Giantess Stories: Naomi by wilfred

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Naomi by wilfred

Reviewd by B. tweenercheeks

Rated a 9 out of 10

If you like vore and ass shrinking stories then


"Naomi" is for you.  Wilfred's non-chalant descriptions put

you right in the scene.  His approach is more realistic than most

writers - treating the confrontaion between the giantess and shrunken

people with a tilt towards the horror that it would really be rather

than the sexy fetish that we imagine it to be. The story is actually

four mini stories of Naomi's use of shrunken couples for her

pleasure.  Wilfred exhibits a vocabulary and writing style not

usually seen in giantess stories.  I liked the story, the description

of Naomi, and especially, the vore and ass scenes.


Giantess Stories: Naomi by wilfred

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