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That morning, sitting in the family Dickinson's living room were Mrs. Halford

with Mrs. Dickinson. The business they were discussing was utterly important,

because it was directly related with the future happiness of their offsprings.

Mrs. Dickinson's daughter had reached the age when a young woman needs a male

partner, and Mrs. Halford's son was still young enough to be housed by a woman

who would feed him and take care of him for the rest of his life. They were

talking joyfully making the arrangements necessary for the "union ceremony" of

their son and daughter, and the "transfer of property" of Richard Halford. While

drinking tea and eating some chocolate cookies they discussed about the people

that would be invited to the ceremony, the food and some other things important

in this special occasion.

Mrs. Dickinson was very pleased, and she felt very lucky too, that a family such

important as the family Halford was, had accepted the engagement between their

offsprings. Meanwhile, Mrs. Halford was happy knowing that her son would be

taken care of by the beautiful and smart Sara Dickinson, from whom she had heard

the best references and commentaries.

After an hour of making arrangements and taking decisions, both women started to

talk about the qualities of their son and daughter respectively.

"I'm sure that Richard will be very happy with Sara" said Mrs. Dickinson "She is

a well instructed and loving young girl".

"And she is very beautiful too, right Richy?" asked Mrs. Halford to the tiny

naked 1.5in being, that all the time had been between them on a table in the

center of the living room.

"Sure" he answered absentminded while eating some crumbs from the cookies dish.

"Richy only knows her from the picture you sent me a few years ago" said Mrs.

Halford "but for sure he will be mesmerized by her gorgeous looks now that she

is 18 years old".

"And he is a very handsome and attractive man at 27" Mrs. Dickinson continued.

"By the way, where is Sara?" asked Mrs. Halford.

"Oh, the lucky girl went to the country this morning to do her daily exercise.

She always runs 10 miles to keep herself in good shape. It's almost eleven

o'clock so she must be here any minute" answered Mrs. Dickinson. At that moment

a noise came from the door and then some steps going to the living room.

"That must be her" said Mrs. Dickinson "come Sara. Richy is here and wants to

meet you!".

"Hi Mrs. Halford" said the teenage girl getting close "nice to see you".

Meanwhile Richy Halford couldn't believe his eyes. Sara Dickinson was really

beautiful. A huge blond girl too grown for her age, with enormous breasts, a

small waist and wide curvy hips. She was wearing a white top and a tiny spandex

shorts of the same color that seemed to be painted on her body. Her legs were

long, fleshy but with muscles everywhere; her eyes were deep blue, she had a

small nose and red meaty lips. However what left Richy breathless was her

mammoth, firm and perfectly rounded butt. When Sara walked by his side and

turned around to greet his mother, Richy beheld two gigantic meat hills moving

and trembling directly above him.

"Nice to see you too Sara. Look, this is Richy" said Mrs. Halford pointing at

the tiny man on the dish. "Richy say hi to Sara" said Mrs. Halford to her son.

However, Richy Halford was completely astounded and couldn't say a word.

"Hi Richy" said the girl taking him carefully with two fingers and getting him

close to her face.

"Richy say something!" said Mrs. Halford pleased and amused by her son's

reaction to the evident beauty of the one who would be in a few days his partner

and owner.

"Don't worry Mrs. Halford" Sara said smiling mischievously at the little man,

and after giving him a huge wet kiss, she placed him on the palm of one of her

hands. Then, she sat next to her mother.

"Sara, Mrs. Halford and I agreed that Richy will spend a couple of days with you

before the ceremony. In order to let you start to know each other" said Mrs.

Dickinson to her daughter.

"Oh that's great" answered the girl joyfully "I can't wait to know him deeply.

And by the way... " she said while standing up and taking a mesmerized Richy in

her fist moving him to her back. With the other hand she parted the flimsy cloth

from her ass flesh, "I want him to know me veeeery deeply too". And with no

further word she let the helpless man fall. He went through her huge sweaty

crack and got placed exactly at the bottom of her shorts, between the cloth and

her warm, fragrant humid skin. Richy was astonished and trapped, not knowing

exactly what have just happened to him when a gigantic finger pushed him

strongly against the girl's ass.

With her eyes closed, Sara smiled and licked her lips while lodging the man deep

inside her marvelous flesh. When she got the minuscle being securely trapped in

the outer ridges of her pink and slimy anus she let the cloth go and sat again,

close to her mother.

"Very well Sara" Mrs. Halford said, "It's time for my son to know the likes of

her future owner".

"Thank you Mrs. Halford. I agree with you and I can assure you that I'll be

delighted to be Richy's owner".

"And I promise you that he will be very happy living with my daughter" continued

Mrs. Dickinson.

The three women continued talking amicably for another hour without saying

anything about little Richy anymore. He, on the other hand was struggling to

breath fresh air mercylessly trapped in Sara's gigantic and fragrant sphincter.

While he was fighting to separate his face from the wrinkled, warm sticky

surface, Richy had different feelings. He got inmediately captivated by Sara

Dickinson's beauty, but he feared that his life wouldn't be different from

asuppository's from now on.

Finally, Sara decided that it was time to be alone with his future "husband".

She lightly raised from the seat to say goodbye to Mrs. Halford when from her

ass escaped a little but loud fart.

"Oops. Sorry" she said giggling.

"Sara watch your manners!" said her surprised mother

"Oh Sara do not worry" Mrs. Halford said peacefully, "Richy needs to get used to

your body's odors and tastes. After all, it's a natural thing."

Sara got close to Mrs. Halford and kissed her in both cheeks. Then she turned

around and started to walk away but stopped when Mrs. Halford talked to her


"Sara take good care of Richy. You know, he is my only son".

"You have nothing to be worried about Mrs. Halford. I'll always keep your son in

a warm, comfortable and safe place" Sara said turning her face to see her future

mother in-law "you can bet... " she added smiling and winking an eye while

softly caressing her rounded fleshy ass a few times.

Mrs. Halford laughed at Sara's gesture and watched her walking away and

ascending the stairs that led to her bedroom. Beholding that plump butt moving

up and down rhythmically while Sara moved away from the living room, a tear of

joy appeared in her eye, she smiled pleased. Her beloved son couldn't be in

better hands.

When she got in her room, Sara undressed and took Richy out of her rear. Without

saying anything she took him to the bathroom and put him on the sink, then she

started to take a shower not closing the shower door. Richy watched her gorgeous

body fascinated while she turned around and bent over shaking her hips from side

to side in order to show her future property the inmense pleasures he would

enjoy once their union had been consumated. Sara couldn't help giggling at tiny

Richy's astonished face. She knew very well how beautiful she was and that men

admired her. However, she wanted to be sure that her future couple would realize

all her assets.

Then she took Richy and started to use him to softly rub her long shapely legs

and after using him in both of them, the tiny man was used to clean the lips of

her huge vagina. She couldn't help getting horny by the contact of Richy's

little body, but she decided to continue taking the shower instead of using him

to pleasure herself. Poor Richy couldn't see anything due to the soap in his

eyes, but he knew very well where he was. The rough touch of the young girl's

pubic hair hurted him but he was so excited too, that his skin didn't ache for a

while. After being massaged in her fiance's vulva a little bit more, Richy was

used against the fleshy walls of her huge ass crack and in the middle. Her

inmense meat hills were soft but quite firm and muscular. Richy realized that if

these gigantic buns contracted on him, he would die soon, squashed mercylessly.

The beautiful and tanned skin of Sara's ass was as smooth as silk, and this was

what most appealed to little Richy. He was willing to spend hour after hour

kissing and licking it's gold tanned surface, if Sara had asked him to do it.

After a few minutes, Sara placed Richy on one of her erected pink nipples and

moved him in cirlces slowly, after a while she did the same to him on her other

nipple. Richy felt a little bit too flatten in his way in circles on her soft

nipples, but he didn't mind because he was in sheer heaven.

After finishing the shower, Sara went to her bedroom and completely naked she

laid on her bed face up and sitting Richy on the tip of one of her nipples. The

nipple was so big that it perfectly held Richy and he felt even more tiny and

intimidated in front of his gorgeous fiance. He was still soaked in water as

well as Sara who smiled at him amusedly. Suddenly she took him and gave him

another huge wet kiss that left him now soaked in her own saliva.

"Oh we'll be so happy!" Sara said placing him again on her nipple "I promise".

Richy nodded not saying anything else. Sara continued talking to the tiny man

who would be her husband in a few days.

"You know? I've been waiting too much for the moment to meet you. I know you're

gonna please in anything I command you to do and I'm going to take good care of

you. But before anything else, I want to know if you have been inside another

girl before me. Have you?" she asked looking at him with a stern face.

"Nno... ne- never" Richy stuttered obviously surprised by her question.

"Oh! That is so perfect" said Sara smiling and kissing Richy once more. "I

really want to be your first experience. In my case, I've already had a couple

of tiny guys inside of me before, but for girls it's different. We need to know

how to handle little men in order to be able to use our husbands without hurting

them... too much" she said giggling mischievously.

"I have no intention to use you inside of me until we're legally married" she

added "I know this is kind of old fashioned but I like to follow traditions.

However, this doesn't mean we can't have fun. I've noticed your looking at me at

the shower. But tell me, what do you like the most of me?"

The question took Richy aback. He got frozen for a moment, and then he started

to stutter again.

"We-well you have beautiful eyes" finally he said nervously.

"Really!"? Sara said kissing him tenderly. "You're very sweet but I meant about

the rest of my body. What do you like the most of my body?".

This time Richy got completely mute. Noticing this, Sara continued talking.

"Do you like my legs?" Richy nodded ashamed. "Do you like my tits?" Richy nodded

again red, as an apple. "Do you like... my booty?" Richy got stoned again. Her

ass was what he had loved the most since the first time he saw her in the living

room, but he couldn't say a word. Sara noted his embarrasment and giggling

amusedly took him carefully with two fingers and got him close to her eyes.

"I know you loooove my booty" she said "come on, tell me that you love it".

"I love your booty" finally Richy said "It's very attractive".

"Oh well thank you. You know? Girls like boys to tell us how beautiful and

attractive we are" Sara said smiling and pleased by his answer.

"Did you like being in my booty? 'cos I loved feeling you moving around and

fighting in that special place of me".

Richy nodded again. He hadn't hated being enveloped in her anus' wet fragrant

skin, but he didn't like that she had shaken and stunned him with her fart.

"You're gonna be such a good hubbie. I promise you that you'll spend many hours

in touch with my little hole, and I know that you'll enjoy being there while you

please me." She said while putting him again on her nipple.

"You know?, the rule says that the bride cannot insert her fiance in her body

before the ceremony. But we can have fun in so many other ways" she added

smiling maliciously.

"But now I'm tired, so it'd be better if we take a little nap" and taking Richy

from her tit she turned around and moved him towards her rounded butt. "I'm

gonna put you in my pretty booty again, just in case you've missed it" and

opening her buns with one hand she placed the minuslce being between them and

against her tender humid anus again.

Sara slept for almost two hours, always with a big smile on her angel face. But,

Richy couldn't sleep for long time. He thought about his spending two days with

his future owner before the ceremony of "transfer of property". After that,

they'd be legally united... "til death do us apart" he sighed.

His mother was evidently pleased with Sara. She had assured him that she was a

loving girl, from a good family and that she would keep him safe and well fed.

Lodged in utter darkness, Richy Halford was trapped among the outer wrinkles of

the pink sphincter, he moved carefully trying to be comfortable and get some

sleep. He knew that Sara would play with him, but he had no idea of what was in

store for him. At least, he was sure that until the day of the ceremony he

wasn't going to be inserted in her gigantic beautiful body. Slowly, he fell

asleep, his body covered in the fragrant warm orifice's surface. Between dreams

he tried to get used to the texture and odor of the huge anus that wrapped him


He was rudely waken up when he felt the pressure of a gigantic finger

manipulating his helpless body. Sara had waken up a few moments before and when

she felt little Richy lodged in her flesh, she couldn't help playing a little

bit with him. She started to slowly move him in circles against her orifice and

squeeze him a little by contracting her anal muscle for a few seconds. The tiny

being was roughly rubbed against the furrowed surface and sometimes he was

pushed a little into the opening and strongly squashed by the powerful

sphincter. After a while of being manipulated this way, poor Richy was covered

with a film of sweat that emanated from the pink hole. He couldn't avoid being

squeezed by the girl's butt and several times he thought, that he was going to

be inserted completely in her rectum. However after some more minutes, Sara

carefully took him, using two fingers and removed his battered body from her

ass. After putting on some clothes she took him to the dinning room, where she

fed him with some tiny crumbs of meat, bread and vegetables.

"Eat well so you can get your strenght back" Sara said to him winking an eye.

After the dinner, Sara returned to her bedroom taking Richy with her. She sat in

a chair in front of her desk and placed the little guy on the desk facing her.

"Do you like candy?" she asked him while she took a lollipop from one of the

drawers in her desk. "I like'em a lot" she said and put the candy inside her

mouth. She relished the lollipop a few seconds and then she took it out from her

mouth and put it in front of Richy. "Come on, taste it" she ordered. Richy got

close to the lollipop and started to lick it slowly, it was bigger than him and

was sticky and wet with her saliva. The cherry flavored candy mixed with Sara's

salive wasn't unpleasant, and he continued licking it while the girl smiled


"I can see you like it a lot" she said while watching his tiny fiance licking

the candy that was twice his size. After a few more moments she took the

lollipop and put it inside her mouth again. Raising from her seat she turned

around and with her free hand moved down the tight spandex shorts she was

wearing. Then she moved backwards and sat in the desk. Richy got confused while

he watched her bending over a little and separated her delicious buns with both

of her hands. Then she took out the lollipop from her mouth and moved it towards

her ass. Richy beheld Sara rubbing her pink tight anus with the lollipop,

smearing her orifice with the melt candy and her own saliva.

"As you liked it so much I think you wouldn't mind licking it a little bit more"

she said turning her face and smiling at him while moving the lollipop in tight

circles against her sphincter and sometimes lightly sticking it inside her

rectum. When she was satisfied she ordered Richy to get closer. The unfortunate

little worm sighed and walked resignedly towards the girl's inmense ass crack.

"Come on, don't be so sad" she said turning her face to look at him "I've got my

little hole very sticky, so I want you to lick it until it is completely clean,

got it?".

The miserable guy had no choice but using his tiny tongue to lick and clean

Sara's viscuous orifice until she was satisfied. Sara really enjoyed the feeling

of his tiny tongue in her anus. It was exciting and ticklish at the same time.

Closing her eyes she savored the inmense power she exerted on him. Her desires

were commands to him, he was completely helpless and too weak to protest or even

being asked about his opinion, and she loved it!

Meanwhile little Richy struggled to clean the wrinkled and harsh surface. It

took him many minutes to fulfill his ordeal, because Sara had smeared a lot of

candy among the fleshy ridges, however he didn't dare to stick his minuscle

tongue inside the huge anus.

"I think you haven't noticed that there is some candy inside of my tiny hole"

she said "you've done very well til now, but it's time for that tongue to get

inside of me and finish its job". Richy had no choice again and followed her

orders. He put his face against the wet surface and started to stick his tongue

inside the excited anus that was opening more and more. Closing his eyes, he

proceeded to get his face inside Sara's sphincter. He started to lick inside the

hot humid hole and he was surprised that neither the taste or the odor were as

terrible as he had thought before. After a few moments he had his face soaked

with his own saliva and the anal fluids that started to come from inside her

rectum. The rectum was so big that he had no trouble breathing and moving his

head around to continue his task, so he stuck his head completely inside Sara's

@!#$. Sara was very excited, she moaned and sighed loudly. The tiny tongue

probing around and his head moving against the walls of her anus were driving

her crazy. She had a great desire to take Richy and stick him completely in her

rectum, but she remembered that in a few days their union would be fulfilled and

she held herself. Richy felt her anal muscle contracting around his head

rhythmically. It softly tightened on him a few seconds and then released him,

and then tightened on his head again. Ten minutes later Richy got his head out

of Sara's body. She took him tenderly and got him close to her face.

"You are so good" she said joyfully "I 've liked your performance a lot. See, it

wasn't so awful, right?" Richy was exhausted but he nodded.

Next, Sara put Richy inside a little box in her desk. Richy was thankful for the

rest, and in a few minutes he was completely asleep.


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