Giantess Stories: My dollhouse Apartment by antman   My new life started when I moved to New Orleans

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My new life started when I moved to New

Orleans,it was a better location for my company,I was going to have a house

built but needed somewhere to live in the mean time so I tried a couple of

apartments but none peaked my interest, I was explaining this to my assisant in

the lounge of my companies building when Karen an average looking women in her

late thrities interupted, Excuse me sure but I could not help but hear that you

were looking for a place to stay while your house was being built, I know of a

house for rent in my neighborhood if your interested I could show you the house

later this evening.

Karen looked nerves when she told me of the house I thought it was because she

was scared to talk to her new boss,but it was because of the house she wanted me

to rent.

Why yes Karen,i got her name off her security badge,that would be nice I am

gettig tired of looking at apartments maybe a house is the way to go were shall

I meet you,I asked.

You can meet me at my home say around six p.m. tonight,Karen wrote her address

and phone number down on some paper and handed it to me.

That will be great I shall see this evening.

I pulled into Karens driveway at ten to six,she lived in a ranch house just

outside of town,I range the doorbell and Chrissy her teenaged daughter answered

she was about sixteen,not much younger than me,I made my first million before I

was fifteen and in five years I was a billionier,she walked me into there living

room and told me her mother would be right out.

Karen entered the room in a short mini skirt nylons and high heels, welcome

Mr.Flint,she said with such a sexy voice and extended her hand, as I rose from

my seat to shake her hand I told her that she did not have to call me Mr.Flint

she could just call me Tim,as we sat down on the sofa I could not stop myself

from looking down at her feet and as we sat back I notice a little smile on her


Well were's this house you want to show me, I aked.

Not so fast first I want to ask you a couple of Quistioins to see if you would

realy like the house,Karen answered. Sounds good to me, go ahead and ask, I


Whell is it true what the article in the Globe wrote about you, that you payed a

women to just sit in your office while you kissed and worshiped her feet and

payed her two thousand dollars,Karen asked?

What kind of questions is that,I was a little taken back by the question,I


I just want to know if you are going to be truefull, I Just can't have anyone

moving into my neighborhood,Karen replied.

NO I did't pay some women two thousand dollars to worship her feet,it was twelve

thousand,a thousand for each of her toes and a thousand for her feet.

Karen looked a little surprised at my answer but only smiled.

When do I see this house or am I just wasting my time,I asked.

Let's have a drink first,as she said this Crissy enterd the living handing us

both a drink, I drank mine down then it hit me everything started to spin and

the I blacked out, I awoke on a sofa in a different house, there was a note on

the coffee table telling me to look around and when I was done to come outside

were Karen would be waiting.

I walked around the house it was fully furnished, I made my way to the master

bedroom were to my surprise and seller to me was a shoe saped bed with nylon

covers,it even smelled like a womens shoe,I sat down on the shoe and lifted the

nylon covers to my nose and in haled the sent,I reached into my pocket and

pulled out my cell phone I called Karen.

Karen answered,this house is great I love the bed, how did you find all of

this,I asked.

Come outside and I will answer all your quistions little man,Karen answered with

a laugh.

I made my way down stairs and out the front door,and when I opened the door I

was greated by a giant nyloned foot in heels, I looked up and up and saw Karen

looking down at me with a large smile on her face.So you loved the bed,didn't

the smell bother you those are the shoes and hose I wore all day at work,Karen

asked as she reahed down and wrapped her gigantc fingers around my body bringing

me up to her knee and releaseing me.

How did you do this to me and what do you plan to do with me,I asked.

Well my little pet that drink you had cotained a small devise in it that

attaches itself to your insides giving me the ability to control your size like

so and with those words I began to shrink even smaller and then larger, how you

didn't push any buttons or point anything at me.

With my mind silly the devise is tuned into my thought waves thats how I control

your size,Karen replied.

What do you plan to do with me? Nothing silly, all I want to do is rent you my

doll house, you can come and go as you please as long as you don't tell anyone

about my little secret,while you are here in my house you will only be allowed

to be no larger than six inches,but I will give you control to shrink yourself

smaller. When you leave the house you must exit through the garage this will

return you to a normal four foot height.

But I'm six foot two,I sighed.

I know but for now on your only going to be four foot I thought you would rather

look up at the secataries in the office instead of down.

How did you know about my fantacies.

My daughter hacked into your personal records when I heard you bought the

company and found some saved stories and pictures that you labeld heaven so I

figured it was worth a shot,if you want torent the house it's a thousand a

month,plus you have to clean and polish my shoes and Chrissy's heels, I figured

its the least you can do seems were going to give you a fresh bed every night.

If you don't want to you can leave by the garage door,but you will still only be

four feet tall sorry.

The people at work have already seen me they will think its strange that I am

know only four foot,

No, it wont the people that have seen you have been transfered and Chrissy has

already changed all of your records you have always been four feet tall as far

as the computer records know.

Now do I have a new renter or do you leave, Karen placed me on the floor at her

feet and looked down at me for an answer.

I looked at Karens foot in front of me the smell of leather and the sweat from

her feet were driving me crazy I started to think of myself smaller were the

front of Karens shoe came up to my neck and it happened I was looking up at her

giant toes.

If you want to stay little man climb onto my shoe and crawl under my toes and

hang on for ride of your life,Karen said looking down at my know bug size body.

I pulled myself up onto her shoe and made my way to her toes how am I going to

stop myself from falling then it hit me I shank somemore were Karens nylon was

large enough for me to slip my arms and legs into, I was spread eagle huging a

giant toe.

Karen got up and made her way down the hall,she was right it was a hell of a

ride I could feal the nylon pushing into my skin with every step she took, I

thought I was going to loose a limb.

Owe, by the way little man while you are small you are industructable,had to do

it like that incase I steped on you.

As Karen made her way to the door her toe rubbed my body tearing my clothes off

the front of me my man hood was know beening rubbed against Karens toe with

every step.

I saw Karen making her way to the front door,we can't go outside I will grow

back I started to yell. No stupid thats only if you exit through the garage this

is the front door,I'm not going to be able to here you outside i'm turning of my

ear ring receivers I can't have you yelling in my ear enjoy the ride and by the

way once you leave my house at your size you will remain it until you return or

I increase your size,so enjoy your fantacy my little bug.

Karen walked out the house and over to my 1957 mustang and went for a drive with

me on her toe

After several hours of Karen driving my

car around she returned home.

Well Tim the car handles great,but were going to have to sell it,Karen said to

me as she pulled me from her toe and placed me at her feet.

You can't sell my car I own it and it stays,I was getting a little upset with

her at this point.

Karen increased my size to six inches as she explained to me that I would no

longer be able to reach the pedals of the car and she didn't want to ruin the

value of the car by me reajusting the controls so I could drive it she also told

me since she worked for me she would be more than happy to drive me to and from

work and were ever else I wanted to go and Chrissy would also drive me around to

for some spending money.

What Karen said started to make sense I didn't want to ruin the mustang so I

decided to have it stored instead of selling it, Karen took care of haveing my

car stored for me.

I decided that it had been a long day and went to my apartment besides I was

getting tired of covering myself infront of Karen,she did her best not to laugh

at my attempts to cover myself,but I could see her smiling down at me.

I took a shower and was resting on the sofa watching the news when my house

started to shake it felt like an earthquack had hit the building, I looked out

the window and saw two giant legs standing next to the house and a girls voise

asking me to come up stairs to my bedroom.

I walked into my bedroom and looked up my ceiling was gone and Chrissy was

standing there looking down at me, mom had to go out and asked me to fix you

something to eat, what would you like I'm a pretty good cook.

what ever you want I don't care,I answered her with a little tone in my voice I

was a little upset at her sudden burst into my private time.

O.k. then I will be back to get you for dinner and Chrissy walked away leaving

my roof off my house this made me a little angry.

About an hour later Chrissy came into the room and walked over to my house and

started to kick the side, dinner ready get your but into the kitchen if you want

to eat,Chrissy orgerd.

That was it I decided to give her a peice of my mind and inform her that I pay

rent around here and have rights, I stopped into the kitchen were Chrissy was

sitting eating and stood at the base of the chair looking up at Chrissy,god was

she huge and she looked great I felt myself getting hard just looking at her,I

shook my head to clear my thoughts and get back to the subject at hand.

Look here young lady I am tired of you kicking my house,taking my roof off and

treating me like I was a pet or something this has to stop or i am going to

inform your mother of your attitude.

Chrissy looked down at me with shock at first and then anger,I was treating you

great you ungrateful little s***,I even set a place for you at the table if I

thought you were a pet I would have set your food on the ground and let you eat

it off the ground like a dog.

You are mot going to tell my mother a dam thing instead you will do as you are

told until you can prove to me that you can act like an normal human being I'm

going to treat you like a pet and if you think your going to tell mom I added

something special to your shrinking device,a pain enhancer.

All of the sudden it felt like someone kicked me in stomach I bent over in pain

and fell to the ground.

See mom didn't tell you that I also control your devise and that I helped her

design it with a couple of modifications of my own to keep jerks like you in

line, had enough?

I shook my head and Chrissy released the pain,I started to tell her I was sorry

when all of the sudden my dinner came crahing down to the floor.

Until you earn the right to be treated as a man you will eat your dinner on the

floor like a dog,now eat Chrissy ordered.

I was furious and was about to yell at her when she started the pain again,I

said eat.

I knelt down on the ground and started to pick up my food, No, not with your

hands if you act like a dog you can eat like a dog and she increaded the pain on


I put my hand down on the ground and leaned down to eat my dinner like a dog,I

could here Chrissy laughing from above,that's a good doggy she said to as she

moved in her chair to have a better look at me her giant feet were on both sides

me,I could see Chrissy slideing her right foot out of her shoe then she brought

it infront of me placing her big toe under my chin and then ontop of my food.

Awe look what I did,looks like you'll have to clean mommy's to as she raised her

foot back I could see my dinner stuck to her toe.

I said clean my toe know start licking,and with those words she increased the

pain in my stomach.

I bent forward and extended my tongue and started to clean her toe to my

surprise it tasted pretty good.

Looks like someone likes his dinner at my feet,I think for know on you will take

all your meals at my feet,sound good,o.k. thats what we will do for know on.

Chrissy was on some kind of power trip,what did I get myself into.

The door bell rang and another teenaged girl walked in,high Chrissy I brought

your movie back,come on in Carol sit down.

Carol walked into the kitchen,she was wearing a short skirt with pantyhose and

slides,what are you doing Carol asked Chrissy.

I'm training my new pet,Chrissy replied.

What new pet I didn't see any dog or cat when I came in.

No silly look under the table he's just finishing his dinner.

Carol bent down and looked under the table her jaw dropped thats a tiny man.

No, thats my pet he hasn't earned the right to be called a man until he does he

is going to be treated as a pet.

Were did you find him,Carol asks.

Well he kinda found us he wanted a place to live and we gave him one only if he

follows the rules.

He's so cute can I hold him.

O.k. but if he gets scared he will probably shrink so don't be afraid.

Carol reached down and picked me off the ground I started to yell for her to

help me but Chrissy already thought I may do that and she shrank me and boy did

she ever when she was done I was no bigger than a flea,Carol had moved me as I

shrank to the tip of her finger, he's gotten so small she was a little worried.

Here give him to me he's a little scared your new to him it took him a week to

get use to mom and me,just give him some time.

Chrissy got up from the table with me in hand,I'll be right back.

Chrissy through me on her bed as we entered her room,she also increased my size.

That was close you almost blew it little man,you are not to tell her or anyone

else or I will put you in so much pain you will want to die,and with that she

showed me a taste of what she meant,every part of my body was in pain it felt

like i was being crushed.

Know are you going to obey or is it the pain you want,Chrissy asked.

I will do whatever you want please don't hit me with the pain,I begged.

O.k. then take off your clothes and put these on,Chrissy handed me a small cloth

that I could cover my privates and a coller,at first I hesitated but then

remembered the pain and I did not want more of it.

Chrissy came out of her bathroom all fixed up she bent over and atached a leash

to my collar she had also increades my size to sixteen inches.

Come on my pet it's time to walk Carol home and you have to take care of you

buisness can't have you making little messes in mommy's house can we.

Chrissy returned to the kitchen with me in tow,looks like he ready for a walk

Carol asked.

Yep were going to take him you want to hold the leash Chrissy asked?

Can I, are you sure he wont shrink away?

No he wont shrink if you let him know whos boss be firm with him,let him know

that your incharge.

Why don't you head on out and I'll lock up Chrissy said.

Sure come on little fella,lets go for your walk and with that Carol got up and

pulled my leash and me out the door.

I didn't see Chrissy around so I decided to take a chance and ask Carol to help

me,but for one problem my vocal cords didn't work Chrissy had somehow managed to

stop me from talking.

So I decided I try to get her attetion by writing it down for her to see i

stopped and Carol stopped for me I waved my arms st her to get her atttion she

looked down at me and waved back and laughed this stupid girl thinks I'm saying


Come on little man we have to meet Chrissy out front by the garage, i stood firm

i wouldn't move.

Carol looked down at me well she told me to be firm so she pulled the leash a

little firmer but i still wouldn't move.

I said move it little man and with that Carol raised her foot and kicked me in

the rear makeing me run along side her stride as she walked around to the


Chrissy was there waiting, well did he give you any trouble?

No trouble that a swift kick to the rear couldn't handle.

Good, what you say we walk over to Mary's house and show her my new pet,Chrissy


Sure,but can I walk him it feels good to have a man on a leash,Carol replied and


Let's go.

As Carol and Chrissy started to walk down the street, I could not feel so

helpless they were incharge and I was at there mercy.

Chrissy do you think we should stop for a minute or two to let your little man

go pee,Carol asked?

Sure lets go over to the bench so we can sit down and he can do hos buisness.

Tha girls walked over to the bench that was on the walking path and sat down,

o.k. little fela you can take care of your buisness now, Carol ordered as she

crossed her long legs looking down at me.

I was mad at how they were treating me and wanted to complain,but i realy had to

go so I walked under the bench towards the back and releaved myself, I could

hear from above some laughfter,the girls were watching me through the board in

the bench.

For such a small tiny man he's pretty well hung,Carol told Chrissy.

You want to see something realy cool Carol'Chrissy aked.

Sure,Carol replied.

Check what happens when I get him hard,come here little man,Chrissy ordered as

she pulled my leash.

Chrissy bent down and picked me up and laid me down across her lap looking up at

the two girls.

Chrissy then slid my mid section cover down with her left hand and held me tight

against her legs with her right.

Watch this Chrissy said to Carol as she started to stroke my penus with her

fingers,I was trying not to get hard but I could not but too.

Wow,that thing is huge,I heard Carol say.

At first I thought she was teaseing me then I looked down to my mid section and

to my surprise my penus had grown twelve inches.

Can it get bigger Carol asked.

Sure you can make it as big as you want,Chrissy replied.

Make it sixteen inches as big as him,Carol asked Chrissy.

Sure and with that my penus grew,pretty cool huh.

Quick someones coming they may see it,Carol whispered.

Chrissy opened her legs and I fell to the ground as I fell my penus returned to


A jogger ran by and the girls got up, you have to show me how to do that and let

me borrow him for a night it could be fun going all the way instead off when

there done you know what I mean Chrissy.

Sure I show you later on this week and maybe I'll let you have him for a

weekend,I have to get home mom will be home soon.

O.k. Chrissy call me later tonight let me know what your going to were to school


See ya.

The girls parted, Chrissy walked me home.

When we walked in the house she made it clear to me that she could and would

make my life a living hell if I was to tell her mother anything.

She also told me that even if I was to tell her mother and move out that she

could always find me and shrink me and just make me disappear.

So I agreed not to tell her mother anything it would be our secret.

Karen returned home later that evening a little mad and upset.

Whats the matter mom,Chrissy asked?

That stupid guy I was telling you about well he has a girlfreind.

I'm sorry mom I know how much you liked him.

You didn't sleep with him did you,Chrissy asked?

No, I didn't thank god, but a women has needs,she has to have a man now and then


Mom, all a women needs a man for is his penus and you can always get a dildo.

Were did you learn about this honey you're to young for sex.

I know but it's safer with an dildo mom.

I like the feel of a real penus in me not a plastic.

You know mom we have a man here in the house we could ask him to help you with

your needs.

Chrissy he is way to small to even get me excited.

You don't understand mom the devise we gave him also gives you control over him

you could increase his penus size and use him as your dildo.

Thats sounds like it would be fun honey but I just can't ask him to help me with

my needs he would look at me like I was crazy or something.

I could program the devise to put an memory blosk on him so you could use him

and he wouldn't even know it,come on mom give it a try.

I don't know honey it doesn't seem right.

Hell mom how many guys use women every day and through them away when there done

with them.

Let me fix myself a drink and think about it.

Alright but in the mean time I will set up the program just incase.

Karen walked to the living room made herself a drink and sat down on the sofa.

Chrissy walked to my dollhouse and ordered me out.

Look here little man my mom needs you,I mean needs your penus tonight and your

going to give it to her.

I told her that I could wipe your memory of the night so I want you to pretend

it never happened,she lonley and has needs.

I was a little cofused Chrissy was ordering me to have sex with her mom and then

forget it ever happened.

Look if you do this for me I will give you a reward,you like my feet maybe I

will let you have sex with my toes like in those stories you have on your

computer,and if you are realy good I will let you sleep at my feet all wrapped

up in my pantyhose.

She had me she new my weekness and she new it so I agreed.

Chrissy carried me to the living room,mom,I decided to give you a chance to

enjoy yourself.

Chrissy walked over to a dinning room chair laid me down on the chair,she

increased my size until I was fifthteen inches as long as the seat.

Chrissy then spread my legs apart and taped them down then she placed tape over

my chest,that should hold you.

Chrissy, I don't know about this,it doesn't seem right.

He wont rember a thing mom you can use him all night,I got him taped down so if

you decide to use him he'll be there for you and rember all you have to do is

take his manhood in your finger tips and think of a size you want it to be.I

will leave you alone know.Chrissy put some music on as she walked out of the


Karen sat and drank a few more drinks before she made her way over to me she

knelt down beside me and looked down at me.

Karen started to caress my naked body with her finger,I don't know about this it

kinda feels like I would be rapeing you,Karen said as she took another drink.

Do you want to have sex with me,Karen asked.

Do you want to be my sex toy?

Do you want to have sex with an older women?

As she looked down at me and asked those quistion I was getting hard and she

noticed,Karen brought her lips to my face and kissed my face,then my chest and

then she made her way to my mid section,Karen stuck out her tongue and licked me

It was intence seeing her tongue come out of her red lips and engulfing me.Karen

lowered her lips to my dick and took it in she rubbed her lips on me then looked

at me and said lets make this a little more enjoyable for the both of us,an

lowered her lips on my dick again and with one stroke I had a giant penus

standing straight up in the air,she had made it thirteen inches long.

Karen sucked and stroked me for awhile,it was great watching her red lips and

nails stroke my giant dick and she knew she was driving me crazy.

Look at my little man with the giant dick,I bet you would look pretty stupid

trying to walk with that thing wouldn't you,Karen teased as she played with me.

I have to make your balls big too I want to feel you explode in me and with that

Karen took my balls into her finger tips and increased there size.

Karen stood up and removed her clothing all the while looking down at me.

I awoke from my sleep thinking it was all

a dream then reality hit me head on, I was lying in a giant shoe.

A giant open toed mule with a six inch heel,and my blanket was a womens nylon

folded up to cover me.

It wasn't a dream my life had changed an I had sex with a giant.

The last thing I rember was Karen lowering herself on top of me and haveing the

best sex I have ever had,and something about water,thats right Karen had bathed

me dried me off and rolled me up in her nylon and placed me in her shoe.

What a night, I got up got dressed and headed for the door, I was greated by a

giant shoe and behind that shoe was others my house had been moved to a closet

and placed on the floor with the shoes.

I made my way to the closet door it was open enough for me to squeeze through, I

made my way out of the bedroom I was in and headed for the kitchen I could hear

women talking.

When I finaly made it to the kitchen I had worked up a hunger, so I headed over

to the table were Karen and her daughter Chrissy were sitting and enjoying there


I walked over to Karens foot and tapped it a couple of times to get her

attention after my fourth tap she finaly noticed me.

Well good morning my little man,how are you this fine morning,Karen aked.

I am great and you,I replied.

Just wonderful, I want to thank you for last night you were just what I needed

and I hope you wont hold it against me,Karen asked.

Why would I,I replied.

I enjoyed last night just as much as you did.

Well thank you my little toy and would you like some breakfast,Karen asked.

Yes please I am starving,I responded.

Mom I have to get going to scholl know,I'll see ya later o.k. Chrissy said.

Sure hun have a good day,Karen answered.

And for you little man its my turn to have fun with you tonight Chrissy said

smiling down at me as she headed for the door.

I fixed you a little bit of bacon and eggs Tim,but I have know idea were to seat

you, said Karen.

Then she looked down at me at the foot of her chair and sat down and lowering

her hand to her feet.

She slid her foot back a little and placed my breakfast on her shoe in front of

her toes,eat up while its hot Tim,Karen said with a little hint of laughter.

At first I was angry but hunger took over, so I sat at her shoe and ate my


Karen reached for her phone and started to have a conversation with someome,as

she did this her toes slid forward and right on top of my breakfast.

Hold on a minute I could hear her say from above.

Looking down at me Karen said dhe was sorrry and asked if I wouldn't mind

cleanining her toes off from my breakfast.

I was out raged that she had even asked me that especialy knowing that I was


Karen can you make me some more breakfast I'm hungry,I yelled up to her.

Karen covered the phone looked down at me and said she was busy on the phone

long distance and if I was so hungry that I should eat my breakfast, as she said

this to me she wiggled her toes in front of me.

I was mad at how she was treating me but I was hungry so I knelt forward and

started to pull my food out from under her toes.

No stupid not with your hands with your mouth like a dog,Karen orderd from


I stood up and started to yell all sorts of things at her this enraged her so

she placed her freind on hold and stood up looking down at me.

Look here little man you asked,no you begged me last night to treat you like a

pet a little slave and know you want me to forget about it, or is what you told

me last night a lie,Karen aked with anger in her voice.

What did I ask her to do last night I could remember, I was haveing to much fun

I would have said anything,I thought to myself.

Well,Karen asked tapping her foot.

No it wasn't a lie I ment every word of it, I yelled back.

Good, just for making me mad you are going to be punished. First you will clean

up your breakfast,but at your new hight, and then we will think off what your

punishmant should be,Karen ordered as she took her freind of hold and began her


I stood in front of Karens foot looking down at her foot as she said those words

and by the time she was back on the phone I had to pull myself onto her shoe,her

big toe stood a good foot ovet my head,she had shrunken me even more when I

climbed onto her she.

Karen raised her toes so I could lay down and eat my breakfast from her toes.

It took me a good while but I cleaned her toes, I was even a little proud of


Looks like you did a good job timmy,Karen smiled as she looked at her toes.

I think your punishment for your out burst when big people are on the phone will

be a day at my feet trapped in my nylons,Karen laughted.

No, Karen you can't do that to me I have to go to work there expecting me,I


Owe, don't worry little tim I called the office and told them you were still

busy moving and you would be in later to look over the company and besaides your

still going to work, you will be with me at my feet.

As Karen said those words to me she had reached for her nylons and had roled

them down.

Karen leaned forward and picked me up inbetween her thumb and index finger blew

me a kiss and dropped me into her nylons.

I landed at the toe section, I shaked the cobb webs out of my head just in time

to see her giant toes coming at me.

Karen positioned me so I was under her foot right between the ball of her foot

and her toes.

You look good in there tim,Karen said looking down at me trapped under her toes.

Karen put her other nylon on and got up and walked to the closet to get a pair

of shoes.

My body slammed into the wood floor with every step she took.

Well what shoes shall I wear today?


I know,Karen lifted the roof of my house and grabbed the heels I slept in.

I will wear these so you can see whats going on,and besides there you

favorites,Karen said looking down at me.

Karen slipped her feet into the shoes and headed for the front door, with me

trapped under her toes.

As I was trapped under Karens toes for a

thirty minute ride to the office were she worked and I owned, the tempeture

began to climb, and some sweat was starting to form under Karens toes and me.

It was getting a little uncomfortable being wrapped under her toes,by the time

Karen parked her car and entered the building my clothes were drenched in sweat

some mine and mostly hers.

Karen sat down at her desk, placed her purse under her desk and looked down at


Karen spread her toes so she could see me better,Hello down there, did you enjoy

the ride,Karen asked?

Like I was in any position to answer her.

You can shrink yourself smaller for a mor comfortable fit if you want too, but

remember if you get lost in the office you will only be able to return to the

height your at now,Karen reminded me.

Karen, how do I shrink myself,I asked.

Well silly just think of a size realy hard and you should be able to

shrink,Karen answerwd with a sexy smile on her face.

So I started to think of myself small enough to climb Karens nylons. Like her

nylons were a giant cargo net and it worked the world around me grew even

larger, I watched Karens big toe tower over me.

By the time I stopped shrinking Karens toes were as large as a three story


I walked in between Karens big toe and second all the way to the edge, I pressed

up against the nylon netting looking down over her shoe and to the ground far


All of the sudden the ground started to shake and move, Karen was moving her

foot, I through my arms and legs into the nylon net so I would not be tossed

around as Karen moved.

My world moved fast as Karen foot was raired into the air and crossed over.

Karen had crossed her legs at her desk and was talking on the phone unaware of

what she had done to me.

As Karen talked she would rotate her foot in the air and sometimes swing her

legs, this continued to me for a good fifthteen minutes before she hung up the

phone and placed her foot back onto the ground.

A heard another womens voice above the desk, I could not tell who it was so I

looked under the desk.

Who ever she was she had great feet she was wearing eight inch heeled slides and

her toes were painted a hot pink, I was getting hard just looking at her feet.

The women was Karens supervisor she wanted to know why Karen wasn't answereing

her in coming calls,and the women even threatened to fire Karen.

Karen was getting a little upset with this women as she continued to talk down

to her, the women threaten to report her to the new owner of the company.

Karen wiggled her toes,knowing that me the new owner of the company was at her


Look, I was ordering the new owner some new furniture for his office as he

requested I do,Karen replied back with a shap tone in her voice.

I have already remolded the new owners office,the supervisor replied.

Besides what gives you the right to take it upon yourself to place expensive

orders without proper authority, the supervisor yelled back at Karen.

The new owner has special needs do to his lack of height, so I'm ordering office

furniture specialaly made for his size and further more the new owner has made

me his personal assisant, Karen yelled back.

I don't have to answer to anyone but him, Karen smiled and shook her foot at the

same time she new I was listening.

Karen looked at her supervisior and said, you can take the funiture you bought

and move it into your office I will be useing it starting tommorow,so get your

stuff out of my office.

The supervisior walked away mad even stopping her feet on the ground it was

kinda funny from my veiw.

Karen got up from her desk and walked over to my soon to be office,and sat down

in a big leather chair crossed her feet on top of the desk and looked for me at

her feet.

There you are I could her some laughter in her voice as she looked at me in

twined in her nylon and spread eagle across the tip of her big toe.

Hope you didn't mind me telling Carol I was your personal assistant,Karen asked.

No Karen I don't mind it at all after all you are kinda of taken care of me, I


Well thank you Tim, I took the liberty of ordering you a office full of

furniture, the only place I could get so much small furniture was a kiddy store

for the spoiled rich hopr you don't mind'Karen asked.

How small is the furniture,I asked Karen.

Well when you come to work tommorrow you will stand only two feet small so even

though the furniture is for kids it will still be a little big for you,Karen

laughed as she looked at me.

Why so small, you said I would be bigger,I cried out.

Its a women right to change her mind and besides you will enjoy being so small.

I've sent a new dress code to all female employees,the are to wear open toed

heels,nylons and skirts or dresses as long as they are above the knee and I

sighned your name,Karen wiggled her toes as she told me of her memo.

I will be ruined in the lawsuits alone,I yelled to Karen.

Don't worry your little head I also said in the memo all women who wish to

follow the new dress code will be paid an extra three dollars an hour and would

be allowed a two shoe a month allowance and a five pair a week nylon or

pantyhose allowance, to be paid by the company.

They get all of this only if they sighn a waver this will cover you and the


That's outragous, no women in this company will sighn,you are going to ruin me,

I yelled and struggled at the nylon net.

Look I bet you at least half of the women will sighn, they all could use the

raise,Karen said as she reched forward and rubbed my tiny body into her toe.

No you will ruin me,I yelled from under her finger.

Look if nobody sighns up I will tell them it was me not you or the company, but

if they sighn up I want you to agree to spend the rest of the day and I mean day

inside me.

I want you,Karen said as she licked her lips and continued to rub me into her


Your crazy,I replied.

No just horny,seeing you down on my toe, the owner of this company a slave to me

a lonely working women,Karen answered.

Well is it a bet,Karen asked.

You will spend the entire day in me and I will take you out in the morning so

you can get ready for your big day at work,Karen laughted at me as she grinned

my hip against her toe.

O.k. its a bet, but if I win you have to let me out here.

Karen turned on the office computer and went to the company mail center and

looked for the responce section to her memo.

Looky here little man you have hundred and seventy female employees in this

company and you have one hundred and sixtynine yes answers,Karen said as she put

her foot in front of the monitor for me to see.

Guess were your going my little sex toy,Karen said as she started to remove her

nylon to remove me from her feet.

Karen grabbed me between her thumb and for finger and brought me to her lips.

Karen then opened her mouth and dropped me in,she started to suck on me like I

was a peice of candy.

I thought she was going to eat me.

Karen opened her mouth and dropped me into her palm, she then placed me onto the


Karen only put me in her mouth so she could put her nylon back on and tear my

clothes off with her tongue, here I was a billionare naked and the size of a tic

tac standing on my own desk.

My emotions or homones were driving me crazy, I had always fantacized of this

happening know it was reality.A sexy women controling me by my weakness and I

think she new it.

Karen increased my size until I was three inches tall.

I thought I could not grow any taller than I was earlier,I asked.

Well stupid, I said you couldn't grow,I didn't say anything about me,Karen

answered as she stood removing her panties and looking down at me.

Karen sat down and placed her legs on the desk spreading them for me to see her


Karen was already wetand she was rubbing her fingers over her slit getting her

finger tips wet with her juices.

Well little man want to dive in,I'm just the right tempeture,Karen asked as she

brought her fingers to me rubbing them on my face.

Karen then reached around me and lifted me to her vagina.

She then pressed my head against her slit and started to slide me up and down.

After a couple of minutes she had worked me up to my waist.My legs were hanging

out of her.

I felt her sit up straight then from inside her body I heard her tell someone to

come in.

As she talked to this person she reached down and started to push me in and out

of her.

Whoever she was talking to she was getting hot.

Then all of the sudden I was pushed all the way in, I turned my body around to

face the opening of Karens vagina.

While I was moving so was Karen,then all of the sudden a giant tongue came

through the opening someone was licking Karen and I was trapped inside,but who?

After what I think was ten minutes and several orgasims from Karen the tongue

left her vagina leaving me covered in Karens juices.

I could feel Karen walking and talking to someone again.

I could her her say she want to be on top so lay down honey and give me that


My god she wouldn't,she couldn't,I screamed the all of the sudden her vagina

opened and at the openining was the head of some guys dick she was going to fuck

him with me trapped inside.

I started to climb as fast as I could up deeper into Karen, but all it did was

make her horner she slambed that guys dick into her like a hungry dog a dinner.

I was slambed from behind in my back by this giant dick, as they made love I was

constintly hammered with every pump in until the thing I feared most happened

the giant dick exploded into Karen and all over me.

As this guy cum shot into all I could do is bite into her vagina walls this

caused her to have an shuttering orgazim.

After several minutes I felt Karen pull me out of her, she dropped me into the

sink in the private bathroom,and started to wash herself out,then she washed me


Whats the matter little man,Karen asked.

You know whats the matter,what the hell do you think your doing haveing sex with

some guy while I'm trapped inside,I yelled.

It was great sex knowing you were in me all the while that eightteen year old

mail boy fucked me it was great,Karen said looking down at me as she reached for


You can't do this to me Karen its not right,I begged.

Look you lost the bet you have to spend the day inside me and if I decide to

fuck some guy well guess what your going along for the ride,Karen said as she

lowered me between her legs.

You can't do this,I again begged.

Karen looked at me as she started to insert me inside her feet first,it's only

ten am and you have the hole day to worry if I'm going to have sex with someone

or not.

You cant,is all I managed to get out as Karen pushed me all the way in.

Karen fixed her hair in the mirror and said, besides I'm going out with the

girls tonight,who knows I could get luck again.

Karen put her panties on and straightened her dress and when on with her day

with me trapped inside of her


I awoke to a new day, I pulled my nylon

covers off and headed for the bathroom, took care of some buisness and took a

long hot shower.

When I walked out of the bathroom with only a towel rapped around my waist I

noticed admitaley that my roof had been removed from my bedroom and Chrissy was

looking down at me.

Well it's about time you finished your shower, you have a big day today you get

to introduce yourself to your new employees or shoild I say giantess.Chrissy

stood full height looking down at me and laughing.

Hurry up and get your little ass out here mom say's I have to make you two feet

tall,it's going to be your public height,Chrissy continued to look down at me.

I made my way out my front door and was stoped all of the sudden by Chrissy

slamming her foot down right in front of me.

Before you get dressed I want you to show me how much you love being small, I

want you to thank me for shrinking you and giving you a new job in life as a pet

to me and my mother,I want you to make love to my big toe,Chrissy ordered as she

dragged a chair over for her to sit on.

Chrissy you can't be serious I asked.

Owe I'm serious and all of the sudden I began to shrink,all the while Chrissy

was smiling down at me.

The odor from Chrissy feet was intence it smelled like sweat and leather,I was

getting hard just from Chriisy sent.

Chrissy it smells like you haven't washed your feet at all,I screamed up to her.

Thats right my little man I didn't was them or change my pantyhose, I wanted you

to realy mean your thanks to me,Chrissy said as she knocked me down with her toe

and pushed the towel off me.

Chrissy placed her big toe in between my legs, I was so small her toe managed to

cover my penus and part of my face.

Chrissy began to move her toe up a little and down rubbing my penus against her

toe and nylon. At first I tried to strugale but soon gave into passion, I was

humping up and kissing her toe.

Chrissy looked down at me and enjoyed what she had done, you are mine,I could

hear Chrissy say from far above.

I came like I had never done before, Chrissy some how new it too she had stopped

and removed her foot.

Chrissy dropped some giant close to the floor and told me to get dressed and

meet her and her mother for breakfast.

I started to grow, by the time Chrissy left the room I was a tall two feet, I

got dressed and walked into the kitchen.

My breakfast was on the floor under the table in between Karen's and Chrissy's


I sat there on the floor and ate my breakfast everything I ate looked like it

was stepped on and crushed, these women were loving what they were doing to me

and deep down I was too.

I notice a slight odor, it was the smell of Chrissy's feet. At first I thought

it was coming from Chrissy until I smelled my hands,her foot smell was all over


Well we have to go to the office hun, have a good day at school. Ready little

man, Karen asked.

Karen I have to shower,I replied.

Are you kidding you already showered once today and we have to get to the

office,Karen said as she stood up reach down and picked me up tucking me under

her arm as she grabbed her purse and keys.

Chrissy smiled at me and said enjoy your new colan I made just for you.

Karen placed me in a baby seat and strapped me in and we headed for the office.

Karen parked the car in the under ground parking lot in my parking spot and

removed me from the car seat placeing me on the groung at her feet.

Know rember Tim you have to behave yourself and handle company buisness as

normal as possible,if you misbehave I will be forced to punish you. Besides this

is what you always wanted anyway, a tiny man surrounded by giantess,Karen had

reminded me of my fantacy that some how she and her daughter found out about.

I ran as fast as my little feet would take trying to keep up with Karen,we rode

my private elevator to the top floor of my building and my new offices.

As soon as the door opened there they were as far as I could giant women all in

dresses and heels, Karens memo worked.

Well hello Karen, I heard from above, I turned fast and looked up, Karen was

talking to an older women in her mid fifties,but did she look good she had on a

white blouse that stood out proud,she was well endowed,a very short black

leather skirt,tan nylons and six inch slides clare.

Hello Mr.Flint I'm Miss Parker your office manager,she said as she bent down on

her knees and extended her giant hand for me to shake.

I shook her fingers which were painted a dark red and so were her toe nails.I

could not stop myself from looking right up Miss Parkers skirt after all at my

height,well you know.

Miss Parker stood to her full height and guided Karen and me to my office.

When I walked in I thought I would at least see small furnitue for me put all I

saw at first was giant furniture.

Your desk has been placed under your assistances desk as ordered and the cameras

are all up and running sir,Miss Parker said as she pointed to a small desk under

the large one.

Miss Parker left and I walked over to my desk and sat down.

Karen pulled her chair out and sat at hers.

Karens legs and feet were behind me I was looking into the office.

Tim you can turn your hole desk around anytime you want to with just the push of

a button,Karen said this to me as she picked up an incumming call.

Tim it's New York for you,Karen said as she transfered my call.

As I was talking to New York I decided to play with the controls.

My desk turned all the way around looking at Karens legs and feet I could here

her typing from above. I finished my call and still all I could do is stare at

her legs.

Karen started to move stretching her legs out,I watched as her right foot came

over my desk and she rested the back of her foot on the edge of my desk. The

smell of her feet was driving me crazy so I touched her foot she responded by

slideing her foot out of her shoe dropping it to the ground next to me and she

placed her foot on my desk she then brought her left foot over dropping the shoe

behind me and crossing her feet in front of me,I was staring right at her feet

they were so beutiful and they smelled sweet so I leaned forward and started to

kiss her foot then lick her feet Karen responded by a slight moan from above it

was going to be a long day at the office.

Karen looked down at me and told me to get

to work and start running my company,as she removed her feet from me putting her

shoes back on and standing.

I will be at a morning meeting with the new staff you answer your e-mail and be

good, Karen said to me as she pushed her chair in and looked down at me as she

walked by and out of the office.

It didn't take me long to get into my groove,Karen had a special computer made

just for me a long with the rest of my new office which was under her desk.

I had answered my mail made a few phone calls and paid bills and checked over my

companies buisness reports,half the morning was gone and I had finished my work,

Oh what to do my mind started to wonder I started to think of all the women just

outside my door, how I wanted to be smaller so I could spy on them and look at

there giant bodies.

I regained my senses when I fell out of mmy chair and onto the floor,what an

idot I thought, then I relised that my desk had grown.

No I had shrunk,Chrissy and Karen said I would be able to control some size

changes, I was just under my bottom drawer.

How am I going to get across this now giant room,I was thinking to myself when

all of the sudden the office door opened and a giant of a women walked in,she

had on open toed mules,tan pantyhose a skin tight mini skirt red in color and a

white blouse,she was a sight,she reminded me of Holly Berry.

She sat down behind the desk and placed some papers down and access the computer

on Karens desk.

Hi Cindy,it's me Carol from the top floor,what do you have for the bosses

central American file,I heard her say from above.

Carol was a execitive assistant to Karen and was entering the information to

Karens computer.

As Carol entered the information she started to make herself comfortable by

removing her shoes and slideing her feet right in front of me, the smell was

heaven to me,sweat and leather,Carol did a lot of walking I could tell by the

water on her feet.

I made over to Carols giant foot and touched her nylon covered foot,she didn't

move. So I leaned forward and kissed her foot at the same time I was thinking

about being even smaller, the size of a micro machine toy action figure and when

I opened my eyes the world had grown includeing Carol's foot which know stood

towering over me.

I could see the water on her foot so I decided what the hell, I leaned into

Carol's foot and started to lick the sweat off her foot to my surprise I enjoyed

the taste.

From above I could hear Carol turning the computer off, she was getting ready to


Carol's raised up in front of me and then blam Carol's toes came crashing down

on top of me pinning me to the ground ,I was trapped inbetween her first and

second toe.

I told my self to calm down when she gets up I will be free,but it was not to

be, Carol slid her foot from under the desk,as Carol slid her foot along the

ground my arm and legs had gotten entangled in her pantyhose, Carol raised her

foot and slid it into her shoe standind up and walking out of the office with me

trapped under her toes along for the ride.

Carol was on her feet most of the morning,she finaly sat down in the office

break room,Carol had finaly sat down to eat maybe I would get a chance to free

myself without her finding me.

Carol slid her feet out of her shoes and crossed her feet at her ankles leaveing

me hanging under her toes looking down at the ground below and freedom.

Another set of feet joined Carol's under the table, the two women were talking

and laughining so I decided to make my move. As I freed one of my arms Carol

foot began to move up,but not at her shoes she was slideing her foot up the

other womens leg rubbing me up this new womens silky nyloned leg.

Carol sloped in her chair and raised her foot,the one I was trapped on to the

crotch of this women who opened her legs willingly to Carols toes and me. Carol

rubbed the womens crotch for awhile until the womens giant hand came down and

pulled her panties to the side and Carol slipped her toes and me into this


At first I thought I would die without air as the women enjoyed themselves,but I

was able to breath,then it happened the women Carol was playing with came,her

juices flowed over me and in me as I was forced to swollow her juices.

Carol removed her foot from the women and placed her foot in her lap.

The womens hands came down over me with a towel to dry Carols foot off from her


Carol there's something stuck to your panthose,I could hear the women say.

Well Kim get it off,Carol responded.

Kim looked at me and then pinched me between her thumb and for finger and pulled

me free.

What was it Kim,Carol asked?

Well your not going to beleive me but it looks like a tiny naked little man,Kim


You have to be kidding right,Carol said.

No look,Kim said as she showed me to Carol and then dropped me into Carols hand.

Well what do we have here a little peeping tom, Carol asked?

No, I was not spying I got stuck to your foot when you came into my office this

morning, I screamed back to her.

He is so cute, with that tiny squiky voice of his,Kim laughed as she looked down

at me in Carols palm.

I know he looks good enough to eat,Carol said as she raied me over her mouth and

dropped me in.

MMM,he taste good,the sesoning of you Kim makes the hole thing worth it,Carol

answered as she sucked on me like a peice of hard candy.

Who do you think he is Carol,kim asked as she leaned forward and kissed Carol

and forced her tongue into Carols mouth.

All of the sudden Carol spit me out onto her hand and looked at Kim, he's the

new owner of this company, I heard he was small but,but.

Its o.k. ladies,I told the two of them as they looked down at me.

I'm so sorry,Carol started to say.

Me too Kim replied.

Can one of you lovley ladies dry me off,I asked.

Kim took a napkin from the table and lifted from Carols hand, she rubbed me dry.

How did you get onto Carols foot,Kim sked as she placed me on the table.

I told the women what happened and assured them that it was not there fault but


I also aked them to keep it our little secret about my size.

They both agreed,the didn't want the office to know about them.

How are we going to get you back to your office,Carol asked me.

Why not the same way I got out, under your toes,I responded.

I have an afternoon meeting with your assistant maybe I can give you to

her,Carol asked.

Please Carol don't do that she might get mad at me for putting mself in such

danger,I had to tell a little fib,I didn't want these two women knowing I was at

Karens mercy.

I can take you I have to put the new financial records onto your assisantce

computer,but not until two p.m. you would be under my toes for two hours,Kim


It's alright with me if you don't mind me under your feet,I answered.

Kim picked me up and placed me on the floor in front of her feet.

As I made my way to her foot I could smell her foot odor it was strong,but in a

good way to me,I hoped up onto her shoe and layed on my back and watched Kim's

toes lower down upon me,she even shrunched her toe to slide me under for a tight


I hope he dosn't mind my smell I had to wear day old nylons,Kim smiled at Carol

and gave her a kiss and headed for her work with me under foot.

I laid under Kims toes looking up at her

every know and then when she would spread her toes to get a glimpse of me

trapped under her toes.

From above I could her her laughing on the phone with someone,all I could hear

Kim say was he can,you didn't,he was, well stop by and give me the strap so I

can have some fun if you don't mind sharing. Then she hanged up the phone and

looked down at me and smiled.

About thirty minutes later a knock on the office door and in came a women I

could tell by the voice but it was hard to hear do to Kims foot tapping. Kim

stopped thanked the women for something and crossed her legs and asked her if

she wanted to see. The women said she would and staring down at me was Karen she

blew me a kiss and told me to have fun and she would be back at six tonight to

pick me up.

the two women talked a little more and then Karen left.

Kim reached down and pulled me out from under her toes and placed me on her


Well little one looks like you and me have the hole afternoon together.

Karen left me me a few toys to have some fun with,Karen laughed at me as she

placed a leather bag next to me on the desk.

You can't be serious I shouted back, you can't do this to me I'm your boss.

Looks like I'm the boss here little man and I can do to what ever I want.

Karen told me about your tricks and how you can control your size for her

pleasure, and your going to do it for me.

You can't, I wont,I shouted back at Kim.

Besides only Karen has the devise that controls my size not you.

Well Karen told me that you can control your size at your will,Kim answered

right back.

So, that doesn't mean I'm going to do it for you,I answered back and started to

walk away.

You think your so smart don't you little man,well she also told me that you will

change into what ever size I want you all I have to do is tell you what size and

you will change,and Kim reached for me grabbing me by my feet and pulling me up

in front of her face.

Kim then lowered me to her feet and placed me on her big toe across her toe

nail,she looked down at me and said lets see what size shall I have you shrink

too. I know a dust mite, I want you to shrink down to the size of a dust mite

Kim ordered.

I looked up at her and started to laugh,I told you only Karen has the devise,and

as soon as those words left my mouth the world around me grew or should I say I


I fell through Kims nylons and onto her toe nail and I watched as her toe nail

went on for miles.

My jaw dropped,she was right she was able to shrink me.

A booming laughter like thunder from above was all I could hear as I watched a

pair of giant fingers move my sky.

I relized then how tiny I have become my sky was Kims nylons and my nylon sky

was far above my head.

Have I made my point clear as to whom is incharge around her toy, Kim asked as

she pulled at her nylon to straighten them over her toes.

I want you at two inches, but as you grow climb out of my nylons.

I did as I was told and after I grew to two inches Kim again reached down and

picked me up.

As Kim placed me her desk I had noticed a leather harness of some sort laid

out,she placed me next to it.

Looks like your just the right size, Kim knocked onto my back and then picked me

up and laid me on the leather harness.

Kim positioned my body so my dick hanged over a giant hole and then velcroed my

arms and legs.

Kim then stood up and removed her skirt and panties.

She then reached for the the leather harness with me trapped on,Kim pushed my

back up against her pussies lips,they were already moist Kim was excited in what

she was doing to me,she then conected the harness to her strapping it tight even

pulling me in deeper.

Kim looked down at me and padded my head for it was the only thing other than my

dick exposed from behind the leather restaints.

I want you to increase your penus size for me little toy to lets see, I think

ten inches should be good,Kim ordered as she rubbed my head with her finger.

My punus grew just as she commanded and then I relized what she had done to

me,she had turned me into a living stap on.

I watched in awe as Kims hand stroked my shaft or should I say hers,I was loving

it, just watching her her giant fingers rapped around my shaft and her red

finger nail polish didn't help.

You know little one there something missing,I know, I wan your balls to be what

they should be for a penus of this size and if I increase or shrink it they

better go too,Kim ordered.

My balls for the first time since this hole ordeal happpened were at there

normal size.

Kim played with them for a little while until she put her panties and skirt back


I heard her call Carol and told her to come to her office.

Carol arrived ten minutes later.

Lock the door Carol,Kim asked.

What do you have to show me honey,Carol asked Kim.


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