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New Short Story: The Neighbor,

Part 1 of 2

As soon as the Parkers moved next door, I knew it was going to be difficult.

First they complained about the fence in my backyard - then about the volume of

my stereo. And now Mrs. Parker is pissed about my oak tree because it has

branches that extend over her yard. Well I'm not cutting it down - I don't care

how many times they bug me about it. And this morning's phone call doesn't make

a difference. Like I care more about little Beth getting sun than I do a

beautiful old oak tree. Apparently home from her freshman year of college, young

Beth fashioned herself an upcoming model and was always pursuing that perfect,

even tan.

Can't she find another place in the yard not so close to the tree? - I thought

to myself. She's just being difficult again, as that seemed to be her MO since

she was a gawky twelve year old. And now that she's grown into a statuesque

young woman, Beth has become accustomed to getting what she wants. "Well not

this time," I said aloud to myself with a smile of satisfaction. Just then, the

doorball rang.

I swung the front door open and soaked in the vision before me. It was Beth,

standing in the doorway in a bikini-top, shorts and flip-flops. I hadn't seen

her in almost nine months - and my God, what a nine months they had been. Her

lean, toned frame stood nearly 6' tall in her thin rubber soles - and her body

had filled out, giving her a nice shapely look she didn't have a couple years

ago. Her hair, more sun-streaked and blondish-brown than before, provided an

even more stunning contrast against her deeply bronzed skin and sparking blue

eyes. She stood there silently for a moment - perhaps because she recognized I

needed time to take her in. My eyes fixated on her beautiful, round breasts -

held tautly within her strappy top - as they heaved only a few inches below my

eye level. I admired her long, firm belly - which was incredibly toned yet

looked silky soft to the touch. As did her smooth thighs, which were barely

covered at all by her short cut-off jeans - giving me nearly complete access to

every inch of her incredibly long, tanned legs. I followed them down past her

shapely calves to her large yet feminine feet - each perfect in shape,

well-manicured in a trendy shade of pink nail polish, and really quite large.

Her flip-flops were a size 11 and her long toes seemed to spill over the

well-worn edges.

My eyes eventually made their way back up to her full, glistening lips as they

spread slowly into a smile and parted to speak, "Good afternoon, Mr. Thomas. Or

can I call you Mike now that I'm all grown up?" I paused for a second and then

answered, "Well, Beth, I guess you can call me Mike now - so what can I do for

you?" The tall beauty put her large but delicate hands on her hips and snapped,

"You know what this is about, Mike - that goddamn tree. Let me in so we can talk

this over." And before I had a chance to react, Beth took a big step forward and

placed her large hand on the front door - her palm pressed flat against it a

couple inches above my head - and pushed it open wider. She didn't even wait for

me to get out of the way as she shifted past me sideways in the doorway - her

firm breast rubbing up against my shoulder.

I then closed the front door behind me and turned around, mesmerized again for a

moment by the youthful beauty of my house guest. I noticed that although Beth

had never been in my house before - let alone by herself - she didn't appear one

bit nervous. In fact, she seemed to adopt an aggressive posture as she again

stepped forward towards me, placing one foot almost directly between mine and

stepping up only an inch or two from my face. She stared slightly down the line

of her nose at me and relished in her 3-4 inch height advantage before speaking,

"So you sure you don't want to cut that tree down, Mikey boy?"


New Story: The Neighbor, Part 2

of 2

I stood there both confused and sexually excited by Beth's bizarre behavior as I

tried to answer her, "You don't understand, Beth - that tree is hundreds of

years old and it would be a tragedy to cut to cut it dwon now..." Obviously

unimpressed, Beth scowled and replied, "No, Mike, you don't understand. You see

this gorgeous body?" and she opened her arms as if she were presenting herself.

"This body is eighteen years old and it would be a tragedy if it didn't get

everything it needs to look this good....Don't you think I have a beautiful

body, Mike?" And with those words, young Beth's tone changed from mocking to

seductive as she looked down at me slightly and smirked. "Maybe you'd like to

touch my body - would you like that Mikey boy?" And before I had a chance to

answer, Beth reached out and took my hand in hers - her long, tan fingers

wrapping around it easily - and slowly brought it up to her chest. She placed my

palm over the warm, heaving flesh of her left breast and held it there with her

hand. I could feel her nipple getting harder under the thin fabric of her bikini

when she leaned over even closer so her sparkling, blue eyes were staring

directly into mine. I felt a rush of sexual excitement mixed with a strange,

queasy feeling I had never felt before. I could see Beth's huge eyes squint as

she began to smile at me - still holding my hand up against her round breast. I

was still making eye contact with this tall, young beauty standing before me

when I realized she was starting to get even taller! Her 3-4 inch height

advantage was now closer to 8 inches, as I found myself eye level with her

luscious lips. Those pink, glossy lips part and boom into a laugh - blasting

warm, wet air into my face. I closed my eyes for a moment and felt a rush of

cooler air fly by me. When I opened them, I realized my mistake. Young Beth

wasn't growing taller - I was somehow shrinking by the second and now found

myself staring directly at her tight belly - my arm still held up over her

breast, which was now making my hand look like that of a child's. She let my

hand go and stood over me at full height - my face equal with her belly button.

"So how do you feel, little Mikey? Wow - I must look like I'm 15 feet tall to

you, huh? I'm hoping now that you see my body from another perspective, it might

help you to understand thing differently. You see my point, little neighbor?"

And she mockingly patted me on top of my head. "Stop this right now, Beth" I

snapped at her, "and make me big again before I call your mother. How did you do

this to me anyway?" Beth seemed amused at the thought of me calling her mother

as she slowly bent over and loomed her huge face above mine, "Oh - you won't be

calling anyone, Mr. Thomas. I know you've wanted me since we moved in next door

- and I can use your sexual excitement against you." With that, she stood back

up to full height and extended her shapely, tan abdomen towards me. Before I

realized it, she wrapped her huge hand around the back of my head and pulled it

tight against her belly. I strained my neck to look up and saw the bottom of her

gorgeous, round breasts with her pretty face peering down over them from above.

She smiled down at the small face in her hand and pressed it directly into her

belly - virtually cutting off all my air. I could hear her muffled words from

above and feel them emanating from inside her tummy as well, "That's right,

little Mike - I've seen you stare at my belly so I wanted to give you an upclose

look. How do you like it?"

My face squirmed against the smooth, bronzed skin of her belly as I tried to

catch some air - which apparently served to tickle her - causing her belly to

harden and contort as she giggled in delight. I caught a glimpse of her gorgeous

face well above me and noticed her lips were pursed with pleasure. She was

enjoying the feeling of kneading my tiny face into her belly - and the sight of

her getting excited managed to turn me on as well. Soon that strange queasiness

took over again and I felt Beth allow my small head to pass through her giant

hand - and I felt that same swish of cooler air before finding my bearings. When

I did, I found myself standing between young Beth's legs - her denim shorts

looming well above me. I looked to my left and right to see the inside of her

knees, her shapely calves extending towards my body from both sides. I was about

two feet tall and Beth was enjoying the feeling of standing directly over me -

her huge feet encased in flip-flops that seemed almost as big as my entire body.

When she bent the top half of her magnificent body over, I cowered like a small

animal would. She was now in complete control and there was nothing I could do

about it.

"Ha - I'd like to see you try and call someone now you little rodent. Now you

are at my mercy - and you better do exactly what I say or I will end your

pathetic little life at any moment," and with those words, young Beth picked up

her gigantic foot and slammed it down on the ground in a threatening display.

She then pointed her long index finger down at me from above and barked out an

order, "Now you are nothing but a little dog - and I want you to act like it."

And she then pivoted a little bit to extend one of her shapely legs towards me,

her slightly bent knee at eye level. "That's right - I want you to hump my leg

like a little dog, so get started." Somewhat dumbfounded by her request, I just

stood there for a moment and looked at her. My eyes wandered from the tanned

kneecap in front of me up her shapely thigh, past her tight belly and firm

breasts - and noticed her face looked really pissed. "Wait, Beth, please - I'll

cut the tree down - just don't shrink me anymore..." But she would have none of

it. "Sorry, Mikey, but we're way past that. You are going to be my little slave

for the rest of your life - which will end now if you don't act like a good

little dog. Don't make me come down there," she said as she started reaching her

giant bare hand down towards me.

Terrified of what she might do, I quickly jumped on to her lower leg and clamped

on around her shapely calf. She instantly smiled and tilted her head back in

pleasure and I began pumping my little body against the soft, fragrant skin of

her lower leg. My face was pressed up against the front of her shin and my legs

straddled her ankle as I girated like a little dog around the leg of this 18

year old beauty. Within seconds, I could hear her moaning in delight from above

as she looked down her magnificent body to the small human being around her

ankle - and I was growing more and more excited as well. A few seconds later, I

was met with that now familiar queasiness, and suddenly Beth's lower leg became

too girthy for me to straddle.

I slowly slid down her ankle and on to the top of her collosal bare foot - now

standing no more than one inch tall. I looked up the mountain of a figure that

was now young Beth and noticed she was growing more and more sexually excited

herself. I could see up the expanse of her leg to see she was touching herself

with one hand through her jeanshorts while she ran her other hand all across her

perfect body. She looked down quickly and maintained enough composure to shift

her bare foot - causing me to tumble down into the sole area of her flip-flop.

With another quick adjustment, Beth positioned her bare foot over me so I was

laying sideways under her delicate arch - my lower body wedged underneath it and

my upper body sticking out faced up. This position gave me a perfect perspective

of her entire body - starting up the inside of her foot and impossibly long,

toned legs. Her head was now tilted back in demonstrative pleasure as she

continued her fingerplay outside her jeanshorts - so my view basically ended

with the underside of her round breasts, heaving what seemed like hundreds of

feet above me. Her moans became louder as she soaked in the feeling of the utter

power she had over the adult neighbor cowering under the arch of her incredibly

huge bare foot. As she writhed in excitement, she began unknowingly shifting her

weight back and forth - the fragrant skin of her arch pressing down on me harder

and harder. I felt my ribs crack as she started sreaming, the muscles in her

majestic legs rippling above me. Then just before the moment of climax, young

Beth opened one eye slightly and located the tiny figure suffering under her

arch. A wave of terror shot through my body as she established eye contact - if

only for a fleeting moment - before purposely bringing all of her weight down on

me and crushing my tiny body under her perfect bare foot. My last moments of

awareness were spent watching her gigantic body shake with sexual release as I

had been reduced to small stain under under her delicate sole.


Giantess Stories: New Short Story

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