Giantess Stories: My Idol

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My Idol




            Ever since I had first seen her I knew that I

had to have her. The way her breasts jutted out like pointers, the way her firm

ass just screamed grab me was all I needed to want to live, my room was a

regular shrine devoted to her. There wasn't one place on my wall that wasn't

covered with a picture of her. As I went to bed that night I clung to a 8x10

picture of her.

            I woke up on a weird fabric. It had 6 craters

on it, at the bottom of each crater there were what looks like buttons covered

in red fabric. I could only think how weird this was and where the hell bed was

or even a better question where my house is. It was then I heard a loud thud,

thud, thud. I looked around to see what was going on and that's when I saw her.

My idol Trish Stratus, she was taller then anything I could ever imagine. It was

then I realized just what I was on as I looked at her body seemingly traveling

on and on forever. As she turned I saw the object of my affection. That tight

ass that was hugging a black thong, my eyes bugged. As I looked at her ass

seemingly floating above me in the heavens I realized I had to be smaller then a

grain of salt, I was forced to shake off my idle day dreaming to see her firm

athletically sculpted ass lower down towards me. The most perfect ass I had ever

seen, it was clearly the byproduct of years and years of hard work. As it rushed

down towards me I started to run knowing full well it was futile. I could run

about one centimeter in an hour. In no time at all her left ass check was upon

me, pressing me into the fabric of the chair. I heard the wheels squeak as more

and more of her weight was pushing against me. I could smell a mixture of ass

and sweat filling my lungs. As every moment that passed by I found myself

getting pressed deeper and deeper into the chair. I wanted to die as my queens

ass, beads of sweat begin to run down her ass cheeks covering me along with

soaking the seat cushion. This went on for some time until I felt Trish began to

stand up and me along with her. I couldn't believe I was stuck to Trish's ass

like a fly in peanut butter.


My voice however to microscopic

to even begin to fathom her hearing fell on deaf ears. As she walked I could

feel the power of her ass muscles working and I swayed from side to side. The

room passed by at dizzying speeds. I couldn't even make out a single object

until she stopped. I looked down at the floor thousands if not millions of feet

down. There was dark blue puddle below her feet. I looked up as waft of air

passed over me. I saw a white cotton baby tee with short black sleeves clinging

to Trish's perfect form then a light faded pair of blue jeans with the pockets

ripped off so you see dark blotches where the pockets use to be. The denim wall

passes over me and I presses tightly against me. I scream for help but as she is

about to zip I realize this is going to be the end of me as her jeans will be to

tightly pressed against me.

As I hear the zipping noise and

pain run through my body I sit up in bed dripping with sweat. I am breathing

heavily as I look around seeing my room. Just a dream I think to myself just a


Giantess Stories: My Idol

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