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Mom's Vacation


Black Jack

After my mom had called me on my cell phone to tell me she was taking

a vacation, I became immediately curious. As one of the “fragrance

ladies” at the perfume boutiques in the mall, she had little time to

take off. She was always complaining about how her feet hurt at the

end of the day, so I assumed she had pooled her few vacation days

together to get some time off of her aching feet.

She wanted to meet me at the airport to say “good-bye.” I found her

near the airport cafeteria, standing outside the ladies' bathroom.

She wore orange Capri's, with a blue t-shirt and blue flip-flops.

Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

“Well, I'm here,” I said. “Where exactly are you going? And why

didn't you tell me you were planning a trip?”

“I'm sorry, Jake,” she said with a slight grin. “But I didn't want a

lot of people to know. I wanted it to be between you and me.”

“Why? What's with all the secrecy?”

My mom leaned against the wall, next to the bathroom door. “Never

mind that. Why don't you come with me? I'm going to a beach in

Mexico. Nice, hot sun and warm sand. I know you'd love a vacation!”

I was startled. “Vacation? You know I have finals in two weeks. I'm

about to graduate college! How could you forget that? Will you be

back in time for my graduation?”

As I said this, my mom dug into her purse and removed a small bottle

of purple perfume. Suddenly, she sprayed it in my face. The purple

spray reminded smelled of grapes. I sneezed.

“What in the world are you doing!?” I asked.

“Jake, about graduation…I don't think you'll be walking. In fact,

I'll be doing the walking for both of us…” She giggled.

I started to feel nauseas. As I shook my head, I tried to process

what she had said.

“Are you okay, Jake?” She opened up the door to the ladies'

bathroom. “Come in here, quickly. Sit down on a toilet or something

to clear your head.”

As I entered the bathroom, my nausea started to subside and I began

to feel very uncomfortable. Walking into the ladies' room, with my

mother of all people, wasn't exactly my idea of a good time. On top

of that, she was acting very strange. Some sort of suspicious

excitement replaced her usually demure personality. She was


The bathroom was empty. My mom opened the last stall and helped me

to the toilet. The seat was down. As I sat over the toilet seat

hole, I noticed my mom was still staring at me. Having her look at

me like that made me feel very creepy. As I rubbed my temples, I

glanced down at her feet. Her red toenail polish looked like it had

been applied recently. Her left foot lifted off of her sandal

slightly, arching. I didn't have a foot fetish, but I had always

noticed how nice her feet were. For a woman of 45, her feet had only

a few noticeable veins. Her toes were always nicely manicured, and

her skin, while occasionally flushed, usually stayed a nice shade of


As I stared at her feet, the nausea returned. I began to get very

dizzy, and I closed my eyes.

“Jake, honey, are you okay? Why don't you let mommy help you?”

As she said this, I opened my eyes. Suddenly, the world seemed

inside out, as I rushed toward the water in the toilet.

Simultaneously, the toilet seat grew larger around me. I felt I

would somehow fall into the water. Instead, I fell with a soft

“plop” onto my mom's hand. As the nausea cleared, I realized I had

shrunk to a couple inches…and only my mom's hand had kept me from

falling straight into the water! As she pulled back, I glanced at

the water. My clothes were now in the toilet, and I was completely

naked. Looking back at my mother, I realized she was now a

giantess…at least to me!

Shock began to set in. I fell backwards on her palm. Her warm skin

almost burned my exposed skin. A smile was on her face, and she

didn't seem very surprised.

Using her other hand, she closed the stall door, and sat down on the

toilet seat. I stared in disbelief as she brought her hand, with me

on it, closer to her face.

“Well, Jake, I hope that wasn't too painful.” As she spoke, her hot

breath washed over me, the moistness of it tingling my skin. She

must have eaten some strawberries earlier, because her breath smelled

like fruity bubblegum.

“What…happened?” I stammered.

“Well, my perfume spray shrunk you.” She continued to smile.

“But…why did you do this? You've got to change me back!” With this,

I started to get up. Mom's other hand approached, and her giant

index finger pushed me back down. She held me firmly in place with

it, my head just visible beneath her pink fingernail. I could still

see her face.

“Not so fast, honey. You have to get used to being so small. You

don't want to fall off.” She winked.

“What are you going to do? Please, help me!”

My mom licked her lips. “I guess I'd better explain most of it to

you. You've heard me talk about how bad my feet hurt after a day of

selling perfume, haven't you? Well, a co-worker of mine, some lovely

lady about 25 years of age, suggested I take a vacation. Somewhere

warm. I told her I didn't have a lot of time, and not only that, but

that I'd be lonely. After all, you have finals soon, and I knew you

wouldn't be able to come.”

Still trapped between her finger and palm, I found myself slightly

excited. Her soft skin enveloped most of my body. I was sure she

was using little pressure, but I was wedged in completely. The

thought of my penis getting hard scared me—this was my mom, after


She continued. “My co-worker told me about a way I could convince

you to come. Guaranteed. So, she gave me some of that spray. Of

course, being so small sort of has its limitations. You can't

exactly walk with me everywhere, since your steps would be so small.

Besides that, I plan on wearing a bathing suit most of the time—no


I didn't like were this was going. The most frightening thing about

this was that my mom seemed completely at ease with all this.

“Since I won't have any pockets, I'm going to have to put you

someplace safe, where you'll be with me at all times. I thought

about placing you in my bikini bottoms, snuggled up against my butt.”

A devilish grin spread across her face.

“No!” I cried. “Please, don't do that!” The idea of being strapped

against my mom's ass was almost sickening. Still, I felt my penis

getting harder.

“Don't worry, Jake. I am your mom, after all. I won't let anything

bad happen to you. Anyways, I remembered how you were always trying

to sneak a peak of my feet before you left for college.”

I was shocked. I didn't know what to say.

“Oh, don't worry, Jake. I didn't mind. Better yet, it gave me an

idea. I'll place you against the sole of my foot, maybe with tape or

a band-aide, and you'll spend the whole vacation under my foot. My

co-worker assured me I wouldn't outright crush you, and this way, I

know you'll be safe. And we'll be together the whole time.” She

winked again.

Suddenly, I heard someone moving around in the next stall. Despite

the fact that being used as a sole for my mother sounded intriguing

in a perverse sort of way, I didn't think the experience would be

exactly beneficial for me. Physically, or mentally. I tried to get

the attention of the person in the next stall: “Help! Over here! My

mother has—“

Mom quickly slid her finger forward and enveloped my face in her

skin. My voice was completely muffled.

After a few moments, my mom removed her finger. I inhaled deeply.

“Jake, that wasn't very nice. Whoever it was has left.”

I sat up. “Mom, please, don't do this to me! I'm your son, for

goodness sakes!”

Mom used her other hand to start digging around in her purse. She

continued to look at me.

“That's why I'm not placing you against my butt. Besides, I'm giving

you a free vacation!” She removed a small piece of cloth from her

purse. “Since I can smuggle you on the plane by wrapping you in this

and putting you in my purse, I'll only have to pay one air-fare.

Once we get to Mexico, we'll decide what to do next.”

My heart pounded. She was really going through with this! My own

mother had shrunk me down, and now told me pointblank that she was

basically going to torture me. Of course, she disguised that fact by

pretending that this was simply a family vacation. My penis got even

harder. She gently blew on me.

“Look's like your just as excited as me.”

She unwrapped the cloth and placed it on her palm next to me.

“But, you'll crush me if you walk on me! And what about the smell?

And how will I breathe?!”

My mom checked her watch, then looked back at me. “Well, my

co-worker did this to her boyfriend, so she told me what the two of

us should expect.” With this, she began to wrap me up in the cloth.

“First of all, since my feet are so soft, I won't crush you, at least

to death. You'll probably feel pretty uncomfortable at first, but it

won't be life threatening. Besides, I'll be spending a lot of time

barefoot on the sand.”

She continued to roll me up in the cloth.

“As for the smell, it shouldn't be too bad as long as I don't wear

socks or nylons. Of course, I feel like treating myself to a few

nice nights out, so you'll probably find yourself in my nylons a

couple times. We'll work that out.”

I was now completely wrapped in the cloth, with only my head visible.

“As for breathing…you'll inhale a lot of my foot smell. And with

each step, I'll crush the air out of your lungs. That's why you'll

need to inhale as deep as you can each time I take a step and raise

my foot. The thing you'll need to worry about most is the

heat…especially since I'll be doing plenty of sunbathing. You'll be

directly in the sun, strapped against my sole.”

I pleaded with her one more time. “I'm begging you, don't do this!

What about my finals? My degree? Please!”

Mom began to lower me into her purse. “You can always repeat this

semester. After all, how often do you get to pleasure your mommy by

being a living sole for her on her vacation?”


After spending untold hours in her purse, my mom finally took

my out. I found myself in a hotel room. She wore a green bikini, he

blonde hair loose. Her feet were in those same blue flip-flops. As

she unwrapped me from the cloth, she smiled. “How was the trip?”

I had finally decided that there was nothing I could do. She was in

control now. The most I could hope for was a relatively painless

experience. “It was okay,” I responded. “But I'm hungry.”

Mom sat down on the bed, having unwrapped me. “We'll probably find a

snack bar at the beach. By the way, this is going to be a great day.

Record highs for heat.”

Mom crossed her legs, and dangling her left flip-flop until it came

off. Her sole was slightly flushed. She wiggled her toes. “Jake, I

found this great glue as a store down the road. Some sort of fetish

store. Anyway, all I'll have to do is place a little on your chest,

tummy, arms and legs, then press you against my sole. You'll stay

perfectly in place.”

I began to cry a little. My hard-on had returned, along with

anxiety. “Please, just leave me in your purse…please, mommy. Don't

do this.” I hadn't called her “mommy” since I was a child.

“Hush, Jake. I promise you'll really enjoy it.” She dabbed some

glue on my chest and stomach, then my arms and legs. She lowered me

toward her left sole. “Unfortunately, I haven't had a shower in a

couple days, so my feet might smell a little more than I would want

them to, especially for you. But, my excitement about going to the

beach was just too much!”

“Mom, no! Please!” I yelled. Despite that, she continued lowering

me. Then she placed me against her sole. Her reddish skin seared my

naked body. As she firmly pressed me against her sole, her foot

smell clogged my breath and choked me. I licked her skin

accidentally, the taste of her foot intoxicating. I turned my head

to the side. She must have been really excited, because I could feel

her blood pumping through her sole. She continued pressing me.

“There, that should do it.” She removed her hand. I remained in

place. “Remember, Jake, that when I'm walking, I won't be able to

hear anything you say. And…if you feel to the need to ejaculate, I

understand. I know you have certain urges.”

I couldn't believe what she was saying. My own mother was telling me

that ejaculating on the sole of her foot was okay! I felt sick for

being in such a situation, and even sicker because I knew she was

right. It would be difficult for me to hold it in.

She started to uncross her legs. “One more thing, Jake. My

co-worker gave me all her vacation days, in addition to my own.

We're going to be down here for several weeks.” My heart leapt.

With that, she lowered her foot and placed it on her flip-flop. The

rubber of the flip-flop's sole was much cooler than her foot, but the

smell wasn't as overpowering as her foot.

As she stood, the weight increased dramatically. I felt my breath

crushed instantly, and the blood in my body felt forced to every

extremity. I thought my vessels would burst. My ribs began to hurt,

and I heard a couple joints crack slightly. The skin of her sole

completely enveloped me, even covering my face. I couldn't help but

lick her skin. Her foot smell was stronger than ever, and cloying.

I prayed she would take a step soon.

She did. I instantly inhaled as the pressure decreased rapidly. No

quicker had I gotten a lungful of air than her foot came crashing

down again, once more smashing the air from my lungs and testing my

bones to their limit. I wanted to have a serious talk with her



Later, after leaving the hotel and walking across the street to the

beach, my mom kicked off her flip-flops and carried them. The hot

sand seared my back, even more than her warm skin. With each step, I

found myself buried in the dry sand, but at least her crushing steps

weren't as painful. The air was dry and extremely hot. After a few

moments, her feet began to get moist. A few minutes after that, they

began to perspire. I couldn't keep a few drops of her feet sweat

from dribbling into my mouth. The salty taste was off little

comfort, though I was beginning to get dehydrated.

Presently, she sat down on a reclining lounge chair. She sat “Indian

style” for a second so she could see me. I was barely able to make

out her face, and her devilish smile had returned.

“I'm sorry, Jake, but I forget to bring any money. I hope you're not

too hungry.”

“Mommy—“ I began, but with that, she stretched her legs out on the

chair and leaned back. With her legs extended, her soles were

directly in the sunlight. I heard the waves crash, and people

playing and talking all over the beach. Her feet were slightly


The sun began to burn my exposed and naked back. It also heated up

the skin on her sole. Between that and her pumping blood, I felt my

whole body begin to overheat. Occasionally, a drip of her foot-sweat

would slide down and moisten my hair or trickle into my mouth.

“Jake,” my mom began, “isn't this great? The sun, surf, and we're

together. This is going to be a great vacation.”

My penis felt incredibly warm against her soft skin. I tried to hold

back, but the urge was too powerful. I began to hump a little bit,

and ejaculated all over her sole, finally exhausting myself.

I heard women run by, laughing. I figured they were probably pretty

attractive, but I knew I would never know.

Giantess Stories: Mom

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