Giantess Stories: Not Just Another Day

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Not Just Another Day




Chapter 1

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the mastery of



            I often wondered who was it who said when

life throws you lemon's, make lemonade. Who ever did obviously didn't ever have

to live out in the real world. Everyday there seems to be some kind of trauma

that has to deal with me or my family. Well I guess there not really my family.

Because I don't have a family anymore! At least that's how I feel. If only I


 â€œDavid! Wake up! You're going to be late for school.”

“Okay Cindy, I will be down shortly!”

            Cindy was my caretaker so to speak. I guess

she was a form of parent but more like a guardian if even that.  I never

understood why I just couldn't live on my own. I was sixteen years old. I have

lived. I know what the real world is like. If my parents cared they would say

something but they can't so they must not care. Yeah, that's right! I should run

away. Who would care anyway? Well, Gaby might I guess. Yeah, then there was Gaby.

Boy, I sure like her.

 â€œDAVID! I want you at this TABLE NOW!!!”

            I threw on my favorite t-shirt and some jeans

and headed down stairs. Gaby, was eating some cereal and Cindy was heading out

the door.

            I felt relieved that Cindy was leaving. I

hate her with such a passion. I hate the way she always orders me around and

then says I love you after I do what she asks. It's like she has to ask to make

sure that everything is okay between us.

 â€œDave, do you want a ride today?”

“Thanks but your friends don't really like me. I mean there

cheerleaders and athletes I am just a dork on the debate squad.”

“That's not true. You can come.”

”Oh, I will just walk its only 6 miles.”

“Dave! Don't be like this.”

“No, I am fine.”

“Alrighty then!”

            As Gaby left I couldn't help but stare at

her. She had on her short cheerleader skirt. I always loved how she bent the

rules. The school got mad if she showed the strap on her thong. So she wore a

cheerleader skirt would probably hit her knees if she was ten years old but

right now it just looks sexy. I think the time I like Gaby best is when I get to

see her leave.  Just as the object of my affection wiggles her ass on out of

here in walks the person I like to refer to as Hell.  Well maybe hell isn't

quite right. She is the reason why hell is merely a tool of never ending torture

and pain instead of an unbearable, gut wrenching a fleet of semi trucks that just ran

over my dick and parked on it level of insanity bearing throbbing pain.

 â€œSup, nose picker.”

“What do you want Jamie?”

“Oh so rain man speaks. K-MART, I WANT K-MART!”

“You know one of these days you're going to get what's

coming to you. Ever since I came here you have given me shit. You treat me like


“So you're saying that I treat you exactly like what you are.”

            I often wished that I would just die from

the existence of this family. Everyone would be better off without me and I

wouldn't have to listen to Jamie's shit all the time. I couldn't even speak to

her or any girl for that matter.

 â€œWell see you scrub.”

            As Jamie left I didn't know that this was

going to be the last time I could look her in the eyes. If I did I might have

said something witty or fought back. I would have tried something but instead I

just sat there like I always did.

             As Jamie walked up to her room I had to follow

her up stairs since our rooms are next to each other. As I headed past her room

I stared in there. I always wanted to know what she had in there. She never let

anyone see her room.  As I walked by she slammed her door shut to assure that no

one still hasn't.  I grabbed my backpack from my room and started to leave as I

heard Jamie's car drive off. I knew what I had to do. I was going to check out

her room. I walked up to her door slowly pushed it in. I couldn't believe that I

was doing this. I never did anything risky or wrong.

“If only my parents hadn't….Well it doesn't matter now.” I

say to myself

            I pushed the door open and saw a cluttered

mess. I couldn't believe Jamie had kept her room like this. She was always such

an organized person that I didn't expect her room to look like this. Clothes

were strewn across the floor. I could hardly tell what color the carpet was

because the clothes made such a solid covering of the carpet. I looked over at

her unmade bed to only find more clothes on the bed. On top of her comforter

laid what looked like a sheet of clothes. I couldn't help but laugh. Jamie,

otherwise known as little miss perfect has a messy room. I then spun around and

saw an aquarium.

            I thought that it was quite strange how

there was no water in it. I should have listened to my gut reaction and just

walked away. If I would have left the room now nothing would have happened but

then again curiosity killed the cat.


            I walked towards the aquarium. I looked down

upon it and couldn't believe my eyes. It was an entire civilization in there. It

looked to be about of the roman era. Little people who couldn't have been more

then an inch, and even an inch I would guess is too big are running around. In

the town which spans the entire aquarium there is a statue of Jamie in what

looks to be the town square.


            Jamie a god? I couldn't believe that. No,

that's just not possible. She's Jamie! I remember before my parents left that

she was a bitch then. I would be outside playing with Gaby and Jamie would

always find a way to ruin our fun. She's just mean to me.  Everyone else says

she is always such a well mannered good girl. Nice to everyone but I have never

been bestowed the ability to see that side of her. How could such a person be

treated like a god? How did these people get so small?


            I looked over at the clock in the room and saw

that I was going to be late for school.  I darted out of the room but as I was

about half way to the door I felt my foot step on something that felt like a gun

almost. As I stepped down on it I expected it to break but a stream of blue

light engulfed my body. I tried to move, I tried to run, I tried everything I

could think of but it's like I had no way to tell my body what to do. This was

like something out of science fiction movie with some cheesy special effects I

thought. As I looked around hoping that this would just stop soon I could see

everything getting bigger and bigger. The walls were spreading out. From what

once looked like a small room is quickly becoming a vast kingdom. I soon

couldn't see the door or the walls and the room was getting darker and darker

and then nothing. Everything just seemed to cease. I was conscious and I was

aware of time passing but I couldn't move anything. I couldn't do anything. I

couldn't even see. This was horrible. I wanted to cry, or scream, or panic but I

was unable to do anything but lie there. Time passed by slower then waiting for

a watched pot to boil. The last thing I remember thinking before my eyes closed

were how could Jamie afford a resizer.


            As my eyes shot opened I tried to remember

certain things but I just couldn't. I tried to remember what it seems like I had

forgotten, but it hadn't seemed like anything was missing. I seemed to remember

everything that I could think of but I just had this feeling that there was

something more, something else that I knew before and now I don't.


            I looked around the vast kingdom of a room

looking for the way out but I couldn't quite seem to figure out the correct way

to go. I started to wander aimlessly about. The ground looked so odd. It paved

with tiny holes all across it and it was dark black mostly but then in a

gigantic stripe there were blues which seemed to make up a design or a pattern

of sorts but I couldn't quite make it out from this level. I needed to be much

higher up.


            Thump, thump, thump, that's all I could hear

and feel. It came on so suddenly.  I fell to the ground and grasped onto the

ground. The holes in the ground were perfect size for my hands to fit into. As

the shaking got worse and worse I was forced to hold onto the soft rope material

for dear life.


            I wondered when the shaking would stop. It

seemed to continue on forever.  I knew that we never got earthquakes in Kansas

so I knew it had to be a person. My only worry was who could it be? Jamie? Gaby?

Cindy? It could even be the maid. As the shaking got worse the noise of

everything got louder and louder.  I looked down at the ground and couldn't

believe that this sweater now looked like a series of ropes sewn together as

opposed to what it really is. If I hadn't seen it at my old size I would have

never guessed. This is all so weird.


            I could hear a creaking noise tear through the

cold air. Everything got worse then it had before. I turned my head as far as I

could backwards to see what, or who was causing all this. My worst fear had come

true. A monolithic sized Jamie was standing before me. The sole of her shoe's

towered before me. Her well worn black leather chunky heeled shoes were taller

then I. I didn't want to believe it but I was forced too. Jamie, looked no

longer like Jamie but like a goddess. So powerful and all knowing. Who could

challenge such might, strength, and wisdom? Before I even finished this thought

she was already past me. It was truly amazing to see such a spectacle.


“Hello my little people! No need to fear your goddess is

here. I bet you are thirsty? Well, no need to worry I will fill reservoir.”


            I could hear her take in a breath and make

an odd noise.  It was a familiar noise yet I couldn't quite place the action

that went with it. Part of me wanted to see what was going to happen but another

part of me was happy that I couldn't.


“There it is full! My power has been once again displayed.

I have effortlessly created the means for you to survive another day. Without me

you are nothing. Praise be to your queen, your ruler, your goddess Jamidite”


            Faintly I could hear what sounded like

thousands upon thousands of voices yelling praise be to Jamidite. What have I

gotten myself into? I need to find that resizer before it's too late.


            I started in the direction that I thought

was the location that I was shrunk at but it was more of an educated guess then

anything. The worst part of the whole ordeal thus far was that I had spent my

life knowing exactly where everything was, where I was going and how I was

getting there.


            A mere foot seemed to take so long to travel.

The insanity of it all has started to sink in. The more I walk I wonder what is

going to happen to me. In the distance getting ever closer with each step an

over turned deep grooved pair of doc martens. As I neared the shoes stood more

like a monument to my new found size. Laughing back at me saying you're so

small, you're so pathetic; even I weigh more then you.


            I finally reached the summit of the shoe. I

craned my neck up to catch the sheer magnitude of the whole thing. I placed my

hands in the grooves. I was amazed that my entire arm would fit in side.

However, my exploration had come to a severe halt as Jamie stood directly in

front of me. I looked around for a place to run, a place to hide but nothing

seemed to respond to my demands to run. My body just stood there and my dick

began to get hard seeing Jamie like this.  Her toes just wiggled in front of me

so erotically. As she bent down I thought for sure she had seen me.  Everything

was going to be okay but her fingers grabbed the very ground I was standing on.

I was now clinging to a sock hundreds of feet off the ground.





hand started to lower towards me. I felt relief. Everything happened like a

George Lucas movie almost. It's like her hand started moving slowly towards me

to add drama. I shook in anticipation and fear. What would I say? What should I

do? Her hand grasped everything around me. I looked around to see the ground

which I was standing on start to be pushed inward. I scramed whats going on,

whats happening to me as I fell down a deep cave that was being formed by Jamie

as I fell. As i hit the bottom I was stunned and had a severe case of culture

shock. I just laid there looking up and around at where i was. It smelled like

stale sweat everywhere. I began to yell hoping she heard me but I was beginning

to learn that it was fruitless. I found the cave like sock closing in on itself

then flying end over end finally crashing on something soft and had a lot of

give to it much like a bed.

    NO, it can't be. I was so close! I

could almost sense that resizer being near by and now I may as well be a

thousand miles away. Thats all I could think about. I struggled to grasp the

reality of situation as this is all so completely insane. I didn't know what to

do or how to act. I only knew that i had to move. I think that it was some

primal instinct kicking in but i just knew i had to move.

The weight of the sock was heavy.

I wanted to just get up and run out of here but I couldn't stand up because of

the roof of the sock being so low. I continued to crawl towards the opening. I

could feel the bed bouncing up and down and then the sock I was in was picked

back up. I could see Jamie's toes pressed around me. I was caught between her

toes.  As she stood up I tried to fight my way free but her toes were much too

strong. As she shoved her feet in some shoes the noises from the outside world

grew to more of a normal level instead of the booming, and crashing of 100 ton



With every step Jamie would

squeeze her toes tightly. The pressure was almost unbearable. The smell from the

sock was atrocious. I don't know if they smelled clean from where she stood but

from ground level I can guarantee that they most certainly aren't.   


“Jamie, have you seen David anywhere? He didn't go to

school today and no one has seen him I am quiet concerned.”


“No I haven't seen that useless scrub err I mean Dave. I am

sure he is just out having fun for a change.”


“Well you know he isn't one to just skip school.”


“I know that's why this is so cool. For once he is in

trouble and not me.”


“This is not cool and in fact I want you home tonight so

you aren't going anywhere tonight.”


“BUT MOM! That's not fair just cause numb nuts is out lost

or something I have to suffer? That's not fair.”


“Well life's not fair deal with it. I want you staying home

tonight.. I am tired of you acting like you are a queen or something. You are

expected to follow the rules that this family sets.”


“Yes Mom.”


            How sweet is that to see Jamie getting told

what's what for once. I was as happy as I guy could who was caught between her

toes could be.  I am pretty sure that's what my thoughts were at that time.


As Jamie pounded her way upstairs

clearly upset I however, still remained wedged between her toes. In one swift

motion she kicked off her shoes and wiggled her bare toes as she lay back on her

bed. I wanted to cry out for help but as she mindlessly wiggled her toes I was

forced to a state of arousal.  


I wanted to fight it. I tried

to stop it. Every part of me wanted nothing to do with any form of happiness

brought by Jamie. Tears welled up in my eyes as I continued to futilely fight

away. At that time I never knew such a pleasurable feeling could be so



I finally flaked off of Jamie's

foot and fell onto her clothes ridden bed. I looked around the room with a

confused and a lost look spread across my face.  My eyes finally stopped on

colossal form of Jamie laying in front of me.


I knew what I had to do. I just

didn't exactly welcome the idea of asking Jamie for help. I never thought I

would be in the situation where I would have to ask the devil for help. I was

almost positive that she would help me. She isn't totally cold hearted is she?

No, she can't be. This will be over soon. I just had a feeling.


Jamie's legs continued to stretch

on and on as endless as a highway. I slowly reached my hand out towards her leg.

I wanted too to touch it so badly, I think I always have but I never knew it. As

my fingers tips touched her skin they sank in and I soon found both of my hands

running along the length of her leg. Everything about this seemed soothing and

relaxing. The warmth of her legs warmed my body. I never noticed how cold I was

until I laid my body up against her bare legs. I reluctantly pulled myself away

from her legs and continued walking towards the top of the bed every now and

then stealing another feel of her legs.


As I reached her hips I could hear

the rhythmic breathing of a deep slumber.  My first plan of screaming in her ear

will never work now. I continued walking upwards for a few feet which was

probably just an inch or two to a normal sized person.  In the distance I could

see a drawstring from Jamie's shorts.  I now had a plan of action.


            As I grabbed the rope/drawstring I worked on

pulling myself up. I never was very good at the rope climb in school which made

this whole thing that much worse. As I struggled on the way up I would bang up

against Jamie's body every other moment which wasn't necessarily a bad thing but

it did make the climbing that much more difficult. Not to mention that I'm a

wimp who has never made it to the top of the rope. I can't even do a pull up.


            As I made it to the top of Mount Jamie I

collapsed on her khaki shorts. My arms burned with pain and my body wanted to

cry out.  I turned my head in the direction that I needed to go and sighed.


            I could hardly believe how long I had to go.

And I am just going about five and half feet it's not like I am walking some

great distance. I hated how pathetic I had become when even Jamie looked more

and more like a slumbering goddess then bitchy brat that I knew and it doesn't



            I pulled my body up and started walking once

again. My bare feet stepped out onto her firm stomach. I always did like how

Jamie was never afraid to show off her stomach and now it beauty was only

magnified from my dimunitive size.  As I reached her naval I kept waiting for my feet to sink in, or to

find some fat but she is as rock solid as she looks. I tried pounding and

prodding but it was like trying to make a concrete wall cry mercy.  As I crossed

her Naval I stretched out and touched the ring. I didn't want too because I knew

that she could wake at any moment and if She woke before I could get into

position this would all be for not but I couldn't seem to pull myself away. As

my hands grasped the cold hard gold ring I looked how it just disappeared into

her skin. I tried to yank it out to show that I had some man left in me but I

could hardly budge the naval ring.


            I dejectedly turned away and started upward

towards the breasts and what breasts those were. They looked simply immense. 

Her small b-cups have turned into two massive death stars ominously rising up

into the air flaunting there unmatched power and grace. As I continued to walk

and I moved closer and closer they only seemed to grow more and more pushing the

baby blue halter top up farther and farther.  


            I could hardly believe that I had traveled all

this way. As I stepped onto the halter top I looked back and noticed that I

could barely see her feet. I glanced down at my watch and saw that 2 hours had

passed. Jamie looked simply miles long. I took another deep breath and continued



            I was about halfway up her breast when I

started to think if this was right? Granted Jamie is a bitch but I feel like I

am invading her personal rights by being all over her tits like this. I tried to

push these thoughts of my mind but they continued to linger.  


            A loud pounding rang throughout the room. The

sheer volume of the noise forced me to fall to my knees, put my head in my lap

and covered my ears. The voice sounded like Gaby but it was hard to make out

what was being yelled.


“What is it Gabs?”


“Dinner is ready! Mom wants you downstairs right now.”


“Tell her I am not hungry.”


“She says you have to come. We need to discuss family

things over dinner. Attendance is required.”


“Oh fine! Tell her not to get her apron in an uproar I will

be done in a sec k?”


            My ears were bleeding and my head was ringing

like a church bell as the duo finally finished talking. I could hardly believe

that I couldn't make out much of the conversation. There voices seemed to be on

a different level now. How when you blow a dog whistle a person doesn't hear a

thing but a dog hears the whistle. Well I could just hear rumbling and made out

most of the endings of what Gaby was saying but I was just to close to Jamie to

make out any part of what she said.


            It then dawned on me that Jamie was probably

going to get up and I had not even reached anywhere near where I could get her

attention. I frantically started to run and climb hoping I could make it to the

top of her halter top but the incline quickly grew too steep as she was now

starting to sit up from her once slumbering position. As I started tumbling

downward ruining all the progress that I had made I saw my one chance and it was

already upon me. By reaction alone I grabbed a stray thread on her halter top

that wouldn't be very noticeable to the normal person. My hands clasped around

it and my body shuttered as I was yanked back and up like I was sky diving and

just pulled my Para shoot. I slammed roughly against Jamie's body as she was now

fully upright and beginning to stand up.


            I wanted to scream, or yell, I just wanted

to do anything, but my voice was paralyzed with fear. I found myself struggling

to stay together. I just wanted to have someone hold me and tell me it was going

to be all right. That I was going to be okay but I had nothing and no one.


            Jamie began walking and the thread that I was

holding onto began to sway back and forth. The challenge was now not getting

noticed but just staying on. A drop from here well I have no clue what would

happen and I have no urge to find out.


            The world sped by faster then I could make

things out. I knew what was on the walls, what the pictures were of and what the

objects that we passed by were suppose to be, but everything looked so much

different. It was big and blocky, with blotchy colors. I could no longer focus

in on entire objects that had such magnitude. I just saw pieces of the entire

object. Things had a much grander scale now. As Jamie pulled up to the table I

could hear Cindy and Gaby already conversing about something. As Jamie sat down

I started to adjust myself when I began to fall.


Chapter 2

Even the Elegant Rose has its Thorns



            All I could see as I fell was Jamie's massive

lap stretching out everywhere then she scooted her chair and her bare chest

slammed into my entire body. I painfully fell onto her plate. I could only lay

there stunned by everything that had just happened. I rolled over onto my back

just in time to see a sea of pasta noodles engulfing my field of vision. I

climbed onto my knees but my body collapsed and my face slammed into the hard

crystal plate.  I just laid there waiting for the noodles to hit my body. It

seemed to take hours for it happen. They looked so close just moments ago.


            The scalding hot noodles landed on the plate

encasing my body. Moment's later red sauce spread over me. The weight

was much to hopeless to consider moving. I could only wait for an opportunity to



“Girls, this has become a very serious matter. Dave is

still missing. I need to know everything that has happened lately.”


“You mean you still don't know where ding bat is?” says



“That's just the kind of thing that probably made him leave



“Gaby, be nice to your sister and Jamie that was uncalled



“YES MOM” both replied


“Well, Dave and I have just had our usual exchanges and

quips. Do you really think he ran away mom? I mean I know we haven't gotten

along but I didn't want him to run away either.”


“I know Jamie”


“Mom, maybe he was kidnapped?”


“Well he couldn't put up much of a fight that's for sure.”



I could only lay and listen as the trio of females talked about me like I was

dead or a run away. It was hard to hear the closest thing that I had to family

talk about me like this.  Unfortunately I had no time to pout as Jamie's fork

speared down atop of me. On either side of me were the long metal rods of her

fork extending upwards. The fork had created a small cavern but before I could

get moving the fork started spinning around and around wrapping the pasta

noodles around and around. The sauce was burning my skin and the noodles were to

strong for me to break out of. As arose via the fork from Jamie's plate I could

see my family for the first time in awhile. My eyes were looked on Gaby however.

She had on an old navy t-shirt but she found away to make it look sexy. I wanted just hold her,

just one time even if for a moment.


            For as long as I could remember I have

always liked Gaby. It was hard when I moved in here. I was so near the object

that I desired and yet it everything was so like a movie. I could only watch

Gaby and not interact with her. I was too, just to everything. To scared, to

nervous, to shy. If only I had done something then just ogled her with my eyes

but now…


           My train of thought was broken by Jamie's wide

open mouth coming into my full view. Her teeth glistened with saliva. Her tongue

danced with anticipation  of what was about to come. I fought and squirmed but

it was all for naught as Jamie's mouth was upon me. The hot steamy air rolled

over me. I could feel the beads of sweat forming on my body. The pasta sauce

stung as it dripped into my eyes and I was unable to wipe it away. Everything

went dark as her mouth closed around the fork and I. The fork slowly started to

withdraw from her mouth. Her closed lips were pushing the pasta noodles off the

fork as she tugged it out of her mouth. I fought my way free of the noodles and

back onto the fork. As I was drug out of her lips I found myself aroused. I

latched onto Jamie's finger as she dropped the fork onto the plate.


“I need to go to my room for awhile.”


“Okay dear”


“I am going to go to my room too mom.”


            For the second time today I was forced to hold

on for dear life as Jamie walked casually through the house. In the distance I

could hear a familiar thumping.


“Jamie! What's the deal? You are being a real bitch to mom.

Can't you see how worried she is?”


“Whatever! I am sorry the little ding bat ran away but it's

not my problem. Just cause his family abandon him and mom felt sorry for the

stupid brat so she took him in as opposed to foster home doesn't make him my

brother, my friend, my anything.”


“You heartless bitch”


            Gaby slapped Jamie harder then I have ever seen

anyone get slapped in my life. I was happy to see Jamie get some sense knocked

into her but as Jamie fell to a knee I was knocked loose from her finger. As I

shot towards the ground I could hear Gaby walking away. I painfully rolled over

onto my back I saw Jamie staring at me. I closed my eyes and prayed that she

wouldn't be looking at me when I opened them but she was still looking at me. 


            Darkness shrouded over most of my plain of

vision. The tall thick carpeting of the hallway made escape futile. The palm of

Jamie's hand engulfed the sky as it appeared over me. I could only stare as she

roughly grabbed me with her index and thumb.


            If I told you that I wasn't scared that

would have to be a lie because I was scared. In fact scared would be like

calling the devil just not a nice guy. It wasn't that she held me in her hand,

it wasn't her size, or the fact she's a bitch that scared me. It was her smirk

that frightened me the most.


            As we entered Jamie's room I was no longer

shocked or surprised by its magnitude. The smell of the room didn't churn my

stomach nearly as much but all I could think about was what she was going to

say.  As she sat down and curled up in a director's chair in the corner next to

the aquarium I knew that that the moment was upon me. 


“Hey small fry why so glum?”


“Jamie, you have to help me.”


            I told her everything that happened. The

entire time she remained so expressionless. I couldn't tell what she was going

to do. The more I told her, the more worried I got.  As I finished there was a

long pause. 


"Don't worry I have just the place for you. It's a place

where you can live a normal life and not feel so out of place."


 "What are you talking about?"


"You will see"


Chapter 3 - Despite all my rage I'm still just a rat in

a cage


        Her hand

completely closed around me. I was pressed into her warm sensuous skin. I could

smell her now overpowering perfume. I felt myself falling and then land on

something soft. I didn't want to open my eyes but I knew that I had too. I

looked around to see that I looked normal again as there was a woman's face

staring down at me and she wasn't hundreds of feet tall.  I was about the same height as her

but a little shorter. She helped me up.

"Where are we"

"Don't worry! I choose you"

"What? what are you talking about?"

        As she bent down

so she was more level with my height I got a great view of her. Her shoulder

length blonde hair dangled down towards me. Her glassy blue eyes glimmered like

the ocean waters. Her pout lips made me melt as I looked at her. Her eyes were

blue as as the sky on a clear summers day. As she knelt down I felt her breasts

push against my body.  Her breasts were firm yet large. A C cup I would

guess. She had on a halter top that showed her stomach. It was fit and sculpted

like a statue.  Her legs were toned of an athlete. As she stood back to her

full height and I was star struck.

 "Let's go back to my house okay"

       As we walked down the

sidewalk chatting I couldn't help but notice how this city was just like mine.  The only thing I really noticed that was

different was the lack of cars. Otherwise it reminded me of a bigger city. It

had many tall buildings in the center of town and as you spread to the edges the

buildings got shorter and shorter and houses began to become more common. All

the women here looked to be models/athletes. They were gorgeous yet so well fit.

        I hadn't noticed

us walk into her home. It was a small one room place. It looked much like a dorm

room but all homes looked the same way around here.  I followed her into

the kitchen and she smiled as she looked down at me.

"Are you thirsty?"


        I didn't know

what to say or what to think. I was around people my own size, and in the

presence of a very gorgeous woman yet it wasn't home. I kept thinking about Gaby

and how if I would have just taken up her offer for the ride everything would

have been different. I already know that I am not the same person that I was and

I don't know if I ever will be. Maybe its for the best, if I can just get back

to my old height, things would be different.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Oh nothing"

        As she sat back

down I looked at the glass of water she put in front of me. It looked a bit

thicker then water should. I grabbed the glass and moved it towards my lip. I

didn't really want to drink it but I didn't want to be rude either. I did it all

at once I just tipped the glass back and drank it all. It tasted different then

water should but it was bearable.

"What was that I choose you stuff all about back there?"

"Well each woman is allowed to have one male, and I wanted


"Oh, what do you mean allowed?"

"Well, you pay for a session and then you are notified when

to come. I got the call and then shortly later you fell from the sky."

"Where are we?"


"Ja what?"

"Jamantium, The tribute city to the overlord"

"Oh, well I don't mean to be rude but where is my sister?

Jamie? do you know her? She has blonde hair, usually pulls it back, and"

"You don't get it yet do you?"

"Get what? What are you talking about?"

        A hum rang

throughout the city. It was a electronic pinging kind of noise. It sounded like

the entire town came to a stop.

"We have to go"

"Go? Where? I don't even know your name."

"My name is Grace, and we need to go or we will get in

trouble by the enforcers, or the overlord"

        I followed Grace

out the door. We ran to the town center Where I saw thousands of people on there

knee's in a praying stance. They are all kneeling on cobblestone that is

circling around a circular patch of grass with a statue that had a resemblence

to my sister. In the far

corner there are a group of men and women in black suits and sunglasses walking

through the crowd. They all have necklaces with crosses on them around there


"Come, kneel"

        I followed suit

and knelt next to Grace. As I did so she began to pray but not like the others.

She didn't seem to have the devotion that the others had. One of the suits stood

directly behind me. I peeked with out turning my head over at Grace who looked

nervous. She lowered her head and intently stared at the ground chanting. The

suit grabbed my head turned it upward.

"There, in the sky, you will see God"

        A moment or two

later I saw the face of my sister peering down at all of us. She lifted off the

lid smirked as she scanned the crowd. I couldn't believe it was Jamie, I mean

really Jamie, she is, she is the overlord.


"Praise be to god, praise be to god, everyday you say

the same thing but I think you all have forgotten why I am GOD!"

        I watched in

horror as Jamie lowered her pinky finger. It all seemed to happen in slow

motion. Her finger coming down created rifts upon rifts of air. A strong wind

created by the displacement of air of her finger broke windows, and brought the

weaker buildings to the ground.  Her finger gets nearer and nearer and

not a single person moves. I scream for them to watch out but its like they

don't hear me.

"Shut your mouth INFIDEL" shouts the suit while slapping me

across the face.

        I look at the

muscular behemoth and know that there is no hope to over power him. I look on as

Jamie's pinky finger comes down upon hundreds of people. The ground quakes and

crumbles beneath the power of her pinky. As she pulls her finger up, then I get up to

run towards her finger knowing that this maybe my only chance at freedom but the

suit grabs my shoulders and forces me down. The laughter of Jamie rolls across

city. We all look up at her as the droplets of those she crushed, and the

cobblestone come falling back down. The falling cobblestone injures many as they

fall, but its the dripping blood that does the most damage. The blood that rains

down on us all, the blood of man.

        I couldn't

believe what I had just seen. Jamie, was my sister, even though not by blood

still my sister. She just murdered hundreds without a thought, without a care

for any single one of them. I had no clue just what I had gotten myself into at

that time.

        Her eyes berated

each and every one of us. We all knew our place, even me. As I looked up at her

I could see the delight and glee hidden in them. The people around me now

chanted with renewed effort. Jamie merely spat down upon us. A repulsed look

crossed my face as she put the lid back on the cage but looked down upon us

still. It was then I saw Jamie's best friend Lindsey appear over head.

"I can't believe your letting me see them."

"Well you are my best friend"

"That whore, how, how could she! I waited for so long for

her to rescue me, and she befriends the enemy"

"Grace? what are you talking about?"

"Lindsey, she is, well was my best friend. You see I use to

live outside these walls like you. I was Jamie's rival in everything. Until one

day after tennis practice we both walked back to the locker room together but

just before we got there she shrunk me with some kind of gun and I was thrown in

here. That was almost 2 years ago."

"You, your that grace, the missing one."

"Yeah, that's me"


We both walked back to Graces house without saying a word. I didn't understand

how it worked but as people enter this world the females choose who they want.

Having recognized me Grace made her way over and picked me. As Grace slept on

the bed I was sleeping on the sofa that night.

              A couple of days

have gone by. I hadn't yet grown accustomed to this. The most disgusting thing

was the water which I have learned is Jamie's saliva, being forced to drink Jamie's saliva isn't exactly appetizing but

what choice do I have.  Grace and I have gotten along pretty well. I have

actually been able to talk to her. However, she had to run a few errands so I

decided to explore the city a little.

        As I walked

towards the center of town. The buildings all had an Americanized look to them.

As I entered the business district I stopped in my tracks as I saw a quick stop

gas station.

        It was two years

ago when I saw Jamie painting that in the living room. I remember she had to

borrow my paints to get it done and now here I am forced to live in this god

forsaken land. I hated it here, but at least I had grace which made it not so


        I strolled

through the metropolitan area when I saw everyone staring up at the sky. I

shrugged in disgust as I wondered what Jamie was doing now. I looked up but was

surprised to see Lindsey staring down at everyone. She gently lifted off the lid

and shot her hand down. I watched her poke her finger through the skyscraper.

Shards of concrete, metal and glass came raining down. Everyone ran for cover.


        Her voice rang

in our ears like thunder.  I instinctively covered mine as I looked for

cover, but I knew that no where was safe. Her hand came down once again this

time towards the populous. Everyone scurried out of the way. Many people started

screaming why is god allowing this to happen! While others said if we remain

faithful we will be saved.

        As her hand

slammed into the roads and sidewalks her strength caused them to buckle. It was

then I saw grace dive onto Lindsey's fist. As she began to pull it up. I began

to run towards her. Everything slowed down like I was part of the matrix or

something and I leapt and grabbed Graces ankle. As Lindsey pulled her hand up

and out of the cage. We both held on as Lindsey quickly put the cover back on.

        As Lindsey sat

down on Jamie's bed grace and I dropped onto her lap. I noticed right away that

our size adjusted. I was back to the height before I had entered the cage and so

was grace. It was weird, but not as I crawled over to grace I saw her nervously

looking up. I looked over at grace curiously then up in the same direction. I

gulped as I saw Lindsey looking down at us.  Lindsey's eyes seemed to dart

around the room looking out











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