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Models De Mannequin

By Magnus

I had just finished My last modeling assignment

doing a photo spread for sports illustrated, I was looking forward to some time

off when My agent Max Varro convinced Me to do a show for Models de Mannequin.

At first I was apprehended by this cause I had never

heard of Models de Mannequin, but Max assured me that everything was on the up

and up.

He said that they were an up and coming agency and

that if they could sign you then they would be able to attract others.

Max was getting old and wanted to retire from the

business, he had been in the process of unloading his clients, i was just

wondering when he would get around to Me.

I told him I would sign.

I was contacted by Margo Daimler, she set me up with

a contract and soon I was on My way to new york to sign and do my first show for


Arriving in new york for My first assignment, where

I would be participating in a show for Antonio Verticci, a somewhat well know


When I arrived for the show I met with Margo for the

first time, she is the director of Models and handles all the business affairs

for the company.

She is a very stunning blue eyed blonde, very tall

and statuesque, I was sure she once modeled herself.

When I met her in the dressing area she was

surrounded by her staff going over final details for the show, I didn't have to

stand too long before she noticed Me.

"Chris Fallon", she said as she came up to me and

took My hand,"Welcome to Models de Mannequin, I'm Margo Daimler, we spoke on the



"Glad to have you here, I have the contract for you

to sign in my briefcase and then we can get you ready for the show".

"Thanks", I said as I was looking around at the

dressing area, seeing only a few staff scurrying around here and there to

partitioned areas carrying garments the models will wear in the show.

"Let me fill you in on the show".

"As you know it's for Antonio Vertucci, your

familiar with his work; anyway it might seem as a rush but were behind schedule

and we need to get you into makeup".

I nodded, the modeling business was always fast


I signed the contract Margo had for me after I

quickly read it.

"Let me introduce to you My assistant Cia, she'll be

assisting you while your here and will help you with clothing and take you to

see Rob our makeup and hair man".

"Hi",I said taking Cia's hand and nodding.

"Chris Fallon, it's a pleasure to meet you".

"I saw your last spread in Vanity fair, it was


"Why thanks"!

Cia was a short brunette with green eye's, she had a

very natural look about her.

"If you'll come with me I'll take you to Rob and we

can get you started on your makeup".


"Chris, I'll fill you in later when there's more

time and answer any questions you might have", said Margo..

"Ok, but can you answer on right now"?

"Sure, but we haven't got much time".

"I've been here for five minutes and I haven't seen

one model yet"?

"Oh their here, their in their changing area's

getting ready, you'll see them before the show starts".

Then she turned back to her staff, I thought it was

funny, most shows I've done you see models running everywhere half naked,

prepping for the show.

"Chris, if you'll come with me we can get started",

said Cia.

Cia led Me down a hallway back stage to a room Rob

had set up for makeup and hair, it was strange, I have never seen a makeup area

so far away from where the action is..

Upon entering the area we were greeted by Rob.

He's your typical gay makeup artist/hairdresser,

wearing tight pants and a flamboyantly loud multicolored shirt.

"Ah Chris Fallon, so happy to meet you, My do you

look gorgeous"!

"Here have a seat let me take care of you"!

I sat in the chair and Rob started fondling my long

blonde hair.

"Chris", said Cia, "I'll be back in a few, I've

gotta go and get the outfits you'll be wearing ready".

"Sure" I said as Rob started on my makeup..

"MY what lovely blue eye's you have".

"Your not going to eat me are you"?

"No silly, I just love your eye's their a lovely

shade of blue I've never seen before".

"I've been told that before, My mother has the same


"Is your mother as beautiful as you"?

"Oh how stupid of me, of course she is".

"So did she ever model"?

"No, she's a stewardess".

"Wow", said Rob as he was applying My makeup (a

little heavy for a modeling show).

"What airline does she work for"?

"United, she's been with them for fifteen years".

"Why are you applying the makeup so heavy"?


"No one told you"?

"I can't believe it". "I wish for once they would

inform the models as to what we're doing here".

"I'm making you up as a Mannequin, it's a Mannequin

theme'd show, all the models are to look like Mannequins".

"Mannequins"? "No, Margo said nothing about that".

"Figures, she's never been good at informing new

models about show themes". "Good at organization, but not at information".

"Anyhow, now you know, let's see hair up or down"?

Rob finished styling my hair when Cia came back.

"Rob, as usual, you've done an excellent job".

"Thanks Cia, miracles do happen".

"Thanks Rob, next time I need my hair done I want

you to do it".

"Oh you can bet on that".

Rob was very exceptional at his work, I admired

myself in the mirror at the job he had done, I've never seen myself like this

before, so artificial, so fake, but truly beautiful.

"Chris, we need to get going and get you ready for

your first walk down the runway".


Cia led me back to the area that I first met her in

and into one of the changing areas.

"This is your changing area and over on the rack are

the clothes you'll wear", she said pointing to a rack with three outfits on it,

two dresses and a pants suit.

there wasn't much to the room, a chair and a rack

and a small table.

A full length mirror stood in the back near a


"Here is the lingerie you'll wear under the


She handed me a nude wonder bra and a pair of shiny

suntan pantyhose.

She then pointed under the table where three boxes

of shoe's were, I opened them to find three pairs of heels, one to match each

outfit I would wear.

"I'll leave you to get ready, don't take too long

the show about to start".

Cia left me to get ready, I noticed that it was

awfully quiet back here for a show, I figured the other models had already

dressed and had went to the staging area ready to walk down the runway.

I quickly got dressed , putting on the pantyhose and

bra, and slipping into the pantsuit.

It was a tan double breasted suit with pleated

pants, cuffed at the bottom, very senceable, very business chic.

Cia returned just as I was putting on the jacket.

"Good you're ready, you look great".


"Follow me and you can take your first walk down the


"Great, I can't wait".

Antonio Vertucci was an excellent designer, his

clothes made me look as well as feel good, after this show, I'm going to have to

go out and buy some of his collection.

I followed Cia out to the staging area, there I got

my first look at the other models.

They were beautiful, Mannequin looking as I was.

Many of them I didn't recognize, matter of fact out

of the twenty there the only one I did was Eve Danport.

I had done a few shoots with her before, "Eve"?

"Eve, how are you, haven't seen you since the shoot

we did in the virgin islands".

She just looked at me with a blank expression.

"Eve"? "I'm sorry, I must be mistaken, you look like

a model I've worked with before, Eve Danport".

"It's ok it's happened before", she said, she then

turned away staring blankly at the model infront of her.

That's strange I thought, she sure looks like Eve,

tall slim brunette, I could have sworn it was her.

Oh well, I'll do this show and get the hell out of

here, plenty of things to do in new york.

Maybe I'll go and look up some old friends.

"Something wrong Chris"? Cia asked.

"No, just thought I recognized that girl I was

talking to".

"Her?, that's Nicki Southern, she's been with us for

about a year now".

"Hmmm, never heard of her".

"Can you tell me why all the girls out here look

like their on prozac"?

"I don;t think they are"?

Then she tapped one on the shoulder, a very sultry

looking blonde, "Sue, are you on prozac"?

the model turned and gave her a questioning look and


"No, I'm not".

"Apparently she isn't ,"sue I'd like you to meet

Chris Fallon, we've recently signed her".

She looked at me and took my hand, "Hi, I'm Sue

Devron, it's a pleasure to meet you", she said, "welcome aboard".

"Thanks it's nice to meet you too", " I was

beginning to wonder, all of you standing there like"...

"Mannequins", she said, " well you find after you've

been here awhile that it's a good idea to get into character".

"That's what all of us are doing here".

"Chris, I'll let Sue show you the ropes, she's been

with us awhile and she can explain things better than I can".

"Ok, I'll see you after the first run then".

"You bet".

Cia walked away leaving me with Sue.

"As I was saying, I thought you girls looked like

you were on something".

"No, just part of getting ready for the show, I find

that focusing my thought on being a mannequin helps me to be one".

"I see, then maybe I better follow along".

"It's really simple, you just focus your thoughts on

acting as if your a Mannequin come to life".

"How do you do that"?

"Easy, just follow my lead and when the time comes,


This could be interesting, I never thought I'd have

to act like a Mannequin, seems like it would be easy though, just look blankly

and move stiffly.

Funny thing though, mannequins don't move, so we

should be more like robots than Mannequins..

I guess I'll just have to see when the time comes.

The show soon started, I was in the back of the line

with Sue, all I could see was the models up front were taking a few steps and


"Sue, I thought we were supposed to walk down the


"NO, all you have to do is step onto the disk and

it'll carry you the rest of the way".

"When you get out to the end the disk will stop,

there you will change poses, that gives the other models time to get on the disk

that's back here".

"So you really are acting like a Mannequin"?

"Yep, and you thought you'd walk down the runway"?

"Actually, yes".

"Didn't you think, Mannequins can't move"?

"I did, just didn't know that there were disks to

ride on".

"All you have to do is focus and hold your pose".

"You've been here awhile, what's it like working for


"It's been great working for Margo, she's been

wonderful to us".

"I have a lot of respect for her, she keeps me busy

doing what I love to do, model".

Looks as if Max had turned Me on to a good agency, I

could enjoy working here.

The models ahead of us continued to step onto the

disks and assume a Mannequin pose, it seemed easy, all you had to do was hold a

pose, and I've done that a lot.

Sue's turn came and she stepped on the disk assumed

a pose with her right hand at her side and her left on her hip, she then looked

at me and smiled a blank smile and said "Your next", and off she went down the


Sue was wearing a pantsuit like mine only it was

black and mine was navy.

I didn't have to wait long as soon as I lost sight

of Sue through the curtain another model returned and it was my turn to glide

down the runway..

I stepped on the disk and assumed a pose I thought

would be a good one.

I stood with My arms at my sides with my wrists

cocked back, I posed my legs as if I were about to take a step.

As soon as I finished the pose, the disk began to


I was taken out onto the runway gliding out before

the throng of people who where here to see Antonio's latest fashions.

Photographers were snapping pictures as I came to

the end of the runway and paused.

I shifted my pose a bit, I didn't want to

drastically change it, so I just moved my arms a bit.

Pretending to be Mannequin was easy enough, I

wondered if these people even thought we were real.

Mannequins these days looked so life like that once

while shopping I almost mistook one for a real woman, had she not had a rod up

her dress I would have sworn she was real.

My turn on the runway had ended and I was met by

Margo in the assembly area.

"So, how was your first turn down the runway, not

what you expected was it"?

"No, it wasn't, but it was easy, all I had to do was

hold a pose".

"Good, sounds like you enjoyed it, we'll talk after

the show, I'm sure you'll have questions, I'll answer them and then tell you

about your next assignment".

I went back to my changing area and changed into my

next outfit, it was a hunter green business mini with a tan camisole.

As I slipped into the heels that went with the

outfit I stared at my self in the mirror.

I was beautiful, fantastic looking, the way the suit

fit me, it was almost like it was made for me.

This particular suit showed plenty of leg, and with

the pantyhose visible you could see how they defined them.

I loved these pantyhose, ever since I put them on

I've felt energized.

They felt like fine silk encasing my legs as I


I remember a pantyhose layout I did about a year

ago, these were very similar to the brand I wore then.

Their just as invigorating, almost erotic in a way,

I'll have to check with Cia later about the brand.

I'm a woman who firmly believe's in the power of

pantyhose, the way they look and feel, the way they shape and especially how

they get the attention of the guy's.


Cia had come in to find me already changed.

"I'm sorry i wasn't here for you, I see you didn't

have any trouble getting ready".

"No, that's alright, I'm sure you have other models

to attend to".

She adjusted my blazer, "Only two more turns to go

and you can call it a day".

I went back to the assembly area, knowing what I was

in for this time, I was beginning to enjoy it.

My second trip down the runway was easier than the

first, I can say I was slightly on edge my first trip.

I just stepped on and assumed a pose, cameras

flashing, critique's and buyers taking notes.

All I had to do was hold it till the end of the

runway then change poses.

before I knew it the end of the run came and I

headed back to the dressing area for my final change.

Back at the changing area Cia was waiting for Me.

"So, are you enjoying the show"?

"Yes, I've never done easier work".

"Well it gets a lot easier than that".

"How so"?

"You'll see", she said. That made me wonder "How

much easier"?

I guess I'll have to wait and see..

My third and final outfit was a sequined emerald

green cocktail mini with a choker strap, it's from Antonio's evening wear


Wearing a bra was out of the question for this

dress, cause it had an oval cut out at the breast.

I slid it up over my pantyhose and fastened the

choker around my neck, then Cia zipped me up.

"There, now your ready for a night on the town", she


And I was, I looked very elegant.

"One more run and I'm done", I said..

Cia followed me out to the staging area, on the way

I was trying to figure out how much easier this job could get.

What more or less could their be?

I thanked for helping me get dressed and stepped on

the disk for my final run.

I'm glad this is almost over I thought as my legs

have been feeling stiff ever since the second run.

I chose a kind of comical Mannequin pose for My last


I tilted My head a little to the side , i tried to

have as blank a look as possible.

I put my arms, left bent in front of my stomach with

my wrist cocked back and fingers fanned.

My right arm was the same but a little lower.

This is probably more of a robot pose than a

mannequin one, but right now I feel great and just want to cut loose and be


The disk made it's way down the runway, I could see

people pointing and laughing at the pose I had chosen.

The halfway point was near, I think I'm just going

to change My arms a bit this time in a kind of robotic movement.

The disk came to a stop, time to change poses.


What's this???!! I can't seem to move??!!!

What's going on here? I tried to speak, but I

couldn't even open my mouth, Nothing!

I can't move a muscle!!!!

The disk began to move again, but I didn't care

about that, all My energy was in trying to move...

What kind of joke is this?

My body refused to respond, there must be something

wrong with me!?

Wait a minute! Cia said the job gets easier...


OH FUCK!!! Now I get it...

Mannequins, all the models are Mannequins, that

explains their blank thorazine looks...

Mannequin theme'd show, perfect cover..

Somehow I'm becoming a Mannequin, but right now I've

got to find a way to move!

the disk was nearing the end of it's run, maybe the

disk has something to do with my paralysis.

As I passed though the curtain at the end, Margo and

Cia where there waiting for me.

Margo had a beaming look on her face like she had

pulled a fast one, and she did, on Me!

"So how's my newest model"? she said.

"Now your going to find out what Models de Mannequin

is all about".

"You Bitch", I tried to scream at her, the words

never left My head.

"Cia, place her on the cart and take back to the

changing area, I'll be along shortly".

"Yes Margo".

Cia then picked me up. I hoped that when she did I

would be able to move, but I couldn't.

The disk was not the cause for my being a Mannequin.

"Now you know how much easier it can be", she said.

Yeah, but I didn't think it was this.

I wanted to continue My career in modeling, not

become a mannequin.

Cia pushed me back to the changing area I was using,

leaving me in the center of the room.

I could still move my eye's, and just to the left of

Me I could see a base with a rod sticking up from it.

Seeing that stand panicked me, I wondered if this

was real or not..

Have to try and maintain some kind of composure, the

thoughts entering My mind, becoming a Mannequin, not knowing if I'll ever move

again, not knowing what will happen to Me.

I have to try and remain calm, but seeing that base

and that rod standing up from it made it difficult.

I should have went on vacation and never listened to


How could I be so stupid, I trusted him!, Maybe he

didn't know.

Just have to remain calm.

Margo and Cia returned , Margo had a small briefcase

in her hand.

"So are you ready to begin your career as one of my

mannequin models Chris"?

If I could have spoke I would have told her to goto


"Let me bring you up to speed, Cia you may get her

ready for insertion".

"Yes Mistress".

"As you know, your becoming a Mannequin". "Soon your

body will become entirely plastic like a Mannequins", she said as Cia began

undressing Me.

"Your body has been infected with nanites through

the cotton panel of your pantyhose as well as the makeup and clothes you are


"The nanites are rewriting your dna as we speak",

she said as she set the briefcase on the table and opened it.

"You will remain a Mannequin permanently unless I

insert this in you".

She then held up what looked to me like a dildo.

How's a dildo going to help me?

"This", she said motioning to the dildo, "is a

stabilizer, it sends signals to the nanites in your body allowing us to change

your pose as well as restore your mobility if I wish it".

Cia now had the dress I was wearing off.

"the device also allows me the change your

appearance as well".

"As you have seen the models that work for me have

their mobility, but those are the one who have gained My trust".

"Margo, she's ready"! Cia said..

Margo nodded and bent down and ripped the cotton

panel of my pantyhose and shoved the dildo up inside Me.


Margo really had to shove to insert it, as My pussy

was almost hard plastic.

It felt big as it invaded me, filling My sex.


When she was done she rubbed my clit and I felt


Margo stood up and licked My juices from her hand,

she then directed Cia to help her pick me up and place me on the stand.

"If I had waited any longer your pussy would have

sealed up be a permanent Mannequin".

The feeling of the dildo inside me Made me feel

tense as they planted me on the pole.


I could feel the dildo push even further into me as

they slid me down on the pole.

They then spun Me around so I could see Myself in

the mirror.

Looking into the mirror at myself for the first time

as a Mannequin standing supported by the base, changes where already noticeable,

My skin tone had evened out and had a soft shiny sheen to it.

I watched as the hair on my arms and coochie fell to

the floor.

I was becoming a Mannequin right in front of My


The small rose tatoo I had under My bikini line

faded, and I began to feel relaxed.

"Having the control devise also has another benefit

as well as allow you reversion".

"It allows me to stimulate you as well", said Margo


"Your mind needs some kind of stimulation in it's

current state".

this is getting crazy, like an episode of the

twighlight zone.

I could feel changes happen to My mind as well as my

appearance, I've got to fight this if I'm ever going to survive.

"Every half hour the device will stimulate you for

five minutes", she said as she began fondling My hardening breasts.

her touch was sensual as she began she began

tweaking My hard nipples.

Wait a minute... Not only are My nipples hardening,

their tightening!

I watched helplessly as Margo massaged My breasts

while My areolas faded, leaving only My nipples pointed.

Clack Clack Clack, Margo clicked her nails on the

hard surface of them, apparently pleased at My progress.

"Look down Chris", she said pointing at My coochie.

I did just in time to see it disappear through the

torn cotton panel of My pantyhose and seal up around the support pole.

"Now your a mannequin my dear".

NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I screamed, but no one could hear


I could only stand there and looking at My newly

plasticised body staring back at me.

Margo then held out her finger and I looked at it,

she held it up directly infront of me then moved it from side to side, then down

and out of view.

I tried to follow, but after she first put it up, I

found I couldn't follow it anymore.

"Cia, you can go and help with the others, I can

take it from here".

"Yes Mistress".

"Oh and make sure Julie and Kara help you this time,


"Yes Mistress".

Cia then left the room leaving me alone with Margo

and wondering what will happen to Me.

'Now that you r one of My girls, you need to know

the rules".

"First and foremost you are a Mannequin, every now

and then I'll do a show like this and will allow you mobility".

"We do and have done normal trade shows like this,

but I get most of My business from leasing you out to boutique's and department

stores, that's were the real money is.

"As a matter of fact I have your first assignment

already lined out for you at Fredericks".

"You've heard of them haven't you"?

Who hasn't heard of them, about half of My lingerie

came from them.

"As soon as were done here I'll call and let them

know I have what their looking for".

"You'll model for them for about two weeks, that

should give the nanites sufficient time to convert the inside of your body".

Two weeks!!

At Fredricks???

"After that I may give you some free time till your

next assignment".

Already I could see lines beginning to form around

My wrists and shoulders as well as my waist and right leg.

"I don't think you'll need these any more".

Margo them picked up a trash bag and put all My

personal belongings in it, She then proceeded to strip me of the shoes and


"There are also some more rules you need to know,


Her voice took a menacing tone as she said those


"You will not have any out side contact with


"I have a wonderful computer program that

synthesizes voices, I should have no trouble keeping your friends and relatives

snowed as to what you are doing".

"The program allows me to down load a copy of you

into My mainframe and make a artificial intelligence from that".

I can't believe this, she's going to make a copy of


As Margo was telling me this all hope of being

reported missing faded away, she appeared to have all the angles covered, using

a computer to fool My friends and family, but I still have Max, I hope I do, I

just have to hang on.

"No contact with new models for two weeks,

especially sexual contact".

"I don't know your sexual preferences, but this is

the most important rule you must follow".

"I know it may not apply right now, but eventually

it will".

Huh? I don't think we'll have any trouble there!

"See your neural pathways right now are unstable,

the controller inside you sends orgasms at half hour intervals as I've said".

"Anymore than that and there could be brain damage".

"I know it sounds garish, but like I said it's the

most important rule you must obey".

"You wouldn't believe how hard it is to rewrite a

persons memory when you don't know it, as well as their personality".

That makes a backup so handy, if something happens

to you, you won't be lost, you'll only lose what wasn't saved".

"And lastly, when your in My presence under your own

mobility, you'll address me as Mistress, unless I tell you otherwise".

"You may have noticed that Cia addressed me that

way, as do all the others".

"Cause, in truth, I am your Mistress, you owe your

entire existence from this day forward to me.

"Is that clear", She said knowing I couldn't


This was weird, she's cunning bitch, but she has

compassion for us, otherwise why would she bother giving us mobility and save

our memories?

I saw margo reach into her pocket for something, I

could hear a phone ringing.

It was her cell phone.


"Oh hi Vik"!

"I see, you want to wait till next week for


"That's fine, that will give me more time to fill

your order".

"Yes, the Mannequin you wanted will still be

available then".

"You want two more to add to the five your leasing"?

"Not a problem, see you friday then".


"That was Vickie Jones from fredericks, I guess you

won't be going there this week after all".

"I'll just tell Cia to put you with the others".

By now My body began to feel cooler and I noticed

that all of my biological functions had ceased.

After Margo was done talking to me she pointed

something at me and left the room.

What's this?

The dildo began pulsating within Me, I began to



Orgasms rushed to My head, in My immobilized state

it was intense as well as very satisfying.

I nearly blacked out from the first wave, it felt

soooo good though, I hope I can get used to this.

What am I saying!?

I don't want to get used to this, I don't want to be

a Mannequin.

Just have to wait and see if Max comes looking for


The orgasms lasted for ten minutes, and as soon as

they had ended Cia came back into My changing area.

"How are you doing Chris"?

"I hope your doing ok, I was told to put you with

the others".

Two others showed up, I assumed that they were Julie

and kara, they're two brunette, wearing coveralls and baseball caps.

The base I was on had wheels so I was easy to move.

Julie or Kara? began moving me out to the back of

the building while the others stayed behind to clean up the area.

In back of the building there was a large bay door

with a truck backed up to it.

I was placed in back next to Sue the model I had

talked to earlier.

There were many Mannequins in here, all of them as

naked as I was.

Is this how My life is supposed to be now?

I was amazed, how does margo do all this?

She explained how I would never be missed, but how

does she manage all this?

I'm gonna find out, if I ever want to get away from


Two more Mannequin models were loaded into the

truck, and when that was done the two girls took off their coveralls.

Naked they too were Mannequin models.

Cia helped them get onto their bases strapping them


I saw a remote in her hand, when she was done she

touched a few keys and the two girls returned to their Mannequin form.

So that's how she does it?

Margo uses us as workers as well as models, but


Somehow I'll have to find that out.

the door to the truck was shut and I heard the

engine starting up and we soon were moving.

I'm starting to feel tired....

How am I going to sleep though??

I can't close my eye's...



The vibrator activated and everything went black.

End of Part One




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