Giantess Stories: My wife the giantess By mjc      It had a long time away from home

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My wife the giantess

By mjc

It had a long time away from home. I hadn't seen my wife for weeks and I missed

her so. I quickly filled with excitement as I finally spied my house down the

road. It wouldn't be long now. Soon I was pulling into the driveway. Quickly I

shut-off the car and hurried in, leaving all I had behind to get there all that

much quicker. I ran up the walk and flew open the door. She was there to meet

me. We threw our arms about each other and just hugged for what seemed like an


Eventually the hug ended and we parted to look at each other. I saw a grin on

her face and when I asked what it was she answered only by putting up her finger

in the universal ‘one minute' and disappeared briefly into our bedroom. She soon

emerged holding what looked like an extremely oversized gun, without the opening

for a barrel. Before I had a chance to ask her what it was she raised it, aimed

it, and pulled the trigger. My sight filled with dark red and I blacked out


When I finally came to I found myself lying on a vast plain. I stood to realize

that I had impossibly shrunken to the height of only two inches. I had no idea

what had happened to my clothes, but they were gone and I was naked as a

jay-bird. Looking about I could see the distant table and spied a gigantic shape

approaching me. It didn't take me long to realize it was my wife Heather

approaching me. I was momentarily filled with fear. I had always dreamt of being

small with my beautiful wife, but the sheer enormity frightened me for a minute.

I could actually feel the floor vibrating beneath me with each step she took.

Craning my head to see, I fell backwards onto the floor. I watched as she

approached, as if in slow motion. Soon she reached where I lay and stood over

me. She had a mischievous grin on her face. Looking from side to side I noticed

that she was wearing her running shoes with socks, her jeans and a work-out

tee-shirt. As she looked down at me I noticed that she had her hair up in a bun

and then she spoke.

“Well Thomas, what do you think?”

Unsure what to say I simply asked, “What happened?”

“I've missed you so, I decided that when you finally came home I would give you

what you've always wanted. I am going to blow your little mind. You're my little

man now and we're going to have fun.”

With that she knelt over me and leaned down reaching for the clip that held her

hair up. She quickly removed it and shook her hair as it cascaded over her

shoulders. Then, looking down with that same grin, she leaned forward till her

mane of hair covered me from head to toe. Soon there was no light but the

magnificent feel if her hairs as they rolled and slid over my body. Slowly she

began moving her head side to side and the hair moved and slid over my skin. It

tickled but also felt like nothing I had ever felt before. I had played with her

hair before, but never had it felt like this. I grasped out with my hands and

grabbed a handful of hair strands. But they were much larger than I had

experienced. They slid through my fingers and I grasped more. It was an

unbelievably erotic experience.

She continued for what seemed like hours. I couldn't believe that I was covered

by the luscious hair of my giantess-wife. But alas, all good things must come to

an end. Eventually she lifted her head and, with the same smile, asked, “So, did

you enjoy that?”

I was excited beyond belief. All that I had ever dreamt about was actually

coming true. I could barely think straight and rather than respond verbally all

I could muster was a nod with a goofy grin on my face. To which she responded,

“Well you'd better pace yourself, there's a lot more in store." Then she reached

down, wrapped me in her hand and took me into the bedroom.

As we walked I could feel the warmth of the palm of her hand that surrounded me

and cocooned me in it's confines. She didn't squeeze hard but did hold onto me

firmly. I was faced in the direction to look down her immense thumb. I looked

down and noticed that she had had her nails done and they looked beautiful –

huge but quite beautiful. Often I had felt the prints on her hand and fingers.

Often I had envisioned what it would feel like to feel those prints magnified a

hundred-fold. Now I was experiencing it for real. He hands we slightly damp with

sweat, as if she had been recently exercising. I writhed about in her hand,

rubbing my body over as much skin as I could possibly touch. As with her hair, I

simply couldn't believe how sensuous this felt. Heather noticed my writhing and

gave me a gentle squeeze. As we moved I managed to movd my hands about inside

her curled palm and run my fingertip along the ridges of the prints. I was

becoming incredibly excited.

Eventually we reached the bedroom and Heather put me on the nightstand while she

sat on the edge of the bed a looked at me. Opening her palm I found myself lying

prone atop it. She looked at me closely then moving her face close. Unable to

control the urge she blew on me lightly and I got goosebumps all over as the

warm, sweet-smelling breath surrounded me. As I laid there Heather moved her

other hand close to me and, with her outstretched fingertip began to lightly

stroke me from head to foot. “Oh I never thought it could feel like this. I can

feel the heat of your little body, and your heart pounding through your little

ribcage. She continued stroking me and exciting me as she lingered at my crotch.

But soon she spoke again. “Now my little man, the part you've been waiting for

and didn't even realize it. I went running in these socks and shoes this

morning, and I've been letting them simmer ever since. You wouldn't believe how

badly I wanted to take them off, but I wanted to give you an experience that you

will never forget.”

With that she reached down and began to untie her shoes. While she untied her

laces she spoke, “You know little man, I worked out every single day for the

last week so that these shoes would be ripe…for your pickin'.”

I had smelled her shoes before at the end of the day, but I couldn't even begin

to imagine the experiences that I was about to have. When her laces were untied

she popped each shoe off with the toes of her opposite foot. “Whew, I've been

smelling these shoes more and more as the week's gone by. But man have they ever

gotten strong.” She ended, tweaking her nose in mock gesture. Then, with both

shoes off she reached for me and I was there eagerly waiting. Again she wrapped

her gorgeous fingers about my body and lowered me – with excruciating slowness –

towards those wonderful shoes. I could smell them long before getting close to

them and could even feel their heat rising from their depths as she positioned

me over the opening of one.

She spoke again, “Lower and lower he goes, where he'll stop nobody knows.” Then,

when I was a few inches from the opening, she let me drop. I wasn't expecting to

fall, so when I landed I rolled down the sole until I bumped into the toe.

It was fairly dark, but some light was coming in through the opening high above

me head. I rolled over onto my back and locked upwards towards the shoe's

opening. To my left the shoes sole rose into the distance, to my right the

shoe's tongue. The sole, thought still soft, showed the wear and tear of a long

use. As I looked at it, I thought of the immense pressure that her foot must put

on that sole. I could even make out faint traces of her footprints. At the top

was the faint remainder of the shoe's manufacturer name.

That smell that I had come to know so well surrounded me like never before. I

breathed in the humid, scented air. Now I was not only smelling the smell that I

had grown to love so much, but it surrounded me and got all over me. The

surfaces around me were all damp and warm with perspiration. Every time I moved

I got more of the smell on me, and since my surroundings were fairly cramped I

touched a lot of surfaces and was soon absolutely covered by the smell. Of

course I didn't mind, I was in heaven. Then, the shoe moved.

Temporarily brought out of my reverie, I realized that Heather was moving the

shoe. When I noticed that the light was thinning, I realized what was happening.

Soon the socked-foot of my beloved entered the shoe and slid in slowly. I was

pinned between the toe of the shoe and her toes. Nothing could have prepared me

for this experience. I had tried to imagine what this would have felt like in my

past fantasies, but I could never have done it justice.

Of course I was surrounded by that glorious smell, but that was only the

beginning. I was covered by the sweat of my giantess-wife. The thought that I

would never wash again crossed my mind. But I was feeling the slick material

that surrounded me with every part of my body. And to my front were those toes,

separated from me by the thin fabric that was her sock. She had worn the

textured white socks that I had talked her into buying. I reached out and ran me

hand along her toes and convulsed with ecstasy. My fingers ran across the bumps

of the texture pattern. But they weren't the same as I remembered, they were

huge, and I absolutely loved it.

Slowly she moved her toes as her foot creeped in tighter and tighter. She

kneeded them into little fists and then would unroll them, each time coming a

little farther in. I was quickly becoming a second layer to the inside of her

shoe. But as her toes ground into me more and more, the more excited I became.

The further her foot came into the shoe the more I found that I had to shift my

position to be partially on top of her toes. I found myself curled around her

foot. The top of my body laid sprawled over her toes, my legs wrapped up around

her big toe. My crotch was planted firmly over the tip of the toe. I couldn't

resist the temptation to hump it slightly. Finally, I felt the pop as her heel

entered the shoe and trapped me even tighter to it's toe. There I stayed for a

length of time I can only say wasn't long enough, all the while rubbing myself

on her magnificently huge toe.

Then, the light returned and the shoe tipped over on its end so that I found

myself tumbling to the heel where she extracted me from the shoe.

“Did my tiny little man have a good time,” she asked. "Well, onward the fun


She lowered me to the floor then and put me just under the edge of our bed. I

wondered momentarily what she had in mind, but didn't have long to wonder as her

foot came into view. She lowered it till her toes till they touched the floor

and began to curl them under. I had often enjoyed this view of her foot, but I

had never had this vantage point before know. I could see the top half of the

bottom of her toes and I moved forward to touch them. I looked up to see the

expanse of her sole and the heel of her foot that hung over me temptuously. I

could smell that wonderful smell again and, with a grunt buried my face into the

fabric. I kissed it, licked it, and smelled it. I was drunk with excitement.

Then, in the midst of a lick, she withdrew her foot and I fell forward. Finding

myself lying prone on the floor I rolled over – just in time to see the same

foot that I had just been lavishing with attention hovering above me. I could

she the darkened sole of the of her sock covered foot. And as I watched it

descended onto me and from high above me I heard my giantess-wife speak.

“I know you've always talked about how much you wanted me to be a giantess and

how much you would like to be covered by my foot. Well now is your chance. A

gift for you my little man.” Then the light went away as the foot came down onto

me and covered my body completely.

I could feel the heat of her foot next to my skin once again. Although it wasn't

nearly as warm as it has been inside her shoe, it was warm nonetheless and a

little damp. The sock adhered itself to her skin closely. It got slightly darker

when she curled her toes above my head. I reached my arms out in a vain attempt

to hug the huge sole lying lightly on top of me. The pressure slowly increased

as Heather's leg muscle became tired as she held the weight of her foot and leg

at bay, so as not to crush me. To relieve some of the tension she began to

slowly roll me back and forth beneath her sole. Her pace remained erotically

slow and she rolled me enough to each side till her socked sole touched all of

my skin, front and back.

Eventually she lifted her foot off and her face reappeared high above me and I

couldn't help but feel the immense love that I felt for her. A love as big as

she was in comparison to me now.

“So, are you ready to continue?” she asked.

All I did was nod in response. With that she reached down to her sock-covered

foot and began to peel the bottom of her sock away from the bottom of her foot.

I could hear it come away as she said, “This is were you're going to be in a

little while.” She continued to peel the sock away from the various parts of her

foot. Once done she reached for me again and lifted me to just above the top

cuff of her sock. Inserting a finger she slowly pulled it away from her ankle as

she tipped me so that I could look, head-down, directly into the sock. As I

looked down into the small opening surrounding her ankle, I could see down to

the edge of her foot. Then she lowered me into the opening.

As soon as my feet passed the edge of the cuff, she withdrew her finger and let

the sock snap back into place. I found myself pressed against the inside of her

ankle with my midsection straddling her protruding ankle-bone. Then with

assistance from her fingers from outside the sock, she began to wiggle and move

her foot in such a way as to get me to slid further into the depths of the sock.

It didn't take much effort for me to began a slide towards the edge of her foot

directly below me. Then, when I reached that she turned her foot and slid me

directly underneath her sole. So I found myself held snugly against her

beautiful sole with the fabric of her well-worn sock behind me holding me in

place. Once again I opened my arms as widely as I could and began licking her


Once I was positioned were I assumed she wanted me - and of course wanted to be

- she began to flex and curl her foot as she twirled it about her ankle. Circle

pattern and circle pattern. First I was pressed closer to her sole as she

stretched her toes as far up as she could, then rotating it around I found

myself not quite as snug as she balled her toes tightly. It was an incredible

ride. It did, however, make it difficult for me to continue licking her foot, so

I just enjoyed it as long as it lasted.

Once she finished she reached down and began to remove her sock, but she made no

attempt to remove me from it. Rather she lowered the sock to just around the

bottom of her foot and then pointed her toes so that the sock could be easily

slid off. When she reached this point she slid the sock, with me inside, off her

foot. Grasping the top of the sock she lifted the sock to her face and spoke.

“Man it sure is weird to see your little shape inside my sock, sweetie. But I

think maybe you should stay in there for a little while longer. With that she

rolled the sock up and stuffed it into her pocket and went off to have her


Dinner lasted like what seemed like an eternity. All I could do was sit and

enjoy the smell that surrounded me. But soon she returned and took the sock out

, turning it over, causing me to tumble onto her palm. As I laid on her palm she

looked at me and simply smiled and handed me a small sliver of bread that I ate


Then I found myself being lowered back to the floor. Once she had me on the

carpet, she turned around and got on her knees, bringing the tips of her toes

very close to me. This caused her soles to curl up slightly and it was probably

my favorite foot position of all. So there I stood, with the bare soles of my

beautiful giantess-wife splayed in front of me. Then, as if to snap me out of my

trance, she looked back over her shoulder and asked, “Well, do I have to tell

you what to do know?”

She wasn't really expecting an answer and watched as I slowly, almost

reverently, approached the toes of her feet which she had placed closely

together. Finally I reached the ‘v' formed by her big toes where I put a hand on

each toe. As I stroked the toes, feeling the highs and lows of her toe prints, I

looked up at the sensuous hills that lay above and ahead of me. Directly in

front of me was a patch of light-colored sole skin where her arches were.

Framing those was the darker, rougher skin of her heels, outside soles and the

pads directly above her toes. Her soles were covered by waves of skin. What had

once been only wrinkles in her soles, were now small flesh-colored waves, some

large and some small enough to resemble a small rivulet in sand. The pattern of

her prints was beautiful and I stood in awe looking at them, running my

fingertip through the troughs between the prints.

Slowly I crept onto her toes. I put one knee then the other onto her toes and

leaned forward placing my hands on the very bottom of the lighter colored

sole-skin of her arches. My hands sunk in slightly and her feet were still a

little damp and I just knelt there for moment enjoying the new feelings that

were assailing my senses. Nothing can compare to the unique feeling of the sole

flesh that I felt under my palms and from my knees to the tops of my own feet, a

feel now magnified for my benefit. With measured slowness I leaned my head down

and, touching the tip of my nose to her sole, inhaled deeply. Then, with the

same slowness extended my tongue and ran it along the arch in front of me. I

could take it no more then and in a lustful rage, I lunged forward. With all the

might I could muster I kissed, licked, rubbed and humped everything and anything

that I could touch with wild abandon.

I spent considerable time on her arches, but eventually worked my way up the

erotic ‘hills' till I had reached her heels. Once there I swung around and

straddled the back of her heel. I leaned forward and rubbed them lightly. They

were rougher than her arches and darker colored from the many days of walking

upon them. I licked and kissed there too, but was able to do it with a sensual


Swinging around I climbed back onto her heal and began working my way back down

the ‘hills'. Soon I found myself at the ridge where her toes connected to her

foot. I couldn't reach it very well because of the position of her feet but I

pressed my face down into the small valley nevertheless. The pressure on my

cheeks and the smell and warmth that surrounded me excited me a great deal. Once

again I had the urge to hump something and began to force as much of my body

into the trough as would fit. Heather felt my efforts and moved her foot so that

her toe-trench opened slightly and I was able to force most of my little body

into the opening. Once I had done so, she tightened it up once again and I

couldn't believe the feelings that I found myself having. Once released I

climbed down off of her foot and tried with the little strength that I had left

to push her toes apart. Heather could feel my efforts and once again kindly

spread the toes of her foot. Paydirt - literally! There I found balls of what

was otherwise known as ‘toe-cheese'. I had always tried to avoid getting little

specks in my mouth when we had played out foot games at regular size, but now I

was so carried away with my lust that I tore into the first ball of lint that I

could find. It was a combination of dirt, sweat, and small fabric bits from her

sock. It tasted better than cake. As I bit into the first one I found that it

had the consistency of wadded bread. It was delicious and I looked for more. I

found more than I cold hope to eat and ate till I couldn't eat any more. No

sooner had I finished partaking of the balls between her toes, then I found my

wife rolling over and reaching for me once again. Then, sitting indian style,

she brought her feet together till her soles came together. Without a word, she

parted her soles slightly and lowered me into the opening. Once my feet touched

the floor I looked about me and saw the walls of sole-flesh that surrounded me

and even went over my head. I watched then as the soles closed on me. She didn't

do anything then but hold me there. I squirmed around and turned my body so that

I was facing a sole where I ground myself against that sole. Seeing this my

giantess-wife spoke again.

“Go ahead and go off. Don't worry about me I'll get mine later.”

That's all it took, I bucked and writhed for all I was worth and left a small

puddle on her sole. Smiling, she parted her soles then and extracted me. “Well

sweetie, it's about time for bed and, with all the excitement you've had, you

look exhausted. I did have to admit that I was tired, and having expended myself

I did feel like sleeping. Heather stood then and walked into the bedroom. “I do

have one more surprise left for you today,” She spoke as she walked, “Remember

when I told you that I worked out every day just for you?”

I nodded.

“Well, after each work-out I took off the socks and immediately sealed then in a

zip-lock bag. Each day I opened it to put in a new pair the smell wafted out to

assail me. Well, I'm going to empty all of the rather strongly-scented socks

into a shoe box, along with the pair that I wore today, and that will be your

bed,” she finished smiling sexily down at me. All I could do in response was

smile a goofy smile in return. Once in the bedroom she placed the box on the

nightstand where she placed me and disappeared momentarily into the kitchen.

She returned with a bulging plastic bag and approached me and the shoe box next

to me. Opening the bag she tipped it over and began dumping its contents into

the box. As I watched I noticed a few pairs of colored socks fall into the box,

socks that I had encouraged her to get. I could barely contain my excitement to

get into that box. My wait wasn't long. As soon as all the socks had fallen into

the box Heather reached down and picked me up, placing me into the box. Then,

looking down on me, she blew me a kiss and smiled once again as she picked up

the lid. Then the light disappeared as she put the lid onto the box. I was

surrounded by the smell of feet and there I would be until morning. I burrowed

into the pile beneath me till used sock fabric surrounded me. I slept fitfully

then, dreams of my wife's giant feet invaded my night. I didn't mind.

The night passed quickly and light flooded into the box as Heather took the lid

off of my ‘bed'. She looked absolutely radiant as she smiled down at me. It was

a beautiful smile. I realized then that I was hungry and, almost as though she

could read my mine, asked me, “So are you ready for some breakfast little one?”

I answered her that I was, but had no idea what I had in store. Reaching into

the box, Heather extracted me and carried me into the kitchen. She had been

busy, the table was completely set with a single plate whereon was eggs,

sausage, hash-browns, and toast. The smell reached my nose and I was eager to

dig into it. She carried me to the table and set me down on its surface but

surprised me when she put a glass over me. I couldn't figure out what was going


Picking up a fork she dug into the plate full of food and began eating it. She

chewed the food slowly and leaned towards the glass that imprisoned me. Then I

realized what she was doing, she was putting on a show for my benefit. She

chewed slowly and open-mouthed. I looked as intently as I could, but the glass I

was under wasn't crystal clear and it was slightly blurry. I enjoyed it


Towards the end of the meal, Heather reached over and removed the glass from

over me and spoke, “Now my little man, it's your turn for some breakfast.” I

expected her to give me the remaining food on her plate, but instead she put the

remaining food into her mouth and began chewing it. I actually found myself

standing and wondering what I would eat, when Heather reached for me and brought

me quickly to her face.

As I approached her face she opened her food-filled mouth. I watched as it

opened and it happened almost as if in slow motion. First her lips parted,

exposing her pearly-white teeth. Then those teeth parted as well. As I looked

into her mouth I couldn't believe the feelings that I felt. I had often looked

into her mouth when we were regular-sized, fantasizing about what it would be

like to be inside of it, but here I was about to live my dream.

Her mouth was about half-filled with chewed food. It was imbedded in the trough

of her lower molars and covered her tongue. As her mouth opened farther and

farther a long strand of saliva strung from the top of her tongue right to the

roof of her mouth. Light from the kitchen glistened of the surfaces of her

mouth. And of course behind all of this beauty, her throat opened wide. It was

almost more than I could take in all at one time. But, before I knew what had

happened, she shoved me face first into her mouth and closed her lips behind me.

Suddenly the light disappeared and I found myself hands (up to my elbows) and

knees (up to my mid-thighs) in thoroughly chewed food. As I knelt there

wondering what to do next, Heather began to undulate her tongue under me and the

food, and I found myself being quickly coated by the stuff. She wasn't

swallowing, even though her mouth was full and so she began to salivate

tremendously. This made the food-mush even more mushy and I decided that this

must have been her intent in feeding me. So, dipping my hand into the must that

surrounded me, brought some to my mouth. I didn't have to chew it myself –

obviously it had been chewed for me – so I simply swallowed it. It tasted fairly

good, but the knowledge that it had already been chewed by my wife, made it an

erotic experience to eat it. As I shoveled more and more of it into my mouth I

couldn't help but think that the mush that I was now eating had been ground

between the molars that laid to each side of me, being mixed with gratuitous

amounts of saliva as it was done. Everything was slippery, wet, and warm – all

except the teeth that is. So, after eating my fill, I began to roll around in

the slop on top of her tongue.

Then, suddenly, the tongue under me moved and pressed me against the roof of her

mouth, followed quickly by a swallow. Most of the food that surrounded me moved

quickly to the back of Heather's mouth and disappeared down her throat. I had at

times swallowed things with something in my mouth that I did not want to swallow

and knew how hard it had been. I became fearful that this would be the end me.

But light once again reappeared as Heather opened her mouth and her giant

fingers entered to extract me.

As I moved forward towards her lips, they closed around me, and I found myself

being pulled slowly through them. It was an awesome feeling. Starting with my

hands, arms, then face, followed by my torso and then legs, she pulled me

through her soft, pliable, warm, wet lips. As she pulled me through her lips

most of the remaining food on my body was scrapped (if that is the right word to

use for what her lips were doing to me) off of me, replaced by a thin layer of

spit. Then, once my feet were pulled free, she laid me on her palm and smiled,

then spoke, “I'm not even going to ask, ‘cause I know you enjoyed that. But,

before you get cold...”

With that she reached down inserted her finger into the band of her panties and

pulled them away from her waist, all the while lowering me closer to them. She

continued to lower me until I was just above the waistband, and then she let me

drop. My fall wasn't far and my landing was soft. On the way down I hit the

fabric of her panties with my back and slid quickly from there. As I continued

my slide I felt the prickles of her pubic hairs as they slid past my face. Then,

where her panties closed in on her womanhood I came to an abrupt stop with my

face partially buried into the bottom of her labia.

In an instant the smell of her sex began to surround me. I began to push up on

the skin to the sides of her labial lips in an attempt to extract my face. While

doing so, the light grew dim and I could hear a snap as she withdrew her finger

and let the waistband snap back into place. At full-size during our play, I had

often smelled her, but the smell had vanished more or less when I withdrew my

tongue. But now, as I pried my face from her cleft, my face was covered with the

liquids that made up her smell. But again I didn't have much time to consider my

situation as Heather, using her hands from the outside, began to reposition me.

As she moved me about I could hear her voice filtered through the fabric that

surrounded me. “I have some things that I need to do today sweetie. I hope you

don't mind, but it's been such a long time since I've seen you that I don't want

to leave you here while I go out, so I'm going to take you with me. Obviously I

can't take you in such a way that anyone else could see you, so you're going to

be riding in there most of the day. I really didn't think you'd mind.”

Finally she was able to position my body so that it ran parallel with the middle

of her labial lips, gratefully with my head up this time. Once in this position,

she pressed me inwards and continued to push until my shoulder parted her lips

and entered slightly. I could here a very faint moan then and then the light got

even darker. I wasn't sure what had happened until I could hear a very clear

zipping sound. She was putting her jeans on and as the zipper closed I found

myself quite snug and held in place. I spent most of the day in my

‘confinement'. But I didn't mind so much. She moved quite a lot during the day.

She walked, she jogged, and she sat. Sitting was particularly difficult, for

when she did, the pressure that surrounded me got quite intense at times. During

my stay in her crotch I had the opportunity to get a close look at the pubic

hair that abundantly surrounded me. It had the same color as the hair on her

head, but it was much courser. I grasped one and ran my hand along its length.

It turned this way and that in permanent patterns. As I continued to explore, I

noticed that the hairs close to her womanhood smelled strongly. They framed her

vaginal opening like a picture frame.

The heat increased as the day went by and eventually began to feel as though I

were in a sauna. She sweat profusely and I sweat even more. I constantly shifted

position to try to find a comfortable one. Each time I moved she could feel me

squirming against her and usually moved a little herself in response. Every so

often I found the side of my face touching her clitoris. It was at those times

that she squirmed the most.

As the day continued and my squirming for a comfortable position went on the

juices that came from her giant sex organs increased and even began to seep out.

That combined with both of our sweat and I found myself absolutely covered by

liquids of some sort. I had no doubt that I smelled strongly.

Eventually my confinement became boring. All I had been doing up to then was

moving to stay comfortable, but I wanted to do something more. The smells that

surrounded me made me think of nothing but sex. How could I resist? I began then

to insert my arm as far into her as I could and purposely rubbed my face against

her clitoris. I was rewarded by a audible moan as she began she squirm for me. I

was happy that, even at my small size, I was able to give some of the enjoyment

that she had given me back to her. But the fun ended all too quickly when we

returned home, and the zipping sound was heard again followed closely by light,

fresh air and Heather's fingers pulling me out.

She put me on the nightstand then and handed me a tissue to clean myself with,

at the same time she began to undress. Soon she was standing naked before me and

I was filled with absolute awe at the spectacle before me. A massive pillar of

flesh that was her leg rose into the air before me. I couldn't believe how

impressive she looked at my size. She sat then on the edge of the bed and pulled

out a very familiar looking gun and aimed it at me. I crossed my arms over my

face as if to shield myself, but was quickly surrounded by the red-haze that had

once enveloped me before. When I moved my arms again to look out I discovered

that my surroundings had grown in proportion to myself. I must have been no more

than a half-an-inch, but before I could ask what she had done, she offered an


“I'm going out for dinner tonight and wanted to take you along with me. This

time I thought that I would carry you along in my shoe, but in order to carry

you for that length of time, I had to make you a bit smaller then before. So…,”

with that she reached for me.

“Before we go anywhere I thought that I would feed you a little something so

that you don't starve while I get to eat.” Then, she placed a towel on the

nightstand and instructed me to lay down. Then, leaning forward she grasped her

breast between her fingers and aimed her nipple in my direction. She was still

breast feeding our child and so I knew what was coming. However, unlike the ray

from the gun, I made no attempt to fend off what was coming. Rather, I spread my

arms and waited with eager anticipation.

It came then, in a stream that issued from her nipple. Her aim was right on and

the stream hit me straight in the face. It was warm and sweet tasting. I opened

my mouth and took in as much as I could swallow as quickly as I could swallow

it. But it came in waves, faster than I could ever hope to take it in and the

excess cascaded over my chest, shoulders, arms and up into my hair. I had to

turn my head from time to time to take a breath, but enjoyed the shower while it

lasted. Once I had had my fill I simply rubbed the liquid that continued to

shower me over me chest and face until it finished.

When Heather saw that I was no longer swallowing her milk, she stopped

expressing it and once again gave me that beautiful smile that I loved so much.

Then, as I dried myself on the towel under me, she began to dress. I watched her

as though in a trance as she dressed. She wrapped her bra about her massive

chest and clasped it behind her back, then slid her dress over her head and let

it cascade down her body. Then she sat on the edge of the bed again and reached

for me, placing me on the floor right in from of her foot.

She spoke, “Hold still now.” Then she spread her toes apart and moved her foot

forward towards me. Soon, I found the sides of her big and second toe rising up

on either side of me. Her foot continued to move until I touched the ‘v' where

her toes met. When Heather felt that I had gone into the space between her toes

as far as possible, she let her toes close on me. I watched with great interest

then as the flesh walls that surrounded me, began to come together. The light

grew steadily dimmer until I was completely enveloped between her toes. The

pressure increased slightly then and she lifted her foot, with me firmly in


I craned my head up as far as I could and was able to see some of what was

happening. Heather crossed her leg and brought the opening of a pair of white

nylons to her toes. Pointing them, she began to pull the hose up her foot and

leg. As I continued to watch, the nylon spread across the toe space above and

below me and on up her leg. I felt myself move then as she crossed her other leg

and did the same. Then the light disappeared completely as she inserted her foot

into a shoe. I would have to wait until I was extracted to see what shoe I was

in, but I knew them all and was happy to be where I was.

Soon her foot was moving again and I felt up and down motions as she walked. The

heat and smell increased steadily throughout the evening and was very similar to

the experience I had had in her tennis shoe the day before, although not as

strong. I found myself covered by a layer of sweat and the air that I breathed

was humid and heavily laden by foot smell. I was unable to move because I was

held facing inwards, but it did allow me to grind myself into the flesh surface

before me. It occurred to me as I sat thinking within my confines that for the

amount of time that I had spent completely naked, I hadn't had any chance to be


As time passed I moved my arms to stroke the flesh surfaces about me. They were

slick to my feel and pliant to my touch. I must have been tickling her slightly

because, every so often, she repositioned her toes. Each time she did that I was

treated to a ‘toe hug'. I was momentarily unable to breath during those, but

enjoyed them just the same. Eventually the light returned, fresh air flooded in

and Heather began to remove her nylons and pulled me from between her toes. I

could see then what shoe I had spent the evening in. She had chosen her black

velvet heels, the ones with the bow on them. I really liked them. Many times I

had admired them at full-size and had enjoyed our games with them. But I had

never dreamed that I would spent some time completely inside of them.

Placing me on the nightstand, she once again aimed the gun at me and pulled the

trigger. When the haze disappeared I found that I had grown to the size of three

inches. I wondered what her reasons were, but as usual my wait wasn't long. Once

again my beautiful giant wife began to undress in front of me, but this time did

it very slowly as though she were putting a show on for my benefit.

She began by removing her dress, followed soon after by removing her bra and

then her nylons. When she reached her panties, she placed her fingers into the

waistband and began a show to beat all shows. Undulating her hips she slowly

lowered them, first on one side, then the other. This continued until she had

reached her knees. Then, without further ado, she removed them completely.

She laid down on the bed then and, grabbing me, placed me between her

outstretched legs just below her knees. She was looking at me while leaning on

her elbows and spoke then. “Well my tiny man, it has now come to the part when

you make me feel good.” I looked up at her then and must have had a look on my

face as if to ask her what she wanted me to do next. She took my lead and spoke

again. “Go ahead and hike your way up to you-know-were and make me feel good.”

I needed no prodding. At a dead run I made my way towards her sex. Her thighs

were blurs of flesh as I ran, but I slowed as I approached my intended target. I

had reached the wall of flesh that contained her massive organ when I finally

stopped running, panting lightly. I simply stood and looked at it for a moment,

wondering how I was going to approach the task before me.

The bottom of her labial lips laid above me, slightly beyond my reach. So my

first order of business was to reach the object of my desire. I could smell her

smell wafting down to me, and it only served to encourage me on my quest of

lust. So, grasping the lowest of her pubic hairs in my hands, I began hiking

myself up the flesh wall. I used her hairs like a ladder and continued grasping

hairs as I progressed upwards. I eventually reached her lips but quickly

realized that I would be unable to do anything else. My hands were holding me in

position and I was unable to move. Frustratedly, I reached out with my foot and

pressed it through the opening to give me some footing. Having done that I was

able to let go of one handful of hairs and push my right arm, followed by my

shoulder, through the slit of her lips. But that, unfortunately, was all I was

able to do.

I struggled vainly to get more purchase from the surfaces surrounding me, but it

was a vain effort. Heather sensed my troubles and her hand appeared overhead.

Without a word, she grasped me a bit roughly and pulled me from the position

that I had be able to attain. Quickly she repositioned me and aimed my head at

her opening. Then, she moved me forward until my head was pressed into the slit

of her lips. I felt some resistance then, but she continued pressing until her

lips gave way and my head disappeared into her.

I couldn't believe what was happening. Twice I had inserted my arm and even my

foot into her, but this was the first time my head had entered her. I suddenly

found my light restricted and it became more difficult to breath. Realizing that

this was only the beginning I took as deep a breath as possible. As I expected,

Heather continued pressing me inward. She turned me slightly so that my

shoulders lined up with her slit and pressed harder. With a ‘pop' my shoulders

cleared the opening. After that, the rest of my body, to my knees, followed


I found myself surrounded then, by hot, moist flesh. I couldn't believe how soft

and incredibly sensual her tunnel of flesh felt. I had never felt such pleasant

feelings on my skin, and it touched nearly every part of my body. But the

farther I was pushed in, the more difficult it became to breath. I struggled

through the mucousy excretions that surrounded me, and was able to get some

breaths. I had smelled her before this, but nothing could compare with what I

found now. Heather began then to slowly move me in and out of her. I knew I was

affecting her because the movement around me increased as she began to move her

hips. As she continued, she became more excited and her pace increased along

with the amount of fluids she was excreting. As though my body wasn't going deep

enough into her, she moved her fingers down until they were holding only my feet

and she pressed as of me as she could into her depths. This made it even more

difficult to continue breathing. As though I were fighting off drowning, I took

in copious amounts of her juices as I continued to try to breath. This I

swallowed and soon had a belly full of the stuff.

It tasted just as I remembered it. I began to think about the feelings I had had

in the past making love to my wife and I began to be aroused myself. Heather's

speed and intensity continued to increase as she became more and more excited. I

could tell she was coming close to climax. I wondered what it would feel like

from this vantage point. Just before she went off, she pressed my body as far

into her as possible – which caused my feet to disappear into her – and withdrew

her fingers. I was getting more juice than air then, but my hypoxic condition

only heightened my own arousal and I myself came close to ejaculation.

The walls of her vagina squeezed me as she finally climaxed. And although it was

impossible for her to know it, I ejaculated at the exact same moment. My sperm

was lost in the pools of juice that surrounded me and I came very close to

passing out then. If I could have been looking at something then, it would have

become blurry and dark. But right before I was to pass out, I was withdrawn and

laid on a towel. I got a little cold then coming back to my senses, but once I

had, I began to wipe myself off and wait to see what my giant lover had in store

for me next.

When I finished wiping myself I laid back on the towel, spent. As I laid there,

Heather stood up just beyond my feet, and I found that I could barely see her

face when she stood to her full height. But I could see it when she leaned her

head forward and looked down upon me. Then, getting a mischievous look, she

spoke. “You know, I've been wondering how we might end our little games. How

would my little Thomas like things to end up? Maybe we should finish it now.”

With that she lifted her right foot and moved it forward towards me. It moved

slowly, coming closer and closer. Soon it began crossing over the top of me. Her

foot cast a giant shadow that began encroached upon my feet. It continued moving

up my legs, then covered my arms and chest, followed lastly by my head. I looked

up at the massive sole above me. It was within arms reach and I reached out to

touch it.

Once again I was rewarded by that feel, the unique feel of sole flesh. I ran my

hands along as much of her sole as I could reach. But as I did this, the sole

began to descend upon me. I watched as it continued downwards with measured

slowness. To my right I could feel her arch, it rose away from me slightly. To

my left I could feel the outside of her sole, it was lower than her arch and

touched me first. It wasn't long before it began to touch most of my front and I

became quickly aroused. The closer it came the more I could smell of her foot.

But, regardless of how close it got, her foot smell never overpowered the smell

that I was covered with from my experience with her vagina earlier. At this

point she spoke once again.

“Would my little man like to go out crushed beneath his object-of-desire? I

could just increase pressure until you popped. Would you like that?” she asked.

She didn't wait for a response, but rather continued increasing the pressure she

was exerting. Initially the sole touched the tip of my nose, the tip of my toes

and my chest, but as she continued her sole contorted so that it was able to

cover the lower parts of the top of my body, like my groin and legs. I found

that I had to turn my head to the side to keep it from being crushed.

Still the pressure increased. I began to find it difficult to continue

breathing, but yet found it incredibly arousing at the same time. I began to

wonder then if she did indeed intend to crush me. The pressure increased to the

point that I began to see stars. Sole flesh, covered the entire front on my

body, then it was over as quickly as it had begun. Heather removed her foot then

and spoke. “Nah, I don't think we'll do it that way. But I'll bet that I had you

going,” she finished with a giggle.

“I'll bet you thought that these games were all for your benefit didn't you? You

have given me some pleasure already, but I'd a little more,” she said while

grabbing me and laying on the bed. She built a layer of pillows behind her back,

spread her legs out before her, and leaned forward and placed me at her feet.

“My feet are tired from my long day, and particularly from wearing those darn

heels, for your benefit I might add. So I've decided that you need to give me a

massage.” She continued while picking up the shrink-gun. “So that you can give

me an effective massage I'm going to make you just a little but bigger.” Then

she aimed, pulled the trigger and, when the haze vanished, I found that I now

stood at the height of six-inches.

She set the gun down then and pointed towards her feet. That was all the

encouragement that I needed. I approached the feet that laid before me and

wondered how I was going to accomplish what I had been instructed to do. Each

time my size changed, my perspective changed, and this was no exception. Her

soles, which I could now cover completely by reaching up with my arms, were just

as gorgeous as ever, just minutely smaller than the previous day. I stopped when

I reached them to consider my first action.

I began to run my hands across the soles with more pressure than any of the

times I had touched them before. But I quickly discovered that I could not get

enough leverage to make much of a difference. I reached to each side of her sole

then, and grasped the edges. This allowed me to use my body to rub the massive

sole. I was rewarded by light moaning sounds from my giant wife. Unfortunately,

my strength was quickly dissipating. I would be unable to hold myself in this

position long. I held myself there as long as I could, but fell backwards onto

my butt.

When Heather felt me let go of her foot, she leaned forward to see what had

happened. When she saw me there, panting lightly, she knew what the problem was

and rolled over and laid on her front-side. She didn't move me from that

position and I knew that she wanted me to continue. This time I climbed onto her

foot and was able to use the weight of my body, as minuscule as it was, to rub

her sole.

I began by rubbing the soft flesh of her arches. I knew she was most likely to

feel it there. I moved from there onto the rougher flesh of the outsides of her

sole, along with the pads of flesh in front of her toes. As I continued I became

more and more tired by the efforts I was expending and laid down prone onto her

flesh and began using my entire body to rub her sole. I finished by scooting

forward slightly and, reaching forward, began to rub her heel with my hands.

When I finished I moved to the other sole and continued stroking and rubbing it

with the energy I had left.

By the time I had finished massaging her soles, I had very little energy left

and I more or less collapsed onto her sole. I laid there for only a moment

before it moved under me and I rolled off onto the bed. Heather leaned up onto

her elbow then and looked at me with a look of thought on her face. Without

speaking she reached for the bottle of lotion that she kept on the night stand

next to the bed. Then, leaning forward, she uncapped the bottle and squirted a

string of the stuff onto each of her soles. Then she spoke, “You look too tired

to continue what you were doing. It felt good, but I thought you might be able

to continue messaging if you had a little help. Now all you have to do is roll

around on my soles and I'll get to continue this.”

I crawled back onto the soles before me and straddled one of the streams of

lotion. She pressed her feet closely together then to keep me from slipping in

between them. I leaned down then and pressed my body into the lotion. It was

like jumping into a cold pool for the first time, but I continued until my body

was completely pressed against her sole. Then, I began to move my body again her

foot to spread the lotion into as much of her foot-sole as I could.

This took a lot less energy than my previous activities had. I continued

spreading the lotion until I had covered every part of her foot that I could

reach. I even took portions of it into my hands and rubbed it into the sides of

her feet. I spent more time rubbing the lotion into her heels and the rougher

skin on the outside of her soles as I had always done at regular size. Because

of the size of the fingers I had then, I was able to get the lotion into

crevices that I had been unable to reach ever before. Once again, I was

experiencing feelings like none I had ever experienced before.

When I felt that her upper soles were sufficiently covered I spun myself around

and continued my efforts. As I moved about, I noticed that, with the combination

of the heat that emanated from her sole and the heat from my body the lotion had

become warm. It covered the front half of my body and my entire forearms. I slid

forward through the lotion then, until I could reach her toes.

I reached forward then and began to stroke the toe ridge before me. I had a

thought then and inserted one of my arms into the space between two of her toes.

To this, Heather lightly squeezed my arm and let out a soft moan. I knew then

that I had found something that pleased my giant mistress. I thrust my arm in as

far as I could and continued pushing until I touched the bed beneath her feet

with my fingers and began to repeat the same thing between all of her toes. When

I was done with that I extracted my arms and used my hands to rub the bottoms of

all ten of her magnificent toes. I ended with her big toes, rubbing one with

each hand, and when done, leaned forward and placed a love-filled kiss on each

one. I just laid there then and rested for a moment.

Heather didn't move for a while, I had actually put her to sleep. I laid there

then myself and slept for a little while, enjoying the slick warmth that I was

lying in. I was awakened by a giant fingertip stroking my back. “That was

wonderful my little man. We should do that more often. But now onto something a

little different. I seem to remember the last time my toenails were painted you

really liked it. I thought I would paint them again for you. Actually I thought

you could paint them for me. Would you mind?”

I found that even though my strength was almost at an end, the idea of painting

my beloved's toenails was giving me some renewed energy. As I sat contemplating

the job of painting her nails, I was startled when a bottle appeared next to me

on the bed. Heather had picked a shade she liked and placed the bottle onto the

bed next to me. Then, unscrewing the cap, she pulled the cap and brush from the

bottle and offered it to me. I took it and approached the toe nearest me. With

long, slow strokes I began my job and was soon done with the first nail.

I admired my work and, after dunking the brush in the bottle, began on the

second toe. I could certainly see the usefulness of being six-inches. Had I been

as small as previously, I could never have even reached over the each of the

bottle of polish. I hummed cheerfully as I continued my task. Toe after toe was

completed and I eventually found my task completed. I blew on the toes, as I had

seen her do to her fingernails before, until they were dry. Once I had finished

Geta looked down at me and my work and smiled. “Good job little one. I think

maybe it's time for a well deserved rest.”

She placed me on the towel once again and placed a small dish of water in front

of me. She didn't have to tell me what it was for. I approached it then and

began to wash myself. I washed as much as I could using my hands, with what

energy I had left. I finished by dunking my entire head in the dish. I could

hear Heather softly laugh as I pulled my head out of the water, causing water to

cascade down my body. As I washed myself I wondered how I would be sleeping this

night and could see that she was once again reaching for the shrink-gun.

With another red flash I found myself returned to my original size of two

inches. See reached for me then and, at the same time, grabbed one of her

tennis-shoes. She brought me to her gigantic face and to her lips. Then, after

placing a lingering kiss on me (that I was almost too tires to appreciate),

placed me into the shoe. She tilted the shoe then causing me to tumble into the

toe of it. This was the same shoe I had been in the day before and I recognized

the scent. The light quickly disappeared then as Heather stuffed a wadded-up

sock into the opening. Then there was a slight shifting, followed by a bump as

she set the shoe down. Then the movement was over for the night. I fell asleep

almost instantly, certainly too soon to enjoy the smell around me. But I rested

contentedly in the confines of the shoe. I was a very happy man.

I slept hard that night and had to be awakened when the morning came. I missed

the light that flooded in, followed by cool air, when Heather removed her sock

from the shoe's opening. I only began to wake when I tumbled forward as Heather

grabbed the shoe and tipped it. I cracked my eyes open just in time to see her

giant fingers reach into the opening and extract me. She placed me onto her palm

and looked at me. She smiled as I looked at her. How could a person look so

absolutely radiant and beautiful in the morning? I stretched myself while lying

in the middle of her palm and returned her smile.

I began to realize that I was hungry then and, remembering the fun of breakfast

yesterday, hoped that I would get a repeat performance. While I thought about

this, Heather walked into the kitchen holding me atop her palm. Unfortunately,

when we reached the kitchen I noticed that there were no eggs and hash browns. I

was placed upon the tabletop then as Heather went to the cupboard and retrieved

a bowl and cereal box. I was disappointed, but I was also quite hungry and

didn't mind how I ate as long as I was able to. I watched in hungry anticipation

while she loudly poured the cereal into the bowl, followed by the milk. She took

her first mouthful and continued till the bowl became nearly empty. It was then

that I realized that I was probably going to get a repeat of my adventures of

yesterday, and I became quite excited then.

She spoke to me as the bowl grew empty. “I figured you would probably want to

get your food like you did yesterday, but in order to keep our little games

interesting, I decided that I would make you work a little for it. You're going

to have to climb up my body in order to get it. But don't worry, I know you

couldn't do it from the floor, so I will lay down and make you do it then.”

Once Heather had taken the last mouthful of food, she began chewing it while

grabbing me and going to lay on the bed. Then she placed me at her feet and laid

back upon her pillows. I looked at her enormous body laying before me and at her

feet to each side, and although I was tempted by her feet, I was more hungry and

I began walking up the valley formed by her legs.

As I walked I reached out and ran my hand along the leg to my right. Heather

laughed a little and I could feel her leg vibrate beneath my ministrations. I

couldn't help but laugh in response, realizing that even at my little size I was

able to affect my giant lover. Eventually I reached the bottom cuff of her

panties. I knew that from the outside I would never be able to get enough of a

grip on it's fabric to climb up, so I had already decided that the best approach

was to go on the inside.

Grasping the edge of the cuff in my hand, I lifted it and ducked inside. It

quickly became harder than I had anticipated, but I pressed on. I slipped and

slid as I proceeded, but was eventually able to make my way to the place where

her legs came together, a place that had a very familiar look and smell.

I could see her sex and surrounding hair by the faint light that filtered

through the fabric. I reached out then and grabbed a handful of her hair. I

pulled myself into the crotch of her panties then and grabbed another handful

with my other hand. Then, like the previous night, I began to climb by using her

hair as a ladder. Only this time I didn't stop on the way up, although I have to

admit it was as tempting as leaving her feet alone had been. As my climb

continued, the skin beneath me began to curve forward and became ever more

level. I was approaching my target.

I soon reached the bottom of the teddie she was wearing and noticed that she had

tucked into her panties and decided that I would go on top of it in my climb and

eventually I reached the elastic band that surrounded my beloved's waist and I

pushed myself under it. The climb, combined with the strength necessary to get

under her waistband, tired me and I laid lightly panting after pulling my last

foot out from under the elastic. I stroked the slick fabric under me with my

idle hand and gathered my strength for the climb that I still had ahead of me.

Having rested momentarily, I stood and began wa

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