Giantess Stories: My first story   Under Sisters Foot  by  Fubu Guy

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Under Sisters Foot


Fubu Guy aka Asukafan2001

“Yeah Tim, I bought some stuff from the internet.”

“I don't know how it works either but I got it from the nurse at school. It is

suppose to make the swelling go down. It says it your suppose to put the stuff

on your body and then just relax.

“Yeah I know the rash is a pain in the ass. But I have to go. Yeah I will talk

to you later.”

As I stepped out of bed I felt very dizzy. I stood up straight and just about

fell flat onto my bed. I thought I better go get some help from my sister Shauna

she will know what to do. As I stumbled towards her room I shoved her door open

not even bothering to knock. My eyes burning and my skin felt like it was being

shoved against the inside of my body. As I reached for the handle I noticed that

I had trouble getting to it. Damn this stuff I cant even get a hold of the damn

door handle. I finally was able to grasp and open the door. I can hear my sister

in her bathroom taking a shower. I start to stumble towards the door to her

bathroom when I trip. The moment I fall I can feel my face land on top of

something very raunchy and then I lose consciousness.

I awake sometime later. It feels so good to just lay here with my eyes closed I

think to myself. I start to stretch out when I notice a foul smell in the air.

My eyes shoot open as I remember passing out in my sisters room from that lotion

that nurse gave me for my allergic reaction to the disinfectant she used. I

bolted up from the ground and found myself surrounded by a forest of white

fibers. I looked around at the walls that are covered in the same material. I

spend about 10 minutes walking towards the wall. Just as I get there I hear my

sisters voice echoing from outside.

“Just a second let me get my shoes.”

Where the hell am I ? My body shakes and twists from a rumble across the floor.

I run towards the mouth of the shoe. I stare up just in time to see my sisters

foot descending towards me. My heart leaps out of my body as her foot slams into

the shoe. I am left staring up at the sole of her foot. I can hardly believe I

am walking around under my sisters foot. As I reach my hand up I run it along my

sisters cotton sock. I Start pounding on the bottom of her foot. I pray that she

feels me but as she takes her first step I am jolted to the ground.

Soon I hear familiar voices of my sisters friends. I try to yell towards them

but my voice is much to weak to be heard from inside the shoe. I eventually pass

out only to be awaken by a dripping on my forhead. The constant dripping starts

to drive me insane. I crawl deeper into shoe but the air becomes musty and the

ground damp. Then the most amazing thing happens. My ceilings is removed as my

sister takes her foot out. Fresh clean air chills my wet damp body. My body

shivers as the cold pure air runs over my body.

I stare up at the sky. I long to once again run my bare feet through the warm

sand. I long to jump into the cold waters of the lake. So many enjoyable things

I now miss. Breaking my train of thought I see my sister returning. I crane my

head up and try to see her face. She looks a walking mountain as I try to look

up her body. I then see a dark dirt covered black bottom. I cringe as I know

this foot. It's the foot of my girlfriends best friend. Kristin Johnson., The

horrible smell, her big feet squeeze into my sisters smaller shoes. I am shoved

down into the grainy floor of the shoe.

“Get your grimy feet out of my shoes Kris. I bet they could kill an ox.”

“Hardy HAR HAR”

As the feet leave the shoe I feel myself being drug along with her feet. I try

to grasp onto anything in the shoe but its hopeless I am stuck in the sweaty

smelly feet of Kristen. As she puts her feet into her old worn nike's I can

smell the torrential odor of years of being worn.

Which is wear I lay now. My body grows a millimeter a year. I only wait for the

day when I am big enough to be seen.


Giantess Stories: My first story   Under Sisters Foot  by  Fubu Guy

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