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My First Story : Eva and John

By 5cm , [email protected]


John had always thought he was a lucky man. Not because of his job, he was a

computer engineer, which could be pretty boring since it consisted in making

sure everything concerning computers, internet and web sites would be working

correctly. If he was a lucky man it was rather because of who he was working for

: One of the most famous top model agencies in New York City, surrounded all day

long with young beautiful females that most people in the world could only see

in magazines. He was now 25 years old and was not a bad looking young man, 6'4'

athletic body, short black hair, and blue eyes, most girls thought he was very

handsome. However, he was just too shy and never had enough courage to ask any

of the agency's young beauties out.

Everything started one day when Eva Nataf had pushed his office door. Eva poked

her head out from behind the door checking if John was there. When she saw he

was, she smiled and said “Hi John!” as she stepped into his office.

“Hhh…hey…hi!” John tried to answer staring dumbfounded at Eva's beauty.

One day Monsieur Pierre Nataf had met the gorgeous Marina Igorova. Love can do

miracles and few months after they arrived in the United States and settled

together in Louisiana, this French/Russian couple gave birth to a little girl

who would be considered in the future as the most perfect, the most gorgeous,

simply the most beautiful woman on Earth. This was barely 18 years ago. Today,

Eva with her long blond hair and green eyes was already known as one of the

greatest top model who would soon make people forget about Claudia Schiffer or

Cindy Crawford.

John would pass her every day and try his best to start a conversation with her,

but he would always be too afraid and just say 'Hi Eva! How are you doing'. She

would smile and say 'Fine, thank you.' She was all he had ever dreamed but he

was just too scared to ask her out. He was just the computer man, she was Eva.

After all, he was very lucky just to be able to talk to her, he thought; some

people would kill to do that.

There she was, in front of him, dressed in a red silk figure hugging dress that

came just above her knees and shaped nicely her firm and perfectly proportioned

36C breasts, her curvy hips and her great tight ass. She had a lightly tanned

skin and at 5'11” with long shapely legs, she was more than a knockout. Eva was

a true goddess! John's gaze quickly travelled up her gorgeous body to her

beautiful, oh so beautiful face. His eyes met hers and he fell deeply into their

green depth.

“ Would you do me a favor, John?” she asked. For few seconds, John was

speechless, but he finally managed to say “sure”. Eva who had noticed how much

confused he was asked with a sexy laugh “Are you ok, John?”. She knew exactly

what was confusing him. She knew absolutely no man could resist her and she just

loved it. John came back to reality “ It's ok… I… uh…Well…tell me what I can do

for you.”. She briefly explained her problem “Well, you see, I met one of my old

school friends while I was in Paris for last week show and she gave me her Email

address. The problem is I don't know much about computers, Internet and all

those stuff. So I thought you could kinda help me out and show me how to send an


John was just too glad to help the girl of his dreams. He explained to her how

she could have access to the internet from every computers in the building, set

a personal Email account for her, and showed her how to browse on the web. He

was surprised to notice that she was not only a marvellous and extremely

beautiful young woman, but also a very smart girl as she quickly understood the

things he usually had to explain several times. He wished he could keep her in

his office all day long and he offered to let her use his computer to write her


She was still typing her message when his phone rang. It was his boss who needed

to see him immediately. “It's ok, I'll manage to get this thing done on my own”

said Eva. Still, he was a little bothered, to leave Eva alone; he had some stuff

on his computer that he didn't want her to see. Anyway, he had to go.

It didn't take long before Eva was done with her Emails. John was not back yet,

and she didn't have anything to do for the moment. She decided to wander a

little bit on the net just as John had showed her earlier. She didn't really

know what to look at so she chose to check what seamed to be John's favorite

sites. “Yahoo, AltaVista, Ebay, GTS… What is GTS?” she thought. She was soon

very much surprised, extremely amazed by what she had found.

Ever since she was a little girl she had been fascinated by size changing. She

had lapped up John Masefield's 'Box of Delights', Mary Norton's 'The Borrowers',

even Isaac Asimov's 'Fantastic Voyage', and had loved to watch such cinematic

classics as 'The Incredible Shrinking Man” or 'Attack of the 50ft. Woman'.

However, her fondest fantasy of all was to have a pocket sized boyfriend - no

bigger than her thumb - and dominate him as if he was just a toy in her hands.

It would be SO delightful - so she'd thought - to keep him as a little sex

slave, to scare him just for fun, but finally to love and pet him. A goddess she

was by her beauty, a real goddess she wished to be to rule over a tiny little

man. She had only been seven when she first read “tom thumb” and 'Gulliver's

Travels'. She imagined Lilliput was a real place she might one day visit. There

she would fall in love with a little Lilliputian and bring him back with her in

the US to marry him. Even when she was old enough to realize the truth she

hadn't given up dreaming, and had often fantasized that one day she'd discover a

magic ring or potion which would make her dream come true. When she was about

ten, still living in Louisiana, somebody told her that her dream could become


She was a very old black lady, rumors said she was a powerful witch and

everybody all around New Orleans avoided her. Everybody but one little girl

named Eva. The girl once told her that her greatest wish would be to shrink a

boy to a tiny size so she could love and protect him forever. This was the first

and this would be the only time she had talked about this fantasy. The old lady

had laughed loudly and after reading something in a very old book, she had given

Eva a very small bottle with a white powder. “This magic powder will shrink a

full grown man to the size of your little finger if you make him drink or eat

it. But beware little girl, in his mind, the man must wish to see you as a

giantess, he must love you and finally, you must love him too. If only one of

this conditions is lacking, the magic of this powder will not work and you will

only loose it.”

Eva had always thought she was alone. Today, not only had she found that there

existed a whole community on the internet sharing her dearest fantasy, the most

important was that she had found someone in particular: A rather good looking

handsome young man, a young man who was already in love with her, a young man

whose fantasy would be to see her as a giantess, and the most important, a young

man she already loved because of this. She had kept the little bottle

preciously. At last, she had found someone to use it on. At last, she would

found out whether the old lady was right or wrong. John finally came back and

Eva quickly closed the web browser. She didn't want him to know she had

discovered his little secret just yet. “ I'm just finished, Thank you for

everything John” she said and gave him a little kiss on the cheek “See ya

tomorrow”. “Sss…seeee… yaa…” Before John could answer, she was already gone.

John just fell backward into his chair, smiling stupidly toward the door she had

just closed while his heart was still racing from the “shock”. “She kissed me,

this must be a dream” he thought.

During the following week, Eva came in John's office more and more often. They

talked a lot and got to know each other better. Her little strategy was working

perfectly. She knew she could have him whenever she wanted. One day she asked,

“You're a very handsome man, John, why don't you have a girlfriend.” John

blushed but knew he had to tell her the truth ' Well...umm....... I

mean......You're the most beautiful woman on Earth and I just love you, you're

the only one I will ever love and I wish I had enough courage to ask you out',

John said. 'Well, you just did, and I will say yes because you look so cute

blushing like a little boy. I think we have a lot in common, much more than you

now realize' Eva said with laughter.' You can pick me up here at the agency

tomorrow after work, I have to pose for a magazine but this should be over by

8:00pm, Ok?” “Ok” he answered not believing what had just happened. As she

walked away, Eva looked back casually over her shoulder, smiled at him, blew him

a kiss, and said “You better not be late', then she closed the door behind her.

John was in a dream state; he finally had a chance to date the most gorgeous

girl he had ever seen, the girl he loved more than anything. He was excited that

whole night wondering how to act and what cologne to wear. He finally fell

asleep with the picture of Eva in his mind. The next morning he woke up extra

early to go buy a new shirt and shorts. He walked out with an extra spring in

his step and went to the grocery store to pick up things for the dinner he was

going to prepare for his date. He was going to make this night special. Hours

past, it was only 7:00pm when he jumped in his car and took off toward the top

model agency, he really did not want to be late. Once in the building, waiting

for the elevator, he thought again of Eva. When the Elevator door opened, Eva

appeared. She approached him, practically oozing sexuality with her long blond

hair and low-cut, open-at-the-thigh dress that also showed her cleavage nicely.

Her manner made it clear that she would be his that night, or more exactly that

he would be hers. 'Are you just going to stand there with your jaw open, or are

we going to get this date started” she said laughing. 'I'm sorry, you just look

so…beautiful', John was in awe, he couldn't even find a word to say how

beautiful Eva was. 'Well thank you and you look handsome yourself', Eva said.

'Thank you', John said as he blushed. They got in John's car and sped off to his

place where John had a nice candlelight dinner waiting for them. 'This is too

much', Eva said. 'Why did you go through all this trouble'? 'You mean a lot to

me, more than you'll ever know', John said with feeling. ' Well let us eat', and

John sat Eva down and they began to indulge in heavy conversation.

“You know John, I have a little confession to make.” She said a great big smile

on her face. It was one of those looks the cat gives you after swallowing the

canary. 'I hope you don't mind John, when I got on your computer the other day,

I thought I'd check out some of your favorite little places to visit'. John

quickly gulped down the rest of his glass of wine in an embarrassed state and

then proceeded to say nothing. Noticing his discomfort, Eva cooed, 'Hey, its

okay. Everyone loves different things. I bet you didn't know that I have a thing

for aaaammmmm, how would you say, little men.' John became immediately turned

on. This was too good to be true! John poured some more wine as they discussed

their fantasies. They wrapped up the discussion with John stating although it

would be pretty neat to experience this, it could only be a dream. Just then,

Eva began looking at her watch with sort of a mischievous grin on her face.

“Actually, I've got a big surprise for you, I decided to do something that may

very well bring both of our desires to life' she said while sipping from her

wine. 'In fact, (If the old lady was right she thought) the fun should be

starting right about now!' As she said this, John began feeling quite dizzy, as

if the whole room was spinning around him. The combination of the wine and Eva's

beauty had intoxicated him to an intense degree of light-headedness. Or so he

thought He felt himself slip from the chair and his fraternity ring slipped off

his finger. Eva walked over as John stood up and found her a whole head taller

than he was. 'I must be hallucinating” he said 'I don't think so', Eva answered

with a giggle. “I can't believe it's really working” she added. 'What is going

on!', John screamed. 'Eva, are you behind this', he said with fright. 'I always

wanted a dollman of my own, and soon you will be the cutest little doll ever

seen! Don't worry, I promise....I'll be gentle' Eva said with a sexy laugh as

John passed out.

When he awoke, he thought himself to still be in a dream state. For when he

opened his eyes, he found the strangest thing had occurred. He was on his couch

in his living room, but everything around him, including the sofa he was lying

on had grown!!! The sofa appeared to be at least a hundred yards long! His

coffee table, chairs, television, and the room itself were of gigantic

proportions! It seemed like he was at a Hollywood movie set of sorts! John

rubbed his eyes intensely in total disbelief. As he was doing so, he heard a

large thud. Then, another, and another. Suddenly, he heard a thunderous great

bellowing voice coming towards him from what appeared to be the next room. 'FE,

FI, FO, FUM! WHERE'S THAT MAN THAT'S AS BIG AS MY THUMB?' John stood frozen in a

swirling combination of disbelief, curiosity, and fear all rolled up in one.

Suddenly, he looked up to see the most amazing sight he had ever looked upon!

There staring down before him stood a two hundred feet tall Eva! Once again John

rubbed my eyes, thinking that the hallucination would disappear. But it did not.

Then, he immediately realized that although everything around him was now of

these mass proportions, they hadn't grown. He had shrunk!

John almost passed out again! He took several deep breaths and looked back

upward at the marvel of Eva. She was enormous! “What's the matter's

only me”'...she said smiling a giggle “I told you I had a BIG surprise for you”

She stood there with both hands on her hips and peering over her hill-like

bosom, smiled down at his merely two-inch-tall naked body. “So, how do you feel

my teeny weeny little John' she cooed again. “ did this

happen'? John yelled up to the now giantess Eva. 'I can hear you just fine, you

don't have to yell my little doll', Eva snickered. She reached down with her now

wall-sized hand and gently scooped john up, tumbling him over her French

manicured nails and into her huge palm. He seemed to weigh like almost nothing.

“What a trip having a man literally in the palm of your hand!” she thought as

she examined him from head to toe, turning him over and around in her hands like

a toy figurine. John was shaking with fear, standing in the middle of Eva's

palm, almost as big as a tennis court, he didn't know what to expect. Eva was

smiling down at him possessively. He was so small. ' Isn't it what you've always

wanted. You know, I've never dated anyone under three inches but I'm sure it's

gonna be a lot of fun, you are awfully cute at this little size” Eva paused and

tried to look innocent. 'John,' she said in her shyest, little girl voice “Do

you want to play with me?” This was a dream situation! John had always wanted to

be that small in the hand of a young and gorgeous goddess. However, he barely

knew her. One part of him begged to be allowed to dive into her soft flesh but

the other part was telling him that the whole thing was ridiculous, that there

was no way he could please this huge ingenue and he would only end up in big

trouble… giant trouble. Moreover, he suddenly felt rather humiliated. The thing

that scared him the most was his utter inability to have any control of the

situation; held between the fingers of his luscious titaness, he could not get

over his feelings of powerlessness. Then again John thought about the only

chance he had to ever live his fantasy with the most beautiful young woman he

had ever seen. Finally, he nodded yes.

Eva could see John was nervous, maybe afraid. In fact he was terrified. Eva

didn't want to hurt him, she had already fallen in love with him, but she knew

poor little John had not realized that yet. In an other hand, she wanted to

tease him, play with him, he was so helpless, she wanted to have him as her toy

at least for tonight. Instead of reassuring him and telling him the truth about

her feelings, Eva decided she would have some fun and would not play the role of

a gentle giantess. He really was tiny, she hoped she wouldn't hurt him

unintentionally as she played with him. Eva knew she couldn't control herself.

His little presence was making her feel drunk with power. She elevated him

slowly upward. As she did, all John could do was to stare in awe. Her dress was

a courtyard of black. Her waist and chest looked like a steep hillside of

quivering land! Finally up to her giant smiling face, John felt as if he was at

a drive-in movie, just a few feet from the screen! For a few moments, Eva held

his tiny body directly in front of her eyes, ogling him almost like a child does

a small pet mouse!

She couldn't help herself from squeezing his little body gently with her long

slender fingers and giggled when Rob started resisting, ineffectually fighting

her grip. The more he struggled and fought her the more determined she was to

overpower him. 'Please stop squeezing me so hard. You're hurting me', he

pleaded. 'I don't want to hurt you, just hold you', cooed Eva playfully,

laughing at his nearly imperceptible struggles to move her beautiful fingers. “I

guess I don't know my own strength, yet, you don't have to squirm so much” she

said unwittingly running her tongue across her pouty lips as she studied her toy

man. She could feel the tiny body, between her thumb and forefinger, tremble in

fear as she held him.

“John ? You're shaking! You're not afraid of me are you John? ”, she purred.

'No. I know. I'm fine.' He took several breaths. ' It's just that ... getting

raised quickly must have shaken me up” he lied. 'Awwww, isn't the teeny tiny

little man afraid of the great big powerful girl?', Eva snickered, “ If I were

you, at the mercy of some impossibly big chic and had no idea what to expect

next, I think I would be scared”. Being a giantess had always fascinated her and

she now had read many stories on the net about that kind of fantasy. She knew

that deliberately frightening her little boyfriend would be a bit cruel, but she

thought it would be his punishment for not realizing how much she loved him. At

that precise moment, as much as she loved john, she wanted to dominate him,

scare him and have him as a toy for her amusement.

She decided to start softly, not acting as an evil giantess right away. She

softly cooed, “ You are so cute, I could just eat you up!” She laughed at her

joke, yes she could surely eat him up, he was no bigger than her thumb. John was

gasping for breath as she brought him even closer to her lovely face smiling

down at him and slowly licking her red lips. All his senses were urging him to

flight, but standing in Eva's palm, there was absolutely nowhere to run. Eva

noticed and obviously appreciated the terror felt by her tiny victim; she spared

him nothing of her power over him. Her tongue slide hungrily along the line of

her lips, and she smiled down at him in a way that promised no escape, no mercy.

“You… you 're not really gonna, you know... eat me… right?” was all John could

manage to say at that moment. Eva responded to this with a giggle then pinned

him to the palm of her hand with a kiss that he thought was going to kill him.

Her lips were soft and warm and everywhere, rubbing lightly against him,

anointing him with the redness of her lipstick. In the darkness of her passion

he felt her lips part slightly, her breath washing over him. Her mattress-sized

tongue caressed his body, and he jerked and tried to curl up around himself, but

she denied him that escape. She smiled, savoring the taste of him, and swallowed

lightly. Admittedly, John was getting kind of warm, but he was also pretty damn

scared. With slow licks she tasted him, savored him and gave him a last full

body kiss. Then her lips slowly parted. Gasping for air John felt relived as the

rest of Eva's face returned to view.

“ I must say you are a great kisser, ” said Eva jokingly. '”You know,” John

said, with a sigh of relief, “I really thought you were going to eat me, for a

second there.” She grinned a grin that he didn't like the looks of and laughed a

large, open mouthed laugh that he really didn't like the looks of. “Oh, I'm

still going to eat you.” she said, smiling broadly, “I just like playing with my

food first. Then again she brought her hand and john closer, so close that her

eyes passed beyond his field of vision. Then her nose and ears were gone too.

All that remained were a pair of lips. They hovering so near that when she spoke

again, the air around him was driven away and replaced by her moist, sweet

breath. “ You know you don't taste half bad John. I think I will really eat you,

little man,' she whispered. John was shocked again, he couldn't tell whether she

was serious or not. For sure she was having a lot of fun tormenting him. Eva

continued, “I tell you what, I'll give you a chance not to get eaten. Let's play

cat and mouse. I'll be the cat and you can be the mouse. Mmm, I think I'm going

to slip out of this tight dress, so I'll feel more comfortable to chase my

little man around” she thought aloud.

She playfully gripped John between her index and thumb and descended him toward

the floor right in front of her feet. When he was about an inch from the floor,

Eva released her grip and watched John stumble and fall to the floor. She

couldn't help but laugh. “You're such a cute little plaything” she said, “I give

you an advantage little mouse, you can start running while I'll strip”. John was

petrified and unable to run, a part of him was still hoping that Eva would soon

stop her little game and turn him back to his normal size soon. Eva who had

already taken of her shoes, told him once again to run and gently (for her)

flicked her toes at him, sending him sprawling. “Oops! I guess I forgot how

little you weigh. I can barely feel you with my toes!' 'Please don't squash me

Eva', he pleaded. John was on his back as the huge foot slowly descended on to

of his terrified body. He never really had been into feet but he couldn't help

but notice Eva's shapely foot as she gently pressed him against the floor with

her big toe, not really putting any real pressure him. He wasn't much bigger

than her big toe, she thought as she rolled him around gently between her foot

and the floor a few times. She raised her foot and said “ Run!!!”, then her

enormous barefoot slapped down, missing him by inches. This time his body got

the message and despite the shortness of breath, his blood flooded with

adrenaline. Without a thought, John was on his feet trying to run. His feet sank

into the pile of the carpet to his knees. He could only struggle forward across

the floor which stretched out endlessly before him.

Looking down at her poor helpless little toy struggling through the grey-white

carpet, Eva unbuttoned her dress, and let it fall to the floor. John just took a

look at her… she was so beautiful! He didn't know if he really wanted to get

away from such a perfect looking girl. He was enraptured by her body. She wasn't

naked, but the skimpy pink lace bra and panties left little room for his

imagination. Her giant breasts were full and firm, just barely contained by her

bra. Her tanned skin was slick and creamy, with a nice flat tummy and long well

toned legs. Her panties were pink and lacy, shaped nicely across the gentle

budge of her mons. She very slowly advanced across the room toward her tiny

dollman. She felt a familiar tingle of excitement from between her legs and was

strongly aroused by John's helplessness. She could do whatever she wanted with

him, and at his tiny size, there was nothing he could do about it. He was

totally in her control just a pet to her, a toy for her amusement, to be used

and discarded at a whim.

John looked up again at Eva. He could tell by her playful smile that she was

very much enjoying herself. This smile reminded him of a cat who's toying with a

mouse under her paw. Right now, he felt like he was the mouse she was playing

with. He was the prey and she was the predator. She could have snatched him up

very easily but predators enjoy the pursuit as much as the feast and she really

wanted to play with him. Her enormous figure towered above him. He ran and ran

but still she was there, looming over him. It was like trying to run away from a

mountain, with one difference. This mountain could move. A single step brought

her astride him. She stood above him looking down laughing. John felt like a bug

crawling on the carpet and fled between her feet toward nothing in particular.

Eva abruptly came down on her hands and knees and darted her head toward him as

a cat chasing a mouse. She continued to advance on the tiny man. His pathetic

efforts to outrun her lasted all of five seconds as she easily caught up to him.

John suddenly ran into a huge warm wall. It was Eva's open palm. She laid her

body on the carpet and closed her fingers into an 'O' around his tiny body, not

holding him, but not letting him escape. Eva never took her eyes off of him. Her

tongue lolled over her great lips as she playfully poked and prodded at him. She

was delighted when John started resisting again, ineffectually fighting her huge

finger. He was so small and helpless. She had never been in such physical

control of a man before, and she simply adored that. She began to plan a

strategy for the rest of their little play session. “Awww! The teeny weeny

little man wants to fight?', she purred., “I bet I could beat you using just one

finger” she teased. She kept pushing him, poking at him, making him fall and

land on his tiny butt, for a while, giggling the whole time. “At this size I

could crush you with my little finger!” Eva added. She touched his tiny chest

with the tip of her pinky and pressed upon his chest, forcing him to lay flat.

She had him pinned under her finger but didn't exert much pressure as she was a

bit nervous about killing him. John hit at her finger and struggled to push away

but Eva just laughed and laughed. Big white teeth showed in a huge smile. Her

long blond hair fell about me as she leaned in close to watch. She pushed down

again as slightly as possible, blasting the air from his chest. His face was a

study in horror, as he choked and gasped for air. His fear filled her with a

sense of power. Eva had not planned to take it this far. She really only wanted

to play and scare the shit out of John, which she had accomplished but the

temptation was too great and she didn't want to stop here. It was intoxicating

to have John struggling under her finger. She was like a goddess to him. The

thought that she could squash his tiny body with as little effort as it would

take to smash an ant made her giggle. “Gee, John, I'm hardly resting my finger

on you, but it seems to be giving you trouble. You told me you were in the

wrestling team when you were in college… I never thought you'd be so easily

overpowered by a little girl's finger” she laughed. “Eva please!” he cried. She

smiled. “You can't imagine how much I love it when you beg.” And then she said

“I want more!”

Eva removed her finger but john knew that she was enjoying herself too much to

stop. John tried to run but his pathetic attempt to escape were of no use as

Eva's hand swooped down like a hawk grabbing a mouse and brought him to her face

where he was greeted with a wicked smile “Aren't you just the cutest little

thing, and you're so soft, I feel as though I could squish you right in my

hand.” And with that gave him another firm squeeze while laughing out. Sure

terror was little John's reaction as he demanded to be set free “Put me down,

put me down now.” John was screaming and begging her to let him go. All this

only served to make Eva even more determined to terrify him to the last. “Or how

about I rip you apart with my bare hands?” she asked. “Oh God no, don't.” he

shouted and began to struggle for his freedom but was once again left short as

Eva's grip tightened making his breathing even more difficult. She become more

and more aroused with the possible execution that lay trapped in her hand, all

she had to do was just squeeze her fingers a little more. Each cry and futile

push, from her little toy, served to give more and more pleasure as her

womanhood became hotter and hungrier.“No! I think you know that I'd love to just

squeeze you till you pop. Poor little John, he's going to squash with such ease

in my big powerfull grip.” John begged and began to cry in despair.

Eva opened her hand flat, gently but playfully snatched his tiny body into her

right hand and said, “don't cry baby… that would have been to easy anyway. I'll

give you another chance.” She put him back on his feet “try to be faster this

time” she said giggling. John couldn't believe he was still alive, this must be

some kind of game to her he thought. After what he had just experienced, he

found the nerves to answer “Stop this little game, it's not funny! I know you

won't hurt me for real ; this is just bluff. I'm not gonna run again. What is

the use? You'll catch me every time!” He was hoping she was only bluffing as he

now thought. Eva didn't want to stop now, this was only a beginning, she would

have to act even more like an evil giantess if she wanted to keep little john

scared a bit longer. “Eva! I'm warning you!” john finally yelled. Eva's eyes lit

up at the demand. “Warning me of what, may I ask, big man?” she answered

sarcastically before smashing the ground next to him with her fist. “You better

start running before I crush you into paste, my helpless little bug!”

Once again, John panicked and started to run. Once again, Eva was enjoying her

power over terrified little John. She let him run for few seconds, and then she

leapt over him with a cat like motion and blocked his path by sitting her ass

down on the rug directly in front of him. John seeing that he is now running

towards the enormous young girl instead of away from her, stopped, turned and

began in the other direction. Eva folded her long legs so that she was sitting

cross-legged around her little toy. He looked up at her and at the walls of soft

flesh eminent from every side. There was no way out. Lust welling up within her,

Eva said, “looks at that my tiny little dolly” as she unhooked the clasp on the

front of her bra. She had nice breasts, big firm breasts. Eva kneaded her tits

and stroked her nipples; her arousal was patently obvious to John. She left no

doubt in his mind what would happen were he caught between her beautiful huge


Then Eva uncrossed her legs so little John could escape. His fear only fuelled

her desire to dominate him with her body. She wanted to humiliate him, to hear

him beg for mercy, just so she could deny it to him. She was now slowly crawling

just few inches behind him who was still running. Her eyes were focused intently

on her miniature boyfriend. She started to playfully blow lightly on him. She

was very much amused to see that she could make him stagger and fall just by

blowing him a little kiss. This made her giggle a few time as he always

awkwardly fell on his cute little butt. Eva was finally getting tired of this

little chase, so she decided to put an end to it. So she raised herself a

little, and then she abruptly dropped herself in John's path laying her huge

tits right in front of him. John didn't see her coming down and ran into her

huge soft bosom. It was like colliding a huge airbag. Quickly John turned around

to run in the opposite direction, but this time Eva put her giant bra in front

of him, he stopped in front of a house sized bra cup but she puckered her lips

and blew strongly on him so he flew and crashed right inside of it. John had

never felt so afraid and humiliated while Eva had fun like she never had before.

She proudly lifted he bra with little John trapped in it and playfully said

“I've got you little mouse, now I'm going to eat you up” She smacked her lips

and made purring, yummy noises at him, before laughing out loud.John watched in

horror as he was carried toward the full lips of his giantess. John was now

crying. “oh poor little thing” she cooed, “'I hope I didn't scare you too much.

I'd never do anything to hurt you , John.”. “ Then, why are you doing this to

me” he asked. Eva cradled him in her palm and started to explain “Well, I know

that by wanting to be small you really want to be toyed and dominated. Your

absolute helplessness, the possibility of dying from a simple flick of my

finger, that's what makes you crazy!”. “I guess you're right, but you've been

more than a bit rough with me” John said suddenly feeling very vulnerable. “Hey,

you said I could play with you, moreover I've got to be rough to make it look

real so you don't know weither I'm serious or not.But don't worry little one, I

won't hurt you. You're the only tiny man I've got!”. Again she purred “my poor

little John, I got you really scared… You need a hug?” He nodded yes, and she

pressed him to her lovely breast. “That better?”' she asked. “Much” he responded

being pushed deep into the soft cushion, and lightly rubbed against her smooth

skin. She however didn't want him to become too confided so she added in a

girlish giggle “I promise I'll be a good girl and I'll try to be careful not to

break my precious little toy.” Eva could indeed so easily break him up if she

wished to act like a careless little girl, John shuddered at the thought. Now

let's get him scared a little again Eva thought “It's funny how easily I can

make you believe everything I want” she said. “Why do you say that” asked John

felling suddenly very nervous again.Her titanic mouth opened and smiled.

'Because I'm really going to eat you, little man,' she whispered again, and then

quickly lapped him up into her mouth. John couldn't stop himself from screaming…

John landed face first on her tongue. Eva knew her tiny toy was going berserk

inside of her mouth, fighting and screaming and trying to pry her teeth apart.

The sensation of power was so heady that she needed to lean against the wall to

keep from falling to her knees. Concentrating on the feeling of her little

boyfriend on her tongue, she began to play gently with him. For his part John

was currently asking to be let off in his loudest voice. He was on his feet on

the tip of Eva's tongue, his knees pressed against her teeth, his hands pushing

hard at the forward most part of the roof of her mouth. His legs and arms

trembled from the effort. Her tongue heaved up beneath him, lofted him end over

end within her mouth. He slapped back against her soft tongue, felt it undulate

powerfully beneath him as she pressed him against the top of her mouth. Over and

over she played with him, swirling him in her mouth, toying with him against her

teeth. He fought her with everything he had, howling for her to stop, to let him

go, but she either didn't her him, or chose to ignore him. Then, without

warning, the motion stopped. John lay across her tongue, his body dripping wet,

his hair matted against his face. The heat and humidity in her mouth was

oppressive, it drained the energy from him. With a groan he leaned towards the

front of her mouth, and suddenly her tongue went into action again. But where

her earlier play had been rough and chaotic, her ministrations now were

calculated and deliberate. She pinned him against her front teeth and began to

caress him with her tongue. He struggled at first, pushed against her moist

advances, tried to stave each full body kiss. But she was adamant; she gave him

no course for refusal, no way to deny her. Eva's tongue was all around him,

licking him, stroking him, loving him, and he could not help but respond. Naked

and vulnerable he gave himself to her, and she took him eagerly. Her tongue

explored his body, tasted the softness of his flesh, washed him and covered him

in the wetness of her mouth. And when she growled so that his bones shook, he


Soon he was out of her mouth dangling upside down from her thumb and forefinger.

She moved him upside down and dropped him in the palm of her hand. He shivered

from the chill in the air. Eva's face was bent over him, her hair cascading down

from all sides, blocking out the rest of the world. Her eyes watched him avidly,

eagerly, drinking the sight of him. And he for his part could not take his eyes

off of her. She was so beautiful and so very deadly.» Now that was cool, my poor

helpless little Johnny. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.' she murmured.

John didn't know whether he was to be scared or exited, maybe both. His little

trip in Eva's mouth had indeed been as arousing as frightening. No matter how

much she scared and dominated her, he was in love with this extraordinary

beautiful young girl. In fact, as he was lying exhausted in her open palm, he

started to realise that the way she dominated with her gorgeous body was itself

arousing. “ I love you” he said bringing a smile to Eva's face. He's so cute,

she thought happily before giving him another full body kiss. Now she knew he

had enjoyed being her little plaything even though he was still afraid of her.

He loved her but also dreaded her mighty giant body. She could understand that,

after all, she had to be very careful handling him; he was so tiny, so fragile.

Eva was in the situation she had always dreamed. She now was in total control of

a little man who both loved and dreaded Her. “I love you too” she softly


“I think we better go to my house, I don't feel right doing it here', Eva said

with glee. 'Do what', John said, still shaking with fear. 'You'll see my sweet

little doll, this is going to be so much fun. Where are your keys?' Eva grabbed

John's keys and put them in her purse. She was still wearing nothing but her

panties and about to put John in her purse with the keys, when she had a

wonderful idea. She held him up to my face with my index finger and thumb on

each side of his hips, playfully smiled at his tiny form and cooed, 'You're

shaking my little john. Would you like me to warm you up? Oh yes, your cold

aren't you, now we need to find somewhere for you to warm up. Ahh yes I have

just the place.' With a mischievous giggle she pulled her pink panties elastic

forward with her other hand. Pursing her lips she blew him a little kiss and

dropped him inside. She said 'Hope it's nice and warm down there, now please

excuse me but I gotta drive us home, see you soon” then let the elastic snap

back against her hips. John's tiny body made a delightful little bump against

the front panel of the material. She felt him shifting and wriggling in the lush

tangle of her pubic hairs. It was a delicious sensation, and she looked down

between her spread legs, watching him squirm against her crotch. John felt her

fingers from the outside start to manipulate him around till he was lying face

down on top of her mons with his head pointing at her feet. She maneuvered him

about her pussy till she had him the way she wanted. John, although scared,

found himself excited in his current arrangements, after all he was lying on top

of Eva's vulva with his body pressed into her soft and now moist flesh, kissed

by a completely different set of lips. Eva quickly put her clothes back on and

got out of John's house. In front of the car, she stopped a moment and savored

John's tiny body, squirming frantically inside her panties. She jumped in the

Explorer and sped off. She felt John moving around more vigorously. Her panties

had bunched up a little, giving him room to maneuver but she sensed that she had

to be quick, or he would just smother in there. All the way in the car she

squirmed as Jeff struggled between her thighs, the shear hedonistic sensation,

the sense of power, having John trapped against her soft womanhood, was too much

and she trembled in a mini-orgasm.

They arrived to her apartment and she unlocked the door and turned on the light.

She ran to the bathroom and removed her underwear to look at John; he was a

mess. Eva picked him up by one foot dangling him high above the tile floor, in

front of her face. She looked at him and said with laughter 'I almost forgot

about you in there. Hope you enjoyed the ride, I know that I did. Now I think we

both could use a bath before bed don't you? She placed him on the side of the

bath as she turned on the water, letting it warm up and began to get undressed.

John was in awe of such beauty, those long long shapely legs seemed to go on

forever, and he was in a trance like state as she lifted one of her leg over

him, setting it down into the tub. Too cold. She adjusted the faucet and

stepped, nude, back onto the bath towel. John couldn't help but admire her

nicely shaped behind and the length of her body from his position as she

stretched up to grab a box of bubble bath from a shelf. He saw her breasts swing

down freely over him as she leaned over to plug the drain and pour some in the

water, after testing it with her hand to make sure it was now the right


As the tub filled with bubbly water, Eva sat on the toilet to relieve herself.

Looking at John standing on the tub in front of her, she asked, 'need to go, hon?'

Though nervous, John admitted that he did, and Eva snatched him up with her

hand. She lifted him over the toilet hole, and said mockingly 'I wonder what's

it like to sit on a toilet and pee knowing there's a little man underneath your

big, giant ass? Well, maybe another time…”. John's heart raced at that thought

but felt better as she finally placed him standing on the toilet seat between

her legs. John stared in fascination and horror as Eva released about 10,000

gallons of pee. If she had dropped him, he would have surely drowned he thought.

He could feel his bladder straining, but as he found himself staring straight at

a vulva many time his size, just a couple inches from him, he found it difficult

to relax enough and it took few seconds before he was able to relieve himself. “

Now let's get cleaned up” Eva said then picked him up from the toilet and again

placed him on the side of the tub. She flushed the toilet, and by that time the

tub had been filled to her satisfaction.

Eva slowly stepped into the tub over John's head, and he again found himself

admiring her immense form as it moved over him. Slowly she settled into the tub,

the bubbles pressing all around her. She sat so her breasts were just below the

surface of the water, out of sight beneath the bubbles. ' C'mon jump in, the

waters fine and I'll let you bath me' she grinned. John hesitated. She then

raised her hand behind him and nudged him off the side. I plunged deep into the

bath that was full of bubbles, and when he rose to the surface, all he could see

around him were the white bubbles. 'Hmmm, where did my tiny little bath toy go?'

he heard Eva ask from somewhere overhead. Suddenly he felt something huge brush

against his legs, and he was just able to take a breath before he was pulled

back underwater. He couldn't open his eyes, but trapped in Eva's giant hand, he

felt himself being rubbed like a bar of soap up and down her legs, against her

stomach and finally against her crotch before she let go. He thought his lungs

would burst before he finally broke the surface to the sound of her booming

laughter. She had cleared the bubbles from immediately in front of herself, and

John could see her smiling face above him. Then she turned her attention to

herself, rubbing a real bar of soap against her chest and breasts as she sat up

higher. As John was admiring her soapy breasts from what he thought was a safe

distance, she leaned forward and dunked them into the water on top of his head.

The mass of her breasts knocked John back underwater, and he sputtered as he

surfaced a few moments later. Then he saw Eva lean back until the water covered

her neck, and her long right leg broke the surface next to him. Her immense but

beautiful thigh rose from the water to her knee high above. She pulled the knee

close to her chest and lathered the length of her shapely leg as John watched.

Then she repeated the process with her left leg. When she was done she just

closed her eyes, relaxing as she soaked, while Paul struggled to tread the soapy

water between her thighs, which were still sticking above the water.

Then he heard her say 'Swim to my breast's little man, hurry up you don't want

to make me angry now do you.' John was soon treading water between Eva's huge

tits again. She looked at him and said 'Do you feel better now, nice and clean,

good now I want you to climb and wash me up here', she gestured to her breasts.

John tried my best to climb up her tit but he just kept sliding back down into

the water. Eva was finding this very amusing. Every time she giggled her tits

would bounce about and it would cause big waves to wash over him. After several

pathetic attempts John decided to take another route, he swam up the channel

between her tits, climbed higher and eventually stood between Eva's enormous

protruding boobs. 'Here's some soap my little bath slave' She squirted some soap

next to his feet. 'Wash' John looked up at Eva, pleading with her. 'I'm serious.

Wash” He tried his best but it was quite a long job for such a little man. Eva

laughed and told him he was doing a good job then she pushed her breasts

together slightly, closer to one another, trapping tiny John between them. She

quickly stopped her slight pressure on her boobs not to smother her fragile

little toy. 'Now wasn't that fun.'

Eva got up and carried John out of the tub with her, placing him on the vanity

table with all these huge objects around him, her lipstick was 3 times taller

than he was. As he looked into the mirror at his reflection he could see just

how small and insignificant he really was compared to the towering beauty

towelling off behind him. He stood there shivering until she was done. Then she

knelt down so that her face was level with the table. Her stare made John

uncomfortable as she had a cat that swallowed the canary look on her face as she

giggled mischievously. She puckered her pouty lips and blew on him to dry him

off. This felt pretty good and soon John was dry. Eva stood up, and pressed her

hips forward still staring down at him with an amused face. She rubbed her mons

against the table, shaking it a little. To John, it felt like a terrible

earthquake and he tumbled. Eva couldn't stop laughing and as John clumsily tried

to stand up and get back his balance again. Turning around, she pressed her

gorgeous buttocks against the table and ordered him, 'Kiss my ass, John!' He

stood up stepped forward and began kissing and caressing her butt. Suddenly Eva

turned herself a little and deliberately hit the table a big time with her round

beautiful giant ass. This time, John got violently knocked over by Eva's playful

antics. Still giggling, she casually wrapped her towel around her shoulders and

said “I better take you with me since you can't stand on you feet, my little

toy”. She gently picked John up and began to dance with him stories above the

ground. This made John very nervous and he clung to her thumb. 'Are you scared

my little lover', she said with laughter 'Let me put you in a safer place then'

She grabbed him and placed him in her nice cleavage before she walked back to

her bedroom. . Her laughing made it hard to breathe because her breasts were

squeezing the air out of him. Once in front of her bed, she even shrugged her

shoulders causing her breasts to squeeze together. John knew she could crush him

with no effort. Thankfully, she released him before he suffocated All this was

just a little game to her and after placing John gently on her bed, Eva dropped

the towel and smiled down at him. “Now the real fun begins” said the naked


Eva kneeled down sat cross-legged on the floor next to the bed and bent her face

down, placing her arms on either side of him. She playfully knocked John off his

feet with her nose and then smothered his body with her lips. For just a second,

her tongue moved out to taste him, then she lifted her head away. John was

completely under her delicious spell 'I'm going to have fun with you tonight,

little man!' she whispered softly. 'I'm so hot just looking at you that I just

can't help myself, I've got to make love to you.” John began to back away

towards the opposite side of the bed from her. “What's the matter little John?

Don't you want to fuck me? I have new positions to share with you that are not

in any of the books.” “Trying to run, eh? That's going to cost you. Dearly...'

she said very dramatically.” John was all the way on the other side when she

laughed loudly, stretched an enormous arm across the entire width of the bed,

and snatched him up. She settled him close to her face and with a playful look

on her face, gave him a shove with her pinkie. He stumbled forward, and clumsily

tried to get back his balance. Lifting him by one leg she watched his struggles

with amusement 'Tee-Hee, I like it when you try to resist', she laughed at him,

'Its funny. You're so small and helpless; you know that you have no chance to

escape from me. She smiled and kissed him, ending it with a giant lick up his

entire body. “That's what you get for trying to run.” she said.”Well”' He said.

“I should try and run more often”.

She wanted to play with him a little more, and she had an idea 'Party time!' she

said and turned to sit on the bed so that her rear end faced John. 'Tsk Tsk Tsk...Boy

little man are you in big trouble, I think I want to crush you with my beautiful

ass.' she laughed, only half joking. Eva began to wiggle her butt in front of

John, swaying her hips this way then that. She began to laugh, her gorgeous and

perfectly proportioned rear descending towards john's puny form. Her slow decent

was graceful as she bent over placing herself in a sitting position while little

John instinctively started yell in fear. Somehow the reality of this gigantic

butt coming down on him was more than he could ever imagine ; he couldn't move

and began to beg Eva to stop. Her ass cheek was, to little John, like a most

gigantic fleshy spear that engulfed his entire vision while slowly making

contact with him and pushing his little body flat against the soft matress of

the bed. She had laughed at the thought of poor little John trying to get away

from her descending giant butt and was surprised to see John had not moved. She

only needed to relax herself and give little weight to the bed to crush him

under her ass, so much power felt wonderfull. She waited few seconds, then John

felt the immense downward pressure stop and soon saw Eva's rear up in the air.

Then it fell quickly toward him. John screamed

Eva sat down heavily on the bed, bouncing John up into the air. She never really

intended to sit on him, and was rather surprised when she realised her enormous

ass had just missed John by inches as he backed away. She thought she would have

to be more careful if she didn't want to break her little lover for real. Oh

well, at least she could guess she had really scared him this time. John was

indeed terrified as the bounce from her landing sent him falling backwards. She

backed up a little, and he slid into the depression her weight made in the bed,

bumping into her right buttock. Her ass loomed high above him, leading up to the

enormous fleshy wall of her back. Far up, John could see her cascading blond

hair bouncing with her giggles. 'Oooh, you feel so good back there. I think I

need a little massage” Eva rolled over onto her stomach and placed John on her

back. “ I want you to rub my ass, my tiny sex toy. You better get yourself

started or I'll squish you for real.” She finally ordered. Eva felt him walking

slowly down her back to her buttocks. John began to massage her buttock as best

he could. Although the skin felt smooth and soft, his little hands could do

little more than caress the mountainous flesh. She felt his tiny caresses begin;

Eva knew he wouldn't stop massaging her pretty rear until she told him. She knew

already what was coming next. Eva slightly shifted her position to lie on her

side, giggling as she felt John slip off her brobdignanian left buttock.

Without saying another word she swooped John from behind her, her slim fingers

closing around him. She brought him up to her calm beautiful face, squeezing him

lightly with her fingers just to physically dominate him 'Hey! Please don't hold

me so tight! It hurts. Your fingers are squeezing me too hard' .Eva didn't

answer, she just puckered her lips and blew on him. “Stop it!” he yelled without

looking up. “What if I don't want to?” she asked and blew another breath over

him. 'I want to play some more', she pouted, “and there is no way you're going

to stop me anyway.” John knew Eva loved it when he acted scared or tried to put

up a resistance so he decided to give her want she wanted “ please don't hurt

me… Let me go!” he begged. “ok, I let you go” she said lowering him in the

middle of the bed in front of her. “but you better run before I get you now”.

John could hear her melodious laughter while he was running away from the

beautiful and huge female form stretch out behind him. Looking down at the tiny

man in the center of the bed Eva remarked to herself on how small he looked

there compared to the size of her king sizes bed, to him it must look bigger

than a football field she thought. She raised her self up off the bed and turned

over, and got on her knees and elbows. John was still pretty much within Eva

arm's reach. He saw his escape being cut off by one hand, then another, then her

chest and her arms until finally he was surrounded by … Eva!. She smiled and

winked at John, then she slowly lowered herself knocking him backwards with her

left tit.Still very slowly, Eva leaned forward rolling her tit back over John,

engulfing him completely under her. 'I've got you now, doll', she smirked

triumphantly while John was stuggling underneath her tit. “Oooo, My poor

helpless little toy… you're not even strong enough to lift one of my titties.”

She cooed. John thought he was really going to get smoothered this time but once

again Eva easily saved him and planted kisses all over him.

All her young life Eva had struggled with her own shyness, and had never felt

entirely comfortable with boys or men. Truth was, they always made her nervous,

even when they were nothing but kind to her. Her romantic relationships had

never lasted very long, and the few times she had agreed to have sex, she didn't

enjoy it. With John, all her fears were gone. She knew he was in her complete

power, and there was no way he could ever harm her. He was the poor helpless

little thing which she could totally control with ease but she also knew she

would never intentionally harm John. She had fallen in love with him. For the

moment she was having a lot of fun enjoying him as her little sex slave. John

himself was enjoying himself as he was getting turned on by Eva's fabulous body.

She was as beautiful as a goddess, which in fact she was to him, a sexy goddess

with absolute power over her tiny slave.

Eva picked up John and dropped him on her stomach. He was still amazed on how

big she was! Her giant tummy was seemed much bigger than a tennis court to him.

Her bellybutton was just huge. He began walking up her stomach and came to her

gigantic tits. 'You are so small compared to my boobs!', Eva said with laughter,

stating the obvious. John thought there was an earthquake, a womanquake in fact,

and he fell down on his knees, which caused Eva to laugh even more. 'Climb on my

left breast, please', the giantess Eva said. 'Play with my nipple', Eva said

with a hint of arousal in her words. John climbed and climbed and started

massaging her huge nipple 'Ohh.....ahh..........ooh, that feels good my tiny

toy', Eva said panting. 'Keep it up.' John rubbed and sucked and kneaded her

nipple until she couldn't take it anymore. Her fingers were spread out over his

back as she began gently squeezing and kneading his body into her breast

trapping him over her heart, which was racing madly. 'Mmmmmmm, I like the feel

of you on my boobs', she purred then let him go. From the top of her left breast

he sat up and surveyed the fantastic bodyscape before me. This was interesting.

On his side was a fabulous nipple capped hill of soft, sweet female flesh, just

like the one he was sitting on. Further on down was the smooth tan slope of her

stomach, which abruptly disappeared into her tangle of blond hair between her

long, lovely legs. Before John could survey any farther, he was once again

snatched by Eva's fingers. 'Just don't get any ideas yet, little toy, I'm not

finished with you up here yet!' He flew skyward until he was high above her

body, held out at arms length above her. Adrenaline rushed through his body as

he dangled from his giant girlfriend's fingers. He hungrily surveyed the various

areas spread out below him like it was a golf course, and he knew where the 18th

green was.

Eva began caressing herself with his body over her enormous breasts as she lay

on her back. John squirmed as her flesh rushed by him, twisting and turning,

fighting and kicking ineffectually in the grip of her huge outsized hand. Her

nipples hit him like rocks on top of a soft hill. Her lips pressed against him.

Her taut, tan stomach flew past, and his body spun around as his leg got jammed

into her navel. 'Oops,' she chuckled. She kept rubbing him over her body. Moans

escaped her mouth

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