Giantess Stories: Off the Beaten Path by DX Machina   In retrospect

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Off the Beaten Path

by DX Machina

In retrospect, it was a bad idea to go camping so soon after taking those pills.

Now, I'm not saying that's what caused my current predicament. I'm not sure of

anything, tell the truth. But it's all I can figure. I mean, how often are you

just walking along, minding your own business, when--wham!--you shrink to 1/8

inch tall?

Anyhow, I had just gotten over a bad case of pneumonia, thanks to some

experimental drugs a buddy of mine got--he's a pharmaceutical rep, and he got a

hold of some experimental drugs. Don't ask me how--it seemed strange at the


"Rich, these babies will clear you right up," he said.

"I--(cough)--I'm--(cough)--I'm sure they will Pete. But--(cough)--aren't

they dangerous?"

"Nah, just don't take too many at once."

"How many is too many?"

"Ahh...four, I think. Anyhow, gotta run, been great talkin' to ya, bye!"

So I took four at a time, and you know, it really worked out just fine. I was

cured within a week, and two weeks later, I was down in Owensborough, at a

little campground just outside of a little town, with just a backpack and a

sleeping bag, enjoying the warm Wisconsin summer, and trying to decide what do

do the next day.

That night, I awoke in a cold sweat. I stumbled out of my sleeping bag, and felt

my shorts slide down my legs in a heap. Naked and shivering, I stumbled into the

dark, knowing that something was terribly wrong, but unable to put my finger on

what. I passed a strange and distorted world, walking what seemed miles through

increasingly rough terrain, towards a destination I could not define. Finally, I

succumbed to what was happening, and collapsed.

I think I actually managed to cross a few campsites. At any rate, I was no

longer by my own area. I don't know that it would've made a difference. Maybe it


As it was, on that warm Thursday night, I collapsed in the middle of a different

campsite, in the shadow of the picnic table.

* * *

I slept.

I slept for a good sixteen hours, dimly aware of noises coming from all around

me--big, scary-sounding noises. But I was too weak to rise, too tired to care.

Only luck let me survive that torpor. If I had slept through into the following

night, I may have died there, mauled by a creature I could not comprehend.

As it was, I finally woke up around six in the evening, in an environment

entirely alien to me. It looked like something out of a prehistoric movie, with

strange, green plants that rose up to dizzying heights.

"I must still be halucinating," I said to nobody in particular, as I struggled

to my feet. The sickness was gone, replaced by an eerie calmness. I began to

walk a ways, and the further I walked, the more nervous I got.

"Hello?" I cried. "Hello! Can anyone hear me?"

I got an answer I didn't want when I hear a strange, skittery sound behind me. I

turned, and fell flat on my back when I saw it... an ant, twice my size, walking

determinedly towards somewhere else. "Christ!" I shouted, as I tried to wrap my

mind around what that could mean.

A few seconds later, the ant would seem like child's play.

The ground began to shake. An earthquake of 8.8 on the richter scale shaking.

Again, I fell to the ground, this time because the world was in so much motion I

could barely stand.

I could hear a sound from behind me, like a thousand trees falling at once. I

turned around, and suddenly, saw something that made my blood freeze.

They were immense.

Indescribably, unimaginably huge.

The girl was over half a mile tall. She looked skinny,, in a petite

way. If a half-mile tall girl can be said to be petite.

Her boyfriend was even taller, a big guy...well, bigger than her, anyhow.

They kissed. A casual, simple kiss.

He broke away, and she headed right towards me.

I tried to think, but nothing came out. I watched in awe as she lifted her

sandal-clad foot. BOOM

She took another step closer, and I prayed that she wouldn't step on me. BOOM

Then, with her next step, I began to hope she would, and put me out of my

misery. BOOM!!!

She was now just a football field away--a foot or two away at her scale. She

rose into the stratosphere like a mountain.

She was so far beyond me that I couldn't believe it.

I watched as she dropped the item she was holding--an item the size of a large

hill--right towards my position. I tried to scream, but I couldn't, as the

enormous duffel bag crashed down beside me. As my body rose from the impact, I

passed out.

* * *

When I came to, it was dark.

Nobody was more surprised than I that I came to at all. Well, to be fair, nobody

had any reason to think that I wouldn't. The girl who had dropped her duffel bag

had just been dropping her duffel bag; it seemed unreasonable to expect her to

check for mite-sized men on the ground.

Speaking of which--where was I now?

I struggled to my feet and looked around. I didn't recognize my surroundings at

first. I was in some sort of immense chamber, filled with assorted house-sized


Slowly, I began to discern that I was in a pocket of the bag. I was lying in the

shadow of a leaning toothbrush, that led to the opening far above me.

Casting aside my doubts, I ascended the hundred meter long brush. I had to see

where I was...after all, I didn't want to be trapped in some teen's bag.

After about five minutes, I reached the head of the brush. It was daunting; I

was able to walk right through the gaps in the bristles. If the girl had chosen

that moment to brush her teeth, there's no way she would've noticed me.

Finally, I reached a point where the brush abutted the open pocket. Carefully, I

pulled myself up so I could see through the teeth of the zipper.

The bag was still outside, probably where the girl had dropped it. I was facing

the campfire, around which six titans and titanesses sat. My friend from earlier

sat nearest me, her boyfriend to her immediate right. To her left sat another

girl, bigger, with dark hair. On the other side of the fire, distant but

descernable, sat a good looking guy surrounded by two women, one with short,

blondish hair and Lisa Loeb glasses, the other with midlength, black hair.

It was like watching the Gods of Ancient Rome, sitting about, casually unaware

of the suffering of Their subjects. I was utterly insignificant compared to

them. And I was terrified.

I looked at the girl who had so very nearly snuffed out my life. She was sitting

at an angle, so I could make out her features better now. She was undeniably

attractive, with shoulder-length blonde hair and a lithe, dancer's figure.

Nevertheless, her breasts swelled demurely, but enormously. I wondered what it

would be like to explore such a vast landscape as this, wondered if I was

forever condemned to such a fate; after all, I didn't know why I had shrunk, and

it seemed unlikely the process could be reversed.

Still, as I looked at her, I knew that I could find some pleasure in the

exploration. Maybe that was what the rest of my life held.

I watched them as they sang songs, tried to figure out who was saying what--it

wasn't easy, the voices sounded like distant thunder, loud and indiscernable.

After a while, the group rose, and my hostess came for her bag. I realized this

too late, and fell precipitously as she carelessly lifted the object, carrying

it easily into the tent.

I landed on a hard plain, sitting askew in the dark of the pocket. I wasn't

badly hurt, but I was winded. I decided to stay put, as I didn't know what

moving around would do for me.

The bag was tossed into a corner of the tent, and the world began to shake. I

tried to figure out where the rythm was coming from, and a few moments later

heard the first sentence I really understood.


The rumble of a God being supplicated by his Goddess. I envied him.

Suddenly, the sanctity of my hiding place was breached. An enormous hand was

reaching in.

I boggled. I hadn't considered that anyone would want anything in the pocket,

and I was ill-prepared to deal with the incursion. I was even less prepared when

the hand grasped the item I was sitting on, and lifted it out.

The world moved far too quickly for me to react. I was sliding toward the edge;

I righted myself just in time to grab it. Then, suddenly, enormous fingers were

around me, tearing apart what had moments ago been safe territory. The item

tilted again, and I fell into the packet, landing on something slipperly, which

was just as quickly rising. I caught hold of the edge of the thing and found

myself face to face with the girl.

She was beautiful, I thought, as she regarded my position with lust in her eyes.

"ARE YOU READY? She said in a distorted voice. "RUMBLE," replied the voice

behind me. I looked up at the item she clasped in her fingers.

It was circular, and spanned about fifty feet, glistening with goop. It looked

to be made out of rubber, or latex.

It was a condom.

"Shit!" I screamed, as she slowly, sensuously, dropped me towards her

boyfriend's excited cock.

I hoped and prayed that I wasn't going to be on the inside, and my prayers were

answered. I realized as my prayers were answered that I might've stood a better

chance of survival on the inside...but I decided if I was going to die, I didn't

want to die strapped to a three hundred foot penis.

The condom unrolled easily, and I found myself on the left hand side, near the

base of the shaft. "Come on girl; you on top," I said, but it was not to be.

Instead, she lay down, and spread her legs. I had just enough time to wonder at

the vastness of the vagina when we were dropping towards it. ChipNet iBOX Plus OSX - Lector de DNI para MAC y tarjetas inteligentes, color blanco

With a force I cannot describe, we plumbed the depths of that enormous trench. I

was quickly separated from my position as the massive cock began its piston-like

push. With each successive thrust, I was driven deeper into Colleen, deeper into

a veritable sea of juices.

Finally, I was forced by the head of the shaft into her cervix; here, I was no

longer in danger of being crushed, though drowning was a distinct possibility.

Colleen was enjoying herself immensely.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity but was really mere minutes, there was a

sound like a dam bursting, and then, blessedly, the world began to settle.

Slowly, the motion ceased, and the enormous penis was removed from my skyline. I

was still deep in the valley of Colleen, with a rapidly closing horizon above,

but I decided that there was little I could do at the moment. I resolved to rest

for a while.

It was eerie. The sound of her pulse filled my world. I was mired in a few feet

of sludge, but found I didn't care; this was so very restful, so peaceful, that

in the vagina of a girl I'd never met, I slowly drifted off to sleep.


I awoke slowly, more rested than I had been in years.

It took me a few moments to realize where I was--deep in the recesses of the

vagina of a giant woman. It wasn't unpleasant here, abutting her cervix. But I

knew that I couldn't stay here forever. I struggled to rise from the remains of

last night's ardor--it was like laying in mud.

No sooner had I risen than the world around me sprung into motion. Whatever had

awoken me had obvously awoken my hostess. The world was an earthquake as she

headed to God-knows-where.

Actually, she was heading to a very explicable spot, as I realized about three

minutes later, when the movement stopped and a great torrent of piss shot forth.

I was in a good spot, just outside of the flow, but it was still frightening to

see that much liquid burst forth without warning. It also caused me to realize

that I needed to do a similar thing; I added my few drops to the waterfall.

After the river of urine subsided, the earthquake resumed.

I realized quickly that I had to get out of the depths of her pussy; this was no

place to be caught lollygagging. One false move, and I could be washed away

forever, by pee or by cum, it didn't matter. I moved quickly toward the opening

many meters away.

As I pushed my way along her canal, I heard a sound like thunder coming from

outside. I pushed my way to the very opening of her lips, and parted them....

and was knocked backward hard by a comet-sized drop of water.

Have I mentioned that one of the reasons I chose this campground in the first

place was that it had a shower? No? Well, it was, and that shower nearly killed

me with one solitary drop of water.

I struggled to my feet, shaking off the concussion, and moved more carefully

toward the egress. I could feel little earthquakes with each step I took. No

doubt she felt me at some level--conscious or unconscious, I couldn't say.

Finally, the noise from outside abated, and I continued to move out.

I parted the lips in time to see that we were still in the shower stall. The

girl was drying herself with a towel. Perfect. I'd try to get onto the towel,

and then I could get free of here and try to figure out a solution to my


Presently, the girl moved the acres of pink fuzziness between her legs. Working

against my instincts, I jumped for it.

The world flashed by at mach one billion. I got a quick glimpse of the woman's

body as she finished drying, but somehow, I managed to keep a hold on the towel.

I was sure I'd dodged a bullet, when the girl decided to shake the towel dry.

There was never a chance I could hold on. I was thrown high in the air, over the

divider to the changing area.

I flew in a graceful arc, and watched in terror as the ground began to rush very

quickly at me. I expected that this was the end--there was no way I could

survive a half-mile fall. I closed my eyes and waited for death. Oh well, at

least my last night on Earth was a fun one....

I struck the surface hard--by all rights I should've died. But something about

my size made me invulnerable--at least to dying by fall. I picked myself up and

dusted myself off, stunned to still be among the living. Then I decided to

figure out where the hell I was.

I stood, and realized the surface was rubberized. I was sitting by a giant

pillar, about fifty feet high, that supported an enormous arch.

It was a flip-flop.

I started to move, but too late. As I had started my exploration, the woman in

the shower was just finishing toweling off. She stepped out into the world, and

headed right for the flip-flops, putting them on before anything else.

I had just enough time to catch a glimse of the enormous woman. It was one of

the goddesses from the night before--the one with the Lisa Loeb glasses.

Good, I thought, though I couldn't tell you why.

The foot slid in behind me, and rushed towards me. I was standing right by the

pillar, which doubled as the post between big and second toe. I was small

enough, though, that the web between the toes was taller than I--it just created

a ceiling above me. It was odd--I was in a sort of chamber of flesh.

Soon, the world began moving, and I was instantly regretful that I had survived.

Nothing I had yet experienced could prepare me for the cacaphony of sound,

motion, and pressure of walking. I was thrown violently against

everything--against the post, against her skin, even a few terrifying times

underneath her sole--only to slide forward just before impact.

Finally, blessedly, we reached the tent. She kicked off the sandals, and for the

second time in a few minutes I was thrown into the air. I was more aware of the

world this time, and I tremored as I saw an enormous, open duffel bag below me.

I dropped in, landing amid a mishmash of clothes.

I struggled to my feet, only to find myself deep in a tunnel of fabric. I prayed

that whatever item of clothing I was in would not be used soon, but I should

have been getting used to the idea that my prayers were being answered with an

emphatic no. The item was lifted up within moments, and I slid further into it.

I could see the item was brown, and loosely woven. At first, I thought it might

be some sort of sweater, but that made no sense. Suddenly, it struck me.

I was in a hiking sock.

I started to move in terror, not wanting to be trapped with those feet again,

but it was no use. The freshly-scrubbed feet of the woman were moving even then

toward me. I clambered upward, not wanting to find myself beneath the sole, and

actually made it to a point just above her flaking pink toenail. The socks were

pulled tight, and then we slid into something else, and the world went dark.

To say the next few hours were tedious would not do them justice. Each step the

woman took was an agony of motion. I tried to climb along her foot, but could

only move when she stopped. And it was a warm day, and her foot was sweating

more and more. The acrid sweat burned my lungs as I clung to the top of my foot,

thankful only that I wasn't below the massive pad of her sole.

After a while, the motion finally stopped, and light broke through again. The

girl was undoubtedly just stopping to adjust her shoe; nevertheless, I took

advantage of the moment to breathe somewhat cleaner air. I never expected what

happened next.

The sock above me was removed, and I found myself clinging to the surface of a

naked foot. I looked up, and saw we were back in the tent. I was so startled by

the sudden change in my existence that I found myself slipping, and dropping

onto a soft, cushiony surface--a sleeping bag.

I tried to stand, only to find my light cut off by an enormous piece of fabric

tossed on to me from somewhere.

The light was cut off by the dark of the item. It was far too big to be a sock.

It had to be a blouse of some sort. I started to grab the bottom, to pull myself

along, when suddenly the whole contraption was in motion.

I was clinging to the edge of it as it was adjusted. I looked up to see an

enormous, naked woman above me. It was the slightly larger girl from the night

before. She was putting on the item, which I knew instinctively was her


I was pulled past her clean, trimmed pussy, up and up, until I hit something

hard above me. I was dislodged, but quickly found myself held in place by the

fabric in front of me. I turned slowly around, and in the dim twilight I could

see I was just under her right nipple. The girl had ample assets, which I

quickly rued as she started to walk. With each step, the monstrous mam moved up

and down, several stories at a time. I hoped against hope that the girl was just

going sun tanning, but somehow I knew that wasn't in the cards.

After some time we stopped. Owensborough is known for having a nice tubing

river--I had no doubt the rush of water I heard in the background was just that.

My suspicions were confirmed when I looked down and could see water rising

slowly, to about the woman's stomach.

I panicked initially, but it quickly subsided. Tubing involves water, yes, but I

doubted this girl was going to be swimming underwater. Most likely, she would

just sit on top of her tube, get some rays, and that would be that. As calmly as

I could, I tried to nestle back into her areolae as she reclined.

I must have drifted off to sleep for a while. I awoke with a start, as my oxygen

was cut off.

I was underwater, still strapped to the giant mammary from before. I tried, and

failed, to catch my breath. I knew for certain, this was it: I was going to die.


Giantess Stories: Off the Beaten Path by DX Machina   In retrospect

In retrospect, it was a bad idea to go camping so soon after taking those pills. by DX Machina by DX Machina Off the Beaten Path Off the Beaten Path



Giantess Stories: Off the Beaten Path by DX Machina   In retrospect

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Giantess Stories: Off the Beaten Path by DX Machina   In retrospect


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