Giantess Stories: My Big Friend

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My Big Friend

Alison shrinks her friends.

Update: 27/09/1997 to giantess

I arrived early to my class. I was the first one in there. I put my

book bag on the floor and pulled my seat out. There was some sort of a

blinding, white, light and then I blacked out.

Before I get any farther into the story, let me tell you about myself.

My name is Mike Workman. I attend Central High School where I am

junior. I'm about six foot. I'm in OK. physical shape. Most of the

other people consider me a hick, because I openly admit that I listen

to country music. I drive a '65 Mustang with a 5.0L V-8 in it. And now

back to the story.

I awoke and got up. My head was spinning and I had to blink a few

time to get my eyes in focus. In a few minuets, my vision cleared up.

This was not happening to me. My desk was huge! It was like the Empire

State Building. I mean it was huge. I still had my cloths on,

apparently they shrunk down with me. Then it hit me. I was shrunk to

gods knows how short. I had to get someone to notice me, but how? I

saw the nearest person to where I was standing. It was Kathy.

Kathy had long, blond hair, green eyes and, well not to mince words,

110% babe. I was friends with Kathy. She had to help me. I knew she

had her drivers licence, but she had no car. Somehow, I had to have

her save me. This would be fun. I looked at her. She was wearing a

loose-fitting T-shirt with a light weight flannel over it. She had a

pair of jeans on with a pair of sandals with no socks. She was falling

asleep, like everyone does in this class. She woke up and knocked her

pencil down right next to me. I grabbed onto the pencil and she

brought me to the top of the desk.

She put her pencil down, and I let go. She got out her notebook and

almost squished me with it. I crawled up on top of the notebook,

hoping that she would notice me and save me from what happened. She

finally looked down and noticed me. Her eyes went wide. I could tell

that she was startled. She put her head down so she could talk to


"Mike, what happened to you?" she whispered.

"I don't know. Listen, I need you to go into the front pocket of my

bag and get my keys. You'll be driving my car. We can find a place and

talk. For now, hide me somewhere safe. I don't want to accidentally get

squished." It was a lucky thing that we were in the last period of the

day. She got my car keys. She picked me up and put me in the pocket of

her flannel shirt. I heard the bell ring and she got up. It felt like

and express elevator to me. She walked out of the room and down the

crowded halls. She walked outside and went over to my car. She got in,

threw her bag in the back seat and took off. She pulled up into a

parking lot and put me on the dashboard.

"Now what are we going to do?" she asked.

"I don't know. I think that we should go find some sort of brain type

person and see what he might suggest. Now where could we find one of


"Well, why don't we sleep on it. Tomorrow is Saturday, after all. We

have a whole day to look." Kathy said.

"True. Let's go. It looks like I'm staying with you tonight, Kathy."

I said.

"Yep." She said as she put the Mustang into drive.

"Kathy, won't your parents wonder where you got a '65 'Stang from?"

"Good point. I'll park it a few houses down. They are on vacation.

I think they went to the Bahamas. That should take care of your car."

She pulled into the driveway. She parked the car and picked me up and

put me in the pocket. "My parents are going out early tomorrow on a

second honeymoon. When they leave, we got freedom to get you back to

normal." Kathy said. She walked into her house. She put her bag down

and went to her room. She pulled me out of her pocket and put me on

her night stand. She sat down on her bed. "So, now what do we do? We

have all night to spend together. So what do you want to do?" She


"I don't know. I never have been shrunk before. What do we do?" I


"I'm hot, I hope you don't mind." She said as she took her shirt off.

I knew that Kathy was a babe, I didn't realize that she had such big

tits. "That's much better."

"Kathy, your father and I are going out to dinner before we have to

catch the plane. I hope that you don't mind." Kathy's mom shouted.

"That's fine. You two have a wonderful time. I'll see you Sunday

night." Kathy said. I herd the car doors slam and the car pull out of

the driveway and race out of here. "Mike, you know something, I have,

well, this isn't the easiest thing to say, but I have had a crush on

you since 7th grade." I was floored by this. The hottest babe in the

school has a crush on me! This is impossible! "Do you feel the same

way about me?"

What was I going to say, no? This is the girl which every guy in the

school wanted to go out with. Now she is saying she likes me. "Yes I

do. I have a crush on you since the 7th grade too." I said.

"" She was taken aback with my response. I don't think

she expected me to say yes. "Cool. I want to tell you something that I

have never told anyone else. I hope that you don't laugh, but I am

still a virgin, despite what you hear around the school. None of my

past flames ever got to me. I just didn't want to shatter their egos,

if you know what I mean."

"I know exactly what you mean. I have to confess something, I'm a

virgin too."

" are. I always hear that Mike did this and Mike did that."

"That is just a bull-shit rumor that got started by someone. I never

did any of that stuff." I said.

"Oh. Well, I have always wanted to get you in bed with me. Right

now you are under my total control. So I want you in bed with me." She

said as she picked me up off of the night stand. "I need you to get

this damn bra off of me." I had to take the bra off of her. She put me

on her flat, toned stomach and laid down. I cracked my knuckles and

got to work. I walked to her breasts. I looked at the bra. It had the

clips on the front. I grabbed some fabric on either side of the clip

and struggled to unhook it. It took me a while but I got it undone.

She took the bra the rest of the way off. She put me on the bed and

laid on her side and looked at me. "Now, I need you to rub my nipple.

Make me hot." She rolled onto her back and put me on her stomach

again. I walked up to her breast and climbed it. I walked to the

nipple. I started to rub it. It got hard and expanded. I could hear a

moan escape the Escort sized lips, so I took that I was doing a good

job. I walked over to the other nipple and started on that one. A

louder moan escaped her lips. "Now, walk down to my legs." I did as I

was told. I walked until I hit the band of her underwear. "I need you

to make me orgasm." She took her underwear off. I could see that this

wouldn't be easy. I walked down and jumped onto the bed. I managed to

fold away the skin that blocked the entrance to paradise. I stood in

front of her door sized pussy. I took a deep breath, and climbed in.

Her pussy was tight and damp. I could barely stand up inside of her.

This is one way of getting inside of a woman, I thought. I looked

around with what little light I could get. I touched the side of her.

I could hear a slight, muffled moan. Apparently, that must have been a

good thing. I saw something hanging down from the top. I started to

rub it. I could hear her moan louder. I could hear her say, "Come on,

Mike, More!" I rubbed harder and faster. The ground beneath me started

to shake. There was a trickle of a liquid and then the liquid came,

almost like a damn broke. The liquid wash me out of her and I ended up

on her bed. I got up and climbed back onto her. I walked up her

stomach, passed her massive breast and I stopped. "Kathy, are you

all-right?" I said.

"Yes." she said. She picked me up and licked me clean of her juices.

She got up and got a doll bed for me to sleep in. "Mike, I'll wake you

up in the morning, bright and early so we can get a early start. For

now, rest up, my little sweetheart." She said as she put the bed on

the night stand for me. I climbed into it and fell asleep very


"Mike, wake up, we better get going."

"Uh, just five more hours mom, honest."

"We have to get breakfast and get ready to go out to get you back to

normal, remember?"

"What?" I said, opening my eyes and staring at the billboard sized

face of Kathy. "Oh, yeah." I got out of the bed and stretched. "How

are you this morning, Kathy?"

"I'm fine, how are you?" "Sore as hell." I said.

"Well, you better get some food so we can get going. We got a busy day

ahead of us." Kathy said.

"Yeah, first can you take me to the bathroom? You know, nature calls

and all that." I said.

"No problem." She picked me up and took me into the bathroom. She

put me on the sink. "I assume you just have to pee, is that right?" She


"Yep." I peed into the sink. When I finished, she picked me up and

took me into the kitchen.

"What should I give you to eat? Hmm. How about some cookie crisp?"

Kathy asked.

"Yeah. That would be good." She put me down onto the table. She got

the cereal and got out one piece for me. She put it down for me.

"Well, this is one way to cut down on the food expenses." I joked.

"Yep." she said with a chuckle. We ate breakfast and she took me

upstairs so she could get dressed. She put me on her night stand while

she put some cloths on. She put me into her T-shirt pocket and grabbed

the car keys and got into my car and drove off. "Now, where the hell

are we going to find someone to help you?"

"Well, why don't we try the university?" I said.

"Good idea. I'm sure that we can find someone there to help you."

Kathy said. We drove to the university. She got out of the car and

walked to a building. "Uh, Mike," she whispered, "who should we ask


"Try theoretical physics. I think that might be the department you

might want. but I'm not sure." I said.

"Well, that is a good place as any to start." Kathy walked up to the

receptionist. "Can you point me to the theoretical physics?"

"Well, try the Gill Building, third floor, office 109." she said.

"Thank you." Kathy said. She walked to the Gill Building and walked

in. She went to the third floor, office 109. She knocked and a voice

said, "Enter. " Kathy walked in.

"Hello. My name is Prof. Alison Jones. And you are?" came the reply.

"Kathy Brown."

"How may I help you Kathy?"

"Well, my friend has a little problem."

"Oh, what type?" Prof. Jones said.

"Well, why don't I show you." Kathy said. She reached in and picked me

out of her pocket. She opened her palm so I could stand up. There was

a gasp from the Prof.

"Oh my god. What happened to him?" Prof. Jones said.

"I can speak for my self." I said.

"Oh, sorry, what happened to you?" she asked.

I told my story to her, leaving out the part about last night. Prof.

Jones got a notebook and wrote stuff down. I looked at the Prof.

Alison Jones. She looked young to have such a prestigious job. She

looked to be about 25 years old. She had long, black hair, pulled

back. She had blue eyes. She looked to be on the taller side. I knew

that Kathy was a little bit shorter than me (when I was normal height

of 5' 10"), but Prof. Jones was at least, 6' 1" tall. She looked to

have a athletic build.

Prof. Jones asked Kathy some questions, and then took some

measurements from me, like my current weight, height, and other

measures. She asked me what my normal weight, height, etc. was. She

took us into a lab that was next to her office. "I have been working

on a shrinking machine. It doesn't work right. It'll shrink an object

down to nothing, as in it shrinks to smaller than atomic size. I can't

stop it. And I can't get something small to grow. This is a one way

machine only. I have been working on controlling the shrinking, but

it's an impossible." I thought back to when I shrunk down. I tried to

think of every detail I could remember about how I got shrunk.

"Prof., can I please see this work. I just want to see something. I

want to compare this machine to what I remember about my shrinking. I

might help." I said.

"Of course. What should I use as a test object? This pencil should do

it." She put the pencil on the pad and aimed the machine at it. She

hit a button. There was a noise as the machine build up and then there

was a blinding, blue, flash of light. The pencil shrunk down before

our eyes to nothingness. "Did that help any?"

"The light that I can remember was a white light, not a blue one like

this machine."

"Hmm, I'll have to try to get a white one. That might be the problem.

I got to think of a way to get that light to change color. It might

take a while. I don't know how long, but can you give me your number

and I'll call you when I finish."

"Sure." Kathy said. She wrote her number down on a piece of paper and

handed to the Prof.

"You two go home. I'll get right to work on this machine. I'll call

you, Kathy, when I get this bloody thing to work." Prof. Jones said.

"You two drive safe now, you hear."

We arrived back at Kathy's house. She pulled my car into the garage.

She walked inside. "Mike, I say we celebrate. Why don't we get some

pizza. I got some beer her to drink. I normally don't drink, but this

is a special occasion." She picked the phone up and ordered a Pizza.

She walked to the frying. She got out one beer. She got a thimble and

put some beer in it for me to drink. We drank our beer and started on

number two when the pizza guy came. Kathy paid him and brought the

pizza into the kitchen. She cut a small piece off for me to eat. I

finished my beer and I wanted some more. Kathy put some into the

thimble. We had the pizza and had a few more beers. "Why don't we do

something different?" Kathy said as she picked me up and carried me up

to her room. She bumped into the wall a few times.

What happened next in the room, I don't remember (I think I was took

drunk). I think we did have sex, but it is a fog on my mind. I just

can't remember. Let me pick up the story where I remember.

"Mike, wake up." I sat up, but it felt like an atom bomb was going off

in my head. "Do you have 1/2 the hangover I have?" Kathy asked.

"If you consider an atom bomb going off in my head, probably no."

"What did we do last night?" Kathy asked me.

"I have no idea. Do you?"

"Nope. Let me go get the newspaper and we can have some coffee. OK?"

Kathy said.

"Sounds like a date." Kathy put her housecoat on and put me in the

pocket. She walked and got the paper. She brought it back in and put

it on the table. The pizza and beer cans were still on the table. Kathy

put the pizza in the trash and beer in the recycle. She un-bagged the

paper and put it on the table. She put some water and coffee into a

cup and microwaved it for a minute. She took it out and put some in a

thimble for me. She sat down and looked at the headlines. Kathy

dropped her mug on the floor and it shattered. I looked up at her. I

read the headlines. The one said, "Fire destroys Gill building; One

Dead." She read the article further to find the name of the dead

person. She found it. "Mike, the person who died was Prof. Jones." I

got weak in the knees and I leaned up against the salt shaker. "From

what I can tell the fire started when something exploded. Apparently,

Prof. Jones was in the same room as the explosion. She was pronounced

dead at the scene." Kathy could barely hold back the tears.

"Kathy, please, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Maybe we can

find her notes and hire someone to build another machine." I said,

trying to calm the giantess down, even though I was a puddle of nerves

inside. I had to keep a brave face, even though I was a wreck. Just

then, the phone rang. Kathy dried her eyes and picked it up.

"Hello. Yes. Oh. I see. I'll be there in a few. bye."

"Do you mind me asking, but who was that?"

"That, my microscopic friend, was Prof. Jones' sister. She wants us

to get over there right away. She said it was something about you." She

picked me up and she got dress, in what looked like record time. She

put me in her T-shirt pocket and ran to the garage. She opened the

door and pulled the 'Stang out and floored it.

We pulled up in one of the new, ritzy developments. We found the

house and pulled in to the driveway. The house had a 4-car garage. The

house was huge, even from my view. Kathy walked up to the front door

knocked. The door opened. A young woman was standing there. She

looked to be about 21. She had short, black hair. "Hello, you must be

Kathy. My name is Rita. Please come in." Kathy walked in. "Would you

like any coffee?"

"No, thank you." Kathy said.

"Well, you must be wondering why I called you. You see, my sister did

not die in that explosion. In fact she is in the basement working on

the machine right now. She had some sort of deal where her computer at

the university would sent data to one here every 5 minuets."

"Yeah, but the paper said that she died in the explosion." Kathy said.

I was listing with interest from Kathy's pocket.

"No, that was her assistant. Alison went home, and left the assistant

to clean up. The assistant was the one that died. Now, let's go see

how my sister is progressing." Rita said. We walked down a set of

stairs to the basement.

"Kathy, how are you?" Prof. Jones shouted out.

"Fine. I'm just shocked to see you, and all." Kathy said.

"Did you bring Mike?"

"Yep." She reached in and pulled me out of her pocket.

"Hello, Mike. How are you?"

"Fine, for being so small."

"Well," Alison said. "Right now, I am reconstructing the machine which

I had in the lab."

"Cool. You mean I might be able to get back to normal?" I said.

"Same thing as yesterday. I still don't know if I can control the

process. But I am getting closer to the possibility. Here is the deal.

you two will stay here for a while until I get this machine working.

Don't worry about anything. Rita is going to put you car into the

garage and you two can share a room. I think I should have this thing

built by the end of the week. Rita, why don't you show them to the


"Sure thing, sis. This way, please." Kathy followed Rita up the

stairs. We went up anther flight of stairs and found the room. Kathy

walked in. The room was huge. There was a huge bed against one wall.

On top of the dresser was a doll house (My house), there was a T.V.

with a VCR and kick ass stereo system. The was a bathroom with a hot

tub. This was a great room. "You two can get settled in here. I'll be

up latter to see how you are. Oh, yeah, before I forget. Mike, the

house has been set up so you don't have to rely on us to take you

everywhere. There are special tubes that connect each room to each

other. You can go anywhere in the house. Now you two, get settled in."

Rita left and shut the door.

"Well, I think this might be fun." I said.

"Mike, dear, do you want to go spelunking (cave exploring if you

didn't know)?"

"Oh yeah!" I said. She walked over to the bed and put me down on it.

She stood in front of the bed with her hands on her hips.

"OK, Mr. Cave explorer. You are going to explore a cave where only one

other person has been. Do you accept the mission?" Kathy said, with

the best military commander look she could get.

"Yes sir." I said, saluting her, military style.

"Now for you briefing." She took off her T-shirt and threw it on the

bed next to me. She walked over to the CD player and put in a CD. It

was a slow song. She walked back to the bed. She took her bra off and

put the cup over my head. I climbed out from under it. She took her

shoes and socks off. She took her jeans off and threw them on the

floor. "The briefing will now commence." She took off her underwear

and put in over me. There was a musty smell, which make me very happy.

I crawled out from under the briefs "That was you briefing. "Now you

must go and explore the cave." She laid down on the bed on her back.

She parted her pussy lips. I took a deep breath and went in. I decided

to try something different. I started to lick the 'walls'. Occasionally

I'd rub my rock hard cock against the side. I could feel some pressure

building up in my balls. I crawled forward and positioned my cock so it

was facing in the right direction. I counted to three and then I

realized it at the same time Kathy had one of several monster organism.

I could feel the 'walls' contract and expand faster and faster as the

second orgasm came. On the third one, I finally was washed out. She had

several more. Finally her organism ended. She reached down and put me

on top of her breast and she propped her head up on a pillow so we could


We talked for about an hour. I asked her to put me in my house so I

could change into something a little more drier. I changed and walked

down to the basement in the tube.

"Hello Mike. This is going a little faster than I thought. Hopefully

we'll be ready by Thursday." Alison said. I left the basement and

wondered around the house for a while, thinking. What if the machine

can't fix me. What if the machine makes me smaller? What if the

machine doesn't work? Do I want to go back to normal? What will happen

between Kathy and me if I return to normal? Unfortunately, I didn't have

an answer to any of my questions.

The rest of the week past. After we woke up, Kathy would let me do

some spelunking. Then we would go get breakfast and go back to our

room where I would explore different parts of Kathy's body. We then

would have lunch and go back to our room and watch some T.V. and talk

about things. Sometimes Kathy would take me outside for a walk. We

would eat dinner, and then Kathy and I would go back to our room for

some more spelunking.

On Wednesday, We were getting ready to do some spelunking when Alison

can bursting in. "I did it! I shrunk a rat down and brought him back

to normal again several times!"

Kathy and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. Kathy hugged

Alison. We were laughing and just congratulating Alison on a job well

done when we went down to see the machine. Alison put a rat on the

platform and hit it with the beam. It shrunk down in proportion to me.

Alison turned a dial and hit the rat again and it went back to normal

sized. "Mike, are you ready to get big?" Alison said.

I took a deep breath "Yes I am." Alison took me away from Kathy and

put me on the platform. She made some adjustments and hit the button.

A beam of light came out and hit me. It felt like someone lit a fire

inside of me. Then I blacked out.

When I came back to, I was staring up at Kathy's billboard sized face.

"Did it work?" I asked.

"I'm sorry Mike, but it didn't work. What I think happened was the

process that shrunk you and mine are just not compatible. I'm going to

try, but I don't think I can do anything to return you to normal."

"Then shrink me." Kathy said.

"What?" Alison said.

"You heard me. Shrink me. I want to hug Mike without crushing him. I

want to be able to hold his hand without breaking his arm. Please,

shrink me." Kathy said, fierce determination in her eyes.

"OK. Give Mike to me and step on the platform." Kathy picked me up

and handed me to Alison. This was the first time that Alison ever held

me. Her hand was soft and warm. She turned a dial and hit the start

button. The machine made a soft, humming noise and shot a beam out at

Kathy. The light beam was so bright that it made everyone shield their

eyes. When we could see again, there was a minuscule Kathy standing on

the pad. Alison reached down and picked Kathy up. I looked over at

Kathy and she looked over at me. "Now, you two are my prisoners No one

will find you now." Alison said as she took the two shrunken people


Alison took Kathy and myself upstairs and put us on the table. "Now

what should I do with ya'all?" Alison said. I look over at Kathy. She

was shaking uncontrollably. "I'll have to ask my dear sweat sister,

Rita." She reached down her shirt and brought Rita out. "Rita, what

should I do with them?" Alison said.

"Don't hurt them!" Rita said from Alison's hand.

"Are you coming to there defence? You, the one that left daddy to beat

me while you just looked on, to stupid to do anything to stop him. I

don't have to listen to you or you little friends." She put Rita on

the table. "You three are my pets, for lack of better terms. You will

do what ever I wish you to do. If you don't, I'll just kill you." And

to demonstrate her power over us, she slammed her fist into the table,

knocking us off out feet. "Just remember what I just did. if you think

of rebelling." Alison said. "Now, I have to keep you out of trouble.

And I know just the place to put you." She picked us up in one of her

hands and took us upstairs to her room. She reached under the bed and

pulled out a shoe box. She opened it up and put us in after taking out

the shoes. She closed the lid, punched a few holes, and I think she

put us on a shelf.

"Now everyone, stay calm. First we have to see what we can do to get

out of here. Second we have to get help or get back to normal.

Agreed?" I said.

"Yes." Kathy and Rita said.

"I don't know what she has planned, but Rita, what was she talking


"Well, when we were growing up, Daddy used to beat Alison only. Not

me or Mom, but Alison. I think she saw she could get power over her life

with that machine. So she used it on us. What she has in store, I got

no idea."

"OK, that gives us something to work on." I said. "I think that we

should wait it out a little, see what Alison has in store for us."

"That sounds good." Kathy said.

"Now we should get some sleep, because we don't know when we will get

some in the future." We laid down together and fell asleep.

We awoke to the box being moved. The top opened up and Alison looked

in. "Wake up little pets." she said in a baby-voice. "Were going out

today, and we have to get ready." She reached in and picked us up. She

was naked and her cloths were on the bed. She put us on her night stand

and picked up her bra. "Kathy, Rita, step forward." They looked at me.

I gave them a nod. They step forward. She picked Kathy up and put her

in one cup, Rita in the other. She put her bra on. I could see Kathy

and Rita's outline in the fabric. "Now for you, Mike." She pick up her

underwear. She pulled out a needle and thread from the bed she pick me

up and place me on the front of her underwear. She sowed me to the

front and put them on. Her bush was tickling me. I could feel her put

something else on and started to walk. The cloth was shifting,

chaffing me. This was hell, pure and simple. To make thing worse, she

was starting to get horny. There was a overpowering, musty smell and

the cloth was starting to get soaked. This was most definitely hell.

I stayed in there all day. I got crushed when she sat down. Finally

she must have came home. She took her outer garment off, relieving some

pressure that built up on me. She took my prison off. I saw light.

Damn, that was bright. I watched as her pussy went higher above me,

her legs getting longer. Finally, she stepped out of it and picked it

(and me) up. She looked at me. "Aw, poor little thing. I should cut

you loose." She cut me loose and picked me out of there. I still saw

that she had her bra on, with Kathy and Rita still inside there. She

put me on the night stand and leaned over the bed and took her bra off

and let it fall on the bed. She pick Rita and Kathy out of the cups

and picked me up and put us in the box and put the lid on.

"Mike, where did you end up?" Kathy asked.

"In her underwear." I said. "Are you to OK?"

"I'm fine, some muscle cramps, but otherwise OK, and you?"

"Stiff and wet."

"And smelly." Kathy said.

"Blame it on our 'master'. She got so fucking horny. I guess from

having us near her privets." I said.

"Mike?" Kathy said, "fuck me."

"What?" I said.

"Fuck me." Kathy said.

"Me too." Rita said.

"It must be the smell from Alison. It is making you horny." I said. "I

wonder why it didn't make me horny?"

"It doesn't matter why, I just need a good fuck job." Kathy said.

"I want him first!" Rita said, running to me. Kathy ran and tackled

her. They were fighting over me. This is a weird twist. Finally Kathy

knocked Rita out she ran over to collect her 'prize'.

"Kathy, I don't want to do this, but it's for your own good." I

punched her in the face, knocking her out for a while. "What the hell

did Alison do to these poor girls?" I drug Kathy to one corner of the

box. I drug Rita to the opposite corner. I sat down in the middle of

the box and waited.

"Oh, pets! I want to show you something.." Alison said opening the

lid. She looked in and saw that Rita and Kathy were knocked out. "What

the hell happened to them?"

"They got into a fight over me." I said.

"Well, they can miss this. Come on!" She said, picking me out of the

box. I saw that she was fully clothed. She put me in the pocket of her

T-shirt. She went down the stairs. She walked into the front room. I

could see a UPS man standing there. "Can you please take that package

down stairs for me? I'll tip you if you do."

"It'll be my pleasure miss." He said, picking up the large box. Alison

showed him downstairs to the room with the shrinking ray. Apparently

she was working on the ray, because it got smaller, and more hid. She

had him put the box in the middle of the room. She hit a switch by the

stairs. The machine started to hum with power. "What is that humming?"

He asked her.

"Wait a few moments." Alison said. Just then a bright, beam of light

shot out and struck the UPS man. He had a look of shock and then he

shrunk. I could just see him on the floor. Alison walked over to him

and towered over him. "OK, your my new pet." She said. She bent down

and picked him up. She put him in the pocket with me. He looked at me

with shock.

"Hello. My name is Mike. What's yours?"

"B..B..Bill." He said. "What the hell happened to me? And you?"

"We were shrunk. It'll be OK. I've been shrunk for about a month. You

get used to it." I said.

"OK, pets. Time to go into your home." She said, taking us out of her

pocket and putting us into the box. She put the box on the shelf. I

could see Bill shaking.

"Thing will be all right. We'll get back to normal, somehow." Bill

finally fainted. I drug him over to the wall and leaned him up against

it. I leaned against the wall and fell asleep.

Alison got quite a few 'pets' in the next few months. She had about 8

per shoe box, and she had about 10 boxes. Sometimes she would let us

visit with the other shrunken people (under her watch, of course). I

was starting to wonder if I ever would get back to normal.

Alison had made several improvements to the ray. She made it about

the size of a small hand gun. It also worked faster. Sometimes she would

take some of us out. She would put whoever in her bra cups and her

panties. I ended up in the cups twice. The one time I was in there, I

slid to the bottom of the cup, with the massive breast crushing me.

Somehow, I made my way to someplace a little less restricting.

Onetime, during our outings with the other shrunk people, Steve came

up with an idea on how to get one of us back to normal.

"Mike," Steve said, "I got an idea on how to get out of here."

"Shoot." I said.

"Well, somehow we wait until she is distracted and a few of us make a

break for the ray in the basement." Steve said.

"How will we get down the stairs?" I said.

"Simple, we make parachutes out of tissue and some thread. We jump

from the open part of the hall way and we land in the entry way. From

there, we do the same thing for the basement."

"Steve," I said, "This will never work."

"Not now, when we get more of us it will work. I don't think that she

will notice a few of us missing."

"Well, let's wait until there is about 150 of us. That should be a

good number to do this crazy plan."

So the plan was laid out. It spread though us like wildfire. There had

been several escape attempts, put they were unorganized. When she

captured the escapees, she would tie them to the top of her foot. She

would then put pantyhose on over top of them, and finally she would put

a pair of tight, high-heeled shoes on. She would leave them in there

for an hour or so and then take them out. Most of them died while in

there, others came back with many broken bones and died a short time

later. A few survived the experience, but were handicapped for life.

This time would be different. I made out a small group to take with

me. I choose Rita, because she knew the machine, Bob, a electronic

wizard, Kathy, and myself.

Several weeks passed. We were waiting for the right time to try to

leave. Finally it happened. She had us out on her bed when the front

doorbell rang. She got up and went downstairs. My group made our move.

We climbed down the bed covers and hid under the bed, behind a pair of

sneakers. We saw Alison walk in, smiling. That could only mean that she

got anther 'pet'. She put the others in the box and put them on

the shelf. She walked out of the room and went down the stairs.

"OK," I said, "here's the deal. First we need thread and tissues. Bob,

Rita, get the thread. Kathy and I will work on the tissues. Meet under

hear when you have everything we need." Bob and Rita walked out from

under the bed and went to the dresser to get some thread. Kathy and I

climbed up the phone cord to get at the tissues. It took us almost all

day to climb up the phone cord. We made it to the top. We saw the box

of tissues. We walked over to the box. We stood there and looked at


"How are we going to get the tissue out of here?" Kathy said.

"Give me a few." I said. I was looking around when I saw what we

needed. Four tissues, already out of the box. There were in Alison's

draw on the night stand. I jumped into the draw. Kathy followed me. We

pushed three of the tissues over the edge. The fourth one, we each

grabbed two corners and jumped off. We floated down to the floor. We

pulled the tissues under the bed. Then we heard Alison start walking

upstairs to go to sleep. I did know where Rita and Bob was, but I

hoped that they were hidden. Alison walked into her room. She changed

into her bedclothes and went into her bed and fell asleep. Kathy and I

snuggled up and feel asleep.

We awoke in the morning. Bob and Rita were coming in with the thread.

"You got the tissues." Bob said.

"Yep. Did you have any problems?" I asked.

"None, really." We got to work. We got the thread into pieces. We made

a hole in the tissue and tied the thread to it. It took us all day to

make the parachutes. We decided to move out tomorrow for the

downstairs. We went to sleep.

The next morning, Rita woke us up and got us moving. We pulled the

'chutes to the stairs. We hooked them up and jumped. I went first. I

went and the 'chute worked perfectly. Kathy, Bob, and then Rita

followed. We folded up the 'chutes and hid under a hutch. We feel


The next morning, Rita woke us up again. We drug our 'chutes to the

stairs to the basement. The door was wide open. We looked down the

stairs. We decided to climb down the stairs a little bit until we

could 'chute down. We went down about 3 stairs and we could make a

pretty safe jump. We jumped down. I loved doing this! We landed on the

concrete floor. The shrinking machine loomed in front of us. We

dropped our 'chutes and walked over to it.

"Rita, you helped build this thing. Where would the best place to

climb up be?" I asked.

"The data cable should be our best bet." Rita said.

"OK. Let's go for it." I said. We climbed up the cable. We walked onto

the control panel. "Let's get this thing running."

"Right. Bob, go to the other end and push the power button." Rita

said. Bob ran down and hit the button. The panel light up. "Kathy,

find a dial and turn it to big."

"Right." Kathy found the dial. After a effort she got it to big.

"Mike, go stand on the pad." Rita said. "We'll enlarge you first."

"Right." I slid down the cable and got onto the pad. The ray pointed

at me. It shot out a blinding white light and I grew. Boy did I grow.

I ended up about 7 ft, which was about a foot taller than I normally

am. I put Kathy on the pad. I hit the button. She grew to 6' 10". I did

Rita, followed by Bob. They grew to 6' 8" and 6' 9", resistively. We

herd a car pull up and a door slam. We heard the front door open and

slam. We walked up the steps and surrounded Alison. She had a

dumbfounded look on her face. Her 5' 4" body was nothing compared to

us. She reached into her purse for the shrinker. Rita reached out and

grabbed her hand.

"Let me go! Your breaking my hand!!" Alison was screaming. I got the

shrinker. I took it upstairs to the little people. I pulled the boxes

of the shelf and let the occupants walk out onto the bed.

"OK, I am going to do this on at a time." I picked one of them out and

grew them back to normal. I finished up with the rest of them. I

walked downstairs and found Kathy and Rita and that Alison. "I think

we should call the cops."

"Even though she is my sister, I agree wholeheartedly." Rita said.

"I'll call." Kathy said. She walked over to the phone and dialled 9-1-

1. Shortly there after two officers arrived. One of the normal people

opened the door.

"What seems to be the trouble?" One officer asked. "Go though that

entrance way. They'll explain." the man said. The officers walked in

and stopped dead in there tracks. Standing before them was three

people who were about 7 ft tall and one about 5 1/2' tall.

"What the hell happened here?" one officer said.

"She shrunk us and held us against our will. We escaped and grew to

this size to overpower her." I said.

"OK. And where is this shrink ray?" The officer asked.

"Right here." I shot him with it. I shrunk him down to about 1/2 his


"What the hell? Put him back." The other officer spoke up.

"I did that for a demonstration. So you knew we were telling the

truth." I said.

"We believe you." The officer said. He read Alison her rights and put

her into the back of the squad car.

"I wonder where the hell my car is?" I asked.

"Over here!" Rita said. She was pointing to a shelf with cars, UPS

trucks, pick-ups, and other assorted modes of transportation. We took

all of the cars and enlarged them. We let the people claim there cars

and let them go home. Bob, Rita, Kathy, and myself shrunk back down to

normal sized. Kathy and I jumped into my 'Stang and drove off. Man, I

would have a lot of explaining to do when I got home why I was gone

for several months.

THE END!!!!!


Giantess Stories: My Big Friend

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