(MMD.)The empty potion

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Just an experiment in how well i can do growth scenarios as a(somewhat) legit animation...and well,

...Actually you tell me how i went :3

If you haven't watched the growth part by the time you get here, then i'll spoil it.

If you couldn't tell already i slowed the video down during the growth scene, (and a few moments before it too.) it was absolutely terrible! Dx the growth was too fast like, it all happened in a blink of an eye, and it was meant to be SLOW growth Dx

In the end though i'm pleased on how the video turned out. (Even though it ain't HD xD) I'm also kinda glad i slowed the video down.

Update: Te-te-te-ten thous...OVER TEN THOUSAND VIEWS? O.O ahhh i don't know what to say!

(MMD.)The empty potion


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