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Note: I assume you have a basic understanding about the

characters by reading there bio's so I will not go into depth with names and

descriptions since I assume you already know it.


Sleepless Sleepover




Chapter One: The First Step

“It seemed like a

good idea at the time”


            It was Friday after school. I was ready for the

weekend more then ever before. My sister was a regular socialite and the entire

high school social ladder would be here in just a few hours and I was under

strict orders from my sister too not even be here but little did she know I

would be closer then she knows. I looked at the pills in my hands and smiled. I

stuck both pills in my pocket and played some madden 2003 to kill time. Sometime

later my mom called everyone down for dinner and I told her that I was eating at

my friends Billy's house and this would be my time to strike. I waited till I

heard my sister walk down the stairs and then I opened my door and looked both

ways to make sure no one was around and I ran down the hall and into her room.


            My sister's room was rather big. It was about

twice the size of my room so I had no trouble finding a place to hide. She had a

white skirting around her bed so I knew that was where I would go. I crawled

under her bed and waited for seemingly hours. I finally heard foot steps and

then the door opened. I peeked through the white skirting to see the legs of my

sister and her best friend Kaley. They were a sight to behold. I couldn't

believe I was doing this. They looked like goddesses from down here. I felt one

of them sit down on the bed. As they sat down they bounced the underside of my

bed into my head.


            As they continued to talk I heard a knock at

the door. I saw Wendy walk into the room. She looked as pretty as ever. Her blue

jeans and a white t-shirt that had some French writing on it. As she sat down on

the floor leaning up against the bed I found myself inches from the sexiest girl

I have ever seen. I knew what I had to do right away. I grabbed the pill out of

my pocket and swallowed it. I barely got the pill swallowed before I fell



            As I awoke I hardly remembered crawling under

the bed. I shivered as I stood up realizing my clothes didn't shrink with me. I

looked around at the underside of my sister Kacie's bed. I was glad that she

kept it clean cause it could be a lot to traverse for a five inch tall man


            I began to head towards Wendy who was sitting

up against the bed. I knew that I should just stay under the bed and continue my

voyeuristic spying but The backside of Wendy was getting to me. The closer and

closer I crawl the more and more I need to touch her. I can hear there voices

booming above me but I began to forget about them as I focus on the swaying of

Wendy. I reach out towards Wendy and run my fingers against the soft cotton

fabric of her t-shirt, however I catch a glimpse of the tiny band of her thong.

I quickly turn away and began to back away but I look back at the band. It is

calling out to me. I have to touch that thong, that skin around that thong. I

run back towards her and touch the thong then the skin around her. She is so

warm and soft. As I touch her Wendy darts up.


“EWWW something touched me! You got bugs or a Rat in here



            I began to retreat back to the depths of bed as

I realized my mistake however on the opposite side the runner was flipped up and

I saw the face of Kaley. Her eyes scanning across the underside of the bed, I

didn't know whether or not I should run, or stand still. Light hit my back as

the other side was flipped up and my sister's face appeared behind me. I took

off running in a panic not wanting to be discovered especially not by my sister.


“Kaley I see something moving! Can you reach him he is

coming towards you?”


            The arm of my sister's best friend was coming

towards me like a bat of hell. I tried to juke and jive but it was no use. She

had radar or something. I began to run back the opposite way hoping that I would

get out of her reach. As I ran back the other way my sister began to reach

towards me. I looked in both directions hoping for a way out but both there arms

were coming towards me. I ran towards the headboard end of the bed. I didn't get

far as a set of fingers grasped me from behind. The hand covered the top half of

my body. I kicked my legs frantically hoping it would do something.


“It has legs? What kind of bugs has legs?”


“They look human”


“Yeah a five inch tall human Wendy. Maybe in France”


            As her fingers started to part I could see the

face of my sister. I tried to roll over but she merely flicked me back over onto

my back. The face of Kaley appeared next to my sister. The two blondes looked at

me curiously as Wendy however had turned her back to the whole situation and was

paging through Cosmo.


“I think this thing is human”


“eww gross its looks like my brother”


            I felt Kacie's hands let go of me. I was

tumbling in a state of freefall. Hundreds of thousands of feet seemed to pass by

as I fell past by sister's stomach. I finally felt the warm firm hand of Kaley

grab onto me. Her hands were flawlessly smooth. I was like the peanut butter in

between two pieces of bread and the bread is Kaley's hands.


“I think it is your brother, come here and look”


“I don't even want to look, besides it can't be him. He

went to a friend's house”


“Well if he is like my brother he would have lied” retorts

Wendy as she flips a page.


“Well who can blame him, I would lie too, just to catch a

peek at me” [giggles]


“He already does. He isn't in your trig class because he is

good at math that is for sure Kaley” says Kacie as she moves to get a better

look at him.


            Wendy still hadn't even looked up from the

magazine. The face of my sister came back into view. I tried to hide but Kaley

would just tilt her hand enough for me to roll back over onto my back and then

level her hand out.


“It does kind of look like Tyler now that you mention it”


“Listen Kacie I can explain”


“OMIGOD it is Tyler”


“Now Kacie, just listen, please there is no need to get



“Where is the damn flyswatter? I am going to teach you a

lesson you wont ever forget. You were probably trying to see me naked or

something you pervert.”


“Eww don't flatter yourself, I don't like seeing you

clothed let alone naked.”


“Look at how tiny he is. He is kind of cute like this



“He is not cute that's my brother and its gross.”


“I think still think it's cute, you should check him out



“I am not an it god damn it, now put me down.”


“What if I don't?”


“Well, ahhh, ummm”


“Exactly so you may as well let me see you”


            Kaley tilted her palm enough for me to roll

over onto my back. She carefully watched me roll and my tiny muscles work. I

began to stand up but she tilted her hand again which caused me to roll over.

Kaley was starting to tilt her hand again when Kacie snatched me from Kaley's



“hey what gives?”


“Kacie, just set me back down on the floor and I will get

the reversal pill and be on my way.”


“Reversal? I have been thinking. I am going to just keep

you this way. It will be nice to be an only child”


“What the fuck? I am not going to be your prisoner. Living

my life out in your bedroom”


“You? Stay with me? As if, I don't care what happens to

you. He is all your girls.”


            Kacie dropped me on her bed completely washing

her hands of me. As she turned and sat down on at her desk on the far side of

the room Kaley stared down at me lying naked on Kacie's bed. Wendy even pulled

away from the magazine and stared at me and then at Kaley then back at me. Both

girls smiled and looked down at me. 












Giantess Stories: Note

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