Giantess Stories: Office Slouch

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Office Slouch



Frank Black was 28, he worked as a janitor at a busy office building

in New York,

he loved his job as he always got a look at the female staff at the


His favorite girl was a cute blonde called Joanne.

"Hey, Joanne you busy to night?" asked Frank as she sat at

her desk.

"No. Why?" replied Joanne.

"I was thinking of going out tonight, you wanna come?"

asked inquired Frank.

"Ok. Is Eight Ok?" asked Joanne.

"Just Fine", repied Frank.

Frank looked at his watch, it was 3:00pm only a few hours to go.

"I'm off to the bathroom", stated Frank.

"Ok", replied Joanne.

As Frank exited the Bathroom, he noticed a bottle of what appeared to

be Soda,

he grabbed it and walked off down the hall drinking.

Suddenly it hit him, he fell to the ground, and passed out. When he

awoke he seen things differently.

"Joanne help!" shouted Frank.

He realised he could not be heard by anyone, he was alone only 2

inches high.

The shock was replaced by fear as he realised many visitors come by

at 3:30pm.

He ran quickly to the front desk, looking for Joanne, booming sounds

were near.

Just then he saw Joanne....she was huge! Her 6 inch high heels looked rapidos-y-furiosos-10-latino

like 3 story buildings!

He walked nearer, she was sitting down in her chair, her high heels

now removed, the smell from her nylons was overpowering, even


Joanne thought to herself: what a lovely evening she had planned,

Frank was going to take her out for dinner. She decided to call her

boss for a half day, he would go for it, she had some time off owed.

Frank looked at Joanne suddenly as she picked up the phone and began

talking to someone.

He suddenly noticed her hang up and slip back into her heels. She

rose and started walking in his direction. She was very near now.

"Please don't step on me!" shouted Frank.

The last thing he saw was the flat sole of Joanne's high heel. It

came down with a crunch.

Joanne rose from her desk, she had her half day, she walked towards

the door.. suddenly she felt a crunch.

"Dam bugs!" she declared as she scraped her high heel on

the tiles to reveal a red pulp.

"I didn't know bugs bleed", she thought as she walked out

the door, not knowing she had jsut killed her boyfriend.

The End.


Giantess Stories: Office Slouch

in New York, Frank Black was 28, he worked as a janitor at a busy office building Frank Black was 28, he worked as a janitor at a busy office building Bryan Br



Giantess Stories: Office Slouch

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Giantess Stories: Office Slouch

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