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My Life Take 2

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Name: Shelly Mcgregor

Relationship: Daughter

Age: 16

Height: 5'6"


School:Northen Lake High School

Character Description: Shelly has light golden brown hair with matching

brown eyes. She has long silky legs. She is A solid B cup


Name: Mark Mcgregor


Age: 39

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 204

Job: Adverstising

Character Description: Blonde hair, blue eyes, has that inbetween look

when your not buff but your above a average build.

Name: Jane Mcgregor

Relationship: Mother

Age: 41

height: 6'0"

Weight: ???

Job: Housewife/part time college student

Character Description: Brown hair, green eyes, has gotten a tad

overweight but not noticebly fat. Has recently gone back to school.

Name: Molly Mcgregor

Relationship: Daughter




School: Northern Lake Junior High

Character Description: Blonde hair, green eyes, a little shy but trying

to be outgoing like her sister

.ivanC10363034946198{position:absolute;visibility:hidden;}"Well I guess its best to just tell you how I got into my current

situation. My eldest daughter Shelly for the past couple weeks has

started a nasty habit of coming home after curfew and talking back to

her mother. Shelly and her mother always had a good relationship unlike

her and I. We didnt have a bad relationship we just never quite clicked

like Molly and I. Which worried me becuase Jane was leaving tonight for

the next two weeks to intern at a computer graphics company for college

credit. Normally that wouldnt be a problem but I had to leave the next

day to meet with a client in New York and with the attitude and blatant

disrespect for the rules lately Jane and I were quite worried about

putting shelly in charge for two weeks but we had no other choice." I came home and tried to think what day was it. Oh yes it was wednesday night

I think. When I had gotten home. I was late and I was upset becuase I had to

work late so I missed seeing Jane off. It was around 11pm central standard time

and looking back now I

realize I shouldnt have over reacted like I did but I was upset. Shellys

curfew on school nights is 11pm. I expected her to be home when I

got there. I am not a total bitch. I mean 5 or 6 minutes late isnt to

big of deal I know shit happens, but she came home 2 hours late. When

Shelly came home I erupted on her. I was just yelling and I

took her over my knee and spanked my 16 year old daughter. Then I sent

her to bed crying.

"I can honestly say that didnt help out my

relationship with her."

After I sent her to bed I checked on my younger daughter Molly. She has

always been a sound sleeper. Before I tell you this little story theres

something you should know. We live on the edge of the city and the tornado siren

is just about 5 feet off of our property.

When that thing goes off our windows rattle and more then one plate has

broke becasue of it. But a few years ago there was a pretty bad tornado

and obviously the siren went off. Now you would think that would be

enough to wake up someone, but that alone didnt wake her up. Then you

would have thought the tornado going on outside with trees snapping and cars

flipping over would have done it. But it took all that, a pail of water and


shaking her to wake her up. So when I checked on her after my fight with

Shelly I didnt expect her to be woken up. I only mention this becuase

later on it comes into play but Im getting ahead of myself.

After checking on my daughter I went down stairs to make myself a sandwhich.

We didnt really have anything good so I just combined a bunch of things

Peanut butter, jelly, balony, cheese, mayo, lettuce, creamy italian salad

dressing, and french salad dressing. Your probably thinking gross how

could he eat that. Well when your hungry anythings good and I wanted

something filling and that it was. After eating I went to bed.

The next morning I got up saw the girls off to school and then I gotten ready

myself. If I would have been paying attention I would have noticed

something was amiss but i was thinking about new york, the big apple. Its my

first time there and getting a break from my family will be nice. Now I love my

family but everyone likes some alone time. So like I said I saw my

daughters off and then I called a taxi so I wouldnt have to pay for

leaving my car parked for a couple weeks.

I arrived at the airport a hour early checked my bags and was drinking my

coffee when I noticed I forgot my portfolio. As I look back I start to wonder

how I couldnt

realize what was happening to me but I was blinded by excitement. But anyway I

just ran up from the coffee shop thats inside the airport and got in the first


I saw. I gave him 30 bucks told him to wait for me it would just be a

moment. I ran inside and grabbed my portfolio . Sorry once again I am

getting ahead of myself. Its just I am afraid of what might happen to me

now and I want there to be some record of what happened to me. So Jane, if

she ever gets this letter of events she knows she didnt do anything

wrong. But back to the story. As the cab was driving back to my house I

kept seeing white spots and my vision would be blinded by this white light.

I figured it was just the effect of not enough sleep and being over worked so

i just shrugged it off. We were back at my house anyway so I dashed out

of the cab to get my portfolio.I ran up the stairs two and three at a time. It

seemed more taxing then it should but I thought im just excited, my hearts

racing. So i grabbed my portfolio then I got really dizzy.

It just hurt to stand up. I just felt like I didnt want to stand up anymore.


collapsed on floor. I thought I was going to die in my room. I had tears

coming down my face. I pictured my daughters coming home and walking by

my room and theres daddy laying there cold as ice. I fought for I dont know

how many hours to maintain consciousness. But After 2 hours I didnt have the

power to keep my eyes open and they shut.

The whole time I was just asking god to help me.I was never

a religous man but I was begging and pleading with him to help me in

anyway way he could. When I woke up next my prayers were answered but

everything was alot different.

I will spare you the boring details of me regaining my bearings but it

was well into the night till I was ready to move on. I wasn't sure where

to go or what to do. I knew I needed to get my daughters attention but


By this time I was peeking my head outside my room. It was fairly

late becuase everything was dark. I thought that molly would be my

smartest choice but the problem is her room is in basement and Shelly is

just straight across from my bedroom where I am now. So I did the obvious

choice, I went with Shelly her room was closer. If I knew then what I know now I

would have just spent the extra time it would have took and went to Mollys room.

Things would have been alot better for,

I had never been shrunk before and didnt think it would be that hard to

get people to see me. My second problem was when I was at my normal size

I had only seen shellys room twice maybe three times and now at god only

knows what size I am. I am not sure how am I suppose to make this work. I just


that Shellys room was clean.

My trip to her room was rather uneventful. It was scary just walking across

the hallway at my size. I couldnt begin to fathom walking all way to Mollys room

or even down the stairs. As I made it to the edge of shellys room I was prepared

for the worst but the worst wasn't bad enough. Her room looked like the big one

hit california and just leveled the whole state to a pile rubble.

I started heading towards what I thought was her bed. Your probably thinking

how can he not know where her bed is. Well let me put it this way. How many of

you know how to get to Christian georgia. None of you because you have never had

to know where it is. Memorizing where my daughters bed was never that high of a

priority on my list.

I didn't realize that it was already time for my daughter to get up. It was

the most

amazing thing I had ever seen. That much mass just moving so agile, so easily

like it was nothing at all. I just watched as she walked right towards me. I was

telling myself how great this is. I wont have to work at all. She is coming

straight for me, but I did not think about my size. Her foot landed right in

front of me. The shockwave toppled me end

over end. Before I had even finished tumbling Shelly was gone.

I wasn't really sure what my next step should be. I just figured that I would

come in here, wave my hands she would see me and then get me to the hospital. I

never once thought about my own daughter not even seeing me.

It wasn't to long before my thoughts were interrupted. I could hear a slight

rumble. The floor was quivering. I froze stiff. After my last encounter I

realized how weak and small I really am. Shelly's foot could have came down on

me and she wouldn't have given me a second thought. Do you feel remorse when you

crush a ant or a spider? You don't give it a second thought. Its not murder or a

crime. But I knew I had to hide. I had to wait till shelly was asleep or find

another way to contact her. I did know one thing for sure that rumble was

getting closer and closer and louder and louder. It was getting harder

to stand without being jostled around. I was just about to start running for

cover when I saw that it was just Molly walking down the hallway. But I now knew

what my next course of action would be. Find a place to hide in.

In this incredible mess it shouldn't be hard at all. To my left was one of

her shoes. I took a few steps back and so I could see the whole shoe and it was

her track shoes. Great today is Thursday I can hide in there. Shelly only has

practice on Monday, Wednesday, and


It was a lot longer walk then I had anticipated but I made it. I started

climbing up the shoe laces. I was glad I stayed in reasonable shape, because

that was a hellish climb. What once seemed like just a tiny shoe now tired me

out. I looked and thought I could easily just lower myself down. But nothings

easy at this size. Before I even got bent down so I could lower myself into her

shoe, I lost my grip and fell.

I pulled myself up to my feet and dusted myself off and celebrated my

accomplishment. My one man party soon ended when I got waft of that pungent

odor. I don't know if its because of my size or if it just really smelled that

bad, but the stench brought me to my knees. I was starting to think that maybe

this wasn't such a great spot to await nightfall in.

Then I felt the foot steps of one of my daughters. I dropped to the floor of

shoe not wanting to be forced to floor by the unrelenting power of there foot

steps. It kept

getting louder and louder then it stopped. I looked up to see my

daughter shelly stuffing some books in her bag. I saw and felt her

disappear from my vision. I thought she left for school but boy was I


"My track clothes were already in my bag. Now where those damn


"Oh shit" was all I could think.

I made a slight error in my calculation of days. This

time I never saw my daughter I just felt the shoe I was in being lifted

into the air. My ears popped 3 times before the shoe I was in leveled

off. I was then felt myself drop. For any of you who have been skydiving

know what I felt. I was falling at such a high rate of speed. I looked

up but my daughters face, her posters, it was all a blur then it stopped

just as fast It all started. I notonly saw but I smelled where I was.

I was in her nasty, grimy, dirty, disease infested Track bag. Shelly had run

track sense the 4th grade and that was the year we bought this bag for her. She

called it her lucky bag. We tried mercifully to buy her a new one but she

wouldn't have it. The only way to describe this smell would be to think of the

worst possible smell you can fathom. Then take that smell and triple the odor by

a factor or 12 and you have the inside of her bag. I stood up right away,

becuase I wasn't having any part of this.

"Young Lady I told you to wash these clothes Monday. Your mother and I are not

your servants. When we tell you something to do you are expected to do it. What

we say is not open for debate. As long as you live under my roof you live by my

rules. Is that clear?"

I forgot how small I really was. It was almost like she was just laughing

at me. I knew She couldn't hear me but just after I finished yelling at her. The


bag was tightly zipped up.

As she picked up the bag I halfway hoped that the shoe I was still in would

tip over. But I really didn't want to get that close to her track clothes

either. I don't know if it was the swaying orwhat it was but suddenly became

very tired. I Just drifted off to a peaceful slumber

When I awoke I was in total darkness. There was no way to tell if it was

night or day, Afternoon or morning. From the horrible smell I could tell I was

still in her track bag. Where ever her bag and I sat it wasnt with Shelly.

Breaking the silence was this electronic pinging. Then I could hear footsteps

all around. I started running for cover. They were so loud and echoed

everywhere. I wanted to just to curl up in a safe corner. I ran and ran till I

reached a wall and sat down. I curled up into a ball and after a few moments I

started to remember that I was in Shelly's bag those giant feet cant do me any

harm. But why am I so scared? I was racking my brain with this. Teenagers who

just yesterday I wouldn't have given the time of day are now giants. I never

even considered teenagers people and now they are everywhere. I am scared

shitless by the sight of them.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. I tried sleeping, I tried

everything but it was

boring as hell. So I will just forward to the end of the school day.

I think I finally got some sleep when I heard voices. I was hearing voices

all day but this was Shelly's voice. Her voice was like a gift from the heavens.

You have no idea how lonesome you get sitting a pitch black room all day. A

metallic creek blared through my new world. At my old height it would have been

nothing but at this miniature size It was comparable to you putting your head up

to the engines of 747 and letting the pilot power up the engines to full. Then

my stable world became a turbulent chaotic hell. I was thrown about and I think

I was actually outside her shoe for a few moments before I got thrown back

inside them. Then my ears started popping and I was falling so fast I wanted to

be sick and then it all stopped.

I ran to heel section of the shoe and looked up. Light came in from

everywhere. It was so bright it hurt my eyes. After spending all those hours in

the dark I had started become a creature of the night. And now I cant even see

its so bright. Once my eyes started to focus I decided to figure just where I am

"Hey shell you ready for the meet today?"

"Oh shit that's just what I need. I had to somehow get shrunk today."

Before I could finish bitching my daughter started to speak. She wasn't even

yelling and my ears wanted to just fall off.

"Yeah I am so ready for this meet today Dana. I have my lucky track socks and

everything. I have worn these babies for every competitions all 36 so far."

"All 36 damn I didn't think I missed that many. I better

make it up to her when I get back, if I get back to my normal size."

"My dad was hounding me to wash

them but if you wash them you wash the luck away

"Well change of plans leave the shoe. Was all that ran through my mind at the


I ran to the nearest wall and tried climbing it but I soon realized there was

no way to climb it. I trapped myself in this shoe. What makes it worse is I came

in her on purpose. Before I could even think of another way out the shoe was

already picked up. I started running for my life as I saw her foot descend upon


The only way I can describe this is if any of you have visited a control

tower and you watch the planes approach and there is that time when its heading

for you. and you hope the pilot turns away. Well thats what this was. It all

happened so quickly. Before I even knew what happened I was under the foot of my


I could immeditately tell she was not lying when she said she wore these for

all her meets. I felt like I was breathing in poison. Each step she took my back

was pressed into sole of the shoe and my face shoved into her sock. Luckily on

the way up of each step the force of gravity would push me down into the sole of

her shoe as her foot went up which created a small amount of space so I could

get air. But the downside was her big smelly foot got pressed down into me on

the downstep.

I was starting to forget about time and ever getting back to normal. I was

just concentrating on breathing, surviving this painful encounter. My body felt

dead and

limp. The sweat from her sock would pour into my mouth on my body. I was covered

in sweat. I wanted to gag but I couldn't gag and breath at the same time.

As the track meet went on I started to become one with the sock. At

first I could unglue myself with a little bit of struggle but now I just didn't

have the energy or the power. I was helpless at the feet of this teenage


The meet dragged on and on but finally it was over. I could tell we were back

in the locker room. As Shelly removed her shoes I realized I was no longer a

prisoner of

her shoe but of her sock. I could feel the fresh clean air at my back but my

face was pressed into this 3 month old, dirty, smelly, sock. I never noticed

Shelly take off the sock but I could hear her walking away.

Finally, I broke free from the sock. I ran from the sock as fast as I could.

All I could think about was getting away from it. I was looking back making sure

I was getting farther and farther away from that horrible sock. At that time I

didn't think about getting home, or how I would get there. I just wanted to

escape that sock. My thoughts were not on my family but survival. If I would

have been watching where I was running I would have seen the handbag in front of

me. But I wasn't and I tumbled into the hand bag.

I was unsure of where I was at first but after a giant tube of lipstick

started rolling right towards me I then knew exactly where I was. I dived over

the lipstick tube and watched it roll out onto the floor. I decided to follow

the lipstick right on out of here but I couldn't move as fast as that lipstick

was moving. Unfortunately for me the girl changing adjacent to the handbag saw

the lipstick roll out. She tossed the lipstick into the bag and to

my horror lifted the purse so it was standing up and no longer on its side.

I started pounding on the walls of this purse as cursing at myself. My error

now dawned on me. In my haste to escape the sock I left my daughter.

This handbag had a bunch of tiny holes in it. To me they were just windows,

which were to small for me to get it out. I saw my daughter Shelly walk over and

pick up her stuff. I yelled, screamed and pounded for all I was worth but it was

no use. This was like torture. I could see my daughter and watch her walk around

and talking to people. However I could not get to her. I was forced to watch

from this cage. A gigantic white blue thing came into view and was obstructing

my view it was a pair of sneakers as best as I could tell at the time. I looked

up and out of the top of the bag to see a blonde haired girl, probably about

5'2" blue eyes athletic body. Not really muscular just well formed. I couldn't

look away. Without any attention to me she zipped up her bag and picked it up.

As she lifted the bag up I could see directly under her Khaki colored skirt. I

know your

thinking I am a pervert. But when something takes up half your field of vision

its hard to look away. This was incredible. I was moving so fast. This was the

first time I could see the world from my ne size and we were heading right for

my daughter. How lucky can I be. I am with one of her friends.

"Hey Shelly nice jobfinishing second. If you would have won we could have swept

the meet. If you had bigger breasts I would have said they slowed you down but

yours are so small there is no excuse. Your just a small breasted tramp."

My daughter yelled something back but all I heard was Jamie Mutrey and the

rest was a

jumble. I was in a state of shock. I knew who I was with now. The girl my

daughter hates most. She is a cocky freshman girl who is rather popular. I was

now pounding and trying to scale this handbag. But without warning Jamie and her

group walked out of the locker room.

Once I left the Girls locker room I am not really sure where we went or how

long we were out. Everything was thrown about inside her purse. I was tossed

from corner to corner and I would plow into gigantic objects. I fell unconscious

more then once that evening.

When I finally awoke I could see my gigantic capturess sitting on her bed

reading a magazine. I had a much easier time climbing the handbag this time. It

was stable, and the holes made great footholds. Before to long I was up at the

top of the purse. All I could do now was wait till she needed something from it.

Not to long went by when I saw her, Jamie I mean dash out of the room and

them quickly come back in. She unzipped the purse and tossed in some cigarettes.

I was appalled that this young girl was smoking but I took the liberty of

climbing out of the purse. As she walked away I noticed one tiny flaw in my

plan. How was going to get down. This handbag was hanging on the back of her

door. It had to be a good 30 or 40 foot drop.

An hour or so went by and I was still hanging on to the outside of this

purse. My arms were getting really sore. It was getting harder and harder to

hang on. I was contemplating just letting go when there was a knock at the door.

I was scared and surprised. So much so I forgot to continue holding on. I fell

what seemed like forever. Everything was in slow motion. I hit plush, thick baby

blue carpeting. Then fell unconscious.

When I awoke my head was pounding and my body tingled all over. I, I had felt

this feeling before. I pulled myself up to my feet and now saw the once gigantic

world. Now even bigger then it was before infact it was much bigger. I wasn't

even in the bedroom anymore. To this day I am not quite sure how I ended up in

the kitchen. My only guess was that as people walked around I was tugged through

air currents. I made boldest choice yet since this whole mishap started. I had

to get help. I decided to contact with the next person to come in. I was hoping

for a older sister, or one of the parents but I saw Jamie.

I started screaming, yelling, jumping up, down, running around but nothing

worked. She was walking straight towards me. I decided that I was going to jump

onto her. I started running but she dropped two pieces of bread. I could hear

the thunk they made when they hit the counter. The air under me was shot up and

I was thrown onto the bread. I got up and it was the strangest feeling. It was

like walking on a wet sponge but without the weight to compress it. It was

squishy yet firm. I forgot about my situation and started bouncing on the bread.

I was doing somersaults, flips, a few various other stunts. When I it all came

back to me. What was I doing. My folishness gave her time to prepare. I saw a

knife heading straight for me. It was covered in this white substance. I tried

to stop in mid air, or do something so I could start falling but at my new size

I could jump so much higher and the knife was creating a ripple through air and

I was being pulled into it. I closed my eyes as I heard a squish all around me.

I licked off the white stuff I was covered in. I was guessing butter but after

my taste test I found it was mayonaise. I hate mayo, it is the most disgusting

condiment I know of. To make matters worse I was forced to watch that piece of

bread get closer and closer and then It was spread out over the bread. I used

this to my advantage because now the mayo was only a mere film over me so I

could easily destick myself from this appalling stuff. I started running across

the mayo covered bread with all the speed I could muster.

"mmmmmm I love mayo, cant have a sandwhich without it."

Her voice, it was so sweet, but it forced me to my knees. I was covering my

ears for fear of my ear drum shattering I started to get up. I had to get off

this sandwhich before she said another word. I looked back just long enough to

see the giant knife spreading a fresh batch of mayo across the sandwhich. I

tried running but it was no use I was just to slow and I was now covered . I was

close, I could see the edge of sandwhich. My hands were touching the crust but I

just couldn't move. The weight of the mayo was pressing down on me. Then to make

matters worse more weight was added. Ham, turkey, cheese and bacon . I was now

pinned down. How my life had become so meaningless. Was I destined to die at the

hands of some freshman girl. Eaten and my body broken down in her stomach. My

molecules used and turned into energy for her to burn, turned into her hair,

skin cells, finger nails. How useless am I now.

She walked me and the sandwhich over to her room. I could see that she had a

salad too. It was like she started with that first on purpose just to torture

me. Delay my death. Give me time to think about what it would be like to have

her teeth slice through my body. Will I feel pain or will it happen so suddenly

I wont have time to feel the pain. I could hear a slushing noise. The kind of

noise you hear when you shake up a bottle pop or water. My hands started getting

all wet with something. I thought maybe she spilled some water but it was to

thick to be water. It was nice to have something to keep my mind occupied by in

my last moments. Now it was my turn. I wasn't sure where she started but it sent

shockwaves down my spine. I don't know if it was my imagination but it was

almost as if I could hear her crunching down on each bit of food. All I could do

was await my turn. I prayed that atleast this tingling feeling that has plagued

me since the accident would stop so I could be at peace in my moment before

death. Her last bite landed right in front of me. I could now see out of the

sandwhich, which made it worse. Because her next bite was going right for me. I

saw her mouth getting closer and closer then it happened. I was ready to die but

she bit down beside me. As she bit down her access mayo squirted out the side.

Me and her mayo fell. Luckily for me the Mayo softened my fall. It was halfway

pleasant. But I was still stuck in this glob of mayo.

"SHIT, I spilled on my new carpet"

I was starting to get use to the loud and overpowering tone of these giant

god like voices. Since I couldn't move I was forced to watch her finger move

closer to me and then I was shoved into her carpet. I felt my whole body just

ache at once. Compress down into the floor then I felt nothing. I felt lighter.

She didn't get me. I am still on her carpet. Finally one lucky break but this

tingling nooooooooooo, not now, not again, not smaller I tried to fight it. For

hours I tried to stay conscious hoping I could hold off getting smaller. I

didn't want to become absolutely nothing. I saw her walk in and out of her room

as hours passed and I was laying there unable to move. She went to sleep and

finally so did I. I couldn't fight any longer. My body hurt, my eyes were so

heavy. My muscles just wanted to fall apart.

"Goodbye my family, I love you"

With that said, I let my close eyes. In that moment I became at peace with

what I was. I lived a good life, and now I die. Tonight, I die a man, regardless

of my size. I still die a man. I Smiled and then no more thoughts entered my


My eyes opened, I looked around and in the distance I saw a digital clock

read 4:02. It must be morning because it's dark out. Is this what heaven is? Is

this what happens after you die? You are trapped, sealed in the place where you

last died? How pitiful to think I have to spend the rest of my life in this

room. In this house I don't know of. With this family I don't know of. Out of

all the ways to die, why like this? Did god not love me as much as the rest of

humanity? I stood up and realized everything was a little smaller. I was still

small but I wasn't dead. I was bigger? That tingling, why has it stopped? I'm no

doctor but things just don't go away magically. First what could have made me

smaller. I must have come in contact with something when I came home. Shelly?

did she do something to me? No, no, no my family wouldn't do this to me. And if

she did do it she would at least be looking for me. The only other thing is that

sandwhich. There must be something to do with that sandwhich. But I can't be

thinking about this now. I need to get to my home. I started walking across the

plush baby blue carpeting. I was towards the center of the room when I heard

Last Resort by Papa Roach start to play. I had to find a place to hide. At my

new size I was more visible then before. I could feel the ground shake from

Jamie just getting out of bed. I fell backwards and did the only thing I could

do. I ran, she was walking towards the bathroom. There were some clothes not far

from me. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I leaped into the pile. As

Ijumped in I started to fall. Rolled down hill and then the ground leveled off.

I could hear her stomping around out there but that was not really concern at

the moment. What kind of shirt is this that has a big dip in it. "Where is this

that sports bra. I could have swore it was on this chair.


I started to try to run up the slope but each step she took I rolled back

down. My view then went from ceiling to flesh. I started yelling hoping maybe

she could hear me but I started to late. My words were muffled by all her skin.

I always had admired breasts until today. After 5 minutes of being bounced up

and down it made me realize how badly women have it. These things are evil. I

tried kicking and squirming hoping maybe she had sensitive breasts but either

she didn't feel it or didn't care. I started bouncing allot more rapidly. It

dawned on me what is happening. She is on the track team. She is jogging. This

is crazy what kind of woman goes running at this time of day. Before long me and

this breast who I named Big Ron weren't having any fun at all. It was better

then the shoe because I could breathe easily and I was nice and warm. But I just

didn't like being this close to Big Ron. I was hungry and thirsty too.

I know, I know your thinking why does he whine so much. Well its not easy

being like this. You try it. Then it got worse. My already smelly, sticky, and

dirty body was being once again covered in sweat. The salty sweat burned my eyes

and I couldn't help but swallow some. After what seemed like about 3 decades the

bouncing slowed then stopped. Finally one advantage came from being this close

and intimate with Big Ron. I could comfortably listen to her voice and


"Hello, Mitsuki what are you up too?"

"What? ME? I just got back from a nice jog."

" I'm skipping school today, because I have to work."

"I was wondering when should I come over for that slumber party?"

"Okay I will go straight from work then. Oh shit its already 6:30am. I have

to be at work at 7. Bye Girl."

Once again I was in motion hugging my new best friend Big Ron. I was glad she

was changing. As much as I enjoyed the company of Big Ron it wasn't to fun for

me. But, lucky me she didn't change her bra. Because if she did that. It would

require fate having some compassion for me.

Before to long I was at work with her which after awhile of careful listening

I found it was a Receptionist at a sorority. I never had been in one and I still

haven't seen one but I couldn't figure out the need for a receptionist, but she

was there for the next 12 hours. Me and big Ron were mighty sweaty and by the

end of the day. I had forgotten about her slumber party and was surprised when I

heard laughter of other teenage girls.

Now this is when hell breaks lose. Right at the point where I hear can I

borrow one of your bras. I was beyond words I was so happy. I said my good byes

to my friend big Ron just in time because me and the sports bra were removed. I

quickly scurried out from under this bra. I was on a big bed. The sight was

amazing. This was the first time I really had a chance to take in my size in

comparison to everyone else. I was always fearing for my life, trying not to get

stepped on. There were about 6 girls and I saw the most important one to me.

Shelly's friend Dana. I knew they had plans for tommorrow night. I was starting

formulate a plan when I was very rudely interrupted.

"EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW A bug. GROSS, squish it, squish it, get it away from me.

Kill it Mitsuki its on your bed."

Until that moment it never dawned on me that is was me that was the bug. I

was expecting to die. There was no way I could escape all of them. It was just

to open.

"Hey give me that over there Dana. We can use this little guy for our Science

project tomorrow."

In a flash I was scooped up into a jar. At first I thought this was my break.

They would

look in jar and see me but I was wrong. Mitsuki just placed me on top of her

desk and walked away.

If I had to describe Mitsuki I would say she stands at about 5'3" brown eyes,

black hair, Japanese. She was gorgeous. She made me want to be a teenager.

I listened for hours to boring teenage gossip and watched them do nails,

hair. It was horrible, but that damn Nsync was the worse. I was right next to

one of the speakers. Not much happens though. A few interesting scenes when they

change but this is my life story not a porno so I will skip ahead to late that

night. I had just about fallen asleep when my jar started to move. It was

Mitsuki. She lifted the jar up to her face. From my previous attempts I had

given up hope of anyone seeing me for what I am but to my astonishment her mouth


"What, what are you?"

I was paralyzed with fear I didn't know what to say. All I could come up with


"Take me out of this jar"

I tried to use my best demanding adult voice but apparently it wasn't very

adult because she was laughing at my squeaks. This of course woke up the others.

I was pleading with her not to show me but it didn't look like she was paying

attention. She started walking right for them. I knew if they all saw me I was

done for. Each step she took towards them was like the death march. They say

when you crash at the Indy 500 it is the longest walk in all of motor sports.

This here was the longest walk of my life. There sleeping bags formed a circle

and Mitsuki placed me in the middle. All the girls stared at me puzzled. But,

they quickly drifted off to sleep along with Mitsuki figuring I wasn't going

anywhere so I could wait for morning. One of the girls whispered

"Tomorrow whatever or whoever you are. Your going to be played with and

squished by my big, smelly, grimy, un washed feet. Now sleep tight."

Early that morning Dana got up.

"What is this jar doing here."

Her voice a whisper to everyone else scared me shitless ant it was still so

loud. She picked up the jar and just stared at me for a good 15 minutes.

"Hi little guy! You are real aren't you? You look real and I can see your

chest moving up and down."

At first I was just going to play dumb but I can't really hide the fact I

need air. So in my loudest voice I started yelling.

"Dana get me out of here. I don't want to be some play thing of a foreign

exchange student!"

Dana stood up, she had a hint of amazement that I knew Mitsuki was a exchange

student and that I knew her name. She didn't say much she just walked over to

her to her backpack and dropped me in. I felt like I was falling forever and

then I landed so softly. But a very familar smell was all around me. I started

walking around in the darkness and as my vision returend I realized what that

smell was of Sweat, and feet. I was in here with Dana's track clothes and her

outfit from last night. I decided to explore a little bit. At my size everything

was so much more of a adventure. If I wasn't fearing for my life and in a

controlled setting this wouldn't be so bad. After searching through tunnels and

caves made by her clothes I uncovered a giant TV screen. I turned it on and to

my surprise it wasn't a tv at all. It was a gameboy advance. I am sure none of

you care to much about this so I will zoom ahead becuase for the rest of day I

sat in Dana's bag and played this final fantasy game. In case you were wondering

it wasn't as hard as you might think. Its turn based, so I could casually walk

from the directional pad to the attack buttons.

After being thrown about in a bag of dirty clothes and saving my game. I saw

Dana's gigantic face peer into her bag at me. A grin came across her face as she

recignized me.

"Well hello there. Guess what, your going to school with me tommorow. So

sleep tight."

With that I saw her finger descend upon my head. With the flick of her finger

I was knocked out. When I finally awoke I was on Dana's bed. Her room was a

little cleaner then Shelly's but not by much. I started to run but before I even

made it to edge I was scooped up.

"Where is my little guest going. No need to worry I have made great

accommodations for you today. Sleep tight"

"NO, NO please not again"

I was for the second time unconscious but not for nearly as long. I awoke

surrounded by a peachy smell. I turned my head as far as I could. My body was

covered in hair. I had been braided into Dana's hair. I screamed as loud as I

could but not one person heard me.

I began thinking about how my life regressed. From a successful man to a

powerless man trapped in the hair of my daughters best friend. But then I saw my

glimmer of hope. Shelly, she was right next to Dana. Dana's hair was swinging

side to side as she talked to Shelly and her other friends. After a few failed

attempts I had a strand of Shelly's hair. I held onto it with all my strength.

As Shelly started to head for next class I was pulled out of Dana's hair. I felt

like Tarzan holding onto a mighty vine, I was swinging around wildy. Thats when

my luck changed. My grip let loose and I fell on her shoulder. I could

practically reach out and touch her ear. My journey was almost over. I was going

to be saved by my daughter. As Shelly sat through what I think was history class

I was pulling my body into her ear. My beaten bruised body finally reached

safety of her ear. I decided to wait till she got to her car where it would be


The rest of day was uneventful just boring classes and boring teenage talk.

After a long wait my moment of truth came. Shelly closed the door to her car and

I yelled


She was pretty shocked at first but she just started the car. I tried yelling

again but I couldn't be heard over the engine and the radio. We were off,

everything was whizzing by so fast. It made me sick. I lost my lunch more then

once. The door opened and then it closed.

As Shelly turned her head I got to see my younger daughter for the first time

in awhile. I however in my excitement forgot to hold onto something and went

flying. I thought for sure I was going to die but I landed on Molly's plaid

skirt. I looked up at her and I noticed how small I still was.

I felt so much bigger that morning when I woke up in Jamie's room but I still

cant even see my little girls face from her lap. But I had learned a few things

since I became shrunk and one of them was do two things at once. While I was

thinking about my size problem I had located a loose thread on Molly's skirt. I

tied it around my waist just in the nick of time because we were home. Finally I

was back home. I had never been so happy. I didn't think I would ever see it

again. I didn't have a chance to enjoy the view for too long because I am

whisked down into the basement where Molly's room is. Molly dropped her stuff on

the floor of her room and collapsed on her bed. It took me about 5 minutes to

untie myself and by that time she was already asleep. This was my best chance to

get help.

I started walking towards the massive chest of my daughter. Each step brought

the two peaks into view larger, and larger soon they filled my whole plane of

vision. My plan is to get to the collar of her shirt. Get under her shirt. Climb

her breasts and kick at the nipples. She sees me. We rejoice, I get to the

hospital and everything is fine. However the plan didn't quite go as planned.

Well I will just tell you truth the whole thing blew up in my face and it is why

I am where I am now. Tomorrow will be the last page I write Jane. I have tried

to hold on as long as I can. If you ever get this you will know where to find

whatever is left of my remains. I promise to stay alive atleast until tomorrow.

Becuase then I can die with a peace of mind. But now, now I must sleep. Ibam

sorry Jane, I'm sorry about everything. I love you.

I stood at the feet of this towering teenage titan. Seeing everyone else so

big and move so easily and fluidly I thought I was prepared but nothing could

prepare me for what I saw. It's kind of like the statue of liberty. Every time

you see it. It is still amazing no more or less with each visit. I wanted to

just stop right now and worship this god. If I didn't know what they really were

I probably would do that but I know they aren't gods. They are not anything

special just people like me. I am one of them. I started walking towards

my daughter. She was tucked under her covers so the walk was not as difficult as

I thought but it's just a long walk. I just couldn't shake loose that feeling at

the pit of my stomach. It was fear, I can't believe after all this I still fear

them. But I guess its human nature. Every wrinkle, indentation slowed me down.

The closer I got the less I could see. I never paid much attention to my

daughters breasts and especially not my youngest daughter Molly's. It's hard not

too now. They look so

impressive. Two mountains extending up into the sky. The more I continued the

more I learned about my size. I could look around and I knew what was on each

wall. I knew there were suppose to be posters along the walls but I couldn't

even see far enough to where the other walls are.

The smaller you get what you perceive as distance changes too. At your normal

height a mile doesn't seem like much. To me a mile is quite a distance. Let say

you are in nNew York and are going to the suburbs on foot to you. It's a long

walk and no sane person would ever attempt it. That's what a mile is to me. To

you I have just been around the city to me, at this new height its like visiting

different countries in the world.

I am now on the neck of my daughter. Her chin that slopes down to her neck is

like a indomitable flat wall. I can't begin to explain what it is like to walk

on a person and for them not even realize that you are there.

Enough thought and worry it was time put my plan into action. One thing I

didn't plan on was how heavy a simple T-shirt now is. I tried, struggled,

attempted again and again to lift that shirt but it was just to heavy. I wasn't

going to give up but now I wish would have. As I was trying Molly was waking up

from her nap she sat right up in bed and the

floor was now a wall and I was left clinging to her collar. Molly started

walking out of her room. I was screaming, squirming, struggling and my efforts

paid off so I thought. A giant hand plucked me from the wall.

I tumbled across this squishy firm surface. It was covered with trenches yet

I could step over them easily. I started to look around at where I was and off

in the distance I saw two eyes peering at me. To you it would be just about 20

inches to me that's rather far. I'm not sure how big I am but I think I am under

a inch but your guess is as good as mine. It was molly, I was saved. Finally

this hellish journey was over. But I was wrong, this is allot like that movie

armageddon. Everything possible that could go wrong goes

wrong. Okay well maybe not that bad but when your going through it. It sure

seems like it. I thought she recignized me. Then she started talking. Her voice

was so loud. I had to pay attention to what she was saying. If I wouldn't try to

make out what she was saying it sounded just like noise.

"What kind of stupid bug is this? Shelly has to do better then that to scare


Before I even had time to think about all of this I was in motion yet I

wasn't moving at all. Molly was, I ran to edge of her hand. I was being lowered

into a cage. I tried to escape but there was no where to escape too. I was just

set down in this glass hamster

cage. Then to make it worse the cover was placed back on like I could somehow

scale these glass walls but if I find away It would be nice to be at least

rewarded with freedom for my ingenuity.

And that Winky is how I ended up here. (Winky is Molly's hamster.) Your a

good friend Winky. Its been 2 days since I was put in here. I know you will be

home in about a week now Jane. But I have developed a plan and I will keep

recording what happens to me. I will not give up no matter how much I want too.

I have a plan and it involves Winky. Well if It works I will write again. Now

Winky I bet your wondering what my plan is.

Well remember how Molly is inviting Katie, Kacie, and Leah over today. Well the

girls love you they always take you out and let you run around and pet you. Well

I am going to be on your back my friend. We bust out of here together. If you

play your cards right you could come with Winky. Since I have time to kill I

suggest sleeping.

[3 days later]

Well here I am once again writing. Well where I last left off last time I was

in that cage. I cant wait to show this to you Jane. Your going to flip when you

hear about some of the stuff that I have gone through.

Well that afternoon Molly and crew came home as planned. After a few nervous

moments of wondering if it was going to happen. Then Kacie lifted off the lid.

Kacie is the best way to say it is. She is fucking tall by standard heights. Her

family has a gene that is called giantism. It's when your body grows at a

abnormal rate. Its not common but a few people have had it like that old

wrestler Andre The Giant. She is about 6 feet 7 inches tall and she is only 13.

As soon as she had winky in the palm of her hand. I leaped off the back of

Winky. But I

wasn't really sure what to do next. My plan only got me this far. So I just kind

of hung out on her hand for a bit but then Leah snatched Winky and it was weird

seeing Leah because she is the exact opposite of Kacie. Leah is a little on the

short side only about 5'1". This was the first time I could look down on one of

these titans. But my view was short lived. Kacie was raising up her hand. She

started twisting her hair around her finger. I decided to use this to my

advantage. I grabbed onto one of Kacies Light brown wavy

locks of hair. I immediately tied a strand of her hair around my waist. It

wasn't quite as easy as it should have been because of her twisting it around

her finger. But I managed and I was for the first time in awhile excited. I had

started to accept my new size. I didn't want to be like that size forever but I

had started to come to terms with it.

"here someone comes. Got to lay low. I will start again when I can. Bye for


The worst part of all this is that I am dangling from some teeny boppers

hair. Me a grown man. But now is not time for my ranting. So I listened to hours

of endless teenage chatter. I never realized how pointless it was when I was a

teenager. But it's just like the romance movies. You sit there, watch and know

you wasted 13 dollars to see two people kiss all because your date wanted to see


After god knows how long passed Kacie got up to leave. It all happened so

fast I didn't even have time to react. Once I left Molly's room I wanted to

untie myself but I was going to fast. It looked like I was flying with the blue

angels. And I worked to hard to go through all this just to die by colliding

into some giants body. I was merely a passenger as Kacie kept on walking. At

every door we passed I hope and prayed that she would turn in but it was no use.

We were soon outside and now I was going to Kacie's house. All I wanted to do

was escape a cage and now look where I am. Stuck with this giant. Every time I

have a idea it backfires. It all started out in Shelly's room. If I climb in the

shoe I will be safe I thought and we all know how that turned out. Then it was

if I escape the sock and we know what happened when I did that. Now bright idea

number 3 if I tie myself to her hair.

Each step took me farther and farther away. I was so busy beating myself up

though I didn't realize that we were already at Kacie's house. She went about

her business it was fairly uneventful, eating, homework, watching television.

All I could do was wait for her to go to sleep.

Finally my moment had come. Kacie was soundly asleep. I struggled to untie my

knot but soon I fell to the soft bed below. I ran as fast as my legs could carry

me. I ran and ran I didn't even care which way I ran to the edge of the bed and

just jumped. I looked down to see where I would land and it was going to be hard

landing. I tucked my body in and before I knew it I was rolling on the ground.

When it was all said and done I was bruised and sore but no broken bones. I

wondered if my body had gotten stronger because of my size. Just because I

changed size I should still have the same amount of matter and cells. It's just

compacted more. That would explain allot. But I wasn't going to waste time with

physics. I didn't want to be like this forever. Its not all that bad but I want

to be big again.

I started running towards a wall so I could get my bearings but my body was

starting to tingle again. I ran what to me was about 3 miles and by the time I

made it to the wall I couldn't stand anymore. I was so tired and dizzy I just

fell asleep. I awoke to a alarm clock buzzing. I stood up and once again

realized my world had gotten smaller. This is all starting to wear off I guess.

But I also hurt more. I know now that the bigger the less densely populated your

cells are. They are more spread out so your body is weaker. Getting bigger is

truly a double edged sword. I now had no where to hide. I am clearly visible. I

looked over at Kacie. She stepped out of bed and I was now more scared then I

ever have been. Before it was nice knowing that they probably wont see me but

where can I hide. I stick out like a soar thumb.

Looking back at the situation If I would have stayed put she probably would

not have noticed me. But she did notice my movement. I enjoyed my new speed but

it still wasn't quick enough. I was soon over taken and a bare foot was blocking

my path.

Its bad enough seeing a barefoot in front of you but I could smell the

unwashed barefoot. I changed directions and started running back towards the

bed. This when my big break came. I heard the door open. Kacie turned towards

the door and I took off as fast as my legs could go right for the door. It was

her mom.

"Get ready for school dear. I don't want you late"

Her mumbles still sounded loud. She had forgotten about me and I kept

running. I was out the door when I plowed into a pair of jeans. A hard pair of

jeans. I looked up and saw a girl staring down at me. She had really baggy black

pants and a black T-shirt that had a picture of Satan on it. I could tell she

dyed her hair black. She had on black makeup. She had a really gothic type look.

I started to back away but it was to late I was scooped up like the man doll I

was. She looked to be about 16 years old.

"Excuse me but would you mind helping me get home?"

The second I opened my mouth a grin came across her face. She turned and

walked into her room. As we walked in the whole room spelled like a month old

gym sock mixed with cigarette smoke.

"My name is Andrea what's your name you little shit"

I tried to push her fingers away from me but she just had to much mass. I

finally submitted to her because I had no other choice but to wait till she put

me down so I could hide and escape.

"My, my, my name is"

Andrea rolled her eyes and glared at me.

"Speak up you fuck face I don't have all day."

I was already wishing I was with Kacie.

"Well your name isn't important anyway. I have to get to school or my parents

will start bitching so where to put you."

She opened up her purse. I sighed and wasn't really looking forward to

spending the day in a purse. I was dropped but my fall was much to short. I

looked up at these giant smelly sticks. Then I saw the lid close and the room

was dark. I then almost through up as this room I was in dropped. That's when I

realized I was in her cigarette box. I was pinned under what seemed like a

thousand pounds. This was worse then smoking them. I could smell the nicatine.

Its all I could smell as me, the box and Andrea's purse swayed back and forth.

I could hear the rumble of the car and other voices but I couldn't make out

what they were saying but luckily it looks like she does have a heart as a

stream of light poured into my dark world. I looked up at her she just grinned

down at me.

"You little shit your going to be mine. I have always wanted a man I could

boss around and treat how men are suppose to be treated. As third rate citizens

one step below slavery. Given no rights, no freedoms. The only thing I expect to

hear is yes mam from you. Do you know what men are? Sex crazed whores, and its

time they paid for there sins starting with you. Im thinking before school you

can spend time with my cigs. Then maybe since you men like breasts so much. you

can spend a few hours with mine. Then maybe I will wear you around with my shoe

and slowly crush your tiny body. Then if you live I have very special surprise

for you tonight. I saw this neat bottle that had a whole bunch of candle wax on

it from about 7 or 8 different candles all different colors. The bottle was

covered in the wax it looked so pretty and guess who is going to be in the

bottle? You, like the little shit you are. You get to watch each piece of melted

wax flow down the side of the bottle sealing your fate in that jar. Then if you

survive a day in there. I might take you out and bring you to this rave."

"Andrea who are you talking too"

My ears burn with pain from all the shouting. All I could do was watch as she

pulled out a cigarette and locked me in the box. I just hoped she was joking

about all that. But I will soon find out.

With each step that Andrea takes I am shoved into a gigantic cigarette. I try

everything I can to escape but even though I have grown so much lately I am

still not big enough to get out of this box. My head starts pound with pain from

the relentless assault of her cigarettes. Finally I hear the slam of the locker

that tells me I am alone. Having nothing else to do I once again sit in a locker

at school. I can hear her come to and from her locker but she doesn't pay me one

bit of attention.

As I stand up to change positions I clunk my head into the top of the box and

tumble out into Andrea's purse. I stare up at the flap and shove it open and

drop down the floor of her locker. I smile as I look down at my new sized body.

Finally I am getting somewhere I think to myself. I would guess that I am about

4 inches or so tall but I cant really tell real well.

I stand poised at the door waiting for the specific moment she opens her

door. I can hear her voice outside the locker. Her voice sends chills of fear

down my spine. As she opens her door I quickly drop down to the floor without

her noticing. I run along a row of lockers looking for Shelly but having no clue

where to start.

I stare over across the hall to see if I might see her as I do I smash into a

Denim wall. My head cranes upward. The moment I see who It is my body freezes

up. Andrea's hand darts around me. I pound against her steel fist but I have no

effect as she carries me into the bathroom.

“You were a very bad man trying to escape me. It looks like now I am just

going to have to teach you a lesson.”

Luck finally is on my side. Just as we turn and enter main room of the

bathroom I see my daughter Shelly combing her hair. I scream across the room in

my loudest voice I know of. Shelly darts her head around and Andrea freezes.

For the first time in so long I see my daughters face. The moment she turns

her head towards me I can tell that she has been crying. Her eyes are red and

puffy. She then stares at me then at Andrea then down at me. Shelly charges at

Andrea and tackles her to the ground. I am shoved against not only Andrea's

chest but Shelly's chest. I fight and squirm my way from her grip but Andrea

punches shelly in face with the hand she holds me in. Just as Andrea turns

shelly over so she is no on her back I hear I a loud clunk. Both me and Shelly

stare up and see Dana standing over ahead. Shelly peels my from Andrea's grip

and stuffs me in her backpack. As she zips it up I hear her tell Dana thanks and

asks her to get her homework. I vaguely make out the two girls talking about

something but I cant quite make it out.

Back at home Shelly pulls me from her backpack. I run on her leg towards her

and attempt to hug my daughter. She pulls me away from her chest and holds me up

to her face.

“Dad, you don't know how long I have waited to have you in my grip. So many

time I dreamed of having you in my hand. Me squeezing the life out of you.

Yelling at you for a change how you yell at me. Then I would make you my little

slave to do what ever I want with you. I would get you collar and some rope and

tie one end to your collar and one end to my closet and give you just enough

slack where you can go anywhere my room but never escape.”

I let out a noticeable gulp as I see the glee in her eyes hidden behind the

sadness. I keep staring at her never seeing her large, and also slightly afraid

of my eldest daughter.


“Thank god theres a but. You had me worried there Shell”

“Don't interrupt me when im talking little man. I am incharge around here. I

deserve some respect and I espect to get it from you. HEHEHE just kidding dad.

Well im not sure how to tell you this but mom died last night. She was coming

home early because I told her how no one has been able to get ahold of you and

there was some kind of fuel malfunction and the plane exploded. I am so sorry

dad. It is all my fault and she's dead and…”

I was now being squeezed into Shelly's chest. I tried pounding my fist

against her shoulder but I was too weak. I spent the next couple of hours trying

to console my daughter as best I could. Even in the greatest of tragedy I still

can say It feels good to be home, and safe.


2 years have gone by since all that has happened. To say the least I never grew

back to my old height. I now stand a strapping 6inches tall. I, well I mean we

have done our best to adjust to the changes. I now spend most of my days at home

in a custom built doll house in the corner of Shelly's room. I try my best to

enforce the rules but you try reprimanding a teenager who can over power you

with one hand. Overall life isn't that bad and

Giantess Stories: My Life Take 2

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