Giantess Stories: Mom Cant you see me

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Mom Cant you see me?



Robbie Picked up the phone and started dialing Tommy's number.

"Hello?" "Hey Tom it's me." "Oh hey, whats

up?" "Nothin Much, hey you wanna come over today?"

"Sure, I got nothing else to do." "Ok, cool."

"I'll be over in 10 minutes, gotta wash the dishes quick."

"Allright seeya". Robbie hung up the phone, thn picked it

back up and started to call his other best friend, Dan. "Hello,

Dan speaking". "Hey Dan its me Robbie, you wanna come over

today? Tommy's coming too". "Yeah Sure, i'll be over in 15

minutes, my mom told me to walk my dog." "Alright, seeya

in a few." Robbie hung up the phone and then called her mom and

told her that Tommy and Dan were coming over. "Allright honey,

dont make a mess, let me check what time it is hold on.........ok its

3:10 right now, and i'll be home at 6:00." "Ok Mom,

bye". Robbie finally hung up the phone and grabbed a bag of

chips and some soda. "DING,DONG" Tommy and Dan arrived and

they all headed to the couch to watch some c!

artoons. (Oh yeah, to be a little discriptive here, Robbie is 13,

Tommy is 13, and Dan just turned 14, ok back to the story) The

cartoons ended and all 3 couldent think of anything to do. "Hey

Robbie" "Lets Check out your Dad's Lab." "No

way Dan, if he ever found out we went in there, he would kill

us!" But didnt you say he isant going to be back until next

month?" "Yeah Well......what if my mom found out?"

"She won't, I promise if i make a mess, i clean it up and you

guys get to make fun of me the whole time I'm cleaning it."

"Fine, Follow me, hey wait, ive never seen his lab, this will be

awsome". Tommy and Dan followed Robbie into the hallway and

then started right at a sign. [DO NOT ENTER] "Ok here it

is." They went into the lab and started touching everything.

"Hey dudes look at this stuff." They all went over to a

plastic container filled with blue slime. "I dare you to touch

it Tommy." "No way, you touch it Robbie." "Ok

fine, we all touch it on 3, 1..!

....2.........3!!!!" They put there finger in it. "This

stuff feel

This got sent to me cut off, so if anyone has the rest of it, please send it

to me.

Giantess Stories: Mom Cant you see me

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