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New Life

By RoboNat

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I woke with a start. Yawning I looked around. I was in a

toilet cubicle! Slowly, sense returned to my mind. I was at a department store,

I knew I was tired when I came here but I didn't expect to fall asleep in a

public toilet.

I cleaned myself up and left the bathroom. The store was dark

and empty. I must have slept through the store's closing. I looked around to

make sure no one had seen me and then started walking towards the main entrance.

The store felt so eerie. As I was making my way through I

stopped to look at a display I had noticed earlier today. I hadn't stopped to

look because I though that a guy staring at a display for a few minutes would

look pretty weird.

It was a bridal display. There was a bride and groom there,

and a best lady. The bride was so beautiful. She had long, slightly curled red

hair that framed her beautiful slightly hidden behind her veil. The dress she

wore was a brilliant bridal white, the sleeves ended at points attached to rings

on each of her middle fingers. She had a perfect figure, pure beauty.

"You may kiss the bride." I don't know why I said that. Just

a sort of joke I guess. But… it got me thinking. I didn't see why I couldn't, no

one was here. I had a quick look around to check that my last thought was

correct and seeing that it was, I stepped up into the display.

Carefully, I lifted the veil from her face. She was so

beautiful, she had sparkling glass eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her gently.

Her skin was cold, hard plastic, but it still felt good. I stood back and

admired her one more time before replacing the veil. Once again, I turned to


"Ah.. it seems you found a good one today, she's very

beautiful." The voice had come from somewhere nearby. It was female, and very

sexy. She had a sultry, seductive sound in her voice. I thought about running

before they saw me, but I had to see what kind of creature could have such a

beautiful voice.

Carefully weaving my way between displays, I went to

investigate. I saw a group of four people. A stunning woman was the speaker. She

was tall, maybe about six foot. She had long blonde hair that fell from her

crown like a golden waterfall. Her face was simply amazing, she had blue eyes,

the color of the ocean. She was wearing a white silk blouse and pair of tight,

black leggings. A pair of cowgirl boots tipped off her image.

Of the other three, two were men. They were both well built

and looked a little out of place among the stunning displays. Inwardly I joked

that they'd look more at home standing in front of a nightclub.

The forth figure was a young girl, maybe about 16. She had a

soft innocent face that seemed to be blank and expressionless, like she was in a

trance. Her young face was framed by cute blonde locks. She was wearing a pretty

blue dress.

"You two start getting her ready, I'll be there in a moment.

We need to have her ready for display ASAP"

"Ready for display..?" I repeated her words quietly,

pondering their meaning.

The two men nodded silently and one took the girls hand,

leading her away. The woman also, turned to leave, but she went in the opposite


I could have walked out there, but I decided to follow the

men, eager to know what was happening to the young girl.

I followed the men and the girl to a room just off the main

area. The sign on the door read "Visual Merchandising". After they went in, I

quickly snuck in behind them. The room was a mess. There were shelves full of

cloths, signs reading "20% off" and other such merchandising tools. However, the

creepy thing about this room was that it was filled with mannequins, naked,

leaning against the walls. With all the mannequins in the main area, this amount

made it seem like the store had hundreds.

I hid behind a mannequin to watch. I noticed that these

mannequins were lacking a certain quality the ones outside had. They were still

beautiful creations, but many looked the same and none were as lifelike as the

ones outside.

The men led the girl to the side of the room. One went over

to a cupboard and pulled out what looked like a perspex base with a large metal

pole attached. The man placed the base on the ground behind the girl. The other

man had removed the girls clothes, revealing her petite body and was currently

searching through a small tray. He produced what looked like a dildo. I was

shocked at what I was seeing.

He carefully slid the dildo into the girl's rear. Her body

moaned involuntarily, yet she didn't move. What the hell was going on. The men

lifted her and slid her down onto the pole, there must have been a hole in the

back of the dildo. Before releasing her, one man slid small metal ramps under

her feet so that she was standing on her toes.

The men began rubbing a cream all over her body. Once they

had covered her, they carefully whipped it away, taking all her hair with it.

I heard the door open and in walked the woman. She was just

as stunning as before. She walked over and checked the handy-work of her men.

"She'll make an excellent display piece, I'm glad we found


There were those words again… what were they going to do?

The woman gently stroked the young girl's face and then

lifted her lips into a cute smile.

"There, she's ready"

The men stood back as the woman lifted her arms. She began

chanting. The sound seemed to fill the room, and the young girl began to glow.

I watched in astonishment as her skin began to change. First

of all, it began to change in tone, becoming all the same color, perfect

unblemished skin, then it began to take on a plastic like sheen. The girls eyes

began to change, turning glassy. I couldn't believe my eyes, she was changing

into a mannequin.

He young, now bald pussy faded away leaving only a sexless

plastic smoothness. Pivot joints appeared on her arms, waist and hips. Slowly,

the light began to fade and standing there was a beautiful mannequin.

The woman lowered her arms and walked around the creation,

expecting her work.

"You are very beautiful my dear… I'm going to take good care

of you."

I just sat there, hidden behind the mannequin, shocked at

what I had seen.

"Come along you two, we must prepare a display for our latest


Leaving the poor mannequinised girl behind, the three left

the room.

I rose slowly from my hiding place and crossed the room to

the girl. As far as mannequins go, she was perfect, no one would ever know the

difference. I reached out and gently put a hand on her youthful breast, frozen

in mid-development. It was cold, hard plastic.

"She would have filled into a well shaped woman."

I spun around. The woman an the men were back at the door. I

was discovered.

"I knew you were here all along. It was my spell that put you

to sleep. I know about your love for mannequins, so I'm going to make you one,

just like Michelle there."

"No, I won't let you… I don't want to die."

"Oh come now… would I kill the things I care so much about,

even in their new frozen state their mind lives. And, they will never grow old

or die they'll never even show signs of aging, they will be young and beautiful

forever, as will you be too soon."

"I won't let you turn me into a mannequin." I looked around

for a way to escape.

"Oh.. I'll do more then that, I'm going to turn you into a

woman first, we don't get much call for male mannequins. You'll go well in the

bridal display I think. Eric, Stephen, get her."

Her? Already she was assuming she had won. The two came

forward. I quickly dodged around to the side and made a break for the door. The

woman wasn't too big, I could easily bowl her over and then go and get help.

They had to be stopped.

"Now young lady, you wouldn't want to leave before the fun


Suddenly I felt a great weight on my mind. I couldn't stay

awake. I made a few weak steps towards the door and then collapsed in her arms.

"There, there… shhh, sleep now my dear, when you awake, I'll

make you beautiful forever."

I could already feel my body changing. My hips widening and a

strange weight on my chest. I didn't have a chance to explore the feelings any

longer because at that point I passed out.

Consciousness returned slowly. I was lying down, I could feel

I was naked and that there was a blanket covering me. My body felt different,

not unnatural, just foreign. Slowly, I opened my eyes.

There was a woman, a beautiful woman, smiling, looking at me.

Suddenly, it all came back. The store, the woman, the girl, the mannequins,

everything. I panicked.

"Shhh, settle down, everything's going to be okay."

"What have you done to me?" My voice was wrong. I had a

delicate feminine voice.

"Simply readied you, you will be my finest display piece."

I looked at my body. I looked to be in my early twenties,

maybe younger. I had full, pert breasts and soft, delicate skin. Long brunette

hair cascaded from my head, some coming in front of my shoulders.

"Please… I don't want to be a mannequin…" I felt on the edge

of tears.

"Shhh, it's going to be okay, you'll soon see. It's time we


She whispered some arcane words and suddenly I felt strange,

like I was a passenger in my own body. She took my hand and got me off the bed.

I couldn't resist. The blanket fell away revealing my supple body. She led me

across the room to the same corner that the girl had been prepared.

The two men were there. They had already gotten out the

stand. She led me over and stood me in front of the stand. Suddenly, I felt

something enter me from behind. It slid in smoothly and rested in place. I felt

a strange feeling come over my body, a strange pleasure. I felt myself being

lifted and then slid on to the pole, the mounts under my feet keeping me on my


"I'll do the next part." Once again the woman was in front of

me, she was holding the same cream they had rubbed on the girl. Soon, she was

applying it to my body. It felt very cold.

"Don't worry about the dildo dear, once you've changed it

will just be another part of your cute little plastic arse."

She swabbed of all the cream and I felt what little hair I

still had left fall away. She molded my face into a pretty smile and stood back

to admire her work. I knew my time had come.

She lifted her hands into the air and began chanting again. I

strange feeling came over me, like an intense orgasm. My feet and hands began

tingling. I noticed that the wall opposite housed a mirror. I wondered if that

was placed there so the victims of her spells could witness their fate.

It was just as before. My skin became a perfect monotone and

became hard, shinny plastic. The pivot joints appeared on my body and my new sex

disappeared into a smooth surface. My eyes became glassy yet I could still see,

I could still feel everything. The feeling slowly dissipated, a little staying

behind to leave my mind on the edge of orgasm.

She lowered her hands. "You truly are a beautiful mannequin

my dear.. exquisite."

I couldn't believe it, I actually felt wonderful.

"Now, I must have you on display once the store opens, we

must get you ready."

She reached for a small blue tray on the shelf and produced

what looked like several small tins of paint. She began applying it to me,

making me look like a beautifully made up girl mannequin.

"Now, we need some clothes for you. I have just the set. You

two, bring her along."

I seemed strange, her voice when she talked to me seemed full

of love, yet, when she spoke to them it seemed laced with hate.

I felt myself being lifted again, but this time I actually

felt lighter. They carried me to a display and set me down. The woman came over,

she was carrying a set of folded clothes.

"Now before we get you dressed up, I just need to show you


She rotated me and I saw the girl from before, still a

mannequin, dressed up and on display next to me. She looked so beautiful. Once

again I felt a pleasurable rush through my mind. I felt her hand on my smooth

groin, gently rubbing. The pleasure of a mental orgasm engulfed my body.

"Now, we can't have you standing there naked can we? Let's

get you dressed up."

With out putting any panties on me, she began to slide some

pants on me. They were a pair of black leggings, like hers. She lifted me off

the stand to pull the pants right up and then replaced me once everything was in

the right place.

Next, she pulled a red mid-drift down over my head to cover

my pert plastic breasts. She put a black jacked. It was velvet on the inside and

felt wonderful against my hard skin. To total the effect she attached a small

red ribbon around my neck. Lastly, she picked up some woolly socks and pulled

them over my feet, already encased in the feet of the leggings. She rolled the

socks a bit at the top. She then slipped some white running shoes on to my

petite feet.

"Perfect! You look so beautiful."

She gently combed my hair and then began to pose me. I could

see was making me look like a jogger. Just to complete the image, she slipped

some hand-weights over my delicate fingers and on to my plastic hands.

"I can't wait until the customers see you tomorrow." She

leaned up and gently kissed me on the lips. Could this be so bad? She seemed to

be genuinely in love with me. It was one hell of a lot better then my normal

life and I'd always loved mannequins.

"You rest here, I'll be back when the store opens, to see how

you do. I love you, we'll be spending a lot of time together."

One final kiss and she was gone. I let my mind drift into a


The day was better then I expected. People would walk past

and stare at me, commenting on how beautiful I and the clothes I was wearing

looked. Often I would look across and see the woman watching me from nearby, a

proud look on her face.

At one point when she was standing nearby me I heard someone

comment on how good my display looked.

"Why thank you, I tend to think of all the mannequins here as

my family, each one is a person in there own right to me. She's one of my latest

acquisitions and I can tell she's going to be one of my favorites."

I felt myself beaming with pride from within my plastic


I felt so special. As the weeks went by she dressed me in so

many different ways. I spent some days in beautiful "misses" outfits, sometimes

I'd sit be the pool display, decked out in a sexy swimsuit. Occasionally I was a

lingerie model, dressed in teddies and negligees, once I was even a spring


One night something happened that changed my.. "life". She

had just undressed me, ready to do the next day's display. She placed a gentle

kiss on my lips and suddenly I felt very strange. I had already fallen deeply in

love with her and I trusted her so I just stood there and let the feeling spill

over me.

Suddenly, I realized I could move. I was a real girl again. I

looked into her eye.


"It's a present for you, a night for us to spend time

together, with both of us living and moving. This is because I love you so


I embraced her tightly and kissed her deeply. At last I could

experience the passion that had been resting at the edge of my mind for so long.

The love-making that night was so wonderful.

In the morning she took me back to the display.

"The store will open soon, we need to have you ready."

I smiled, kissed her, and then stood ready for the change.

The crowd that passed through the store the next day would

have noticed that I had a bigger smile then usual.

Weeks seemed to pass into months and months passed into

years. I never once got bored, fashions would always change and I still had my

lover. She didn't seem to age either, just another part of her magic I guess.

She made me human sometimes, special treats and our

love-making was always wonderful. Soon I realized that I wasn't a girl she had

changed into a mannequin. I was now a mannequin that occasionally would be

turned into a girl, to please my mistress.

I love my new life. I wouldn't give it up. Ever.


The End

Giantess Stories: New Life

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