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His Fetish


Toe Seperator


My heart was pumping... I just couldn't control

myself...... The girl that I watched grow up with me was changing her shoes....

I watched as her sole slid out of the back of her Sneaker Clad shoe and dive

into the carpet. My eyes followed these events with such precision as she

continued to talk to me about the upcoming prom. Obviously, I was zoned out

watching her feet (like always for the last couple years) as they conquered the

the carpet, watching the individual hairs of the carpet sumbit to the weight of

her feet. I would occasionly appease the goddess with occasional 'mmm hmms' and

'yea I know' remarks. I was in a state of peace, her toes wiggled up and down

when she had to use her toes to hold herself up as she took off her shirt. I

would not give in to her feet easily though, I would fight the urge and force

myself to look away when she looked... sometimes she would notice and I would

divert her attention by pretending that I was looking at a certain stain. But

once the moment passed I returned to my trance. She then walked over to her

closet, with each footstep forcing hordes of threads to submit to her smooth

soles and to give up their lives to make small sensations in between her soft

plump yet half-slender toes. She returned with her pair of worn out sandles and

dropped them to the floor as if they were prisoners she had caught spying on

her. She Then looked down at them and slipped her feet, toes first into the

sandle. Her toes somtimes groping around the sandle to catch grip of the strap

in-between her big and second toe. Her blue painted toe-nails seemed to shimnmer

and reflect the light like a diamond. Finally, she set her attention back to me

(and I removed myself from my trance) and just said calmly 'Allright Nick, lets

go get some food'. I responded so quick with such a submitting tone 'yes'. She

just gave me a weird look exposing the white expanse of her eyes, raising her

eyebrows, then picked up her cellphone from the desk and turned off the light

and walked out (and I followed like a pet). We just walked out the front like we

have always done for the last couple years as she just shouted 'Dad me and Nick

are goin out to get something to eat allright?'. I listened to the same 'Ok,

well be careful' that most parents answer...

That was just one day of my never-ending torture of hanging out with my

girlfriend and old friend Lacy. Ok, to begin she moved into my neighborhood when

I was about seven. She lived right nextdoor and when I would be running around

with my hockey stick and my little gear she would be playing with her dolls

inside her house. Thats pretty much how it was until about middle school. She

being very cute and nice obviously made her popular and me being a shy to myself

guy.... well..... made me not... Anyways we had the same class in eighth grade,

how could I forget that year. That was when me and her first met and thats

sadly....the first time I ever really talked to a girl seriously. The main thing

I noticed that year was of all the things.... well .. her feet kinda turned me

on. It first was strange to me that I was so fascinated with her feet. She wore

those sandles that were really thick like a couple inches, alot, which I think

accelerated my love for her feet even more. She was the only girl that I wanted

to sexually interact with (probably the only one) really. Anyways she sat right

beside me in my class and always paid attention. I sad beside her and paid

attention too.... too her toes fiddling with the desks struture and I watched as

her toes like a predator would capture the metal bar holding the seat to the

wooden desk. I could pull this off most of the time by pretending to be asleep

and put my head down and lean off the right side of the desk so inbetween my

right arm I had a little hole to observe the objects I worshipped (I'm pretty

sure i pulled it off without her noticing). Moving on, When we reached high

school she somehow got even MORE popular then before which kind of sucked

because she would look more down upon me. I was successfully still being a loser

=). Luckily our friendship grew again when we both had english class together...

I prayed to see her feet under the desk just one more time... and my prayers

were answered when she sat on seat ahead of me. Excellent))). Lacy and I started

talking and when she started driving, she Began to give me rides to and from

school. I couldn't drive becuase my parents wouldn't buy me a car until i was 18

so I had to depend on Lacy. One great day she was driving me home and I watched

her feet pushing down on her sandles and then pushing force on the peddle. When

we reached our street she took off her sandles and walked barefoot to her trunk,

took out her backback and asked me if I wanted to come in. Well when we got

inside She explained to me that she had a crush on me since 8th grade and she

never could tell me becuase I was not 'popular' enough. But she said she was

being dumb at the time and wanted to know me better. From every day their on

till now and we were freshmen then, We are Juinors now, I have gone to her house

after school. During sophmore year we started to get serious and during juinor

year we could trust eachother with anything.

Well there you have it, you know I have a foot fetish and you know im a loser.

But now we return to normal time.

Chili's was the place me and Lacy always went to. It was probably the birthplace

of our serious friendship. We were quickly escourted to our table and we sat

down and peered through the menu for literally one second and put it back and we

knew what we wanted. We had some force that made us think we need to look at the

menu but we really know what we want. Breaking the ambient shouting at the bar

seats of baseball fans and other chattering Lacy leaned foward and smiled. The

sound of chili's I was once hearing was gone and obliterated when I felt a silk

smooth toe gliding down my leg followed by 4 more smooth toes that finished off

the first one. I just sat there with a smile staring into my mind wanting to

look at her feet but it might ruin the guise I have always had that hit it from

her. I just sat there and felt her smooth big toe find its way to my groin. I

just couldnt help it, I felt my pants begining to rise and she had a somewhat

suprised expression on her face but she was still curious and used her toes now

and felt the bulge. She stopped and examined what she had in her toes grasp and

I looked up then a second later she looked up at me and smiled too and had a

look of amazement on her face. 'Wow little jumpy there arent we Nick?' In a

quick defensive response I just said back 'Well, ya put somthing there its gonna

rise its got a mind of its own', trying to change the subject. She just said

admittinglly, 'so you want me to stop?'. I threw out my defense stance and put

in my submissive stance and replied 'oh well sure if ya want'. With such

anticipation and exitement in my head I waited then once again I felt her silky

smooth perfect toe glide up my leg and we once again made eye contact, and she

started to move towards my groin once again then she quickly removed it. I gave

a pleading yet questioning look waiting for her reason to back out. She leaned

back and said 'Down boy, when we get home', with a smile. That alone made the

rest of the night dumb chit chat. The only reason for living for me was to go

back to her house. While in the car on our way home, when we reached a red light

she looked at nothing for a second, and then looked at me beside her and the red

light was the only thing lighting up her beautiful face. 'so you really liked

that didn't you?' I turned to let the traffic light reveal my face out of the

darkness with a shine in my eye with a good 'defenitely' as my response. 'Well

there's more where that came from in my room' she let out with a giggle. My

thoughts were raging and I couldn't help myself I had to have contact with her

feet again. I sat there thinking of what to say in my highway of thoughts that

were raging through me and let out a simple 'lets do that'. I was so happy, Ive

never been that happy in my life. When we got home she walked backwards up the

stairs smiling at me and just looked at me shouting 'Dad i'm home' as she

continued up. I followed stuck in her trance. When we finally reached her room

she walked around me and closed the door and made sure the sound the lock made

when she locked the door was being heard by anyone in the room. She then backed

up to the bed and fell back on to it. I sat there and just was thinking about

her feet. She then took off her tight blue jeans and sat there on the bed with

panties and her shirt and long legs spreading in two different directions and

each one leading to the same road to her precious petite feet. 'So Nick i've

come to notice over the years that you like my feet' she let out seductively. I

could not utter out a single word... 'You poor baby, all you get to do is stare,

well, I think you should come a little closer and get to touch' I still couldnt

move, she then got up seductivly and walked slowly towards the dresser and got a

bottle of foot cream she had recently bought at victoria's secret. She walked up

to me and slammed it into my had and looked up from her hand to my face and I

then met up with hers and she then instructed me. 'Rub my feet... spread the

cream between my toes and massage in-between them and don't miss a spot' ....

'ok?' I just sat there and didnt utter a word and complied, she then backed up

towards the bed and rested one foot on my shoulder when I would cover the other

one with foot lotion. I spread a huge wad of the cream on my hand and i had a

urge to use it to please myself, i was so excited. But then I began the

wonderfull task of pampering her beautiful feet and enjoyed the position I was

in when she stared down at me from the side of her bed as I used my hands like

an artist would, being meticulous and carfull. I didn't miss one spot and I

would spend extra time putting lotion in between her plump yet half-slender toes

and I had to have more.... I couldnt just let this be it. I had to indulge my

fantasy. I had to worship her feet even further. I didn't know what to do

because my mind was racing as I switched to her other foot. She would occasionly

break my concentraion when she would wiggle her toes or say things like 'dont

stop' or 'make sure you get inbetween my toes nick' I felt like a worthless

being not being able to admit my even deeper sexual feelings for Lacy. I was

about halfway done with her toes when I lost control and thrust my face towards

her foot and started licking her arch and making out with her toes and she

enjoyed it. I felt her toes wiggle when they settled on my tongue. I wanted to

be a slave to her feet. I felt my penis fighting as hard as it could to break

free from my boxers and pants. I licked the bottom of her foot and her toes

grasped my forehead spreading lotion on my face and hair. She then couldnt take

it and she thrust her other foot in my face throwing my head back into the

carpet. I wouldnt stop and she would not either. She was using my face as a

floor mat. She was wiping her feet all over face and her toes would occasionlly

catch on to my nostril and pull my face to the side then push down on my cheeks.

I wanted this to never stop. I wanted this to be my life. I wanted this to my

job. My job forever. 'Lick between my toes, Lick now!' she instructed, turning

my fantasy into reality. I just did what she said and used my tongue like a weed

wacker inbetween her toes tasting the sweat in the crevices. she moaned and

leaned back on the bed and I raised my head and continued doing my duty as her

feet fell back also. She then started to moan louder and continued to instruct

me to lick her feet. I finally started licking franticlly and used my tongue as

a piece of sandpaper and slid it from inbetween her toes down to the end of her

sole and back again in fast motions. She just moaned in extacy and finally

raised herself up and looked at me very pleased and then used her big and second

toe clamp my nose as i continued to lick her sole on the other foot and she

threw my head back. 'Nick... I know you want to be my footslave forever' she

said sternly. 'I know that you just licked up a special ingredient that a friend

of mine and I put together' she paused and put one foot on my chest 'and you

will worship my feet for the rest of your life, is that clear' she added. 'YES

LACY!' I shouted. 'dont call me me Goddess Lacy' She replied. 'Yes i

want to forver worship your feet Goddess Lacy.' I couldnt help but play along,

this was the furthest I've ever gone with my fetish and she was indulging it.

After that I just blacked out or somthing.


I woke up and it was dark.... at first I thought i was blind... then i could

smell somthing... it was the smell of somthing i would soon never ever

forget.... I stumbled when my enviroment started to shake and i fell towards a

bright light to suddenly fall on a glass coffee table with a couch behind it. To

my sight the most magnificent thing man has ever witnessed was staring down at

me. Lacy was just wearing a bra nd panties and her hair was sexy and frizzy. But

her feet were nowhere in sight. I didnt even take notice i was probably 3-4

inches tall till two giant pristine feet rose from below and landed right around

me both feet on either side were landing on their soles. I looked to the giant

feet beside me, I must be just a little bigger then her big toe... I could still

smell the Lotion. Lacy had a gigantic smile on her face and wiggled her toes.

'please yourself and worship me bug!' she yelled. I immedietlly got on my knees

and stared at her beautiful, now giant feet and watched the toes that were

painted blue wiggle and started to pleasure myself. Before i was about to have

an orgasim she raised her beautiful bare foot and slammed it down on top of me

with my head poking through her third and fourth toe. I waited for what she had

to say anxiously. 'So Nick, I hear that you have a giant foot fetish'

[His Fetish-Chapter 2] The New Life Ahead


'So Nick, I hear that you have a giant foot fetishhh...........'

These words that I was hearing had to be the voice of the goddess I had

newly become slave to. These words coming out of her lips made them the

purest and most quintessent of all things said in a world of confusion I

was experiencing. Even though all the events that had led to this point were

a big change to what I was accustomed to, they... were the words that would

be the very thing that would free me from this everlasting life of hiding. I

could now live the life I had always dreamed of. My Nirvana was here, I was no

longer pretending to look away at Lacy's feet. I was looking at them, not only

just looking at them, but I was being held under her soft and smooth feet. My

head was now poking through her third and fourth toe as if my head was stuck in

a vise. My thoughts were no longer raging through my head. I knew what I wanted

to be. I no longer had to goto the local career center in my town to see all the

different jobs and see what I could fit into, when I never would be sure. I now


hundred percent sure on what i wanted to be. I wanted to be Lacy's slave. She


my thoughts and my fetish. She knew me inside and out. I thought I knew her


and out also but what happened when I went to her room was a Lacy that had been


to escape from her fantasies. Me and her seemed to go down the same path during


and once again we were now going down the same road which looked to go on

forever in our

right path. 'Ooooooohh, your so cute down there little nikki' I opened my eyes

to let

in the light from between her toes. I looked up at her face staring at me from


like it was some mystical castle that was facinating me like a little child that


fireworks for the first time. She left he weight of her foot on top of me still

but was

sliding her foot off me. Her fourth toe, with its shimmering polished nail

caught a hold

of my penis. When it hit my penis, it was as if a metal detector found a gun or


It stopped right where it was. Upon discovering my johnson, her toe seemed to

start digging

into my pants. I felt a cool rush when her toe reached my bare lower body. She

found my

soft spot, my manhood. I felt helpless, and looked up like a sad puppy to her

face. She was

amazed and was trying to decipher what her toes were finding until she was

interupted by

my stare. She looked down, and just stared back but she was still groping my

groin with her

toe. I could feel the skin patterns of her toe rubbing against the tip of my

manhood. she

knew what she was rubbing. She knew me so well, she could easily tell that I

didn't ever

want her to stop. I couldn't help but lean my head back and close my eyes. This

girl that

was the first girl I ever opened myself with was now hundreds of feet taller

then me and

was giving me an organism with her fourth toe. 'lil Nikki, I bet you love my

feet now dont

you?' I opened my eyes from transfixed state and leaned my head towards her face

and didn't

utter one word. 'don't you like my feet?' Lacy asked in great confusion. I just

smiled and

had a stoned look on my face and thrust my body towards her toe. I began to

(literally) hump

my girlfriends fourth toe. It was still smooth and slippery from the 'foot

lotion' she had me

put on before. I inserted my penis inbetween her third and fourth toe and

convulsed my whole

body back and fourth. I was now making love to my girlfriends toes. The same

toes that I would

stare at throughout puberty. I looked up with quite shakey vision and was hoping

to see what this

goddess thought of my deeds. She was staring down with a great big smile and the

white in her eyes

was expanding all over till it was cut off by a miniscule pupil. Suddenly, her

foot threw me foward

and I was detached from her toes and was flung across the small coffee table.

She then stepped on top

of the table with her foot that i was making love to first to my left, then her

other foot climbed on

to the table as if she was a primate creature looking at its dead food. She was

kneeling and I laid

there in awe to her actions. 'mmmmm, I can feel the warmth of your semen in

between my toes little nik'

Lacy said down to me with a smile. 'But I cannot let you just soil my feet

whenever you want, next time

you will have to earn it.' her voice started getting more serious. 'get this

semen of from between my

toes this instant.' I couldn't belive my ears. I was now afraid of Lacy. She was

ordering me to remove

my semen from between her toes without even offering a towel or rag. 'Lick it up

before I step on you...

got it?' I flung back in shock to what she had just said... she was no longer

playing around, she wasn't

haveing curious fun. She was threating to take my life with her feet. To crush

me and feel my bones shatter

and limbs twist under her toes. 'I know my feet turn you on, ive known for 3

years now. Just do what your told

and I might let you lick my toes and worship my feet at a normal scale.' I heard

her words as if she was

my guide to life. She was the being that would decide whether I would be a

dedicated foot slave or a clump of

bones and guts between her feet for pure enjoyment. I didnt know what to think

of Lacy, She had the the advantage

to predict my thoughts but I was left dumbfounded. I had no way of predicting

her next move that she would make

on me. My thoughts finished and I decided to obey and to indulge. I ran over to

foot that was now a building to me

and examined her toes. I found the lucky toe that found my manhood out of the

line. I went over to it

and got on my knees then stared up to Lacy. 'Lick all of it off, slave' She

commanded. I tried to use my now

miniscule strength to pry open her third and fourth toe but it wouldnt work.

'use the key nick' Lacy instructed.

I got up from my knees and stared up in anger. 'Look Lacy, what the hell is that

supposed to mean?' She now

had a look on her face that seemed to show me that she was pushing me into the

corner she wanted me in. I just stared

up for a couple of seconds. 'Worship my little pigges, and they will move for

you' she said down to me. The key was

now there, i knew what to do. I walked up to her two toes and completely wrapped

my whole body around the bottom of her

fourth toe. She let her weight fall on top of me as my manhood was being

crushed. My head was popping up from under her

toe and i began to lick the bottom. I used my arms to massage the sides and my

tounge to massage the bottom, and my legs

to massage the little creace of her toe with my toes. She then closed her eyes,

then moaned and opened her toes. She slid

her toe and i went with it. My back was sliding and my skin was catching on to

the table so it started to her i screamed as

loud as i could and her pleasure stopped and she immedietly lifted up her foot

and lowered it rather quickly on my body and was

tourturing and rolling me around like a rock between her toes. I couldnt fight

them because they were too big and I kind of

enjoyed it. She then lifted up her foot off of me and put it back where it was

with me flustered and jaded laying on my back.

I was completely naked and my clothes were all ripped off. 'Dont ever object to

my feet... EVER... everything you do will be

dedicated to my feet.... is that understood??? slave???' I nodded in pain and

walked up to her toes and she left them open for

me. I kneeled down and looked at my semen that I tagged her toe with... I felt a

quick nudge and then I just took a deep breath

and thrust my face into her toe crevice. I started licking up my own semen from

inbetween her foot and she was now moaning loud.

I had caught up with her and I now knew one thing about the new Goddess Lacy.

She loved to have the space inbetween her toes licked.

About halfway through i licked up a piece of cotton or somthing, i nearly choked

on it and spit it out until Lacy interupted my

tedious job. 'Dont spit out my toe jam, Your going to lick that up and swish it

in your mouth and swallow it. My feet did lots of

hard work all day to get that jam soaked in sweat just for you lil nikkie' ...

God i hated that name... it just pissed me off even more.

I sighed and picked up the ball. It was literally the size of a fist. I stuck it

in my mouth and began to swish it aorund. I could taste

her footsweat, this was the same taste when i first began to lick her feet

through the Lotion when i entered her room at first. I then swallowed

the entire thing and it didnt go down to well but eventually made it to my

stomach. God it tasted terrible... but tasted ever so delicious. I knew

i should continue my cleanup job and when i was finished Lacy picked me up

between her thumb and main finger and walked over to her bed. She laid me down


her belly and stared at me. Her every breath was earthmoving for me. I reached a

point of calmness to where my breathing seemed to match hers. 'allright slave'

she started, 'ready to listen to the boundries of your new life' I didnt utter a

word, just sat down indian position on her belly and

waited for her to continue. 'good.. rule number one is that you will never

object to worshipping my feet and toes, understood?' My nod came out a little

strange because she exhaled and i wobbled. 'rule number two, you will devote

your life to my pleasure... understood.' I nodded perfectly. She seemed to

flow out of her angry mood and she turned back into the Lacy I grew up with

almost instantly. 'Look nick... ive always had a crush on you... and when I

came to notice that you loved my feet... i thought it was odd but i would

occasionlly have my girlfriends or I would try to see if you would react to our

feet. And after awhile they got bored of it and thought of more important things

to do. But i had to have you Nick. I had to have you be mine

and I had to rescue you from that life of hiding. That life where you could

never ask me for a way out.' I just stared...... 'The truth is... I just

learned now that... well . im sorry Nick...' she added.. 'For WHAT!?' I shouted

in a confused rush. She just stared at me and looked away as

if she was ashamed... 'What lacy!... Tell me.... Why are you sorry?' I

repeated.... she then finally slowly let out 'because there is no way to turn

you back to normal ... your stuck this size nick..' I just sat there in awe once

again... I couldnt believe what i was hearing. I was forever

stuck this way. I knew that i had fantasies of being her slave forever but it

was all just a fantasy.. I didn't want to forever be her slave. I loved

her and I wanted to live my life normally. I just stared at Lacy... hopelessly..

'im really sorry Nick.. and I just went out of control this morning..

I was sucked into some fantasy I have always had... but i wish it would end

too.... really' I just sat there with the same stare looking at Lacy....

i slowly walk... She was in question to why I wasn't angry. I walked up her

chest and over her breasts. She let out a small 'ooh' when i stepped across

her nipple. I then proceeded to her neck then i stared up at her chin. She laid

her palm face up and let me use it as a elevator. She lifted me up, until

our eyes met. Her breathing was warm... her lips red... all so full of life...

such a marvel to see and witness and even to feel and smell and touch. A tear


rolling its way like an out of control snowball down the side of her nose.... I

reached out and grabbed the glob of tear, held it up and let it fall down

my arm... I looked up to her eye and smiled and just let out what I had to let

her know.. 'Lacy.. don't cry..' 'this is the life i choose to live from now


this is the life i want to live.... with you..... please choose to live your

life with me...' Lacy's eyes produced even more tears... i watched her think by


at her emotions... 'I want to live my life with you this way Nick......' she

muttered out.... she then dropped me from her palm and i fell on to her chest...

she started

crying and then cupped me in her hands and kissed my whole body.... i felt the

warmth of her lips.. i felt the shock that two lovers feel. after a short while

of silence

she broke the calm mood with a friendly and cute remark, 'do you really like my

feet?' I paused and looked up.. smiled.. and climbed up to her ear and whispered

my feelings..... 'Lacy.... i love your feet.... and I love you..' She shed more

tears.... 'I love you Nick..' she said with a smile. i finished up the

moment with a simple 'always.....'

Next Morning


I woke up to a violent shaking then opened my eyes. The bright sunlight coming

into the room was brighter then the brightest sun or star. I cringed at the


then settled.... Lacy was getting dressed and she was waking me up. 'Good

morning, nick... how bout a kiss on the foot before you come with me today' I

felt surprised

at the idea of going to school with her. I walked up to her foot knelt down and

kissed her feet... i kissed every seperate toe one by one. When i finished i


asked how i was going to school with her. She just quickly added.. 'Your going

to meet my friends and your going in my sandal silly...' I couldnt even begin to

think of the

events to come........

hey guys tell me what kind of content you would all like to see.. and i will

promise you all of this is just minute to the dark events to come.

Giantess Stories: My heart was pumping

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