Giantess Stories: Mysterious Materia

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Mysterious Materia



Aeris and Tifa were being chased by the Turks, they were after Aeris, of course,

when Cloud tripped and fell.

"Tifa, get Aeris out of here!" Cloud shouted, as the Turks caught up with him.

Tifa reluctantly grabbed Aeris and pulled her away from the scene. They were a

few hundred yards from the town of Kalm. They managed to get there before the

Turks gave chase. When they got there, they found it was a major market day, so

decided to hide out for a while, should the Turks come after them. Sure enough,

they came through the town entrance a few minuets later.

From their

hiding place, Aeris and Tifa saw Reno and Rude split up and start searching the

area, but it was far too busy for them to find the two girls. They had noticed

that Cloud was not with them and assumed the worst.

"We just left him there to be killed, why did you have to force me away, we

could have defeated them together." Aeris sobbed.

"I know your upset, but we will look for him later."

Half an hour later, the market died down and the two girls watched from their

hiding place behind a stall as the Turks gave up hope of finding them and left

the town. After ten minuets they decided that the coast was clear, so left there

hiding place.

They then noticed that a crowd had gathered near the town entrance, as a Chocobo-drawn

carriage pulled up. Aeris and Tifa walked towards it.

“This man has been fatally injured and left for dead on the outskirts of town,

can anybody help?” The Chocobo rider shouted.

Aeris and Tifa looked at the blood soaked man lying in the carriage and saw it

was Cloud.

“He's our friend.” Tifa explained.

“Don't worry about me,” Cloud spluttered, to Aeris and Tifa as he was choking on

blood. “Protect Aeris and stop Shinra.”

Cloud's eye's then shut as he passed away.  “Cloud! Cloud! No!” Tifa cried.


and shaken at the death of their friend, Aeris and Tifa trudged to the Kalm Inn

and bought a room for the night. They talked into the early hours of the

morning, Tifa talking about her close friendship with Cloud and about Nibleheim.

Aeris didn't have much to say, as she had only met Cloud two days ago, but she

felt the loss as much as Tifa. Cloud had saved her life three times, and also

died protecting her. She felt guilty.

“The Turks are gonna pay, and the whole of Shinra!” Tifa shouted, shaking her


“But what can we do? We are too weak to fight a major force like Shinra. Look

how easily they destroyed the members of Avalanche.” Aeris replied.

“Excuse me! I'm a member of Avalanche and while I'm alive, Avalanche is alive.

We will figure something out in the morning, now get some rest.”

In the morning during breakfast, Aeris and Tifa made a decision to stick

together and go on a long journey so Aeris could develop her already powerful

magic power, and Tifa could develop her strength and fighting skills. They would

meet people willing to save the planet and recruit them as members of Avalanche.

Then they would return to Midgar and put an end to Shinra once and for all.

As they made their way to the exit of the town, they were approached by an old

and weathered looking women.

"I know about your hatred for Shinra and wish to help you."

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a materia that was not of any color

the two girls had seen.

"I wish to give you this Materia. It's properties are unknown, as is its power.

I have been searching this world to find someone who had enough magic to use it,

but after 150 years, no one has ever come close. But finally, as my life is

ending, I have found someone to harness its power." She offered the materia to


"Me?" she questioned. Aeris said this modestly, knowing she had a lot of magic

within her, but she never thought that it would be as much as this old woman was

making out.

"Yes," she answered, "you are the one to whom this materia should be passed. But

beware, the power of this materia is a mystery. If it requires a lot of magic to

be used, it's power must be immense. Be careful."

She handed it to Aeris and fell to the floor.

"Worry not about me, I have lived a long life and my time has come." With that

the old woman died and faded away into the floor.

“Poor woman. Rest in peace.” Aeris said.

They started on their way as Tifa asked, "Are you not in the least bit

interested in that materia you were just given?"

"Of course I am, but we must get away from the town if it is as powerful as the

owner made out."

They exited the town and traveled a couple of miles into an open area away from

any towns and villages.

“Come on then.” Tifa said, impatiently.

Aeris nodded, took her staff and attached the mysterious materia to it. She told

Tifa to stand well back as she brought her staff to the casting position. She

closed her eyes and began casting the magic. She felt the power of the materia

start to come and as she was covered in the familiar green light, she knew what

the materia's powers were. She opened her eyes and used the magic.

Tifa watched in fear as Aeris opened her eyes, looked directly at her and

pointed the staff  in her direction. Then a bright green light came from the

staff and enveloped her. She shielded her eyes from the light and after a few

seconds the light was gone.

She opened her eyes and looked around. She found she was in a different place,

but couldn't figure out where. There were tall plants about her height all

around her. Aeris was nowhere to be seen.

“Aeris,” she shouted, “where are you? Where am I? Why did you use the magic on


Aeris knew what she had done and knew it was safe when she learned what the

materia's power was. She could use it to make anything or anyone any size she

wanted. She had shrunk Tifa down to an inch in height, and she was going to show

her just how powerful she now was compared to her.

From the moment the two had met in Midgar, Aeris had been jealous of Tifa's

breast's, even though her's weren't small. But her clothes didn't show her

figure as well as Tifa's did. Now she was going to show Tifa what she was made


She undid the top two buttons of her blouse, and knelt down and put her hands on

the floor in front of her so she was walking on all fours. She bowed her head

and looked at her impressive breasts hang down and started crawling to the

position that she blasted Tifa.

Tifa felt frightened as she heard some loud noises coming from in front of her.

Then she froze as she saw something in the air far above her. The object came

down and squashed all the plants to the left of her. Then the same thing

happened to the right of her. She followed the fleshy colored object up high

into the sky until she noticed that they were attached to a body. A female body,

impossibly big, showing breasts hanging down, one of which could easily crush

her bar back in Midgar. They were slightly obscured by the pink colored blouse

that the monster wore.

Pink blouse? She knew who the massive person was and as she followed the neck to

the face, she confirmed that it was Aeris in front of her.

Tifa was glued to the spot as

she saw Aeris staring directly at her. Then a smile came across her face.

“Don't worry Tifa,” Aeris' voiced boomed, “I'm

not going to hurt you.”

“How'd you get so big?” Tifa asked, but she could not be heard at her present


Then she realized, the tall plants around her were not plants at all. They

blades of grass. She had been shrunk by the new materia.

“Stand still and I will return you to normal."

Aeris said, but then a brief pause ensued. "No,

wait. I have a better idea.” With that,

Aeris lifted herself to her feet.

Tifa became frightened as the giant Aeris stood up. Compared to her current

height she guessed that Aeris had to be about three hundred feet tall. Tifa

wondered what she was going to do now. Aeris took two steps backwards.

Tifa watched as Aeris brought her staff up to casting position again. She was

going to return her to normal, or so she thought. Aeris cast the spell and the

green light covered her once again.



Rufus shouted at Reno and Rude "You know how important the flower

girl is to us."


and Rude had returned to Midgar and went to the penthouse suite of the Shinra

tower to report to the president of Shinra. As you could probably tell he was

less than happy.

"Well, tomorrow, you are going to search for and

find Aeris, and to make sure you block-heads succeed, me and Elena will be

coming along. That way, we shall get no trouble."

They all met at the exit gates of Midgar and

decided that they would go to the last known place of Aeris and Tifa, and

enquire as to there whereabouts. They arrived at Kalm and asked the inn keeper

if he had seen the two girls in question. As he didn't know that the people he

was talking to were from Shinra, he told them that Aeris and Tifa had stayed the

night and had left less than an hour ago.


couldn't have gotten far then!" Reno said.

"There are only two ways they could have gone, the

road to Midgar, which we had taken, or the road towards the Chocobo farm." Elena

pointed out.

"Well then let's get on that road!" Rufus ordered.

They started out on the road to the Chocobo farm.

After a few miles, Rude thought he saw something of a pink color about a half a

mile of the road.

"Give me the

binoculars, Reno."

"Just as I thought. There she is over there," he

pointed at the far off figure "but she's on her own and she look's like she's

picking flowers."

"OK! Let's get a bit closer and see what she is

doing." Rufus said pointing at a rock "We'll hide behind that."

They moved closer to Aeris' position and hid

behind the large rock. They spied on her for a bit and wondered what she was

doing. She began crawling across the ground and looked like she was talking to


"Come on boss, let's nab her." Elena asked.

"No, let's watch her for a minute." Rufus replied.

Aeris stood up and took a few steps back and

picked up her staff. Then she started casting a spell. The familiar green light

shot out from the staff as she pointed it at the floor.

When the green light cleared, Tifa looked up and

saw that she was no longer in the jungle of grass that she was previously in,

and thought that she was now back to normal. She looked around and saw no sign

of Aeris and wondered where she had gone. She then realized that something was

wrong again and wondered what Aeris had done to her this time. The landscape had

changed. The mountains in the distance were at a different angle to before, and

the rocks and boulders that had littered the landscape had gone.

Then it hit her. It was obvious to her now. Aeris

had the ability to change the size of things with the new materia. She looked

down to the ground and what she saw made her realize what had happened. She saw

what looked like small stones scattered about the green of the grass. These were

the rocks and boulders that she was walking among earlier. She had become big.

Very big.

"What the hell is that!!?” Rufus asked.

He craned his neck backwards and looked up high

into the sky. Only sky wasn't what he saw. He saw a pair of woman's legs that he

estimated at about 500ft long. As he followed them up, he saw that she wore a

pair of white underwear and that she wore a very short black skirt. He tried to

look at the face of the giant woman, but his view was obscured by a massive pair

of breasts, in a vest that was struggling to hold them. He didn't need to see

the face to know that this was the girl that had helped rescue Aeris.

Tifa stood still, knowing that Aeris was on the

ground somewhere near her feet. She was scared to move thinking that she might

crush her, but got a mighty rush from the power of being big. She also thought

about the way she dressed and imagined what the view would be like from someone

looking up from between her feet.

She was stood there barely a minute when the

familiar green light hit her again and she was returned to normal size, standing

in front of Aeris.

"My god, that was amazing, with this power we can

stop Shinra easily." She told Aeris, but there was no reply.

Aeris was so worn out from using the Materia that

she passed out. Tifa went over to Aeris with some concern, but realized that she

was in no danger and decided that she should rest. Little did she know that the

Turks and Rufus were about to reveal themselves.

"Well, well, well, that was very impressive."

Rufus said as he ghosted onto the scene from his hiding spot, followed by the


Tifa turned

and saw them standing there, but before she could do anything, she was knocked

unconscious by Reno.

Rufus called for the Highwind to come and pick

them up. They returned to Midgar, with Aeris and Tifa as prisoners. When they

were safely locked away in cells, Rufus called a meeting in the conference room

of the Shinra tower.

"Our main objective," he started, "is still to get

the information out of the ancient as to where the promised land is. But now we

have another objective. This is the materia that Aeris had attached to her

weapon which allowed her to make Tifa a giant, but none of us could get the

materia to work. Hojo, I want you to begin trying to make this materia usable."

Hojo grabbed the materia off Rufus and gave it a

long look, "I will see what I can do."

"Dismissed!" Rufus said as he called an end to the


Aeris woke up in a familiar room and noticed that

she was in a Shinra holding cell. She looked round and saw Tifa on the floor,

still sleeping. She walked over to her and started shaking her.

"Wake up Tifa!"

Tifa's eyes opened slowly, "What happened?" she


"I don't know, but it looks like we've been

captured by Shinra. They have taken all our weapons and materia." Aeris


"Damn, not again."

She stood up and looked around a bit, looking for

a way to escape.

"If I can get us out of here and get the materia

back to you, will you have enough strength to use it?" Tifa enquired.

"Yes, I think I could." Aeris replied.

"Good. Because I have a plan!"

To be continued...

Giantess Stories: Mysterious Materia

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