Giantess Stories: My head rested

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My head rested, cupped in my hands as I watched

her. Amanda, the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. I

sighed gently as my eyes soaked up her gorgeous, lightly freckled face, her

sensuous plump lips, her lovely baby blue

eyes and her soft, long and straight dirty blonde hair. I glanced slowly down

her perfect body. Not too skinny, but

not too fat, she was just right. Her nice, full breast and trim tummy. Her

gorgeous bronze legs which extended from

her short Hawaiian print skirt and her dainty feet and cute, violet painted toes

which were strapped to a pair of black

open-toed sandals. God definitely spent some extra time with her...she was


“RANDY!” My math teacher exclaimed!

I jumped up in my desk and my heart just about pounded through my chest. There

was a slight murmur of

giggles throughout the class and I cleared my throat.

“Yes Ms. Muller?” I asked with a slight smirk on my face. Mrs. Muller constantly

yelled at me for day

dreamer and loved to catch me off guard. But with a girl like Amanda in the

class, who could blame me?

“Randy, now that you're back from dreamland, maybe YOU can tell the class how to

do Linear

Equations...” She tapped her navy blue pump on the tile floor as she waited for

my response. I wrinkled my nose

slightly as I compared Ms. Muller to Amanda, in my mind. Ms. Muller was well

into her 50's and looked it. Her

ratty brown hair was put up into a bun and her face was slightly wrinkled, you

could see the many years of stress

students like me put on her. Her lips were thin, pale and chapped badly. She

probably had more lipstick on her teeth

than her actual lips and she had a slimy tongue that often spit saliva on you

along with fowl breath when she talked.

She wore a black blazer and tan nylons which lightly showed varicose vains

underneath the material.

I snapped from my mental comparison and racked my brain for some way to bull

s---my way out of this


“'t know...” I replied as I looked at the

jungle or writing on the

chalkboard. I looked to Ms. Muller with a blank expression on my face and she

frowned at me with disapproval.

“Mr. Mathers, I seriously doubt you will pass my class this semester, so I

suggest you get on the RIGHT

path and start paying attention.”

“Uhh...ok... may I use the restroom?” I asked politely with a fake, friendly

smile on my face. Ms. Muller

groaned slightly under a sigh and nodded to me.

I got up from my desk and gladly took the wooden hall pass from the teacher's

desk and started toward the

door. As I passed by Amanda's desk I glanced down at her with a slight smile on

my lips. She looked up to me and

returned the smile with those magnificent lips of hers. My heart warmed and

skipped a beat as I continued to the


As I stepped out into the hall, I let the door slam behind me and sighed. A

mental image of Amanda was

stuck in my mind and I began to walk around the school. I must have wandered the

halls for 10 minutes, thinking of

Amanda and visiting my friends that I passed in the hall when I realized that

I'd been gone way to long, so I hurried

back towards my class, not wanting to hear a lecture from Ms. Muller about

leaving class like that. On my way back

to class, I stopped at the drinking and took a quick swig of water.

“BLAH!” I spit the fowl tasting water out. “What the f---??” I muttered to

myself as I spit some more into

the fountain. I glanced up at the wall the fountain was mounted too and read the

paper sign taped to the wall.


“Great...” I muttered to myself. Then I chuckled lightly, “I'll probably wake up

with a third arm growing

out of my chest tomorrow.” I thought to myself as I smirked slightly. So I

continued on my way to class.

As I sauntered down the last hallway before my class I started feeling warm. My

whole body grew warm

and I felt my cheeks flush. Then suddenly my body jolted in pain. I winced and

clutched my stomach as I doubled

over as the piercing aches stabbed throughout my body. I started to stagger down

the hallway, and the pain began to

subside, but the pain was quickly replaced by dizziness. I braced my back up

against the cool plaster wall and slowly

slid down it to the floor, that's when everything blacked out.

I moaned slightly as my vision slowly came back to me. Everything felt fine,

strangely, when I woke. How

long had I been unconscious? I thought to myself. I felt for the wall and used

it to help me up to my feet. I blinked

twice and glanced around my surroundings... where was I??

Off in the distance I could see a gigantic white wall. I followed the wall up

thousands of feet where it

connected to the ceiling.

“W-what the hell??” I stuttered to myself. I anxiously peered about my new

surroundings and the hair on

my neck began to stand as I realized what had happened. As hard as it was to

believe, I had shrunk!! How small? I

didn't know. I was scared. Scared for my life, so I just began to run. Run

where? I didn't know, but I had to get


After running for a few minutes and realizing that I had probably only run a few

feet, I stopped and started

to think rationally. Then suddenly, over my panting and puffing for oxygen, I

large boom rattled through my body.

My muscles tensed up and my eyes widened as the bass from the boom constantly

rippled through my body. The

noise became louder and louder and I became even more afraid. I slowly turned

around, gritting my teeth tightly

together. Around the corner of the hallway came an awesome, but frightening

sight to behold. A giantess.... she was

huge! She had beautiful red hair and a pretty, kinda chubby face. She wore a

tube top and a pair of pedal pushers.

After ogling over her for a few seconds my heart froze as I realized she was

still walking my direction at a

tremendous speed! Again, fear triggered my instincts and I started to run for my

life. My tiny legs pumped rapidly as

I ran towards the wall, but my speed was no match for hers.

Her body towered over me and I was cast in her humungous shadow as she came

dangerously near to me. I

dropped to my knees as my legs turned to mush, from exhaustion and fear,

underneath me. I looked at her feet, giant

feet clad in a pair of platforms. Her giant, plump toes turned white as her foot

landed under her immense weight and

then turned pink again as her foot lifted to take another step.

I shook uncontrollably as she arrived just one step away from me. The giant foot

came down with a

thunderous BOOM! There was a light, musty odor in the air from her sweaty feet.

Then as quickly as her foot came,

it left.

I flopped onto my back, scared stiff as I laid there and watch the giantess walk

away. I gulped, my eyes felt

like they were stuck open and they teared from being open too long. I gulped one

more time and shook my head

quickly to clear it of what just happened.

“Ok Randy... get a grip.” I said softly to myself. I began to think about what

to do as I made my way back

over to the wall where it was safe...

“Out of Order” Part II

After recuperating for a few minutes from my close call. I started pondering on

how I could get some help

and get back to my normal size. “Amanda!” I thought to myself, “I have to get to

Amanda! She could help me!”. I

stared off down the hallway a ways and saw my algebra room. then I looked to my


“15 minutes!” I gasped. I only had 15 minutes until the bell was going to ring.

15 minutes until the hallway

filled up with hundreds of giant feet. And I only had 15 minutes to reach Amanda

before she left. It was Friday! I'd

be stuck at school if I didn't get help soon.

I wasted no more time thinking and darted off to my classroom as fast as my legs

could carry me. It seemed

only a half a mile away to the door. I finally reached the door in about 4

minutes and took a quick breather. 'Thank

God I'm in shape,” I thought to myself. Now was the moment of truth, I couldn't

afford to screw up.

I took one final deep breath and slipped under the doorway. It was an easy fit,

I only had to crouch down a

little bit. Once inside the landscape my eyes absorbed was amazing. Towering

pillars of metal and plastic and flesh.

There were at least 30 students in here and Amanda was close to the front of the

class. I couldn't risk walking out in

the open and getting caught by someone, or even Ms. Muller. I shivered to

myself, thinking of getting captured by a

teacher who hated his guts.

I shook my head free of thoughts and got moving. Time was wasting. I ran under

the first desk (my first

obstacle) and there was a giant pair of dirty Nikes underneath the seat portion

of the desk. The Nikes stood on the

toe end and they toward high above me. The stench from these Nikes was

repulsing, she obviously played basketball

or some sport. I got on my guard and slowly crept by the giant feet with no

trouble. Ahead I could see about 5 more

pairs of feet and then, Amanda's feet!

My heart pounded with excitement and hope pushed me further toward my

destination. The next pair of feet

were in a pair of Dr. Martin boots. This person was fidgeting around with his

feet and kept stubbing his toe into the

floor, making a resounding “THUNK, THUNK, THUNK,” which echoed through my body.

I took a deep breath,

unsure of what this giant was going to do next with his feet. I gritted my teeth

and sprinted across, smiling as I

almost made it a quarter of the way there when the giant stopped stubbing his

boot into the floor and laid his foot

down flat right behind me! I gave a tiny peep as a rush of air came up behind me

and I saw boot tread rushing toward

my body. I dove at the last minute and rolled underneath the next desk just as

the foot landed with a “WHUMP!”. I

gave a shaky sigh of relief and looked toward my next challenge.

Before me, laying on their sides with their soles pressed together were two

giant, bare female feet. I smiled

a bit, cause they looked a bit softer than the boots I just met. These must have

been Natalie's feet! That meant I was

getting closer to Amanda. Natalie was a very pretty Hispanic girl who always

wore open toe shoes or sandals no

matter what the weather was like. I looked over her gorgeous, slightly tanned

feet and her bright red toenails. I

wanted to touch them! I've always wanted to touch them and feel how soft they

were and now was as good of a

chance as any. So slowly, I stalked forward toward her shapely, soft heels. The

smell was extremely intoxicating and

erotic. There was the light essence of perfume and lotion emanating from her

feet mixed with the thick musty smell

of feet. The ammount of heat coming from from her feet was incredible and I felt

the slight musty heat touch against my skin. I was in heaven! Slowly and shyly,

I reached forward and stroked the back of her heel with my fingertips. I

smiled warmly at the softness of her skin and then I slid my entire hand over

it. How great they felt! But Natalie felt

it to because her foot twitched. I blinked and backed away from it, feeling like

I just woke up a powerful beast from

its slumber. Her foot lifted up and swung back lightly at me. Her toes struck my

body and I rolled back for about 5

feet. My ears rung with pain and I cursed myself for being foolish, then it

struck me!

“Oh crap! Five minutes!!” My tiny voice squeaked out. I looked at Natalie's feet

one more time and darted

off toward Amanda! With every step I took Amanda's name popped into my mind. I

had to get to her! I ran as hard

as I could, running past a few more sneakers and a couple of pairs of sandals,

then finally, with 2 minutes left, I

reached Amanda's feet. My heart pounded with joy! And I started jumping up and

down with happiness! I had done

it! I had run past the gauntlet of feet and reached Amanda!

As I looked slowly over her beautiful feet strapped into those sexy sandals, my

heart melted. It was like I

had found the greatest treasure in the universe! I scurried up to the massive,

beautiful feet and reaching up, standing

up on my toes, I brushed my fingers lightly along the side of her soft foot

until I reached the front where her toes

were. I smiled at the five plump treasures, painted violet. I stood up next to

her big toe, which came up to about my

waist and brushed my hand over the smooth purple polish, much like one brushes

his hand over the paint of a new


I wanted to enjoy her feet a little longer, but I knew I had to get to business.

I had to get myself on one of

her sandal straps before the bell rang, or I'd be left for dead at the school.

As lightly and carefully as I could, I

started to climb up her foot to the top strap where I could stay until she was

alone and I could get her attention,


“DONG! DONG! DONG!” the bell rang out and just about shattered my ear drums. I

let go of my strap to

cover my ears quickly, just as Amanda swung her foot around to get out of her


“Ahhh!” I screamed as I was flung from her sandal. I hit the ground, skidding

across the tile floor, collecting

large clumps of dusts from the unclean floor. Finally I stopped sliding

underneath the teachers desk. I wanted to

jump up and get back on the sandal, but I had hit my head hard and I was very

disoriented. My heart was crushed as

I watched from under the desk. All of the feet in the class room filed out the

door. I wanted to cry and I started to

breathe heavy. I felt like somebody socked me in the gut. What the hell was I

going to do now? This wasn't

suppose to happen!

During my thoughts of despair. There was a sharp “CLAK, CLAK, CLAK” noise behind

me. I didn't take

much notice to it at first, but all of the sudden, my guts lurched as I realized

who it was. It was Ms. Muller!! I

turned slowly around to find two giant navy blue pumps at the other side of the


“Nooo...” I groaned quietly to myself and thought, “Could my day get any worse?”

I was afraid of the

answer to that question...

Part III

I ran my fingers slowly through my hair and took a deep breath. There was the

slight smell of feet and

leather in the air coming from Ms. Muller's pumps at the other side of the desk.

I wrinkled my nose and thought

about how they would smell up close and without shoes on.

It felt like I had stood there for an eternity. I stood there and thought about

what I was going to do. Should

I get Ms. Muller's attention? What would she do if she found me? Would she help

me or get back at me for all the

stress I had put her through this year? It seemed like a new question popped in

my head every second. I needed

help, bad.

Finally, I decided. I kept telling myself that I was crazy for doing this, but I

was desperate. I had to get her

attention. Slowly, because I wasn't in a big hurry to do this, I made my way

over to the gigantic pumps. I glanced

down at my hands and watched my fingers shake from nervousness. Butterflies

fluttered about inside my stomach,

but I kept walking, I had to do this.

The musty, vinegar smell of feet got stronger and stronger the closer I got.

Finally, I reached her shoes and

I thought about how I was going to get her attention. Should I kick and hit her

pumps until she looked down at me?

Or should I scream my head off and hope she hears me. I thought for a moment and

remembered all those times that

I talked behind her back after she lectured me and I realized that her hearing

wasn't that great. So, kicking and

hitting it was. I stepped back a bit and charged the pump, swung my foot forward

as hard as I could, striking the

hard leather surface.

“OUCH!” I screamed as it felt like I snapped all my toes! I hopped around on one

foot for a moment,

cussing like a druken sailor. Her left foot shifted a bit. “YES! She felt it.” I

thought to myself, but suddenly, my

hopes left me. Slowly her massive foot slipped from the pump. The pump fell over

on it's side with a hollow

“THUMP” and the opening was now facing me. A wave of hot, damp air flowed from

the pump and enveloped

around me. The smell was overpowering! My eyes instantly watered and I gagged

from the stench. It was like being

in a sultry, humid swamp. I gasped for a breath, but only the stench of her feet

filled my mouth and I coughed. With

watered eyes, I looked up just as her giant, nylon covered foot came down on top

of me.

I let an “omph!” slip from my lips as the force of her massive foot knocked the

wind from my lungs. I was

trapped! Her massive nylon covered sole pinned me to the tile floor. I was

pressed completely into the soft sole of

her foot. The sweat from her nylon soaked my clothes and drenched my face, some

dripping into my mouth. I

writhed back and forth, trying to free myself from my smothering prison.

“Hehe!” I heard a muffled giggle from underneath her foot. Slowly, all the

pressure was relieved from my

body and her foot lifted from me. I gulped the fresh air down as I instantly

sprung up from the floor. I coughed

slightly and wiped the vile foot sweat from my face.

“Oh my! What do we have here??” Ms. Muller's high pitched, nasally voice rang

down from above me and

before I knew it, two cold, dry fingers gripped my waist and lifted me from the

floor, making me feel like my stomach

was left where I stood. She lifted me level to her huge face and squinted at my

tiny form between her fingers with her

cold hazel eyes. I kicked and struggled against the giantess' fingers, but their

cold, iron grip did not budge.

“Do my old eyes decieve me, or do I see an itty, bitty man between my fingers?”

She asked as she brought

my minute body closer to her face. Her sickening, moist breath washed over my

body and I held my breath for a

second. A funny grin spread across her lips, baring her boulder size,

yellowish-white teeth. Her slimy, thin tongue

rolled slowly across her bottom lip, instantly moistening the chapped surface. I

started to squirm wildly again,

sickened by her.

“Ms. Muller! It's me! Randy Mathers! From 6th period!!!” I screamed to the top

of my lungs. Her eyes

widened a bit and so did her grin.

“Ahhh...Mr. Mathers. I was wondering why you never returned to class.” She

smirked evily at me and

brought her other hand up, pinching the back of my shirt between her fingertips.

She released with her other hand

and let me dangle freely by my shirt before her massive face. She giggled again,

“You certainly are an adorable little

thing, aren't you?”

“THING!” I thought to myself. I wasn't a thing! I was a man! “Ms. Muller,

please! I need your help! I

took a drink from the fountain down the hall and it shrunk me!! You have to help

me grow back!”

“I have to help you?” She inquired in a way that made me shiver. “I don't have

to do anything for you,

Randy Mathers. You frustrated the hell out of me everyday just so you could feel

like a big shot in front of all of

your friends! I bet you don't feel like a big shot NOW, Randy.” She snickered

through her ugly, crooked teeth.

“This makes me wish all of my students were your size. Life would be so much


Now, anger was starting to mix with my fear. I swung my suspended body around

violently and she snorted

a laugh at my actions. Her fowl breath was starting to get to me now and I began

to feel sick to my stomach. There

was a slimy, wet noise as she licked her lips again and she inched my closer to

her face. She sniffed and then brought

me closer under her nostril where she sniffed again.

“Why Mr. Mathers, you smell like... feet... did you like it down there under my

big, old, smelly foot?” She

gave another high pitch, annoying giggle. “I sure liked it... you felt so

warm...and squishy...”

I shuddered as she talked. I had to get away from her. Quickly, as she rambled

on about how I tickled

under her sole, I threw my arms up and slipped from my shirt. I fell instantly,

not knowing where I was going to land.

I looked down and rushing up underneath me was a giant coffee cup. I landed

inside it with a tiny splash. I

struggled up to the surface almost immediately after hitting the cold, left over

coffee. I spluttered out a mouth full of

the bitter black coffee and choked a bit on it. I looked out, and saw Ms. Muller

grinning darkly down at me. The

sinister look on her face sent a shudder through my body as I treaded the

disgusting sludge.

“Why Mr. Mathers! You look so adorabely helpless

in there!.” She squealed and gave her annoying little titter.

I shivered slightly as the cold, sludge started to slowly pull me under. My

pants were soaked and heavy as

well as my shoes. I felt like a tiny mouse that had fallen into a huge well.

Suddenly, Ms. Muller's hand filled my

vision as she reached into the cup. Her giant index finger pushed into my back

and smushed me against her huge

thumb, so I was stuck between her grip. She easily lifted me from the cup and

let me drip over it for a moment.

“Awwww, you look so cold and scared.” She cooed to me as if she were talking to

a little puppy that she

had picked out of a gutter. “Here,” a smirk played across her lips, “let me help

you out of those clothes...”

“No!” I chirped. I started to squirm violently between her iron grip. My teacher

was NOT going to remove

my clothes, but then the cold reality hit me like a slug to the chest. What the

hell was I going to do about it?

Nothing! I was a powerless insect pinched between the fingers of this giant,

old, teacher.

Her fingertips released me and I fell down into her rough palm. The enormous

plain of skin sunk slightly

under my weight. It had the texture of worn, cold, leather. Dry, white cracks

scattered about across her palm. I

looked up at her viciously grinning face as she started intently down at me. Her

free hand came up with her long,

bony, index finger extended. She pressed me down with the tip of her finger,

pinning me down on my stomach and

slowly, she slide the tip of her index finger down my body, popping her long

finger nail underneath the waistline of

my pants. Her index finger lifted up slightly and the nail tore through my pants

like nothing, ripping them almost

completely off. Next she move down to my feet, gripping my foot between her

index finger and thumb, and pulled

my shoe off, then did the same to the other foot. Finally she tore the rest of

my pants and boxers off, leaving me

completely nude in the palm of her hand. I laid there limply, still stunned at

the fact that my Algebra teacher was

stripping me naked.

A loud giggle broke my stunned state of mind and I popped up to my knees, still

in her palm. “Oh my!

What a gorgeous little body!” She squealed at me. “I could just eat you up!”

Eat you up registered into my mind and I jumped up only to get pinned onto my

back immediately by the

same finger that had stripped me of my clothes. I shrieked and punched against

the giant fingertip the pressed me into

her palm! Then she started to explore my minute body. Her fingertip rubbed

slowly down the short length of my

body. The unexpected action stole my breath away for a moment and my entire body

stiffened up, my muscles locked

up. The giant fingertip hovered over my crotch just for a moment and then it

lightly pressed against me. My body

shook and I was stunned again as my prick hardened.

“Oooo... you like that, don't you? My little toy.” She spoke to me in a soft,

comforting tone. Her fingertip

slowly and gently rubbed back and forth against my crotch and a low moan escaped

my throat.

“Nooo, please stop!” I whined weakly as I sobbed. I wanted to cry in anger and

fear. It felt as if my body

was betraying me.

“Shhh...” She cooed softly as she brought me closer to her face. I could feel

her hot, rank breath flow

against my body as she brought me inches from her lips. “I just

with you.” She said softly as her

chapped, pale lips pressed roughly against my body, pressing me further into the

flesh of her palm. I pressed as hard

as I could back against the giant lips, but I couldn't stop them. Slowly, her

lips parted and her long, slimy tongue

rolled from her mouth, smacking against my body. The rough tongue smothered my

tiny body, and I stuck slightly to

the bumpy surface. I felt like was one of the guys in those cheesy science

fiction movies getting attacked by the giant

slimy tentacle.

The monstrous tongue started to roll up and I slid along the skin of her palm as

I was pushed with it. Her

tongue dragged me off her palm, between her fingers then into her massive mouth.

“Mmm...” She moaned with pleasure as her lips smacked shut, cutting the only

light I had off. She slowly,

and rhythmically rolled her tongue back and forth along my body. I shuddered

with pleasure, but I was still scared to

death knowing that at any moment I could slide down her throat and into


All of the sudden, the wet prison I was in shifted and I slid forward, landing

on the back of her from teeth.

Her lips slowly parted and I fell out into the blinding light.

I screamed to the top of my lungs, not knowing where I was going to land next.

The next thing I knew, my

surroundings had completely changed. I was falling into some sort of hole that

was tan in color. No! It was her

nylons! My body struck the side of my new nylon prison and I tumbled down into

the depths of the toe section.

“Well my little toy, I think it's about time we go home!” She piped happily.

The strong, vinegar like smell of her feet filled

my nostrils and I could taste it in the back of my throat. The

nylon shuddered slightly and I could hear her giant foot slowly slide against

the fabric. Then five giant toes suddenly

popped into my view and they descended over my body and a rush of rank air

flowed over me. Now my eyes began

to water from the stench.

Finally, after her foot was inserted completely, my tiny body settled underneath

her old, raunchy toes. She

wiggles her toes slightly, giving me a good squeeze.

“Oh! You feel absolutely wonderful down there, Mr. Mathers. But I hope you learn

to love my feet

because I think I'll keep you down there for awhile. Now, in you go.” She smiled

happily as she raised her foot and

began to insert it into the giant pump.

Darkness took over completely and with it, an even stronger odor of foot sweat

and leather. I didn't know

how I was going to survive this! I began to struggle a bit and her toes

instinctively flexed down, squeezing my breath

slowly from my lungs. When her toes relaxed I took in a large gulp of air, along

with the taste of her sweaty, smelly


Moments later, she stood up and her giant toes smashed me deeper into the

crevice where her toes join her

foot. My face burrowed between her big and second toe, forcing me to inhale her

foot odor and making the

perspiration from her foot slowly creep its way between my lips. I gagged and

thrashed about, but her shoe was

slowly becoming like a sauna and I quickly ran out of energy.

Minutes later, the walking stopped and I heard her car start. We drove for

awhile then her car stopped and

she got out. The pressure of her walking and standing only lasted for a minute

and then, it was like a boulder had

been lifted off my chest. Her foot slipped from her pump and a refreshing blast

of cool air came from underneath me.

Her foot shook a bit as she slid her nylon off, her giant toes lifted from my

body and her gigantic face filled my view.

“Did you have a nice trip, my little sweet?” She giggled slightly and then

sniffed. “Phew! My big, old feet

sure do stink, I hope you didn't mind!” She squeaked out a laugh that made my

ears ring and I quietly muttered to


Her long, bony index reached into the rolled up nylon and she scooped me out

into the palm of her hand. I

rolled to the center of her palm and quickly jumped to my feet. My eyes took in

my new surroundings. “Oh my

God!” I thought to myself, her house was just what I imagined it would be like,

it hadn't changed since the 60's, I

bet. Blue, light blue and green shag carpeting. Huge, worn, brown leather

couches. And a funky looking, giant

picture of an owl up on the wall. I had to chuckle to myself. I knew from went

around school that Ms. Muller was a

widow and when her husband was murdered years ago, she took her maiden name

back. There was even a rumor

around school that she killed her husband or had it arranged, but that was just

gossip. I think she even had a daughter

that went to my school, but I wasn't sure.

Her nasally voice boomed over me. “Now! First things first. My poor, old feet

need some attention and

your going to give them the attention they need.” She snickered through her old,

ugly teeth.

Her hand extended out over her coffee table and then tilted sideways. I slid

easily over the dry, worn surface

of her palm, landing on my feet. The cold surface of the white marble table

alarmed me slightly and I went up on my

tip-toes for a moment.

She leaned forward until I was level with her face. “Now you wait here, I'll be

right back. Don't try to run

either, there will be consequences if you do.”

She got up from the couch and left the room through a hallway. “Consequences,

Smoncequences,” my brain

informed me and I ran to the edge of the table. The only word that came from my

mind after I saw the drop before

me was “Wow!”. My knees began to shake as I anxiously contemplated jumping.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, came the sound of her titanic barefeet, stomping down the

hall. I had to do it, I

had to get away, so I lept. For a moment, my heart stood still as I flew away

from the edge of the table, then my

heart pounded madly as I began my descent to the floor. The phrase, “Oh God, Oh

God, Oh God,” thundered

through my mind as the floor came up on me. I hit the ground, and was suprised

how lightly I hit, then I rolled

through the shag carpeting like a parachutist landing though a forest. Finally,

my little trip ended and I jumped up,

grateful that nothing was broken, but I knew it wasn't over yet. The carpeting

came up to about my neck and I

looked up at the frame to the hallway just as Ms. Muller entered the room

through it. My heart jumped up into my

throat and ran like a mad man! The carpeting was hard to get through, it was

like trying to run through a field of


“Grrr!” She snarled angrily as she noticed my absence. “Mr. Mathers! I believe I

told you to stay put! Now

I know you that you disobey me even out of the classroom! Well, just like at

school, you will be punished!”

She stomped around the coffee table and stared down into the carpeting. I

glanced up over my shoulder

only for a moment and instantly she reminded me of the Statue of Liberty, only

with her hands on her hips. My legs

pumped harder and harder and I began to wheeze for air as I pushed through the

carpet. I could almost feel her cold,

evil eyes searching for me like spotlights looking for an escaped prisoner. I

dove into the carpet and lay down flat, so

she couldn't see me moving through the carpet. My heart was thumping in my chest

about a mile a minute and I was

breathing heavy.

“Ok, Randy Mathers, if you want to play hard ball, then I'm game. The longer it

takes me to find you, the

harder your punishment will be, so you might as well give up!” Her voiced

carried an icy tone that struck fear into

me. I couldn't afford to get caught and I couldn't afford to give up.

There was a muffled boom as she dropped to her knees in the carpet and then

another light boom as she got

on all fours. I could hear her fingers scratch through the carpeting as she

slowly swept the entire area in front of the

coffee table, then she moved on, combing the carpet as she went.

“Not good!” I said to myself, she was sure to find me this way, I had to find

cover somewhere. Slowly, I

started to belly crawl through the carpeting, I had to get somewhere quick

because she was gaining on me rapidly. I

decided to change direction and started crawling to my left as she got closer,

and closer. Suddenly an index finger

slid by me and I winced, she was close! I could see the giant hand hovering back

and forth over the carpet, the huge,

long fingers scraped for me. I picked up the pace and started crawling faster,

and faster. Then I hit something huge

and soft.

“TOES!” my mind rang out and I threw myself backward, onto my butt. I felt sick.

“This is it!” I thought,

“It's alllll over now, say goodnight, Randy!”

Just as Ms. Muller raised up onto her knees to investigate what had bumped into

her toes another voice rang

out in the room.

“Hi mom!” The voice was younger and had a high, girlish tone to it. “Whya down

there??” The voice

asked. “Didja loose somethin'?”

Ms. Muller was slightly startled and she quickly rose to her feet. I looked up

at her. Her massive bus sized

feet emitted a light, musty odor. Her legs were giant columns of flesh that

extended up and faded into the dark

heavens of her skirt. And beyond that was the plain of her upper body, her face

seemed very distant from my vantage

point. Then I turned to see who the other person was. Off in the distance I

could see two, giant white sneakers, and

resting above the sneakers were two, white puffy, bobby socks. My eyes rose

further and I followed two nicely toned

pillars of flesh. And beyond that was a short, white cheerleading skirt followed

by a white, black and gold halter top

with VHS embroider into it. The halter top stretched out pretty far, filled with

nice ample breasts. Then it struck me

like a hammer as I realized who it was. Her face was pretty, but not too

gorgeous, chiseled with nice features and

lightly freckled. Her eyes were a mellow green and she had short, dusty brown


“No!” I chirped out, on accident, and quickly covered my mouth. It was Tory! Of

course! Tory Muller,

Ms. Muller's daughter. Tory hated my guts! This was bad, very bad.

I remembered awhile back at a school assembly when the cheerleaders came out and

started dancing. My

friend gave me a carton of yogurt from his lunch and told me it'd be pretty

funny if I threw it down there and pelted

one of the cheerleaders. So I did it, and I nailed Tory.

“N-no.” Ms. Muller stuttered slightly. “No, I didn't loose anything.”

“Oh...ok!” Tory piped. “I'm inviting a bunch of the girls over tonight and we're

gonna have a sleep over, is

it ok if I have the house tonight? Plllllleeeassse??” She begged with that cute

girl tone that nobody can resist.

“Uh...hmmm...” Ms. Muller though for a moment, she probably knew that she'd have

to find me before she

let Tory and her friends stay the night. “Ok, I'll go out and see a movie, but

when I get home, I want all of you girls

in bed, ok?”

“Ok!” She squeaked joyously. “Thank you mommy!” Tory bounced over and gave her

mom a peck on the


Her sneakers got pretty close to me and a waft of unbelievably strong foot over

rushed over me. I turned

my head away in disgust. “If her feet smell THAT bad out of shoes, I don't want

to know what the smell like out of

shoes.” I thought to myself

I started to crawl away while the two giantesses were distracted. I headed over

towards the T.V., thinking

behind it might be a good place to hide out for awhile.

“Hon, I think I want to clean up a bit before your friends get here. I need

to... vacuum.” Ms. Muller said as

she grinned slightly.

“Ok mom! I'm gonna go make some dip n' snacky stuffs in the kitchen!” Tory

smiled and walked to the


I was headed full bore towards that TV the moment I heard the word vacuum.

Giantess Stories: My head rested

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