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Mrs. Melon Gives Freddy Firefuck Dark Detention

By Vanishing

Freddy Firefuck was thirteen years old. But he looked like he was 9. He was

skinny and had a little boy's face that all the women would grab. Squeezing his

cheeks fiercely, they would squeal, "Ohhh,you are SOOOOO cute!"

Well, Freddy wasn't nine. He was thirteen and just under five feet tall. He

never seemed to grow, except when women did that. Then he grew and grew and

grew, until the front of his jeans seemed they would split. On the first day of

his eighth grade school year, he lurked into his homeroom class, immediately

assualted by the jeers of the other kids.

"Hey shorty!"



"Electricity is not yours! It is mine!"(the fellow who said this never caught on

to the moment)

Freddy sat in the back, head down. He was used to this. After the ridicule died

down, the sharp sound of heels against the tile startled him. The tallest woman

he'd ever seen walked through the classroom doorway, no, almost had to stoop

through! She looked to be six and a half feet tall. But she wasn't gross at all.

Freddy thought some crazy Indian snake charmer thought his cock was a cobra. He

thought about Ernest Borgnine making love to Ernest Borgnine, but that didn't

work at all! The teacher was dressed in tight black, clinging to the biggest set

of tits he'd ever seen. She was gorgeous. Black hair, and lips painted in

preparation for a trick rather than a seventh grade class. Her eyes were

half-lidded, as if she were thinking of something REAL nice. Freddy's eyes

flicked down to her feet, clad in high heels. Her feet were the length of his

forearm, but even in heels, he could see the delicate, high curves of her

arches. He imagined tendrils rising from her feet, tendrils of pure stink.

As soon as the thought surfaced, the woman black eyes sought him out. Freddy

pulled his hand away from his wanker in a jerky motion. The woman smirked.

She turned around to write her name on the black board and Freddy almost yelped.

Whenever a tall woman had pinched his cheeks, and turned around to walk away,

Freddy became face-to-face with their cheeks, their BUTTcheeks. This woman had

the largest, most shapely butt he'd ever seen. The material of her skirt seemed

to sweat from the exertion of keeping it clothed. As she wrote her name, the ass

swayed back and forth in a firm, hynotizing motion.

Freddy knew who the real snake charmer was.

When she turned around again, the bounce of her tits elicited a sigh from the

boys of the class.

"My name is Mrs. Melon. I am your homeroom teacher this year."

It wasn't until the first bell rang when Freddy realized his hand was wet, and

the crotch of his jeans. It wasn't pee.

"Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit." While sitting, he yanked up his jeans as far as he

could, and untucked his shirt. But he waited until all the other kids had gone.

Soon, he was alone with Mrs. Melon. She grinned at him and leaned over the desk,

her massive boobs smashing against her planner.

Freddy got up slowly, yanked his jeans higher, and picked up his backpack.

Keeping his eyes down, he proceeded to the door. As his hand touched the

knoornob, a large hand grasped his shoulder and spun him around.

He looked up at Mrs. Melon, but since she was so close, it was hard to see her

face, since her huge tits blocked the way.

Freddy looked down, seeing why he hadn't heard her approach. She had taken off

her shoes, and his imagination had been too true! A horrible stench rose from

her feet.

"WHAT were you doing back there, young man!" she screamed down at him.

"Nothing Mrs. Melon. Nothing."

"BULLSHIT!" She locked the door and swiveled around in front of him. Looking

over her shoulder, she began to caress her ass with her long slim fingers. The

enormous ass floated just beneath Freddy's chin. It was so big he could rest his

forearms on it. Mrs. Melon was licking her teeth, and her hand kept massaging

her ass.

"You're a bad little boy, Freddy. But you're sooo cute. You remind me of my

stepson. I heard what you thought."

Without warning, Mrs. Melon yanked down her skirt, revealing her outthrusting

tanned ass. She pressed her heavy hands down on Freddy's shoulders, then thrust

her ass backward. Freddy's face was enveloped by the woman's butt.

In the darkness, she farted.

Just once.

But the horrendous fart dizzied Freddy, he spun and spun as if he were in a

washing machine. When the nausea ended, he lay on his back, against a yielding,

silky surface. His nostrils flared at a horrible stench; he tried to move, but

his body was stuck to the silky. Wherever Freddy was, it was hot and too dark.

After several moments, his pupils grew larger and he was staring straight up at

an enourmous slimy hole, ten times his size. Its borders squeezed into a tight

circle resembling an old lady's mouth. Occasionally, though, the cinched borders

wold relax, revealing the most most terrible darkness. And something behind the

darkness. A great, brown, hot glacier stupidly destroying anything in its path.

Freddy was both horrified and dumfounded. Was this some fucking nightmare.

He didn't know where he was, but everything smelled like shit.

Thinking it was a nightmare, he almost chuckled, looking at the dark hole, he

said, "Yeah, I'm right next to Mrs. Melon's asshole!" He laughed for a moment,

but something broad and flat pressed against the silk under his back, pushing

him up and up closer to the loosening hole.

He screamed like a nine year old.


Mrs. Melon felt the little boy's body through the silk of her underwear, just a

squirming tiny patch against the tip of her thumb.

He was a bad little boy. But he was SOOO cute! Just like her step-son, Jason!

Her lips tightened white. Boys have to learn that women take all the shit!

It's time they learn! Betraying the anger in her lips, Mrs. Melon's face flushed

as she pressed the tiny bad boy Freddy Firefuck deeper into her ass.

Giantess Stories: Mrs

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