Giantess Stories: My New Job

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My New Job



My life changed after I volunteered to help

Natalie one of the girls in the office I work in, she was having a problem with

her computer wires they were all over her floor and were in her way when she

placed her feet under her desk.

Natalie asked me if I could help her over the weekend by binding up her computer

wires and run them along the back side of her desk for her and I told her no


We met at the office Saturday morning as planned she had placed some wire ties

and tacks under her desk and was typing information into her computer when I


Well hello Fran, Natalie said to me as I walked up to her desk.

Good morning Natalie how are you this morning, I asked her?

Natalie told me how her department head had placed some extra work on her when

she found out that she was going to be at the office on Saturday.

She didn't know how I was going to be able to tie up her wires while she worked

at her desk.

I told her that I could crawl under her desk and at least try for her, if she

didn't mind me under her desk while she worked and to my surprise she was game.

So I crawled under her desk which was like crawling into a tomb, Natalie's had

only one opening and that was were her legs were going to be.

As I worked at binding the wires together Natalie sat down and slid herself

under her desk placing her long nylon covered legs right next to me and as I

worked I found myself looking at her sexy legs and when she crossed her right

leg over her left knee and put her foot right in front of my face I was in

heaven I laid there staring at her lovely toes and the slight smell of her foot

sweat and leather was making me hard.

I was knocked out of my trance when Natalie bumped the side of my face with her

foot, she apologized for it and I kept working.

Fran do you think it would be a little easier if you were smaller, this way I

wouldn't be hitting you in the face, Natalie asked as she placed her right foot

against my cheek?

I just said yes, I was so turned on from just the touch of her foot to my face I

would have told her anything.

So you wouldn't mind if I shrank you, hum lets say to two inches, Natalie asked?

No that be cool with me I answered her as she touched my lips with her big toe.

I was so transfixed on her feet I didn't realize what I had said until that very

toe that I just kissed was know up to my chin, Natalie had shrunk me and I

didn't know how.

That better Natalie said from above as she repositioned herself at her desk.

I just stood there dumb founded at what just happened I was two inches tall

standing at the feet of a GODDESS a women that had the power to shrink me.

Fran don't you think you should start moving those wires to the back side of my

desk so I don't have to have them under my feet while I work, Natalie said to me

as she placed her right foot into her open toed slide with an six inch heel.

I finished moving the wire for her and tacking it down so I decided I would ask

her to return me to normal and how she shrank me.

I tapped Natalie's big to, I had to stand on the tip of my toes just to reach

her toe which sat in her shoe.

Natalie looked down at me and asked if I was done.

I told her I, was and asked her how she shrank me.

Natalie smiled at me and said that she has always had the power to shrink people

they just want to be small, she couldn't have shrunk me if deep down I didn't

want to be small.

She smiled at me and said that deep down I wanted to be small and that she could

sense it in me.

I told her I thought it was cool and I liked looking at her like this and she Honda CBR250 vs Kawasaki Ninja 300: ¿Cuál sería tu primera moto deportiva?

was shocked at my response to her.

What's that look for I asked her as I rubbed my hands along her shoe?

Well my little friend you're the first person that I have shrunken who actually

likes being small,

my last boy friend wanted me to shrink him and when I did he cried like a baby

when I asked him to massage my feet with his tongue.

I was getting hard at the thought of actually kissing and licking her feet so I

looked up at her and asked her if he licked her feet.

Natalie looked down at me and said that the little baby cried and begged her to

return him to his normal height and she hasn't seen him since.

I looked up at Natalie who looking down at me with her sexy blue eyes, what a

fool any man in his right mind would jump at the chance, I mean your so, I

couldn't finish my sentence.

Natalie smiled and thanked me for the complement.

Would you be interested in giving a fella employee a foot massage, Natalie asked

as she brought her foot closer to me.

I looked up at her smiling and then at her feet and asked can I ?

Natalie laughed a little and asked me if I was serious. I looked up at her and

told her as long as she wore nylons and open toed shoes I was her foot man for

as long as she wanted me, even at two inches tall I was trying to flirt with


Natalie removed her feet from her heels and placed her feet on there side

encircling me in between them and told me to get licking.

I ran to her left foot and dropped to my knees and started licking her sole.

Natalie couldn't believe it as she looked down at me with amassment and


She couldn't believe I was licking her feet and enjoying myself in the process,

I was working hard at pleasing her.

After an hour of me licking her feet Natalie asked me if I really enjoyed what I

had just done or was I just doing it to make her feel better.

I told her that I enjoyed every minute at her feet and I wanted to please her, I

know how pathetic is that.

Natalie returned her feet to her heel and asked me if I was serious what I had

told her earlier, about being her foot man.

I looked up at her and told her that it would be an honor to serve a GODDESS

like her.

She blushed a little and said if I really wanted to serve her feet that she

would love to take me home with her at my new size, she also said that she

wanted to keep me as a pet and I would live in her shoe closet keeping her shoes

clean, and that she did not want to take the time to feed and water me so I

would have to learn to live on the dirt, toe jam and sweet that her feet can


I looked up at Natalie and back at her sexy feet encased in nylon and told her I

wanted to be nothing but a pet for her pleasure.

Natalie smiled at me and said that she would take me home with her for the

weekend and if I enjoyed my new life at her feet that she would make me her

permanent pet.

How shall I take my little pet home with me Natalie asked as she wiggled her

toes at me.

I ran to her right foot and begged her to shrink me smaller so I could go home

with her under her toes.

Natalie asked me if I was sure as she shrank me to half an inch in height.

I was picked up by Natalie in between her thumb and forefinger and brought to

her face.

Natalie looked at me and smiled and placed a kiss on me before she reached down

and placed me under the toes of her right foot, I could hear Natalie telling me

to enjoy the ride home.

I laid there under her lovely toes as she walked out of the building with me

under her toes.



Giantess Stories: My New Job

Natalie one of the girls in the office I work in, she was having a problem with My life changed after I volunteered to help My life changed after I volunteer



Giantess Stories: My New Job

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Giantess Stories: My New Job


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