Giantess Stories: Monica XXL by Chuckcjc      Before the Earth started shaking to the extent that no one could stand on their feet

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Monica XXL

by Chuckcjc

Before the Earth started shaking to the extent that no one could stand on their

feet, and the building sides started breaking into grotesque spiders webs of

cracked masonary and crumbling red brick; before the streets began to explode

under immense unfathomable pressure, releasing underground piping for water,

gas, and electricity, and before hundreds of main avenues and thousands of

streets and bi-streets were clogged with a livid terrified throng of humanity

hopelessly looking into the vast sky for some sign that they might survive the

horror above them and about them; before the millions ever knew this horror's

name or could see into the great mesmerizing pools of her ominous brown eyes, or

before her great encompassing shadow fell over the entire length of their

prosperous city, the City of New York was once again on its regular schedule of

business - its streets brimming with millions of toughened upbeat citizens the

sun was out and it was a beautiful day to be alive.

Hundreds of Thousands of citizens heard of stories from the previous evening

about a colosal woman who had grown to more than a third of a mile tall in an

apparrent fit of rage after being attacked by the seemingly victorious military.

But few believe the stories having not seen her with their own eyes or heard it

from their own friends or family. The media was such bullshit anymore, their

phony studios were dying to make a story out of anything, and to most it seemed

like a fantasitic tale fleshed out with amazing special effects. They did not

know that the government was foolishy trying to blind their eyes as it has done

for years. Any attmepts to further investigate the story were severly thwarted

by the government. Even commercial satellite conveyance of the entire state was

cut-off by the powers that be. But some things were never meant to be covered

up, or kept at bay - Monica was one of them. Her code-name by the government was

Monica XL, she was an unexplainable phenomenon on collosal proportions that

shouldn't be able to breathe or even bat an eyelash let alone trample highways

and small towns, and pull skyscrapers from their steadfast foundations. No one

could explain her, but no one in the know could deny that she was as real as the

ground they walked on, and that her crushing power was second only to the

almighty God's. Some even wondered if Monica was God. She was certainly tall

enough for the job.

With every step Monica proved her superiority over the frightened race of

humanity. Her ambition was like a great boulder resting atop a rocky crag high

above a bustling town of people. On the slightest of whims Monica could snuf out

hundreds of lives just as the slightest wind might one day send the threatening

boulder rocketing down the jagging cliffs on a path of destruction in the

civilization below. This was Monica's right. Her size gave her the ultimate

power of edict. She could wield her strength in any fashion that she saw fit. If

she wanted to walk across a downtown district crushing and leveling all in her

path - so be it. If she wanted to stop and laugh at the helicopters and planes

continously buzzing around her before lazily swatting a few away - so be it. If

she wanted to take a nap on a mountainside for a few hours, and maybe roll over

in her sleep ontop of a half dozen patches of farmland -so be it. If she woke up

and decided have a snack of a few hundred heads of cattle - so be it. If she

dispensed with the angry mob of cattle raisers that had joined in unison to

chastice her choice of a mid day snack - by crushing them all under her big toe

with the perfect red paint -so be it. Quite simply Monica XL could do what she

wanted at any time to anyone anywhere. Today she decided to take a lazy stroll

into the once great New York City, and show them how big of a girl she had

become. She might even show them that they might need to rename her to Monica

XXL or even Monica XXXXXL.

And so on the mightiest of whims Monica rose from her mountain leveling nap,

brushed off the evergreen forest that insistantly clung to her firm breasts and

stomach. Performed her morning stretch, while batting away the four dozen

helicopters that always seemed to encrouch upon her form when she slept. She

spoke in pure thunder, "You Know... I am Growing really tired of having to swat

away your tiny helicopters piloted by you tiny MITES!!" "When will you learn

that you are now NOTHING!!," Monica stamped her foot into the forgiving soft

earth as she emphasized the last word. The grain silo under the ball of her

forceful foot was compressed so aggresively that it was pushed like a small

Tylenol caplette into the ground, only a glimmer of the metal dome could be seen

from the bottom of Monica's footprint when she removed her enormous ped. "You

should know its not wise to anger your Goddess on purpose!," exclaimed Monica,

taking a great breath into her lungs, "I guess I will have to teach you another

lesson today - to make sure you understand this time." With that Monica began

walking slowly and confidently over the mountain overpasses towards the great

coastline that she knew would lead to the classroom for today's lesson in

manners -New York City.

Within three steps she was already causing great calamity. Directly in her path

was a lazy mountain highway that wound its way around and between the very

region where Monica had decided to take a relaxing nap. Travellers had less than

a split second to react between the moment the great shadow overtook a small

pack of thirteen cars and the instant the forboding shadow met the toughened

unforgiving flesh of Monica's pretty right foot. They had no time to notice

Monica wiggling her sexy toes adorned with blazing red polish before she smashed

them all into the mountain side. To those in passenger cars, minivans, and

tractor trailers that were spared the fate of being instantly cristened by the

goddess Monica's divine foot, the world had seemed to end. Suddenly there was

deafening sound that seemed to make the mountain itself cry out in protest, and

then there was only a tiny patch of asphalt ahead of them that was dead-ended by

the round sheer cliff of tanned and off-white flesh that was the heel of the

colossal woman's foot. Those not suffering from immediate trauma from the scene

in front of them, could barely find the will to stamp the brakes with all of

their might stopping their cars before crashing in to the goddesses' heel. Some

cars were not meant to survive the aftermath of Monica, and fell in the gaping

cracks that eminated from the perimeter of her footprint. One driver of a a

bright red Honda civic four-door sedan was lucky enough to stop his car at the

very edge of a deep spindly apeture in the roadway that two Dodge Caravans had

already tumbled into as the the roadway split apart. But as Monica removed her

godly foot from her own footprint, the earth was shifted again, and the

perimeter cracks opened a tad further. The driver of the Honda screamed in

despair as his luck turned immediately sour and the crack swallowed his car

whole sending his car plummeting through the parsed highway down the pine tree

covered mountain.

Monica noticed that she had only taken a few steps and was already managed to

step on a dozen or more cars and demolish a mountain highway. She watched as

dozens of cars piled up behind and in front of her foot and a few more crashed

through the road railings - falling to desair down the side of the mountain.

Monica sighed and spoke in a slightly sarcastic voice, "Geez it seems that you

tiny tiny bothersome mites can't even follow the one rule that I have over you -

Stay out of my way." "If you don't watch were your Goddess is walking than this

might happen to you." Monica landed her left foot squarly on the highway in

front of her right foot heel to toe, so that those who had stopped in puzzlement

or awe were obliterated by her sexy foot. "You people aren't even bright enough

to evacuate the area that I am in, I can't not help that you are so stupid, and

I will show no pity." The corner of Monica's mouth turned upwards into a slight

sneer as she looked down and very purposely landed her next step on the highway

in front of her. She continued her omnipotent walk through the mountains, and

with every step she proclaimed the word "Stupid" to the two or three dozen

vehicles she covered with each of her titanic feet.

Giantess Stories: Monica XXL by Chuckcjc      Before the Earth started shaking to the extent that no one could stand on their feet

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