Giantess Stories: My side

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My side:

Summer and I lived a pretty great life...actually we still do, its

just..different now. Things are always different when roles reverse but I'm

getting ahead of myself...I should give some background first. We met, oddly

enough, over the internet 5 or 6 years ago. Both of us sort of searching for

something but not even fully aware of it ourselves. We were both single and our

conversations went great, the fact that we met in a foot fetish room only

heightened the interest for both of us. I had had a foot fetish for some time,

but was never fully comfortable talking about it. With Summer, it was quite

easy...she also happened to have a rather voracious foot fetish herself, a

fetish only heightened by the fact that she has incredibly sexy feet herself!

The relationship started off slowly, we talked on the computer

constantly..slowly letting each other in on our lives...mine as a struggling

writer, her's as a student...and it soon built up to phone calls. The phone

calls, quite frankly, only fueled our relationship and despite the fact that we

lived miles apart, we soon agreed to meet.

Needless to say our initial meeting went great. I, of course, at first was

rather shy..but she looked so cute..all 5'4ft of her and me 6ft (ok I say

6'1..but perhaps I was a shade over 6ft..yes I said WAS, more on that later). We

made quite a pair, walking eventually hand in hand that evening. Our talking

soon led to kissing, which led to foreplay and which led to the first time I

ever felt Summer's incredibly soft and sexy feet. I couldn't believe it, but I

remember so well my fingers literally shaking as they wrapped around her soft

soles. I could hear an audible soft moan escape Summer's lips as I begin to

press my thumbs to her silky soles and pull at her soft toes. With a passion I

had never known before I soon found myself kissing and licking at her feet, her

moans growing louder and her toes spreading all the more invitingly. It was, and

this was before I even took my pants off, one of the most incredibly sexually

charged times of my life. The sex after the foreplay was unbelievably electric,

leaving us both drained, but not before my tongue found its way all over her


Well, following that first could we not meet again?? We did, again

and again much so that I eventually asked her to move in with me.

She hedged somewhat and I further enticed her with marriage. It was a small, but

lovely service and we both couldn't be happier. We tried living in Boston for a

while, but the expense and the sort of culture shock for Summer, a small city

girl, made us both decide that moving north was the thing for us. We found a

place on a quiet but beautiful lake in NH and called it home. At that time, one

of my books was actually picked up and it took much so that money was,

quite frankly, no longer an issue. Life was going along incredibly well, newly

married with a wife who's foot fetish nearly matched mine. Sex around the house

was not hard to come by. Summer could simply wiggle a toe and I'd soon find

myself licking and lapping at her tasty toes. Watching tv, she never failed to

have her barefeet in my fingers kneeding and rubbing her soles even as

her bareheels dug in and felt my growing approval. Summer, even seemed to

tolerate my constant teasing. I mean, she was just so short...and

cute..definitely cute..that I couldn't resist. On her tiptoes..she was lucky to

kiss my chin, a fact I never failed to point out. She would wear heels

occasionally, and oh boy did they show off her feet, but they never really

helped..I mean..she's five feet 4 inches tall! Who knew that someday I might

even consider that...tall??

While our life together was incredible, nothing is all together perfect. I was

doing quite well with book sales and always busy writing another. I was also

asked, on occasion, to do some book readings and tours and this involved travel.

Summer would go with me on occassion but other times stayed home. She was still

trying to find herself in our little NH town..taking some classes but quite

frankly a little bored. I encouraged her to explore the town, seek out new ideas

and adventures, an idea that would soon backfire a bit on me. Summer did in fact

explore our little town. The center of town was filled with little shops, some

nearly as old as the little sleepy town or so it seems. It was in what of these

shops that Summer met Helen. Helen was 82 years old and a lifelong resident of

the town. To say she was a bit eccentric would be putting it mildly. She owned a

shop, well the name says it all Little Shop of Potions. It was filled with books

of incantations, recipes for potions and wiccan mythology. Some in the town say

Helen descended directly from the witches of Salem, MA. I just thought she was

old and unique. Helen immediatly took a liking to Summer..heck, who wouldn't?

They spent time together during my various abscences on book tours and Helen

began to fill Summer's head with the ways of witches. Summer enjoyed Helen's

many stories..not truly believing her but enjoying them just the same. Summer

would often come home filled with stories of witchcraft and magic and I would

immediately ridicule them and laugh them off. Summer laughed along with my

jokes....I never discouraged her from seeing Helen. She did, however, make the

mistake of telling Helen of my attempts at humor at her expense. Helen didn't

exactly take kindly to my humor and Summer soon realized that she should keep

them to herself...sadly, however the damage had been done.

I arrived home early from a book reading one late afternoon and discovered an

empty house. Realizing that Summer was probably in town talking to Helen, I

hopped in my jeep and headed there that fateful afternoon. I had only been in

the store once and forgot just how dark and musty it was as I slowly entered the

shop. Summer and Helen were in the back, Helen regaling her in another of her

tales from the crypt as I called them. I smiled as I passed through the curtains

and into the backroom...Helen's steely gaze up into my eyes more than a bit

disconcerting. 'Mark!' Summer shouted and leapt to her feet giving me a warm and

tight welcome home embrace. I explained to her how I got home early and gave her

that knowing look that said lets go back to the cottage and know.

Summer smiled and politely told Helen we were leaving. Helen soon rose and I was

amazed to discover that she was shorter than even Summer..maybe 4'11 or so. I

smiled and...oh boy, me and my big mouth..offhandidly said basically that no

wonder Summer liked hanging around with Helen and listening to her stories..she

was the only person shorter than her! Summer and I both laughed but sort of

uneasily as Helen stared up at me. I nodded and we turned to leave..hearing

Helen utter something unintelligable to us as our backs were to her. We turned

quickly and Summer asked Helen what she just said. Helen nodded and smiled up at

me...chilling me with her smile...'I just wished you both happiness and

fullfillment...3 fold a day.' I smiled uneasily and tugged at Summer's

arm...even I was a bit nervous now.

We went home and had an incredible night of lovemaking.....our bodies becoming

one..her sexy legs wrapping around mine...toes dancing on my back. We were both

panting with exhaustion and our third go round of the evening and soon drifted

off to sleep....Summer quite peacefully and me...sort of lost in strange

thoughts, my head clouded with strange visions...not the least of which were

visions of Helen!

Day 1:

I break my tale up into days now because, basically, each day brings about a new

adventure in my life. Those fateful words of Helen always ringing in my ears...3

fold a day! Why, you ask, do I feel this way. Well, to put it simply..I awoke

that first morning, feeling a bit tired from a restless night of sleep, to

discover my pajama bottoms to be a bit ill fitting. It wouldn't dawn on my as to

why until a few inches..I mean days later. I had no idea at the time that I

awoke that morning and was 5'9 inches tall....or more to the point...3 inches

shorter! To further pound the point home...3 fold a day...3 inches a day!!!

Her side:

Dear journal... what a strange day.. for and my bright

ideas..helping Helen to reorganize the shop turned into a much larger project

than I'd originally thought, Of course I wont tell Mark that so I can spare

myself the knowing look and the 'i told you so' or something like 'of course

it's bigger than you..everything is' .he thinks he's so funny.. ..Today the most

unusual thing happened to high on a bookshelf in the back room of the was red leather bound with gilded pages..very ornate..and apparently

has been there forever...the dust on it was an inch thick...I was blowing the

dust off the jacket & read the title when i heard the familiar tinkle of the

bells hanging from the heavy old front door followed by the familiar sound of

Marks voice Immediately bringing a smile to my face i put the book back down and

decended from the ladder and made my way thru the seemingly growing mess around

me..when I saw Mark I couldn't wait to get out of there and home as fast as

politely possible...The part that confuses me is the book.. I found on the shelf

and the words I heard Helen say to Mark and I as we were leaving..causing me to

pause ..'Happiness threefold'..i mean why would she say that?..and she couldnt

have known that the book I'd been holding moments before was a book with at very

title..could she?..I didn't dare say anything to Mark and subject myself to his

taunting about Helen and her hocus -pocus-mumbo-jumbo...whatever..I mean that is

all it is...isn't it?...

sighing and closing the journal and placing the book and pen on the nightstand

and turning off the reading lamp...while looking over at him sleeping so

peacefully wishing i could do the same...curling up close..although i bet if i

wake him nicely enough he'll help me..placing my leg over his my small foot

rubbing his big strong leg making him stir a little and wrap his arm around me

and draw me closer with a small deep moan... a comforting sound in my ear

immediately making every nerve ending in my body tingle..a small moan escaping

from me in response ..feeling so small in his arms in the dark..breathing in his

soft warm scent as i kiss and suck on his sweet flesh...little butterflies in my

stomach as i see his masculine outline in the dark as he brings me into his own

shadow feeling very aware of his size as he moves over me...

My side:

I awoke restfully...something about a night full of sex always puts me at ease,

and I'm sure its not just me. I was still naked when I climbed out of bed and

eased my way gingerly into the bathroom for some morning business. After I

finished my business I leaned over the sink, splashing cool water on my tired

face. As I stood to face the mirror, I couldn't shake that strange feeling that

everything seemed just a bit off..and not just from yesterday but more so even.

I studied my reflection in the mirror, more sure than ever that I was

different..and worse off, smaller I feared!

I grabbed my robe, which hung curiously low..although not as low as maybe I

initially feared when putting it on, and made my way to the bureau...stopping

along the way to gently kiss Summer's slumbering face and gently grasp her

barefoot which hung outside the covers and slightly off the bed. I figured that

a cup of coffee was in order and perhaps I'd make a trip to the store as well

for a paper, it being the weekend and need to wake up Summer. As I

fished for my wallet on top of the accidentally dropped to the

floor..spilling some of its contents out as well. It was then that I noticed

what I considered to be the day's first shocking development. One of the items

that lay strewn on the carpet was my license. Now normally, I would have simply

grabbed the license and shoved it back in my wallet. But after yesterday's

strange occurrence with the change in stats on the license, I decided to sneak a

peak at it. I was stunned to read as I glanced at height...5'6!! 5'6?! I

shuddered quietly to myself, not wishing to wake up Summer. But..but this is

impossible I thought..and I slammed the license back in the wallet before

grabbing a pair of jeans and a tshirt. I needed to get away, come back when my

head was cleared...the drive to the corner store would do me good. Would Summer

notice any differences when she awoke from her night's sleep?? I cringed as I

slid on my fairly loose jeans...


Her Side:Mark..look for says 5'6 ?!

how can that be?..marching over and holding out his license for him to

take...standing next to him now eyes widening with the realization that it can

indeed be true..gulp..umm..let me get a tape measure she says while holding up

her hand turning all in one move..shaking her head and in total denial..rustling

through drawers searching..trying to think of any other explanation than knowing

that this had to do with Helen and the words she uttered that

be..dismissing the thought i found it!..holding up tape, pausing and

hesitantly walking back over ..standing face to face now..nearly eye to

eye..knowing there was no need to measure but going through the motions hoping

there was some kind of mistake..only to find..there was, indeed...Mark?..face

going pale..umm..

his own face growing paler and eyes getting wider just from the look on

hers..'what?..what is it?,..what does it say?...'..while trying to rationalize

all this she quietly asks..'what time is it?'..'huh?..time..'.glancing at watch

and wondering why she's asking for the time NOW??...'It's about 5 after

9....why?' he says frustrated. after a few seconds of what felt more like hours

..'helloooo... Summer??..what did it say???' he asked, an attempt at bringing

her back to reality...she snaps out of it and says..'Mark , honey...because

you're just under 5'4'....' the deafening silence broken by the sound of the

phone ringing..neither able to say a word or move til about the 4th ring..'Hello..?'

Summers voice just a tad shaky trailing off in the backround as she's

unwittingly drawn into a conversation with the unknown caller....

Mark staring down now at the license in his hand in utter astonishment as he

sits slowly on the bed and reads the numbers over and over ...5'4'..

My Side:

The numbers ringing in my ears....5'4??? Under 5'4 even! Had it been another 24

hours....was this on some sort of timetable??! It wouldn't take a genius to

figure out that I was shrinking roughly three inches every 24 hours...3 INCHES!!

And yet, the world went on license changed to adapt to my new clothes even seemed to conform to me eventually...what kind of strange

trip was I on?! I stood there studying the license...I really didn't look any

different in the picture..perhaps they lowered the camera to accomodate my

size....MY SIZE?? what am I talking about..I was 6'1 when they took this picture

dammit! I don't care what it says!! I gulped down a sip of coffee in can you be rationale when you are shrinking at a pace of 3

inches a day!!

Summer talked in a hushed tone on the phone..who was she talking to? And weren't

there umm..pardon the expression..BIGGER things to worry about than whomever was

boring her with their life's events on the phone at the moment. It was probably

her sister..oh wouldn't she chuckle seeing me like this..would she even notice?!

I grabbed Summer's arm as she was quite disheartening to be looking

her in the eyes as I did..actually...I wasn't sure since I had shoes on..but she

might have been just a hair taller than me now..but I wasn't going to

quibble..hope she stays barefoot all day. 'Is that your sister...if it is..ask

HER how tall she thinks I am!' I said in a panic as Summer shooshed me away.

Clearly it wasn't her sister, but whoever it was.....she was clearly giving

Summer something to think about on the phone. She hung the phone up with almost

a bemused smirk on her face...and I sensed that she was about to tell me

something that was going to rock my world.


I sat there on the edge of the bed...5'4?? a

shade under?! Oh good God, I'm so glad I have my workboots on with these

jeans..and thank God they fit. This is so strange..why do I KNOW that I was

taller yet everything around me indicates otherwise, well except Summer. She was

definitely aware that I was much taller and I could see her processing the

information in her head..5'4...was I shorter than her?! To make matters worse, I

had forgotten completely about a book signing I was doing that day! I would have

considered bailing on it, but the book was just taking off..and apparently, no

one was aware of my umm problem anyway.

I worked my way into the bathroom to shave..studying my image in the mirror.

Oddly enough, I seemed the same...features the same, same hair..same eyes..just

not the same height. I splashed the warm water on my face and toweled

off...making my way over to my closet. Summer sat on the bed sipping her coffee

watching me as I picked out a shirt and tie for the day's events. I stood there

amazed....a shirt I've had for some time, fit me nearly perfectly, maybe just a

bit though it hadn't quite caught up to my new height. As I slid on

my tie, I could feel Summer's eyes on me...wondering what she was thinking..I

turned to look at her, sitting on the bed...breaking the tension, 'How do I

look?' Summer motioned me closer to the bed..kneeling on the edge of the

bed..she adjusted my tie 'Very very nice' she said as she straightened my tie.

She seemed to read my mind as I looked down at the cuffs, surprised at how well

they hung on my wrists...'I don't..I don't get it' I could see the look on her

face and the worry in her voice, neither of us got it and it was frightening.

Why were we the only ones who knew the truth? I sat down on the bed, sliding my

pants on...they were a tad loose, but otherwise comfortable. Summer then,

sensing my uneasiness tried to sound comforting 'well...maybe it'll stop

now...or at least maybe..slow down?' I wasn't convinced as I kissed her softly

and then stood up to show her how they fit. Summer sat shaking my head in

amazement..leaning on her arm legs crossed, 'yeah they sure do' Sliding on a

pair of shoes...picking the pair with a bit of a heel..I look back, catching

Summer staring..legs crossed..her slipper ready to fall from your foot. Unable

to prevent a small giggle noticing the shoes and knowing full well why I chose

them, Summer smiled and said'...umm..think thats gonna help?' Walking over and

standing by the bed, a bit taken aback by the giggle, 'what do you mean?'

'oh come on honey..those shoes..trying to make yourself look taller' she said

grinning, then turning and jumping from the bed, she chased after the dog who

had one of her shoes. I shuttered as I watched her run off, slipper flipping off

of her foot as she did, was she my size...or worse?? I stood frozen, waiting for

her to return.

Walking up behind me quietly..hmm..'quite well in fact dear'..noticing how

nicely my pants are fitting..and kissing my neck..her soft barefeet never having

to leave the floor. I turned to face her, and noticed her eyes widening and a

slight grin come across her face as she tried to size me up.

'wow honey..we're the same size now..' she smiled looking me over. Trying to

stand up on my toes a bit I looked at her a bit annoyed...'umm don't sound so


' not..its just..different?'..she said, leaning and kissing me full on

the lips..'oh! and i almost forgot, she moved about geting her things ready,

..dont forget about tonight...and im wearing this'..she whipped around with a

red dress and holding her ankle strapped red high heels!

Looking at her sexy dress..then my eyes focus on the strappy many

inches are those..I wonder....'What..whats tonight??'

'oh know full well ...rolling hereyes and hanging the dress back in

the closet.

'umm no I really dont'..looking over at Summer..still holding the heels in her

hands and smiling, mentioning to me that she hadn't worn them in a while. I just

nodded, eyes focused on the heels.

Slipping into the shoes..and standing near me, Summer looked in the mirror at

us..peering right over my head..biting her lips so as not to laugh..hmm...'I

know you'd like to party?..'

'oh no..not her!' turning to protest..I stop eyes only level

with..Summer's mouth!

'yes..her!..hands on her hips..and giggling a bit..and youre going' she smiled

playfully down at me.

'what am I gonna wear?? and why are you laughing'..painfully having to look UP

at Summer for the first time in my life!

'well...since when has what youre wearing ever been an issue..your clothes for

whatever reason seem to be fitting'...she leaned over

kissing my forehead and started to bend to unstrap her shoe..'gee honey..why

dont you give me a hand here..turning ankle and placing her hand on my shoulder.

Feling even smaller as she did this..I bend slightly to meet her shoe..undoing

the strap carefully..watching the shoe loosen from her pretty foot.

Stepping out of one heel..she instantly offered me the other..watching

me..noticing how much smaller my hands are already. Slipping off her other

heel..glad that She is barefoot but as she steps down..not feeling that much

better about it. Standing nice and tall and smiling wide..thank you

honey..looking at me eye to eye now.

The tension was there, well at least for me, so I finally blurted out, 'well..just

say it, I'm still shrinking!'

'well ...siiiigh..i suppose you must be..but i wonder ..for how long?..and how

much..i mean has to stop...right??' she smiled comfortingly..but I wasn't


'well I mean..well we think I am..But..but everything..everyone else..doesn't

seem phased. Honey..tell tall was I to you??'...looking at Summer as she

stood trying to remember.

'well i know the last time i wore those..motioning to discarded heels that i Egipto: El Festival del Sol enciende el templo de Abu Simbel

still needed them to kiss you without stretching.'

I shook my head, 'Now I need to stretch when you wear them!'

She sighed, '..I'm afraid so..'

I took a stab in the dark to maintain some of my dignity, 'Well, maybe you can

wear flats tonight??'

She started to laugh, 'oh no honey..i dont think so..picking up the red shoes

that go absolutely perfect with her red dress...shaking her head and'

She went on, 'and besides..what are you so worried ones even noticed


It was easy for her to say and I pressed on with my protests, 'You DO! I saw you

giggle when you put those straps on..I'm just glad you aren't wearing your 4

inch pumps!'

' could I not?..and dont be silly..they dont match.' she laughed again,

making me feel small.

Noticing her toes wiggling and spreading as we talk..a sure sign that Summer was

fully enjoying this conversation, 'what is possibly sooooooo funny??'

'Ohh honey..dont be so sore..its being the same size for

now..and ive at least got a chance at footsies..giggling, she poked

her toe under my pantleg tickling my ankle.

Her toe, so warm and inviting..but I'm warmed up now...'footsie?? honey, by

tomorrow..I could be..could be, choking on the words, smaller than you!' Saying

this..looking down at her bare feet..wondering if they are as big as my own


'Well..I'm not so worried..I'm certain it cant possibly be permanent or

anything...soooo..shrugging and smirking. I was floored by her lack of

concern..what did she know that I didn't??

'yeah well two days ago I didn't think PEOPLE what if this IS

permanent?!' I stood there as she smirked at me.

I could see her mind racing, wondering of the possibilities..can it..can it

really?..Finally, she spoke 'well..i guess there'd be some big ..oops pardon

me..she giggled, ..changes around here then huh?..hmm..guess for one you wont be

calling me shortstuff anymore huh?'

Eyes widening..'oh wouldn't hold..hold that against me..would you??' I

looked at her wondering what life would be like as the shortest person in the

house...cringing slightly.

'Since when have i ever been one to ..hold things over your head?'..cracking

herself up with her own little jokes. Cringing..watching Summer standing on her

tippytoes..imagining the possibilities in the immediate future..smiling.

I quickly got my things together..heading for the car..calling back to her to

remember to take a cab to the party, that I'd meet her there, figuring the book

signing would run late..and dreading how tall she'd look, although beautiful, in

those heels!

I got out of the book signing rather late...and

hurried home to change, finding a nice pair of slacks and a buttoned down shirt

to wear. I made my way, begrudgingly over to the was in a hall that

Helen rented was sort of a pre-holiday party...before her favorite

holiday..Halloween, there's a shocker! I was impressed that this little, well

not so little I suppose anymore, old lady had the wherewithall to rent out this

place but hell, we were in NH so it probably wasn't all that expensive. I

spotted Summer from across the room, how could you miss her with those eyes?? I

made my way over, careful not to draw attention to myself and was greeted with

her lovely smile. Immediatly I bent down to kiss her in her seat, exchanging

pleasantries with some of the other people at the table and offering to buy

drinks, anything to keep her seated. I returned to the table with drinks and

started to exchange small talk with Summer and the rest of the table. Even

though I was incredibly self conscious over my new size, no one else paid it any

attention. I would have to start getting used to this fact.

Summer was enjoying the night out...having downed a few glasses of wine before I

got there and now enjoying her tequila much so that I went up a few

minutes later to get her a margarita. I was nursing a beer, hell..who knew what

my tolerance was at this point of us had to drive home. It was an

uneventful evening...people seemed to breeze around me like it was no big deal.

Granted, I didn't really stand up most of the evening but if you had known me at

all..I didn't look like my old self sitting there..sort of swallowed up by the

chair. But alas, only Summer and I seemed to notice anything..or at least thats

what we thought. I spent the next day avoiding standing near Summer..I worked

most of the day up in my office and then had another signing that night. Summer

kept herself busy, making another visit to Helen that afternoon and wasn't home

when I went to the signing. By the time I made it back home, she was already

sleeping. I slid into bed and nodded off..thoughts of lost inches dancing in my

confused head.

I woke up before Summer the next morning..she slept so peacefully, I kissed her

on the forehead and crept into the kitchen to make her coffee. When I came back

in, Summer was sitting up in bed smiling at me. I handed her the hot cup of

coffee...sure not to have her get up for any reason and sat by my desk chair

chatting her up. Soon, the subject of Helen came up. We talked about the other

night's party and I innocently pointed out, 'She's an inquisitive

little..err..well lady.'

Summer just nodded, 'yeah so...does that bother you?'

I was sort of surprised by her answer and responded, 'well she seemed obsessed

with me at the party the other night.' Summer apparently didn't notice it and

asked me why I thought that.

'Well, she stood over my chair much of the evening and asked me how I felt a

dozen times or so' I said, looking a bit flustered. Summer seemed surprised by

my answer and I just shook my head, somewhere inside me wondering if Helen knew

more of my plight than either of us imagined. As I talked, I fidgeted in my

seat....wondering when or if Summer would ask me to stand, knowing she was

curious about my had been 2 days since we checked! I watched as she

stretched in bed her toes spreading under the covers. Might be me, but even

looking at her sitting up in bed she seemed taller than me. Then I thought to

myself, be positve..maybe the shrinking has at least stopped, although in my

heart and mind I knew this not to be true.

I actually found myself somewhat nervous and uptight around Summer, mumbling

'Did you finish that coffee?' as she sat in bed, herself studying me somewhat.

'yep..and ready for more..think i'll get it now..' she stood to rise and I

quickly sprang from my chair trying to intercept her and get the cup for her

myself, telling her not to bother.

'Mark..dont be silly' she chuckled and started to rise. Getting to the bedside

just as she started to no man's land..unable to hide as she stood to

her full height. Looking UP at her..eyes wide and mouth slightly

Summer looked down in amazement, standing at her full height. The top of my head

barely reached her slightly open and slightly grinning mouth! I stood silently,

waiting for her to say something...anything!

Look at you! Summer finally said, her face shocked.

'Now I'm afraid to let you out of my sight' she said looking down at me.

'Well, measure me..and quit smirking' I said looking up at her.

Summer motioned for me to get the tape. I returned shortly with it, flipping it

to her and standing against the wall. The mark from days earlier far above my

head now as I stood silently waiting for the verdict.

'oh boy..arms folded shakinghead...doesnt look good ...' Summer looked down at

my with sympathy.

'Well??!! don't leave me tall?!' I said, frustrated and scared.

Summer blew her bangs up..look..showing me the tape ....'you mean how short.'

I shouted '4ft 9 inches?! this can't be!'

Standing silently...SEVEN inches shorter than Summer now..waiting for her to

come back, having stepped away to get the phone, hearing her barefeet slap

against the hardwood floor...SEVEN inches! I was now as short to her as she had

been to me, in what seemed like ages ago now. What the hell was happening to

me?! And better yet, how could I stop it?!

Summer broke the silence again, 'wow..4' 9'..gee..thats what i was in ...6th

grade.' She sort of chuckled which wasn't much help, but I suppose I could see

where she was coming from. I had lost over a foot in less than a week. I fumbled

with and dug my license out of my wallet..seeing the numbers I knew I'd dread

and held them up for Summer to see...4'9 right on the license.

'what you think i read it wrong..look it says 4'9' right here..its not me. And

look at you for GODS sake!'

Her words rang true, but there had to be an explanation. How was it that I was

shrinking 3 inches a day and yet, no one seemed to notice?? I finally spoke

these fears to Summer, 'Don't I know it! I'm shrinking 3 inches a day..its..its

like VOODOO or something..everything and everyone seems oblivious but you!'

Summer seemed to flinch at the word...voodoo..her mind seemingly racing.

I let thoughts of voodoo and black magic subside as we started a new day, a day

that found me all of 4'9..with no stop of the shrinking in site!....


I awoke slowly and wearily on day 7..hell I was

marking the days now too. Its not like everyday, well except for me I suppose,

that a man randomly starts shrinking 3 inches and the rest of the world goes on

obliviously. I stumbled out of bed, my pajamas scraping the floor slightly....I

noticed that it seemed to take them, by them I mean my clothes, a bit longer

than my body to catch up to the new size. I splashed some water on my face,

brushed my teeth and started a pot of coffee for Summer. Slowly making my way

back into the kitchen, I began nudging Summer's shoulders as she slept in bed.

'are you UP yet..geesh!' I couldn't help it, I needed to know. The knowing

became like a drug for me..I needed my daily fix of size updates but I wasn't

satisfied with looking at my license..I needed physical proof. Summer finally

started to wake up..smiling and giving me a 'good morning dear'...I could

actually see from the look in her bleary eyes that I must look smaller. Hell, I

was barely leaning over the bed at this point to wake her. Summer sat up in bed

as I handed her her morning coffee. She smiled, placing her coffee down and got

up to hug me good morning...which would be a further revelation of my

diminishing size. Summer's barefeet dug into the carpet as she slowly rose to

her fullheight.

'Oh my..feeling as though Im towering over you!..Summer

looked down at me, my head well below her shoulders now, she couldn't help but

stifle a giggle as my face redenned.

'Wow..this is're so ..oh...nevermind'..she wrapped her arms around

me..really around me..enveloping me ..nearly mushing me against her breasts.

I looked up at her after she broke the embrace, 'I'm what??'

Summer smiled, 'Short of course honey..its not big secret now. Well, at least to


'umm yeah, I'm 4'3 so I guess I am short!' I looked up at her, frustrated.

I was at my wits end...the doctors thought I was fine, our friends didn't give

me a second was only us, or at least as far as we knew. I finally broke

the silence in the room, 'Are we gonna try and guess why the hell I'm 4'3 or


Summer seemed nonplussed, ' sure..I guess.'

'That's it? guess..geesh, thanks for the support..craning neck up.

Summer smiled, she was only kidding..but I could have used a tad more serious

approach. She asked me if I had any theories but I threw the question back at

her, what did SHE think?? 'Am I crazy?' I asked..wondering if it was just me. '

i am too..i mean..look at us..??' Summer said, a hand on my shoulder looking

down now with concern.

'How tall was I when you met me??' looking up..completely nervous, I needed to

know hear the answer from her even though I thought I knew it.

' were'..holding hand way above my head. Looking down..seeing

Summer completely on tip toes...'well, what..what is happening to me??!' I said,

arms extended. 'hmmm'...picking up her empty coffee cup..'I need more coffee

honey'..kissing the top of my head and walking past me. Pulling up my pajama

bottoms..they slowly start to fit my new size..I watch Summer walk eyes

catching glimpses of her soft soles as they up turn as she walked...following

her into the kitchen.....'Well, what is happening to me??'

'Well..pouring coffee...youre shrinking'...taking a sip and looking at me. I

notice Summer's eyes glancing down my body..taking me in..everything so small

now..I hide my feet inside my pajamas..bit embarrassed standing so small in

front of her. Walking closer...looking up, she lifts her hand to measure me in

relation to herself..nearly spitting up her coffee.

Summer, of course, had no real answers. No one did..well no one consisting of

her or I since we were the only ones that were even aware that I was shrinking!

The rest of the world just looked at me as though nothing changed..that Summer

somehow had a thing for extremely short guys. No matter how small I got, and I

was getting short, no one gave me a second glance that knew me...ok, strangers

did stare on occasion and their kids..which was incredibly humiliating and would

soon limit my outside appearances. We had better come up with an answer soon I Summer playfully layed her elbow on my head, sipping her coffee and

giggling. Oh this was going to be a long journey!


Another two days past..and with it, another 6

inches. Summer was becoming increasingly accustomed to my height loss and was

less and less fazed by it everyday. This morning was a perfect example. She was

standing in the kitchen pouring herself a cup of coffee when i made my way in

behind her...apparently incredibly light on my feet these days.

'Hi honey...what are you doing?' looking up at her from behind.

Summer turned looking straight ahead..then made her gaze down towards me, 'huh.wha...oh

..there you are' she face reddening.

' ahh..umm..tall? you now???' she said smiling, measuring me

with her eyes. I explained to her that she knew good and well how tall I was

since she dragged me out of bed first thing this morning and made the horrible

announcement....3feet 1 inch!

'I can't believe I keep shrinking..this is ridiculous!' I said, frustrated..not

really talking to anyone in particular.

'well cut that out!' a big smile forming on her face.

'Yes, thanks honey..why hadn't I thought of that..I should have just cut it out

after the first 6 or so inches..what was I thinking?!

Soon the subject changed to this Thursday's upcoming Halloween party..not

surprisingly at Helen the witch's (my pet name for her) house.

' are we still going to the halloween ball? what did you get me for a costume??'

looking up, knowing that we were and fearing what she dreamed up for a costume

for me.

Summer looked down thoughtfully, 'Well I know what I'm going to

i can wear glass slippers...really high ones'

' and who will I be..a 3ft Prince Charming?!' hands on my hips

I continued on..'I think I like the 50ft woman better..tattered dress

barefoot..then I can go as a normal sized man!'

' certainly sounds more comfortable' Summer said, thinking over the idea. Then

she continued her brainstorming, ' could get some stilts and go as

uncle sam.' her laughter filling the room.

Oddly, the idea was somewhat appealing to me, ' you know..thats not a bad

idea..maybe a pair of three foot stilts. I'll lean on'll be like old head taller than you'

Summer smiled ' hey youd better start practicing'.

Looking up and then down her long smooth legs, nearly at a loss for words, I

mustered a ' yes dear..'

I sat at the kitchen table..well struggled to actually, I still refused any

booster seats or anything so at my size, my eyes barely made it over the table

top. 'The party is Thursday..two nights from now..hmm..thats another 6

inches...or 2'7..exactly half your height!' The thought sent a chill down my

spine, not helped when Summer mentioned that perhaps I would need bigger stilts.

When would this madness end...2ft..1ft...1inch...not at all??! The prospect was

incredibly frightening.

Summer had suggested perhaps there were support groups I could go not for

shrinking but perhaps a little people of america chapter near us. I didn't go

for the idea, first of all we lived in a small town and secondly, how

humiliating to go to a meeting and see them all eye to eye one day..and two days

later, be shoulder height to most of em! Summer sort of smiled as I explained

all of this to her and then said, rather nostalgically, ' hmm..remember when i

was shoulder height to YOU'

I smiled meakly back up at her, 'You used to look so tiny in your

barefeet..greeting me at the door.

' yeah i miss that..dont you?..the door greeting.' she said, almost longingly.

' umm yeah well you still greet me at the door.' I said almost convincing myself

it was even anywhere near the same.

'umm..yeah' Summer said halfheartedly

I looked up knowing the answer but asking anyway, ' is it not the same?'

Summer shook her head ' hardly..'

I pressed on, not even sure why but needing to hear it from her, ' Its still me'

'Just less of you now. ' she responded, sighing. I sighed myself, I knew she was

right..who was I kidding? I mean, I was 6ft..then 5..and now..3ft...who knows

when this would end..I might end up in the palm of her hand before too long! I

just sat there with my thoughts, sipping my oversized glass of water.

Later that day, Summer sort of teased me a bit about my size again. She was

dressed quite lovely..she had just showered after a workout and was in pale

yellow pajama tops and bottoms and a silk white robe. Her feet were bare and she

wiggled them playfully as she talked, knowingly driving me crazy. After one joke

too many..I asked her to stop and she seemed genuinely sorry and said, '

sorry..think youd be used to it by now.' I just shook my head, explaining that

you never quite get used to a 5'4 woman towering over you..and more and more

each day. ' She sort of smiled and responded with an interesting comment, ' good

thing you have me tho huh? I mean, to take care of you.' I was, for some reason,

miffed by this response and my face sort of crinkled as I looked up and said,

'Take care of me?? I'm..I'm not an infant you know!' Summer seemed nonplussed as

she looked down at me, almost assessing the situation. ' No..but you must admit

its getting harder and harder to do certain things.' Now I should have let it go

at that, but as Summer crossed her legs, wiggling her toes slightly, I decided

to press forward, 'Give me examples of things I can't do?'

Summer thought a second and then responded, 'Well...driving for one.' Always one

to try and win an argument I quickly responded that there were certainly taxis I

could take. Summer smiled, enjoying the thrill of the battle and continued, '

ahh ok.. and

I spose you'll be ordering out then right? feeding the cats..there ya go.. She

smiled down at me, a sore subject, the cats were getting more and more difficult

to handle and a bit frightening. But I would not be deterred, 'Well, I just need

to put their food in a lower spot for me to reach better, I can still feed

them.' Summer seemed amused and nodded her head.

'As you can see, I'm pretty self sufficient.' I stood craning my neck up at her,

triumphantly. Summer just giggled and mumbled under her breath, 'for now..'

She then decided to have some fun, 'come rub my shoulder'

I looked up at the impossible task, 'Does it look like I can reach your


'You can say that again!' she started to I mumbled something about her

being a wiseass.

She started to playfully spread her toes in front of me..knowing it was driving

me nuts..her toes spread now to lengths i never imagined...turning me on even as

I stood humbly..2ft below her. I absentmindedly ran my small foot over one of

her giant sexy small toes slipping in between her huge spreading

toes..rather easily. I couldn't help but get aroused and Summer knew it..smiling

to herself above me as she watched me run my tiny foot over her's.

'You better be careful with these big feet hon..and make sure I dont' run you

over.' She said, with a slight chuckle.

I quickly responded, 'I always keep an eye out for them.'

She smiled, 'I bet you do.'

Summer then seemed to see if she could push the envelope a bit..'I really don't

feel so good..just sort of blah..' she said while looking down at me with a

strange look in her eyes.

I reached out and gently started to rub her leg. She looked down and said

softly, 'thanks hon' Her response was far from resounding and I asked if my leg

rub was less than its usual effective self. She said thoughtfully, ' not as

much..but the sentiment still is just as warming dear.' She meant well by it,

but it made me feel even smaller. I was deteremined not to let my height affect

my ability to please her and chided her to lay on the couch and let me try it

some more. I cracked my knuckles..trying to look convincing as Summer looked

down skeptically. ' Why'd you have to be so cute?' she patted my head, making me

feel smaller.

I looked over at the couch, 'Just stretch out on the couch and leave me a little

room to sit.'

' You can have all the room ya need..not like its much..she laughed heartely as

I watched her lay on the couch. I made my way over, climbing up onto the end of

the couch, appreciating just how much leg I had to massage. I reached out to

gently touch smooth to the touch, Summer always shaving them so

smoothly. We spent the afternoon like rubbing her long legs and

feet..both watching silly movies, for the moment forgetting our troubles. Summer

even pressed her soft soles to my face a few times..knowing how much I enjoyed

that. It really would have been a perfect afternoon...accept for the fact that

I'm THREE FOOT ONE INCHES TALL!! Oh, what will the future hold??

To Be Continued....

Giantess Stories: My side

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