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"Becoming Part of Her"


B. Tweenercheeks

I'd been dating Shari for almost six months. We'd met when I

graduated from college. Shari was a dark haired gothic chick I

couldn't take my eyes off of. She didn't wear lots of make up. She

never wore sexy clothes. Yet I was intrigued with her dark,

mysterious eyes. Her plainess attracted me. She said very little, but

was very intelligent. Shari always acted so secretive she was almost

creepy. In bed she was a forcefull, sadistic and almost animal-like

lover. Within a short time I felt almost addicted to her. We were

engaged in two months.

Shari's family freaked me out. Nobody ever talked to me. They looked

at me and derided "he's not one of us". Insulted, I never

stoped to think about what they met. Shari for her part, cold also

be, well, odd. She joked about having "powers". Sometimes

she acted like she really believed she did. When we'd go out, she

would point out some attractive girl and say "See her? She's

pretty, huh? Well remember if I ever catch you even looking at

another girl you'll be so sorry."

Soon the attraction began to wear off. Shari just seemed creepy,

plain and bossy. I began to feel trapped in our engagement. Shari

sensed my rejection of her and became even more domineering and

threatening. "Where was her engagement ring?" "How

come we hadn't booked a hall?" she demanded.

One Saturday Shari announced that we were going out to the mall to

look at bridesmaid dresses. After arguing for an hour I gave in. She

talked nonstop the entire time we shopped. By agreeing to go it was

as if I had renewed her faith in me. We walked through the mall and

she was as happy as I had seen her. I pretended to listen and mumbled

the cumpulsory "Uh huh" every so often. Meanwhile I looked

around me. The mall was filled with all sorts of women. Darn cute

ones too. I kept sneaking glances at the mall chicks.

We took a break to get some ice cream. Shari and I sat at a table and

she began to blab on and on about our future. I heard women giggling.

looking at the table behind Shari four college aged girls dropped

their packages and sat down. A waft of expensive perfume floated in

with them.

They looked like four models. Smiling and laughing they ordered ice

cream. Discreetly, I focussed on their conversation. Then I saw her.

Seated at that table was the prettiest woman I'd ever seen. She had

Alyssa Milano's gorgeous dark eyes. Wearing yellow shorts, she sat

confidently with her legs apart. Facing towards me she flopped her

chocolate brown forward, scooped it up and scrunged it into a pony

tail, jutting out her taut, pointy breasts. As a huge hot fudge

sundae was placed in front of her she leaned back, her tanned, trim

belly exposed by her sexy half shirt. "God this is so huge"

she laughed as she picked up her spoon. I was so enamored by this

striking, exotic, self-assured woman. Shari was babbling about

something. I kept saying "uh huh" to pacify her. I watched

as this goddess-like beauty stuck her ice cream spoon in and scooped

out a sloppy spoonfull. Her soft pink lips smeared the creamy delight

off the spoon. Her long erotic tongue licked the excess off her !

lips - and she smiled. Suddenly Shari turned to see where I was

looking. She babbled some more and received the same response. Then

she got loud. "God damn you. I warned you. You like watching

that bimbo eat her food? Is that a turn on for you? You long to be

where that ice cream is, in her mouth, huh? You're engaged to me, but

you want to be one with her? Is that what you aspire to, you loser?

My family was right. Fine. I hope your dream becomes your


Shari's eyes blazed with fury at me then rolled back. She seemed to


What did I step in? My feet slid in something gooey that must have

fallen on the floor. Looking around I felt disoriented. Shari stood

up. She looked down at me, smiled and then laughed. She shook her

head, turned and walked out of the ice cream store.

My legs were freezing. As I tried to stand up to follow Shari I

started to sink. I tried to move but I only sunk deeper. It was as if

I was in quicksand. In up so my thighs, I stopped and looked around.

I was paralyzed with lust. Four magnificient women smiled and laughed

at each other's comments as they scooped up their desserts. Back and

forth I looked up at four gargantuan sets of boobs. The cold air in

the ice cream shop had hardened and aroused thier nipples. Suddenly I

realized my place in my new world. I was tiny, barely a quarter of an

inch tall. I was also stuck in the whipped cream of the exotic

beauty's sundae. A giant silver spoon descended down towards me.

Women are so weird about ice cream. Kinda like how us guys are about

sex. They enjoy ice cream slowly and dramaticly. They use their lips,

tongue, really their entire mouth on each bite. They breath deep.

They moan. They lick their lips. Afterwards they look both tired and


The Alyssa Milanno Twin loomed over me. Her pretty model like freinds

cackled and giggled. Her long shiny ice cream spoon swooped down

towards me. I remained trapped up to my thighs in her whipped cream.

Her tan hand dug into the whipped cream. Like a storm surge a hill of

whipped cream mounded next to me. She scooped an over flowing blob of

nut covered whipped cream. I watched from below as she opened her

mouth extra wide to shove in the extra-large spoonful. Her chin

subtly chewed and crunched the nuts. A tiny smear of cream remained

on her lip. Her long pink tongue greedily snatched it in.

Panicked, I strained my eyes around to find Shari. Surely she would

not let me be eaten. Looking out the window I found her. She headed

towards the mall exit. The silhouette of her rear view became smaller

and smaller. Completely unconcerned with my fate she dissappeared

into the exit.

I realized that this was it. I was about to die. I flailed my arms

about. Certainly she would see me - perhaps think I was a bug in her

food at first and then realized I was a trapped human being. Thoughts

flew through my mind. Maybe she'd freak out at first. Maybe she'd

swat at the ice cream if she noticed me. Hopefully not. I continued

to wave frantically. What if she saw me and kinda felt sorry. She

might take me with the girls. They'd realize I was a good looking

young guy. Maybe they'd be turned on by the situation. Perhaps, only

out of freakish curiousity one of them would want to see what it'd

feel like to put me in her...

My thoughts were interupted. The giant spoon descended again - this

time right towards me. Her spoon dug in. I ducked low. The whipped

cream beneath me squished around. Air rushed down from above. I

looked up. "Alyssa's" chin and nose approached from above.

Her eyes looked across the table to politely listen at one of her

bimbo friends stories. "Alyssa's" mouth opened wide to

accept the spoon. Her tongue was cradled. Tiny strings of creamy

saliva stretched between her upper and lower molars. Her shiny pink

lips converged. I looked up. Her eyes rolled back as she blinked slow

and long in anticipation of delicious ecstasy.

A blast of sweet warm breath greeted me as she closed her mouth and

tugged the spoon out her her mouth. All went black. Then bedlam

started. I was sloshed and spun around. Her warm, slippery tongue

mixed me with the cream and the crushed nuts. I cowered my body a

ball. Over and over her teeth mashed while her tongue sought out more

nuts to chew. For a breif moment I felt presure. "Alyssa's"

tongue pressed against the roof of her mouth. She swallowed.

I descended downward mixed in a creamy, peanutty mess. Circular

muscles seemed to squeeze me down much like squeezing a tube of

toothpaste. "Alyssa" or whatever this exotic beauty's name

was, started talking about having a date later that night. Passing

down her throat her voice thundered, deep and guttural.

Slowly I slid along the wall of her esophagus. Then there was a

falling sensation. Then nothing. I waited. With nothing happening I

figured I should try to look around since my end was near. I was up

to my waist in slimey, creamy slop. A sweet, puke-like smell

permiated the hot, stale air.

I heard the girl's muffled voices. Alyssa's voice was not quite as

loud as it had just been moments earlier. Thinking back to biology, I

realized I was in Alyssa's stomach. I sloshed around, feeling my way

in the darkness. Suddenly, the girl's voices became louder

momentarily. A brief flicker of light

illuminated the pinkness of her stomach. A gurgling noise drew my

attention upwards. Suddenly, more half-melted, chewed ice cream fell

on top of me. Over and over I would have to struggle to the surface.

The girls finished their ice cream. Full from the snack, the four

wandered through the mall, enjoying a pleasant afternoon shopping.

Many admired Alyssa's tight tan belly as she she sashayed in her half

t-shirt. Little did they know that just inside that sexy little belly

a panic stricken man was about suffer.

I felt warm. The coolness of the ice cream seemed to subside. The

gooey liquid which i struggled rocked back and forth in time with

Alyssa's strut.

The warmth then changed to heat. My skin began feeling itchy. Then it

stung. Finally, the entire surface area of my skin felt scalded.

Alyssa's digestive juices had begun to break down my body as food.

I could do nothing to stop the agony of Alyssa's digestive juices. It

hurt eveywhere, horribly. Like a frog in boiling water, I became

numb. I no longer struggled. Floating in her stomach I soon tired. I

assumed I was dieing. Soon, somehow, I slept.

Something bumped me in the head. I looked around. My eyes had grown

accustomed to the darkness. I was somehow still alive. Looking around

I could see a little of my surroundings. A long white kept bumping

into me. There was something silver and shiney on one end. I looked

closer. My own arm, severed and disolving, floated next to me. I

closed my eyes.

Alyssa laughed and flirted as she enjoyed her first date with Chad.

The night grew late. Walking her to her apartment, they made out

passionately. Chad reached down Alyssa's shorts and rubbed her

crotch. The two kissed again. "bye-bye" she cooed sweetly

into his ear. Chad then left.

Trying to remember biology, I focussed on clues to where i was in

this hotties' body. Rubbery like belts contunously lapped at me. I

realized that i had entered her small intestine. Alyssa's body was

trying to extract whatever protein was left on my body. I had made it

pretty far to still be concious. I would try, if only out of

stubborness and morbid curiousity, to pay attention as long as i

could. I felt layers of flesh being pulled off. strangly it no longer


Soon I felt presure. I was being squeezed, pressed and compacted into

other objects. Every so often, I'd feel myself move. Slide, then

stop. Slide, then stop. It was much like the movement of a commuter

train. Wherever I was it stunk. If I'd been in her small intestines

earlier, then this must be...her large intestines. the problem with

this theory isthat I thought that no digestion takes place in the

large intestine - it only holds waste to be eliminated. No wonder why

it smelled! I was in Alyssa's ****. While this was disgusting, there

was nothing I could do. Every so often, the "train" which i

was on would slide down her intestines.

Alyssa undressed. Putting on an oversized t-shirt, she climbed into

bed. Soon she slept.

Movement woke me. After getting used to being in one position, i felt

myself jostled around. Suddenly I started to slide down her large

intestines...and fast. I feslt the distinct sensation of descending.

Presure from all around seemed to tightly squeeze my body. There was

a flicker of light, then bright light. My point of view was

astounding. I looked down just in tome to see a large peice of ****

spiral away from alyssa's little ass. then I saw it. Imbedded on the

surface of her crap was the ribcage and skull of a tiny man.

There was only one conclusion. That was my body. But how was I

consious? I'd been digested so how was I able to think? What the hell

was I?

Red fingernails gripping a wad of toilet paper obstructed my view as

she wiped herself. Alyssa stood up and turned on the shower. Taking

off her t-shirt she climbed into the warm watter.

My view from her ass was streamed with water running down her olive

skin. I started to feel a little better. Warm and kind of, well,


Alyssa faced away from the shower head. She leaned her head back into

the water. Rubing her soap between her hands she sudsed then up good.

Reaching down to her crotch, Alyssa sudsed her pubic area generously.

Enjoying the sensation, she parted and rubbed her pussy lips. Soon

her breathing became shallow. Water ran down her face into her open

mouth as she furiously massaged her clit.

I felt sudden pleasure. Rushing, I felt uncontolably urgently drawn

to something. At lightning speed I moved. Giant red frisbee like

objects passed by me in a blur. I saw something. Water ran down

something. It looked like it dripped from a bird's nest. A long

object extended down wiggling side to side. Concentrating intently, I

realized my view had changed. I now stared out from inside her labia.

Alyssa gently slid her feet further apart to allow better access for

her fingers. In an orgasmic stupor, she furiously dug into her hole.

I'd never felt so damn horny. Alyssa's hand continued in front of me.

I heard her start to orgasm. Simultaneously, I felt myself come as


"What the hell am I?" I thought to myself. I could not

fathom what current state of existence was. Alyssa had eaten and

digested me. She excreted what her body did not need. "What does

that make me?" I thought. Then it hit me. The body uses food for

energy. Nerve response is electrical energy. I was an electrical

impulse in this gorgeous babe's body.

Alyssa was late. Rushing to get to class she grabbed a granola bar.

Munching as she walked, she hurried to school. Suddenly I was again

summoned. Urgently, it hurt. I felt a pinching, biting, annoying

pain. I zipped along to get there. Looking around i did not recognize

my surroundings at first. Then I did. From behind her teeth I saw

Alyssa's mouth open. Her finger appeared and she grabbed her cheek.

"goddamnit" she yelled to her friend, "I bit my


Now there was no doubt. I was shrunk and stuck in this beauty's body,

forced to involuntarily respond to stimuli.

The rest of the day was uneventful. A few times I responded to bumps

and such, but nothing extaordinary. I hoped she'd masterbate again


A phone rang. Alyssa answered. It was her boyfriend Chad "Sure

I'll go!" Alyssa chirped.

Alyssa spent an hour primping herself. She painted her toenails,

reapplied her make up and changed. She sprayed the expensive perfume

i had once smelled on her.

Chad and Alyssa walked around the mall for hours. I kept worrying

that Shari was around the mall again. She had shrunk me and forced me

into this situation. But what else could she do?

My worries were allieviated when the two left the mall and walked out

to Chad's car. Getting in the engine did not start. Chad and Alyssa

began to kiss.

Suddenly I was drawn again. Speeding through Alyssa's nervous system

I started to feel turned on. Looking from Alyssa's clit I felt

arroused. All I could see was light from the outside through the

giant crotch of her candy-striped panties. Alyssa moaned softly as

the two kissed.

"Come on Alyssa, can't we do it?" Chad pleaded.

"Do you have protection?" Alyssa asked

"No, but I'll pull out" Chad begged while nibbling her


Suddenly I felt that Shari was around again. She was up to something.

Alyssa said "look at that woman right there. She was just

looking at us. Now what's she doing? Her eyes are rolled back. She

looks like she's talking to herself."

"Forget about her" Chad said.

The two began to kiss. Shari smiled and walked away. Alyssa suddenly

lost all inhibition. "God, OK, fuck me Chad!"

Alyssa opened her legs up wide to accomodate Chad. The two had only

had sex a couple of times. It was new to her. Chad did not waste the

oppurtunity. He imediately thrust his manhood into Alyssa. At first,

she yelped. Soon the two rocked in tandem.

I was drawn again to a different location. Unrecognizable at first, I

then realized I was deep inside Alyssa's pussy against her cervix. A

horrible, blunt pain repeatedly stung me. As I focussed I realized

that Chad was now fucking Alyssa - hard. Her young tight pussy,

unaccostomed to hard sex, stretched to accomodate his prick. My view

was unbelievable. Looking down her giant tunnel-like pussy I saw the

orange glow of the parking lot lights. His prick then invaded her

hole with violent thrusts. Alyssa's huge inner thighs soon glintened

in her juices.

Alyssa had had clitoral orgasms before. She had never experienced a

g-spot orgasm. Chad's deep thrusts began to stimulate this hot spot

deep inside Alyssa's pussy. Alyssa tipped her hips forward, and

demanded "deeper, harder, oh yeah". A tickly, twitching

sensation began well inside her vagina.

Suddenly I was in a different location still within Alyssa's vagina.

Her giant pussy oozed juices. Chad's enormous dick continued to pound

Alyssa's fresh pussy. He now thrust it her for the entire length,

pulled out, and re-thrust back in, over and over again. From inside

her pussy i saw her legs, like two skyscrapers, extending out. Her

giant stretched open hole now gaped. The view from inside this exotic

giantess' pussy as she was fucked was hot. Soon I began to feel as

though I was going to come. As if I still were still human, I came.

Simultaneously Alyssa wrapped her legs around Chad's waist. She

pushed her pussy towards him to accept his manic thrusts. Drool fell

from her mouth as she panted. Chad said "I'm gonna come"

and started to pull out.

"Don't stop!" Alyssa ordered. Her pussy now dripped with

her juices. Chad returned to thrusting. He imediately shot his load

deep inside her.

The two said little. Exhausted Chad drove Alyssa home to her


my existence as a tiny nerve impulse within this exotic hottie was my

dream come true. I enjoyed her pleasures - especially when she

masterbated. Her pain, however, I could do without. I have to say,

when Alyssa masterbates it is all worth it. Being inside her pussy

when she masterbates is my dream fantasy. It is unbelievable.

A few months later Alyssa got up early. She didn't follow her usual

routine of heading to school. Walking with her freind i heard her

talking. "Thanks for going with me" Alyssa said to some


I was drawn to a piercing like pinch. It hurt bad, but quickly went

away. "Ow, doc that hurts" I heard Alyssa say.

After shuffling around the two left. Suddenly I knew Shari was around

again. I heard Alyssa "God, it's that woman again. See her? the

one who was just staring at us. Now she is chanting with her eyes

rolled back. I saw her before. What a freak."

Alyssa's friend said "I don't care about her, what did the

doctor say? Are you going to have a baby?"

"I'll know in a couple of days. I'm so scared it's gonna hurt.

Hey, why is that freak-lady laughing?" Alyssa said.

I had gotten exactly what I wanted. Alyssa was the sexiest woman I'd

ever seen. I'd become more intimately a part of her than any man had

ever been with a woman. I felt Alyssa's feelings even stronger than

she did. In nine months I'd experience the entire spectrum of what

she would feel. Shari would have her revenge. My dream was to become

my nightmare.

Giantess Stories: New Page 2

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