Giantess Stories: My Tale

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My Tale…

by Gwarrior07

It all started in the summer of 2000. I was single

and desperately seeking a girlfriend. My best friend

was involved in a serious relationship and he wanted

me to get involved in a relationship too. Twice before

he had introduced me to different girls, and both

times the evening ended in disaster. So when he told

me that I was going to go out with him, his

girlfriend, and her best friend, I was very skeptical.

I thought the night was just going to be another

‘setup' that goes nowhere. But as write this, I wish I

had been right.

Her name was Heather. She had red hair, green eyes,

and a petite body with all the right curves. We hit it

off instantly. Heather had a great sense of humor and

was super easy to talk to. She was very intelligent

and extremely beautiful! It was a fantastic night. I

immediately began to think that she would be the one!

The next evening, I made the most fatal mistake of my

life! I decided to visit Heather at her work and ask

her out. Heather was thrilled to see me! We talked for

a while and eventually made a date. The first date

became a second date and so on. Eventually we became a

couple and started to see each other all the time. The

only problem with Heather was that she believed she

was a feminist and therefore did not want to ‘make

out' or mess around. This bothered me because I was a

horny 20-year old kid, but I thought that I loved her

so much that I simply ignored it. I should have known.

The first six weeks we dated things went great! We

went to museums, the movies, the zoo, on carriage

rides… we did everything two people under the age of

21 could do together. Everyday I saw her I fell more

in love with her. Finally I decided to tell Heather

about my little dark secret, my foot fetish. I told

Heather about my fetish and she looked disgusted. She

informed me that she was the wrong girl to be going

out with if I was into ‘that kinda stuff'. Heather

told me that I would 'never get near her feet'. I was

crushed, but I loved her so much that I chose to

ignore it.   

The next three weeks was really tough on our

relationship. The fact that she would not kiss me and

could not except my fetish put a tremendous strain on

our relationship. Eventually September came around and

Heather returned to school in Washington D.C. We kept

in touch but I needed to see her, be with her. I began

to pressure her to let me visit. Heather finally gave

in and told me to come down for the entire weekend. I

was so happy! I was going to see the girl I loved and

be with her for a whole weekend. I was convinced that

the time apart would help heal our relationship. If

only I had not gone to see her, I would be a man

today, not a bug. If only …  

Finally the day came when I was to visit Heather. I

rode the train for the three hour trip from Philly to

Washington DC.  If I would have known that this was

going to be my last three hours as a normal human I

would have done something better then just listen to a

few CD's and read the ‘sports' section.

Well, when I finally got to Washington D.C. I found

Heather sitting in the train station waiting for me.

She greeted me with a slight smile and a ‘follow me'.

I was so happy to see her that I ignored the rather

cold reception I received. When we got back to her

room I was informed that I was going to be attending a

party with her friends that night.  She then proceeded

to tell me that I was also going to meet her best

friend in Washington, Iia. I told her that I looked

forward to meeting her friend. Heather shook her head

told me that I should NOT look forward to meeting her.

She explained to me that Iia hated ALL men, especially

ones that pressured girls into doing things they

didn't want to do. I just looked at Heather as she

smirked back at me.

After I unpacked my few possessions, I prepared myself

to meet Iia. I didn't have to wait long. Iia showed up

about an hour before we were to leave for the party.

Iia was a young oriental woman about two years older

than me (22). She was pretty much an average girl.

Nothing special about her except the way she looked at

me. She had a scary look in her eyes, the kind that

peers through you. Something about her made me

extremely uncomfortable.

I foolishly ignored my feelings and approached Iia to

say ‘Hi'. She looked at me and asked Heather if ‘He

was the asshole?' Heather said ‘Yeah' and laughed. Iia

looked at me for a second then replied to Heather.

“He's cute, but still an asshole.”

For the next hour, I sat quietly and listened to

Heather and Iia gossip about everybody they knew while

insuring to get their shots in on me. They both felt

the need to point out every fault I had, physical and

socially. Needless to say, by the time I made it to

the party I was fuming! I was so pissed at Heather and

her bitch friend Iia that I could have killed someone.

I should have gone home then and there, but I was just

too stupid! Anyway, I got to the party and decided to

drink myself calm before I said or did something I

would regret. Five beers, two ciders, and a rum and

coke later I was leaving the party with Heather.

Heather didn't say a word to me the whole way back to

her apartment. When we got into her apartment, I

confronted Heather about what her and Iia were saying

about me. Heather told me that they were only speaking

the truth and that I was a petty, selfish, lazy little

man. I told her that she was crazy and that I wished I

had never come down to visit her. She just looked at

me and left the room slamming the door behind her. I,

too drunk to chase her or to even care, flopped onto

the bed and passed out.

When I awoke the next morning my life was changed

forever.  I found myself on a cold, hard surface. I

sprung up to notice that I was in a giant room! It

looked just like Heather's kitchen! I sat paralyzed

with fear. What had happened to me?!? I was to soon

find out. Seconds after I woke up Heather walked into

the kitchen. She must have been 200 feet tall!! I was

horrified. My heart raced as Heather bent over to look

at me with a huge smile on her face. Her eyes, each

the size of huge beach balls, looked me over with

chilling thoroughness. She then said.

“Morning Ed. Glad to see ya awake and ready for the

rest of your little life!”

I'll never forget those words.

The life that I had lead for twenty years was now

over. I was now two and half inches tall. Nothing,

NOTHING could have prepared me for what was to come. 

After greeting me, Heather prepared herself breakfast

acting as if nothing was wrong. She took some eggs,

butter, and orange juice out of the refrigerator. She

completely ignored me. I sat on the counter,

motionless, still in shock from what was happening to

me. Heather started to cook her eggs when she paused.

“You know,” Heather said to me, “these eggs seem so

plain. I think I need to add something to them…” Her

eyes turned on me, “maybe some meat!”

My heart stopped as Heather eyed me up with a wicked

smile on her face. She scrambled her eggs a bit then


“Yes, it defiantly needs some meat.”

Before I could act Heather grabbed me and placed me on

her cutting board. Holding me with her left hand,

Heather reached into a drawer. I struggled in vain to

escape her grasp as I watched her pull a knife out of

the drawer.

“I think I'll just chop you up into little bits and

add you to my eggs.”

Heather held the knife over my little body for a brief

moment. Tears began to flow from my eyes as I waited

to die. Fortunately, Heather had other plans. She put

the knife down and released me from her grasp.

“Did you think I was going to chop you up and cook

you?!?” Heather said as she was starting to chuckle.

“I want you to be alive when I put you into my mouth

and eat you!!”

This time I attempted to run but I didn't get far.

Heather just laughed as she again grabbed me in her

clutches. She squeezed me in her fist as she lifted me

towards her face. The pain of her crushing me in her

hand blocked out the horror I was experiencing. Slowly

Heather opened up her fist. I found myself sitting in

her soft hand, staring eye to eye with her. Heather's

hand was easily twice the size of me. Her face, her

beautiful face, glimmered as she began to giggle.

“Are you ready to be a part of me forever?”

Heather's mouth began to open. First I saw her perfect

white teeth. As her mouth opened wider I was able to

see her tongue. Heather slowly began to move me

towards her mouth. She wiggled her tongue to tease me.

As I got closer, I could feel the hot, moist air from

her breath. All I could see now was the blackness of

her mouth. I couldn't believe it. Heather was really

going to eat me. I was frozen with fear. I began to

pass under her teeth, expecting to be chewed up into

tiny pieces when her phone began to ring. Heather

paused, allowing me time to stare at her white teeth

above me and her tongue below me, then she began to

move me away from her mouth.

“Damn! I hate being interrupted while I'm eating!”

Heather growled as she placed me on her kitchen table

and headed for the phone.

Heather picked up the phone and began to talk.

“Hello… Oh, Iia! How you been girl?!”

While Heather talked on the phone I quickly looked

around at my surroundings. I found myself on her table

with no escape. It was too high for me to jump and

there was nothing to climb down to the floor on. I had

no choice but to wait for Heather to finish her

conversation so that she could eat me!

Heather continued her conversation with Iia.

“… Really? … Oh, I was just having a snack… Ed… Yeah,

I shrunk him last night… I'm going to eat him… No… You

what?! … Well, I guess so… What do you what him for? …

Ok … OK (giggling) … Sure! … I'll hold him for you….

See ya in a bit!”

Heather hung up the phone then looked at me with a

huge smile.

“Guess what you little sh*t! I'm not going to eat you

after all! Iia wants you! She's coming over to take

you to her place! She's going to make your little life

a living Hell!!”

Heather continued to laugh as she finished cooking her


She sat down in front of me and slowly ate her

breakfast. She chewed every bite slowly, as if she was

teasing me with her mouth. I just remained still and

waited for Iia, I did not have to wait long.

Iia came into Heather's room with a huge grin on her

face. The two girls hugged each other and headed

towards me. Iia spoke to Heather.

“So, where's the little asshole?”

“On the table.” replied Heather.

Iia walked over to me and bent down to look at me more

closely. Her eyes stared right through me. Her evil

grin sent chills down my spin. She smirked and spoke

to me in a cold, seductive voice.

“Are you ready to serve your new Goddess my little


Before I could comprehend what Iia said she grabbed me

such force that she rendered me unconscious.

When I woke up again I found myself lying on the

floor. Still disorientated from the blow of Iia's

hand, I thought that I had been dreaming the whole

experience. Words cannot begin to explain the sick

feeling I got when I heard Iia's callous voice calling

me and I realized my nightmare was just beginning.

Iia was sitting in the chair at her desk when she

apparently saw me wake up.

“I thought you were dead. I was kinda hoping you would

be alive so that I could kill you when I finished with


Iia smiled at me for a second then began to take her

socks off.

“I think your ready to start serving me.” Iia said as

she pulled her second sock off.

“Get over here and begin worshipping your new


I didn't know what to do. I remained motionless as I

tried to understand what Iia meant.

As I stood still I could see Iia's facial expressions

change and her smile vanish

“You stupid sh*t! Get over here and start worshipping

me before I crush you!!”

This time I reacted immediately. I ran over to Iia and

stopped in front of her to await further orders. Iia

simply looked at me and then turned around in her

chair, crossed her ankles, and presented her bare

soles to me. It did not take me long to realize what I

was supposed to do. I walked over to Iia's bare feet

and prepared to worship them!

Each foot was at least four times my height and over

one and half times my width! Iia had the largest and

smelliest feet I have every seen! Each foot reeked of

sweat and old shoes! Her feet were not pleasant to

look at either! Although they were well formed, her

soles were rough and had several calluses. My life may

have been better if Heather had just eaten me!

Not wanting to upset Iia, I dove into my ‘new job'. I

walked up to her massive foot and began to pepper it

with kisses and licks. With each lick I scrapped my

tongue on her rough skin. Her feet left an

overwhelming salty, bitter like taste in my mouth that

made me ill. To add to the chore of worshipping her

feet was their horrible smell. The smell of sweat

overpowered my nasal passages and made me dizzy and

very light headed. I don't know how I did it but I

somehow managed to lick and kiss her feet for over an

hour as she worked on her homework.

When Iia finished her work she uncrossed her ankles. I

was still kissing her feet when she did this and was

knocked to the ground. She then got up from the chair

and proceeded to put her work away. I quickly got up

and moved away from her so that she wouldn't step on

me. Once she had finished, she walked passed me and

headed for her kitchen. When she reappeared, she had a

piece of bread and a small bowl of water. She placed

them by me and said, “This is your food and water for

the week. Don't fill yourself up too soon (giggle).”

She started to walk away when she stopped and kneeled

down to speak to me again.

“I almost forgot. Since your living with me you should

know that if you get in the way of my feet, they will

C R U S H you. I own you now Ed! You live only because

it amuses me. Once I tire of you you'll either become

my lunch or a small stain on the bottom of my foot. So

when you lick and kiss my feet, please, enjoy it. It's

the only meaning your life has now.”

She smirked at me, got up, and began to prepare

herself for bed. I looked at the bread and water that

she had left me but I had no appetite. I lost it when

I lost my life.

That night I slept on the floor in front of her night

table. Iia told me that I had to sleep in the open in

case she ‘needed' me. I knew she was lying to me but

what was I to do? She was over 200 feet tall!!

Fortunately I didn't sleep too well that night.

I guess I dozed off at about five or six in the

morning because I remember seeing the sun begin to

rise. I probably slept for about two or three hours

before I woke up. After several more futile attempts

to sleep I ended up just lying on the floor, trying to

fully wake up. As I lied there I heard Iia start to

move. I thought little of it until she through her

covers off of her and hoped out of bed. Iia stood

about five feet from me in only her t-shirt and

underwear. She stretched and let out a huge yawn. Then

she started walking right towards me! I saw huge

mammoth feet take one step then another before I

realized that she was going to step on me! I quickly

got up and dove out of Iia's path. Her foot crashed

down right on the spot where I was sleeping. I took a

long look at her foot. It could easily crush me and

she'd barely feel anything!

Iia walked into the kitchen. She grabbed herself a

glass of milk and headed back towards me. This time I

was watching her feet the entire time. I could see the

sole of each foot as she picked it up and placed it

down with each step. Once again Iia headed straight

towards me! This time she seemed to be walking faster.

At first I started to run but she quickly caught up

with me. I turned around to see her left foot lifting

up over my head! I quickly ran to where her foot had

just been! I ran under her foot as she was bringing

back onto the floor. Her heel missed me by less than

an inch.

My heart was racing and sweat poured down my head. Iia

sat down on her bed and turned the TV on. She acted as

if nothing had happened. I sat on the floor and

attempted to regain my composure when Iia yelled to

me, “Why haven't you kissed your Goddess ‘good

morning'? Are you being defiant or are you just


I quickly ran over to her feet and began to place

passionate kisses on them. Iia said nothing as she

continued to watch TV.

After kissing her feet for a half an hour, Iia bent

over and picked me up. She held me in the palm of her

hand and stared at me. Although I had been small for

the last three days, I was still terrified! A smile

appeared on Iia's face.

“Every wonder what life is like for a dildo? Let's

find out!” 

Iia closed her hand around me and slowly began to

move me down. I struggled and fought with everything I

had but to no avail. Iia slowly began to open her hand

and I saw it. She had taken off her underwear and was

moving me towards her vagina! I again tried to escape

but was no match for Iia. She just laughed as she

moved me closer to her womanhood! I was helpless to

stop her. I closed my eyes. I thought that this was

going to be the end! The air started to grow warmer.

Suddenly I felt hair then wet skin. Before I knew I

was thrust into Iia's vagina! I couldn't breathe! My

body was being thrust in and out of her. I was

becoming sick and dizzy from the lack of air. My body

felt like it was being smashed into a wall each time

Iia plunged me into herself! I felt wet and sticky all

over. With each thrust Iia grew wetter and her muscles

applied more and more pressure on me. The lack of air

and the increasing pressure of her contracting muscles

became too much for me after only two minutes! The

last thing I remember was Iia's moaning as she thrust

me into to her one last time.

Once again I found myself waking up someplace new.

This time I had no idea were I was. I was still sticky

and salty from my dildo experience the night before.

My head hurt and my body ached. I looked around and

saw nothing but blackness except for the light that

came from behind me. I seemed to be in a cave, but the

cave smelled like leather and sweaty feet! As I

gathered my thoughts together I began to realize where

I was. I was in a pair of shoes! I quickly got to my

feet and started towards the light. When I got to the Naves Espaciales Famosas Ciencia Ficcion

opening of the shoe I grabbed onto the side and began

to pull myself up. I was half way out when I was

greeted by my demon, Iia. I fell back into the shoe as

Iia started to speak to me.

“Your still alive! I thought my big bad pu**y killed

you!” Iia said laughing! “You didn't last too long. I

didn't think you could satisfy a girl like me with

your little dick! (giggle) I was going to wear you out

today. I figured your funeral should include my foot

crushing your little body!” Iia laughed more as she

continued. “Well, enough talk. I have to go to class.

Bye bye.”

Iia backed up and placed her stocking foot into the

shoe to my left, the other shoe! Fear once again

gripped my body. I flung myself to the side of Iia's

shoe and franticly tried to climb out of it. As I did

this I could see Iia's right stocking foot leave the

ground a head towards me! I continued to fight for my

freedom and my life. Iia's foot was now over my head

and being to enter the shoe. I pulled myself half way

out as she brought her foot into the shoe. Sensing my

impending doom, I through myself off the side of her

shoe and onto the floor just as she slid the rest of

her foot into the shoe.

I laid on the floor bruised and shaken from my fall.

Iia chuckled and headed for her closet. She opened it

up and pulled out a pair of flats. She then tossed

them at me. I quickly rolled out of the way as they

landed on the floor next to me.

“You'll clean these while I'm at class. Use your

water if your tongue gets dry. I want them shining or

else my next little foot slave will have to clean YOU

off of them!”

Iia shut her closet door and left for her class. As

soon as she left I ran to the door and began to search

for a way out. Her door was fitted perfectly to its

frame. This left me with no crack or crease to crawl

through. I punched the door and started to cry. Was my

life to revolve around Iia's feet forever? Was I to be

a slave to her until she killed me? I didn't know what

to do. But I did know that if I wanted to see

tomorrow, I would have to clean those shoes!

I began licking the outside of Iia's shoe to ‘make it

shine'. The shoe tasted like… well a shoe! I laugh now

but it was terrible. My tongue was swollen and kept

drying out. I was continuously drinking water to keep

my mouth moist.

After about an hour and a half of licking the outside

of her shoes, I started on the insides. As I climbed

into the shoe I could smell the odor that I'll Never

forget, the smell of sweaty feet and leather insoles,

the smell of Iia's feet! I didn't want to climb into

the shoe but I knew that I had to clean the insides as

well. I caught a few last breaths of fresh air then

jumped into her shoe. The smell immediately

overwhelmed me! My stomach became ill and the air

became musty as I walked to the toe section of her

shoe. Once I reached it I got onto my hands and knees

and began to lick! The taste of old leather on my

tongue was overwhelmed by the sweat and dry skin of

Iia's foot. I thought I was going to throw up, but I


I licked the entire insole clean in an hour. I

struggled out of the shoe and decided to take a break

before I entered the second shoe. I hate to say it but

I think that I was kinda looking forward to licking

the other shoe. I don't know why, maybe it was a sick

form of reverse psychology or maybe it was my foot

fetish, but I was growing to like the taste of Iia's

sweaty feet. I entered her second shoe and got down to

the licking.

I was almost done the second shoe when Iia came home

from class.

“You done yet?” Iia yelled as she put her books on

her desk.

She walked over to the shoes and looked at them.

“My. You did a fine job. My feet can't wait to try

these cleans shoes on again!”

Hearing Iia's words I scrambled to the back of her

shoe and started to climb out. Iia laughed as she

watched me struggle out of her shoe and onto the


“Silly man. I won't crush after you did such a great

job on my shoes! I have ten more pairs for you to

clean. Then I may step on you, but not until then!”

Iia walked away laughing.

As I write this, I wish that she had stepped on me

then. At least my pain would be over.

My fourth day with Iia began with me passionately

kissing her feet in a show of ‘Love' for my goddess.

After kissing her feet while she ate breakfast Iia got

up from the table and headed towards my food and

water. She bent down and picked up the small piece of

beard I was given to live on.

“You know, I think I've been too nice to you. Look at

this! A whole piece of bread! I'll just take half of

this and leave you a piece more suitable to your new

position in life!”

 Iia laughed as she took half of my beard away. I just

watched, helpless to stop her. For no reason and

without no warning, Iia took away half of the food I

was given to live on. I knew then and there that one

way or another Iia wanted me to die! And in the mean

time she wanted to see me humiliated! 

Iia apparently had no classes this day because I was

ordered to continue to lick her soles as she watched

TV. For nearly an hour I licked Iia's bare soles as

she sat on the floor. My tongue grew numb and dry as I

licked her rough soles. After her show was over, Iia

took another pair of shoes out of her closet and told

me to clean them. Sadly, I was rather happy to be able

to smell her feet again and taste the sweat and dry

skin from inside her shoes, but at the same time my

tongue was raw from licking her feet for an hour.

However, I had no choice, so I proceeded to lick her

shoes clean. The more I think about it the more I feel

sick to my stomach. To think that in only four days I

had grown to love the feet that were ruling my life!

 As I licked her shoes clean, Iia clipped and filed

her feet. I remember thinking that it was odd that Iia

carefully collected all of her clippings. I thought

nothing of it then, but now…  After I finished licking

her shoes I ran over to Iia and began to kiss her feet

to show her that I was done. Iia seemed amused by this

jester and started to laugh.

“Good little slave.” Iia said to me. “I think was a

little tough on you this morning. To be a good foot

slave you need to be healthy. So I decided to give you

some of your food back.”

I felt so happy. I thought I was going to slowly

starve to death. Then I saw Iia reach for her foot

clipping with a sinister smile on her face.

“Here you go (giggle)! Fresh from my feet!” Iia could

barley talk she was laughing so hard, “This should

make you a strong foot slave!!” Iia yelled as she fell

back in her chair in laughter.

 I stared at her foot clippings in disguise. No way

was I going to eat this!! Iia regained control of

herself and got up from her chair. I quickly dove out

of the way as her huge feet crashed down on the floor

next to me. I watched as Iia picked up her foot

clippings and replaced my last piece of bread with


“I spent a long time preparing this for you! Several

days of not washing my feet just to achieve the proper

taste (giggle)! Please, tell me how you enjoy them!”

Iia left the room, laughing the entire time. I stared

at her clippings. I was so hungry. All day I was

worshipping her feet so I hadn't eaten anything. I had

no choice. Really! I did what I had to do! I walked

over to the plate and picked up a small piece of her

toenail. I stared at it for a moment, then, closing my

eyes, I bit into it. That bite officially marked the

end of my human life and the beginning of my life as a

foot slave!

For the next week or so I lived my life solely for

Iia's feet! I woke up in the morning and kissed her

feet while she ate breakfast. I cleaned her shoes with

my tongue while she was at class. I licked her feet as

she did homework or watched TV. I painted her toenails

whenever she wanted to go out. I even ate her foot

clippings in order to survive!! My entire life

revolved around her feet! 

By my fourteenth day with Iia I had given up all hope

of ever returning to my normal life. I remember

cleaning her shoes in the middle of the floor when the

doorbell rang. Iia got up from her chair and answered

the door. The person at Iia's door was Heather!

Heather, the woman that shrunk me and wanted to eat

me. Heather, the bitch that ruined my life!! Heather,

the woman that I loved.

         Heather gave Iia a big kiss and asked her how

she was. Their small talk was interrupted when Heather

saw me on the floor.

“Oh my god! You still have him!” Heather cried out.

“Yeah, he's so much fun to have.” Replied Iia.

Heather walked over to me and kneeled down to look at

me closer.

“I thought you would have stomped on him by now.”

Iia walked towards me in her white socks. “I try but

the little sh*t is too quick!”

As she spoke, Iia picked up her foot and brought it

over my head. I looked up at the stocking foot that

loomed over me. I never really looked at her foot over

my head like this before. I was mesmerized by it. Iia

slowly began to bring her foot down on top of me. I

stared at her foot like a deer caught in headlights.

Only the sound of Heather giggling broke my trance. I

quickly leaped to the left of her foot and ran as hard

as I could. Iia and Heather were laughing so hard that

Iia almost fell over.

“Did you see him run!! That was so great!” Heather


“You ain't seen nothing yet” Replied Iia.

Iia then sat in her chair and took her socks off. I

knew that I had to lick her feet whenever she sat in

her chair so I ran over to her feet and started to

lick her bare soles. Heather began to laugh so hard

that she started to cry!

“You really did make him a foot slave! What's it


Iia smiled and said, “Kick those shoes off and lose

the socks and you can find out.”

My heart stopped. Every since I meet Heather I wanted

to just touch her feet once. Now I might be able to

worship them! This was a dream come true, but at the

same time it was another chapter in the sad life that

I was now leading. I watched intently as Heather

thought about it. It was only a few moments, but it

seemed to take forever. Then a smile crossed her face

and I watched as she untied her shoes. I just stared

at her as she pulled each shoe off. Again she

hesitated, and then she slowly began to remove her

socks to reveal the treasures that lied beneath them.

I was so hard that I thought I would explode! Heather

stood up and sat in the chair next to Iia.

“Are you waiting for an invitation!” Iia yelled. “Lick

my guests feet!!”

I ran over to Heather's feet. They were so beautiful.

Her soles were so soft and tender. Her toes long and

sleek. Every inch of her foot was delicious! I

approached her gorgeous feet and could smell a slight

odor. Not like Iia's smell,  but a pleasant smell.

They smelled like perfect sweat! I leaned towards her

feet to start licking. My heart raced as my tongue

approached the soft soles of Heather. Paradise! I had

never tasted anything so good! The tender soles were

so delicate on my tongue. The taste of perfection

filled my taste buds. I was in ecstasy! I licked her

feet with a passion and love I never knew I had. If I

were to die then and there, the last two weeks of hell

would have been worth it! Unfortunately I did not die


Heather giggled as I licked her feet. “It feels so

cool. Makes me feel powerful!”

“Yeah. I like it to. I can't wait to get a new one!”

Iia said.

The two girls chuckled then Iia jumped up! “If you

like that then watch this!”

Iia ran to her night table to grab something. I didn't

care what she was doing. I was not going to stop

licking and kissing Heather's feet until I was

stripped away from them. Iia came back and handed

Heather something. “Here. Clip your nails and whatever

else you can from your feet.”

Heather looked puzzled but did it anyway. I was told

to wait by my food dish. Reluctantly I left Heather's

feet and did as I was told. Heather clipped her feet

and Iia collected all the clippings. She then brought

them to me.

“Here's a special treat for you! Clippings al la

Heather! They should taste like a gourmet meal to

you!” Iia said to me while laughing.

Heather watched as Iia presented me with my ‘treat'. I

looked at them for a few minutes. I was hungry and I

really didn't want to eat Iia's clippings again so…

They tasted wonderful! They were a gourmet meal! I

gobbled them all down! The entire time Heather and Iia

laughed and called me pathetic. I was, but I was


After I finished my meal I was told to clean Heather's

shoes while the girls talked. Her shoes smelled so

great! The taste of Heather's sweaty feet were

absolutely delicious! I could go on about how perfect

her feet were forever, but I don't have the time.

Anyway, Heather left and my life once again belonged

to Iia. I look back and realize that that was the

greatest day of my life. How sad, how sad it is.

For the next two and half months my life was

completely devoted to Iia's feet. Every waking moment,

everything I did was for Iia's feet. I became attached

to her feet. The smell and taste of her feet helped me

sleep at night. But throughout it all I never forgot

Heather's feet. She never stopped by again after that

fateful day. Iia would go over her place or Heather

would pick her up, but she never stopped by again.

Everyday I woke up I prayed, not to be given back my

normal life, but to have a chance to worship Heather's

feet one last time. They were so perfect. I can't get

over them. So soft, so tender… simply perfect.

I don't have much time left so I better not linger too

much on Heather. I think it's time for me to tell you,

whoever you are, why I am writing this. Iia told me

that tomorrow I will be getting a surprise. She gave

me a cold look and chuckled. As she walked away I

heard her say ‘my last surprise'. I just know that I'm

going to die tomorrow, so I wanted to write down my

tale. I hope that someday, someone will read this and

be able to save his life before he ends up like me, a

foot slave. I pray that I can somehow warn the next

male to enter Heather and Iia's life that they are

truly evil. I would never wish this life that I now

lead on anyone. Nobody deserves to live their entire

life solely for someone else's feet!! If I can save

one man, then at least the last three months of my

life would have had some meaning. Whoever you are

reading this, take care, and may God be with you…

Tom placed the tiny scrapes of paper he found under

Heather's bed on the table. He could feel his blood

running cold. Was this a joke? Could Heather and Iia

be that evil. He had been dating Heather for over two

months now. She wasn't evil; she was wonderful. Who

could have written this? Before Tom could finish his

thoughts, Heather walked into the room wearing a

t-shirt, shorts, and nothing else.

“What do you have there honey?” Heather asked.

Tom didn't know what to say. He stared at Heather for

a moment then quietly handed the little pieces of

paper over to her. Heather curiously looked at Tom

then took the paper from him. She glanced at it and

her face went white. Tom could feel his stomach sink

as he watched Heather read the scrapes of paper. The

minutes seemed like hours as Heather read every page.

Finally she crumbled up the scrapes paper and started

to laugh.

“This made for good reading!” Heather said while

laughing. Tom started to smile. Maybe it was a joke he

thought. Then Heather continued. “Wow, I never knew my

feet meant so much to him!” Tom's heart stopped. “I

guess you want to know how the story ended?  Iia

brought him over here for a visit. We had him lick and

kiss our feet as we talked. After an hour or two I

picked him up and informed him that I was going to

finish what I had started three months earlier. I then

slowly placed him in my mouth and sucked on him for a

bit before I bit into to him and devoured his pathetic

little body.”

Tom just stared at Heather with fear in his eyes. He

didn't know what to do. Heather smiled at him and

continued. “We were going to make you Iia's next foot

slave but I think plans have changed. Since you know

how your story will end you won't make a good foot

slave. The fun in a foot slave is having him Think

he'll regain his life while you know that he'll die as

soon as your done with him! It makes him work harder!

But since you know the truth…”

Before Tom could react Heather recited some ancient

spell and Tom began to feel dizzy. His eyes grew heavy

and head became clouded. Through his blurred vision he

could see Heather smiling as she appeared to grow!

Then, as quickly as it started, it stopped. When Tom

regained his senses he discovered that he was still

standing on Heather's floor, but he was now only two

inches tall! He couldn't believe this! It had to be a


“Oh well Tom! I guess this is it. I really can't date

a two-inch tall man. What would my family say!?!”

Heather started to laugh as she began to lift up her

bare foot from the floor. Tom couldn't take his eyes

off of Heather's face. ‘Why did she shrink me' he kept

thinking. Then out of the corner of his eye he caught

sight of Heather's bare foot moving towards him. He

turned to watch her foot block out his vision like the

moon blocking out the sun. Heather's giggling face

vanished behind her long, slender toes. Tom's body was

numb with fear. His mind told him to run but his body

just stumbled and fell to the floor. Tom rolled over

to see his last sight; Heather's soft and tender sole.

Tears began to stream from his eyes as he watched her

barefoot descend upon him. His entire world had just

become the bottom of Heather's barefoot! Her foot was

now right on top of him. He felt her warm, soft skin

begin to press on his body. The pressure quickly

became unbearable as Tom was being crushed under

Heather's foot. All he could think of was that he was

being crushed like a tiny, insignificant bug! Finally

the pressure became too much and Tom passed out.

Seconds later, his body exploded under the pressure of

Heather's barefoot.

Heather smiled as she watched the blood stream out

from under her barefoot.

“I guess Ed's life had no meaning after all! Oh well,

time to get a new boyfriend (giggle).”

Heather wiped Tom off her foot and got dress. She had

to find a new foot slave for Iia… and for herself!



Giantess Stories: My Tale

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