Giantess Stories: Mmmmmm by epiphone9020   Tom was running

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Tom was running, running, to escape, but he couldn't get away. Wherever he tried

to hide, he heard the evil giggling of his giant captor. He was beginning to

think that there was no way to ever get away from her. He had no idea what she

would do, as she could be unpredictable at times, but right now, he knew exactly

what she wanted.

"Can't...let her...catch me.." he said, stopping to catch his breath. He panted,

thinking of what she would do to him. Then, he heard her thundering footsteps

and saw her enormous bare feet stomping across the hall, chasing him. He quickly

left his train of thought and began ran for his life as she got closer and


"I'm gonna catch you, little man! And then we're gonna have some fun!" She

playfully walked toward him, occasionally stomping her foot and causing her

little toyman to jump and run faster. Tom felt like his legs were going to fall

off and he could not run any more. He collapsed on the hard floor and then

passed out.

When he came to, he found himself naked, cold, and still tired. He had no idea

where he was. He could tell he was standing on something soft, but he still

couldn't make out what it was. Then, Emily started laughing again, and he soon

figured out that he was standing in her hand, shaking and quivering. She dangled

him by his shirt, in front of her face, taunting him and teasing.

"Hmm...what should I do to my tiny boy?" Emily thought as she continued to hold

his helpless body between her fingers.

"Please don't hurt me! I don't wanna dieeee!" Tom screamed, trying to escape

from her grip. She only held him tighter.

"I wouldn't hurt such a cute little bug like you, unless I felt like it." She

said back to him. Then, both of them heard a noise that made Tom even more

terrified. Emily's stomach gurgled and growled. An evil smile came over Emily's

face and she started to think out loud.

"Yes, I could use a 'little' snack. I'm pretty hungry." She licked her pursed,

red lips and cooed. "You'll make a very nice little meal for me!" Tom wiggled

and yelled.

"NO! Don't eat me!! Help me!! She's going to eat me!! Noooo!" Emily slowly

parted her lips and stuck out her tongue. She licked Tom's body all over, taking

in his flavor.

"Mmm! Tastes salty! You're a pretty yummy little guy! You'd make such a good

slave for me, but I'd rather eat you. I can always get more slaves. So, down the


Emily tossed him into her mouth and he rolled across her tongue to the back of

her mouth. He got tossed around inside and it was too dark to see anything.

Then, he felt a sharp pain in his whole body as her white teeth began to bite

into him, chewing him up. Tom lost consciousness and then Emily swallowed all

the chewed up pieces of him, rubbed her belly, and giggled. After that, she went

to find more boys to toy with and devour...

The End

Giantess Stories: Mmmmmm by epiphone9020   Tom was running

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