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Nikki's Day

By Diavolus

This Story is based on the WB's show Nikki with Nikki Taylor

It was another hot July day in Las Vegas. Dwight had woken up before Nikki that

day and quietly got up out of bed. As usual they had spent most of the last

night having sex and they were both incredibly sticky because of the lack of

air-conditioning in the apartment. Dwight got into the shower and quickly washed

off the smell of stale sex that covered him. He stepped out and stepped onto the

linoleum floor. Unfortunately he didn't see the puddle until he was face down in

it. Dwight stood up groggily and was very confused, why was he starring up at

the room if he was standing. Now you'd think that he would of figured out the

true nature of his predicament right away, but for some reason he really had to

think for a minute before it occurred to him, he was only 1 inch tall. Actually

his first thought was that he was real tiny and was in danger of being attacked

by giant germs. He was no Stephen Hawking when it came to math. Dwight was not a

panicker though, he calmly decided to go and wake up Nikki, though he didn't

plan how at the time. Dwight walked out the massive bedroom and saw the

stationary figure of his gigantic wife laying on their bed. She had a well toned

and muscled body, with large breasts, red hair and a golden tan. In Nevada you

can get a tan at night, the suns that bright! Dwight didn't look it but he was

in good shape as he was large, but a professional wrestler. Dwight walked the

length of the bed to the headboard and started to climb up the bedpost. When he

reached the mattress, he looked over the vast expanse of his naked wife, her

perfect body covered in sweat, it was a magnificent site. He walked over to her

face and saw her beautiful flawless skin. He touched her forehead and pushed,

hoping to wake her. There was no movement. He began to push harder and harder

moving down her face to her eyes, where he did not succeed in causing her even

to flinch. Dwight moved down further to her full lips and decided to just stay

away from her mouth, he thought her lips were beautiful but not enough to get

him killed. He moved and sat down on her neck and watched her breasts jiggle the

nipples at the end extruded greatly. He thought to himself that there was only

one thing that really ever gets Nikki's full attention and that was sexual

pleasure, kinky or otherwise. Dwight got up and walked up the slope of her right

breast and when he got to the nipple he saw that it only came up to his knees.

He fell to his knees and started to rub his hands all over it. He felt it

crinkle and get hard, he looked at the hole on top and got a crazy idea. He

stretched himself so he fit over areola and slid his erect penis into the nipple

and began to swirl it around gently. When he felt a movement he thought he had

woken Nikki but instead her saw her moving her hand over top him pressing him

into the flesh of her breast. He felt himself instantly shoot his load all over

the inside of her nipple, and after a few minutes of her rubbing his sore penis

around in there the hand left and he was able to carefully slide his limp member

out of her nipple. He decided that if that didn't wake her up with that than he

would have to move further down and go for the areas where there was more sexual

pressure to provide for her, that she might wake up. Dwight edged his way down

the lower slope of her right breast and started the walk down her taught stomach

and was admiring it's softness, not really watching where he was going or paying

attention, when all of a sudden he tripped and fell face first in to a smelly

hole. He struggled to stand in the slippery hole when he realized that he had

fallen into her belly button. He new that his wife could really smell when she

was worked up but this was undoubtedly the strongest smell he had ever

experienced, and he showered with 350lb wrestlers most days of the week. He

pulled himself out of the hole quickly and looked ahead to see his goal. Her

vagina was right in front of him and its tussled red pubic hair. There was the

smell of lust permeating this area and it was definitely the place to be, as he

moved up to the slit he saw it had opened almost in anticipation of him. He

carefully slid into the space between the lips. It was humid and dark as he felt

the lips close behind him. There was no way to see the clitoris, so he just

thrashed about tumbling over again and again. The "cavern" filled of cum and he

continued to thrash about as he felt Nikki's pelvis moving up and down again and

again, and then there was a rush of cum that flooded him out onto the pubes. At

last Nikki began to move, rising from bed, Nikki cursed herself and then jumped

to her feet. This caused Dwight to fall to the carpet with a thud, but he was

tough. He stood up to see Nikki's tight ass shift back and forth as she hurried

to the bathroom. He decided to stand in front her dancing sneakers, 3 years old

and then some, he watched her in the distance as she pulled on her spandex pants

and a tight sportsbra. Dwight watched her size 9 feet moving closer until they

stopped about 1ft from him. He thought she would see him as she bent over to

pick up a pair of old socks but instead she lost her balance and shifted her

feet forward to support herself. Dwight suddenly saw the large grimy toes leap

towards him and the dirty sole of her foot lowered over him. It was the worst

smell of his life. It was sweaty and dirty and he could see the toe jam between

her toes. He felt the toes grip the top of his head and he was lifted into the

dirty sock. He couldn't see anything as it got tight and dark. He felt the

vibrations of her smooth feet all over his body, and the sweat and heat began to

accumulate. He tried to lick her feet as she spent the day, probably dancing,

for hours at a time. After 8 or 9 hours he felt like there was no escape from he

large toes that constantly manipulated his penis to orgasm, when he felt the

pressure alleviated and suddenly he could see again. He was in at the house with

a very smelly Nikki. He watched as she got down on her knees and sat back on her

feet. He would have been fine as she was shoved into her crack but he soon ran

out of oxygen and the last straw was when she farted. The smell hit him quickly

and he struggled for a moment and then the gasses killed him.

Giantess Stories: Nikki

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