Ms. Marvel Test Run

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PLEASE check out Ms. Marvel and read her comics here:

It's mostly in order but I recommend looking up a chronology youtube vid of Ms. Marvel if you feel lost at the end of her Vol#1.

Even a 7 day free trial to access Marvel's MASSIVE digital comic collection!

Kamala Khan:

First I want to mention that Ms. Marvel ROCKS and you should also check out the Avengers game campaign for her story and then just dive through all her comics! Everything in this test run she is not only entirely capable of but also kicks ass while doing it! I'd love to revisit her with a more substantial story. Maybe like how the cool thumbnail represents? She's GREAT to animate with. (Once I edited everything, of course)

Ms. Marvel Model:

This was an interesting test on multiple things. Stretching by de-connecting bones and moving them apart, (Also required for squash and stretch for game engines apparently) Gravity Collider physics stress test, bone-based facial animation, physics actually being used within the video for a BUNCH of objects, recording physics with the take recorder, Raytracing, and a cool thumbnail!

Now I gotta get to that Gravity Collider Physics tutorial and another video for Patreon. December has been a roller-coaster.

Currently rendering VR version of this that's been crashing on me consistently. It's gonna be 180VR and based on the camerawork instead of one spot. Hopefully it's a start for something that allows me to do anything with my camerawork and not worry about the VR version been too restricted and doesn't get people sick.

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Ms. Marvel Test Run


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