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One I was sitting in my parents room and I was looking at my moms panties (as

strange as it sounds) and with out knowing my mom started coming up stair I must

have not heard her come in I didn't have any where to go so I just got so scared

I felt myself shrinking and before I know it I was small!! Thankfully, my mom

didn't notice me.

Later as she was changing I was try to sneak out when I noticed the I was on

something soft before I knew it my mom was grab her panties and me and pulling

them up and there I was sandwiched between my moms ass cheeks. If I hadn't

noticed before but I did now her as was big.

But then we started moving and each step I was smashed in her ass. She

unfortunately was going for a walk and she walk 3 miles!! But that time I was

flattened. But it didn't end there I realized we were home and she wanted to

take a nap. She just laid on her stomach and fell asleep as I was trying to get

out I got stuck and my head was right over her ass hole. Then she started

moving. She was rolling over by then I know I was doomed. Then I was being

slipped into my moms ass and it was tight the rest of the day I was smashed and

flattened. The finally she went to bed but she didn't were her panties. So I

managed to climb out and get down. I then after 2 hours of walking and climbing

managed to a sink and wash my self off.

I needed some were to hid to I could get big again I looked around there was an

old tampon dispenser left out I managed to fit into it and I just fell asleep. I

woke up to looking out of the top of the hole and seeing a pussy coming at me I

was shoved in my mom must have thought I was a tampon and before I knew it I was

being used as one unfortunately it was her period and I was constantly gets

smashed so hard it was unbelievable but it only got worse about 4 hours into the

day I fell the walls around me loosening and I saw it come she was pissing I

held on for dear life and I cough a ton of her piss in my mouth. Then it was

over that night she went to bed and I crawled out I was so tiered and dizzy that

I fell asleep at the edge of the bed and from what I remember I rolled off and

landed some were on the floor the next morning I awoke to shaking as my mom put

on her bra padded with me it was pined I think she was wearing a size to small Funko Pop! Fleur Delacour [ECCC]

because all day I was smashed every time she moved and she would lean forward

resting her tits on the table but smashing me even more I didn't think I could

take it any more and that I would be kill the it stopped and I was home she took

off the bra and threw it in the dirty laundry pill I then had to escape I ran

for my life I almost made it to my room when a hand picked me up it was some

girl probably one of my moms friends but she was younger she said "what's this"

like I was a stupid toy or something then she realized what I was and said ooo

im going to have lots of fun playing with you and with that she slips me in her

pocket I just felt her warm leg rubbing against me I woke up to the sound that

seemed familiar but I didn't know what it was then I realized I couldn't move I

was being taped to something and I was the girl smiling and say "your part of me

new dildo" and the taped some more when she was done she picked me up and shoved

me in with her dildo we kept going and going and I saw it the end of her vagina

she must have been 1ft deep and she just turned it on and left it in there it

must have been 6 hours later and 10 cums that she stared to put me out and I was

so fucking horny she said your going to be fun. The she stared to untap me "your

sleeping with me tonight" she said and the she put me on her bed that night I

was sleeping but I was so horny I woke up with a giant erection and I looked

over she was sleeping on her side and her ass was so big and round and perfect I

ran over and started rubbing it I closed me eyes and started licking it and

humping it at that very second she rolled over and I was shoved up her ass and

she slept the rest of the night I woke up to hearing a strange sound I looked up

and saw something coming towards me and I opened my mouth to say no but it was

filled with shit then I was surrounded by it later that day I felt like I was

moving and I was!! But she knew I was in her ass from inside her I hear her say

that pervert and she squeezed as hard as she could I couldn't take it any more I

was smashed but I awoke to seeing her she said I guess I can't break you but I

have something much worse she tied a string to me and said you are my

permanently tampon and the rest of my life I was each month being smashed and


Giantess Stories: MOMA

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