Giantess Stories: My Little Fantasy By Khaladhen      In the not so distant future

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My Little Fantasy

By Khaladhen

In the not so distant future, humankind's level of technology had advanced to

such a degree that things considered science-fiction only 50 years ago where now

science fact. A few noteworthy advances were cold-fusion, which then lead to

faster than light-speed travel in space; nearly full artificial intelligence in

computers (they say within the next 5 years computers will be completely

self-aware); and cybernetics...which has lead me to explore one of my inner-most

fantasies. "Little" did I realize how utterly idiotic, and dangerous this

fantasy could really be! On the other hand, if I somehow survive this, it will

have been an unforgettable experience, and just maybe ...maybe... I'll do it


Let me explain...

My name's Brad McAlister, a typical kind of guy you might say. I'm 5'10", 22

years old with short brown hair and green eyes. I just got finished my second

year in university where I've been plugging away at a medieval history degree.

Yeah, yeah...I hear ya! And you're right...even I don't know what I'll be able

to do after I graduate with that $30,000 piece of paper. Anyways, after another

year down, I was really looking forward to the hot summer at home, even though

I'll be sharing the house with my 40 year old step-mother, Lydia, and her 18

year old daughter Cindy.

Dad? He died 5 years ago in a car accident coming home from the firm he worked

at, and being the big-time lawyer that he was you can guess that my house is

fairly large (7 bedrooms!) and a big pool and hot-tub out back. In his will, the

estate was divided equally, and we all got substantial deposits to our bank

accounts. Yeah, the money's nice, but I'd rather have Dad back. He'd at least be

able to keep Lydia off my ass. She can be so bossy and condescending. I

personally feel she'd do anything to get full possession of my piece of Dad's

fortune. She already has Cindy's portion wrapped around her finger, since

Cindy's a wee bit of an airhead. She's a cruel bitch and 100% power-hungry! Her

only merit, I'd say, is her looks...and I admit, she's a damn good looking

woman! Dad knows how to pick 'em...looks, that is. At 5'8", her slim figure and

youthful skin make her look more like a 30 year old, rather than 40, and no

plastic surgery either! With her light brown hair tied up in a bun, and her

typical outfit of a white blouse, short black skirt and 3" black pumps, she

gives off a professional business-like a corporate executive or

something. I'm sure she'd just love to have the entire world in the palm of her

hand. She's also a perfectionist with the rest of her looks, with just the right

amount of make-up, manicured nails, and silky smooth skin. No doubt about it,

she's a very attractive woman, just too bad she's such an Ice Queen. One look

from her icy blue eyes could send shivers up even an eskimo's back!

Her 18 year old daughter, my step-sister Cindy, is a real ditz. Heh, she's a hot

looking girl as well, it's just too bad there's nothing upstairs to complement

the package. Do the words "natural blonde" tell you anything? You betcha...and

it's no surprise she's the captain of the cheerleading squad. Her blonde hair

comes straight down to the middle of her back and because of all her

cheerleading her body is nothing short of awesome; an athletic build with really

nice curves! She has her mothers blue eyes, but instead of cold venom her eyes

look pure and innocent, like an angels eyes. Also unlike her mother, her

attitude is the complete opposite. She's very "girlish", always with a bright

playful smile, and the cutest giggle. I think it was these qualities that

convinced Coach Peterson at the high school to put her in to cheerleading. I

thought for sure she'd never make it, but she has an odd talent for it, which is

surprising since she's such a bloody cluts doing everything else. To be honest,

if Lydia wasn't so callous, Cindy not so ditzy, and neither were considered

relatives I'd certainly consider them eligible women in my book, but the

situation would have to be a lot different than it is.

My first couple of weeks back home were pretty boring. Most of the time, Lydia

talked on the phone in her study discussing her various financial investments

while Cindy was either sunbathing by the pool in her skimpy red bikini or

shopping her heart out at the mall. With those two occupied, there really wasn't

much company around the house - not that either make for very good company. I

tried calling my friends up but none of them ever seemed to be home. I was

beginning to think the summer wasn't going to be as great as I'd first hoped.

* * * *

I was sitting in my bedroom bored as usual, thinking of something to do today.

It was mid-afternoon and a blistering summer day. I wasn't much in the mood for

thinking, so I headed downstairs to the kitchen to grab some lemon-aid.

Entering the kitchen I was greeted by Lydia's patronizing tone as she sat

reading the paper at the kitchen table.

"Working hard these days, Brad?", she said, peering over her paper at me.

Offering only a smirk in reply, I headed for the fridge and pulled out the jug

of lemon-aid.

As I grabbed a glass from the cupboard and poured some juice, Lydia piped up

once again. "Why don't you go upstairs and clean up your room,'s such

a mess!"

"Why don't I just get the maid to clean it up.", I replied in a snobby,

sarcastic tone before taking a drink of juice. We don't have a maid, by the way.

With a shrug, Lydia just peered back down at her paper and said, "Suit

yourself...she'll be here in an hour."

I couldn't help but blink a few times in confusion. Was she serious? Were we

really going to have a maid around the house? I mean, I know we could have

easily afforded one before, but back when Dad was around he preferred we showed

some responsibility of our own and take care of our own things. I was never very

keen on cleaning up my room, though. What normal male is?

Setting my glass down on the counter-top, I eyed Lydia curiously and asked, "Did

you say the maid would be here in an hour? We're getting a maid?" Of course, I

should have realized Lydia would take this line of questioning as a chance to

belittle me again, and she did.

"Dear, you really should see a doctor about that hearing of yours. Of course I

said maid. I ordered a CyberMaid only yesterday. Lord knows I hate dirt and this

house always seems filthy...I'm sure you have something to do with it."

She was starting to get me angry. With a deep sigh and a little moan of

frustration, I picked up my glass of lemon-aid and headed back up stairs to me

bedroom to cool off, not even bothering to get in to it with Lydia. Besides,

this CyberMaid thing got me thinking again. "We're getting a maid...a CyberMaid...",

I thought to myself, "...well I'll be damned."

As I lay on my bed, staring up at the ceiling, I remembered that CyberMaids were

actually normal woman with cyber implants to enhance their duties around the, cooking, washing, whatever. Most appliances these days already

came with input devices for cyber implants to make them more efficient, meeting

the desires of their users perfectly. I also remembered that even though they

weren't really robots or androids their biological make-up was literally grown

in a lab - basically clones with cyberware, and because they were created to be

servants their training consists of strict mental conditioning so that they

remained unquestionably loyal to their employers. Additionally, the process also

leaves the CyberMaid with little or no emotional capabilities - almost robotic.

Apparently, if they were left with their emotions their ability to serve their

employers may be greatly impeded by such things as depression, or an emotional

attachment to something due to the various kinds of services that an employer

might have them do. The lab "manufacturers" wanted a servant that wouldn't

hesitate or be distracted in their duties and the successful result became the


Lost in my thoughts on what things would be like around here with a CyberMaid,

the familiar chime of the doorbell downstairs broke my reverie. Could that be

the maid at the door? I glanced at my nightstand and the clock atop it. Sure

enough, I'd been in my room for about an hour. Getting up, I quickly headed

downstairs to see if it really was her.

Lydia had already beaten me to the door as she stood in the doorway talking with

our visitor. Moving to her side, my eyes soon took in who it was. My jaw dropped

and my eyes went wide as I slowly ogled the figure standing before Lydia and I.

Dressed in an old fashioned french-maids outfit - black and white, with black

fishnet stockings and 4" black high-heels - stood a 6'0" woman who I think I

could safely guess was the CyberMaid. Besides the trademark dress, the small

protruding datajack at the side of her neck sort of gave it away, made clearly

visible by the fact that her straight black hair was pulled back in to a tight


Giving each of us a slow glance with her dark brown eyes - so dark they could

very well be black themselves, though my attention was riveted to either her

beautiful D cup breasts or long sexy legs - she spoke in a rather monotone voice

introducing herself

"Mistress Lydia and Master Bradley...", she began, using my full first-name. God

I hated being called by my full name. " name is Janet, your personal and

home CyberMaid. CyberMaid Enterprises is pleased that you have chosen to do

business with us and I am very happy to be here to serve you."

Even Lydia seemed to hesitate in reply, as she too seemed taken back or

impressed by our new live-in. " are certified, aren't you?", Lydia asked.

"Fully, Mistress Lydia. My documentation is all right here.", and at that Janet

produced a folder of papers for Lydia which, I guess, was at her side but which

I failed to notice because I was gawking at the finer "points". Can you blame

me? Heh!

Taking the folder and briefly glancing at it, Lydia passed it off to me like I

was some secretary of hers. She lost no time getting in to her role as this

maid's mistress, and before turning to go inside merely told the maid to, "Enter

and follow."

There was no hesitation; the maid drifted by me at the door and went inside, her

high-heels clicking from the step on to the hard-wood floor. I found myself

staring at her backside, swaying as it did with each step, and her perfect legs

and feet in those black 4" heels. I admit, I have a small foot fetish, but

deeper still I've always had a curiousity for wanting to view a woman from the

floor up, like a bug might do before ultimate getting squished by a giant foot.

I can't say I'd enjoy getting killed in such a way - I'm really not big on

getting killed - but I think it would be an incredible experience to view the

world from that perspective. Lydia and Cindy are most often the targets for this

wee fantasy of mine, but at university, the mall, and most other places I see a

good looking women I get the chance to visualize things in this way. It's quite

erotic too! But anyways...

With a little shrug at my thoughts, I quickly closed the door and went in after

Lydia and our new house maid.

As I caught up to them, Lydia began giving Janet the tour of the house,

outlining in each room to her exactly what she expected to be done. With each

order, Janet gave a "Yes Mistress.", and curt nod. Just hearing all the specific

orders from Janet made me sick. She clearly thought of herself as the Queen of

the household as she commanded her latest subject, Janet. Though I was use to

her display of "authority" I never once took it serious upon myself, but hearing

it upon the new maid...well, I guess I sort of sympathized for her. She'd have

enough to do in her job without having to put up with Lydia's attitude. Yeah I

know she's been conditioned to be completely obedient and all that, but...I just bothers me.

Not wanting to listen to "her majesty" Lydia any longer, I headed back up to my

room and flopped on to my bed where I began checking out the documentation on Lenguaje Proxémico: Características y Ejemplos

the new maid.

The papers talked about the contract between the employer and CyberMaid

Enterprises as well as information on "how to operate your new product". I

smirked at that. Slavery was abolished over 200 years ago, but this cloning

technology seemed to have caused it to resurface now in the new form of

"products". I felt sure that even CyberMaids had a human soul deep down inside

them. I made the decision then and there to help make Janet's job around the

house as painless as possible.

As I continued to read, the papers started talking about the various cyber

implants each Maid product was able to store in their person, as well as the

current configuration of our own maid, Janet. I ran down the list of what Janet

had on her, then cross-listed it to the definition list so that I could

understand what the heck all the techno-babble was. My interest suddenly peaked

as I read the definition of one particular implant that Janet apparently

possessed: an "Optic Size Manipulator".

The definition of it went on to explain that... "This implant is ideal for

rearranging a setting of furniture with ease, since all objects could be reduced

in size, or shrunk, to meet the moving, or arrangement requirements. Items can

then be grown back to their original sizes at the owners convenience to fit

perfectly in to any setting. Furthermore, the implant can affect living

materials such as plants and animals as required by the purchaser of the

CyberMaid, but such requires the use of the 'Authentication Voice Override

Code', or AVOC, found upon the front contract, before this function can be used.

CAUTION: use of the AVOC for this implant could endanger the owners own size if

not used properly."

I had to read the definition over 5 times before it really sunk in. It was hard

to believe. Here, in my own house, was a device that could let me explore my

deepest fantasy! My mind started frantically thinking up all the possibilities

when I suddenly heard Lydia and Janet approach my bedroom door.

"And finally we have the mess that is Brad's bedroom.", she said as the two came

to my bedroom doorway. "As you can see it's quite pathetic. That's all for now,

I'll let Brad get acquainted with you now while I go back to some important

business of my own." And with that, Lydia turned and walked back down the hall

to head downstairs.

"Thanks Lydia, you're just too kind!", I called after her, sarcastically. I

quickly calmed down though as I realized that Janet was still standing there in

the doorway watching me with a blank look on her face. I got a lump in my throat

and swallowed hard knowing that before me stood not just a human being with

cyberware implants but the one thing that could allow me to experience my

deepest fantasy; to be shrunk down to a tiny size and explore a whole new world!

Nervous, I licked my lips and stood up from my bed. "Come in, Janet.", I said.

She immediately walked in to the middle of the room, stepping over a bunch of my

clothes laying about the floor, then look at me expectantly as though awaiting

my next order. I closed my door for some privacy then turn around to Janet,

taking in her incredibly sexy body in that skimpy french-maid's outfit.

"Uh...Janet, I know you're to serve me and the others...", I began to

say, rubbing my sweaty hands together to try and control my nervousness. "...and

I was wondering...about your optic, can you make

something with them?"

Janet just stared blankly at me, as though there was nothing to suspect in the

question, and replied, "As small as you require, Master Bradley."

Ok, I'll ignore the full first-name thing again...I was getting just too

excited! My mind raced, thinking of a size to check out first, then I'd have

Janet grow me back to normal. I brought my hand up and pinched the air in front

of me with enough space between my thumb and index-finger to make it

about...oh...1/2 inch. "Can you use you optic implants to make me this size,

Janet?!", I asked, my enthusiasm quite evident.

But Janet simply replied, "No Master, I can not. I am not authorized to do


I frowned, "Huh?", then it hit me. The AVOC! I moved to my bed and grabbed the

front contract. In a small box titled `Authentication Voice Override Code' was

printed "Alpha_30316_B". I put the paper back down on the bed then looked back

at Janet. I took a couple of deep breaths then showed Janet how small I wished

to become with my fingers again and said, "Make me this size, Janet.

Authorization: Alpha_30316_B"

"Yes, Master.", she said, before her dark brown eyes started to glow red.

I didn't notice anything at first other than my bedroom taking on a reddish hue

in colour. No doubt, I was being bathed in the size manipulator's rays. All of a

sudden my stomach wrenched as I felt myself freefall. My bedroom and Janet

before me all became a blur of vertical colours, as I descended, down to my new

world. But as quickly as it began, it stopped.

I rubbed my eyes and took some deep breaths to ease the nauscious feeling in my

gut. I could already sense the ground was much different than before, and I felt

as though I were standing in a tight box with soft walls that came up to my

thighs. As I slowly opened my eyes I became confused at what I was seeing. My

landscape was alien to me, and yet I knew it was somehow my own bedroom! My legs

were almost hip deep in what could only be my carpet!

Looking around, I slowly started to get use to this new perspective. A few

hundred feet away from me a brown wooden wall stretched up in to sky. It took me

a moment but I figured out that it must be my closed door. It was unbelievably

huge!!! Somehow during the shrinking I must have got turned towards the doorway

away from Janet. I began turning back around excited to see how Janet would look

to me and as I did my eyes were greeted with the black shiny base of two flesh

coloured skyscrapers, except the windows above the base were slanted and the

buildings were curved...

It hit me a second later. Janet's...legs?!! Of course! The black shiny base

which rose some 20' off the ground had to be the front of her high-heeled

shoes!! And the slanted windows must be her fishnet stockings!! I was in awe of

her proportions, she was incredibly huge!!! Her high-heeled shoes facing me

could easily crush me whole with plenty of room to spare if I were in the wrong

place at the wrong time!!! My gaze climbed her fishnet stockings past her knees

to the hem of her short black frilly skirt. If she were standing any closer, I'm

sure I'd be able to see right up and under that hem to her giant womanhood! I

continued looking up, craning my neck as I did, up to her large protruding

breasts. My mouth start watering as I stared up at those giant hills and the

deep canyon of cleavage between them!! And peaking down through it all was the

huge face of Janet, her dark eyes locked right upon me. Still, her expression

remained unchanged, blank as always. The overall size of this giantess made me

feel a bit faint so I sat back on top of the fibres of my carpet to calm myself

down; my whole body was tense with excitement. After a moment, I was feeling a

little bit better and decided that I'd had enough for one days shrinking, but I

know I'd try this again sometime later.

Craning my neck again, I looked up to see Janet still staring down at me,

unmoved by the situation or my lack of orders.

"Ok Janet, grow me back to normal!", I shouted up to her, then waited for my

growth to happen.

But nothing did...

I looked back up to Janet and shouted again louder this time..."Grow me back to

normal!!!" The only response I got from the giantess was a tilting of her head

to one side, like a puzzled dog would do. Could she even hear me? My mind went

back to the list of implants she had and I remembered that beside the implant

marked "Hearing Enhancement" there was no check-mark. Obviously my voice was

much too faint for her to hear, even shouting as loud as I -thought- I had. Her

hearing was no better than Cindy's, Lydia's, or any other woman's. With a sigh,

I guess my only form of communication left was through hand gestures. I raised

my hands up in to the air and was about to wave Janet to come closer to me


"MAID!!!" A booming sound like a 747 taking off resounded throughout the room. I

cupped my hands over my ears to help block the deafening noise! It must be Lydia

calling Janet. But wait a sec... I looked back up to the skyscraper sized Janet

who's attention was no longer upon me, but at my door, and like every other

time, without hesitation, Janet went in to action to serve her Mistress. What's

worse...she didn't even seem to care at all about my predicament, and my erotic

little fantasy turned in to a nightmarish hell as the giantess began to head for

the door and me between her and it! Time seemed to move in slow motion as her

gigantic right high-heeled foot rose off my bedroom floor and glided through the


My life was going to end, right here and now, I just knew it! But I had to do

something!!! I frantically began to wade through my thigh-high carpet fibres,

but my progress was slowed too much. A huge shadow began to block out my "sun" -

the bedroom ceiling light. I was trying to run to the side, out of Janet's path

and as I looked up I could see her sole advancing down upon me! I pushed myself

as hard as I could, giving it my all; I wanted to live!!! But I was unable to

escape the shadow of her high-heeled shoe.

My sprint for survival took a lot out of my out-of-shape body and I found myself

completely exhausted soon after I had started. With one last attempt, I threw

myself forward landing upon the large though soft fibres of my carpet...but the

shadow was still upon me. I could do nothing more. As I rolled on to my back to

look up my face contorted in to an expression of shear terror. My eyes couldn't

comprehend the sole of the high-heel shoe at that size, but my mind knew what

was happening. Tears poured down my cheeks and I screamed with all the life left

in me, as the sole came down with a BOOM!!!

* * * *

I must have past out for lord knows how long, because when I awoke, I was still

laying on my back staring up at my ceiling for a sky.

I was alive! I could hardly believe it! I must have survived in the space

between the sole and the heel of Janet's shoe!

My body yelled in pain at the abuse I had put it through in my run-for-life, and

my face was numb from the full scream I had projected before passing out. I

tried to moan, like it might ease some of the pain in my body, but only found

more pain as my throat protested the use of my voice.

Besides the pain in my throat, I had lost my voice completely! I guess it really

didn't matter anyways, since no one would be able to hear me even if I did have

something to say to them.

I was still only a 1/2 inch tall on the carpet floor of my bedroom, with no

voice, and the only person able to really help me having been ordered away to do

the beck-and-call of Lydia, the Ice Queen.

Also, from what I could gather about Janet, it didn't seem like she was at all

concerned by my vulnerable size. She nearly killed me afterall!!! And Lydia

could care less what I did with my time. She'd never come looking for me, at any

rate. Which left Cindy, and I don't even think she was home yet

from...well...wherever it is she went. I had to find a way to get back to normal

again, and Cindy was probably the only person I could trust to help me. Somehow,

I knew I'd live to regret that decision, but I really didn't have much of a

choice in the matter.

I'd try to get Cindy's attention, then try and tell her - without a voic - how

to use Janet to get me back to normal. That was the plan now.

I slowly got up so as to make my rise less painful, then turned to my door. It

was wide-open. With a deep sigh, I started my trek across the seemingly endless

field of carpet fibres towards the hallway, and then, hopefully, survive my way

in to Cindy's bedroom where I'd probably be able to get her attention.

Heh...may the Force be with me.

Giantess Stories: My Little Fantasy By Khaladhen      In the not so distant future

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