

but my yells were bought to an abrupt halt as she stood up and cut off my air

supply with her toe. I'd forgotten just how painful this was and was screaming

inside with pain. As she began to walk it all came back to me know how I had to

time each and every breath I took with the rhythmic thuds of her foot.

She must have gone downstairs for I thought I could tell as she walked down

them. She settled down and slowly began to tap her toe upon me as she sat

drinking her coffee with Amber. I could actually hear them talking and as I was

aware of my surroundings now I realised that she couldn't possibly be aware of

my presence down here otherwise surly she'd have freed me by now…wouldn't she.

Try as I might I just couldn't follow what they were saying as I was too busy

catching a breath each time she lifted her toe.

Suddenly the toe rubbed against my face roughly as Sandy withdrew her foot. The

light filled the shoe and seconds later I watched the world go by…I watched

Ambers legs as I got to her knees and then the table pass by as Sandy then

turned her shoe around.

I found myself looking directly at her giant beautiful face smiling down at me.

“Sandy, thank god, help me please.” I screamed as loud as I could.

“Yea he look's fine.”

My ears rang harder than at anytime previously, probably due to the fact that

I'd not been this close to her when she'd spoken before.

“Ok, I'll let him out…but you only get him for a while as I need to take him

home to see Emma.”

Again my ears burnt as I winced in pain.

The shoe was rolled over and I was sure I was facing down when a cold draft blew

over my back and then the shoe was tilted again and I cam tumbling out onto the


“Remember just until I get dressed.”

I bought my hands to my ears as she spoke to Amber. I looked up and watched as

Sandy inserted a piece of her shoe sole back into place and then drop the shoe

to the floor as she rose to her impressive height. I noticed that the shoe was

clog, I remember seeing her wear those years ago just after her husband

disappeared…why I thought of that I don't know.

Quickly I turned my stare to amber that was looking down at me with a twinkle in

her eye. She began to tap her fingers on the table and smile evilly at me.

“Now what is that bug doing on my table.”

I reached up and held my ears again as the pain shot through my head.

“Please Amber, help me…please I'm begging you.” I cried out but even to me it

sounded weak and mousy.

“Sorry little bug but I can't here you.”

She whispered it to me as if she realised that she'd hurt me before with her

normal voice.

She reached out and rolled me over, I struggled against her fingers but with

little effort she completely overpowered my and spread my legs apart while she

rubbed her long nail against my penis.

“God please let me alone.” I cried as I withered under her fingers. I couldn't

believe it I was being rapped by a teenage beauty and all she was using were

three fingers. I kicked and bucked for all I was worth but it made no

difference, and although I was scarred shitless my little pecker still responded

to her unwanted charms.

“Hee, hee, looks like you're enjoying yourself there little man…better not let

my mum catch you or you'll be in big trouble…I mean taking advantage of me


I shot my load all over her red fingernail.

“Err that's gross, now you can just lick that off.”

I sat up and backed away until I backed into her other hand, she pinched my head

between her thumb and finger and held her soiled nail right in front of my face.

“Now lick or you pop.”

I was so scarred and totally humiliated, but what choice did I have. I leaned

forward and liked the mess from her nail. She was more than happy with that.

“Well now that you've been such a good boy would you like something to eat?”

I nodded my head frantically; I was starving and could eat a horse. It's funny

how fear gives you an appetite.

She ran her fingernail along the edge of her plate where there were a few dried

remains. She then held it out to me and instructed me to eat it. It looked gross

but I needed something, but then I remembered what Sandy had said…that's right

she was taking me to see Emma, of course she'd feed me. I knew Emma would look

after me no matter what size I was. I looked up at Amber's smiling face and

shook my head…I didn't want the @!#$ she was offering.

“Eat you little @!#$.”

Amber barked sending great pain through my head once more. Not wanting to offend

her any more I began to eat the muck from under her nail.

As I finished the last piece I was guessing what my height was, judging by the

size of her hand I would say I couldn't be any taller than about 4 inches. Just

how in the hell did I get so small?

“Well I bet you need to pee little man?”

I nodded for I'd drank a lot last night…Yuk I now know that was Sandy's foot

sweat…ere the thought of it made me reach.

Amber reached out and closed her fist around me. I got dizzy as she walked

through the hall to the toilet. She entered and placed me on the tip of the


“Ok hurry up little guy.”

I looked down at the abyss below, I imagined what it would be like to fall into

there with no possible way for me to escape the thought of it made my stomach


Suddenly I became aware of it getting dark as a large shadow fell upon me. I

looked up to see Amber's huge naked arse falling from the sky. It was like slow

motion as it passed me by at settled onto the seat. I looked directly in front

of me at a pair of pink lips…quickly I turned away, what the f*#k am I doing. I

heard Amber snigger above.

“Sorry but I needed to go too.”


Amber sneezed and the sudden gust of wind knocked me clean off the seat I was

sure I was done for but I found that I landed on something soft. No sooner had I

rolled over did I realise just where I'd landed…




Giantess Stories: Misunderstanding  Part One by Slipstream

weekend.” Thought Rich as he drove home from another hard day at the office. Part One by Slipstream“At last Friday 17:00hrs and I'm finished for th



Giantess Stories: Misunderstanding  Part One by Slipstream

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Giantess Stories: Misunderstanding  Part One by Slipstream

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