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ngie Garcia: Columbian Female, Age 18.

Long brown hair, light skin, green eyes.

Cynthia Garcia: Columbian Female, Age 15.

Long black hair, tan skin, brown eyes.

Marissa Garcia: Columbian Female, Age 44.

Long black hair, light skin, green eyes

A Witch For a


There was this family of Columbian women. Angie and Cynthia and their

mother Marissa, plus the husband Nelson. The difference between this

family from other ones is that the mother of this family is a witch.

Throughout Angie and Cynthia's lives this has always been a problem.

They have hated their mother for being a witch since they can

remember. Not because she's a witch but because of the way she uses

her powers. For example when Angie was in 8th grade she got her first

boyfriend, but when he broke up with her and Angie's mother found out

she turned the boy into an insole of a shoe and gave it to Angie as a

gift but didn't tell her about it until two years later after she had

worn-out the shoes. That boy still remains an insole of the shoe

laying somewhere in Angie's closet. Another example, When Cynthia was

only twelve years old her mother turned 2 boys into furry rabbit

slippers and gave them to her on Christmas. They became her favorite

slippers, until this day she still

does not know that her slippers are alive. Half the things their

mother has given them is likely to have been a person. The worst part

about this is that she makes sure that when she turns someone into an

object that they still have all their senses. Almost every single

pair of shoes, socks, pantyhose, underwear, bra, and many other

pieces of clothing that she owns are made of humans. Even some of the

things in her bedroom are of humans. Her pillow that she sleeps on

every night used to be her fiancé. When she decided she didn't want

to marry him she turned him into one of her old black leather pumps,

but after a year of wearing him under her foot she decided to be nice

and turn him into her pillow. Something else that they hated about

there mother was that when she punishes them it is very different

than the way normal kids are punished. For example, when Angie stayed

out a couple hours past curfew instead of being grounded like a

normal kid, her mother shrunk her down to

3 inches and kept her in one of her dirty sweat socks for 2 days st

It was December 20th; Christmas was coming in less

than a week. Angie and Cynthia knew that this meant there would be a

lot more people/things that were going to be added to their

collection. Over the years they have become use to this. In fact,

they have enjoyed it on many occasions, some mentioned in the

introduction. Every Christmas their mother gives them living shoes,

socks, and other pieces of living material that they can abuse. The

difference this Christmas from others is that this year their mother

has gotten a lot of attention from the neighborhood and has even been

accused of witchcraft. People from the neighborhood have said they've

seen men and women go into Marissa's home and never come out. The

police have even gotten a warrant to search her house and backyard.

Obviously they found nothing, because who would suspect a shoe or

sock or any piece of material would be the victim. When they did

search the home however, there were a few shrunken peopl

e, but Cynthia was wearing one in her left sock under her foot and

Angie had one stuffed inside her track shoes with a bunch of dirty

socks closing the opening. Anyway, because of all the attention she

decided not to go overboard this Christmas.

Marissa had just come home from work, she was sitting in the living

room and drinking some eggnog while talking to her pantyhose. She

loves to mock and tease the people she's cast spells on.

How was work today for you guys? I hope the heat and smell wasn't too

much. 'She was speaking very sarcastically throughout the whole

conversation like she usually does.' Actually Im lying, I hope it was

extremely hot and smelly. In fact I purposely made sure not to wash

my feet for the last couple days, not to mention I haven't washed

yawl for god knows how long. So is their anything ya'll would like to

tell me.? Oh I forgot, I took away your ability to speak, that's

right how could I forget.

After she said this she yelled for her daughter's Angie and Cynthia.

They ran down the stairs and walked up to the couch she was sitting


Yes mom ' They said this in a very agitated way.'

Sit down ladies; I need to tell you something. The two girls sat down

and waited. Marissa began to speak and as she was speaking she began

to take off her pantyhose.

Now I know yawl are expecting a bunch of presents this Christmas but

Im afraid you won't be getting as many as you usually............She

stopped speaking and sniffed her pantyhose.

Pee-yoo!! They stink!! Come here and smell them Angie.

I don't want to mom.

I said come here and smell them! I am your mother and you will do as

I say! Angie got up and bent over as her mother extended her arm and

stuffed her pantyhose into her daughter's nose.

Ok mom, are you happy?

Don't get smart with me young lady unless you want to go in these

pantyhose! Angie sat down and tried to pretend her mom didn't just

say that.

Cynthia just sat their and watched the whole thing and felt really

bad for her sister. She had just spent 2 days in one of her mother's

pantyhose, so she knew how bad they could smell. Not to mention how

humiliating it was to be forced to smell them. Luckily, the pantyhose

she had spent 2 days in could speak. So she was at least able to talk

to someone during her 'Punishment'.

Anyway, Like I was saying. I won't be able to get yawl any living

gifts. Plus ever since your father left us. we haven't been doing

that great financially. It amazed Angie and Cynthia that their mother

was a witch with magical powers, yet they are somehow poor. Also, the

girls knew why their father had left. It was because of their mother.

She was very abusive to him. If he came home a little late, no matter

what the reason, she would shrink him and make him spend the night

under her foot. It wouldn't be so bad, but this woman's feet smell

horrible all the time. Plus, if they ever got into a fight, instead

of talking it out, she would shrink him and force him to do all types

of humiliating things like smelling, rubbing, kissing, and licking

her feet all day.

Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and left. He had actually left

just a month ago. After Marissa got mad at him for leaving the toilet

seat up, she turned him into a sock and made Cynthia wear him to

school all day. Cynthia actually feels as if she were partly to blame

for all this. She didn't stand up for him when she had the chance,

plus she could have easily taken him off her foot when she got to

school, but was afraid her mother would somehow find out. She is very

paranoid about her mother's powers, she never under estimates them.

I just thought I would warn you girls what to expect for Christmas.

I've decided I will allow you two to choose one boy from your school,

anyone boy yawl would like, bring him to me and I will shrink him for

yawl. Then you two can share him as your living present for


Why can't you get us each a little guy? 'Cynthia tried to ask this in

a baby voice, so her mother wouldn't get mad at her.' Once she asked

that question Angie gave her sister a bad look. She was thinking how

evil her sister has been becoming, everyday she reminds her more of

their mother.

No Cynthia! Be grateful that I am getting yawl one living present. I

wasn't going to get yawl any but then I saw your cute little faces

right now and yawl looked so sad.

Im not sad, Angie said immediately. You don't have to get us any

living people.

Shut Up Angie! You will pick out a boy and I will shrink him into

your personal toy and you and your sister will enjoy him. Do I make

myself clear young lady!?

Yeah, whatever.

Angie was thinking that most parents try to get their kids to make

good grades, or get involved in school activities or sports. Not her

mother, she tries to get her daughters to torture other human beings,

to learn her magic and use it on people they know, and to enjoy it


Alright then, it is settled. You two can talk to each other and

decide which person yawl want me to shrink. I want an answer by

tomorrow when I come home from work. With that she grabbed her

pantyhose from the couch and began talking to it while walking

upstairs to her bedroom.

Alright guys, Yawl get to go into my smelly boots until tomorrow when

I go to work, then yawl get to stay under my feet all day


You heard our mom Angie, we need to decide who the lucky guy is gonna


No! Im sick of this shit. We need to stop listening to her. She's


That may be so, but she is our mother, she takes care of us, and she

has lots of powers. I'd rather torture some guy for the rest of his

life than be tortured myself.

Angie knew her sister was right and she knew that she had to

cooperate with her sister and find a guy they both


The next morning Angie and Cynthia were ready to go to school and

pick out a few guys. They decided to each pick out 2 guys and then

try to bring them home. There they would decide which one is going to

be the keeper. These two girls are beautiful and very sexy, so it

wasn't going to be hard to get guys to come over. Angie is more

'ghetto' and into hip hop while Cynthia is more 'pop'. So their

tastes in boys are different. Before they headed off to school,

Cynthia sat by the door to put on her shoes. Angie was standing right

there waiting for her sister. She noticed her sister pulling out a

little girl from her pocket then placing it in her left shoe. Cynthia

then put her foot into the shoe, got up and twisted her foot into it.

She then got on her tippie toes and posed for her sister teasingly.

Obviously trying to press her toes into the little girls face as much

as she could. Angie was a little disturbed watching her sister do

this, but at the same time had an urge to run to

her room and get the little guy she had from her sock drawer. They

finally left to go to school. They live real close to it so they

always walk unless it's raining. This was always a pain for the

little girl under Cynthia's foot. By the time Cynthia got to school

the little girl was already extremely hot, sweaty, smelly, and soar.

Angie and Cynthia have different classes because Angie is a senior

and Cynthia is a sophomore. While they were in class they looked

around to find the perfect guy to make their toy. Angie had her

boyfriend in her class but didn't want to turn him into a toy, not

because she liked him too much, but because she didn't want her

sister playing with him. She didn't have anyone in her classes that

she was interested in, but she did notice these two guys at lunch who

she thought were very handsome. So she walked up to them and began

conversating and as planned she got them to agree to come home with

her after school. Cynthia on the other hand already kne

w who she wanted. She immediately walked up to one of them during E

What the hell is going on in there!?

Please let me out Im going crazy in here.

NO! Stop moving around in there or I'll punish you so bad when we get


Please! Im begging you, it's so hot in here.

Look! I've been wearing you under my foot since 9th grade, what is so

different now?


DON'T YELL AT ME BITCH!!! You're my foot toy until I kill you. So

either shut-up and handle it or I'll take care of you when I get

home. I don't have time to talk to you any longer, stop moving in my

shoe or ELSE BITCH!

With that she lowered the shoe to her foot and put it on. She then

stood up and jumped up and down a few times to show the little girl

who is boss. Afterwards she met up with the two guys and they were

off. While Angie and her two guy friends were walking home she ran

into one of her old friends Jason. Jason and she have been friends

since 6th grade. Unfortunately, they gradually had fallen apart. So

they weren't that close anymore.

How's it goin Angie?

Pretty good, and you?

Im alright, what are you up to?

Im just going home with these guys.

Oh, what are yawl gonna do?

Probably just hang out and watch T.V.

I don't mean to impose, but can I come. Im real bored, there's

nothing to do around here.

Angie didn't want to be mean, plus she was attracted to Jason, so she

said sure, why not.

They all went off to Angie's house not realizing what was at store. A

little while afterwards Cynthia and her guys joined the party. They

were all in the living room sitting around. Angie and Cynthia looked

around at all the guys trying to examine them. After a while of

talking the two girls asked to be excused. They went off to the other

room to decide who was going to be the lucky guy.

I have to admit Cynthia you got good taste.

Thank you, so do you sis. So how are we going to decide which guy?

I got an idea, it'll be fun.

What Angie?

We'll get them to play a game with our own rules.

What game?

Some type of foot game to see who is willing to give up the most to

be our foot toy!

That is stupid, no one will do that.

Yes they will. We are two beautiful Colombian girls and they are a

bunch of horny guys. They will do whatever we want them too as long

as they think that they are gonna score with us.

The two sisters quietly talked to each other and finally came up with

a game and the rules. They then entered the living room with great


Alright boys, we have a little game we want to play. Quiet down so we

can explain it to you.

The guys looked confused but interested at the same time.

Once it was quiet, Cynthia began to speak.

The game is called BEST FOOT TOY! The instructions are as follows:

We will ask each of you a couple questions, and then you will answer


After we have received all your answers we will eliminate two of you.

The ones eliminated will have to leave; the ones that survive will go

on to the next round. In this round we will be asking you to perform

a few actions, 'Like truth or dare.' The person who we feel answered

the questions and performed the best will win and get the grand prize

or should I say prizes! Cynthia said this in a way that was implying

that the boy who wins would be getting both her and her sister.

Who is willing to play the game??

All the guys started howling and whistling like a bunch of morons.

However, one of the boys thought this was stupid and said he didn't

want to play.

Fine! You don't have to play, the girls said in a snobby way, but

your gonna have to leave right now loser.

The boy left sadly and as he did the other guys thought it was the

dumbest thing he could ever do, not knowing it was actually the


Once everything was set and the boys were separated into different

rooms they began playing.

Alright contestant #1, do you have a foot fetish of any kind?

No I don't.

If I told you to randomly rub my feet would you do it without


Yes, unless you're constantly asking me for one.

If I asked you do my feet smell, and in fact they smelled horrible,

would you tell me the truth or try to be polite and lie?

I would lie and say they smelled great.

Thank-you contestant #1, you may sit down.

Suddenly the boy raised his hand and began speaking before Angie and

Cynthia could leave the room.

Can I ask yawl something, why are yawl asking so many foot related


Angie quickly responded to that, you will find out soon and please no

more questions or you will be disqualified.

They then walked into the room with Contestant #2; they asked the

same questions to him. He answered no, he doesn't have a foot fetish,

yes he would rub her feet without complaining, and that he would lie

and say her feet smelled good. The 3rd contestant answered the same

as the 2nd. The 4th contestant was Jason. He answered yes to having a

foot fetish, yes to rubbing her feet when asked, and he said he would

be honest and tell her that her feet stink. After all the questions

were answered by the four boys the girls went to an empty room to

discuss it.

Angie automatically said I think #4 gave the best answers.

I don't agree.

Why not?

Because I don't want a guy under my foot if he's going to enjoy it. I

want someone I can torture.

Cynthia that is sick, and besides nobody even with a foot fetish is

going to enjoy what we're planning on doing to them.

Fine! But I want #1.

Deal! Let's go break the news.

The girls told the guys who they had chose and the ones who lost left

very bitterly uttering how stupid the whole thing was.

CONGRADULATIONS GENTLEMEN!!! You have come to round 2. In this round

you will be performing different tasks for us, so please go back to

your rooms and wait for us.

Once the guys went back to their rooms, the girls wasted no time in

discussing what they were going to have the guys do. After a couple

of minutes the girls walked into Jason's room.

Alright Jason, Angie said. Here is what you need to do. She grabbed

under her right leg with her right hand and lifted it up, pointing

her right foot at Jason's face.

I want you to smell my foot for 2 minutes straight without any


Jason hesitated for a second, because he did not want to degrade

himself for these girls. But then he glanced at them again and saw

how beautiful they were so he began smelling. Her feet were very

pretty and her toenails were painted light blue. They did not smell

bad, but they did not smell good either. It was a weird smell but

nothing he really minded. After 2 minutes she asked Jason to kiss her

big toe before she removed her foot from his face and he did so.

It was now Cynthia's turn to have fun with him. She bent over and

began pulling her shoes off, once she did so, she very smoothly

grabbed the little girl in her left shoe and pulled her out then

placed her in her back pocket. She then sat down squishing the little

girl under her butt.

Alright slave, I want you to lick and suck my toes till I am


This aroused Jason more than the girls knew. He immediately began

doing as commanded. He immediately noticed how bad her feet smelled,

he was thinking it was probably because she was wearing her sneakers

barefoot. After a couple minutes of this Angie's stomach couldn't

take anymore and she stopped it. She did not want to see her little

sister's toes being sucked by her old friend.

Alright Jason, Angie said. There is one more task at hand. Lie on

your back and do not move an inch!

Jason did as he was told, and then Angie stepped on top of his

stomach which caused him to let out this for a minute or so then

allowed her sister to do it too. Once they were finished they told

him it was over and that they needed to go to the next contestant.

While they were in the hallway they began to speak to each other

about Jason.

You know what Cynthia, I think Jason is perfect some air, that's when

she began walking on him from his stomach to his face and back. She


He would do well.

Ya your right Angie, let's just tell the other guy that we've decided

to go with Jason.

Alright, that's cool.

Once they did this, the guy left very upset and frustrated for many

different reasons.

Once the guy was gone, Angie thought of something.

Hey wouldn't it be cool if I could get Jason to give himself to us as

a foot toy willingly

what do you mean Angie?

I bet you $10 that you I can get Jason to submit himself to me as my

foot toy. I will explain the whole thing to him and he will allow us

to do it to him.

No way!!

Ya he will! Think about it, he is my old friend, he thinks Im really

hot and he has a foot fetish.

Alright, you're on sis.

After the bet, Angie walked into the room Jason was in to notify him

that he has won. She then began to work her charm.

Hey Jason. 'Trying to sound as innocent as possible.' You wanna know

why the game we played was so foot related.

Ya, I did notice that.

Well, I have been looking for a brave guy who can handle my feet for

a long time and I think I finally found him.....

What are you talking about Angie?

I know this is gonna sound weird, but this whole contest was to find

the perfect guy to turn into my foot toy.

What!? No offense, but that's stupid.

Listen, Im gonna tell you something, but be open minded about it and

try to think about it before you come to a decision.

My mother has certain powers and one of them is that she can shrink

humans down to a couple inches like a toy. And I have this big

fixation on having these little guys my mom shrinks under my foot as

my foot slave or foot toy, or whatever you wanna be called. 'She

began speaking like a baby at this point whispering into Jason's

ear.' Anyway, I was wondering if you would allow my mommy to shrink

you so I can have you as my little itty bitty foot toy.

Jason just sat there confused, shocked, and really aroused.

Honestly, I think your crazy, but you're lucky I am so attracted to


LOOK, DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT!!!! Im sorry, I didn't mean to lose my

temper. How about this, if you just allow my mother to try and shrink

and it doesn't work, I will be your sex slave for the rest of the

school year. But if it does work, then you are my foot slave for the

rest of your life.

Jason didn't believe anything Angie has said to this point, so he

figured why not.

Alright, I'll play your game, but you better be my sex slave

if.......I mean when your mother fails at shrinking me. Once the

deal was set Angie left the room with Jason and met Cynthia in the

living room. Alright we're all set sis. 'Angie gave Cynthia a grin

while saying this.' Now we just gotta wait for our mom to come home.

They all sat on the couch and started watching T.V waiting for

Marissa to come home. Jason was sitting in-between both sisters

thinking to himself that he is so lucky and real close to getting

some from both of them. That's when Angie stuck out her left foot

from the right of Jason and told him to rub her foot. Cynthia

followed by sticking out her right foot from the left of him and

ordered him to rub her foot too.

He immediately grabbed each foot with a hand and began to rub. After

a few hours Marissa came home tired and ready to humiliate her

pantyhose, but she noticed a boy sitting on the couch in-between her

two daughters.

Hello girls, how was your day?

Good mom, we'd like to introduce you to our friend Jason, he will be

around a lot from now on.

Oh, I can only imagine. So is he the one?

Yes mommy, he's the one.

Jason looked kind of confused after they said this but didn't want to


Mommy, Jason and I have a bet. I told him that you can shrink people

and he didn't believe me.

Oh really? He didn't?

'Jason was beginning to sweat now.'

No, he accused me of being crazy. Anyway, we made a bet. I bet him

that you could shrink him and we agreed that if you do shrink him

then he will be my foot slave for the rest of his life. Cynthia

interrupted and said 'Our foot slave!!'

What if I can't shrink him? Her mother asked knowing damn well she


If you can't then I will be his sex slave for the rest of the school


Jason was now more embarrassed than he could possibly be and really

wanted to go. After Angie told her mother that she had agreed to be a

boy's sex slave her mother got real upset and gave her a very bad

look. But she decided to first take care of this boy then deal with

her daughter.

Alright, since yawl have a bet and Im the only one who can resolve

it, let's began. I need you to come and lye by my feet.

Jason hesitated for a minute thinking that this may be a stupid idea,

but Marissa quickly interrupted his thoughts.


Jason walked up to her and lied on the floor with his head next to

her feet.

Alright now I must chant some words to enable the spell, so lye still

and don't say a word.

She was obviously playing with Jason, because she didn't need to

chant anything. All she has to do is snap her fingers and he would be

shrunk. She bent over and grabbed the end of her pantyhose and began

to pull them off. Once she did that, she rolled them up and stuck

them in Jason's mouth. She then brought her right foot above his face

and slowly brought it down placing the sole of her foot onto his

nose. She then twirled her foot around his nose while wiggling her

toes. Jason at once noticed how awful her foot smelled. It was worst

than anything he has ever smelled and he couldn't breathe through his

mouth because of the pantyhose she had stuffed in there. After a

couple of minutes of twirling her stinky foot on top of his face she

cautiously stepped on his face as if it were a pedestal and stood

with both feet on his face. She pressed all her weight down on his

face while scrunching her toes. After a little bit of this she looked

up at her impatient daughters. They were g

iving her a bad look implying that she needed to hurry up, so she

stepped off his face pulled her pantyhose from his mouth and did her

magic. He instantaneously shrunk down to 5 inches and before he could

look at his surroundings Marissa swooped down like an owl on its prey

and grabbed poor Jason then dropped him into her pantyhose. He fell

all the way down to the horrible smelling toe section, but he did not

know where he was.

Alright girls, it's all said and done. And I need to speak to you

alone Angie, but not now. 'Angie could tell from the tone of her

mother's voice that it was not good.' Im hungry and tired. Im going

to go upstairs and hide your Christmas present and I expect food on

the table when I get back down.

Wait a minute, Cynthia said. Why are you hiding him for?

I told yawl to pick out a foot toy for Christmas, Christmas is not

for another week, so yawl just have to wait until then.

Later that night Marissa was lying in her bedroom. She had some thick

white socks on which like almost all her possessions were alive. She

had on sweatpants, a plain white shirt and a tissue in her hand. She

was watching T.V when she remembered that she needed to speak to

Angie about something.

ANGIE!!!! She yelled from her room.

Yes mom?


Angie ran up the stairs to her mom's room.

Yes mom?

Angie I noticed earlier today that you promised Jason that you would

be his sex slave if I couldn't shrink him.

But mom.....


No mom........

Then why would you make such a bet?

Because I knew you could shrink him.

I don't care. You made yourself look like a slut and what kind of

example do you think you made for your younger sister Cynthia?

Im sorry mom, I didn't think it was a big.......

I have to punish you now honey.

Oh no, please no. I won't do anything like that again I prom.......

NO! There is no other way. Now I will let you decide from these

punishments which one you think fits best for what you've done. these

are your options Angie: Page 2

1. I shrink you down to 4 inches and keep you as my toy to do what I

want with for the next 3 days....Angie very quickly interrupted her


3 DAYS!!??? Isn't that a little drastic?

MAKE IT 4 DAYS!!! Young lady, you are going to have to learn when to

keep your mouth shut! You are becoming more disobedient the older you


Now as I was saying, your first option is getting shrunk down to 4

inches and I will do as I feel with you for 4 days.

2. I turn you into one of my exercise shoes and you will remain like

that for the next 5 days. By the way don't think that is the easiest

way to go, because if you do choose that one I will be exercising

everyday while you are my shoe and you know that is the worst

experience of them all not to mention that all my exercise shoes

smell 10 times worse than all my other footwear.

3. I turn you into of one of your sister's socks for the next week

until Christmas morning and I will make sure she wears you the whole

time without taking you off unless she is taking a shower of course.

Now choose and if you take to long I will choose for you.

Angie thought to herself....she definitely did not want to be shrunk

down and kept at the mercy of her mother, who knew what she would do

to her?

She also knew how horrible it is to be under her mother's foot when

she is exercising. She experienced that once it and has never been

able to forget about. Plus she was right; her shoes smell worse than

any smell that has ever hit Angie's nose. She decided to go with

option 3. Her sister knows what it's like to be punished by her

mother and her sister is pretty light. Plus she knew her sister's

feet had to smell better than her mother's any day of the week.

Alright mom, I'll go with #3.

Oh that's too bad; I was hoping you would choose option 1. But that's

fine, I love seeing you two girls spending time with each other


Alright go inform your sister about what is going on and tell her to

pick a pair of socks. Before Angie left she saw her mom blow her nose

and noticed that the tissue her mom was using had a face. She found

that real disturbing.......

ANGIE! Snap out of it, now go!

Angie left to tell her sister the situation.

Marissa wiped her nose a few times with the tissue then dropped it

into the trash next to her bed. She then pulled another tissue from

the box and grinned at it before bringing it up to her nose. Jason

was still wrapped in those dirty pantyhose; Marissa had stuffed them

into one of her boots and placed the boot in the back of her closet.

Jason wasn't too sure about where he was, but he was starting to

figure out what was going on.................

Angie knocked on Cynthia's door and waited for her to open it. She

could hear Britney spears playing through the door. She hated that

type of music and realized that while she's going to be her sister's

sock she is going to have to endure that kind of music. 'Not to

mention all the other crap about being a sock.' Cynthia finally

opened the door and stared at her sister with a frustrated look. She

was breathing kind of hard and was a little sweaty. Her sister could

tell she was probably dancing to the music.


Our mom is punishing me and she said that I have to be one of your

socks until Christmas morning.

Are you serious?


What did you do?

That doesn't matter. She just told me to tell you to pick out a pair

of socks.

Sure, come on in.

Angie went into her sister's room and sat on her bed while Cynthia

looked for a pair of socks. She got on her knees next to her bed and

grabbed a pair of dirty socks from the floor.

These will do.

WHAT!? Those are dirty!

'Cynthia sniffed them'.....No they're not....Ok, they smell just a

little, but these are what Im going with sis 'Angie gave her sister a

bad look.'......Just kidding, chill out, I'll get a clean pair.

Angie didn't like how light Cynthia was taking the whole situation.

She could swear that her sister was enjoying this.

Alright Angie, I got a pair and I promise they are clean. You wanna

smell them?

Shut-Up! This isn't funny! Let's just get this over with.

They both went into their mother's bedroom.

Alright mom, I told her everything.

Ya mom, I got the socks right here. 'Cynthia smiled at her sister

while saying that.'

Then I guess we're all set then girls...Are you ready Angie?

Wait, can you at least let me keep my ability to speak mom?

I don't know.....What do you think Cynthia?

Sure why not, either way she'll be under my feet. 'Both Cynthia and

her mom smiled after Cynthia said this, but Angie just stared at them

with hatred.'

Get ready Angie..............

In a blink of an eye Angie was now one of the socks in Cynthia's

hand. She was used to being turned into footwear, so she wasn't too

disorientated and she was able to keep her mind in control.

Alright Cyn, put on that sock right now.

Cynthia immediately did as her mother told her to.

Sorry sis.....'While standing she slipped her right foot into the

sock that was now Angie. Once she had it completely on her foot she

pulled it up as much as she could pressing Angie even tighter into

her foot. Angie's face was smashed into her sister's toes. She could

easily smell her sister's foot and it did not smell good. Her foot

was kind of sweaty from dancing earlier plus she had gone barefoot in

old sneakers all day so her feet reeked. Cynthia slipped on her other

sock and just stood there in front of her mom.

Now look Cyn, I don't want you taking Angie off your foot,


Yes mom.

The only time you can take her off is when you're taking a shower. I

don't care what she says to you. Got it?!

Yes mom. Can I go now?

Yes sweetie, you may go.

Cynthia left her mother's bedroom and went back into her room to

finish dancing to her music.

Marissa just lied there on her bed bored. She decided to have a

little fun, so she went into her closet and grabbed the boot Jason

was in. She looked into the boot and could smell the strong odor

coming from it, she grabbed the pantyhose he was wrapped in and

pulled it out. The pantyhose smelled worst than the boot. She

untangled the pantyhose and dropped Jason on to the bed then she

looked at her pantyhose and said 'You guys really stink, remind me to

wash yawl, oh wait, yawl can't speak.' She laughed while throwing

them on the ground next to her bed. Jason was about to get up but

then Marissa's giant foot came down on top of him. He was pinned on

his back with his head under her toes. The heat coming from her foot

was high and the smell was horrible but Jason immediately got a hard

on. She spread her big and second toe open to allow him to see her

face as she began to speak.

Listen! Your life as you knew it is over. This is your new life.....

As a foot toy. You are nothing more than an object to me and my

beautiful daughters. I am giving you to them as a gift for Christmas.

There is nothing you can do about it so just accept your life in this

world as a foot toy. 'Jason made a big mistake by interrupting


But why would you do this to someone?






Yes my goddess.

Good. As long as you do as you are told and you don't piss me or my

daughter's off you will be fine. But if you misbehave in anyway, you

will be punished. Now I am not that bad of a witch, so I will give

you 2 options..........

1. You accept your role in this world as a toy for me and my

daughter's to do with as we please.

Or 2. You reject the role you have been given and face the

consequences. This is the most unbearable, horrific, cruelest

torturing you will ever be put through followed by DEATH!!

How will you torture me?

DID I ALLOW YOU TO SPEAK! 'She pressed down with the foot that is on

top of him and squeezed his head in-between her big and second toe.'

She did this while answering his question.

I will cut off your body parts in this order..........hands, feet,

arms, and then legs. I will also cut out your eyes; I will cut off

your ears and your tongue. I will make sure you are still alive after

all this with my magic, and then I will leave you there for days

bleeding everywhere. 'This is where Jason lost his erection.' After a

couple days I will come back and cut off your penis and testicles and

leave you there for another week to bleed..........

Jason had decided a short while after she had begun to speak that he

did not want to reject 'His role in life, but he had learned not to

interrupt her.' She went on to say how she would cut his stomach open

and eat his insides, but he was trying not to listen. All these words

had made him sweat bullets and he was trying to stay calm. After she

was finished, she asked him which option he was going to take and he

obviously took #1 without hesitation.

Good toy. Now I am going to play with you for the next day or 2, just

to train you so you will be ready for my daughter's. Now where did I

put those stinky pantyhose? Oh there yawl are, let me just grab them

for a second.

She brought her hands towards the pantyhose and they flew into her

hand from the ground. Alright my toy, first training lesson, I will

wear you in my pantyhose.

She took her smelly foot off Jason then grabbed him and dropped him

into the left leg of her pantyhose; he fell into the smelly toe

section and didn't have to wait for Marissa's giant foot to accompany

him. She rushed him with her foot and pulled the pantyhose on as

tight as she could.

Alright my toy, you will stay in there for the rest of the night, now

lesson 2.....Rub my foot and you better do a good job or else!

Jason began rubbing this giant smelly foot. In a weird way he was

very aroused. He enjoyed being pressed against this beautiful woman's

foot, but it was too hot and he was very tired. Plus the smell was a

lot worse than he ever thought a foot could smell.

Meanwhile Cynthia was in her room dancing to the rest of her Britney

Spear's album. Her sister on the other hand was getting very upset.

She thought her sister would have some compassion and at least sit or

lay on her bed, but instead she decided to finish her dancing knowing

damn well her sister is the sock on her right foot. After seven more

songs Cynthia finally sat down on her bed and turned on the T.V. but

put it on mute.

So Angie.....How's it going down there? 'She asked this in a very

mocking way.'

Shut-UP Cynthia!

Don't yell at me woman. 'She raised her right foot that Angie was

wrapped around and slammed it on the bed, slamming her toes right

into Angie's face.

What the fuck Cynthia. What is your problem!?

Nothing, what is your problem? Oh wait, I know, you're a sock on your

sister's stinky, sweaty but beautiful foot.

Cynthia was being very immature as usual and really humiliating her


You know what Angie? I feel like wearing my old soccer shoes right

about now.

She jumped off her bed landing hard on Angie then walked to all her

shoes and sat down next to them. She grabbed her old, smelly soccer

shoes and sniffed the right one.

OH MY GOD!! I forgot how bad these things smelled.

I feel very sorry for you sis.

She then proceeded to put them on. As soon as she put the right one

on Angie's world became darker, A LOT STINKIER, and hotter. Angie

tried to yell at her sister but her voice was muffled by the nasty


Oh I can't hear you sis, speak up.

Cynthia then went back to her bed and started to watch


Cynthia watched T.V for around 2 hours then she decided to give her

poor sister a break. She took off her nasty soccer shoes then pulled

the sock that was Angie off her right foot. She sniffed the sock and

grinned at her sister.......

Just wondering how bad you smell.

As soon as Cynthia said this her mother walked in to tell her to go

to bed.

OH my God Cynthia! I said not to take Angie off your foot unless you

are taking a shower and I know you are not about to take a shower

now. I can't believe you can be so insubordinate. I am going to have

to punish you too. I have the perfect idea.

Right away everything in Cynthia's vision was much bigger. She had

shrunk and since Cynthia had the sock that was Angie in her hand,

Angie had shrunk too.

Cynthia, I want you to wear your sister on your foot like I had told

you to.

Cynthia immediately picked Angie up and wore her on her right foot.

Marissa then picked Cynthia up and took off all her clothes except

for her socks. She had stripped her daughter naked.

She then walked back to her bedroom with Cynthia in her hand. She

walked to her dresser and pulled out a pair of sweat socks. She then

sat down and took off her panty hose. She threw them on the bed next

to where she was sitting and Jason was still in the toe section of

the left one.

Alright Cynthia, Im going to wear you in my right sock for the rest

of the night, you don't have to rub my foot but I don't want you

causing any trouble in there either. Understood young lady?!

Yes mother.

Good girl.

With that she dropped her daughter into her sock and stuck her foot

into it. She then positioned Cynthia horizontally right under her

toes. She had shrunken her daughter small enough to fit under her

toes so she could scrunch and squeeze her all night. Cynthia hated

her position under her mother's toes. They stunk and were constantly

moving. Her mother was a very stressful woman and she knew it would

be a long torturous night but at least she had her sister on her

right foot to play with to keep her amused. Angie had it the worst,

she was wrapped around her little sister's stinky foot and she also

had her mother's extremely giant foot pressing against her.

Marissa reached over for her pantyhose and dropped Jason onto the bed

next to her.

Hey little guy, you didn't think that was the last time you were

going to see my feet did you?

Well don't worry; I got a whole sock just for you. Now in you


She dropped him into the sock then very quickly brought it down below

her left foot and then pulled it on as tight as she could. Jason only

got about a second to glimpse at half of Marissa's smiling face as

her foot replaced his view along with darkness. Jason was bigger than

Cynthia so Marissa positioned him under the sole of her smelly foot

with his head just barely reaching her toes. Angie was a sock on her

sister Cynthia's smelly right foot, Cynthia was in her mom's right

sock under her stinky toes, and Jason was in Marissa's left sock

under her smelly left foot. Marissa on the other hand was lying on

her comfortable bed with her head resting on her pillow/ex boyfriend

as she watched T.V. And every now and then she would pull out a

tissue 'Which if you don't remember are people who were transformed.'

and she would amuse herself by torturing it somehow then disposing of

it...................To be continued

A Witch For A Mother Part 7

The Finale

Jason's day of hell was now in progress. Marissa had a sudden change of plans

for him. He had only been in Marissa's stockings for thirty minutes and the

stench was already bad. The only good thing about it all was that Marissa had on

new stockings. Surprising to Jason it did not take long for Marissa's feet to

start smelling. Marissa changed her mind about finding a job but made up her

mind to enjoy Jason's agony. Jason was not getting air at all. There were times

as Marissa walked or moved her foot that there was a slight draft of air but

that was it. Marissa was on a mission to purchase Christmas gifts with her

powers. Thats right. Many unlucky men today will become womens apparell for

either Angie or Cynthia. This was the last day of school for the both of them

before the Christmas break. Jason on the otherhand felt that it was the last day

of his life. Marissa walked to her car from her home. Standing next to the car,

she something she found very shocking. It was her husband, Nelson Garcia. The

one man that her magic could not work on. He had been gone from his family for

sometime. He left because he felt his wifes powers were out of control. By the

book of the new witchcraft and black magic, a witch could be doomed if she would

even try to perform such acts on her husband.

'Well, well, well.....Mrs. Marissa Garcia!', Nelson said in sarcasim. 'It's been

a long time. I have let you destroy many men...but the road stops here bitch! I

now know what I have to do to put you on a one way ticket to where you belong.

Straight to hell you can say. Have your fun now bitch and if I were you I would

release all of the men and women to whom you have captured and transformed. If

you do maybe I will spare you and just take away your power. The clock is

ticking.', Nelson said. As Nelson said this, he turned his back and left her

presence. Marissa took this seriously. There was nothing she could do about any

of this at the moment. Marissa got into her car. Marissa took off her shoes and

began taking her stockings off. Once she did this she dumped Jason onto the







ALL UNDERSTOOD?', Marissa asked.

Jason could not believe this. The giantess bitch needed him for her survival.

Jason indeed wanted back to normal...away from this giant womans feet. He then

began to wonder about her daughters. None of this made any sense. 'Okay mam....I

will do it!', Jason said. Once Jason finished speaking, he noticed that Marissa

had closed her eyes. She then took her right barefoot and placed it on top of

Jason. Her feet smelled horrible. She then chanted a spell. Once she was done

the most amazing thing happened. Jason was now back to his normal height. 'Now

go Jason! Remember you only have until midnight. Kill him and you will remain a

normal man. Jason took off running....a man on a mission. Marissa then ran back

into the house and gathered a couple of things for both of her daughters. She

now had plans to have them travel to their grandmothers house. She made sure

that all of the things that she got for her daughters were none human contained.

Once she was done, she grabbed their bags and headed for the car. She placed the

bags into the trunk, got into the car and headed for the school to pick up her

daughters. She figured that tonights festivities would be too much for the girls

to handle. She was afraid that Jason would double cross her and that Nelson

would probably prevail to completely destroy her.

Marissa finally arrived to the school. She picked her daughters up. As Cynthia

sat in the car she could not help but to be curious as to why her mother was so

nervous. 'Mom why such the long face and your sweating like crazy!', Cynthia

said. 'Dont worry dear. I am taking you and Angie to the airport. You two will

be spending the holidays with her and please do not question me. I am not in the

mood and Cynthia I suggest that you take David off. You will not be taking any

of your slaves with you is that understood?', Marissa asked the girls. Cynthia

did as she was told. In fact, both of them began to have a fear towards their

mother. Marissa was indeed a relentless mother. Angie could not take anymore of

this and began to back talk. 'Damn it! I cant take this anymore mother. Maybe we

should just free everyone. Things were so much better when daddy was here. I

wish that he would come home!', Angie said. This disgusted Marissa. It really

pissed her off in fact. 'So Cynthia, do you feel the same way?', Marissa asked.

Cynthia nodded as she took David off. The odor from the shoe stunk up the whole

car. Marissa pulled over to an alley. She then told the two girls to get out of

the car. Marissa got out in disgust. David was still trying to figure out what

was going on. All he knew at this time was that he was on the floor of a car and

part of a smelly pair of Cynthia's mules. He did not know how much more of this

he could take. David was really weak. During the time that Cynthia was in

school, he recieved as little air as possible. Then it was also the fact that he

had not been worn for sometime until this day. He knew that if he was normal

size now that he would look about 100 pounds less than what he weighed in at

before he was transformed. He was right. He was going to surely die. He might

aswell considered Cynthia's shoe as his final resting place or casket. Marissa

stood there and stared at the girls. 'So you two would rather have your father

huh? Well, in that case before I do what I must do I have to tell you both

something. You dont care about me anyway so I think that after I tell you this I

will give you something as well. You two are adopted. I never cared about you at

all. Your father was in the military and he never cared about me. I wanted the

money though....any real bitch would. You two bugged me all of this time. Mmmmmm....since

you like bugging around, maybe you will enjoy my surprise! LUGVANODRA!!!!',

Marissa said. Once she said this the girls shranked down to size. They both were

transformed into roaches. 'Ahhh....I hate roaches. You know there is one thing

that all roaches love. They love to get squished. Oh well...maybe you two need

to find out some reality. When you do....give my soon to be ex hubby Nelson my

regards.', Marissa said. With that said, she raised her right pump in the air

and slammed it down on top of her daughters. She squashed them both to nothing

but goo. David was still in the car. He heard something but was not sure what it

was. Suddenly, the fron passenger door opened. David looked up to see Marissa's

face as she was looking down at his insole like body. 'I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU


SENSE IN FREEING YOU.', Marissa said. She then picked up both mules and threw

them away in a dumpster behind her car. She tossed them in actually. As the

shoes landed, the impact cut off the remaining life of David intantly. Marissa

then got into the car and headed home leaving her dead squashed bug like

daughters behind as well as the smelly mules once worn by Cynthia that contained

a dead human insole. 'Okay Jason...I hope you prevailed for your sake. I gave

you until midnight creep and as far as I am concerned it should have not taken

that long.', Marissa said to herself.


Marissa had finally reached her house. She found the front door opened. As she

got out of the car, she walked towards the house with her fist balled. A pissed

witch indeed. Her eyes were green and there was magical light coming from her

fists. She walked in the house to find that Jason was tied up in a chair. Nelson

was standing by the front closet with some sort of wooden wand. 'This is it

bitch...the end of the road. One on one....mono y and I!!!

You tried to send this little dweb out to kill me. He failed. Now you must die

early. The fight began. Nelson was indeed a wizard but only possesed the power

of the wand. Without the wand he was in serious trouble. Marissa had only one

intention at this point. She figured Jason would not pass his test and thought

that maybe she would destroy Nelson herself anyway. She did not care about death

anymore just so long as she took Nelson with her. The battle went on for hours.

One blast from the wand hit the ropes that held Jason captive. Jason made a run

for it. Marissa threw a bolt of lightning from her hands instantly striking

Jason which was intended for Nelson. The house was completely being destroyed by

the wizard and the witch. Moments later, after the relentless battle, Nelson

threw one bolt from his wand in which it was meant to transform Marissa into the

very insole that she had in her left shoe. The bolt by accident hit a mirror

instead of Marissa and bounced to a power box that set off an explosion. The

explosion caused the house to collapse. Jason awoke to all of this after being

knocked unconsious for a short while and dived out of the front door. Once he

made it outside there was yet another explosion. It was finished. The two had

completely destroyed each other. Jason looked at the house now burning before

him. He was free....thats what he at last.


Jason was not sure how to take school now. All of his friends had wondered what

had happened to him all of this time. School had finally let out. It was a

rather warm day for it to be winter. He thought that he might go bike riding

this warm Wednesday evening. Jason was walking home. He then heared the sound of

footsteps behind him. It kind of sounded like a woman walking with hard soles or

a woman walking with high heels of sorts. He turned around to something

incredibly shocking. It was Marissa. She was dressed in jeans and a blue

t-shirt. She was wearing coffee colored nylons and those darn smelly black pumps

she had on during the fight. Jason was in awe and did not know what to say. 'No

it cant be! I saw you die!', he said. 'I dont think so!', Marissa said. She then

continued. 'Well little man now its time for you to know what happened to the

great Nelson Garcia. When he tried to turn me into an insole you saw the bolt

hit a mirror then a power box but it bounced some place else afterwards. It hit

Nelson. You remember my ex husband Nelson. Why dont you say hi Jason?', Marissa

asked. She then took off both her pumps and there, inside the left pump, he saw

the face of Nelson. 'Please...kid save yourself. Dont let it end this way. It

stinks in here!', Nelson said. 'And now Jason there is room for one more. Thats!', Marissa said. Jason made a run for it. Surely as he did this,

his feet were no longer touching the ground. He began to notice a familiar

smell. It was the smell of Marissa's foot sweat. He began to see a bright light

surround him. Every now and then through this process he would see Marissa

smiling and even hear her laughing. First he saw her smile. Then he saw her

breast. Then he saw jean covered legs. Then he saw the bottom of Marissa's

jeans. He was being sucked into the shoe. Everything stopped. Jason now saw

something that looked unfortunately familiar. He now saw the bottom of Marissa's

right foot coming in for him. He was now an insole. Marissa with one quick swoop

planted her right foot into the pump completely. As she did this she heared the

last words of her insole. '!!!', Jason screamed. During

the transformation, Marissa had already put Nelson back on her left foot. 'OHH....THATS

JUST WHAT NELSON SAID!', Marissa said to Jason in amusement. The war was over

alright...Marissa won. Marissa lived on....and there was not a damn thing anyone

could do about it!

The End



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Giantess Stories: ngie Garcia

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