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Mommy's Toys

By Hazmat

Nikki grinned evilly as she stood in front of her house. Her mom wasn't home

again, and Nikki grew very excited. She ran to the front door and quickly opened

it, wasting no time at all. Once she stepped inside she slammed the door shut

and peaked outside the window just to make sure her mom hadn't pulled in the

driveway yet. Nikki had no idea what time she'd be getting off work today, but

she didn't really care, all Nikki wanted was a few hours alone. Seeing no mom

yet, she darted off to her mom's bedroom. Now she could hardly contain her


Quietly and carefully, Nikki tip-toed over to her mother's closet and slowly

opened the doors. The smile on her face doubled in size as she saw the box and a

warm sensation rushed through her body, making the tiny hairs on the back of her

neck stand up. Slowly, she reached for the box, grasping it as if it were some

kind of holy relic. The box shuddered slightly when she picked it up as its

contents moved around and a giggle escaped Nikki's lips. Finally, the moment she

had been waiting for.

She slowly lifted the lid of the small cardboard box and peered inside at it's

contents. Inside were three tiny men, all at least 2 inches in size. The three

men huddled in fear in separate corners of the box as they saw their giant

captor. Their tiny little hearts pumped terror through their veins as they

realized it wasn't the lady this time, but it was the girl again.

"Hiya guys!" Nikki piped happily. "Did you miss me??"

Nikki let out a fit of giggles. The size of the three men simply melted her and

she could not bear anymore waiting, she had waited all day for this. It was

playtime! Nikki puckered her soft, pink lips up and kissed the air as she looked

at her three toys. She giggled again and closed the lid of the box as she darted

off to her room.

Once in her room, she kicked the door close with her foot and tossed the box

into the bed, smiling as she heard the men roll around inside. Now came Nikki's

favorite part, well, one of her favorite parts. She grasped the box on the bed

roughly and quickly turned it upside down, dumping the men out onto her bed. The

men landed almost ontop of each other, laying there for a minute as they were

disoriented from their sudden trip out of the box. Nikki tossed the box away

into the far corner of her room and then threw herself ontop of her bed, just

beside the tiny men. The bounce she made through the men high up into the air

with their tiny arms and legs, flailing about wildly. Then they started their

decent back to the bed, all three landing with tiny thuds. Nikki laughed at the

havoc she just caused and grinned at her three victims.

The men quickly jumped to their feet and began to run towards the edge of the

bed, but Nikki didn't let them get far. Just as they were a few inches away from

their freedom, Nikki sat up and spread her legs, so her thighs made large fleshy

walls on either side of the tiny men. She grinned and slowly brought her legs

together, trapping the trio snugly between her inner thighs. The men struggling

tickled Nikki beyond belief and she giggled hysterically. Finally, she couldn't

take the tickling anymore and spread her thighs apart, freeing the men. All

three lay prostrate on the bed, pale as a ghost. They gasped for air after

almost being smother by Nikki's beautifully tanned thighs. She just grinned at


"Ok.... now for some REAL fun." Nikki said as she smiled sweetly down at her


Seeing as they were too oxygen deprived to run away, Nikki bent over to untie

her Nikes. Today she had to run at school, and she could feel the warm sweat of

her feet as she scrounged her bare toes back and forth. After untying her shoes,

she kicked them off and sat indian style on her bed, trapping her men again

within her legs. The men were back on their feet again, fully recovered. Nikki's

feet radiated massive amounts of heat and the smell that came from them was

unbelievable. The men shrank away from the awful stench of her feet and they

began to cough. Nikki frowned and narrowed her eyes at the tiny slaves.

"Awww, what's the matter, are my big, smelly feet too much for three tough men

to handle?" Nikki giggled and reached down between her legs, grasping one of the

men between her fingertips.

The man struggled and beat at the blue-painted fingers which held him in their

iron grip. He screamed and babbled words at Nikki which she could not

understand, but everything he did to her was futile. Nikki just grinned at him

and slowly spread her, sweaty, smelly feet apart and lowered the tiny man down

between them. The man screamed and kicked violently now, but Nikki just laughed

at his puny attempts of escape. Nikki dropped the tiny man suddenly and before

he even had time to react, she pressed her soles together, entrapping him in the

wet, wrinkly flesh. The man was completely surrounded by the warm soles of her

giant feet and thrashed about as much as he could, only making it more

delightful for Nikki. Soon the man began to pant for air, but the only air he

could inhale was the rank foot odor of his teenage captor. The two men between

Nikki's legs just watched in terror and they felt warmth emanating from between

the giantess' legs, underneath her black panties, accompanied by the odor of her

wet, womanhood.

After a minute, the man stopped struggling altogether, and Nikki slid her feet

apart. The man looked like he had been visited by death himself and he collapsed

instantly. He was alive, but barely.

"Awww... is my little baby all tired out?" Nikki cooed at the tiny, barely

conscious man. "Well don't worry, I got a nice warm bed for you to rest in."

Nikki scooped the tiny man up in her giant, soft fingers and doubled herself

over, dropping him into the Nike on the floor below. The man rolled down the

slick surface of the insole and came to a stop at the toe of the shoe. Nikki

smiled and looked down at her remaining toys. She grinned devilishly as she

scooped both of them up into the soft palm of her hand. The men got on their

knees and seemed to beg for Nikki to let them go, but she just ignored them. Jabón de Ruda y la FORTUNA de tener sus beneficios

"Hmmm... lets see." Nikki said thoughtfully. "I think my tired feet need some


Nikki laid back on her bed, dropping the two men on her chest, and pillowed her

arms behind her head. The two men struggled for balance on the soft pillow

surface of Nikki's breast. Nikki giggled as their tiny feet tickled her,

instantly making her nipples come to life.

"You." She narrowed her eyes on the bigger of the two men. "Go down to my feet

and start licking... and I mean LICK!" She shouted, making both their ears ring

with pain. "Toes and all!" She added.

The tiny man hesitated for a moment, but made haste when Nikki narrowed her eyes

at him. The man ran down the other side of Nikki's mountainous breast, stumbling

over one of the buttons of her blouse. His tiny feet tickled her slightly as he

ran down the smooth surface of her bronzed thigh, over the hill of her knee and

then finally to her ankle, where he stopped for a moment. Nikki bent her leg out

slightly, letting her foot lay on its side. Nikki's toes curled as the tiny man

ran down her tender instep.

"Get to it!" Nikki commanded the little man.

He threw himself down across her long, slender toes and began licking his little

heart out, not want to suffer the same punishment as his companion. The man

lapped his tongue up and down the bottom's of Nikki's toes. Clutching each toe

in his tiny grasp as he worked. The tiny feeling of his little warm tongue,

squirming up and down the crevice of her toes was almost too much for Nikki and

she moaned with pleasure, closing her eyes for a minute. She slowly began to rub

herself against her silk panties and licked her lips.

"Mmmm... keep going slave." Nikki said calmly.

She felt like the teenage goddess of the world. She loved having supreme power

over men that could easily overpower her in real life. This turned her on more

than anything in the world.

Nikki opened her eyes and looked at her final slave, smiling slightly. An

unnerving feeling went through the tiny man's body, and his blood ran cold.

"You... c'mere." Nikki commanded subtlety. "Now."

The man shuddered and slowly began to walk towards the giant teenager's mouth.

His tiny feet easily found purchase against her soft neck as he climbed up to

her chin. There he stood perched as the eyes of the teenage goddess scrutinized


"Come closer... I have a secret to tell you." She whispered.

The man sobbed and stepped ever closer, fearing the giant lips that could easily

overtake him and 5 other men his size.

"Closer..." The girl egged him on with an evil smirk on her face.

Finally, the man stood as close as he wanted, with his tiny toes barely on the

edge of her lips. Nikki opened her mouth as if she was about to speak, but

instead she speared her tongue out quickly, knocking the little man forward,

slapping onto the wet surface of the giant muscle. Nikki could hear his tiny

screams and she grew very excited. She quickly snapped her tongue back inside of

her mouth, cutting off the man's daylight. Inside of the, dark, humid cave, the

man struggled about, wrestling against the giant, wet tongue that constantly

molested his tiny body. Nikki would smash him against the roof of her mouth,

almost snuffing out his tiny life, then she would release him and roll him back

and forth inside of her mouth, gently suckling on him as if he were a piece of


"Hi honey!" The door busted open and Nikki's mom walked in.

Nikki's heart jumped and she accidently swallowed the little man whole. She

quickly sat straight up in bed and slid her foot ontop of the tiny slave

servicing her feet.

"Hi mom!" Nikki piped back, scared out of her wits.

Nikki's mom gave her the "What the hell is going on eye" for a second then

shrugged it off.

"How was school?" Nikki's mom inquired.

"Um, it was school." Nikki replied, trying to hurry the conversation along.

"All right, well, I'm going to be in my office working, answer the phone for me


"Sure mom!" Nikki sighed a bit in relief.

Suddenly, Nikki caught something out of the corner of her eye and her stomach

turned. The tiny man whom she had put in her shoe had gotten out and was running

across the floor waving his arms and trying to get Nikki's mom's attention.

"And how many times have I told you not to leave your shoes out." Nikki's mom

frowned a bit and walked further into the room to get Nikki's shoes.

Nikki gasped quietly as her mom's big, old feet stomped across the floor towards

the tiny man. The man stopped abruptly and started to run the other way, but it

was too late for him. The giant barefeet that had been in nursing shoes all day

caught up to him in no time. The little man glanced up in just enough time to

see the giant, wrinkled sole of Nikki's mom come down ontop of him, crushing him

into the carpeting. Nikki's mom didn't even notice, she just bent down and

picked up Nikki's shoes then took them to Nikki's closet.

Nikki just stood still as death for about a minute after her mom had left and

then she began to panic. Suddenly, she felt something tickle the side of her

foot and then she remembered the tiny man she had trapped under her foot. She

slid her foot off and picked up the tiny man, engulfing him in her giant, warm


Nikki sat there and thought for a moment and then decided that she would just

put the box back, and make it seem like the tiny men had escaped. She smiled,

happy with her decision and then opened her palm to look at the tiny man.

"Well... I'm sorry little toy, but I can't keep you. You made a good slave, but

I must get rid of all the evidence."

And without another thought, Nikki tossed the tiny man into her mouth, chewing

him into small bits and then swallowing. As for the man on the floor, Nikki

really didn't want to eat something that had been stepped on by her mother's

gross feet, so she fed him to the dog. Her mom never did ask what happened to

the tiny men, she just figured they escaped and hoped the dog ate them before

they got out of the house, but there would be more tiny men to play with in the


The End


Giantess Stories: Mommy

Nikki grinned evilly as she stood in front of her house. Her mom wasn't home By Hazmat By Hazmat Mommy's Toys Mommy's Toys



Giantess Stories: Mommy

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Giantess Stories: Mommy


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