Giantess Stories: Mommys little boy by Sumbodi Kilmee  Ever since he was very young

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Mommys little boy


Sumbodi Kilmee

Ever since he was very young, Johnny thought his divorced mom was a hottie, and

she was. Tall and big-boned but lean, she caught the attention of all the guys

wherever she went. Johnny would position himself in his bedroom window each

summer day, and through a very small space between the shade and the wall, he

would watch his sexy mom sunbathing in the backyard. He would feel himself

getting excited watching her legs and hips and breasts and neck and mouth and

especially her toned, flat stomach, and he would wonder what it would be like to

actually be inside her, coursing through her, sitting in her belly while she

patted him contentedly after gobbling him up one day.

He had these thoughts for a very good reason. His mother, Mary, was a very

loving and doting mother, and she was very affectionate with Johnny. At home she

had no qualms about going up and just hugging and kissing all over him, pushing

her huge breasts into his chest or his back if from behind, and telling him how

much she loved him. One of her favorite cheerful threats to him was, “I just

love you so much, Johnny, that I could just eat you all up! I'd make you real

small, hold you in my hands, play with you, roll you up in a little ball, pop

you into my mouth and just swallow you up whole! You'd be yummy in my tummy!

Mmmmmmm! And you just smell and taste so good, too! You'd better watch out,

Johnny, or you're gonna end up on my dinner plate someday soon!” As she

whispered all this in his ear, she'd get a little hot herself, seeing him get

all hard in his pants, knowing full well how this made him feel.

One hot summer afternoon when he was 16, Johnny was laying on his belly on the

couch, watching television all alone and thinking about his mom tanning out

back, and as he did this, he also found himself dry-humping the couch cushions,

imagining his mom spreading him out on two large slices of bread like this and

eating him like a hot dog, chewing and sucking on him slowly until he was gone.

She was now approaching middle age, and she had filled out a little, but in all

the right ways, and her stomach had also grown a little more – still very hot,

if not hotter than before, because now you could see that she had a nice

appetite once in a while. As he neared climax daydreaming about this, he didn't

realize until too late that his mom had entered the room and was now standing

over him in her bikini, warm cocoa butter all over her, the sweet smell filling

the room.

He jumped as she whispered, “I know what you're doing, Johnny……and it's okay,


“It is?” he asked tentatively, still prone on the couch, his throbbing hard-on

nearly jabbing a hole through the cushion.

“Yeah, it is. It's normal,” she assured him. “You're probably fantasizing about

a girl……maybe even me……and you're wondering what it'd be like to have a

woman….maybe even me……having you……enjoying you……”

Mary laid down on her son's back and whispered in his ear, “You're probably

wondering if I'd really have my way with you and eat you all up, and you're

wondering what it'd – no, what it will be like – in my tummy, going into my hot

mouth, down my throat, into my tummy, and being stuck there while I digest you

into a part of me.” She slid her hand between Johnny and the couch cushion and

wrapped her soft hand around his throbbing member. She nibbled his neck and ears

and groped him below, whispering, “I'm gonna eat you for dinner, Johnny! Today!”

With that, he exploded in her hand, and she kept stroking him into a frenzy as

she nibbled on him as she dry-humped him from behind.

At that, Johnny passed out from the excitement and the liberating cum he'd just

had in his mother's hand as she controlled him. When he came to, he realized

something was very different. Everything was huge now – the couch, the

television, the walls, the room!

He was laying on his mom's lap, naked! She was holding him down with her

powerful hands, and he realized he was only about two feet tall, about the size

of a large newborn baby. Her immense breasts bounced in his face as she fondled

his cock and his balls.

“Mom?? What's going on??? I don't-“

“Ssssshhhhhhhhh……now, now, Johnny, you're mommy's little boy again…emphasis on

little…you just lay there all nice while I take care of you now…”

“But how did this happen?” he asked.

“I made it happen! And I can make it happen again, if you want to complain about

it! Now you just be quiet and do what I want you to do!” she scolded him.

“Ma, you're not gonna really…you know…eat me, are you?” he asked, extremely

terrified but strangely aroused.

“What, you wouldn't like that, Johnny? You wouldn't want me to take you into the

kitchen and lay you out in a roasting pan and butter you up and roast you all

day and make you the main course for dinner today for your sister and me and

have us feast on you?” she grinned. “Because it sure seems like you'd like


“No! NO! I wouldn't like that! Let me go…PLEASE!” he begged.

“Oh, hush, little boy! Don't worry, we won't do any of that. I'm just having

some fun with you right now. I just love the idea of you being my dinner, that's

all. But if you don't want me to…”

“I don't want you to,” he said, trembling. “Besides, I'm your son. Mothers don't

eat their children.”

“Maybe not, but they don't often shrink them and strip them and rape them with

their hands either, but I don't hear you complaining about that,” she teased.

Johnny smiled now. “No, you have a point there. I just don't want to die. I want

to be with you forever,” he said softly.

“Yeah? Okay then,” she whispered to him, as her hand sped up on his shaft and

induced the first trickles of pre-cum from it.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh, moooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm!” he moaned loudly, and she quickly

bent forward and wrapped her lips around his shaft, and Johnny came harder than

he ever did before, spraying his mother's mouth, lips, face, neck, and hair with


Then Johnny fainted again, right in her arms on her lap.

When he awoke again, the room seemed to be spinning before it finally stopped.

He was looking down at the couch and lying in what felt oddly like a giant, soft


“Hi, Little Johnny!” his mom's voice boomed. “How's my little son now? Is he

ready for mommy to have her way with him? Is he ready for mommy to finish him

off now?”

He looked up and saw his mother's huge face over him, and her giant hands

holding him right in the palms of her hands! He estimated that he was only about

six inches tall now, and she was handling him like a rag doll……or a piece of


“What happened, Mom?” he asked, bewildered.

“I shrunk you some more, honey. I made you small enough to fit in my hand…and in

my mouth! I've decided I'm gonna eat you up once and for all! I've waited your

whole life for this moment when I can finally have you!” she smiled at him.

“Wait! Wait! I thought you said you weren't gonna eat me!” he screamed as she

raised him up to her chest.

She began rubbing him roughly over her gigantic, gorgeous tits, moaning softly

while she did this. Then she glided him along her loooooooong, smooth, and

tanned legs. Finally she rubbed her tiny son against her soft, sexy belly, her

other hand venturing into her wetness below for an orgasm of intensity she'd

never had before.

Mary brought Johnny up to her face slowly, and with a totally relaxed, dreamy

look in her eyes, smiled lazily at him and licked her lips lustily.

Johnny asked, “So you were just kidding right? About eating me, I mean?”

“Kidding?” she whispered through heavily lidded eyes. “No, Johnny. Uh-uh. I

really am going to eat you. Right now.”

“But you said you wouldn't!” he yelled.

“I know, Johnny. I changed my mind. I think. I don't know, maybe I never

seriously considered not eating you to begin with. I've always known you were

gonna be my main course someday, it was just a matter of when. Why do you think

I've plumped you up all these years? I don't know what to say, honey. I've never

been able to look at you and not picture you on my dinner plate, all shrunken

and yummy,” she breathed.

“But mom-“

“No more talk, Johnny. All I know is that I'm so hungry right now. Specifically,

I'm hungry for you and nothing else. Bye bye, Johnny. I love you,” she

whispered, looking deeply into his eyes.

“But I want to be with you forever!” he shouted, struggling in her tightened

fist as she brought him up to her fragrant, opening mouth, her tongue starting

to come out to accept her son.

“Oh, you will, Johnny, you will! Bye bye! Love you!” she smiled erotically at


With that, Mary licked Johnny out of her hand and took him into her mouth. She

closed her lips, and now he was trapped in her mouth. Johnny kicked and yelled

and punched his way around his mother's mouth, vainly trying to get her to open

her mouth so he could get out. In response, he saw that she only smiled around


Mary savored the taste of her helpless son, and she bathed him in her saliva as

she prepared to swallow him once and for all. As he started to fight again, she

used her tongue to push him against the roof of her mouth, pinning him there.

She noticed his tiny erection now poking at her tongue, and it excited her to

know he was as turned on as she was about what was about to happen between them.

She then guided him across her gums and teeth and the inside of her cheeks, and

she felt a tiny explosion of salty flavor, causing her to shudder through yet

another orgasm, and knew it was time.

Her tongue pushed him back between her upper and lower teeth, and Mary bit down

lightly on her son Johnny, causing his struggles to end. He lay there panting

heavily between her molars, hurting and spent, and waited.

He didn't have to wait long, as he heard his mom whisper to him, “I love you,

Johnny,” and she tipped her head back and swallowed him. He stuck momentarily in

her tight throat as the muscles squeezed him smaller, and then she forced him

hard the rest of the way, and in his final descent down her esophagus into her

growling belly, he climaxed one last time as he realized this was all real, and

he had just become dinner for his gorgeous mom. He wasn't ready to die, but if

he was, this was the best way, feeding his mom.

As Johnny landed in Mary's stomach, she smiled in satisfaction at the feel of

his tiny movements inside her, and she patted him gently with her hand.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh Johnny, you were soooooooooooo good! I wish I could eat you

up all over again!” she moaned. “Maybe I'll have to adopt a son……”


Giantess Stories: Mommys little boy by Sumbodi Kilmee  Ever since he was very young

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