Giantess Stories: My Cousins so called Life

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Asuka's Note: Each part of this story is a stand alone story all within the

same series.

My Cousins small new Life






Its hard to believe that it all started more than 4 years ago. Sometimes it's

impossible to imagine at all! But then I look at little stevie staring up at me

from his cage and I smile to myself cause its really kinda fun having a little

man as a pet. I know that probally sounds mean but it isnt, well not really. I

mean my cousin is only about 2" high and he relies on me for everything! Besides

he kinda accepts his life for what it is now and I take real good care of him.

Its not that he wouldnt go back to the way things used to be if he had the

chance but since there is no chance of that, mikey should consider himself sorta

lucky to have me protecting him. Things could be much worse for the little fella.

He's got his pretty 16 year old cousin feeding, cleaning, protecting and loving

him! I know it has to be embarrassing for him living like this sometimes but he

realizes that at 2" tall, you dont call the shots and in fact its a pretty good

idea to make your owner, I mean protector of course, pleased with you. I am sure

he accepts his new life now and he appreciates me looking afte him. He'd better,

hehehe if he knows whats good for the teeny tiny man!!!!

Anyways let me tell you how it all began. This was back in 1997 and I, allysa

coughlin was still in junior high school. I was such a kid back then. I remember

how I really looked up to my big older cousin Steve. Well, we all did. I mean he

was a hunk! 18 and on his way to Northwestern, totally cool and totally muscular

at 6 feet tall, Steven had it all. Steve and his junior girlfriend amanda larson

were like the cutest couple in school. They made an adorable pair cause amanda

was so little- at under 5 feet tall, Michael towered over her. They seemed

really in love but I suppose looking back on it, amanda was more into cousin

steve cause he was popular since once he got little, she didnt really want to

stand by him. Well, over him,I guess is more like it, tee hee! Oh I am getting

ahead of myself again. (sometimes I do that, sorry)

So stevie had it all going for him, handsome, smart, intellegent, a pretty

girlfriend and popular. Oh was he popular! All the guys wanted to be just like

him and the girls they all wanted to date him,except those that had already had

that honor! Steven had had his share of girlfriends in high school and although

he had broken up with 5 or 6 girls, all his exes seemed to still like him lots.

(guess they all still had hopes of getting back together with him) Stevie was

popular with his siblings as well. His younger brother alex was a freshman at

the time and although he was just 5' 5" tall, he was a whole like steve. He

looked up to steven and steven was a really good big bro. His sisters liked him

too, as much as sisters can like their brother I guess. (Mine's a big jerk most

of the time) His sister jennifer was a junior and only 8 months younger than

steve. She looks nothing like her other siblings cause she was adopted by my

aunt and uncle when she was a baby. (jen's parents were friends of my aunt lisa

and uncle rob and as godparents to jennifer, they took her in when her parents

died in a terrible accident) Jennifer is blonde and 5'2" and is currently 21 and

a senior at columbia. She is awfully pretty. Id love to look like her when I am

grown up but she doesnt look anything like her adopted family. Rats! Jennifer is

so cool, I really look up to her like the older sister I wish I had. (oh yeah I

am rambling again, whoops!) Jennifer and Steven had grown up pretty close

despite not being blood related, they thought of each other as brother and

sister. Jen loved her brother but didnt always approve of the way he treated his

girlfriends. Two of his exes, stephanie and kaitlan had been close friends of

jennifer's before getting involved with steve. Secretely, jennifer thought that

her brother was too much of a player and she hoped that it would not get him in

trouble some day.

The baby of the family was shanna. At 7 years old, shanna got away with

everyhing cause she was so cute. She loved her big brother too and he doted on

her in a very kind way. They were destined to become close friends when they

were older.

Steven had the perfect life, so it seemed. All was going right for him but none

of this stuff would matter to him after the day his life changed in an instant.

-- -- -- -- -- -- --

Steve and my older brother dan were in the same chemistry class together and

they were working on a science project together in their basement. It had

something to do with molecular makeup of small objects. I have never been all

too good at science! Steve was real good with chemicals and had made some

formula to test compounds for some sort of neutrinic acid (or some such thing,

who knows!)

Our families were always real close so I went along with my brother dan to our

cousins house. We were all gonna have supper and then spend the night there. I

was still only 11 and curious about what the guys were up to so I hung around in

the basement with them probably getting in the way. (oh well, too bad!) Jennifer

and Alex werent there when it happened. They were hanging out with friends so it

was just steve, dan and me. Oh and little shanna was upstairs taking a nap so

she could stay up late to watch a movie with us! I remember it like it was

yesterday when dan went up to get us some snacks and steven continued to work on

his molecular project. Steve poured one tube into another and nothing happened.

Then he added a small tube of something (god knows what it was!) and then the

explosion! Instantly Steve disappeared before my eyes, or so I thought. I went

over to see what had happened and it didnt look too bad. There was no smoke, no

fire, no noise. Just a silent explosion!

Then I noticed on the basement floor a small creature, the size of a mouse, no

smaller than a mouse scampering around like it was terrified. I bent down on my

knees to get a closer look and I was stupefied at what I saw there. It was my

cousin steven shrunk to less than 2" tall, helpless and frightened. I didnt know

what to do! I mean I am only 11 years old at the time remember? I was so amazed

at what had happened to him and steve looked up at me like he was afraid I would

squash him like a bug! I rememeber thinking at the time how cool it was to see

someone so teeny tiny and even though I was concerned for my cousin's safety, I

so wanted to pick him up in my hand and play with the tiny fella. I decided to

try to talk to him but when I asked him if he was ok, he shook terrified at the

enormous sound of my giant voice to his tiny ears. When he told me to get help,

I could barely make out the eensy weensy squeaks coming from stevies mouth. I

decided it would not be a good idea to leave him like this on the floor, not

even for a second. (at his height, I thought an insect or a mouse might be a

real threat to the little guy) So I gently scooped up my little tiny cousin and

pocketed him into my blouse. Then I ran upstairs to tell my aunt and brother

what had happened to my cousin!!!



Well I was thinking that you probably wonder how I wound up with steven as my

responsibility. So today I want to tell you how I got the job and maybe a little

bit about what I plan to do with my new pet in the year and a half that he's



Steven has been living mostly with his kid brother alex over the last few years.

Alex graduated from high school back in may and he wanted to go away for the

summer before starting at dartmouth late in august. I mean stevie was under

alex's care but all of the family did our part. Steven is a big job so there

have been many times that alex had other things going on in his life and stevie

sorta got passed along to one of the rest of his relatives. (must be so weird

for him to have been the tallest and strongest, and now to be handed back and

forth to us kids who used to be small to him. guess he's sorta used to it by

now!) I loved getting to take care of mikey (btw, thats the nickname that his

baby sister gave him after he shrunk, mini mikey, and its sorta stuck cause its

so cute for the little guy, HE HATES IT THOUGH hehehe) but never seemed to get

much of a chance. (I suppose kid cousin allysa is low on the totem pole when

looking for sitters.)

So when alex went away, my aunt and uncle had to come up with a new plan. They

had first thought that shanna would get the job when alex went off to school but

shes still such a little girl at 11. Shanna was none to happy about not getting

her chance to look after her doll sized big brother but her mom assured her when

she was in high school, steven would be all hers! that made her smile. (Even

though steven loved his baby sister, it made him cringe to think of being in her

care. He'd gone through a very difficult year and a half when his stepsister

Jennifer kept him in her dollhouse. He didnt look forward to being kept by a

sister again!)

So with Jennifer and Alex both away at college, I tried to get them to make me

the person that would be ultimately in charge of mikey's life. This wasnt going

to be easy cause I am not sure they totally trusted me. I have a little

reputation you see. (not undeserved) Besides, since the first time I held the

small man in my hand, years ago, I sorta have been a little overly exuberant

about playing with him! I am sure they had their doubts that I would be the best

one to look after their teeny son. So they considered hiring a professional

babysitter (but that would be very expensive) and they also though about sending

him to live with jennifer or alex at school. That idea seemed good for awhile

but I convinced them that it would be awfully dangerous for steven on a college

campus plus the demands on jen and alex would be too high.

Finally, i convinced them that I would be the right girl for the job! Yippy!!! I

was thrilled. A man of my own to do with whatever I wanted to for my whole

junior and senior year of high school. What fun! When mikey found out he tried

to argue but he knew that it was a lost cause. His mom and dad hadnt listened to

him when he objected to his previous "protectors." (guess its hard to be all

that convincing when you are the size of a doll!) His arguments where not even

considered. They decided that cousin allysa would get the job and I was

thrilled! When I went to get steven, (he was going to be moving to my bedroom

and at first my old dollhouse) he tried to make me understand that he was still

my older cousin and that I of course would listen to whatever he asked of me and

act accordingly. Hahaha. Yeah right!

He was scared. terrified is more like it. He knew how much I enjoyed having him

at my mercy and he feared that I would make him do things that he didnt like.

(boy is he right!) Nevertheless, I tried to reassure him while his folks were

around. "its ok steven. We are gonna have a blast together and I am sure you are

going to love your new life with me. I promise we are going to whats best for

everyone." I suppose that reassured him a little bit but when I picked him up to

take him with me, I could still feel him shaking. (it felt kinda neat, knowing

he was so scared of little me!)

It was also worked out that shanna would come over at least twice a week to take

care of him. RATS. I didnt want her anywhere near my little man but she is his

sister and I suppose I understand that they want her to get used to looking

after him cause someday it will be her job. I decided that when she came over I

would try to set the groundrules so that shanna would know I owned her brother

and she was simply a visiting babysitter.

So we got home, I carried mikey all the way in my blouse. (boy does that feel

cool!) When I let him out in my bedroom, he instructed me never to carry him

like that again because it was uncomfortable and embarrassing. Pulease! He tried

making demands on me? what was he thinking? I was annoyed but tried to hide it.

I told him that I like carrying him that way and hed have to get used to it. He

was steamed. I told him that we were going to have to work together cause he

needed me pretty badly in his predicament. I didnt want to scare him too much

right off the bat so I told him not to worry so much, I was just a 15 year old

girl. (at the time) I giggled to show him how immature I could still be! (hahaha

whatever) He seemed to calm down a little when i told him that we would have a

great time together and that we would become best of friends. I added one thing,

"mikey, honey, just as long as you realize that allysa is in charge, things will

be fine. I do expect obedience from my little cousin or there will be

punishments. Am I clear?"

I placed him on my skirt so that he could see just how enormous I was compared

to him. He would be a foolish man to disagree with such a giant teenager who

controlled his very existence! He gulped. the sight must have been overwhelming

for the dollie man! He nodded agreement which made me grin from ear to ear.

Oh my god was this going to be fun I thought as I placed my cousin back into his


Giantess Stories: My Cousins so called Life

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