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My New Pills.

I was about 14 when it happened. I had just visited the doctoer because i was

sick and the doctor had given me some anti-biotics to take which wasnt anything

out of the ordinary. My father was out of town on business but my step mother

was still home so I knew i had to behave so i slept until about 7,I got up

around 7:30 and i decided to take one of the pills so i went into the bathroom

to take one. I took it and imetiately i began to feel woozy so i made my way

into the hall and sat down i could hear my stepmother Julie coming up the stairs

so i figured she could help me stand up and get into my bedroom again. Julie was

pretty with short black hair and an olive complection she wasnt short but she

wasnt that tall either. Something was different though the carpet was as tall as

me and the ground shook with each step that julie took toward the top of the

stairs as she rounded the corner i looked up in terror. I saw a huge white sock

clad foot coming down on me i thought i was going to die right there under my

stepmothers toes.

'My New Pills Part 2'

I looked up in terror as julies foot came down on me from far above as i

realized in horror that i had been shrunk. Her foot landed just a couple feet

away from me and realizing i had to get her attention i grabbed on to a fiber of

the white sock. The ride was extremely rough as i held on to my step mothers

sock clad foot for dear life. We reached the bedroom and she disposed of the

sock I was on and the other a second later however the place I was in was not

ideal for passing out but i did,My last vision before passing out was a brown

stocking that cushoned my fall into a deep temporary sleep.

Waking up what must have been almost 12 hours later I felt the low tone

vibration of julies foot falls and i quickly got ontop of the nearest thing to

me which was just what julie was reaching for,it was pair of stockings and as

she picked them up i fell into the toe section. I watched as her foot slowley

decended through the brown fibers until i was directly underneath her big and

first toe it was going to be a long day.

Part 3

The smell was overwhelming. My stepmother slowly picked up a black high heel

pump and brought it up to the stocking foot i was in. I screamed for her not to

do it but she couldent hear me then there was darkness. The smell inside my

stepmothers shoe was incredible strong with nylon and leather. The temperature

inside the pump rose extremely fast as julie made her way downstairs and to her

car. I was temporarily relieved when my step mother got in her car because she

did not always use the foot i was in so the pressure was not bad. After what

seemed like days we finally reached julies work. Still inside her shoe which was

incredibly hot and sticky my stepmother sat behind her desk and began to go to

work on whatever project she had in store that day. After a few hours of having ¿Es malo comer pipas?

her step son(thats me) in her hot stuffy shoe i guess her feet felt hot because

she took off her shoes and began rubbing her nylon clad feet against one another

compleatly unaware that her step son was inside. At the end of the day there was

the same ritual of her going home. Julie made her way up the stairs to her

bedroom and kicked off her shoes and began to take off her nylons. She took them

off and was heading for the hamper I thought that this was it (again) i figured

i would die unoticed inside my step mothers stockings but she stopped and said

'Chris is that you ?!'. I was startled to say the least but even more startled

by the fact that she was smiling a grin i had never seen her smile before. 'You

have been in my smelly stocking all day?' she asked i nodded. She smiled again

and said ' If you thought that was bad,that was only the begining of the

punishment im going to put you through my new little foot slave !'.


Julie turned around and went back into her bedroom with me still inside her

stockings and threw me on the bed. She sat down on the bed next to me and

removed me from her stockings. her enormous hand held me only inches from her

face and then she spoke. 'I got a call from one of your teachers

today,Mr.Alexander said you havent handed in your homework in a month,I think

that deserves a HEAVY punishment'. Yet again that grin came over her face as she

lowered me to the ground and stood up directly above me . I was in awe of how

enormous she was, In fact I was quite scared. Her foot slowly lifted and began

to fall on top of me. I began to run but i wasnt fast enough, Next thing i know

i am pinned under my step mothers barefoot staring up at her and her menacing

grin. I cried out 'Please dont kill me please !'. She laughed and replied'Im not

going to kill you now'. With that she started to apply pressure to the foot that

was holding me against the ground and she boomed from above 'I want you to kiss

every single inch of my foot is that clear little foot slave!!'. I looked up at

her puzzled as to how she could be so cruel but my hesitation only led her to

repeat herself in a louder voice only this time she added something to the end '

If you dont i will smash you into the carpet right here just like the little bug

that you are!!'. She was serious so i nodded. 'good' she replied and with that

her foot came off of me and she picked me up and placed me on the bed. 'Begin

kissing my feet little slave, And I dont want one single inch of my feet to be

ignored. ' You will worship me like the goddess that I am. I began to kiss

julies feet as she lay there and monitored me. After about 10 minuites I had

only done about an inch to her but what was 8 feet to me. Silence broke as she

said 'get used to my feet because you will be around them ALOT from now on.'

Giantess Stories: My New Pills

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