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Mom I'm not a Toy

by Matt11

Careful What You Wish For...

Jerry was in trouble. He had a huge test the next day in Math class and he

wasn't prepared. On top of that, he had a report for his Social Studies class

that he hadn't even started. He didn't know what to do. Before he went to sleep

he grabbed the strange wooden figurine his Aunt had just brought back for his

eleventh birthday from Madagascar. She told him that it was the "Wishing Man"

and that tribal myth said that in times of crisis the Wishing Man would make

wishes come true. Jerry felt that he was in a crisis. He thought about his wish

carefully. He could wish that his teachers would, that would be

cruel and they hadn't done anything wrong. Jerry was running options through his

head when he saw a beetle crawling on one of his bedroom walls. Without thinking

he said, "I wish I was the size of that beetle". Suddenly, the room started to

grow. The rush of colors and images were too much for Jerry and he passed out.

Jerry awoke to the sound of his alarm clock thundering throughout his room.

"What a weird dream", he said to himself. Then his eyes adjusted, "Oh my God!

I've shrunk". Jerry started to panic, just he and the clothes he was wearing

were the same, and everything else was enormous. Just then Jerry saw his giant

mother Donna enter the room. She was already dressed for work, wearing a cream

colored blouse, a knee length brown slim skirt, and brown pumps. Jerry tried

shouting from on top of his bed as his mother leaned over him to shut off his

still ringing alarm. She couldn't hear him as her massive (well-manicured hand)

pushed off of the bed and flung Jerry into the air. At normal size and weight a

fall from the adjusted height would have killed him, but the shrunken Jerry fell

from his bed to the carpet below with little more than an agonizing thump. It

knocked what little wind he could contain, out of him. He reached out to find

his mothers beautifully adorned foot right next to him.

"That's not like Jerry to leave for school without saying good-bye", she said

turning her foot to leave. Jerry saw the light brown leather of his mom's shoe

descend on him. He shouted "Mom, no!" and tried running, but her foot was too

quick and it pressed him into the soft carpet. She immediately felt something

under her shoe. She lifted her foot to find Jerry's now unconscious body stuck

into the carpet. "Silly toys", she thought, "kind of looks like Jerry from

here", she smiled, "you should tell your mother when your leaving for school you

bad boy". Still believing he was a toy that resembled her son, Donna lifted her

narrow heel and brought it down on Jerry's stomach playfully twisting it

(unknowingly cracking two of her son's ribs). "Mom, I need lunch money." Jerry

was saved by the usually grating voice of his sister Marcia. Donna lifted her

foot and in two swift strides left Jerry stuffed into the thick carpet.

A few moments later, Jerry awoke. His right side throbbed terribly. He tried to

sit up, but the pain was too great. He rolled over and gingerly rose to his

feet. He hesitantly opened his shirt. His right side was starting to swell and a

huge impression (from his mother's high heel) crossed from his right side down

to his lower left belly. Jerry started to cry at his predicament and his pain.

He heard Marcia shout good-bye to his mom, and close the door. He knew he had to

somehow tell his mom, so he slowly made his way towards her bathroom as she

finished putting on her make up.

"Mom..." Jerry shouted from the bathroom doorway, "I'm down here." Donna

couldn't hear him over the radio she had on. Jerry shouted again and again, but

to no avail. He thought about going to her foot and tapping, however he feared

the towering spikes (three times his size). He was trying to think of a solution

between his rib aching sobs, when his mother suddenly turned off the radio and

started to walk out. As her shoe descended toward Jerry, he leapt to the side.

Her foot barely grazed him as she continued out of the bathroom and into her

bedroom, however the size and force knocked Jerry back and into the wall. He

crawled to his feet, still hunched over (because of his ribs), and now rubbing

the lump that was beginning to form on the back of his head. His mom was going

through her closet for something. Unhappy with what she had on, Donna pulled out

a black skirt and kicked off her brown shoes. In a motion that could best be

described as fluid, she removed the brown skirt she was wearing and put the new

one on. Jerry thought that this was his best chance, so he moved towards her as

quickly as possible. She went back to the closet and produced a black blazer.

Jerry was almost there. He was just about to tap her nylon encased, left foot

when she stepped away and into the closet once more. This time she pulled out a

pair of black pumps. She dropped them to the floor and although the initial

landing missed him, the second bounce fell onto Jerry's trembling body.

Still not seeing him Donna slid her right foot into the right shoe, then her

left into the left shoe. In doing so she uncovered the terrified boy. He was

motionless staring up at his mom, unable to speak, move, cry out...anything.

Donna looked down at him, "Jerry, is that you?" Jerry couldn't believe his ears,

she recognized him. He would be safe; she would help him. "What are you doing

down there?" She smiled. Donna still thinking Jerry was a toy lifted her now

black shoe and covered his body with the soul, just enough that his tiny head

was peaking out. Jerry tried to move, but the immense weight from her foot

pinned him. The pressure started to increase, "little toys can get hurt when

they play on the floor." Donna started to giggle; "here I'll show you." She

stepped down harder and slowly starting twisting her foot. Jerry's ribs started

snapping, and his lungs collapsed. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't speak, he

just stared up at his beautiful mother's smiling face in horror. "Oh, am I

hurting you?" Donna grinned. She lifted her foot from Jerry, the pain swept

through him like an ocean wave. "Please, mom..." he barely whispered. She

couldn't hear him. "Let's try this then", Donna said sweetly, "where's your

head? Oh, there it is." Donna peering meticulously under her heel lowered the

spike down on her son's face and head. As Jerry, saw death falling down he

started to weep. The last thing he heard was his mom saying, "good-bye little

boy." The heel landed on Jerry's head and in an instant crushed it.

"Oh shit", Donna said as she saw the clock, "I'm going to be late." She quickly

grabbed her purse and bolted out the door. She had no idea that she just killed

her son, and that a portion of him would be stuck to her thin right heel for the

rest of the day.

Giantess Stories: Mom I

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