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Natural Habitat

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Natural Habitat

Greg West walks down the hallway. You can hear his feet hit the floor. Greg

enters his office just as the phone starts to ring.

”Hello, Who is it?

Greg, I want my update? How is the project going? Will it finish on time?

”Well everything is done, we are just waiting on the watch, but i want some

answers here. I want the full story. Its going to be my life on the line here. I

deserve the right to know what im risking my neck for.”

”Alright, alright. Well the purpose of this project is to run a study. A study

on our own society. At this point in time our crime rates are through the roof.

We have kids being shot at school. Buildings being bombed. We are suppose to be

the strongest country in the world, but we cant even control our own people. So

we decided to send people to watch families first hand. We believe its the

parents that are causing the kids to act like this. All we need is documented

proof and then we can nip this problem in the butt. Now as you have probably

already figured out. We cant just send someone into a house at random because

obviously the family wont act normally. So that is where the machine comes in. I

know for all these years you have been trying to figure what the hell the thing

does. Well its a shrinking machine. It breaks a person down so that you are just

cells. Then it puts you back together in a identical from to what you are only

smaller. When god made man he made our structure imperfect. When you are shrunk

your body is the perfect machine. You will be able to lift more, run faster, you

are more durable, less likely to take on a disease.”

”I dont know what to say. I didnt know what to expect but i definately didnt

expect this. I will be able to return to my normal size right?”

”Of course you will be able to return to your full size. I do have a few more

things to tell you. I dont want you to feel like we are keeping anything from

you. When you reduce the size you are at then is your base size. Your probably

confused, well that watch we are making for you is pretty special. The watch is

what the machine locks onto. Without the watch we wont be able to bring you

back. But thats not all the watch does. The watch has enough power to make you 4

inches tall for a limited time. Once that time is up you will reduce back down

to your base size.”

”Well i guess i understand everything. Its just all so overwhelming. So what

family am i going to be field testing this with?”

”The Macy family, are you familar with them?”

”Yeah I believe so dont they live in high class section of town? They have the

mansion next to the golf course right?”

”Yes, exactly right. They also have two daughters Larisa and Anna Macy. I don't

think you would have met them. They go to a private high school. Now if there is

nothing else I guess this would be goodbye until you return from your mission”

”Wait a minute, I have something else to report. The past couple weeks there has

been reports of break ins but nothing has been missing. Im afraid we might have

a spy amongst us.”

”All you can do is increase security. This must go on. Too much money has been

invested, and too much is at stake. This is for the improvement of our

civilization. Every civilization has that one defining moment. That moment when

they either decline or rise. The romans had there when ceaser became there

leader and living style got better. This will be ours. We can make our country

safe. This is bigger then just me and you. All we have to do is determine what

part of development the child is most vulnerable to start violent traits and

then we nip it in the but at that stage. Now gets some rest its going to be a

big day tommorow”

The next morning it was a cloudy and humid day. The pavement is wet from last

nights rain shower. As Greg gets up he feels somehow different. Its more like a

feeling that he has never expierenced before. Greg however just shakes it off

and gets ready for his mission. This has been a busy year for greg. This is his

3rd assignment in past year. Then on top of that the school still expects him to

get all his homework in on time.

”Enough thinking greg, Thinking to yourself gets you killed. You think for

yourself, and you react thats all there is to life. Read and React, Now I better

get to the lab.”

Greg barely gets in the door and last peice of his gear is thrusted upon him.

”Greg now listen closely this watch is the most important piece of gear you

have. There is only one of these. This watch contains your entire body make up.

Everything about you is in this watch. Its made specifically for you. We can

tell exactly how your doing at all times just from this watch. However, if it

breaks or is damaged when you at your reduced state we are not quite sure what

happens to you. Now put it on. We dont have much time. We need you in the house

by 2pm and the reducing process takes several hours”

Greg grabs the watch and puts it on. As he buckles the watch the band to the

watch dissappears. Greg stares at where the badn to watch should be but it isnt.

Its just his skin.

”Oh yes i forget to tell you. The watch will em bed itself into you. Now that

doesnt mean it cant come off or get damaged. It just makes it harder for you to

lose and less noticeable. Now climb onto this bed. Once you are laying down you

have 1 minute to get comfortable and then the process will start. Once it starts

you will feel yourself getting tired. Dont fight it, just let whatever happens,

happens. Once your process is compliment we will let your understudy grace pick

you up from the bed and take you to the house. Goodluck sir:

The room is cleared out before greg even makes it to the bed. Just like as

predicted. Greg starts to get sleepy. Before he even realizes it he is asleep

Greg turns over and gets up slowly. He picks himself up off the bed expecting

his feet to be hanging over the edge. The mission and everything else slowly

trickles back to him. As greg looks at himself he notices one horrible problem.

His base size was suppose to be 6 inches so incase he would get into any

problems he could change his size to 2 feet, but i look like im around a inch.

Im sure they will fix it.

”Greg? Greg? Are you ready to get started cutie?”

”Oh great that must be”

Before greg even gets a chance to complete his sentence grace comes into view.

Her long dark brown hair, her yellow t-shirt and tight jeans. She looks

gorgeous, you notice all the small details about her. How her nose crinkles up

when she looks at you. How her deep blue eyes look so tranquil. Just like when

you see the ocean and watch waves hit the beach then descend back into the ocean

to only do it again. Its just somehow very relaxing. As grace bends down the

tips of her long brown hair circle all around you.

”Hiya Greg, I thought you were suppose to be bigger but we dont have time to

discuss that we have 45 minutes to get you to the house. Now I cant really just

carry you out the door. You and this mission are classified you know that. You,

and everything about is top secret, and not to mention this mission is pretty

hush hush so it makes it even more of a priority that no one sees you leave. Im

really sorry but im going to have put you in my pocket. I dont know where else

to put you. My purse is a mess and no wher else would be discreate.”

Without even a chance to respond. Grace already has me in her hands. I try to

say something but as I stand up in her hands I tumble over. The surface of her

palm is very unstable. Its solid yet unstable. I am relieved that Grace didnt

notice my little fall. I have always been a very proud person and I hate people

to see any weakness in me. Then the floor which is Graces hand tilts and Istart

to slide down her hand, then I roll into her pocket. I can see her pulling the

opening of the pocket open as far as it goes. Once I land at the bottom of her

pocket I wave to her to tell that im okay. She then lets go of the pocket and I

am surrounded by darkness. As Grace starts to walk I am thrown about the pocket.

I attempt to pound on her leg to tell her that this isnt going to work but she

feels nothing. I can easily hear her talking to Jim the doorman as she fills out

her leave time form. I have never enjoyed having to sign out everytime I wanted

to leave or go somewhere away from the base but this is the first time I have

ever welcomed it. The pause has given me a chance to catch my breath. I try to

secure myself better but as Grace once again starts moving I am helplessely

strewn about the pocket. We finally arrive at her car. I can hear the keys of

her car jingle. They sound so loud it hurts my ears. My ears just want to bleed

as they jingle around. Grace then sits down and starts her car. The rumble of

the car vibrates my entire body. I can feel every part of my body jiggling

The car finally stops. I can feel Grace running. Then I see light for the first

time in abotu 30 minutes. All I see is her hand everywhere. I am plucked from

her pocket and set down on the porch. Grace then looks down at me and blows me a

kiss. I look up at her.

”Grace its night time what happened?”

She only smiled, rang the doorbell, waved goodbye and ran back to her car. This

bothered me a little bit. I was suppose to be here in the afternoon and here it

is night time and im just getting here. As the door swings open a impossibley

tall blonde teenager stands in doorway. Your body says move and your legs say


”Anna who is at the door hun?

”I dont see anyone mom”

Not wanting to spend the night outside you force yourself to run. You dive into

thick carpet as the door closes. You scurry behind a few pairs of tennis shoes

and then you run under a reclining chair. Just as you run under teh chair

someone sits down. You dig around in your backpack of supplies for a pen paper

and start listening in on the conversastion. To Be Continued.......

Im not sure when it happened exactly but sometime last night while listening in

on the conversastion i fell asleep. As i awoke it was very early in the morning.

Light barely shone through the window as I crept out from under the chair. Each

step I took was a journey in itself. The answer to the age old question of what

seperates man from beast? It is size, and size alone. When your big, you dont

feel scared becuase your bigger, adn stronger, and faster. But when your just a

inch or so in height, your scared and timid. But I pushed all my fears to the

back of mind just like a trained operative does. I made my way to the kitchen

table since that is the first logical place that they would go in the morning.

However after last nights blunder I have decided to use electronic recording.

The only bad side being I have to make sure i am in range of who i am trying to

listen too.

They have a very old antique table. Each leg of the table has hand carved

designs. Not only does this make the table orginal and gorgeous it also makes it

easy to climb. The carved spaces make great footholds. As i reach the top I

surmise that I dont have much time left. On the table there are 3 place

settings, and in teh middle of the table a salt and pepper shaker, A suger bowl,

and some cream for coffee. I instinctively just headed for the sugar bowl. Just

as I climbed into the bowl i heard the click clack, click clack of someone

entering the kitchen. At first i buried myself in the sugar but then the side

mission side of me took over. The sense of duty, and honor for not only my

country but the for its future. I pushed all my fears all the way to my soul and

locked them away for now.

I peered over the edge of the suger bowl. I saw a dark haired woman head towards

the table. She set some pop tarts and a glass of orange juice on the table. As

she walks away i get a good look at her. She looks to be the mom. She has on

short business skirt and a blazer. Her hair is styled nicely but has a rather

natural look to it. As she walks back to the table and sits down i quickly duck

my head below the rim. So she doesnt detect my presence. Quietly and rather

uneventfully she ate her pop tarts and drank her juice. She then got up and

walked out theback door towards the garage.

What started out only seeming like hours stretched into decades. For the first

time in my life i watched the sun rise and the world come to life. I started

thinking abotu how much harder this mission is going to be. Im not just spying

on these people im trying to find out what makes them tick. All my thoughts were

interupted as a bowl was set down on the table. I once again peered over the

edge. This time seeing one of the girls. I am however unsure of which one. As i

wait to see her face so I can get visual confirmation of who I am exactly

looking at a monsterous wall is placed down infront of me. As my eyes scan up

the wall I am puzzled by way they would place a wall on there table. And not

just a normal a flawlessly smooth wall, it was orange for the most part with

discoloration at the center of the wall. Just as I am abotu to move to find a

new spot the entire structure of the wall is tilted. The word KIX is placed

almost infront of my face that is no wall at all. Its cereal. Gigantic boulders

come flying out of the the box. Each boulder big enough to crush my head i would

guess. I then see a second giantess sit down at the table. She follows the same

suit as the girl before her by grabbing the cereal. I turn my attention to the

first girl since I can more easily see her. As she takes her first bite she has

a exresssion of disgust fall across her face.

"Rats, I forgot the sugar. You could have reminded me Larisa."

Larisa sticks out her tongue at the other girl. "And miss you make that face and

get all perturbed. Even though it ruins your day it sure as hell makes my day to

know i ruined your morning"

"This is to perfect. Sibling Rivalry, maybe this will give me some hints." Since

I was so busy listening in I wasnt putting two and two together. A gigantic

shovel was plundged into my world. I was pushed over from behind. I only hand

time to look and see Larisa's arm moving back towards her bowl. At that same

time the other girl who must be Anna since that is Larisa shoves her shovel into

the bowl. I try to run but as I stand up I only sink into the sugar. I look back

at her waving my arms not wanting to get eaten but she isnt even looking down at

me. She is to busy arguing with her sister. As I except my fate to drown in

sugar I hit the bottom. That is when i notice im moving. I grab the side of the

spoon just moments before she tilts the spoon. The sugar rolls off the spoon and

only I remain clinging to the edge of the spoon. Anna still not looking at her

spoon i am plundged under freezing ice cold milk. I try to find a way to get my

head above the milk but I cant do that without letting go of the edge. I then

feel a blast of heat roll ripple over the milk. Something then rips across my

back almost pulling me off the spoon. I look back to only see Anna's lips.

Before I even have time to react my bruised back, swollen arms, are plundged

again into the ice cold milk. Gigantic mounds of kix are everywhere. I can only

hold on. I am relieved my body is how did they say? Perfectly put together. I

dont know if I could have survived all that normally. But before i have a chance

to give it any further thought the now familar wave of heat coming from the

mouth of Anna ripples across the milk. I can smell her foul morning breath as

the cereal and milk are racked from the spoon. Her teeth deepen the bruises on

my back and rip clothes to shreds now. This goes on for a good 6 minutes i would

guess. Finally the spoon is dropped into the milky water. Only little bits of

the ceral is left floating in bowl. I float on my back and relax all my muscles.

I breathe a sigh of relief just happy to still be alive. That is when I see a

black whole open up from above. A million pieces of ceral which look like rocks

to me come flying into the bowl. I dive down as far as i can swim into cold

milk. I just peak my head above and cling onto one of the near by floating rocks

to only see a waterfall of milk drenched upon my naked body. The milk now

returns to its icy cold state. I can see the milk slighty crystallized. I try to

swim for the spoon but all the ceral blocks my path. I only see a silver object

moving at light speed slam beneath the milky water. Then as it rises I am

tumbled end over end in waves of milk until i crash into the side of the bowl.

From above i hear the defeaning sound of Anna.

"GOD DAMNIT thats twice."

I dont have to wonder too long what is twice as heavy snow flakes bombard the

milky water. I admire for a moment how the once puny grains of sugar now look so

massive. Still they are smell but they look so much bigger. I dive my sticky,

and now itchy from sugar body below the milk hoping to wash off someof the

sugar. As I poke my head above the water Anna's spoon clobbers me in the head.

My body floats lifelessly amongst ceral as this teenage titaness continues to

just simply eat her morning breakfast.

Spoon full by spoonfull Anna dips her spoon into the bowl and removes more and

more of the cereal as our hero helplessly floats amongst her breakfast.

Unfortuneatly luck finally vanishes as Anna scoops up Greg and more of the now

soggy food. The spoon near her wide open mouth. Milk from the previous spoon

fulls drip from the top teeth and splash down like rain droplets to her mouth

below. The droplets of milk dripping onto her tongue and bottom row of teeth

just like blood drips from the lions mouth after a kill. The ferocious looking,

deadly teeth only getting nearer and nearer to greg.

Wanting to just run away and hide as a thousand thoughts rush through Greg's

head. As the mouth gets nearer and nearer he does the only thing that he can do.

Greg throws himself over the side of the spoon. The world spins around almost as

if your in a Indy car going top speed trying to sight see. Greg plows into a

hard surface that has no give. A thousand tiny needles pierce his body or so it

feels like. As he picks himself up Greg tries to look around. As he looks about

he sees nothing but a large wooden expanse in all directions. The booming voices

from the girls are still near by. Greg moves his head ever so slowly so he

doesn't attract attention to himself.

As the fog clears from Greg's head he finds himself laying on the table. Now

in a very noticeable spot Greg starts moving back towards the table leg where he

first climbed up onto here. As he slowly inches across the table Greg can't help

but think how this mission has been nothing but a failure. Thinking that he

might just abort the mission and explain the faults to his superiors. The

thought of shrinking a man and spying on people is wrong to start with and it is

devious. The risks are just to great to have to place on a mans life. Regardless

of whether or not it is for the bettering of a entire soceity. Its just not

right to practically force someone into this.

“I cant believe you Ana your such a ditz sometimes.”

“What did you call me? You did not just call me a ditz? Tell me you did not

just say that?”

“Ohhhh what is big bad Ana going to do about it? Huh? Is Ana going to stop

me? Sis we may look alike but that is where it ends. Your the shopping, non

athletic, party girl who hangs out with her little social click of friends and

doesn't pay any attention to anyone who is not involved in your little world.

Me, however it pisses you off that I am athletic, funny, intelligent, and people

actually like me for more then my looks and who I hang out with. I am

individualistic and you are like hiyenna who has to be in a pack. You, You are

nothing but a tramp and a bitch. You horny, sex craved slut and if mom ever

found out the things you do she would be ashamed of you, But most of all

embarrassed to call you her daughter.”

Ana stands up but as she stands up she knocks over her glass of orange juice.

In a fury she grabs the over turned glass and her bowl and sets both in the sink

while she rips off a paper towel. Quickly walking back over Ana wipes up the

spilled orange juice and tosses the soaking wet paper towel in the garbage can.

She then roughly punches Larisa in the back before she heads upstairs.

As Greg continues to inch across the table he hears a loud crash then is

flooded with a orange liquid. The acid from the juice burns Greg's eyes. He

screams out but cannot be heard because of the arguing that has insued between

the girls.. Greg paddles against the wash of orange juice just to survive this

mess. Just as the unrelenting stream of orange juice starts to subside a ceiling

of white appears over his head and then starts to lower. Greg starts to run no

longer caring about being seen. The white wall which is now clearly a paper

towel soaking up the mess is everywhere. The hand is sweeping across the table

sending waves of orange juice crashing against Greg. The last sweep sends him

flying off the table and down to the floor with a loud thud. Greg's legs quiver

like a lost child's lower lip when he realizes that he has lost his parents.

Even though feeling nothing but pain in his legs from the fall Greg starts in a

dead run towards Ana's Tigger slippers. As he reaches her foot which is encased

in the soft slipper Greg pulls himself up and straddles the neck of Tigger as

Ana heads up the stairs towards her bedroom. Greg watches from his perch as he

enters Ana's room. It looks to be a typical teenagers room accept its unusually

clean and organized. Ana immediately heads into the bathroom. .

Ana steps out of her slippers and steps into the shower. She tosses her

bathrobe out into her bedroom and then turns on the water. Immediately Ana is

blasted with hot scalding water. Immediately Ana grabs her wash cloth and

lathers it up. She lets out a relaxing sigh as the hot, hot water runs down her

body. She hurriedly runs the wash cloth over herself and then shampoo's her

hair. She gently massages and strokes the shampoo into her hair. She rolls her

head back the water pelts her head and slowly washes the shampoo away.

The world moving by at a blistering pace Greg struggles to hold onto the

slipper. His head pounding and ringing in unison with Ana's steps. Greg starts

to slip just as the slipper stops moving. A pale blurry figure shoots out from

the slipper and Greg grabs onto the object by instinct alone. As soon as he does

so Greg wonders what on earth he has just done as the foot he is on descends

into a large white basin. Immediately followed by burning hot water that hits

Greg's body. He screams as the water assaults his body. All he can do is hold on

and cry as the hot water burns his skin. The unrelenting pain is just about too

much to bear until by chance alone the washcloth happens to run sweep across

Greg's position. As he holds onto the end of washcloth Greg loses his grip and

ends up flying into a mess of wet tangled hair. Breathing a heavy sigh of relief

for the first time in awhile. Greg reaches out and grabs some of the lather from

the side of Ana's face, but just as he does so he catches a hint of peach in the

air. Greg is then covered in a peachy shampoo. Ana's hands unknowingly massage

Greg's body into her scalp. Her fingers prod Greg's body. Her fingers work over

his sensitive area and arouse him. As he tries to yell to stop his mouth is

covered in the peachy shampoo. Trying not to release his load Greg struggles to

maintain his hold. Ana's constant prodding finally stops just before he is about

to orgasm. She tilts her head backwards and Greg is left holding onto her wet

shampooed hair for dear life. As he stares down at what looks like a million

feet down. The water rushes over her head and down her hair. The never ending

stream of water is slowly eating away at Greg's strength. Thousands of pounds of

water rushing over him is just about driving Greg insane and then finally she

steps out of the shower.

Ana jumps out of the shower and walks out of her bathroom and into her

bedroom. As she sits down at her desk she starts to tightly braid her hair and

then wraps a black scrunchy around the beginning of the braid. Looking over at

her clock Ana quickly throws on some khaki shorts and a white tanktop. As she

runs over to her closet she grabs a pair of black socks and her hiking boots as

she heads downstairs and towards the car.

As Ana steps out of the shower Greg holds on to her wet, slick hair. As he

bounces from side to side Greg starts to get a sick feeling. As he is about to

throw up he starts to feel himself being twisted and then thrusted into Ana's

hair. Greg tries to push himself out but the tight, closely compacted hair is to

strong. Greg can feel himself being encased in a tomb of hair. Pounding and

kicking at anything he can as the hair is twisted around his body Greg is

forcefully, subdued against his will. In a moment he can feel himself swaying

side to side and hitting up against the back of Ana's neck. As she runs down

stairs he can feel himself flying every which way.

“Hey Ana, your not wearing those socks are you?”

“Yeah, why not? What is wrong with these socks?”

“And your outfit! You look like fucking Lara Croft only without her


“Shut up Larisa!, just because I am not a athletic, out doors girl like you

doesn't mean you can shit on me all day long.”

“Whatever!!, Anyway I was just trying to say your feet are going to sweat in

those dark black socks. Its almost 90 today and you aren't wearing tennis shoes

your wearing hiking boots but,..”

“Well you can just stop right there because I don't care these hiking boots

go with this outfit so whatever”

With that said Greg tries to struggle free as Ana heads outside. Finally

deciding that its hopeless he sighs and thinks about how long this day is going

to be.

The longer I spent in this tomb of hair the more and more I began to hate it. I

wanted to scream but my mouth is gagged with her hair. Ana's hair pushed up into

my nose so when I breathe in all I can smell is her peach scented shampoo. The

smell makes my head spin and pound with each peachy breath I take. All I can

think about is escaping this horrible smell, this over powering peach smell that

is slowly driving me insane. My head cries out for a strand of sanity that is

slowly slipping away. I fight for the ability to move my arms, my legs, to be

able to turn my head but. All the abilities fail me. With each step she takes I

can feel her hair pound against her back. Each jolt is sent through her hair and

down my spine. Minutes, hours, days, years, I don't know. I have no sense of

time. The more I struggle the more I fail. All effort I make is immediately

replaced with me sliding back down to where I was. The oils in her hair run down

my skin tickling my body and driving me more and more insane. My now paralyzed

body is slowly giving up hopes on ever escaping this rotten predicament. My head

begin spin round and round from the constant stench of peach. I soon thankfully

passed out.

Ana continues about her school day unknowingly transporting Greg around with

her from class to class.

“Hey Becca, You want to go shopping after school today? I saw this sweater at

the mall a couple days ago that I really want.”

“Well okay, You know you never have to ask me twice to go shopping.”

“Okay but we need to stop by my house after this class then. I need to change

into my shopping clothes.”

Becca and Ana walk off towards history class. Both of them sit through class

boringly. Ana would play with hair by wrapping her braids around her finger and

then watching it unwrap from around finger to only re wrap her hair around the

finger. Finally class ends with a shake of her head Ana's hair is once again

slammed into her back and then the girls are out of class. After a short trip in

the car they are both at Ana's house. Ana rushes up stairs blatantly ignoring

Larisa and her friend. Ana quickly changes and then runs back down stairs.

“Ready to go Becca?”

“Well yeah of course but you can't wear braids with that outfit girl. Here

let me take them out quick.”

Becca quickly remove the scrunchy and tight braids. She runs her hands

through Ana's hair a couple of times and then Ana shakes her head which then

sends her hair flying from side to side. Then with a nod of agreement from Becca

both girls head out the door.

Greg is awoke with the sound of his body being twisted around something. The

pressure growing tighter and tighter. The pain almost too much for Greg to

handle Then thankfully the pressure is released and he can feel his body being

untied. Greg breathes a sigh of relief that he is still all in one piece, but

just as he starts to get comfortable. Starting at his feet Greg can feel a

enormous pressure. But this time much worse then before. Greg can feel his body

being once again forced to wrap around something. Greg screams as his back is

twisted around something, Greg can feel the strain on his spine which causes

tears to stroll down the side of face. Soon his head and neck is wrapped around Deana Carter Pictures, Deana Carter Pics, Deana Carter Wallpaper, Deana Carter Hot or Not » Deana Carter Hot Or Not?

same object. Greg tries to fight free but he is just to weak. The pain only

increases as the girl wraps her hair around her finger. Finally the pressure is

released and flying motion is felt in the pit of Greg's stomach. Soon for the

umpteenth time Greg feels like he is on a carnival ride as Ana's hair is sent

flying through air. Then the air is sent out of Greg's lungs as he hears a slam

of the car door. He moans and groans as Ana gets situated. This is the first

time Greg has felt so much of Ana's pressure on his body. The short car ride

seems to take forever but once Ana gets out of the car Greg can do nothing be

rejoice in his head, because he is free of that immense pressure. The longer he

spends enwrapped in this hair the less and less Greg feels like he is apart of

the human race. As Ana runs up stairs he over hears a portion of a conversastion

between the two sister. He is then lifted along with Ana's hair high into the

air and then sent into Ana's backside and the process repeats itself as she runs

down the stairs. Then without warning Greg starts to feel his body being

untwisted. Then in a single motion Greg is free left hanging from Ana's hair.

Two fingers are sent rushing down either side of Greg and then he is sent flying

through the air as Ana shakes her head. Suspecting death Greg closes his eyes

and awaits death but he soon collides into a padded wall and then slams into a

soft squishy floor. The Bruised and beaten Greg stares up from his new location.

The slam of the door is sent echoing through air and at the same moment Greg

realizes that he is not with Ana. But if he is not with her then where is he?

“Larisa are we going to go soon? I am tired of being inside. We had to be

inside at school all day now lets go.”

“Hold your horses Nat(Natalie). Your sure impatient today.”

“Well I want to do something so lets go. You don't mind if I put these on

inside here do you?”

“Fine, I would say go ahead but I can see you have already started.”

“Sorry, I know I'm just excited”

“Damn girl, those dogs don't get let out enough. Put your feet back in before

you stink the whole house up.”

“I told you I should have showered before we came but oh no you had to hound

me out of my shower. You know I sweat allot during soccer practice.”

“Don't take it so personally, I know I was just playing around with you.”

Greg starts to walk around his surroundings but cant figure out exactly where

he is. As he starts to walk back up towards where he can see the light in this

strange tunnel he starts feel whatever he is in being picked up. The movement of

whatever he is in is sends him crashing into the walls of this object. Just as

quickly as it all starts the movement stops. Greg finds himself looking up at a

gigantic opening. Not having seen light in a long time Greg welcomes the ability

to see daylight and breathe fresh air into his lungs. With finding no way to

escape Greg sits down with his back against the wall but as soon as he does so

he sees a large dark navy blue object hovering in the sky. At first not thinking

much of it Greg passes it off as nothing but soon he notices the object

descending closer and closer. Quickly realizing its a foot Greg runs towards the

toe end of this strange shoe. As Greg runs as fast as he can he tries to figure

out what kind of shoe this is. It just feels different then a shoe feels like.

Greg looks back and see the foot right behind him and not stopping. Greg lets

out a scream as the foot runs over him. He tries to move to squirm his way out

but the foot forces him down into the floor of this shoe. The bottom of the foot

is forced over the face of Greg. The hot musty moist sock molds itself around

Greg. The more he moves the more the wet damp sock sticks to him.

“Come on Larisa, lets go rollerblading already”

“Okay I'm ready lets go”

Shit no, screams through Greg's mind. This, can't be a rollerblade, it can't

be. What is going to happen to me when she stands up. This stench, I got to get

away from this smell. God help me!!!

br>I have never been in a world of total darkness until now. My eyes are open

yet I cant see. My mind reeling with insanity. Insanity from the ability to hear

the outside world and not be able to see it. Not being able to find one

recognizable point anywhere. Not being able to contain myself anymore I scream

out wildly. The second I open my mouth the wet, moist sweat filled cotton enters

my mouth. I try to spit out the cotton sock but its to heavy. The sock is

literally acting as gag silencing my already inaudible screams. In my mind I can

see so clearly how this is all happening now. The sweat forms on her foot and is

compounded into a droplet. The droplet of sweat then rolls across the bottom of

her foot until its to heavy to maintain balance on her foot and then it drips

off into her sock. And stays there while the sweat repeats its process over and

over again. The sock is now so dense full of sweat that it cannot contain

anymore sweat. So it drips down over my body and now directly into my mouth. I

constant stream of sweat falls into my mouth. I try to spit it out but that only

puts it back into the dark, sweat filled sock which then sends it right back to

me. My stomach feels so queasy from drinking all this sweat. Then to make this

all worse her stinky, putrid, sock has forced itself up into my nostrils. So

when I breathe in all I smell is her rotten stink.

As the girls careen down the street talking. They both unconsciously skating

in the same motion. Applying pressure to there right foot then the left then

back to right. As they head down dead mans hill they tuck themselves into a

tight ball. The faster they go the more gravity pushes them downward.

“My feet feel like they are going to break through these blades Larisa”

“Yeah no kidding”

Cascading down this hill which seems to be meant for speed and speed alone

makes the girls hearts jump for excitement. The hill slowly eases back out to

its flat plane. The girls give each other a high five and point towards the

rollerblade park. With a smile on there face they both race towards the park.

Greg can feel the girls flying down the street. The wheels from the roller

blades directly below him so he can hear the constant grinding of them hitting

the roadway. As Natalie skates down the road Greg can feel the pressure increase

over his body. As the pressure increases on his body her foot smashes him into

the bottom of the rollerblades. As he is pressed into her insole sweat gushes

up, over, and around Greg's body. The gushing sweat like water fly's through

even the tightest of cracks. Greg watches as his body is peeled away from her

sock. As the sweat encases his entire body he is forced to hold his breathe with

the already little air he has. Just as his lungs feel like they are about to

burst the weight shifts back over to her other foot and the sweat water

subsides. The dark smelly sock falls back over him sealing his body in the same

manner of before. Just before she shifts her weight back onto Greg's side of her

foot he vaguely hears something about dead something hill. Before everything has

time to register in Greg's mind both girls are already going down the hill. Very

unexpectedly Natalie's entire weight is hammered down onto her feet. The sweat

from her feet now gushes between her toes so she even she can feel it. Greg not

ready for all this was on his intake breathe before she placed her weight on

him. Instead of what he expected was going to be air it is sweaty, dirty, water.

Greg's body is trying to frantically escape but the weight on his body is too

much for him to budge. Everything is settling into place for Greg. He is going

to drown in this girls sweat. Killed by some teenager he never saw, never met.

His training, his work, prepared him for death but not like this. Not ever

anything like this. Then surprsingly everything subsides. Greg tries to spit out

some of the sweat but he has no where to spit out too. He swallows the nasty

tasting sweat. A look of disgust crosses his face as it slides down his throat

but at the same time a sigh of relief to be alive.

The girls just go across the street and then skate into the park. As they

enter the park all kinds of jumps and places to do grinds are everywhere. They

skate over to one of the benches and sit down. Natalie crosses and uncrosses her

legs and swings her foot back and forth. About an hour passes and they are just

about ready to get up and leave as they spot one of there other friends

Michelle. Natalie immediately yells out “OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN our fearful trip

is done, The ship has weather'd every rack, the prize we sought is won.”

“Your such a dork Natalie”

Natalie glances at Larisa and gives her a gentle shove as they skate up to


“Everyone always has to push me around.” Larisa states while trying to

supress a laugh.

“Sorry to interupt your fun but we have a game Natalie remember!”

“OH shit, thanks Capt. You should come Larisa, Im sure we can even get ya on

the bench.”

“Yeah and then I can sit next to you Nat because I know you wont be playing”

“HA, HA, HA very funny”

“Well hurry up and get your shoes on and we can go in my car”


Natalie Quickly slips her foot out of the Rollerblades and then grabs her

shoes which she had slung over her shoulder. She unties the shoes from each

other and slides her foot in. Barely taking time to tie them she is already up

and running to catch up to Michelle with Larisa following closely behind. The

three girls slide into the car. The girls stick there rollerblades in the back

seat between Larisa's legs. As the girls ride towards the game each fidgets in

there own way. Larisa plays with roller blades pushing them over one way and

then catching them with the other foot and then knocking them back the way they

just game. While Natalie would scrunch her toes up and then stretch them out.

The girls arrive at the field five minutes before game time. Natalie and

Michelle tell Larisa to wait by the bench for them. Larisa heads towards the

field as Natalie and michelle head towards the locker room. Quickly changing

into there uniforms they sprint out to the field arriving just a minute before

kick off. They take there forward positions. They play through the game rather


The pressure placed on Gregs body finally subsides. He lets out a sigh of

relief as for the first time in awhile his body isn't being smashed into the

floor of a skate. Just as the pressure subsides a swinging motion begins. Greg's

body is sent sliding down to one end of the rollerblade to the other. As he

slides down sweat and dirt is sent careening out of her insole and over his

body. Greg slams into one of the walls of the skate just as she tilts her foot

back up. Greg is now sent falling downward towards the opposite end of her

skate. As he slides his chest is forced against the her insole eating away his

skin. This goes on and on for what seems like ever. Then out of no where her

foot is once again pressed down onto Gregs body. He cries out in pain as

Natalie's sock covers his raw, friction burned body. He can feel her muscles

shift from side to side torturing his tiny frame. Greg struggling to hear what

is going on outside but unable to hear a thing over the grinding noise of the

wheels hitting the ground. Almost as if god himself finally smiled down on Greg.

Natalie's foot was lifted from the skate. Greg see's his oppurtunity to escape.

As she is transfering her foot Greg uses all the strength he can muster and

shoves himself away from her sock. The sock painfully rips away from his body.

It feels compareable to someone cutting off all your skin but you are kept alive

to feel the entire process. With the last bit of his body free Greg takes in a

deep breathe and closes his eyes in pure enjoyment of the moment. Free from that

hell, free from that smell, fresh air for the first time in hours entering

Greg's body. Beaming from ear to ear he slowly opens his eyes expecting to see a

grassy plain. However all he sees is a Navy blue and white Addidas shoe. He

starts kicking his legs and arms in a swimming motion trying to edge himself out

of the way of the shoe. Greg looks upward to see a foot speeding downward. Greg

crashes into the soft insole of the shoe. As he hits he can immediately smell a

musty well worn smell emitting from the shoe. The next few hours are vague as he

slips in and out of consciousness under the feet of this girl. Greg finally

wakes up many hours later to find himself trapped in a balled up sock.

As Greg starts to stir he can hear the footsteps moving closer and closer and

then they drift off into the distance. This is how time passes by for Greg.

Sealed away in a balled up smelly, rotten sock. As days pass by the sock starts

to only grow more and more foul smelling. For about the millionth time he hears

footsteps approach but this time stop.

“Natalie? Are you in here?”

“Natalie!! Im just going to borrow your calculator if you don't mind”

Greg now shocked to hear a voice so close to him and on top of that a males

voice. Greg tries yelling but his plights are inaudible. Hope gone Greg rests in

the sock as all hope is given up, the sock is lifted up into the air. Greg can

feel the sock being un balled and him tumbling to the ground. With a heavy thud

in the plush carpet Greg looks up at his savior. He sees a boy with short blonde

hair, blue eyes, he looks to be a little over weight but not fat by any means.

Greg stares up at him shocked that he was saved and more surprised he hasn't

been noticed yet. Greg watches intently to what this boy is doing.

“This must be Natalie's Soccer socks. I bet she wore these at her game almost

a week ago.”

The boy lifts the sock up to his nose and breathes in the foul smell and

starts to get off on it. Greg starts to slowly creep across the room. After he

is about halfway across the room Greg spots the boy dart up and dash out of the

room. Not quite putting two and two together Greg decides that now that he is

alone it would be easier to change his size to about 4 inches so that he can

much easier clear the plushness of the carpet. Just as he does so the door to

Natalie's room swings open. Greg freezes in place as the door opens. He looks

down at his watch looking for some kind of reverse button on the process but its

much to late for that.

As Natalie parks her Eclipse in the driveway and then heads up the walk

towards her front door. A shiver is sent down her spine as she opens the door.

“Its a bit chilly out here today” she thinks to herself.

Natalie opens her front door and spots her brother running full speed down

the stairs. She shakes her head in disgust as she heads up stairs. As she is

halfway up the stairs she pauses and turns around.

“Jack, I swear if you have been in my room again I am going to pound you, you

little runt!”

With that said Natalie continues up the stairs. She un slings her back pack

from her shoulder as she opens up her door. She tosses her backpack on the

floor. As she walks in her eyes are locked on this little being which is growing

in the middle of her room. At first she can barely see it but it seems to keep

growing bigger and bigger. Natalie notices the detail of the tiny doll man. His

eyes darting around the room in fear and terror. The tiny veins on his body

pumping profusely. His size no longer changing Natalie slowly moves forward so

not to scare the little man. She watches the little man take a step back for

every step she takes. Starting to bend down before the tiny creature Natalie

keeps her eyes focused on the creature. Natalie shifts so that she is on her

hands and knees as she hovers directly over the tiny man. Her long brown locks

of hair encircle the tiny man. Her eyes rapidly looking over the man wondering

if he is really real. Natalie slowly moves her hand towards the guy as he steps


“Don't worry little guy, I wont hurt you.”

Natalie continues to move her hand closer and closer. She can feel the heat

radiating from the tiny man as her hands enclose around him. She lifts up the

man not paying any attention to what he is blurting out. Natalie turns him

around and around in her hand looking intently on the little being. As she does

so she grows more and more comfortable with the little man and soon she picks

herself up from the floor and lays back on her bed all the while holding the man

in her locked fist of steel.

Greg tries to tell his body to run but nothing seems to work anymore. His

heart starts to pound so fast it feels like his heart is going to come flying

out of his chest. Greg starts to stumble backwards as this gigantic girl moves

forward. In utter amazement of her grace as she walks forward. Greg notices how

his puny steps don't even measure to her strides. Before he even has time to

think he is stumbling end over end. Quickly picking himself up but it being

already to late. Her brown locks of hair surround Greg. Memories of what Ana had

done to him stream through his head. As her hair envelops the area around him.

Before he even has time to be afraid her hand is around him.


Greg screams as Natalie turns him upside down and flipping him end over end

in her hand looking at his body. Greg cant help but notice the fact that he is

getting turned on by all of this. The way his dick rubs against the palm of her

hand. The way her skin feels so soft and smooth.

“Please, I'm sorry that I made demands. Please put me down. I am begging you

please. For god sakes put me down.”

Natalie stands up and walks over to her bed and falls backwards. The world

rushes by Greg as she falls back on her bed. All he can do is scream as she

bounces a little and then comes to a rest on her bed. Natalie plucks Greg up his

right leg and dangles him infront of her face. She blows her hot breath over

Gregs body. She watches as the power from her breath alone sends Greg flying

like a windsock. A giggle erupts from her as she watches the little man slam

into the palm of her hand and slowly come to a rest still dangling from her

hand. She lets go of the tiny man and he is sent careening down towards the

floor but Natalie snatches him up in mid air with her other hand and closes her

fist around him. She can feel the little guy trying to push her fingers away.

She smiles down at him as he puts all his weight into just moving one of her

fingers. Then out of no where there is a knock at the door. In disgust she lets

the tiny guy drop onto her bed.

“Now don't go anywhere.” She states as she walks towards the door.

I vaguely make out the exchange between Natalie and someone at the door. She

quickly spins around and starts heading back towards with me a smile on her


“Guess what short stack your going to get to meet my very, very best friend


“You can't be serious I am not some toy you can put on display for your friends”

“Excuse me Tiny Tim I call the shots around here. Your mine, I do what I want,

when I want, and how I want with you. And if you don't like that's its just to

bad because there really isn't anything you can do about it small fry.”

“I think you better listen here you big bitch!! I am not some object and I have

a name my name is Greg and you will address me as such and If I don't feel like

seeing your bratty friend I don't have too.”

“You have a few things wrong. First of which you are what I call you and if I

want you to be named Tim well guess what your name is Tim is that clear? Because

if I am not happy your definitely not going to be happy. Secondly I will call

you, tease you, order you around, make you my little puppy dog who follows me

around every where I go like Mary's little lamb if I so please.”

I look up at this monstrous girl in front of me and I start to step backwards. I

turn my head and look across her bed and realize that I am hopelessly trapped on

her bed. My eyes dart around the room and there is nothing and no one to save

me. What she has said starts to sink in. I am at her mercy. Before I even can

brace myself she scoops me up and I am once again dangling in mid air and then I

am set down on the ground. I take off running the second I hit the floor. As I

look back I see Natalie's mouth looming towards me. Her tongue fully extended

stroking my bare back.

As my door knocks I cant help but let out a sigh of disgust. I look back at my

new toy and smile as I stride towards the door. I open it up expecting to see my

best friend but its just my stupid brother.

“Hey Larisa said that she cant come before dinner but will stop by after she


“Is that all worm? If it is scram you little pecker”

Natalie laughs as her brother sticks out his tongue. She shifts her weight from

her let to her right and stomps her foot down on his toes.

“If that's all you can do little bro your not even worth my time now scram I

have more important things to do I mean activities to accomplish that do not

require your presence so get out”

“What are you talking about? Activities that require your presence? What the


Natalie shoves her brother out and slams and locks the door. As she leans her

back against the door she lets out a sigh.

“That was close I hope he doesn't suspect anything”

Quickly walking back towards her new found joy she extends her hand towards the

little creature as he paces backwards. She stifles a giggle as her hand closes

around his cold, nude body. She watch's as his shivers start to go away. The

little man starts yelling and making demands but she pays no heed to his

squeakings. She starts lowering him towards the floor and then lets him drop.

She watches him start to run as he hit's the ground. A smirk crosses her face as

she sees him run. Natalie lowers herself down so she is on all fours. She starts

to stick her tongue to feel the little man and press him onward. She takes her

finger and pushes him over. using her middle and index finger she plants them on

the floor and has them walk towards the fallen man. “I am coming to get you” she

says as he gets up she places her two fingers on either side of him. He tries to

dart away but she places her other hand in front of him. He turns back to run

the other way and spots a gigantic foot in front. Natalie keeps this up for

awhile laughing and contorting her body in different positions. With hunger in

her mind she scoops up the tiny being in her mouth. Her tongue surrounds and

wraps around the little man. Her tongue starts to work over his private area.

Greg starts running in every direction imagineable. He runs in to her hands and

feet with each time ending the same way him falling on his butt. Greg tries to

get up quickly but this last time she places her mouth over head and sucks in

air. Greg grabs the thick carpeting as tightly as he can. His hands burning as

he is ripped from the carpet and into her mouth. Greg pushes his hands outside

of her lips and is trying too pull himself up but he is held firmly in place

inside her mouth. Her tongue wrapping around him and massaging him, pleasuring

him. Greg screams as he feels his body falling backwards. He grabs onto her lips

and then realizing that it was just Natalie falling back on her bed. Greg bursts

his load several times as her tongue goes to work on his body. Greg screaming

out and his dick throbbing in pain. Then he faintly hears a knock at the door.

Everything stops as he feels her move from side to side. As she starts talking

Greg's ears are bombarding with the inaudible tones. Wanting to cover his ears

but at the same time not wanting to let go her lips.

Natalie starts prodding the little man. She smiles as she feels his hands

outside her lips pounding pressing and pulling trying to free himself. She

tastes his little orgasms as it splats against her tongue. Natalie closes her

eyes and just relax's knowing that she is in full control. As there is a knock

at her door again Natalie sighs and stands up. She feels her little mans feet

banging against her tongue as she moves towards the door. Her face in a look of

disgust as she opens the door but quickly turns to a smile.

“Hey Larisa guess what?”

Natalie sticks out her tongue revealing a tiny man holding onto her tongue.

Larisa stares at the tiny man.

Greg stares up at Larisa for second time in his life. Looking into her big blue

eyes. He spots her moving closer and closer with her eyes locked on him. Her

mouth opens up and Greg lets out a cry for help. Soon he is locked in darkness.

With larisa's tongue now wrapped over the top of his body. He can feel the

suction of her powerful body tugging him into her mouth. HE can feel Natalie

release her suction and he goes flying into her mouth. The two girl's tongues

almost slap Greg. He panic's as he watches Natalie's mouth move away. Greg wraps

his arms around Larisa's tongue just like he is hugging it. Time streches into

hours, weeks, days, years, centuries, its almost like he is buried alive and

forced to live out his life locked in a coffin. Then the tongue is flung out

into daylight almost on cue. Greg watches as he and Larisa's tongue is flung

through Natalies walls. Greg is pressed and shoved into her walls. Greg slowly

sliding off of larisa's tongue. As she pulls out her tongue Greg loses his grip

and watches helplessly as the tongue vanishes from the hole. Greg starts kicking

and flailing his arms wildly. As he does so he can feel a hot liquid rising at

his feet. The thought of Natalie orgasming with him inside of her only makes

Greg flail more and more. Then the ceiling parts as Larisa's tongue is inserted

back in. He shoved deep into dark hole. Greg grabs the tip of Larisa's tongue as

a wash of cum is erupted out of Natalies hole. Greg is shot into Larisa's mouth.

He hit's the back of her throat and then starts to fall foreward . He flashes by

her teeth and grabs the end of her tongue which is fully extended. Greg then

watches as Natalies thick tree trunk like fingers shove larisa's tongue and him

into her mouth. Larisa then turns Greg over and he lands in the spot under her

tongue. Greg starts to stand up but her tongue is then lowered into a resting

positon above him. Greg Starts to push up on the tongue but as he pushes it up

his body starts to shrink back down to its normal size. The tongue now way to

heavy for him to lift is slammed down into a resting postion on top of Greg.

“Take care of my little man Larisa, I have a date tonight and I don't want a

little man running around my room”

Larisa smiles as she grabs her coat and walks out the door.

As I rest under Larisa's tongue I can feel her body rise and fall with each step

she takes. We well when I say we I mean Larisa. The longer she walks the more I

get sick. I do all I can do to just not to vomit. As I lay here I smell her

rotten breath. I never knew that in your own mouth you rarely have fresh breath.

When I was outside of her mouth I didn't notice a thing but from in here I can

smell it rather easily. From in her mouth I heard her knock on someone's door. I

immediately put my hands over my ears so I could comfortably hear what she was

going to say.

“Hey Michelle, I am not late am I?”

“Come on in girl.”

To my horror she walks into the house. This is when I start flailing my body and

digging into the soft tissue under her tongue. I was surprised when her tongue

was raised up. I started to stand up when her tongue is slammed down on top of

me. The force of which her tongue hits me at is more then I expected. I get

slammed into the bottom of her tongue. My head is spinning and my vision blurs

as my head hit's the bottom of her tongue. As Larisa starts talking to various

people my head starts to ring and my ears start to bleed. I felt allot like I

have all along very helpless. As I think that it cant get any worse I can taste

a mixture of orange juice and vodka pass by my body. I the orange juice and

vodka shoots over my body and down my throat and hers. I try to spit it out but

what feels like a hundred gallons enters my much diminished body. I start to

immediately feel the effects.

I grab my coat from the back of Natalie's chair and bounce down the stairs. As I

get in my car I can feel the little man squirming under my tongue. I cant help

but love the feeling of power it gives me. To have the control of a another

person. The thoughts of just swallowing him pass by my mind but I just couldn't

do it. He is still a man even if he is so very tiny. I want to help him but I

also like having a guy like this. As I pull into Michelle's drive way I can

already see over a dozen cars parked in front of her house. Not sure what to do

with him I Just leave him where he is. As I start drinking I totally forget

about the little guy. Before I know it I am back home brushing my teeth and I

spit the tiny man out. Highly buzzed I didn't even realize till I was done

brushing that he was down there. I quickly pick him up and rinse him off in the

sink and stagger back towards my room. As I get into my room I only have sleep

on my mind. I quickly fall onto my bed.

My night seemed

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