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My Mistress the Magician,

By Little B.

Laura was a big girl. She stood about 5' 9" tall and

weighed about 175 pounds, but despite this she was also just

as cute as a button. She had dark eyes and medium blonde

hair, her chin came to the cutest little point and she had a

smile that could just light up a room. I did mention she

was pretty but I think it was her size that first attracted

me to her. Ever since I could remember I have been

attracted to large women. Being medium height, about 5' 8"

tall, it is hard to find women that are even that tall.

I've dated a few, but none has excited me as much as Laura.

In the beginning of our relationship she had no clue about

my little obsession, and for various reasons, mostly due to

my own embarrassment, I failed to mention it to her. That

is until we got cable internet service for our apartment.

Wow, did I ever find a lot of giantess material on-line. I

found all kinds of drawings and photographs and stories by

people who also seemed to share my little fantasies. I

tried to be discreet about my internet wanderings, but you

know; no matter how careful you are, you always make

mistakes. So one day Laura found a cache of pictures and

stories that I had found on-line. She was reading through

them one day when I came home from work.

"Hi Bob," she said cheerily. "So how was your day."

I looked nervously at the computer screen. She had a

picture up where the guy in it was being helplessly shrunk

by his beautiful mistress as she smiled mischievously at

him. One of my fondest fantasies of course. Laura glanced

quickly at the screen and then back at me.

"Oh, yes," she said with feigned embarrassment. "I've been

looking through your collection of pornography; very


"Huh?" I said. "You mean you're ok with this?"

"Bob," she said, "We've always had an open relationship. If

this really gets your motor running then who am I to judge

you over it. As long as you aren't out there picking up

gigantic hookers or something."

"No no," I said, "You're definitely the only one I've been

with in a long time honey. I think I told you I'm not very

good at the dating game."

"Yes I know," she said with a grin. "And that's why I trust

you. However I do have a little surprise for you."

"Oh?" I said. "What's that?"

"I've also been surfing around since we got the cable

connection and I've found some interesting sites of my own.

Here," She gave me a glass of ice tea, "you must be thirsty.

It's really quite hot out there. Sit here and I'll tell you

all about it." Once I was seated she pulled out a piece of

paper and stood over me. "Comfy?"

"Yes, thanks."

"Oh good. Grumesh falden hooly-gra-falden..." She repeated

this three times then stood back with a big smile.

"Hum," I said, "what did all that mean?"

"It's an ancient language my dear; it was only used by a

sect of ancient Etruscan magicians and I found a website

that is dedicated to preserving their art."

"So you cast a spell on me?" I don't really know why but I

felt nervous. "Oh come-on." Even though I didn't really

believe in magic I have to admit I was starting to feel


"Oh ya, I forgot to mention. That drink I gave you contains

an assortment of herbs. It's part of the spell."

I was really starting to feel strange now. Did the arms of

this chair just get higher, I thought. No, it can't be.

No...there it goes again.

"What's happening to me Laura? I feel odd." I looked

around and everything seemed to be getting bigger. "What!

It can't be!"

"Oh yes it can my little one," she grinned. "For the next

12 hours I only need to speak the words three times and you

will shrink by half your size." She knelt down and reached

over with her hand. "Hold out your palm my dear." I did so

and we compared my hand with hers. "Look at this, your hand

is only half the size of mine. Isn't that marvelous. Now

you're my cutest little Bobby." She then reached over and

lifted me off the chair as if I were a small boy. If she

was right about halving my size then I was about 2' 10"

tall, which made me about the size of the average 6 year

old. I found that I was also much weaker than her because I

could not offer much resistance as she picked me up off the

chair. It was all too much for me. I was scared and

confused, quite obviously, but this was also one of my

greatest sexual fantasies and I was already very excited.

Thankfully Laura's spell also shrank my clothes. But my

giant girlfriend would soon take care of that.

"Oh my Bobby," she giggled. "You are a bad little boy."

She stroked my hard on through my pants. I was so excited

by now I could feel myself getting wet from pre-cum. "It

looks like I'll have to take these pants off of you my

pretty little boy." And she proceeded to strip me.

"Oh god Laura," I moaned. "How many of those stories did

you read?"

"I read quite a few of them," she said as she stroked my

little penis. "Enough to know what really turns your little

crank." Then she laughed mischievously as she brought my

penis up to her mouth. Her tongue felt absolutely enormous

at my current size. I was totally lost. I didn't care

anymore how she had managed this; I was in ecstasy and about

to blow my load into her mouth. She knew I was about to cum

and she brought me to the edge then stopped.

"Laura," I pleaded, "please, don't stop."

"Oh no you don't you horny little boy. You aren't going to

cum just yet. I'll tell you when you can cum," she said as

she carried me to the bedroom. She put me down on the bed

and climbed over me until her pussy hovered over my small

face. "Since I'm the biggest, I get to cum first. Now get

to work you little shrimp!"

I couldn't touch myself because she was holding my arms over

my head, but I was so close to orgasm I was going out of my

mind. What else could I do though? She had me completely

under her control so I serviced my huge mistress as the pre-

cum continued to drip from my small but painfully hard cock.

"Oh yes," she moaned. I guess I was doing a good job

despite my now much smaller tongue, since she was moaning

pretty good. "Yes! Yes! Oh ya...mmmmm!" I worked as hard

as I could but after a while she started to grind her pussy

into my face very hard. Before she finally came I thought I

was going to be either crushed or suffocated by her immense

weight. I was in a delirium of pain and sexual heat; if she

only touched my little dick I swear it would erupt.

Finally satisfied, my enormous mistress got off my face,

which was covered with her juices, but still hovered over

me. She still had my arms confined over my head and also

held my legs steady with the weight of her own. She smiled

down at me. I was shaking in ecstasy.

"Please Laura, let me cum now." She could tell I was very

close to popping.

"Of course you will cum my sweet little man," she said as

she lowered her now quite impossibly huge breasts to my

shrunken body. She started to lightly rub her dangling

breasts on my chest, then my stomach and finally my cock. I

was so close to orgasm that when she finished her third pass

I came all over her and myself. After which I collapsed,

totally exhausted.

Laura got out some tissue and wiped me off. "Aww," she

said, "you are so cute like this." After she wiped herself

off she picked me up again and lay down on the bed holding

me in front of her. I fell asleep between her breasts and

if I hadn't been so tired I probably would have gotten

another erection. She had completely drained me.


I woke later that night, still nestled comfortably in her

vast cleavage. I looked up at her, and she still seemed to

be asleep. She is so beautiful, I thought. I am so lucky

to have her. I looked over at the clock; it was 11:30. It

had been 6 hours since my mistress had shrunk me to my

present size of two foot ten inches. I marveled at the

current difference in our sizes. She was still 5 foot 9 and

175 pounds; and at present I couldn't have weighed more than

50 pounds. She was over three times my size! I lovingly

put my arms around one of her breasts and squeezed it. That

seemed to awaken her.

"How are you feeling my small lover?" She asked.

"I feel wonderful Laura," I said dreamily. "I don't think

I've ever been so happy."

"That's good my little darling," she said with a wide grin,

"because I've decided how I want to spend the remaining 6

hours of this spell."

"Oh," I said. "How?"

"Did you think you were the only one who had these kind of

size change fantasies my dear? Humm? We could have had a

lot more fun if you had told me about this when we first met

you know."

"Sorry dear," I said. "I was just too shy to mention it.

It's not the kind of thing that comes up in casual

conversation you know."

"Humm, well be that as it may you know I'm going to have to

punish you now for your deception."

My heart started beating faster; the thought of being

punished by my huge mistress awakened my little friend once

again. I just stared helplessly at her as she lifted me off

her chest and held me up so that we were eye level. She

repeated the magic words three times and I once again felt

myself shrink smaller. When I finished shrinking I was now

a little less than 1 and 1/2 feet tall and weighed perhaps

16 pounds. I was very small now; less than the size of a 2

year old baby. My mistress then dropped me on the bed.

"You look even cuter at this size my tiny one," she chuckled

evilly. "And you know what, I know just how to punish you

so that you'll remember this and not try to keep any more

secrets from me." She leaned over me again and placed her

massive arms on either side of my tiny body. One of her

arms was bigger than both my legs put together and almost

larger than my entire body. I stared up at her, slightly

frightened but more excited.

"I won't," I squeaked, "I promise."

"Mistress," she said.


"You will refer to me as Mistress you little pip squeak,"

she ordered.

"Yes Mistress," I said submissively.

"That's much better," she said approvingly. "Now, since

I've never used this spell before I am wondering just how

small I can make you." And she then repeated the magic

words three more times. The room spun for me this time as I

dwindled even smaller under the command of my now enormous

Mistress. She giggled as I shrank under her spell. When I

finished this time I guess I was about 8 inches high and

weighed maybe 5 pounds. I was about the size of a new born

baby. I don't know if she could also read my mind now or

what but when I finished shrinking my mistress picked me up

and cuddled me just like I was a baby.

"Coochy coochy coo," she said as she tickled me under the

chin. She held me for a moment in her hands. I would

estimate that I was no bigger than her two forearms put

together. She turned me to look at her in the eyes once

again and this time I had to say something.

"Wait Laura! I'm sorry; Mistress Laura! Please don't

shrink me again...please..."

However, she ignored my squeaky, whimpering pleas and once

again spoke the words. When I finished shrinking that time

I was about 4 inches high and I don't even want to guess at

how little I weighed. I must have been as light as a

feather because Laura now held me in the palms of her hands.

She was giggling uncontrollably. I was in a daze; I was

frightened and unbelievable excited by what was happening.

Laura seemed incredibly huge now; to me she appeared to be a

50 foot tall giantess. She held me in her enormous hands

and observed me like a little girl examining a new doll.

She kept on giggling.

"Is my little man horny?" She taunted. "Ok go ahead; I

want to see you bring yourself off you little pip-squeak."

What else could I do? She knew I was ready to pop again, so

I started jacking myself off. She waited until I was just

about there before once again speaking the magic words.

This time I came as I was shrinking in her hands. I

collapsed before my body finished dwindling and I lay there

in the palm of her right hand. I was exhausted. I was also

really tiny. My best estimate put me at about 2 inches

high; my Mistress seemed to be 100 feet tall to me. She

moved her hand closer to her face so she could get a good

look at my tiny body.

"Ok, that's small enough," she said finally. "Now I have a

job for you my little mouse-man," she giggled. She lay down

on the bed again and put me on her left boob, near the

nipple. "I've been wondering how it would feel to have a

teeny tiny little shrimp, like yourself, massage one of my

nipples." Then she looked down at me, "well?" She

thundered, "get to work!"

"Yes Mistress," I piped.

She leaned her head back and I went to work on her nipple.

>>From the volume and tempo of her moans I gathered that I was

doing a splendid job.

"Uh...mmmm...oh yes...yes...that's it...rub there you

shrimpy little fuck...yes right there...oh god...oh my

god...uh..uh...uhhhhh!" I actually made her cum; I mean at

my size. I guess I was pretty proud of myself because I

gave her nipple one more lick after she came and said as

loud as I could.

"So it was good for you baby?" She looked down and smiled.

"Ooo," she said, "that was bad my little man. You forgot to

call me Mistress," and she once again spoke the magic words.

As I shrank even smaller she picked me up in her hand. When

I stopped I must have been about 1 inch high. I didn't

bother saying anything since I doubt she could have even

heard me. She brought me up to her face and smiled. Her

breath felt like a breeze on a warm summer night. She

didn't say anything to me this time; she merely reached

under the bed and pulled out a small box. Small compared to

her anyway, to me it was as big as a house. Inside, the box

looked like a miniature apartment, and at the moment I was

just the right size to make use of the tiny furniture

inside. Laura carefully put me in the bedroom, placed the

box on the bedside table and climbed into bed.

"Good night," whispered my huge goddess as she turned out

the light. "I've set the alarm for a quarter to 5 tomorrow

so I can take you out of the box. After all, I don't want

you to ruin your little apartment when you grow back. I

think I'll want to do this again." Then she blew me a soft

kiss, rolled over and went to sleep.


Giantess Stories: My Mistress the Magician

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